Hopes Fade as Media Has Zero Interest in Raniere’s FBI Tampering Motion

Keith Raniere after his 'arrest' in Mexico,

If his supporters expected an eager media ready to chew on a feeding frenzy, they were disappointed.

Keith Raniere’s Rule 33 motion alleging the FBI tampered with evidence got no traction in the media. And his motion seeking Judge Garaufis’ disqualification got even less.

It could be that mainstream media is not interested in policing the federal police. Or the lack of interest is because Raniere is an unlovable character.  No one thinks he’s innocent except a few lonesome followers.

In addition, the motion is obtuse. It is not easy to understand what the FBI is alleged to have done unless one has a computer background.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled the motions will wait until after the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit decides Raniere’s appeal. That may take months or even a year. There may be little reason for the media to take hold of it now.

The mainstream media I found is limited.

  1. The NY Daily News
  2. CNN
  3. The Times Union
  4. The Daily Mail
  5. The Associated Press. [A number of media outlets used the AP story.]’

Altogether they gave the motion a scant 25 paragraphs.

 The AP had only one paragraph on the tampering in their story: NXIVM guru wants new judge to decide evidence planting claim

Here it is:.

NEW YORK — Attorneys for Keith Raniere, the former leader of the cult-like NXIVM group, want a new federal judge to consider a motion for new trial filed last week that argues federal authorities framed Raniere by planting child pornography on a computer hard drive.

CNN’s four paragraphs reported:

[T]he motion details evidence allegedly showing metadata of a file card was changed while in possession of the FBI to make it appear nude photographs of a female were taken in 2005, when the woman was a minor…

In the filing, Tully asks for there to be an evidentiary hearing where attorneys can question multiple forensic examiners, FBI special agents involved in the case, two federal prosecutors, two witnesses and others. A spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York had no comment.

Raniere’s attorneys said a camera, camera card and hard drive were found at a home linked to Raniere in March 2018, and that while in FBI custody, a camera card was accessed improperly and altered.

A former FBI special agent submitted an expert report where he said he believed tampering “definitely” took place while the devices were in the custody of the FBI, and it was his expert opinion “the FBI must have been involved in such evidence tampering.”

The NY Daily News had seven paragraphs

Among the choicest were:

The convicted pedophile, 61, claims the outcome of his 2019 trial in Brooklyn Federal Court would have been different had jurors been aware of the alleged evidence tampering….

Raniere’s attorney Joseph Tully wrote…. “The government used the year 2005 to establish the female as being under the age of eighteen, making the photographs contraband.”…

In one photo on the drive, the thumbnail image was originally of a blond woman, but inexplicably turned into a thumbnail of a brunette, Kiper claimed.

The feds declined to comment on Raniere’s submission to a federal appellate court…

The Times Union had six paragraphs. Most of them pointed out that there was more than digital evidence presented at trial to prove Raniere’s is a pedophile.

At trial, metadata on photos showed to jurors showed the images of the 15-year-old girl were taken in November 2005, when the girl was 15 and Raniere was 45. In addition, text messages exchanged between Raniere and the woman showed Raniere told her September 2014 that he was “proud to have been your husband for 8.75 years” which dated to when she was 15.

At trial, just before prosecutors rested their case, they played a video in which Raniere told supporters that some young children are “perfectly happy” having sex with adults and that it was “society” that considers it abuse. And Raniere told supporters the age of consent in some parts of the world was 12.

Keith Raniere

What’s abuse in one area is not abuse in another. And what is it really?” Raniere asked on the video. “Is the person a child or is the person adult-like? Does the person have a certain type of cognition, morality to make such a choice?”

The Daily Mail gave the most space to Raniere’s tampering claims.  Twelve paragraphs were devoted to it, with five quoting from the motion.

In a 42-page filing on Tuesday, his attorneys said that the tampering happened when FBI agents seized evidence from his home in 2018.

They say they went right for a computer hard drive and camera, ignoring all other items of evidence in Raniere’s home, and that suspiciously named folders containing child porn were later discovered.

Raniere’s attorneys claim that it not only wins him the right to a new trial but that the apparent evidence tampering ‘shocks the conscience’.

‘In its prosecution of Keith Raniere, the government manufactured child pornography and planted it on a computer hard drive to tie it to him.

