FR Seeking Victims of Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, CT Family Court’s Notorious Custody Evaluator

Frank Report is investigating Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, a psychologist specializing in suspect custody evaluation reports for the Connecticut Family Court. If she’s done a custody evaluation report for you, you may be a victim of a crime.

Contact me at 305-783-7083 or email

I am currently studying 17 of her cases, and a shocking pattern of suspected racketeering is emerging.

Initial Findings

Based on my study of Dr. Biren-Caverly’s custody evaluation reports and other information, the suspected racketeering involves specific types of divorce and custody cases. These are high conflict cases with affluent families where one parent is an abuser and one a protective parent.

High conflict cases often involve an abusive parent and a protective parent. It should not be a surprise, for there would be no high conflict over children both parents claim they love if at least one parent was not abusive.

Ironically, the abuser often has more money than the protective parent. When this occurs, it is the ideal case for co-conspirators to feast on a family’s net worth. CT, for whatever reason, is a hotbed for these kinds of cases.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly has taken children away from their protective parents more times than I am sure she cares to recount.

It begins with family law attorneys, whose roles are interchangeable. They will represent the protective parent in one case and the abuser in the next. Then they will be the guardian ad litem [GAL], the attorney appointed to represent the children’s best interest in another case.

The attorneys for litigants pretend to be adversarial but collaborate with one another in order to maximize billings. They also collaborate to select a GAL who pretends to be neutral and working in the children’s best interest.

Once the GAL is appointed, she orders a “psychological evaluation” for both parents, and, in the cases we are studying, she recommended the notorious Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly.

My Findings on Dr. Biren-Caverly

Dr. Biren-Caverly is NOT an MD and lacks the clinical skill and expertise to make diagnoses. She uses a boilerplate template for evaluations to replicate similar outcomes. Her template justifies placing children with abusers, including sexual, physical, emotional, and psychological abuses.

Dr. Biren-Caverly conspires with the GAL and attorneys to destroy the credibility of the victims, both adults, and children, through “made-to-order diagnoses,” ignoring scientific data and evidence of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of children.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly is the weak link in the conspiracy. Her reports appear to be so obviously fraudulent that the window into RICO opens with her “insane” reports.

Dr. Biren-Caverly does not spend sufficient time with either litigant to make accurate conclusions about mental health and personality disorders or make assumptions about co-parenting abilities. Yet, she writes lengthy reports about how detrimental the protective parent will be to the children and ex-spouse.

Parental Alienation

After brief interviews with the children and parents, Dr. Biren Caverly often determines that the case involves “parental alienation”.

Dr. Biren-Caverly recommends the transfer of custody from the parent she determines is alienating, usually the mother, to the other parent, usually the affluent father, and suggests no contact with the children and the alienating parent.

Dr. Biren-Caverly often finds that stay-at-home mothers are alienating their children and recommends these mothers lose custody. Dr. Biren-Caverly sometimes recommends removing children from fathers and into abusive mothers’ hands if the mothers have more money.

It is rarely reversed once the judge adopts Dr. Biren-Caverly’s recommendation and changes legal and physical custody ‘temporarily’ from mother to father.

Affluent abusive parents pay more to avoid alimony and child support and thwart investigations into pedophilia, which runs rampant in CT and is part of this conspiracy. Pedophiles pay more for custody.

Dr. Biren-Caverly ignores evidence of abuse and calls it parental alienation. She will find the “appearance” of mental illness in mothers who don’t have money.

Though not a medical professional and not qualified to diagnose medical conditions, when she reports a mother has the “appearance” of mental illness, the court accepts it over the word of psychiatrists qualified to make medical diagnoses.

Multiple psychiatrists (MDs) have documented severe concerns about Dr. Biren-Caverly’s malpractices. But CT Family Court judges pay no heed to their concerns.

CT Family Court judges validate the GAL and Dr. Biren-Caverly and will deny the protective parent’s motions/pleas, etc., and approve the abuser’s motions/objections.

From a 5000-foot view, the judges appear to have taken appropriate interventions, specifically the appointment of a GAL and a psychologist to document a superficial clinical narrative.

Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly appears to have marching orders before sitting down with the parents to do her custody evaluation. Dr. Biren-Caverly often recommends the “temporary” removal of the mother [or father] with less money from the children’s lives. Both the GAL and Dr. Biren-Caverly recommend therapists to bill the family for services to assist in reunification. The therapists reinforce Dr. Biren-Caverly’s findings.

