Maja on TNT Says Clare Bronfman’s ‘Just an Asshole’ and Worse

Maja Miljkovic made an exceptional appearance on TNT’s Rich and Shameless episode ‘The Heiress and the Sex Cult.’ She revealed a little more about her NXIVM story and Clare Bronfman. She used a few expletives along the way when

The following is what she told TV viewers.

Maja Miljkovic

I was involved with NXIVM from 2012 to about 2015. I was a coach in the Vancouver NXIVM center.  I was interested in the program because it was like a country club for local actors. And the one thing I always wanted to do was act, so I signed up on the spot. I was really into the program, but it was ridiculously expensive, like $8,000 for an eight-day intensive.

It put me in debt really quickly.

Actors in NXIVM Who Worked in Vancouver

 Allison Mack
Kristin Kreuk
Grace Park
Nicki Clyne

Sarah Edmondson

Mark Hildreth

Olivia Cheng

Maja Went to Albany

I worked for Clare Bronfman. I felt Clare was particularly controlling. Every time someone would leave, she would find a way to try and hurt them. Clare was basically the person paying for and organizing lawyers and people to do research. “Research”- meant investigating and spying on anyone they thought defected or hurt the company in any way.


Keith Raniere had a high purpose for Clare.

You have to understand Keith just declared war on any person that left him or who he thought was a threat to him.

There was a giant list of names of people NXIVM had taken through the judicial system, and Clare was the one paying for it.

I guess she was missing whatever emotional thing that her father, Edgar Bronfman, didn’t give her. Raniere found a little hole that he could sink his hooks through and pull her in. And it led to her catastrophic downfall.

Clare thought she was doing good humanitarian work in the world. But she was setting up a course to destroy her life and the lives of hundreds of other people.

Clare Bronfman –“There’s been vast amounts of money that’s been spent on attorney fees to protect our company. There’s been a vast amount of money spent to protect the security of members of our company.”

Did she know about DOS? My opinion on it would be that she might have known something was going on, and maybe she was even a part of it in some small capacity, but that she was kept in the dark about things.

But it was much more than psychological control by that time. Clare was running NXIVM like a racketeering enterprise. She was sponsoring women from Mexico, Europe, and Canada to come to NXIVM and work as nannies. Then, once the nannies got there, she exploited them like slave labor instead of paying them their pre-agreed rate.

I mean, these young women trapped here under a visa were a real scary situation for some of these girls. My gut reaction was, what kind of person does this? Just an asshole. Clare was exploiting women financially, but it’s not clear if she knew that Keith was exploiting women  sexually.

Edgar Bronfman , the former head of the World Jewish Congress.When Clare’s father was dying, Clare approached me to do crew work for this documentary. That’s a little bit perverse. And this tiny, skinny, elderly man, I felt bad for a sick man having to be in front of a camera instead of comfy at home.

Edgar Bronfman, later in life, lost considerable weight.
MK10ART’s depiction of Clare Bronfman trying to secure a deathbed confession from Edgar Bronfman about the wrongful things he did to harm her Vanguard.

Clare was asking her dying father the hard questions. First, “Isn’t it true that you told your best friends that it sucked?” And then “isn’t it true that they called the media?” blah, blah, blah. He kept saying, “I can’t recall. I’m not sure. I don’t know.”

Maja Miljkovic

When we found out that Keith Raniere got arrested, we did have a Whatsapp group chat with a whole bunch of us, and it was just like, did you hear?

About a month and a half before, some of us had left feeling “this company is creepy. And there’s something creepy and sexual about this.”

And I get a phone call from a friend of mine. And he said, “it’s even worse than we could ever think. It’s worse than that. Women were being put in cages. They had taken vows of being forever sexual with Keith. They were paddling each other as punishment. And that there was branding.”

Clare Bronfman

And I was like, “branding? like a poker iron on a cow’s butt kind of branding?”

“Almost, a cauterizing pen and on the crotch.”

And I was like, “what? Really?”

I read her letter to the judge.

“Keith greatly changed my life for the better,” Clare Bronfman wrote to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.I was seething. Just furious at this woman that she could say something like that. After underage women have come forward with abuse, she could say, “he’s still my friend.”

What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Where’s your conscience? He is not a good person. And if you think he is, you can just fuck off, just go to jail, go to a mental facility. I don’t know just fuck off.”

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  • Who counseled Clare on her letter to the judge? No wonder the judge gave her so much time. Shallow and callous.

    • Probably Suneel since he thought it was a good idea to tell the Judge that he wiped Clare’s dirty behind.