“Additionally, the government falsified, fabricated, and manipulated all the key evidence it used to convict Mr. Raniere of the most heinous crimes he was charged with, that is, possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a child – for purportedly taking twenty-two contraband photographs in 2005.

‘Such extensive government tampering renders the critical pieces of evidence used to convict him of these charges incompetent, unreliable, and invalid.

‘The government’s conduct here not only shatters rights inherent in the concept of ordered liberty, but it also shocks the conscience,’ the filing, obtained by DailyMail.com, reads.

The filing says Raniere’s suspicions are supported by Richard Kiper, Ph.D., a retired FBI Special Agent, Steven M. Abrams and Wayne B. Norris, who are described as ‘accomplished forensic analysts’.

‘All three experts agree that the electronic evidence in Mr. Raniere’s trial was extensively manipulated while in FBI custody and that it was falsified to fit the government’s narrative of criminal conduct.

‘This newly discovered evidence of illegal tampering by the government is conclusive, indisputable, and shocking,’ his attorneys claim.

They say that thumbnails were ‘altered’ to go from brunette to blonde, and that the metadata on some of the photos found on the hard drive and camera memory card was also altered.

‘It was undoubtedly tampered with, as the thumbnails of a brunette impossibly became thumbnails of a blonde,’ Raniere’s lawyers say.


This does not bode well for Raniere. The absence of media coverage could mean Raniere might drift away from the public’s memory.

There have been no follow-up stories.  No reporter has contacted Kiper for fresh quotes or his insights. Raniere’s hopes are fading fast. Nobody is interested.  And old Vanguards never die. They simply fade away.

Noah Goldberg, who writes for the NY Daily News, followed up on Twitter. He mentioned the restitution hearing he attended when Judge Garaufis lost his temper. He wrote of Raniere’s disqualification motion on Twitter:

“Keith Raniere’s lawyer asked for the judge in the case to recuse himself for being biased, citing one of the most bizarre moments in court I’ve ever seen in which a lawyer was told by the judge to go cry about a funeral for a colleague who had just died of pancreatic cancer.”

“We journalists sat awkwardly as no one in the courtroom spoke for a half hour and Keith Raniere sat quietly, awkwardly on his video chat from a maximum-security prison. It was insane.”




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  • Just wondering if KR loses this appeal, and his rule 33 ,how many more times can he file a appeal ?What is the a magic number within the legal system that all appeals have been exhausted and how long does that take? I guess my point is at some point dose KR just have to stop wasting the court time with nonsense appeals sit down and wait for his 120 year sentence to come to a end.

  • Are Americans more worried about the rising suicide rate among teenagers or about the NXIVM soap opera involving Raniere and his stupid followers?

    Do the politicians, including Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden, give a damn about the psychological harm they have inflicted on America’s teenagers?

    ‘It’s Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among U.S. Teens
    Depression, self-harm and suicide are rising among American adolescents. For one 13-year-old, the despair was almost too much to take.

    One evening last April, an anxious and free-spirited 13-year-old girl in suburban Minneapolis sprang furious from a chair in the living room and ran from the house — out a sliding door, across the patio, through the backyard and into the woods.

    Moments earlier, the girl’s mother, Linda, had stolen a look at her daughter’s smartphone. The teenager, incensed by the intrusion, had grabbed the phone and fled. (The adolescent is being identified by an initial, M, and the parents by first name only, to protect the family’s privacy.)

    Linda was alarmed by photos she had seen on the phone. Some showed blood on M’s ankles from intentional self-harm. Others were close-ups of M’s romantic obsession, the anime character Genocide Jack — a brunette girl with a long red tongue who, in a video series, kills high school classmates with scissors.

    In the preceding two years, Linda had watched M spiral downward: severe depression, self-harm, a suicide attempt. Now, she followed M into the woods, frantic. “Please tell me where u r,” she texted. “I’m not mad.”

    American adolescence is undergoing a drastic change. Three decades ago, the gravest public health threats to teenagers in the United States came from binge drinking, drunken driving, teenage pregnancy and smoking. These have since fallen sharply, replaced by a new public health concern: soaring rates of mental health disorders.

    In 2019, 13 percent of adolescents reported having a major depressive episode, a 60 percent increase from 2007. Emergency room visits by children and adolescents in that period also rose sharply for anxiety, mood disorders and self-harm. And for people ages 10 to 24, suicide rates, stable from 2000 to 2007, leaped nearly 60 percent by 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


  • No press, what do you expect?!?!

