Anti-Semitism Claims Against Lawyer Led to Disbarment; Might Lead to RICO Charges Against Corrupt CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman

Nickola Cunha is a divorce lawyer. Allegedly, she made antisemitic claims about Judge Gerard I. Adelman. This led to her disbarment. She said Judge Adelman favors Jewish lawyers and Jewish therapists. He is Jewish. 

This series will examine Cunha’s alleged anti-Semitic statements. We will also examine whether Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher overlooked another important issue: Whether Judge Adelman is fit to be a judge. 

Nickola Cunha

Cunha was seeking disqualification of Judge Adelman in a divorce and custody case. The case is Christopher Ambrose v. Karen Riordan. 

Judge Gerard Adelman — are his days on the bench numbered?

Cunha appeared on December 1, 2021 before Judge Moukawsher to argue the matter.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher

One month after she appeared, Judge Moukawsher disbarred Cunha for five years. Cunha is appealing the disbarment.

Judge Moukawsher said his main reason for disbarment was that Cunha made “antisemitic declarations.”

Before disbarring her, Moukawsher called Cunha back to Court. She chose not to back down. She called Moukawsher’s conclusions of anti-Semitism “clearly erroneous.”

She said, “I find these proceedings to be intentionally harassing and intimidating. And an attempt… to shut me down for the corruption I have raised before his Court… I will not be intimidated…. You have engaged in material misrepresentation. You have lied to the public.”

In his written decision to disbar her, Moukawsher said, “Ms. Cunha’s lies about a Jewish conspiracy are particularly reprehensible…. Her actions have been grave. They have been intentional. Her motives have been corrupt. They have been to cloud the truth.”

Karen Riordan and Chris Ambrose

The Ambrose divorce case involved a couple with three children. The husband, Chris Ambrose, admitted he took the marital assets and stole his wife’s inheritance. However, Judge Adelman ruled he got custody of the children and could keep all the money.

He also ruled that enormous fees for lawyers must be paid by the husband – using his wife’s money.

Now, let us look at the hearing:

When: December 1.

Where: The Superior Court of Connecticut in the Judicial District of Middlesex. Judge Moukawsher presiding.

Attorney Nickola Cunha tried to show Judge Moukwasher why Judge Adelman is biased.

Here is some of the transcript, edited for clarity.

Cunha: I bring the Court’s attention to our first day of trial … March 31, 2021…. an order was issued by Judge Adelman based on Attorney [Nancy] Aldrich’s motion… seeking to have the defendant deposed. [Aldrich] represented to the Court that the [defendant] failed to comply with Attorney Aldrich’s subpoena… We start our trial with an argument before Judge Adelman…. That first day… sets the stage for the significant bias that Judge Adelman holds against women, against individuals with disability… Judge Adelman also has a bias against anyone not of the Jewish faith.

THE COURT: You’re saying it’s women, the disabled, and then you added anyone who is not Jewish.

ATTY. CUNHA: I start with March 31.… We arrived in Court… I filed a motion for sanctions and to have Attorney Aldrich disqualified… based on the material misrepresentations that [she] made to… Judge Adelman, in her request for relief…

THE COURT: Was that argued… on March 31?

ATTY. CUNHA:  To date, Judge Adelman has not acted on it.

THE COURT: Your arguments about disqualifying Attorney Aldrich; is that the point?

ATTY. CUNHA: what’s important… is the trial starts off with a complete attack of my client, with the notion that my client had failed to comply with discovery. But… my client is the only one in this case who requested standard discovery and filed a motion regarding the same… which I could not get the Court to act on.

THE COURT: Did [Judge Adelman] say something that you want me to make a note of, or is it just that he didn’t give you the relief you wanted, even though you feel he should have?…

ATTY. CUNHA: If I was disappointed with the relief, I would deal with the Appellate Court… Judge Adelman… failed to allow my client any due process and violated her right to access the court….

THE COURT: And what did he specifically do?…

ATTY. CUNHA: I filed that motion to seek clarification… and to alert the judge that we have this application for a restraining order… which is….[a] statutory priority…

Judge Adelman refused to hear… it and did not allow me to proceed with the underlying claims… in the application for a restraining order…. That is a blatant violation of my client’s due process rights [and] our domestic violence laws. Judge Adelman took the law into his own hands. And refused my client the… protections under our statutes granted upon domestic violence victims. And he has a clear pattern of doing this.

THE COURT: And Judge Adelman ruled against you about that. Now, you could say it deprived you of constitutional rights. You could say it was legally incorrect… But tell me… beyond simply a disagreement with his ruling… something that shows bias… against women, the disabled, and people who aren’t Jews?

ATTY. CUNHA: He has a clear pattern of conduct that consistently establishes that Judge Adelman ignores claims of domestic violence. He is aggressively abusive in his demeanor and application or failure to –

THE COURT: So, one of the things you’re saying is… he had a pattern of ruling in ways that you considered unjustified as matters of law.


THE COURT: let’s get to that second part… which is that you claim… bias and prejudice… from… the way he behaved…

ATTY. CUNHA: This is not about me being disappointed or unhappy with a judge’s rulings… The problem is… we have a judge that blatantly ignores the laws of our state.
He blatantly ignores the Practice Book. He…routinely favors Attorney Aldrich in her matters and sides –

THE COURT:  Are you saying… that you’re really unhappy with his legal rulings?

ATTY. CUNHA: We have the basic right to come before any judge in this state and expect that a judge will adhere to the rules of practice, the ethics of Canon, to the statutory criteria set forth.

Now, I understand some statutes allow for some disagreement and discretion. But then there are clear-cut statutes.

