Heidi: Recollections of Raniere and How He Manipulated and Killed My Sister

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson

I have had this in the hopper for a little while waiting for Heidi to add more to it. The time has come to publish it.

Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Keith Raniere and Co. are highly adept at faking and manipulating endorsements. It’s part of how Keith charmed his way into and capitalized on that Guinness (Australian edition) mentionfor the highest IQ.

They once had Edgar Bronfman testifying to the power of the ESP curricula as a cure for impotence.

Keith Raniere and the Dalai Lama.

Keith always envied and attempted to co-opt the popularity and image of the Dalia Lama and Tibetan Buddhism since the 1990s.

He and his early acolytes, including my sister, Gina, and Kristin Keeffe, recruited teen girls from local monasteries where Keith himself was banned for scamming.

Kristin Keeffe pre NXIVM.

ESPIANS began copying and wearing the Katak long before the Dalia Lama’s appearance in Albany.
Gina (my sister) made some of them herself. The designs were lifted straight from Tibetan culture. Still, Keith twisted this tradition into the Chevron-stripe ranking system NXIVM used.

The Dalai Lama puts a white scarf on Keith Alan Raniere after the Dalai Lama’s lecture on Compassionate Ethics in Difficult Times on on May 6, 2009, in Albany New York.
The Dalai Lama gives Keith Raniere a white scarf symbolizing purity before an audience of around 2700 in Albany NY in May 2009.
After accepting a substantial donation said to be $1 million from Clare and Sara Bronfman, The Dalai Lama presents their Christlike Vanguard with a white scarf costing $20.


Keith tried to patent a scarf, copied from the Tibetan and martial arts traditions,

Keith & co. also had my sister and her friends spying on the monasteries and ashrams, recruiting impressionable teens bin the late 80s.

Part of Keith’s motivation to subsume or co-opt Tibetan Buddhist teachings had to do with his psychopathy in his personal relationships, particularly with my sister. I believe Keith and Co. used my sister to attempt to make inroads into and “overtake” the power Keith, in his psychopathy, perceived the Tibetan leaders held over their harems.

Driven by envy and ownership, Keith threw a fit once over Gina’s lotus tattoo.


Gina Hutchinsorn around the time she was introduced to Keith Raniere. She was 15.

Keith used Gina’s ‘delusions – such as being a goddess reincarnate to accomplish his goals and get her out of the way if necessary.

Crafting delusions among their destabilized followers is NXIVM’s most successful mind-conditioning technique.

Kristen Snyder smiling
Kristen Snyder vanished mysteriously in 2003 while attending a Nxivm/ESP intensive in Anchorage Alaska.

There is evidence that Kristin Snyder was mind-conditioned by NXIVM leaders, using their twisted take on Buddhist teachings, etc., that Gina collected for them. That worked to suicide Gina four months before Kristin Snyder’s disappearance.

I understand the FBI found copies of “Siddhartha” in Keith’s sex lair at 8 Hale. It was one of his early textbooks from his mentoring days. It was right up there with the Kama Sutra.

I was among those who attempted to dissuade the Tibetan Government in Exile from accepting the Bronfman’s invite.

Dalai Lama and Sara Bronfman Clare Bronfman on stage Nxivm
The Dalai Lama speaks in Albany on May 6, 2009  L-R Dalai Lama, Roman Catholic Bishop Howard Hubbard, Clare and Sara Bronfman and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings.

Following Gina and Kristin Snyder’s deaths, especially under the circumstances, this Dalai Lama stint ranks among the most cynically despicable in NXIVM criminal history.

Whenever I nod off, thinking of my sister Gina and Keith Raniere I think of our Mom, Rose.  I remember my mom singing to us, “Mares eat oats and Does eat oats and little lambs eat Ivy, a Kid’ll eat Ivy too, wouldn’t you?”

It got me thinking about Ivy Nevares. And Kristin Keeffe. And the Precision Trial.