The court seals Dr. Biren-Caverly’s report, and the parties cannot obtain a copy.

Caverly is paid around $12,000 for her report and $5,000 for her testimony during the trial. Her testimony is often sealed.

Facts About Dr. Biren-Caverly

  1. Dr. Biren-Caverly is not a treating provider of any of the parties.
  2. Dr. Biren-Caverly appears to be solely engaged in creating predetermined outcomes.
  3. Dr. Biren-Caverly trivializes suicide attempts, animal cruelty, overuse of medications—including anti-psychotics— trading/selling controlled substances (a felony), and evidence of emotional and psychological abuse of children.
  4. Dr. Biren-Caverly creates diagnoses to protect abusers, facilitating abuse of children and removal of the protective parent.
  5. Dr. Biren-Caverly and coconspirator GALs dismiss, trivialize, and remove documentation of child sexual abuse and place the children back with abusers who paid them.

Dr. Biren-Caverly Report

Dr. Biren-Caverly’s typical custody evaluation report will run about 80 pages. It will include

  1. reports of hasty interviews with parents and children.
  2. observations of parent-child interactions.
  3. results of standardized tests. The tests are inappropriate for custody evaluations based on literature showing their misuse in child custody evaluations. That results are frequently confounded with the parents’ significant stress.
  4. Outside sources of information, typically interviews with individuals she chooses to call to support her predetermined outcome.

Though in proper custody evaluations, it needs to be established who is doing the alienating, alternative hypotheses are of no interest to Dr. Biren-Caverly. She never reports that the reason for the rejection of one parent by the child is not parental alienation but because that parent is an abuser.

Dr. Biren-Caverly almost always determines that the alienator is the parent with less money.

Dr. Biren-Caverly almost always concludes that an alienating [poorer] parent has a personality disorder, is incapable of co-parenting, and alienates the children to the point where the children do not want to be with the other, perfectly good parent.

Dr. Biren-Caverly usually recommends that children be separated from their [usually] mother until a reunification therapist reduces negative comments and fosters a positive relationship between the parents.

This rarely succeeds but costs a lot of money to try.

Dr. Biren-Caverly essentially terminates parental rights, an extraordinary step, and it usually involves terminating the children’s relationship with their primary attachment figure.

What She Does Not Report

Dr. Biren-Caverly does not report

  1. “alienation” has been highly correlated with abusive fathers. In this reversed reality, abusers characteristically think of themselves as victims.
  2. that preventing children from being with their primary attachment figure is likely to harm them.
  3. that removing children from their primary attachment figure to be with a parent with whom they are uncomfortable causes betrayal trauma and long-term severe psychological damage.

Dr. Biren-Caverly claims to believe that parental alienation has severe negative impacts on children, which is more harmful than taking a child from her primary attachment figure.

Dr. Biren-Caverly does not investigate litigants’ contradictory accounts. Her conclusions are unsupported by the data, and she misuses psychological tests to diagnose the predetermined alienator as mentally ill when there is no information to support these diagnoses.

Dr. Biren-Caverly does not consider alternative hypotheses for information that she provides in her report before recommending that children be deprived of their primary attachment figure.

Contact Me If You Have Been Abused.

You Are Not Alone

All calls are confidential. 305-783-7083; email:

If you have had a custody evaluation from this woman and are a protective parent, you are likely a victim of crime.

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Frank Parlato


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  • I too am a victim of Caverly’s incompetence. She is a snob that thinks way to highly of herself, is a complete fraud that has zero clue on basic family concepts. Stay away as she is hired to provide baseless “opinions” which the court will use as the only truth. It amazes me that this individual is “treating” anyone, She is a young rich and snob with no family experience stay away from this woman

  • I too am a victim of Caverly’s incompetence. She is a snob that thinks way to highly of herself, is a complete fraud that has zero clue on basic family concepts. Stay away as she is hired to provide baseless “opinions” which the court will use as the only truth. It amazes me that this individual is “treating” anyone, she is a young moron with a piece of toilet paper for a degree…… this piece of toilet paper is telling of our universities standards.

    She is a FRAUD!