Judge Adelman has sat on the family bench for many years and practiced family law…

When I cite a statute to Judge Adelman, he tells me… he is familiar with the statute… which is specifically our guardian ad litem statute 46b-54,.

I [said] to the judge at the beginning of the trial, I object to the guardian ad litem sitting through the entire trial because of the enormous amount of money… expended.

[GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz billed at $400 per hour.]

And our legislature… amended our statute to allow a guardian to either sit at the beginning or any time during the course of the trial to avoid the enormous expenses charged upon litigants.

Judge Adelman ignored that, and his basis was “well, a guardian might hear evidence during the course of a trial that would change her mind.”

THE COURT….  I agree that the legislature acted because they were concerned about the GAL issue. But then, the question becomes: Is this a disagreement with his ruling that the GAL would be able to sit through the trial, or are you saying there’s something worse about it? And, if so, what is the worst thing?

ATTY. CUNHA: I think it was an intentional waste of money, and he has a history of doing that. And I believe it’s a RICO…



THE COURT: As in a racketeering issue?


THE COURT: so, you’re claiming there’s some sort of conspiracy or something here?

ATTY. CUNHA: Oh. Absolutely. There’s a business going on. And what happens is that Judge Adelman notoriously and consistently allows Attorney Hurwitz… and other guardians ad litem to remain on a case throughout the trials over objection… So, they end up raking in an enormous amount of fees…. Attorney Hurwitz has been paid over $100,000, and her bill is close to $200,000. And she has met the children in this case maybe four times since 2019.

She has not spoken to me about anything with respect to their wellbeing. She has not updated my client. She’s blatantly refused to.

All these issues have been brought before the Court. She has denied my client access to records, to the medical records

THE COURT: You just said you’re claiming here, as an officer of the Court, that Judge Adelman is engaged in racketeering?

ATTY. CUNHA: Yes. I believe that wholeheartedly.

THE COURT: What evidence do you have? Because… it’s one thing to say, ‘alright, Judge Adelman shouldn’t let GALs sit through trials, because it costs money unnecessarily. And Judge Adelman says… the GAL may change their views during the trial. So, there could be simply a disagreement with Judge Adelman’s philosophy about letting the GAL do it.

But you’re saying… Judge Adelman is in some form of illegal conspiracy… That he’s in touch with these people and arranges privately for them to make money in a corrupt scheme?…

It’s a very serious thing to say… Other than he does this all the time, what evidence is there that this is part of a conspiracy?

ATTY. CUNHA: When Judge Adelman was up for reappointment, these issues were the exact issues raised… Senator [Winfield] objected to Judge Adelman’s reappointment because Judge Adelman had notably blatantly lied… under oath to the review committee seeking whether to reappoint him.

THE COURT: You mean the Judiciary Committee?

ATTY. CUNHA: Yes. And it is the record – the transcript is alarming in terms of the number of litigants who spent their life savings to pay guardian ad litems. All mothers who lost custody of their children. All mothers who had… some type of disability…

THE COURT: Let’s focus on one question at a time… You [said] Judge Adelman lied to the Judiciary Committee. And, again, this is a serious thing to say. What is the actual evidence? You’re a lawyer. You know I need evidence. You can’t just assert things. You have to have the evidence. So, if you’re going to claim that one reason I should recuse him is that he lied, then what’s the support for it? You can’t just say people say he lied.


THE COURT: Let me back up for a moment about GALs. Maybe I agree that a lot of money is spent on GALs that is not necessary. Maybe that’s a differing judicial philosophy.

What you’re saying is it’s a matter of corruption. And, if you’re going to say that to me, as an officer of the Court, I’d like to know what your support is for… corruption, as opposed to simply a judgment you disagree with. Maybe even sometimes I disagree with.

So, it’s a serious thing to say as an officer of the Court. We’ve got to talk about what it is that supports that. So, you’ve told me that people came to the Judiciary Committee and had things to say and were disappointed. But where is the conspiracy?

ATTY. CUNHA: Senator [Winfield] specifically pointed out when he objected to [Judge Adelman’s] reappointment that… Judge Adelman was not honest in his questions when responding to Senator [Winfield]

THE COURT: Do you have a copy of the transcript?

ATTY. CUNHA: I have a copy of the vote when the nomination was coming up…

THE COURT: Let’s assume, because maybe it won’t be disputed, that Senator Winfield voted no. That might show something, but –

ATTY. CUNHA: Well, it wasn’t just that he voted no. He publicly put on the record the reason –

THE COURT: Well, that’s what I’m saying. Do you have the transcript?…

ATTY. CUNHA: I do have it.

End of Transcript

Here is an excellent place to pause. 

Let’s see what CT State Senator Gary Winfield and others said at Judge Adelman’s reappointment hearing in January 2017…

Senator Winfield Votes Against Reappointment of Judge Adelman: There were some concerns with… Judge Adelman… I had the opportunity to speak with Judge Adelman and… go through the testimony… and the transcripts…

When the people who’ve come before us to testify against… judges, what they’re looking for is justice in the Court. And what they often find is procedure in the Court. And the two don’t always line up.

So, in the conversation… with Judge Adelman… it was really about procedure and how that procedure sometimes… precludes being as aware as we should be that people aren’t experiencing justice. 

So I think what happens is it appears at times to people that we’re more concerned with making sure that the machine continues to operate as it has been operating. Some of these people have come, in a way, to throw their body against the machine. And what happens is they get chewed up.

