Raniere Alleges FBI Altered Nude Photos of 12 NXIVM Women; Who Are They?

Keith Raniere’s alleged tampering extends beyond Camila.

Raniere’s Rule 33 motion for a new trial hinges on whether the FBI altered 167 images found on a seized hard drive. These photos are graphic nudes of 12 females with closeups of their vaginas.

Eleven of the women are adults. The 12th is Camila. There are 22 photos of her. If the metadata creation dates of the images of Camila are correct – November 2 and November 22, 2005 – then Camila was 15 years old at the time those photos were taken.

The federal age of consent to pose for nude photos is 18.

According to Raniere’s Rule 33 motion, the FBI altered the metadata.

The “Inner Circle” of NXIVM/ESP. Keith Raniere had sex with all the women.

The FBI also seized a camera and a camera card.

Canon Camera EOS 20D


Camera Card

A Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

According to the government, Raniere took the 167 photos with his camera, transferred them to a camera card, downloaded them from the camera card to a computer that wasn’t found, and then copied them from the computer to the hard drive.

A camera card contained more images of nude women.

Camila’s images were only found on the hard drive.


Some of the nude images on the hard drive matched those on the camera card. This supported the government’s narrative that Raniere had taken Camila’s photos.

The 12 Females

At the trial, only two of the 12 women testified. The names of all 12 are known.

Some of them could be witnesses at an evidentiary hearing on Raniere’s Rule 33 motion.

There were 11 folders on the hard drive. Except for one folder, which had two women in the same photos, each folder contained photos of one of the 12 women.

Here are the subjects of the images.

Barbara Bouchey

Barbara Bouchey [15 photos]. Once Raniere’s number one girlfriend. She left in 2009.

Dawn Morrison

Dawn Morrison [12 photos] Longtime girlfriend. A high-ranking member of NXIVM. She left around the time Raniere was arrested.

Monica Duran

Monica Duran [8 photos]. She was part of the first-line masters in DOS. It is believed she returned to her native Mexico but is still loyal to Raniere.

Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell [16 photos]. Long-time “inner-circle” member. She was convicted and sentenced to probation. She denounced Raniere at sentencing.

Loretta Garza

Loretta Garza [17 photos]. She was a member of the first line masters. It is believed she returned to Mexico and is loyal to Raniere.

Barbara Jeske

Barbara Jeske [12 photos]. Longtime girlfriend. She died of brain cancer in 2014.


Angel Smith [20 photos]  Photo unavailable. Longtime NXIVM member. Believed to be loyal to Raniere.

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman [6 photos] First-line master and high-ranking NXIVM executive. She was convicted and sentenced to probation. She testified against him at trial.  Lauren testified that Raniere took photos of her in 2005. She was not shown the camera or the photos by the prosecution, though they had them in evidence.

Pam Cafritz

Pam Cafritz and Marianna were the subjects of 37 photos in which they appeared together. Cafritz died of renal cancer in 2016.

Three Sisters


Marianna is the oldest of the three sisters. Daniela is the second and Camila is the youngest.

All three of them are subjects of the 167 images.

Marianna appears with Pam in their photos.

Marianna is the mother of Raniere’s youngest child, lives in Mexico, and remains loyal to Raniere.


Daniela [9 photos]. She is older than Camila and younger than Mariana.

She stayed in her room at her parent’s townhouse for almost two years to heal what Raniere called an “ethical breach.”

Her family, aware of her confinement, brought her meals on a daily basis. Daniela told Frank Report that the ethical breach was that she developed an attraction for a man other than Raniere. She left the room of her own volition in February 2012 and returned to Mexico.

On the witness stand, Daniela testified that Raniere took photographs of her. She described the camera and identified the timeframe of her photo session. She recalled that the photos were taken in his townhouse and not at his library.

Despite being admitted as evidence, she was not shown the camera or photos. Nevertheless, her recollection of the approximate date of the photo session – some 12 years earlier – corresponds with the metadata of her images.

Camila by MK10ART

.Camila [22 photos].

Camila remained loyal to Raniere even after he left the United States in 2017. She was one of the first-line DOS masters.

After Raniere left Clifton Park, she went to Mexico and went through a period of divided loyalty. She did not appear at the trial. However, she condemned Raniere at his sentencing.

