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Editor’s Note: Magoo has been commenting for years on Frank Report. Then he goes away, prompting me to ask whenever he returns, “If you arehere online – who is running hell?” He offers this post with a dare: “Frank, please have the balls and don’t be a coward. Publish this fairly worded article.” This is Magoo’s opinion. I would not be surprised if many disagree. If someone cares to write an intelligent rebuttal, I will publish it. Comments are always welcome, even if they are not intelligent. This is not our usual topic, but for those interested, they can read it, and for those who aren’t, they can, as I do when something is of no interest, mooch right along.

By Magoo

Henry Kissinger is right. Kissinger just told the whole world what the truth is, knowing that he’d be crucified in the liberal media for daring to whisper the truth about Ukraine’s war.

Putin is a scumbag. He has stolen land that isn’t his. He’s invaded a country for no real reason. His troops have committed war crimes upon innocent civilians. I’d give him the death penalty for his crimes against the world if it were up to me.

However, unlike most liberal idiots, I realize that it’s not up to me.

Until Russia is offered a face-saving deal that, at the very least, meets Putin halfway on various issues, Russia will NEVER agree to a ceasefire.

Liberal idiots claiming Putin will only become emboldened to invade other countries if he gets even the slightest concession are simply out of touch with reality.

Putin has now learned that his army is not nearly as potent as he thought. He can barely hold onto territory in southern Ukraine. So he’s not gonna invade other countries. LOL.

Putin has now learned that his high-tech air force is virtually useless, even against a country with almost no modern air force.

Putin has now learned that his navy’s most important ships can be sunk by a lesser-armed country with no real navy.

Putin has seen the whole world united together in a way he never dreamed possible, to impose devastating sanctions which will throw his country into a full-fledged depression next year.

Putin now realizes that ‘war’ costs his country far more than peace.

Putin has ALREADY been humiliated on the world stage. He doesn’t need to be reduced any further to change his calculus.

He’s already looking for a way out.

But his huge ego won’t let him just retreat and run away with his tail between his legs if he’s not offered any way to partially save face.

Putin is a narcissist. His ego is everything. He won’t retreat until Zelensky offers him ‘something’.

Now let’s talk about Zelensky.

No, Zelensky is not a god. He’s not an all-knowing, wise man either.

Zelensky is living in a dream world right now. He just won’t acknowledge certain ‘realities’.


Let’s explore the facts…

Ukraine’s army refused to fight and die for Crimea (in 2014), which means Ukraine has essentially abandoned Crimea to Russia. There’s no dishonor in that. That’s merely a geopolitical fact. It’s merely REALITY.

Here’s the problem. Zelensky wouldn’t send his army to fight and die for Crimea. Yet, he’s now allowing his civilians to be slaughtered simply because he’s too prideful to acknowledge that Crimea belongs to Russia.

(Putin would likely negotiate a ceasefire if Zelensky admits that Crimea belongs to Russia)

But Zelensky won’t do that. That’s his own huge ego.

Zelensky is allowing his civilians to die for the control of a ‘territory’ (Crimea) that he wouldn’t send his army to fight & die for.

Does that make any sense?

If he won’t let his TRAINED ARMY fight and die for Crimea, he should stop allowing his civilians to be slaughtered. ——- by offering to acknowledge that Crimea belongs to Russia now (or at least agreeing to put it on a ‘referendum’ for his voters to decide).

Your military stopped fighting for a territory seven years ago. That’s the same thing as admitting it’s no longer your territory.

Zelensky could end the killing by admitting — the simple FACT — that Ukraine no longer owns Crimea.

Crimea has already been annexed by Russia. Taxes from Crimea are paid to Russia now. Ukraine has no part in defending that territory anymore. Russia has a naval base there. They’d rather use nuclear weapons than give Crimea up.

Why can nobody admit this fact?

Why do people scream hateful things at messengers, like Kissinger, who admit this simple fact?

Zelensky will NEVER drive Russia out of the Donbas region or Crimea.

Contrary to what the media is reporting, Russia has made some decent gains this week and is close to splitting Ukraine’s army in certain places.

They’re making slow progress, but they are still getting the better of Ukraine’s army.

The media is living in a dream world if they think Russia will be driven out of Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Ukraine has put up a great fight.

Ukraine has prevented its capital from being sacked. But, if we’re being truthful, that’s because Kyiv, the capital, was far away from Russian territory and supply lines.

The Donbas is right on Russia’s border. They’ll never run out of supplies. They’ll always have the advantage over Ukraine there.

Ukraine’s citizens are now suffering. Nearly 12 million Ukrainians are displaced from their homes. No jobs. No bank accounts. No future.