    She is no doctor and should not be called a Doctor as it is demeaning to actual doctors…… find yourself someone that has a few years of experience, not this young snob

  • Jessica Biren Caverly is as arrogant as she is incompetent. However, the narrative constructed here that is attributed to her is a vast overstatement. She isn’t smart or sophisticated enough to organized, manage, or even partake in such a vast conspiracy.

    Yes, her reports are regurgitated from client to client. Yes, she lacks ability to evaluate and to diagnose. And she is incompetent in her ability to communicate and support her findings. She could easily be defeated by hiring a competent expert.

    She is a leech that should not be allowed in the CT court system. However, there are very few true professionals who perform these reviews, and she has been successful in building market share.

    Definitely stay away!

    It is unfortunate that the so-called reporter here appears to have a narrative that he is attempting to support, rather than evaluating each case on an individual basis. That is essentially repeating the same error that she commits with every case.

    • “she has been successful in building market share”

      How has she been successful? The answer is obvious. This answer is the only narrative this so-called reporter is pushing about JESSICA.

      Rather than speak in code, what do you think Frank is getting wrong in these stories?

  • Key Point
    Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

    Psychologist: This can be a great choice if you are interested in conducting psychotherapy, administering psychological tests, and conducting research.

    Psychiatrist: This can be a great choice if you have an interest in medicine and want to be able to prescribe medications to your patients.

    Basically Psychiatrists are medical doctors who may prescribe medicine.
    Psychologists may not prescribe or dispense drugs.

  • You sir are not a reputable journalist. A responsible reporter of the truth is a seeker of the truth having researched BOTH sides of an issue and reporting those facts only. You have not done this!

    You pick and choose inflammatory bits and pieces of a one sided story to illicit anger from your audience toward the parent that has custody. You lead the reader to believe the custodial parent is a monster and you call every agency involved in a custody dispute corrupt. You have readers believing this is one big conspiracy against one parent over another.

    I will not second guess the CT Family court’s decisions. I have been involved in one of these cases and am well aware of the full story. You are not! You sir have done a great job of defaming the court system when they have been the individuals who have been assigned the difficult task of “splitting the baby” because the parents aren’t capable of working together for the best interest of their child/children. These parents will ask the court to spend days and sadly sometimes months, years hearing BOTH sides of a case.

    They have listened to witnesses from BOTH sides as well as professionals who have earned academic credentials to be able to add to the story being told.

    I am sure you are well aware of the importance of making a fact-based decision that certainly impacts both families.

    I wish you would start your articles by indicating to the reader that your articles are based on input from only one of the parties involved. Don’t you think they might see things more impartially?

    I don’t expect you to publish this because it goes against your narrative. There are other comments you have received yet decided not to print.

    This is journalism at its worst.

    • Teller of the Truth,
      I, too, have been involved in a case that Frank has touched on and the only “facts” he has reported are defamatory and wildy untrue statements from my ex spouse.
      Frank is delusional, just like many of the “victims” he is reporting on. Birds of a feather…..

    • Oh give me a break ‘Teller of the Truth’?

      Frank has published the transcripts of this case along with the opinions of actual MD experts in this field on THIS particular case and THIS particular Quack who is masquerading as a clinician who wrongly diagnoses her ‘clients’ using the same form and formula repeatedly for the desired outcomes.

      Methinks though doth protest too much to feign YOU are unbiased.

      Oh, the irony!

      • This poster never stated they were unbiased. They stated they have been involved in a case. Pay attention.

    • Teller of the Truth

      I am not sure what case you were involved in, but I can tell you, FIRST HAND, that NO ONE from the mom’s side was ever interviewed or allowed to testify in any way on the Ambrose vs. Riordan case.

      I know because I wrote one of the collateral letters for Caverly on behalf of Karen. Caverly never called me, nor did anyone from her office.

      Yes, there are two sides to every case, but the CT Family Court only heard one side. Without the Frank Report, no one would ever know how Karen and her 3 children have suffered.

        • Not even close to the truth. You really do have delusional disorder. You can put ALL things in caps but it doesn’t make them true.

          Oh but your money makes it true.

          Or your wife’s money- that you stole.

    • You like to capitalize BOTH. Please share the transcript of BOTH the hearing and the trial where the wife put on her case.

      There has been no BOTH in this case and in many cases where children are taken.