I think some of these people have come to say that something is not right… 

With Judge Adelman, there was a conversation about why these people come in front of us to tell us what they’ve told us. And Judge Adelman suggested… that some of these people who [spoke against him] have never been in his Court [and why they] come before us for some reason he doesn’t know…

I went back and looked at the testimony… 

Judge Adelman named off a couple of people in response… and one of those people [he said] didn’t appear in his Court. But there was an ex-parte order that Judge Adelman signed. [The reason they did not appear in his Court is that he decided their fate without giving them a chance to appear in his Court].

And so, there is an exchange between Judge Adelman and this person [through the ex parte order].

If you’re on the Judiciary Committee and hearing [Judge Adelman say the person never appeared in his Court], what you hear is, ‘there’s no reason why this person might have an issue with me.’

Now that might not be a lie and untruth, but [what Adelman said] it also isn’t the truth. And it was interesting to me that a judge who… told me… that one of the things that told him whether or not people were going to be able to follow the orders of the Court was the way they operated in the Court. He was concerned with how people operate.

A judge [Adelman] who’s concerned with the way people operate operates in a way that he raised his hand [before the judiciary committee convened for his reappointment.] He took an oath, and then he wasn’t transparent. That should be problematic to all of the members of this body….  I cannot say… that I feel as though Judge Adelman belongs back on that bench… So, I rise in opposition to Judge Adelman today.


Another person who spoke about Judge Adelman during his reappointment hearings was Representative Edwin Vargas.

Representative Vargas Stands Opposed to Reappointment of Judge Adelman: I’m going to be opposing the reappointment of Judge Adelman. We have been around this many times with Family Court. I’ve been watching this for a long time. And I’ve expressed my feelings about this whole GAL system, the guardian ad litem system… How a person loses their home. I fail to see how the best interest of the child is protected by forcing someone to sell their home. Judge Adelman has become the poster boy of the worst of the worst… If we at least don’t reject Judge Adelman, if, at least, we don’t stand up to one judge in this chamber, I think we’re sending the wrong message that this whole reappointment process is just a rubber stamp. 

Yet another among the throng who spoke about how Judge Adelman destroyed family’s lives, was Representative Minnie Gonzalez. 

Representative Gonzalez Warns Against Reappointment of Judge Gerard Adelman:

Hundreds of people… described this judge as having a bad, bad temper…. When a judge on the bench is dealing with parents… a judge who has been threatening parents to take their kids away and put them in jail if they don’t pay guardians ad litem thousands and thousands of dollars. He orders psych evaluation with the doctor he decides he wants. So, these parents go to Court. They’re not allowed to choose a doctor…. They have to go with whatever [Judge Adelman] decides. He abuses his power and enjoys abuse and control…

This past Friday, at the beginning of Judge Adelman’s interview [before the judiciary committee], he was very calm. He painted himself as one of the best judges. Oh my god, what a different behavior in Court compared to his behavior in this public hearing….

Judge Adelman [in the hearing was asked] if the people that were complaining about him, were in front of him? The answer from Mr. Adelman was many grievances were filed by people from whom the gentleman [Adelman] had no involvement in the case.

And that’s what Judge Adelman says. “No, there are a lot of people who file a grievance against me, but most of those people have never been in front of me.” That was the answer from Judge Adelman to the… committee.

Well, he mentioned a couple of names. He mentioned Mike Nowacki. He mentioned Susan Skipp. [Judge Adelman said] those people had never been in front of him. [He said] Those people, they’re just looking on the website and they are complaining about me.”

Well, guess what? He lied… because this is a court order that Judge Adelman signed against Susan Skipp, one of the people that he said that never [was in his Court]. His court order. He ordered the mother to bring the kid to the father no later than 1:45 today. Failure to do so will result in all parental access by the defendant mother to be terminated. So yes, she was in front of him… He lied to all of you and all of us. 

But what is… funny is that the mother received a court order at 12:45, and he wants her to deliver the child by 1:45 knowing that this mother was working as a teacher. And she has to go. She was working in Hamden. She had to go to Fairfield then to Redding in less than an hour. So this was very clear order to Susan’s case. He really said that she never was in front of him. So he’s lying under oath.

I never checked [another case brought up at the hearing], but only God knows what happened in that case. The way that he treats… women. When [the chairman of the committee] said they were complaining a lot about you; that your bias [against women– Adelman’s] answer was, “my wife is a woman and I have a daughter.”

That was the response, but we were not dealing with his wife or his daughter. He also stated that when parents go to court, if they get emotional, that he will stop. And they would give tissues to those parents who are crying. Tissues, you imagine, that was what he said. They will provide tissues to those parents that are crying.

I was there [in Adelman’s Court to observe]. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in the court. The first time he noticed I was there, and the look he gave me was horrible. But I continued going back, because there were so many complaints against this judge.

I continued to go back. So, when he said they provide tissues. I’m gonna tell you why he provided them. I was there when a mother, a very, very well educated, professional. She started crying… He called the marshal, and… the marshal stood behind her and moved the shackles so she was gonna be distracted. And she was gonna be scared. And that’s what he does with these mothers. He treats them with no respect…

The other thing that he said [to the committee]… when a parent gets emotional and they start crying, he knows that the parent is not gonna obey the court order. That’s crazy to say. That I can go to court and maybe because I’m nervous, or maybe because I’m fighting for my son, I get emotional. And I can start crying. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna obey a court order. But that’s what he said.


Lawyers Trump Children in Family Court: Guardians Lead the Way.

Judge Gerald I Adelman

I think it fair to say that the guardian ad litem in the Ambrose case, Jocelyn Hurwitz, made an extra $100,000 because Judge Adelman decided she could attend the whole trial.


GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz recommended that the father who paid her, Chris Ambrose, have full custody of the children. That netted her $200,000.
Of course, because Chris Ambrose took all the marital funds – kept every dime – he paid the guardian. She was grateful. She returned the favor, recommending to the judge that Ambrose get custody of the children.
And that the mother not have contact with her children.
What the GAL Hurwitz, Judge Adelman, and Ambrose knew was that Ambrose used his wife’s share of the marital assets to pay for this outrageous expenditure.
It is irrelevant that Hurwitz is Jewish. What is relevant is that Judge Adelman, as I will prove, had absolute evidence that Ambrose stole his wife’s money. He condoned it and ensured the GAL got an extra $100,000. It was Karen Riordan’s money. But it was Chris Ambrose who used that money to get sole custody of the children.  So, he controlled the money and bought the influence.
The judge and GAL Hurwitz ensured Ambrose got the children – meaning no child support. The children were unhappy at being isolated from their mother. The court ordered them separated.
Judge Adelman made sure Ambrose got all the marital assets. He ensured that Ambrose’s attorney, Nancy Aldrich, was able to get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars. [Paid out of the wife’s share.]
It is irrelevant that Aldrich is Jewish. Judge Moukawsher does the same thing, and he is not Jewish!
This is RICO. It cuts across all faiths.
This is not a Jewish conspiracy. It is a lawyer conspiracy, and I will prove it.
One thing forgotten in all this is the best interest of the children. Judge Adelman robbed three children of their mother.
She was never deemed unfit. She just threw her body against the corrupt CT Family Court machine. And, in the words of Sen. Winfield, she got chewed up.
So did the children. They live miserable, lonely lives in isolation with a father who is, by all accounts, abusive. Their voices are unheard. They must be unheard for this RICO enterprise to operate.
The message here is that Cunha cried out about RICO. Her mistake was she cried out to one of the racketeers. Naturally, he disbarred her.  
Stay tuned for the next in our series on allegations of anti-Semitism against Nickola Cunha.

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  • Frank is such a pathetic journalist, he claims Pelosi and Biden are Catholics. Parlato is a fool. Can’t report simple facts that the jews chop up the unborn for pleasure, that Connecticut is run by jews, that children and their parents’ money feed the jews under Adelman, Heller, Emons, Solomon, Truglia, Wetstone, Dranginis, Peters, all jews.

    • I never claimed Pelosi or Biden are Catholics. I never considered their religion. Isn’t it you who starts with religion first with a person?

      • Can Parlato report on anything accurately? Is Biden a Catholic? Is Schumer a jew? Is Pelosi a Catholic? Is Hochul a puppet?

  • The proof that Connecticut family court is a jewish operation is that if the Ambrose family had no money, the social services agencies would be tasked with providing services to help Chris with his mental deviancy, lack of father skills, unemployment, etc. The fact that the family had money, now the jews Aldrich, Hurwitz, Caverly, Grossman and Adelman have the money proves the jew scam of ‘family’ court. Pretty simple.

    • But Delinda the same thing happens in other cases and there are no Jewish lawyers judges etc. The exact same thing. So where’s your proof it is Jewish?

      • Name one case in Connecticut where there is money that a jew is not involved … just one. Where else in society are children victimized? Where is the published public policy that promotes severing mother-child bonds? C’mon smart guy … answer the question, then realize what the jews do in family court and why.

        • The same thing goes on in every family court in USA. It is human nature not Jewish nature. In CT it is just more corrupt. Non-Jewish Judge Thomas G. Moukawsher is as corrupt as they come. He is a Catholic in name only. A CINO. Adelman is corrupt but he is a Jew in name only a JINO.

          If Moukawsher was really a Catholic or Adelman really a Jew they would never commit these human atrocities where they destroy the lives of children.

          • Hey Parlato, who created no fault divorce? Not humans, the jews! It is the jewish ideological attack on the Christian concept of marriage and family, sacraments to the Catholics. Divorce is tool of destruction, run by jews. Get a life, study some history, stop your bullshit that it is not jews. Next u will claim jihad is not Islamic?

          • Mr. Treacher – Do you have evidence of this claim? The Jews created no-fault divorce? I didn’t know Ronald Reagan was Jewish.

          • Why is this clown Parlato so expert on human nature as an excuse that the jews run family court? Is he that clueless? How does Partlato know jewish nature? He a jew too? Sounds like it. Everything about Connecticut Family Court is straight out of the Talmud, the devastation of goy in a rabbinical court.

          • How about providing some evidence? Show me the apt quotes in the Talmud.

  • Where in case law is it found to be in best interest to isolate children from a parent on discretionary whim of a judge, absent a petition by the state?

    • @Bill Taney aka Alex Jones aka Brian etc.: You are insane. At the least, leave these poor vulnerable parents alone and stop dragging them into your insane world of conspiracy theories that end up destroying their lives if they are desperate enough to actually listen to you.

      I think you are pure evil. These parents are desperately grabbing at any straw, and you offer one and then you destroy them. You are the one who devours children in Connecticut.

      • So there is no case law in Corrupticut that supports what Adelman did to the kids … you are agreeing?

        • I am presently unable to scour the state of Connecticut‘s entire library of law.

          However, if I were a betting person, I would bet that there are laws to support granting custody to one parent over another and also to protect children from the parent who appears to be insane and potentially dangerous (Hopefully just temporarily) due in large part to an evil manipulative hateful monster who pretends to offer help but just terrifies and twists their minds when they are in a vulnerable state.

          • The clown troll ‘anonymous’ cannot use google scholar to search the case law on severing parent-child bonds in Connecticut….must be a product of jewish manipulation, too stupid to search, too dumb to use alexa or siri, yet is sure there are ‘laws’ to allow such familial destruction and thievery by order of a jew in a black robe.