  • Maja began by taking classes but then said she worked for Clare. What did she do for Clare? Was she a full time NXIVM employee?

  • Maya has a Russian sexiness about her. Makes me wonder what Natashka looks like.

    Natashka, care to share some pics?

  • Maja says: ” Clare was particularly controlling. Every time someone would leave, she would find a way to try and hurt them. Keith declared war on any person that left him or who he thought was a threat to him.”

    And that is why ex-Nxers like Kirstin Kreuk and Grace Park have said little or nothing critical about Keith and Nxivm, even years after the trial. They kept their heads down and their mouths shut. Cowardly, but smart. Lawsuits are terrible fights, ask Frank.

    • Kreuk and Park have buried their Nxivm past because the association with a criminal racket is bad for careers.

      Particularly the sex trafficking and the branding of women.

      • “keeping their heads down and their mouths shut” is good policy for such ex-Nx women. But when facing Keith while in the sex cult, head down and mouth open, was the policy.

    • Kreuk said she was embarrassed by her association to NXIVM. Although it’s not particularly critical and minimal, she did say something negative and so didn’t keep her mouth shut.

  • “Edgar Bronfman, later in life, lost considerable weight.”

    We are all going to lose lots of weight when the food shortages hit.
    We will all be eating the NXIVM diet.

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    They’re making your kids eat bugs.

    • Frank says: Please leave a comment: Your opinion is important to us!

      Frank does: He holds them so there is no chance for a real discussion.

        • Yeah right, Ginzo!

          That’s why don’t even my mine and other patriots more than half of the time! You’re such a damn liar, Ginzo! Everybody sees right through you!

  • At the end of it all Keith is just a white trash a******* himself.

    Keith’s a cowardly bully. A shit talking, sleep all day, cake and pizza binging, porn obsessed lazy, old man with control issues and self-aggrandizement who likes to fuck minor children. There are Keith’s everywhere.

    These are not special people even in a criminal sense. They’re just typical Predators who prey on the most vulnerable. Children. People with immigration issues.

    But it IS important for people to judge other people not on just how they treat themselves directly but also on how they treat other people.

    That seems like a blind spot with a lot of humans. You see it when people defend predators as well. They will say things like, “Oh, they were always nice to me.” Or “I didn’t experience any of that with them.”

    And that may well be true. But that does not exclude the predator from exhibiting horrible behavior with other people when you aren’t around.

    But at least in that instance, you’re not privy to the abuse first-hand. But when you actually can see a person right in front of you – treat other people horribly – and you still trust that same person to do right by you…Then you are making an enormous mistake.

    Maybe you aren’t being targeted by the predator because you don’t have anything that they want? Or maybe because you’re already giving them what they want?

    It’s important to note how a person treats their ex-friends, business partners, lovers. And if the person has a lot of enemies? Then the common denominator is them. No matter what they say. Or whom they blame.

  • “What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Where’s your conscience? He is not a good person. And if you think he is, you can just fuck off, just go to jail, go to a mental facility. I don’t know just fuck off.”

    That’s what judge Garaufis must have been thinking too when he sentenced Clare to nearly 7 years in prison.

    It’s the same playbook over and over again: a pretty young woman takes a course in NXIVM, is love-bombed and lured to Albany. If it’s a foreigner, like Nicki or Maja, and the tourist visa expires: fake marriage arrangement to keep them in Albany. I’m surprised Keith didnt go after Maja. Or perhaps he did and Maja is not telling everything.

    So Maja worked from 2012 to 2015 for Clare. It’s not clear what that “job” was exactly. Wasn’t she involved in this “knife of Aristotle” media analyses bullshit?

    I would like to hear more detailled information from Maja, for instance what work she did during those three years and about her experiences with other players in this saga. Her eye-witness account of Clare “Interviewing” her dying father sent me chills down my spine: what a cold evil crazy bitch!

    She doesn’t mention her short-lived sham marriage to another NXIVM member.

    • Maja tells all that and more in journalist Sara Berman’s book Don’t Call It A Cult.

      I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about the Nxivm cult.

      Yes, Raniere did go after Maja. She said no. Thought he was creepy and full of shit.

      • In Berman’s book, take note of her statement that the sex cult adhered to the “Stallion” rule. The Stallion had sexual access to the wives and GFs of the lower men — and Berman was not referring to Vangaurd.

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  • These are the kinds of stories being collected for the civil trial. Stuff that shows a direct connection between a Bronfman and malicious behavior. Stuff that isn’t just “I gave them money, I don’t know what they did with it.” Nothing like leading the charge seeking revenge for members moving on to really sell at least one of the sister’s part in things.

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