Dones Part #6 The ‘Biggest Whopper NIXVM told you’

During the deposition of Susan Dones, NXIVM attorney questioned her for hours.

When Dones said she believed NXIVM officials regularly lie, Crockett pursued that line of questioning.

Crockett Q: What do you think is the biggest lie or whopper that NXIVM’s ever told you?

Dones A: … about Barbara Bouchey being a full suppressive, based on the fact that they teach a module based on that, and telling me that she’s crazy, to influence how I would be around her, and I think that was used … to keep me …. from ever believing anything that she ever said. I also think that how they’ve lied about other people who have left — everybody that’s left, it’s always been their fault and nothing within the leadership’s fault. I think them covering up the fact that Keith behaves in certain ways that people find morally and ethically not acceptable are big lies that they’ve told. I think that Nancy lying, or whoever did to the Washington State Department of Revenue, about licensing their program to third-party people …  there’s a cycle of abuse that takes place.

Q: So who told you the whopper about Barbara Bouchey being a suppressive?

A: Nancy Salzman. …. I think for the leader, the president of a company, to go around and tell people that about other people when they teach that particular module is a setup …  why would somebody that runs a company based on human potential and human behavior that teaches an entire two-hour module on (what) they call “the fall” that deals with the downfall of somebody who’s suppressive go around and speak that to anybody in their company about that?


Why indeed?


nancy-1-300x300 - Copy
Does it take one to know one? Nancy Salzman identified Barbara Bouchey as a “full suppressive.” Ouch!

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