            If a parent is DANGEROUS or the child is in harm, there is an executive agency to address that. Follow the rule of law. Joo trolls are pointless.

          • Mr. Moron I do not see the Jewish connection. I’m sorry but it seems you are blinded by prejudice. I think you weaken your argument because what you’re saying is right if you just took the word “Jew” out of it.

          • @Moron

            Oh okay, I see. You’ve gotten your law degree at

            Maybe you should also start practicing medicine since anyone can just google symptoms and come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

            Frank is right, you are blinded by prejudice.

          • @Moron One more thing to add. All of Karen R’s actions have demonstrated that she can’t be trusted.

            It’s like if a person is out on bail for a crime they didn’t commit. They might be the most trustworthy person on planet earth, but they still have to comply with the court’s orders to check in monthly, report if they’re going out of state etc.

            If they don’t comply, there will be repercussions. They can’t just argue, “Well gee whiz, not only am I innocent, but I’ve lived all my life up til now not needing to check in with anyone to prove I can be trusted.” IT DOESNT MATTER.

            KAREN NEEDS TO START PROVING TO THE COURT THAT SHE CAN BE TRUSTED. Up until now, she has done the exact opposite. T

            his is all common sense, but it appears perhaps someone has taken advantage of her in a vulnerable state and twisted her mind into a terror based on ludicrous conspiracy theories. So maybe Adelman is a dud. So what? Just do what the court says, check in as required, etc. And she’ll get some custody. Simple.

          • Cooperation with a corrupt court enables it to prey on more innocents. Karen should fight to expose what happened to her and to many other mothers. In the end, Ambrose and Adelman will be exposed for what they did.

            If Ambrose was smart he should stop depending on the court to protect him. He should stop thinking the mother of the children should submit to the corrupt court he played in.

            There is another venue. If Ambrose were smart he would work out something with the mother – for the children’s sake and or his sake. Then he’ll sleep better at night. And maybe his kids won’t hate him.

            He should do it soon. The publicity for this case will only get bigger. Now, there is time for him to stop the avalanche he is sitting under. But I know he won’t do it until it’s too late.

            Too bad because Ambrose has talent. He could get back on track. But his luck will never go well so long as he punishes his children with the deprivation of their mother.

            Adelman has trouble ahead. he has done this to countless mothers. But Ambrose could still do the right thing. There is no court order prohibiting him from letting his children see their mother. They are 15, 15, and 11. How much longer can he keep them in isolation?

      • @Moron You pretend to have no common sense. Maybe you can’t see the forest for the trees. Everyone can see how these mothers with no-contact orders got THEMSELVES into that situation. They continually break the law and/or violate common-sense court orders. I wouldn’t put it past some of these mothers to kidnap the kids and/or take child porn pictures of the kids themselves and then blame the dad to get custody.

        Mothers like Riordan appear to uninvolved parties to be completely unhinged and potentially dangerous. Just use some common sense for fuck’s sake!!! If she starts acting logically like an adult who sees that her actions create reactions, she can easily get some custody of the kids.

        It’s also well-known and common sense that family courts have the authority to issue restraining orders and no-contact orders etc. Duh. It’s like you are trying to say the sky isn’t blue. Poor Cunha is doing the exact same thing by saying the moment she was disbarred she no longer has to be accountable to the court. Defies all common sense.

        • Frank wrote, “Cooperation with a corrupt court enables it to prey on more innocents. Karen should fight to expose what happened to her”

          I still don’t understand what happened to her that was corrupt, and I read your articles as well as other documents that are available publicly. The only thing I’ve seen to gripe about is that Adelman *might* have a tendency to (legally, and with an explanation as to why) have clients pay for many hours of pricey guardian ad litems. That isn’t corruption.

          Karen doesn’t have custody because she refused to prove she can be trusted. As has been noted at this website several times, She was only interviewed for like eight hours or something. Based on those eight hours, a conclusion was drawn; however to remedy it, supervised visitation was offered for Karen to prove that judgment wrong. And she refused to show up to demonstrate that they were wrong, which ultimately, proves them right because it makes her look like she is unstable and unreliable as hell.

          But again I have yet to see any evidence of corruption.

        • Frank wrote “ He should stop thinking the mother of the children should submit to the corrupt court he played in.”

          There is the twisted and loaded language. Nobody is asking Karen to “submit.” You make it sound like she would be degrading herself. Only a narcissist would think that way about the law. Like they are too good to have to listen to court orders. It’s somehow below them. I think she might be a narcissist.

          She should cooperate with the court. This is common sense like wtf planet do ya’ll live on you think that not “submitting” to the law will somehow help her get custody any time soon? Just cooperate, stupid self destructive Karen.

          • A planet called Connecticut where the judge is corrupt. Wait and I’ll prove it.

        • Where does state law, public policy, or even the Constitution authorize severing mother-child bond absent a petition by the State? C’mon smart one, explain it? Connecticut violates the 14th Amendment with [redacted]

          • Where? The laws that pertain to custody of minors, that’s where. You seem to think you have found some loophole that defies all common sense yet exposes an evil conspiracy. Get real, and take your meds.

  • Frank Parlato is a fraud. Writes about Connecticut Family Court ignoring the jewish game, claiming he is not anti-semitic. He is not a journalist, he is a paid hack. He cannot report the facts. He cannot cite the law and how the jewish judges ignore it. He cannot identify the jewish judges. But Parlato will state that six million jews were showered to death, because that is the jewish story. Frank is a joke, so is his stupid ‘report’.

    • There seems to be sufficient evidence that millions of Jews were murdered during WW 2 for being Jewish. I think I could prove it with the available evidence.

