CT Family Court: The ‘Children’s Best Interest’ Is the Best Interest of Attorneys, Psychologists and the Wealthy, Abusive Parent Who Pays Them

Jocelyn Hurwitz, GAL. Attorney from Cohen & Wolfe.

The children’s best interest.

That’s what the divorce and custody case of Chris Ambrose versus Karen Riordan is about.

Ambrose has had legal and physical custody of the couple’s three adopted Latino children since April 24, 2020.

On that date, almost two years ago, CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman surprised the children and their stay-at-home mother, Riordan, by taking them from her and placing them with their father because the mother had alienated the children from their father.

Judge Jane Grossman finds parental alienation occurs whenever stay-at-home mothers allege an affluent father is abusive.

They had lived with their mother all their lives.

In CT Family Court, it is common to transfer custody when the judge determines that the children do not have a good relationship with their father because the mother is alienating the children from him.

For this change of custody from the home the children want to live into the home of the estranged father, the father must establish that he has sufficient liquid assets to pay for the services of a guardian ad litem, an attorney who is appointed by the court to represent the best interests of the children, but who is explicitly not bound by the wishes or preferences of the children. The GAL is a trained expert in detecting parental alienation.

She will, in turn, retain an expert psychologist also trained in parental alienation to do a custody evaluation report to determine that the alienation is caused by the mother and not because the father is cruel or abusive to the children.

Judge Grossman’s decision that Riordan was alienating the children from Ambrose was informed by the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, and the custody evaluator, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly. The latter interpreted the children’s fear of their father as the mother’s alienation.

Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly.

Because Ambrose had seized the marital funds and taken Riordan’s inheritance, he was responsible for the payment to the GAL, and he paid her promptly along with the custody evaluator. It was her report that gave the go-ahead for the transference of custody.

The GAL and the custody evaluator were praised for their work by the judge. It was not unnoticed by the court that since Ambrose had taken possession of the marital assets to manage them properly, he had been generous in expanding the work of the GAL because he understood that experts should be permitted to do the job they needed to do to make accurate assessments of the cause of conflicts. Conversely, the mother objected to the expenditure of some $200,000 of the marital funds, which Ambrose controlled, to the GAL for her to determine whether parental alienation occurred.

The mother believed that the father was genuinely abusing the children.

So, in reality, there were two conflicts: Who was alienating the children from their father — the father by his abusive behavior or the mother who was training the children not to like their dad. And the second conflict was over the payments to the GAL and the custody evaluator, who would decide the first conflict.

Ambrose favored paying the GAL as much as she cared to bill at $400 per hour.

GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz is a strong advocate for parental alienation and finds it in nearly every case where an affluent father is charged with abuse.

Riordan alienated the GAL by objecting to her simple request to bill more hours to investigate the conflict.

Since Ambrose controlled the money, he prevailed in both conflicts, for which the GAL, the custody evaluator, and his own attorney were grateful. Had the mother been in control of the money, they would not have earned a tenth of what they made in this case.

And the judge recognized the experts’ work in determining that Riordan was to blame for the alienation of the children and their father.

Chris Ambrose

Ambrose is to be credited by those who work and wish to get paid. He paid the experts with his wife and his money, something they understood and appreciated, which further showed the experts that they were right in advising the court that he was the right parent for the children.

After hearing all this from the experts, Judge Grossman ordered the children to have no contact with their mother.

In CT, the Family Court judges often find that when one parent is affluent and has control of the money, it is better that he has custody of the children and remove the contentious mother and her distractions from his and the children’s life.

It has been effective, and experts like the GAL Hurwitz and the custody evaluator, Caverly, are now in constant demand by family law attorneys who represent affluent fathers to help secure exclusive custody for the father and remove the mother from the children’s lives.

Ambrose Understood

When the three children were removed from their home, they were 13, 13, and 9, too young to comprehend the wisdom of the judge, her court-appointed guardian, and the custody evaluator whom they had met twice.

At their ages, they could not understand why they should not be with the woman who had been their primary attachment figure, who gave them every day of her life for the last 13 years, their mother.

Because they did not understand the judge’s wisdom, perhaps because the judge had never met them, the children became desperate to contact their mother.

The father had to take their phones and internet away so that they might not contact her secretly and therefore not follow the judge’s orders, which she had determined to be in their best interest.

As part of his adherence to the judge’s orders, Ambrose cut off contact with people besides the mother. He had to prevent the children from seeing their mother’s family and friends, who had made up much of their world – for the father had been away when the children were growing up.

Ambrose had to work closely with the court and the experts he paid to prevent the children from having contact with their grandfather, grandmother, aunts, cousins, and all the friends they used to know. He had to do this, for if the children saw these relatives, their mother might come around, and they might have contact with her or be reminded of her, which made them sad.