I saw a poll that showed 80% of Ukrainians don’t favor giving up any territory to Russia. But I doubt that poll is a serious one.

How many of Ukraine’s 12 million ‘displaced’ people participated in that poll? I’m guessing NONE.

I seriously doubt that most Ukrainians would agree that it’s better to keep the war going for years because Zelensky won’t acknowledge that Crimea belongs to Russia now.

This isn’t about what’s fair.

Putin stole Crimea. I get it. If I could give it back to Ukraine and send Putin to Hell, I would. But I can’t.

It’s simply about accepting REALITY. Russia now owns Crimea. We can say it out loud without the sky falling.

You can’t alter reality simply by refusing to admit it.

At the very least, Zelensky should let the voters decide in a referendum —- instead of letting his ego determine that no concessions must ever be made.



Editor’s Note:

I spoke with an American who worked in Ukraine for years on national elections and businesses there.

He said: I agree with some of what Magoo said. Not all.

Most Ukrainians don’t want a negotiated settlement now. They CAN win back pre 2/24 territory. Most likely can agree on Crimea if they can’t win back. The key is you cannot let Putin get one inch of pre 24 territory.

Otherwise, he can claim gain, re-strengthen, and start again. The longer this takes, the less grip he has on his own government and people.

So no negotiations now as long as the Ukrainian people want to fight. That’s where the public sentiment is now. I spent 15 years involved there. As hard it is for our countrymen to believe, they actually are behind Zelensky and the war.

Does Magoo raise a valid point: How many displaced people are being surveyed on their views?

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  • Putin will never negotiate in good faith. He’s not rational in the way we (and Kissinger!) understand it. He believes Ukraine is part of Russia and that belief is unshakeable. Any ‘deal’ offered by the West / Ukraine would be broken by Russia once they consolidate their new positions and he would press on with another attack at a time of his choosing. He will go for Moldova after that and then the Baltic states – that will be the big gamble as they are NATO members. NATO’s current strategy to hold Russia at bay by supplying weapons is the only safe way to contain him. Opposition to the ‘limited military operation’ will no doubt start to grow in Russia as its economy slides. There is also the possibility that Putin may ‘die’, whether by natural causes or a little assistance as those around him to start to plot. Whatever, this war of attrition is likely to last for some time.

  • If Magoo all of sudden disappears from this site, it’s possible that Putin has poisoned him.

  • I have two Ukrainian refugees living in my home. They, and most of their Ukrainian friends and family, are adamant that they cannot accept the partition of Ukraine under any circumstances – despite the de facto loss of Crimea. If that’s true of the majority of the population – and I think it is – we are obliged to support their efforts even if it is going to get even more costly for the West.

    In the long term this war is going to bring down Putin and his gang, which is not to say that any replacement regime is going to be much better however it might be. Recall the Falklands war. In many respects it was absurd (Jorge Luis Borges described it as “two bald men fighting over a comb”) but as a spinoff it brought down the Argentinian junta.

    As for Kissinger… His opinions are disqualified by his history. In a world where “justice” was more than notional he and many of his colleagues in the “foreign policy world” deserve to be either executed or permanently incarcerated for their treasonous manipulation. Blair, Bush – the list is a long one.

    Anyone with more than a superficial knowledge of Ukrainian/Russian/Soviet history will be all to aware of the hopeless confusion it encompasses. Ukraine’s history is morally chequered but there’s little ambiguity about the current war. Ignore the political antecedents for a moment and reflect on the current behavior of the Russian armed forces. Rape, murder, pillage, looting. Precisely the same as the behavior of the Nazis during Barbarossa and the Russian army invading Germany.

    The Politically Correct world view today tends to make sharp distinctions between the behavior of regimes and their armies and the population as a whole. However effective the Putin regime has been in suppressing free public discourse and projecting a unified field of propaganda the fact remains that the vast majority of the Russian population are solidly behind the regime.

    I see only a range of various bad outcomes from this conflict. Overall I believe that we are watching the first tremors of the earthquake which will bring down western civilisation – and quite likely the abrupt destruction of the human race along with the planet it inhabits.

    • Roy,

      You seem like a very religious guy. That’s what I gather from the way you think. In the negative case, you are something else.

  • This Magoo guy is terrific. Amazing guy. but Frank please his good work in Hades is far too important to monopolize him here.

    Don’t be selfish. Hell needs him

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  • “The key is you cannot let Putin get one inch of pre 24 territory. Otherwise, he can claim gain, re-strengthen, and start again.”

    This same sort of thing has been said many times. I’m not taking it as fact. Giving Putin some sort of an “out”, could put an end to everything. Putin made a crazy and poor decision to invade Ukraine. Obviously, he understands this. It is having such negative ramifications that I don’t know it’s a given that Putin will ever do something like this again. The time may be right to cut a deal. Putin should be willing to come up with something that lets him save face, and Ukraine can end the nightmare.