      • Bring on the EVIDENCE. More jewish propaganda, 6M is the justification for Israel, a hoax, but go ahead and tell everyone why it is not a hoax or that Connecticut family court is not a jewish racket on the goy!

  • Adelman is misogynistic and sadistic. He has a history of abusing, threatening, and destroying the lives of mothers.

    When asked, his defense was that he has “a wife and a daughter.” Look at the case history.

    Cunha failed miserably to evidence the truth. Please keep reporting Frank. The evidence is all there. Anne Stevenson proved rackateering by same criminals in 2014.

  • The sheeple of Connecticut are unable to govern themselves, the kids are unprotected, victims of monsters like Adelman, Solomon, Dembo, Munro, Emons, Heller, Grossman, all folks who do not celebrate Christmas or Easter. The facts are facts. When will the people act in protection of the children?

    • As soon as I get the time I will demonstrate this is not a Jewish conspiracy. Many judges, lawyers, GALs, and therapists are not Jewish and do the same things in this racketeering conspiracy. I have observed there are more than a fair share of bad actors with Italian last names – but I do not think it is an Italian conspiracy.

      I have also observed that there seems to be many more bad actors who are women than men. But I do not think it is a female conspiracy.

  • Frank-

    If you really want to prove collusion, find out if they all attend the same temple….

    Evangelicals stick together. Temple people are welded together, whether or not they’re reformed or conservative.

  • Why is a jew judge like Adelman allowed to misuse his office to violate public policy? The state holds no cause to isolate children from a mother, what is the jew’s game?

    • If you rewrote your comment to “Why is a judge like Adelman allowed to misuse his office to violate public policy? The state holds no cause to isolate children from a mother, what is his game?” sensible people could engage in this debate.

        • Why does any judge violate the oath of office? You are obviously saying a Jewish judge does it for different reasons than a non-Jewish judge.

    • It’s not because they’re Jewish! RICO and trafficking goes across all faiths and ethnicities. Judge Ficeto plays the game and delivers kids to abusive fathers while eliminating mothers. She’s done it for years. Attorney Richard Callahan and Tom Costello lead the corrupt ring – both non-Jews.

      It’s about the money! The CT family court is heavily Jewish, and the Ambrose case is smothered by Jewish actors – they do refer their corrupt buddies to fleece saving, abuse these innocent kids, and destroy maternal bonds, but little to do with being Jewish.

  • Deviancy of jews is a long history, pre-dating the common era, there is cause to suspect the jew in abuse of children, in abuse of law, there is an age old restriction on jews holding public office for a reason, unfortunately Connecticut is controlled by jews, the children are victims to jews, the law is defeated by jews, as Adelman demonstrates, money is the true god of the jew.

    • I don’t buy any of it. It’s not a Jewish conspiracy. It’s a lawyer conspiracy. There are no checks and balances, so judges and lawyers conspire to rob parents.

      The actions of the non-Jewish lawyers are identical to the Jewish lawyers. It’s a corrupt cesspool, but it’s not based on these lawyers being Jewish. It’s about power corrupting. In other states, this is also going on. There is barely a Jewish lawyer to be found and they are doing the same thing.

      I think we need juries in Family Court.

  • Keep pushing, Frank! This corruption in the CT “Family” Court system is abominable and needs to continue to have the layers of the onion peeled back to show all the faults in the system.

    I love the “just following the system’s process”, versus making sure, or questioning, when the processes are in direct conflict with the administration of justice.

    Ambrose may think he is “beating the system”, but charades can only be hidden behind for only so long before the threads start to unravel on the “Emperor’s new clothes”, and the ugliness becomes crystal clear to all, even those who don’t already know…and the resulting outfall will come down on him like a ton of bricks. Only then will justice be served!

  • I don’t get he point of this. Is she right and all the Jews are working together to help everyone but her or is she wrong and she should lose her license forever?

    • It’s a corrupt system and Adelman has stolen children from parents and awarded huge legal fees to GALs. Fit parents, never accused of abuse lose access to their children in adelmans court.

      There is a documented history of Adelmans abuse of women and children.

      Cunha said Adelman lied to the judiciary at his reappointment hearing in 2017- and indeed he did; Gonzalez, Vargas and Whitfield quoted.

      Adelman has a history of punishing mothers, but it’s about the money. He awards all the money and kids to fathers.

      I’m this case, nearly all the court actors are Jewish, (gal Jocelyn hurwitz, Nancy Aldrich, Biren caverly, Robert Horwitz, Edward Nusbaum, William Brown, Linda Smith, Judge Jane Grossman)— but that could be coincidence. It’s about the money.

      They traffick kids by transferring sole custody to the father in exchange for huge billing.

      In this case Adelman allowed the gal to sit through 36 days of trial, billing $3,000/day

      That was an extra $100,000 pocketed against best interest of family.

    • The Jews, the Jews, the Jews….

      Your lives would still suck – even if the Jews weren’t around.

      Look in the mirror tool bags!

  • The jews of Connecticut family court are protected at levels above the governor, legislators are evil. Goy children feed the monsters of family court, welcome to jew land … do not criticize your masters!

  • Thank you, Frank, for continuing to shine a light on the dark swamp of this family court system. By disbarring Karen Riordan’s attorney so capriciously, the court is punishing the mother and the children in this case. Throughout this ordeal, the children’s rights and wishes have been trampled on. They have repeatedly stated they wish to be with their mother. Why have their wishes been ignored?

    • Agreed. The kids voices have been silenced. Utterly silenced by the GAL and Ambrose. Thus, no contact and isolation from anyone they have trusted. Same playbook in all these cases.

      GAL Hurwitz was written up “In the Worst Interest of the Child:Trafficking Children Through the Family Courts”.

