How Many Odd Has Raniere Done – Let Me Count the Ways – Dead-Enders Banned From This Post

Pam Cafritz left was a few months from her demise. Keith had kept her on a low calorie diet all her life and made her run constantly. Her kidneys failed and she got cancer. Keith said he would take charge of her medicine and monkeyed with it. She died, according to Keith, on the day he finally got the right medicine. Worse luck. But let's be philosophical: Pam died because she did not stay on Keith's low calorie diet and run enough miles. Like they said in NXIVM Village - it was Pam's fault. If only she had followed Keith more closely. Meantime - as the photo shows- Keith has denied himself no food he enjoys, while starving the others. Sources who have seen him in recent months say they saw him eat mounds of macaroni and cheese, and - meat.

Here is a guest view by an anonymous reader. When they do not identify themselves, I am forced to select an appropriate image for them and a name based on my internal representation, absent any disintegrations. However, if the writer wants to share more data, I am open to feedback since I am not suppressive, and I’ll change the pic and/or the name. FR selects the photos and writes the captions. The words are the product of the fertile brain and facile keyboard of the inestimable Mr. Darrel Rehbein.

SOP was clearly an objective failure

By Darrel Rehbein

What the fuck were the SOP idiots supposed to be protecting anyone from?

Medalion of the HIgh Counsel of the Society of Protectors. Believed to be once owned by High Counsel Damon Brink.

Not Skinny Enough

The women in their immediate vicinity were being starved into an emaciated condition.

Allison Mack kept getting fitter on her 800 calorie per day diet.
At the hieght of her DOS career – 2017.

Allison Mack and Lauren Salzman -together in caloric splendor.

 Allison Mack when she was obese.
Clare Bronfman – look at that pencil neck.
An old, pre-New York Times Frank Report photo with caption: Do I look unhealthy? I don’t think so. I bet a number of you women who write in and complain about DOS wish you had a body like mine. And I was a lot plumper before I started my diet. Enough said.

The Ideal

The right weight?Blackmailed through sexually explicit pornography.

Deceptively burned near the vagina with a man’s initials.

Marie White’s painting: Frank Parlato examines the pubic brand of a DOS slave to determine if it was true that someone would actually brand women with their initials and tell them it was the four elements.
Suppose you wanted the pleasure of 1000 women having your initials on their crotch and only eight women knew about it. Wouldn’t that bring you joy?
Marie White loved to paint scenes of pubic branding- one of the wisest ideas Master Raniere ever conceived


It would be inhuman to brand cattle in their pubic region. For the safety of the cattle, they are branded on the backs, hips, or shoulders.
No. not on the face, you idiot – on the pubic area. That’s where it goes.
The pathway to the higher teachings of Keith Raniere may require human branding.

Given seduction assignments (pimped out) with disgusting Keith.

This photo of Keith Alan Raniere was used as an exhibit at his trial.
A photo of Keith Raniere the Feds used to show the jury what a charmer he was.
He hasn’t changed a lick in 20 years.
Artwork is part of any culture that is to survive: Women strip and are branded on their pubic region with the initials of Keith Raniere. This is from the artwork of one of the DOS slaves Michelle Salzman.

Forced to grow bushy pubic hair. 

Looking our best and building up our pheromones.


A young woman was kept in a room for two years slowly losing her mind right there where they all lived, and no one even looked for her.

Daniela – artist sketch. She stayed in her room for almost two years. Her brother Adrian and sister Camila brought her food.
The room where Daniela stayed. For almost two years, she lived in this room. 

Her baby sister was sexually exploited as a child and Keith created a graphic child pornography cache of her in explicit poses.

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila. She was 13, she said, when Keith started looking out for her.

Being pressured into an incestuous threesome with their sisters.

Keith Raniere had a tender Christmas Eve planned for Mariana and her sister Daniela — a threesome with him.

Estranged from their families and loved ones.

Being swindled for millions.

These two brilliant ones – Clare and Sara  – enjoyed losing money in commodities [$66 million] real estate [$26 million] and lawyers [$75 million.]to sue people. Most times they did not even know the cause of action, 
Losing their careers.