      The judge did not listen to witnesses from BOTH sides of this case.

      BOTH sides were not presented.

      Provide BOTH the dates of the hearing and the dates of the trial where the mother’s attorney called her witnesses.

      And Custody evaluator Caverly is BOTH a fraud and a criminal.

      CT family court is BOTH corrupt and criminal.

      There is no justification for severing ties with one parent in a 50-50 state when there has been no finding of unfitness.

      You, ‘sir,’ are endorsing child abduction and kidnapping under the guise of justice. There is no medical profession that endorses the actions taken to deprive children BOTH of a voice and having the parent they love beside them.

  • Frank

    I am a retired clinician (Ph.D. Psychology) but have been largely ignorant of forensic psychology and its impact on families.

    I am in total shock that such a lack of basic decency, perversion and corruption could exist in my profession and that innocent children could suffer as a result.

    While I agree that legal opinions are subjective, I never conceived that someone could pervert the law as Dr. Caverly has done to her own financial benefit and to the destruction of poor mothers and families.

    Furthermore, it appears the system itself has become corrupt with the whole network of attorneys, GAL’s and judges participating in this system lacking the courage to challenge it.

    Thank you for enlightening me.

  • If you have something to hide, just call Jessica and she will rewrite history for the right price.

  • Frank, keep up the great work. Caverly is not a clinician…she runs an attorney mill. No respected clinician, attorney or GAL would endorse anything she recommends. A court should never give any weight to her testimony.

  • I hope you take her down along with the crooked family court system in Connecticut. My friend, Karen Ambrose, and her children are victims of these people. I hope you get justice for them!!

  • I never imagined that such a vile, filthy human being exists, who would steal mothers from children – for money – to give them over to abusers with a flick of the keyboard? Frank Parlato

    Welcome to the real world, Frank.
    A world where a pregnant mother and her two living children are murdered and the fetus is stolen by a woman wanting a baby.
    A real story from Maywood, Illinois.

    3 Held in Killings; Baby Cut From Womb Survives

    NOV. 20, 1995 12 AM PT
    ADDISON, Ill. — Three people were charged Sunday with killing a pregnant woman and two of her children, and slicing open the woman’s womb to remove her full-term baby, police said.
    The infant, named Elijah by relatives, was found with one of the suspects Friday, authorities said. The baby boy was in good health at a hospital.

    Investigators said they do not know who Elijah’s father is, and they would not discuss a motive.

    Elijah was found hours after Deborah Evans, 28, and two of her children were found murdered. A third child, 17-month-old Jordan, was found unharmed in a bedroom in Evans’ apartment.

    Jordan’s father, Levern Ward, was charged with murder and kidnaping, along with his cousin and the cousin’s boyfriend.

    Evans’ cousin, Fred Moody, told Chicago TV stations Sunday that Ward had beaten and attacked Evans in the past and that she had filed for a court order of protection.

    The body of 10-year-old Samantha was found in the apartment with Evans, and the tortured body of 8-year-old Joshua was found by police about 12 hours later in an alley in nearby Maywood.

    Police said Elijah was cut out of his mother’s womb during the murders. They did not notify Evans’ relatives until Saturday that the baby had survived. Evans was due to give birth today.

    “It was more than domestic, but it was not devil worship,” said DuPage County state Atty. Anthony Peccarelli. “It was planned. Here’s a woman who’s home with her children, and somebody comes into the home; there apparently is no forced entry.”

    He also said there appeared to be no relationship to drugs.

    Besides Ward, 24, the other suspects were Jacqueline Annette Williams, 28, and Fedell Caffey, 22. Ward and Williams are cousins; Caffey is Williams’ live-in boyfriend.

    Police, acting on a tip, arrested Williams outside her home Friday night in the Chicago suburb of Schaumburg. She was carrying Elijah, said DuPage County prosecutor Joe Birkett.

    Evans’ live-in boyfriend, James Edwards, found the bodies when he returned home from work on the night shift, police said.

    • Frank-

      I owe you an apology. When you started this series, I was somewhat skeptical. Now, I believe you have truly uncovered and shown the light on great injustices within the Connecticut family court system.

      • Dear Nice Guy, Thank you for taking the time to read what most find impossible to believe. Consequently, the children and parents suffer exponentially because even friends and loved ones think “surely there must be something the parent dud to deserve this.”