    Raniere’s case is being drowned out by the Johnny Depp trial, the Kayne/Kardashian, Abortion Law, and Ukraine war — yada, yada, yada. You need a celebrity name attached to the case

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of criminal cases which “set legal precedents”, and the public doesn’t care and, thus, it isn’t reported. Ask K.R. Claviger!

  • I’m the smartest man in the world, there is no problem I cannot solve. I need a reason to appeal my 120 year sentence. I’ll blame the FBI of crimes and the Judge of bias. That will definitely, definitely work in my favor and I will get a new trial



    • He couldn’t figure out with his high IQ how to get the actual President nd co-founder of Executive Success Programs / NXIVM, Nancy Salzman, more than 3.5 years and him 120. Loser.

  • The simple explanation for lack of media interest is there isn’t enough sex in it. I guarantee if Nicki Clyne wrote an article and titled it “the truth about sex (or even just “life” with Keith Raniere” or some such, but then wrote about the tampering stuff, it’d get lots of reporting. Just sprinkle in a few salacious details and sound bites. But I understand that might feel like stooping low to get the attention.

    • Disagree. Sex always sells but corruption stories are extremely popular. The problem is that people do not believe their claims. Because they simply have not presented a valid form of proof of any kind. They also have continuously oversold and under-delivered on their promises to show corruption in Keith’s criminal case. So people stop listening. But corruption cases are very, very popular in the media. However, they need to contain actual corruption. Media Outlets have reported on the claims responsibly. They mentioned these claims have been made and that’s the extent of what there is to say at this point. Until there is actual proof of anything no one’s going to follow this desperate attempt to free the Vanguard from sex offender prison.

  • Of course, this absurd claim got no traction in the media. The evidence tampering tale is a pathetic, transparent fabrication.

    Criminal wants a new trial. Yawn. They all do.

    Criminal claims he’s the victim of injustice. Yawn, everyone in prison tells that same tale.

    And lawyers gotta lawyer, and they have to somehow make a case for their client. No matter how absurd or desperate. Yawn.

    Nobody cares and nobody should care. Raniere’s guilty, a mountain of evidence proved his guilt, and an independent jury of 12 unanimously convicted him on all charged counts.

    His story is over.

    Now if somebody could make a credible case of FBI evidence tampering, that would be interesting. That would be newsworthy. But that hasn’t happened. After months of flogging this allegation by the Raniere cult remnant and the FR, it remains a wispy invention, a Q-Anon wannabe anti-government conspiracy theory.

    The reason the media is uninterested and nobody cares is that the tampering story is bullshit, and uninteresting bullshit too.

  • “The long-awaited Rule 33 was to change the Vanguard’s fortunes overnight. The motion now appears to be his swan song.”

    That shows you don’t know how a Narcissist’s (personality disorder) mind works, Frank.

    If Rule 33 doesn’t fly, there will be other suits filed: my lawyers were incompetent, the jury didn’t like the colour of my shirt, the receipt for the bondage equipment was faked, Lauren’s (For Lauren, a cute sting-in-the-tail nickname narcissists love using) testimony was cut short … there are endless irrelevant details that can be used. KR will use anything in an attempt to stay relevant and regain the sense of power and control he had.

    To be ignored is a fate worse than death. H G Tudor on youtube (he’s a consultant on Mark V. forthcoming doc. on Narcissism) has some stuff on Raniere in particular, and on how Narcissists use of the court system in general. (If you are involved with narcissist and are going through a court case, it is mandatory viewing.)

    Just the manipulations and mind games they play, and it’s never ending. Just a word of caution, Frank: they (KR et al) seem to have hooked you into their ‘stories’ by appealing to your innate sense of ‘Justice’ (which is your defining characteristic and also your ‘weak point’ as far as they’re concerned). Be careful you don’t get sucked in emotionally to fight for KR under the guise of ‘fighting for justice’.

    It never was and never will be about ‘justice’ – it will always be about KR and his grandiose sense of self-importance.

  • That’s because the press knows Raniere has lied about so many things in the past:
    – Top three problem solver in the world
    – Appears in world book of records as one of the smartest men in the world
    – East Coast judo champion at the age of 12
    – Triple graduate from RPI
    – Celibate monk
    – Renunciant
    – Taught himself high school math ove3r a weekend at the age of 6
    – Patent pending technology that was turned down in 2003
    – That he was broke when he was arrested
    – That he had nothing to do with DOS
    – He’s innocent of all the crimes he was found guilty of

    The list goes on and on.