      You would think public exposure like that would have stopped her, but she’s pure evil.

      She stole two adolescents from Sandra MacVicar- and gave to abusive parent after burying evidence of abuse from the court.

      Identical to Ambrose case- and many others. All for money. Over $200,000 in Billings in this case. It’s a racket.

  • The fact that this has taken place in family court, where it is the judges sole responsibility to decide what is best and safest for ALL children involved is a joke.

    This biased judge knew all of the intricacies about the case and how Chris Ambrose illegally stole his wife’s money to pay off professionals to sway the court’s decision to grant him unilateral guardianship.

    Judge Adelman has had so many cases that have similar outcomes where professionals in the cases get paid tremendous amounts of money, while ruining the lives of children and their parents. He should be removed from the bench for being biased and making poor decisions and the time that he had presided should be reviewed for illegal activity.

    • Well said!
      Other Adelman atrocities:
      Susan Skipp
      Kathy Sorrentino
      Paige Styvan (her husband also had attorney Nancy Aldrich like Ambrose)
      And he just endorsed a bs restraining order against Margaret Sullivan- with zero evidence.

  • Winfield, Vargas and Gonzalez! Thank you for standing up. Funny it’s the Brown people who call out the white mob that abused children and mothers and steal family bank.

    Adelman absolutely lied to the judiciary committee. Mothers testified – same story as Ambrose.

    They let the father control the money, stole the kids, fake therapists, colluding attorneys, judges who say gal must sit through trial- and millions in profit for RICO while kids with abusive parent.

  • If I had a dollar for every article on this site that hinges on the words “could,” “might” or “maybe” I’d be even richer than I already am.

  • Keep Digging Frank! Moms like Karen and myself count on everything being seen so that change can happen and corruption stops.

    These corrupt judges, GAL’s, “pre determined psychological evaluators”and lawyers are stealing children away from loving mothers who claimed abuse and shone a light on predatory behavior. It makes me sick and shatters my heart with every new mom that I encounter who has a carbon copy story of mine and Karen’s.

    They need to be stopped. Justice was not served for me, my children, Karen and her children or the 50+ other moms who have had similar outcomes.

  • So glad you have not given up this fight. Adelman is obviously just the tip of the iceberg. The only way the corrupt family court system can be cleaned up is though exposure like this. Keep digging Frank!

    • Haha! I knew Frank hadn’t moved on from this incredible story but I have thought several times over the last few weeks how relieved Chris might be that Raniere shenanigans stole the spotlight for a moment from the Family Court Darling.

      • Ambrose has used the break to polish his cease and desist narratives since he was fired for plagiarism. He’s getting his lawsuits ready now that he’s threatened everyone and anyone who tried to speak for the 15 year olds and 11 year old who have been silenced by Ambrose and his hired guns.

        Sick, sick man… the barber… the barber who trolls the internet for Latino boys…

        The 60 year old gay barber who hits on young men giving tips on haircuts.

        Pathological liar…

  • I was in front of Adleman this past Thurs & Fri (May 12 & 13, 2022) and he issued a restraining order against me. This is the email I sent opposing counsel. The attorney is Robert Tukey of Gould Larson et. al. in Essex Connecticut.


    Again I understand you are advocating for your client, but do you realize that Adleman all by his lonesome overturned the criminal law of perjury? As a lawyer, I hope you are disheartened, or better yet, I hope you cite him in any other cases you have where this might apply.

    Adleman ceded that your client lied on his ex-parte application for a protective order.

    Lie on an affidavit, but correct yourself under CROSS EXAMINATION and that is okay.

    As I am sure you observed on Thursday, I did get emotional when my mother-in-law got on the stand. FYI, the distance from her house to my ex’s is almost 1/2 MILE (see attached). He didn’t see me, and I just wasn’t there. Well in excess of the 100 yard restraining order.

    I am now wearing a body-cam in home video and have purchased a GPS monitoring system for both of my vehicles to self-track my whereabouts just in case your client lies and tries to take advantage of the restraining order which I am sure is his intent.

    The result of Adleman’s order is essentially a civil rights violation based on PERJURY that he refused to hear or consider based on my motion.

    And yes, I am posting this email to Facebook. Not to harass your client, but to expose the injustice of the court.

    You supported PERJURY. Isn’t that a violation of the Attorney code of conduct? Paige did it too. The firm of Gould-Larson et al should be ashamed.

    This is not a settlement negotiation and subject to public disclosure. Others are bcc’d.

    BTW: Whelen is still sponsoring your client. See attached and note the date and time in the bottom right corner.
    Cheers, Margaret

    Twitter: @margcs1810 for information about this case, Jennifer’s Law, Coercive Control, ABUSE
    Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.

    There is something divine, mystical, magical and unexplainable in the universe that is listening and responding to each of us.

    • Thank you Margaret for your advocacy and bravery! Your children have been taken in violation of all state and federal rights- in violation of constitutional rights to bring up our children.

      Adelman is abusive and these attorneys are racketeers. Glad you have cameras going. Please make sure you live stream them because these attorneys influence the police as well- sad but true.

      Police and DCF cater to the GALs in these cases so please be ready to live stream.

      Public exposure is the only way to bring justice to our children and so many others.
      The court orders and records are all perjury. Fictional narratives by racketeers and abusers.

    • Less than 72 hours ago, I received a phone call from a police officer – told me nothing criminal on his end. Here is the post:

      I just got off the phone with officer A. Smith of Middletown police. Case number 2200223879. There is nothing criminal about my recent posts. Restraining order was issued last Friday #coercivecontrol







      • I do not support anti-Semitism, racism, or stereotyping of people based on simplistic generalizations.