        Frank has managed to explain reality that is too much to consider, much less believe. For it shows our children are being sacrificed for money. And family attorneys, who you may know personably, have participated in this racketeering organization.

        The mistreatment, the cruelty visited upon innocent children and parents for money and to protect an abusive parent, is nearly impossible to come to terms with.

        It’s been going on since Richard Gardner’s theory of parental alienation. It’s an industry – largely engineered by the AFCC and it’s a goldmine.

        Thank you for assessing all that FR has written. Please encourage others to read and consider- as sickening and depressing a reality that it is- our children are suffering. They await justice. They want their lives back. Thank you.

  • RE Dr Caverly Testimony for Sale:

    Caverly doesn’t even treat individuals with mental health issues. She farms those individuals out to an
    affiliate office.

    “If you are in need of a psychologist or psychological services on a personal basis, please contact our affiliate office by visiting
    -Caverly website
    Everything Caverly does is to turn a quick buck. Does she receive a kick back of some kind for referring out work?

    It’s curious, why she ever became a healthcare provider.

    “Hire Jessica, she’ll say whatever, you want her to say to the court.”

    She’s truly a wonderful person.

  • Frank Report is investigating Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, a psychologist specializing in suspect custody evaluation reports for the Connecticut Family Court. If she’s done a custody evaluation report for you, you may be a victim of a crime.

    And Allison Mack wants to study Psychology at UC Berkeley!
    What could go wrong?

  • Thank you so much, Frank!!! It gives us so much hope and strength to know there are good people who care. I’m in the process of writing you an email.

  • Take her down, Frank! If she is doing this repeatedly and essentially harming children, take her down! I hope she loses her license, her livelihood, and everything she has so that she doesn’t hurt another child!

    If all of this is true, she is a disgusting human being….perhaps the only love she knows is the love of money.

    • I never imagined that such a vile, filthy human being exists, who would steal mothers from children – for money – to give them over to abusers with a flick of the keyboard? Then go smiling home to her children? Knowing the children she recommends to be removed from their mother will never see her again. And using her degree as a weapon.

        • She went to Nova Southeastern University. Her dissertation in 2009 was “Psychological factors in weight loss following bariatric surgery”.

          Really child centered- here’s the geniuses link:

          She’s an arrogant, inhumane person who has made a career trafficking children under the guise of a CT licensed psychologist.

          Her reports are “sealed” to hide her crimes, not to protect children and families. Parents are threatened and punished if the reports are shared in any way.

          One mother was just punished in a court order because she shared Caverly’s report with the state grievance committee! As citizens and victims, we are punished and custody taken away when we expose the truth.

  • Thank you for putting together such hard hitting truth about that horrible woman!

    Between Jessica Biron Caverly, GAL’s who say she’s the ONLY available psychological evaluator in our area, and the “Reunification” therapists who perpetuate her abuse toward a protective parent, our children’s lives are being destroyed.

    I cry myself to sleep nearly every night not knowing what my children are enduring. Yet they’re too afraid to speak up again because they were PUNISHED and forced to live with their abuser the last time they said anything. My heart and arms ache to hold my babies again.

    • Perfect description of how it works. All predetermined. They are child abusers. It’s not malpractice- it’s a crime that inflicts unconscionable pain on children and parents –
      She destroys families fir money and the judges, gals and psychologists cover for her bc they’re all complicit.

      Evaluations are “sealed” to protect the truth of her crimes secret. Bring out her “work products”. Demand them. That is the key to RICO.

  • Attention Everyone!!!

    RE Dr. Biren Caverly Hired Gun:

    Dr. Biren-Caverly is not a true practicing psychologist. She is purely a “courtroom hired gun.” She doesn’t have an actual psychology practiced based on helping people. You pay her and you buy her opinion.

    You pay Caverly and you buy her opinion.

    Checkout her other website, oddly linked off her main website:

    That’s right she’s the self-billed…
    “Courtroom Psych.”

    Sounds to me that she really cares about a child’s well being. She is the lowest, of the lows. A mental healthcare provider who sells out the weak for money.

    Check it out!

  • What an awful situation. It is both shocking and heartbreaking in equal measure. Bravo, Frank, for having the courage to open such a can of worms. Hope this story gains momentum and the children/the parents who have been wronged get some justice.

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