    He’s a pathological liar.

    His claim that the FBI tampered with Cami’s photos is all made up also.

    The press is not impressed.

      • They all were…Nancy, Alison, Lauren, and Michelle. Michelle being the most…she didn’t even get probation…she got nothing!! She’s the real genius of them all.

  • Where is the proof? I have seen nothing on here that proves the FBI tampered with evidence. The FBI has criminals among them, and I’d love to see FR nail those who destroy and manipulate evidence to get the outcome they want. I believe it happens daily– However, making allegations without backing it up only undermines any hope of accountability. If you have evidence, PLEASE bring it forward or drop it.

  • Really surprised? Ultimately the appeal is “convicted person accuses police of framing him.” Oh and “Decision to look into it will be made at some time in the future between end of summer and sometime next year.”

    Not exactly riveting nor has a middle or end to the story.

    If not for providing background, its not even a paragraph worth of info. Later, if the info has actual merit, then its newsworthy. Right now its more of “here is brief update on a story that may have interested you a few years ago.”

    Even the Vow season 2 will likely end the season with some title card that says “Raniere is currently appealing his conviction” and that’s about it.

  • But the followers and Keith still have you, Frank. Saturating your blog endlessly with their repetitive and implausible claims with no credible proof.

    It’s actually getting boring.

      • Hey Frank,

        Apparently Sarah Edmondson is moving to “Atlanta” based on what she said in her podcast. Do you or anybody else know if that means “Atlanta” Canada or “Atlanta” Georgia?………

      • Okay, Frank.

        Why don’t you report that Keith’s attorney, Joseph Tully, also wants to #freeRKelly?

        Tully does not represent R. Kelly. Just wants another abusive pedophile out of jail.

    • “Frank Has Lost His Reporting Way” wrote:

      “Saturating your blog endlessly with their repetitive and implausible claims with no credible proof.”

      Another anticultist drone who can’t read English.

      Noah Goldberg, who is not Frank, was there and saw the blatant bias in Judge Garaufis’ behavior in the courtroom. Frank also published the court transcript, proving Goldberg’s reporting.

      This, as well as many other instances cited endlessly here and elsewhere, is credible proof that the judge in this case is biased and must recuse himself.

      But the anticultist drone can’t read English. Maybe it’s because he’s blind.

      Maybe it’s because he is a retard.

      Maybe the Anticultist Drone is a Blind Retard.


          • My apologies kind sir. I’ve been off my game as of late. Quality over quantity is my new mantra.

          • Strive to be clever and funny, like Nice Guy. Make him your idea. Emulate him in every manner, and you won’t go wrong.

          • Frank, you are cute when you White Knight for “Alanzo” and your other culty buddies.

            Or maybe blind retard is a better description.

            If you spent half as much time preparing for your trial as publishing child rapist propaganda, maybe you’d have a shot at winning your upcoming trial.

            Do you have the guts to publish this?

            Do you have the intelligence to call me something other than a pussy or coward for writing this?

            I doubt it.

        • @Anonymous May 15, 2022 at 9:25 pm

          You are so thin, that all that is visible of you is that you are a dick. 😉

    • When Trump left office in January 2021 gasoline in the Midwest was about 2 dollars twenty cents per gallon.
      Now fifteen months later gasoline is pushing 5 dollars per gallon.
      And when a predicted shortage of diesel fuel hits there will be food shortages across the country.
      Every item in the stores arrives by diesel fueled trucks.
      No diesel fuel, no food in the stores.
      In light of such economic woes, Raniere’s didoes are irrelevant to people who are up against hard times.

      If you think gas prices are bad, diesel is in its worst crisis since the 1970s and has even raised fears of localized rationing
      Phil Rosen May 14, 2022, 7:30 AM

      • Quitting our addiction to Petrolium is long overdue
        Trumpers are white Supremest and if the right takes the House and Senate we are in real trouble
        Baby formula will be the least of our problems

    • A story far more concerning to Americans than the lunatic Raniere and his half-witted followers.

      Parents Hunt For Baby Formula As Shortage Spans Across The US

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