I was there when Barbara Bouchey was set to testify. I know Joe O’Hara and Natalia & Yuri Plyam will back me up. Toni Natalie, Barb Bouchey and Susan Dones, not so much:

Albany Times Union reporter James Odato wanted a recording of Clare’s voice in court. He wanted it badly. I was taking notes and made  observations about Clare’s sad condition. I thought she was really in deep already and their crooked attorney, with his own polygamy and Mormon demons – read John Tighe’s blog.

I felt that Keith and Nancy and other core NXIVM grifters were contributing to the false construct they were using to manipulate Clare.

Clare’s demeanor fit the Madonna/Nun role they tried to foist on Gina. That, plus the whole bad billionaire Jew Dad controlling the commodities market against Raniere farce was being played.

Keith Raniere blamed Edgar Bronfman Sr for the losses her suffered with the Bronfman’s money in the commodities market, 

Clare was the player being played. For the cause and for Gina, I lined up a couple of photographers with a decoy backup and snuck a recording device into court.  I was so nervous recording Clare on the stand and trying to take notes for Joe O’Hara, Jim Odato, and the LA Times that I dropped the recording device and the impact set off the recording. The courtroom chamber echoed with Clare’s voice. I kicked the recorder to the back of the courtroom before making a hasty exit.

I stayed out of court for a day or two and came back in a disguise. Yuri said they all thought it was the grey-haired lady who recorded the court proceedings. They never suspected me.

At the end of the day, Keith Raniere was responsible for the death of my sister. He led her to suicide. It was as if he killed her. He did take her life. Thought his slow manipulation he took control of her life and led her to the fateful hour. He led her just as if he pulled the trigger.

And that day was planned long before she died. It was on the day he first met her and sized her up. This was his plan. It was always his plan to harm and destroy the happiness of others.


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      If she gets any fatter — she’d be your wife or whatever you call the holstein you’re shacked up with……

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      Is it true you dropped your dead weight? But can we really call her “dead weight” when she was the one with an income?

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        FYI: You’re right, I’m the dead weight in my relationship.
        Unlike, you, I’ve got someone to carry my dead weight. If you want I can mail you a mobility ‘scooter’.

        • My reply was to him. (get off your phone and see it online) You have an income. I doubt Scott’s two podcast listeners help him pull a big advertising income. But maybe he does a good job selling Athletic Greens to his mom and the other podcast listener…

          Is niceguy a little sensitive? Don’t worry, I’ll stick up for you if you ever need it.

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        • As to why I have no problem piling on Scott, and I don’t pile on Alanzo – Scott deserves it and more. Just look at his hateful comments on this thread. Alanzo gets way more than his share.

    • Scott-

      Why are you always harassing Heidi?

      I know you’re life is shit. I guess it makes you feel better to harass a woman, whose sister committed suicide.

      You really do deserve your shit life.

  • You know Heidi, if you accept that the whole Nxivm thing was a mental construct, that within his “group or community” KR assigned rank and social position in relation to the alpha male, ie. Proctor or Prefect etc.and that women once “branded” would assume the roles and act accordingly; it’s a short stretch to understand he could assign someone the thought-form of martyr the same way extremist terrorists’ groom impressionable people to commit suicide.

    The possibility is there, but only a person without conscience would commit that kind of atrocity. It’s a matter of getting the target to accept the thought form and it might out-picture unless something intervenes in the process. It’s actually is a form of black magic.

    I cannot say whether KR is responsible in any way for your sisters death. But I do believe KR was without conscience, and understood his influence on his followers.

  • Kim, I’m a little confused here.

    Are you saying Gina WAS or WAS NOT involved in NXIVM?

    My sense is that you are saying she was VERY HEAVILY involved in NXIVM. But am I misunderstanding?

    • Raniere had sex with her when she was a minor. That alone is abuse of the highest form. Add that he was a sociopath manipulator and con man and its certain Raniere caused her death.