Allison Mack [l] and India Oxenberg [r] –
Spending their entire savings and inheritance and going broke.

Being denied legal papers

Married in immigration fraud schemes

Forced to commit sexually to the same shared boyfriend for life.

Told they could not masturbate.

Denied their promised wages and forced to work for free.

Subject to unlawful medical and psychological experimentation.

MK10ART’s joyful painting of Dr. Brandon ‘Mengele’ Porter joyfully conducting a human fright experiment.Getting mass food poisoning.

MK10ART. Keith Raniere and Brandon Porter MD – two scientists study reactions to illness at V-Week 2016
MK10ART’s portrait of Dr. Brandon Porter working with a young slender woman on a human fright experiment – in order to create a more noble civilization.

Falling ill with cancer at an alarming rate and denied real medical care.

Women died in Nxivm under suspicious circumstances.Losing their hair.

Being made into lifetime slaves to a man they did not know was in charge and being forced to wear a collar or chain to symbolize their servitude.

Micelle Salzman’s sketch of a slave with a collar.

Contracting HPV on a mass scale.

Human Papillomavirus says: Keith is a gracious host. He was delighted to introduce me to all the SOP members, their wives and lovers. The High Council and I are well-acquainted. There’s no greater sign of a man’s self-confidence than him belonging to a High Council. I have such great respect for them all. They are paragons of virtue, intelligence and critical thinking

Marie White’s painting “Pig hoof and a Happy Herpes”

Being asked to drink from a puddle.

MK10ART – A student of Raniere is asked to drink from a puddle to show her self discipline.

Sleeping in dog beds for defying their husbands and subject to other bizarre self-improvement or ‘penance’

Women were ordered to get abortions while other women were lied to and promised a baby that was never to be delivered.

MK10ART The Lost Women of NXIVM’ investigates the 4 women and 4 cats that lived with #keithraniere at 3 Flintlock Lane in Clifton Park NY. All of the women + cats got cancer and all but 2 women died. IRaniere never got sick.
In painting: #KarenUnterreiner ( top left) Raniere (top middle) Pam Cafritz (top right) #BarbaraJeske (bottom right) #kristinkeeffe (bottom left). 

Women with cancer were being told they gave the disease to themselves because they were weak and wanted attention.

Fat-shaming resulted in eating disorders and suicide attempts.

MK-10 Gina Hutchinson

Ordering puppy collars and basement cages with which to restrain each other.

Growing their hair past their feet to “heal an ethical breach”.

Being harassed through vexatious lawsuits

Denied their birthright and passed off as an orphan by their own parents.

Bare-ass paddling each other for Keith’s video archive and viewing pleasure.

Lauren Salzman texting a slave.
While the artist may not have accurately depicted the models featured in this cartoon, it authentically shows a First Line Master employing Keith Raniere’s patent-pending technology for bare bottom paddling. of some random, unidentified asshole.

And so much more.

This is a partial list of the crimes and atrocities in this small Albany cult enclave that were being carried out for decades.

[And may FR add, “Viva Executive Success!”]

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    • He fell for Raniere, so why wouldn’t he fall for Alanzo?

      Don’t underestimate the allure of a box of Ring Dings® and a misplaced sense of moral superiority for someone who is embarrassed about having been duped by a cult previously. It makes for a vicious circle.

    • Oh wait, you mean Nice Guy, not Nutjob.

      All men with names that start with “N” look the same to me sometimes. Need to get new glasses.

      Nice Guy is awesome–anything but a dupe. He’s my FR buddy.

      Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris. Nice Guy and I will always have the Frank Report.


    • Rumor has it, Alonzo prefers the succulent cream of DevilDogs over that of Twinkies.

      I guess Alonzo likes chocolate as much as any Kardashian.

  • It was a sex cult. What do you expect?

    Apparently they were not teaching students to effectively hide their illegal activities.