In consideration of this, Ambrose moved the children to a remote rural home and sequestered them.

The children are kept away from their mother and extended family.    ..

Results Take Time

Following allegations by the children of sexual abuse by their father, police came and removed them. They were examined at Yale-New Haven and Connecticut Children’s Hospital on another occasion. Forensic evaluations were recommended, and the Dept of Children and Families began an investigation, placing a 96-hour hold on returning the children to their father.

The GAL Hurwitz intervened, and, with the aid of Dr. Biren-Caverly, who released her custody report to police and DCF, they slowed down the investigation long enough to get a court order from Judge Grossman requiring the children be immediately returned to their father, in contravention to the 96-hour hold.

Hurwitz assured the judge that the children made up the abuse allegations to get away from their father and return to their mother.

With the investigation halted, Ambrose was not subjected to being questioned about why the children said he tried to sleep in the same bed with his son, why he touched them inappropriately or took the doorknobs off their bedrooms so they could not lock him out at night when they were sleeping, and why he had hidden recording devices and cameras in the house and what he did with the film.

If the investigation had continued, Ambrose might have been accused of something criminal and lost custody of the children. Then he would not be able to obey court orders and keep the no contact with the children and their mother, which the experts, Dr. Biren-Caverly and attorney Hurwitz said was in their best interest.

Latino Porn Models That Look Like Children

Ambrose is quick to point out that he is not a child molester. It is noted in the custody evaluation report that he told Dr. Biren-Caverly that he looked at porn online but noted he is, “as an adult, allowed to look at porn.”

As for one of the websites, Latino Boiz, Ambrose assured Dr. Biren-Caverly that the nude male models are not children.

The website is known to use models who appear to be underage but are older than 18. They have a name for these unique childlike models –“twinks.”

The website presents various scenarios of fathers raping their sons and introducing them to sex before they reach the age of consent. Ambrose assured Dr. Biren-Caverly that the older men who perform various acts in the videos found on the website are not the actual fathers of the twinks.

Dr. Biren-Caverly, who, it might be noted, was paid by the father, so she knew he was a dependable and truthful man, was retained to make an unbiased report on who should get custody of the children, mother or father.

She did not find it unusual that Ambrose had a penchant for porn featuring Latino Boiz.  Quite the opposite. It made sense since his adopted children are Latino – M, 15; M, 15, are Guatemalan, and S 11, is Mexican.

Still, it was a close call. If CT Family Court was not dedicated to the children’s best interest, they might have put the children in contact with their mother out of fear that the children’s allegations were true and that he is a menace and a danger to them.

Dr. Biren-Caverly determined the mother was at fault- even for the exposure of the embarrassing fact that Ambrose enjoys porn featuring fathers who rape their Latino sons. Dr. Biren-Caverly notes in her report, “Mr. Ambrose shared that Ms. Riordan took two of his laptop computers from the closet [of their marital home.]

“Mr. Ambrose explained that ‘I didn’t think about it,’ but then Ms. Riordan showed a teacher at The Country School [where the children attended] a screenshot that she claimed came from his computer” of what appeared to be child porn.”

Ambrose’s lawyer, Nancy Aldrich, who knows the judge well, persuaded Judge Grossman to force Riordan to return the computers and order a complete halt to the planned forensic examination, which might embarrass the father further.

Nancy Aldrich ensured that allegations of sexual abuse were not investigated too thoroughly.

During the time the mother had the laptops, it is fair to say they did not find illegal child porn.

The list of websites found on Ambrose’s laptops, as examined by Computer IT forensic expert Donna Eno of D. Eno Forensics, only establishes he visited certain websites and downloaded photos such as these:






blog sort/boimages/*/latin_hunks_first_fucking.jpg

The forensic expert felt that there was more, but it was deemed in the children’s best interest not to probe this further.

Children’s Best Interests Honored

It should be noted, if it has not been already, that Ambrose pays the GAL Hurwitz and the custody evaluator, Dr. Biren-Caverly, to protect the children’s best interest. They, in turn, assured the court that they are not influenced by the fact that Ambrose has the money and the wife has none.

To compensate for the trouble and expense he incurred to establish the children’s best interest, Ambrose did not pay his wife any spousal support. He took possession of the marital assets right before filing for divorce, and the court chose not to order him to give her half. This made sense since the custody evaluator, the GAL, and Ambrose’s attorney got her half of the marital assets, about 1 million dollars.

This investment – of paying the experts and not his wife her share of the marital assets led the good Judge Grossman to determine, with the help of the experts, that the children should have no contact with their mother.