  • Tibetan Buddhism itself has produced more
    than its fair share of sexually depraved, exploitative gurus. Sogyal Rinpoche and Chogyam Trungpa are just two examples of lamas who practiced downright Raniere-esque mind-fuckery and sex abuse of their disciples.

    Like Keith, they both had armies of enablers eager to cover up for and enable the guru’s decades of misbehavior. Christine Chandler’s book “Enthralled” is a fascinating insider’s account of the spiritual and sexual abuse perpetrated by the lamas in the US and in Tibet.

  • Frank
    Heidi has NO valuable info. Gina was NOT in NXIVM – she was NOT in NXIVM – why do you persist in false leads ?
    Kris was in NXIVM – NOT Gina – why do you persist in the wrong path ? YOU have failed to call me back – and YOU haven’t stuck to finishing this case – but it is too late now. Others are on the trail – YOU failed to contact me before you went down the wrong path in allowing Heidi to include Kris- in her bogus story. Gina was NOT in NXIVM-
    I am infuriated with YOU – YOU are NOT listening to us. YOU haven’t bothered to call me back- YOU told me you would. Until YOU prove your word- I am NOT allowing YOU or anyone else to write about my sister – I believe law enforcement told YOU this and warned YOU- stop writing about her unless you contact me –
    Have a good weekend –
    Gina was NOT in NXIVM. Kim

    • Dear Kim; You cannot forbid anyone from writing about your sister and you cannot stop Heidi from saying her sister was in NXIVM -actually Executive Success Programs at that time.] Why does it matter to you? What’s more important is to find out what happened to your sister.

  • Frank
    YOU are content in allowing your readers to be misled by Heidi – YOU know Gina was NOT in the freaking NXIVM BS – why are YOU contend with lies ?
    I will inform the crew that is working Kris’ case now- to avoid Heidi’s info – it is crap 💩.

    • I think Heidi has valuable information on what happened to her sister. Since your sister disappeared four months after Gina you might want to welcome that info.

    • Does Jesus like it when you use the poop emoji, Kim? Is that how your mother taught you to write? Good to know!

  • The Dalai Lama was great for his public image. No idea the Bronfman’s funded that endorsement. Disappointing.

    • The Bronfmans funded the endorsement and Sara Bronfman saw to it that the Dalai’s number two had a very happy ending to his particular nxium experience, in a hot tub?

      Apparently, Money and sex is all thats needed to acheive an endorsemant from Tibetan Buddhism 🙂

  • Kristin Keefe was engaged in the recruitment of young girls? She just destroyed Clare Bronfman in the TNT documentary. Why, if she is guilty of this, is there no information out there demonstrating such conduct? Please provide it as she appears to know everything and put the nails in Clare’s coffin.

  • The Bronfman Family’s former fortune has been scattered to the winds.

    At its peak in the early 1990s the Bronfmans had holdings in various companies that might have totaled 30 billion dollars.
    (All dollar amounts are in American dollars not Canadian funny money. The Canadian dollar is now worth about 78 American cents.)

    Here is a list of books written about the Bronfman:

    Works about the Bronfman Family
    Faith, Nicholas. 2006. The Bronfmans: The Rise and Fall of the House of Seagram. New York: St. Martin’s Press. ISBN 978-0-312-33219-8[18]
    Gittins, Susan. 1995. Behind Closed Doors: The Rise and Fall of Canada’s Edper Bronfman and Reichmann Empires. Scarborough, ON: Prentice Hall Canada. ISBN 978-0-131-82189-7[19]
    MacLeod, Roderick, and Eric John Abrahamson. 2010. Spirited Commitment The Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Family Foundation, 1952-2007. Montréal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, for the Samuel and Saidye Bronfman Foundation. ISBN 978-0-773-58333-7
    Marrus, Michael R. 1991. Samuel Bronfman: The Life and Times of Seagram’s Mr. Sam. Hanover: University Press of New England, for Brandeis University Press. ISBN 978-0-585-26546-9
    Newman, Peter Charles. 1978. Bronfman Dynasty: The Rothschilds of the New World. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart. ISBN 978-0-771-06758-7
    Republished: 1979. King of the castle: the making of a dynasty : Seagram’s and the Bronfman empire. New York: Atheneum.
    Bronfman Family Dynasty (video), on Biography
    Whisky man inside the dynasty of Samuel Bronfman (video). Kelowna, BC: FilmWest Associates, distributor. 1996.
    Video abstract: “Documents the rise to success of the Bronfman Family, who came to Canada as poor immigrants and became rich and powerful through selling (through Prohibition) and distilling whisky (Seagram Company). Family members recall the tough and determined character of Samuel who strove for social acceptance and respectability while alienating many of his family.”[20]
    The novel Solomon Gursky Was Here, by Mordecai Richler, has been described as a thinly-veiled account of the Bronfman family.[8]


    What did the Bronfmans own?

    A partial list of investments:

    Tropicana fruit juices
    In the 1980s, Tropicana made history by being the first company to be acquired by The Seagram Company, Ltd..
    Seagrams of course was a Bronfman company.

    The Bronfmans owned the Conoco Oil company which is now called Conoco Phillips.

    “In 1981, cash-rich and wanting to diversify, the U.S.-based subsidiary Seagram Company Ltd. engineered a takeover of Conoco Inc., a major American oil and gas producing company. Although Seagram acquired a 32.2% stake in Conoco, DuPont was brought in as a white knight by the oil company and entered the bidding war. In the end, Seagram lost out in the Conoco bidding war, though in exchange for its stake in Conoco it became a 24.3% owner of DuPont. By 1995, Seagram was DuPont’s largest single shareholder with four seats on its board.”

    DuPont is the wealthy, powerful chemical company based in Joe Biden’s Delaware.
    And the Bronfmans still owned an interest in Conoco Oil as well as part of DuPont.

    Then the Bronfmans caught the Hollywood bug and turned a large fortune into a small fortune.
    Seagrams bought up Universal Studios and theme parks as well as a variety of record companies.
    Unfortunately streaming technologies made record companies less valuable.

    “In 1995, Edgar Bronfman Jr. was eager to get into the film and electronic media business. On April 6, 1995, after being approached by Bronfman, DuPont announced a deal whereby the company would buy back its shares from the Seagram Company for $9 billion. Seagram was heavily criticized by the investment community—the 24.3% stake in DuPont accounted for 70% of Seagram’s earnings. Standard & Poor’s took the unusual step of stating that the sale of the DuPont interest could result in a downgrade of Seagram’s more than $4.2 billion of long-term debt. Bronfman used the proceeds of the sale to acquire a controlling interest in MCA from Matsushita, whose assets included Universal Pictures and its theme parks. Later, Seagram purchased PolyGram and Deutsche Grammophon.”

    The Bronfmans eventually sold off its entertainment holdings and now Universal Pictures is now called NBCUniversal and is part of Comcast.
    NBCUniversal owns the SciFi Channel which broadcast Nicki Clyne’s “Battlestar Galacica ” reboot.
    Seagrams liquors was sold off piece meal.
    The booze was sold to Diageo.
    The mixers were sold off to Coca Cola.
    The Tropicana fruit juices were sold to Pepsi.

    I will leave Charles Bronfman to describe his views of the sell off of Edgar Bronfman Senior’s assets”

    In a 2013 interview with The Globe and Mail, Charles Bronfman (uncle of Edgar Jr.) stated about the decisions leading to the demise of Seagram: “It was a disaster, it is a disaster, it will be a disaster. It was a family tragedy.”[13]

    And now thanks to Claire and Sara NXIVM is another family tragedy.

  • Some Questions

    * What is this great power that Raniere has to lead someone to commit suicide?