  • I’m glad the Frank Report is back to its former tip-top form, ridiculing the clumsy criminal asshole Keith Raniere. I for one don’t miss the endlessly repetitious posts from pod-person Chakravorty or any other of his dead-ender friends.

    Dustbin of history, etc.

      • nah its you and your asinine buddy nice guy who are the sensitive ones, Aristotle engages with stories on FR whereas you two FR prefects tickle each others balls behind the bike sheds. When not stanning your favorite Nx. teachers.

        • You broke my fragile puss. Did niceguy tell you about the feathers and the bike shed?
          Niceguy – is that never talking about it again???

        • Alanzo,

          Sorry to say, but I’ve liked pussy since day one.

          I do support your people and the homoerotic fantasies you have about me on the schoolyard.

          I suffer from the *Pussy Paradox.

          Pussy Paradox: A man spends the first part of his life tryin to get out of the pussy — and spends the rest of his life tryin to get back in…….

      • Nutjob why do you have such a hard on for insulting Aristotle’s Sausage? Aren’t you ex-NXIVM member who hated Raniere? Have you started supporting him again?

        • He’s over-the-top on hammering all “idiots” who “join” cults. I’d get over it and not really care, but he refuses to interact with me on the topic. So to answer your first question, he hurts my pussified feelings by ignoring me when I try to instigate.
          Question 2- basically. 3 – hell no.

  • I think the article ended without making the main point. The Society of Protectors stopped all those things from happening, right? If no,, did they at least protect some of the people from these horrible things?

    • Yes that was exactly the point. These buffoons couldn’t even protect those nearest and dearest from harm. How on Earth were they going to be some kind of saving and protecting force in the World At Large?

    • — did the SOP stop things from happening to women, even from THEIR women? —

      I don’t know which SOP-men had wives or partners, but I know Nippy’s wife was branded.

      Mark Vicente was completely clueless till his wife told him

      Mark Hildreth’s partner Kristin Kreuk probably wasn’t in DOS and probably was no longer his partner or even still in Nxivm, so he gets an incomplete.

      Were there any other DOS women whose men were “protectors” who didn’t protect? Society Of Putzes. (putz. A stupid fellow, a fool, a jerk; also a slang term for the penis)

  • 😂🤣😂

    Allen T. “Alanzo” Stanfield has been banned from Twitter!

    Yet another platform kicks him to the curb.

    Is Nutjob crying in his coffee that his ex-cult buddy has suffered this fate? Is Nutjob blaming this on $cientology’s Office of Special Affairs? Conspiracy theories and people who fall for cults go hand-in-hand. You can take the boy out of the cult, but you can’t take the cult out of the boy, far too frequently.

    Are you going to censor this post, Frank, because it reflects badly on Mr. Stanfield? Is the truth not fair when it concerns him, Suneel, Nicki or Eduardo?

    I’m opposed to this ban. I love the comedy relief that a bankrupt, self-righteous moralist like Allen T. brings to the interwebz.


    Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

    • Further to the above claim, the obese performance athlete’s Twitter page has been investigated and the “This page does not exist” welcome message was propped up. The question is, how do we know the Parlato household companion Cockerel Spaniel did not in fact voluntarily closed his account? Hmm? 🤔
      Do not attempt to “correct” the breed name. We ARE talking about a hybrid mammalian breed here because the temperament of a Cocker Spaniel is described as playful, faithful, affectionate, friendly, quiet and trainable.

      Clearly our one is only selectively friendly, quiet… he’s never been since about 14 seconds old, and trainable… well only via Dianetics literature, so in a rather narrow way. Hence it’s now clear we’re dealing with a Cockerel Spaniel! You know… pudgy, strutting a heavily bloated ego (and not only), frequently overreactive, exhibiting hyperactive responses when prodded on areas close to his… chest? Or elsewhere 🤔

        • Thank you for letting Allen T. Stanfield speak, Frank.


          Everyone has just as much a right to be a pain in the ass on the interwebz as I am.

          Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

    • I disagree with Mr. Alonzo Stanfield.
      I never had time for Scientology and NXIVM is just warped Scientology.