  • There’s several factors:

    1. Many Ukrainians did want Russian annexation, but not all. But you don’t just invade;

    2. Russia destabilized the area repeatedly throughout history: in attacking Finland repeatedly throughout history ( now they will be joining NATO); invading Poland during WW2, by linking with Nazi Germany and Hitler.

    That’s just the beginning. On and on goes the list. Now he’s claiming he owns the north pole.

    In Syria Russians barrel-bombed women and children.

    3. That’s what Putin is all about: he kills innocents until he gets his way.

    Same with Stalin. ALL of them.

    But I see scant differences between Putin and Hitler. Putin expected the citizens to be waving Russian flags just like Austrians did.

    Ain’t happening, Vlad. Not this time. You wanted a fight and you got one.

    You fucked up, bro. Because this time people are standing up to you and proving bullies don’t always win.

  • Since when has foreign policy been a topic for Frank Report? Wasn’t it said that reporting on political topics and politicians is too elaborate and expensive because you need a lot of resources and money to cover the whole range of political topics? And now, on top of that, a foreign topic, of which most readers are poorly and misinformed. But the most important thing is that they have a preconceived opinion that can always be expressed without knowing the context.

    • I am not terribly interested in covering politics. But Magoo has been kind enough to share his views on so many topics that a one-off on Ukraine seems fair. Besides as I mentioned in the post it gave him a short break from his heavy duties at his long-term regular position as Director of Operations of Hell.

  • Magoo
    Acknowledging Crimea belongs to Russia is not enough for Putin.
    Zelensky has said that going back to 2/24 boundaries would be an acceptable negotiated settlement, along with reparations etc.

  • It’s not the same thing to send the ukrainian army fight a war that’s happening now, and to send the army to fight an invasion that happened years ago with the opponent fairly installed in the territory.

    Zelensky was elected in 2019, 5 years after Crimea invasion, your comparison makes no sense. You can’t blame him for not sending the army 5 years after first invasion, and blame him for sending the army during the second invasion.

    Also, you aren’t in Putin’s mind any more than any of us, rationality isn’t applicable here, who’s to say what Putin will do with or without Crimea officially Russian. Not you. Not me. Not Zelensky. Not even the CIA. Only Putin.

    And Frank, I think it would not be that easy to organize a credible survey with displaced people now, and, why only care about displaced people to make that kind of decision.

    • Thank you Anon 7:14, for pointing out the basic flaw in this threadbare argument. Magoo stick to your lane, which is NOT geopolitics.


  • RE Frank’s Comment to Magoo:

    “If you arehere online – who is running hell?”

    The question is:
    If you’re here online – who is cleaning the local middle school at night?

  • Magoo, if already hasn’t done so, needs to stock up on ammunition at home and also get involved in opening the US domestic medium scale mass destruction weapons market. Every American has the right to defend their home and neighbourhood against terrorists and communist criminals!

    To deny all Americans the right to this weapon technology is to consider them cretins.

  • Conservatives have been pro-Putin for years thanks to their Orange God. This included defending the Ukraine invasion. At least until it became clear that their hero the “Genius” Putin wasn’t going to get an easy Iraq-style victory after a week or so.

    Magoo very clearly worships his Orange God so can’t tell me he wasn’t a fan of Putin until very recently. He also fails to mention that Zelensky asked for help from Trump and Trump tried to blackmail him for info on Hunter Biden. Because nepotism is bad when Dems do it but excellent when done in the White House to the tune of billions to the Orange family bank account.

    In any case, in his quest to show conservative loyalty by blaming Biden (you know instead of their orange god’s genius friend Putin), he glosses over that its not up to Biden. Between Trump’s blackmail and Biden refusing to offer soldiers, I suspect Zelensky has zero problems telling the US where to take their opinions on how to end the world.

    To get an idea of how many in Ukraine feel, let’s try an empathy exercise. I know, this will be quite the challenge for conservatives but let’s choose a location they hold dear. Texas. Let us say Mexico invades Texas.

    By some magic, they are doing a pretty damn good job and holding on to that most of the state better than anyone expected. But they go “hey we will end this, just give us South Texas!”. Can you seriously tell me that Magoo wouldn’t be the first to do a “Hell no!” on that?

    Yet here he is ok demanding the equivalent from the Ukrainians. All Magoo did was highlight what many conservatives really think – can’t this inconvenient war just end by giving our Orange God’s best friend what he wants?

    The Ukrainians are the ones dying for their country. They are making the sacrifices that might give them the chance to make the conditions on ending the war. What we want is not remotely relevant.

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