She said Raniere took nude photos of her when she was 15.

Of the 167 photos, the 22 images of Camila are the only ones alleged to be illegal.

The prosecution used the other 145 photos to prove the timeline of the Camila photos. Part of the evidence is the similarity of the nude poses.

Keith Raniere

The onus will be on Raniere and his lawyers to prove that the government’s narrative is false.

Proof that is not innuendo or circumstantial will be required.



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  • I think it is pretty unlikely the FBI changed 167 photos. That is a lot and a lot of people would have to be in on it and equally corrupt as each other and not worried about losing their jobs and careers. Just seems unlikely.

  • It’s almost as if Raniere wants as many people as possible to see his harem nude and spreading their inner labia.

    No respect for the dead. Or the living.

    Raniere’s just gonna keep on putting that binder of vulvas on display to people as often as he possibly can.

    Just like Keith sat in court looking at Sylvie’s “medical” level close-up photos of her genitals. Right in front of Sylvie and everyone else in court.

    That messed up situation probably turned limp dick Keith almost hard. But not quite.

    Maybe vanguard wants to keep pushing this bogus issue because he thinks he will get to see his collection of humiliating vulvae pornography again? For “identification purposes”.

    Keith is such a sick, perverted, pedophile, creep.

    Raniere knows he can’t order the release more collateral until his appeals are dead. So this is the best Keith can do for now.

    • Like sex offenders in prison – they read other prisoners’ witness statements for pleasure sometimes….

  • A NXIVM inspired new novel:

    The fictional sisters who inhabit I’ll Be You each find themselves in and out of A.A. meetings or draining their savings to fund GenFem, a cult that restricts calories, collects compromising information about its members, and metes out “Severances” when followers misbehave.

    Author Janelle Brown’s longstanding fascination with the NXIVM cult was another source of inspiration.

    Since news first broke in 2017 about the cult that engaged in sex trafficking, extortion, and other crimes, Brown has been collecting material on the subject.

    She was drawn to details about the partner of NXIVM leader Keith Raniere, former psychiatric nurse Nancy Salzman, who pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge and was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

    For his part, Raniere received a life sentence. “For me, Nancy was the creepiest character in the whole NXIVM world, with her background in therapy and psychiatry, and the things she was doing to these girls—including her own daughter,” Brown said. “So I started kind of imagining a character like her.” This thought experiment helped her invent Dr. Cindy, a supposed healer who lures Elli into her orbit and breaks her down into a woman whom her sister no longer recognizes.

    How Janelle Brown Wrote a Twisty Thriller Inspired by the Olsen Twins and NXIVM – TIME

    • Imagine having Nancy as your “mentor”, ethical or otherwise. She and her own flesh and blood daughters shared the bed of the same man. How very religiously Jewish of them (sarcasm before anyone tries calling me an anti-Semite).

      Unbeknownst to many, these were the kind of “characters” people were relying on for their “ethics” and fulfillment of their goals, seeded with an underlying motivation to keep people wasting their money and time in a farce, and underpinned with the devious manipulation of fulfilling the ego and lusts of a man like Raniere. Anyone who heeded her assessments for anything should seek immediate help from a real, licensed professional therapist.

      My cousin has a PhD in psychology. He told me the biggest ethical issue with even licensed therapists who take oaths and must adhere to the highest of ethical standards in dealing with their patients, is to get emotionally and physically involved with them, which still sometimes happens, and is taken very seriously.

      Now, imagine the state for such a therapeutically unlicensed fraudulent organization with no such regulations led by a sex addicted conman.

  • How people with gender dysphoria are abused by Democrats like Joe Biden.
    Biden has supported sex changes for children as young as eight years old.
    23-year-old woman to Tucker: I regret transitioning as a teen

  • Let’s celebrate cultural diversity with this video that was not altered.

    Atlanta Police Department
    10.1K subscribers

    • Thank you for this. For years we’ve been told it’s racist to lock doors or cross the street. Truth finally coming out.

    • Golly gee wilikers….

      I wonder if CornPop is everyone’s favorite Frank Report taxidermist…..

      Shadow, how’s tricks?