    * How can anyone accomplish feats of mind and behavior control to lead someone to take their life?

    * Is there a history of mental health disturbance or substance / alcohol abuse in the Hutchinson family that may account for a predisposition to depression and/or suicide?

    * What proof does Heidi have to back up her claim that Raniere led her sister to suicide?

    * Is Ms. Hutchinson herself paranoid? Depressed? Alcoholic? Unstable? Unable to maintain work? Did Raniere cause these in Ms. Hutchinson as well?

    * Does the Frank Report give voice to and enable the delusions of Hutchinson?

    • Although your attack, attack, attack approach gives you away, I’ll engage.

      If you really care about your questions, and aren’t just pouncing at the opportunity to be a dick, here is more reading material to bring your skepticism to.


      Questions for you, brave Anon:
      What do you think of Raniere?
      Why do you have this interest in Heidi’s article?
      Why were 3 of your 6 questions about Heidi’s mental health? For somebody with lots of questions and playing ignorant, don’t you find that percentage odd?
      Do you want Frank Report to silence Heidi and not give her a voice? Why or why not?
      Are you yourself paranoid? Depressed? Alcoholic? Unstable? Unable to maintain work? Did Raniere cause these in you as well?

      • Heidi has been grieving and blaming Raniere for his sister’s death for years. It’s tiresome to hear someone who refuses to move on. Heidi, what say you?

        • What are your thoughts on Raniere?
          If you are going to play hide and seek, at least play fair and disclose that.

          • I’ve never met Raniere. My impressions from what I’ve read is that he is a liar, an abuser and a fraud.

          • If a lying, abusing, fraud – raped and killed your sister, what would you do? Let me guess, move on, grieve, and lick your wounds?
            Have fun. I’ll hole up with Heidi.

          • I spent plenty of time with Raniere – and he is a liar, an abuser, and a fraud. Heidi was a target of all that; maybe not to the extent that Gina was, but still a target. She lost a precious part of her life due to Raniere’s abuse and machinations. If her sharing here helps just one other person come to terms with how Raniere wreaked havoc in their own life, Heidi’s words are worth it. I assume you have the ability to scroll; why don’t you move on?

  • Heidi,
    Gina was NOT in NXIVM – stop misleading people with your articles- YOU told us that she was NOT in NXIVM – stop placing her in NXIVM.

    Frank, YOU are misleading readers with this article – Gina was NOT in NXIVM – tell the truth. YOU are allowing Heidi to mislead people – stop it. Gina was NOT in NXIVM.

    • Kim – We are splitting hairs and it doesn’t even matter. Gina was around Keith while ESP was up and running. At some point around that time, they changed the name from ESP to NXIVM. Whether Gina was officially a part of NXIVM/ESP, is a shoulder shrug. She was under Keith’s control and that’s what matters. The bastard used his control to get rid of her.

    • Kim, you’re always going off on rants per Frank and all the things he has not done for you. How your poor poor poor family is ignored and denied. 🙃 Why would he listen to you, even if you had made a useful point here. Frankly (ahaha!) you are among the most unhinged non-Deadender posters here. Up there with Amway Scott. Go back to making bracelets, or whatever it is you do for a living. Please. Writing is not your gift.

      • Sleep well, jackwagon.

        But I’m sure Frank appreciates you having his back. He’s hopeless without you, as he’s still learning how to swim.

        • Nutjob, what is a “jackwagon”?

          Your complex vocabulary is beyond my comprehension. Please enlighten me.

          Thank you so much!

          • Why are you still here? Alanzo has moved on. You can stop pretending you have a clue you know anything about NXIVM and follow Alanzo to his next whim.

          • Nutjob, you sound like you are in a bad mood. Why don’t you sign up for an EM?

            Is a “jackwagon” what you call your buddy Alanzo’s truck?


    • Kim-

      Heidi and you both lost sisters because of Kieth Raniere, whether or not Gina was in NXIVM is immaterial.

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