        However, I find a distinction between humans and other species, and I discriminate. If Margaret, or you, Anonymous, were to condemn the iguana in public, I would do a glowing report on you. Right now, there is an effort in the Keys to rid ourselves of these ubiquitous, non-indigenous reptiles who displace indigenous creatures.

        Some have gone so far as to say the only good iguana in the Keys is a dead iguana. I don’t go that far. I allow several to trespass in my yard, but as a species, they are lazy, capricious, selfish, and don’t do a lick of work. All they care about is themselves.

        And as a lot, I would say, the human is inferior to many animals. Humans are selfish, lazy, utterly insane and

        • Oh I see. Sorry. The god dam “iguanas” on the CT court are lazy and selfish and the only good “iguana” is a dead iguana. Don’t worry, Frank, we will make sure you don’t get shut down.

          • I meant the iguana literally. The reptile. It has invaded the Keys. My conflict is I like the creatures. They come into my yard and sun themselves and look beautiful. They get as long as 6 feet from head to tail, and when they are older, they turn orange. The State Wildlife people want them exterminated.

            As for anti-Semitism, I oppose it. I think I can show that what’s happening in CT is based on human greed. It is not exclusive to any race, religion, or culture. Greed is the common property of humanity. Greed does not discriminate. CT’s problem is not Jewish. It’s a lack of checks and balances on humans who have power over other humans.

            As for me, I am an admirer of other cultures and religions. I admire Judaism and the Jewish culture. And I don’t know if I could say this about every culture, but I never met a Jew I didn’t like.

            One final thing. The reason I am not racist or anti-Semitic is that I like myself too much. When a person likes himself as much as I do, it is impossible to hate anyone. It’s really hard even to dislike anyone. I even find myself liking people who dislike me. That’s not to say I won’t hit back. But I don’t do it out of hatred. I do it because I like myself and know I am going to win.

        • Frank Parlato does not discriminate against cannibals either, he is a stupid jerk. Eating humans is fine by Frank, devouring children the same. Parlato is a nut job.

  • Well done, Frank….I have never seen such a cesspool with so many morally bankrupt bottom feeders. Scumbags attract other scumbags.

    Ambrose is a sociopathic lying pedophile living a lie as a gay man in a heterosexual marriage. He found other money hungry scumbags like Hurwitz, Adelman and Aldrich. If Riordan had no money to bilk, they would not have taken the case and Candy-ass Ambrose would not have brought it. Meanwhile, the ONLY ONE who cares about the children is the mother. I don’t believe in Hell but I hope there is some like it for these assholes.

  • Except that Ambrose didn’t actually pay anything! That is as much the story and supports RICO!

  • He absolutely COULD be biased towards other Jewish lawyers. You blow this off, but racists go both ways and this should be investigated along with other claims. What happened to freedom of speech?

    • Jews are a race? Seriously? What is a jew? No legal definition. What is semite? what is anti semite? why does anyone care? except a jew, whatever that is.

    • There was no evidence to support the bias accusations. I can only guess that clown at the Ct family circus blog must be very persuasive in person/on the phone to actually have gotten poor Nicola and her client Karen to swallow his insane and hateful theory hook line and sinker. Sad.

        • Yes, that’s the guy who supposedly lives in his parents’ basement. His blog is an abysmal toxic spew but somehow, he manages to convince people to believe his conspiracy theories. I can only guess he must sound more sane on the phone than he does on his blog where he shows his true sick self.

          As for Nicola, it is not an excuse, but she has said she was dealing with medical issues. I have to wonder if she was just in an unusually vulnerable state that she actually let herself be swayed by that sicko. Based on this most recent mass shooting in Buffalo (and other horrific examples), you can see that this anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric is not harmless. I support Cunha’s disbarment but would be okay with her being reinstated in a year or so if she can demonstrate she’s gotten her shit together. She had zero evidence of a conspiracy.

      • What’s funny is how Frank refuses to discuss the $30k Nicola stole from her clients and that’s why she is getting arrested! How is it that only lawyer that openly steals from her clients gets anointed a saint by Frank but everyone else is cast as the devil. When we all learn Frank and the Family Court Circus blog are run by the same person none of us will be surprised.

          • Well, I’m not Chris, but I have been following her case since she was initially retained by me and took money and now, I can’t get it back. If she didn’t steal it, why won’t she give my money back? Why did the CT court arrest her? You seem so sure of everything but I’m not sure how.

          • Corruption in CT courts runs deep. The State already took her escrow account – so they have your money.

          • Frank – you have already decided she is innocent? Can you tell us why she is innocent but everyone seems to think she is guilty? You must know for sure or you wouldn’t make such a claim about someone!

          • Fair question. Yes, I think she is innocent, and I hope to provide the proof.

          • A news article said she took the money, $30,000, and it might be client funds. They are waiting for Cunha to demonstrate that the money does not belong to her clients, and so far it seems she is refusing to cooperate with the court, per the news articles. If she has nothing to hide, why has she disappeared with the money like that?

          • It is my understanding that Nickola Cunha showed evidence to the court that she did not take a dime that did not belong to her.

          • It’s so frustrating that Frank here seems to have taken the side of Cunha. I can’t get my money back because she refuses to provide an accounting for the money she took or the money that’s left. Why are you such a cheerleader of hers? Looking through your blog, it seems most of the cases you report on are here and you always seem to take her client’s side, so I guess you have a sondes any sense of journalistic integrity to support her. Below is the link that provides your facts in her arrest are totally wrong. Amazing how you seem to carry so much water for a woman who has turned out to be the worst of the worst when it comes to lawyers!


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