  • Don’t expect Pea Onyu to participate today.
    It is 4-20,
    National Marijuana Day.
    The Holiest Day on Pea Onyu’s Calendar!

    If Pea Onyu were back in Toronto here is a map of the marijuana stores she could patronize.


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      • You have to define smoking. If one supposedly smokes but does not inhale, that is not smoking, it is just “simulated” smoking. This is also called “puffing”. Is something for blowhards to brag about or admit to others that they have tried it before, as President Bill Clinton is an example of.

      • As I recall Pea kept proclaiming that Keith Raniere would be exonerated on 4-20 which is Marijuana Day.
        As I wrote previously:

        “In this photo of Allison Mack‘s home from her Instagram page on the floor we see a smiling Buddha and on the dresser we see a metal cylinder that looks like it might be an incense burner for covering up nasty smells from charred flesh or illicit substances.
        Allison Mack on Instagram: “”Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” Martin Luther King Jr.”

        That is an industrial scale incense burner fit for perfuming a church or a pot party.

        Pea Onyu writing as Yolanda Cortez commented:
        Yolanda Cortez aka Nicki
        September 20, 2019 at 3:24 pm
        Shadowclown has solved the mystery and revealed my true identity. But can he solve the greater mystery of why he is incapable of love?

  • Hey Frank,

    Any updates on Clare, Allison, and Nancy in regards to how they’re fairing in prison?

    You said that you were going to give us updates on that! What’s going on?!……..

    • The entire Tucson prison is on lockdown. Some incident occurred over the weekend or Friday. Clare is supposed to be transferred to Danbury soon. I have not heard anything about Mack.

      • You should be looking into all of this and doing an article series on how each of them is faring in prison!

          • Yes. I plan to release videos regularly. Some will be full interviews and some will be edited.

          • But why would you “edit” videos, regardless?!

            Don’t you think that’s pretty shitty and fucked up of you as a journalist?! Shouldn’t you be giving us the whole truth?!……..

          • Frank,

            I have to post up here because your reply buttons are a joke! Please answer my most recent post before this one and stop ignoring me!

          • Frank!

            Why are you going to edit videos?!….. We deserve to know the FULL TRUTH!

  • If this were TV, there would be some hearing and each of the alive woman would dramatically testify and authenticate or not the pictures. The more famous names would get a few lines to show their support of Keith and really sell their devotion, the rest would support with a quick edit montage as the music cuts to the prosecutor looking annoyed as things fade to commercial.

    But that is TV. In real life, the judges are not going to call witnesses. They will basically go over the trial paperwork new and old to reach a decision. It’s going to go “Looking at the trial schedule and transcripts, you had a chance to question the authenticity of the photos during discovery and multiple times during trial. Appeal denied.” (only picture the same in pages of legalese).

    Hell of a hail mary. So much has to go right for Keith to become a free man. He hopes it will be a judgement demanding retrial. Assuming he gets over that obstacle, he then has to hope that the feds decide he isn’t worth a re-trial. Unlikely since he became semi-infamous. So, he is then hoping in the re-trial, with the pictures excluded, either the prosecutor doesn’t try another angle of attack on the pedo charges but if these woman among others will remain loyal to him and back his play despite (by then) 5+ years beyond his thrall. There are more hurdles than that but those seem like three of biggest.

    He has got nothing to lose by trying but this is picking winning lottery tickets two times in a row territory.

  • It doesn’t matter who they were
    Raniere was charged
    The jury convicted Raniere of
    1. Racketeering,
    2. Racketeering conspiracy,
    3. Sex trafficking,
    4. Attempted sex trafficking,
    5. Sex trafficking conspiracy,
    6. Forced labor conspiracy,
    7. Wire fraud conspiracy

    The photos at this point don’t mean anything regarding any of the above charges.

    If the NDNY took up the child porn or Child sexual abuse of Cami that would be a different story. They didn’t so this is a moot point.

    There are adult women there was plenty of email and text messages that found him GUILTY of the above charges

    Raniere needs to call the wambulance at this point, he is never going to be a free man

  • Will Frank Report publish photos of all the Nudes?

    We should have the right to examine the evidence for ourselves. I’m hoping this is public domain and not sealed by the court. Please comment.

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