      That said the way to fight “Wrong Speech” is not by banning it but by countering it with Right Speech.

      Damn the Woke.
      Damn the Politically Correct.

      • Good God… I agree with something ShadowState wrote.


        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

      • It is so wierd how sometimes u are rightish. I agree that the only way to fight wrong speech is by countering it with right speech. Which is why my woke ass will always come after you hard for any discrimnation or hate speech you spew out of the vile Trumpet you call a mouth. Nxvimn sucks and scientology caises distructition on mind,money, and spirit. So cheers to us both hating cults. Please continue sharing inteligent views on the harm cults do and enjoy a happy PRIDE! And viva the politically correct!

    • ALLEN T STANFIELD has spoken!

      He was not kicked off Twitter. In fact, he’s never even been put on probation by Twitter.

      Read more about it here:

      Lying AntiCultists Who Lie

      This, again, totally smells like another breathless and drunken Christopher [redacted] spam troll campaign of the Frank Report Comment Section. He and his attorney wife are in Buzzard’s Bay for the summer, but they couldn’t afford a cottage on the water, which, per “Nice Guy”, they closed on 23 October 2021.

      “Today; I am and closing my and my wife’s cottage in Buzzards Bay, MA.”

      So Christopher has to spend his Fridays guzzling wine cooped up inside his Buzzard’s Bay cottage like rich, white WASPy trash, and lying about ALLEN T STANFIELD on the Frank Report.

      Here, “Nice Guy”, have a RingDing®.

      You’ll feel better.


      • Allen, you are so done with wasting time on the interwebz that you have written a blog post about it and have now posted a link on the FR not once, but twice.

        You are so done with “the barnyard of the powerless” that you are engaging with an entity who goes by the name “Sniveling, Craven, Cowardly, Anonymous & Cruel” and uses a profile pic of Baby Yoda.

        This is why your neighbors call you “The Bard of Bloomington”–a paragon of wisdom and logic, albeit not financial competence or healthy eating.

        Do not let the rat bastards at Twitter and the evil minions of David Miscavige stop you from bringing your light to the world!

        I will defend to the death your right to retweet blindfully and retardfully the NXIVM dead-enders and to shill for serial child rapist Keith Raniere. It is every person’s right to live their life as a sycophantic apologist for narcissistic cult leaders.

        BTW, is there any truth to the rumor that you have been selected as the captain of Team USA’s Vegan Special Olympics competitive eating squad?

        Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!

        P.S. I am flattered that Allen T. Stanfield believes I am a sock puppet for Nice Guy; likewise, that Nutjob thinks I’m a $cientology Office of Special Affairs operative.

        However, to quote the esteemed philosopher Eminem:

        I’m Sniveling, Craven, Cowardly, Anonymous & Cruel
        Yes, I’m the real Sniveling
        All you other Sniveling, Craven, Cowardly, Anonymous & Cruels are just driveling

      • Alanzo-

        Funny stuff! LMAO! I knew you had it in you.

        You quit Twitter because it was sucking up too much time — as supposed to other things you suck on?

        Allen my place is quaint nothing too fancy. I’m not in Chatham.

  • Whatever happened to Marc Elliott’s law suit against Starz Lions Gate?
    They flied a SLAPP motion and we haven’t heard anything since?
    What’s up Frank

  • Edmondson v. Raniere (1:20-cv-00485)
    District Court, E.D. New York

    Jun 2, 2022: Order on Motion to Withdraw as Attorney

    Jun 2, 2022: ELECTRONIC ORDER granting 187 Motion to Withdraw as Attorney. Attorney Steven M. Steingard terminated. So Ordered by Chief Magistrate Cheryl L. Pollak on 6/2/2022. (Nordstrom, Britta)

    Jun 2, 2022: ELECTRONIC ORDER re 188 : The parties and third-party Suneel Chakravorty are to finalize the stipulated protective Order by 6/9/2022. So Ordered by Chief Magistrate Cheryl L. Pollak on 6/2/2022. (Nordstrom, Britta)

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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