Since she does not spend time with the children, Riordan does not need the remaining money.

Ambrose has further proven to the satisfaction of the CT Family Court that he does not molest the children or look at child porn. The Latino Boiz, who get their first rimming in the videos, are over 18, even if they look the same age as his 15-year-old son.


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  • Well this is way too close to home. Same happening here in San Diego. Grateful that law enforcement decided to raid and rescue my children. This aiding and abetting of child sex abusers is infuriating.

  • Eww…Great post, Frank. Lays it all out quite clearly…They all belong in prison….Of course, I get the feeling Ambrose would love that…

  • I know Chris Ambrose from California…such a liar….He had a lavender marriage and cheated on his wife…. remember, Chrissy??? I sure do…loser

  • Chris Ambrose is a disgusting sociopath and pedophile. He does not care who he hurts and is nothing but a bottom feeding taker, user, abuser. He has no friends because that would mean people would see him for who he is, a gutless, spineless wimpy little candyass bereft of character contributing nothing to no one.

    • Because I am about to name the 17 cases, I cannot reveal at this moment how many of those custody evaluations I possess. I have some of them, but not all. Since publishing the article, additional people have come forward.

      The custody evaluations are by means of the racketeering conspiracy kept from the mothers so that they cannot get experts to rebut them.

      Happily, law enforcement has taken some notice of this RICO enterprise. You will be hearing much more in the near future.

  • The CT Family Court is a complete mess. Ms. Caverly’s report was so far off, she clearly bought the title “Dr”, and the State of CT ought to refrain from EVER working with her again in the future.

    Hurwitz’s actions, though maybe tip-toe the lines of legality within the apparent corrupt processes of CT Family Court, her actions have proven she does NOTHING “for the children”… but only for her “I love me, I love myself, I love my picture on my shelf” character!

    Throw this case out and finalize the divorce, return the proper assets to the mother. and give the “Children’s” lives an attempt to heal from this tragedy,

    • Gemini Man does not realize that Connecticut Family Court runs perfectly to its design, it is not a mess, it is exactly what the ruling elite want.

      Where do you get the idea that the government is of the people, for the people or by the people?

      Children are traded commodities in Connecticut, its own little industry, trading in child flesh. Notice there are no Muslim judges, no Muslim lawyers, no Muslim GALs, no Muslim therapists, it is against the teachings of Islam to abuse the children in such a manner, those who face the Prophet will be punished for failing to care for his children.

  • Jocelyn Hurwitz is a seasoned child-trafficker. The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts–by Keith Harmon Snow.

    Starring, from CT, GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz of Cohen and Wolf. At the time she had stolen the MacVicar adolescent girls who were abused by their father– and delivered them to their father with no-contact in place for innocent mother, Sandra MacVicar.

    Jocelyn traumatized Sandra then and has done it to many mothers and children. It looks like these three innocent children are the most recent– bring them home to their mother. This is a well known pattern and Jocelyn is at the helm. She is vicious.

    PUT AN END TO THESE CRIMES– Start with Jocelyn Hurwitz from Cohen & Wolf. Contact Sandra MacVicar– her girls were STOLEN, abused and placed with their abuser. Since when is emotional abuse not enough Jocelyn? What gave you the right to harm Sandra and her girls? MONEY. That’s all Jocelyn Hurwitz cares about– follow the money.

    Sick woman– Jail has been waiting for her for over a decade. We are still tortured by her words and deeds.

  • Frank, I’m just curious if Riordan shares her vile ex-lawyer’s claims of a “Jewish conspiracy”?

    That was the primary reason she was disbarred. Read:

    “At a hearing on the motion, Cunha repeatedly asserted that Adelman “has a bias against anyone that is not of the Jewish faith,” Moukawsher wrote.

    When Moukawsher pressed for her evidence for that claim, Cunha said she had a list of cases that would support it, he continued. But he said she ultimately admitted she had no such list.

    In response to a question from Moukawsher, Cunha had confirmed that she was claiming the existence of a “broader Jewish conspiracy” involving lawyers and other professionals who work with the family court as well as Adelman.

    Moukawsher wrote that accusing a judge of racism “is a monstrous claim to make without thought, without evidence, without restraint, repeatedly, on the record, in court, with a specific claim about a list — that proves not to exist.”


    It appears Cunha also claimed the judge was biased against the disabled? All without any evidence. And, of course, that he protects pedophiles.

    I hope Riordan does not share these views, since I have been somewhat sympathetic to her case. But, after reading this, I am beginning to doubt her claims. It’s all starting to sound like classic anti-Semitic propaganda. I’m surprised she didn’t claim Judge Adelman was secreting a tail under his robe.

    Or perhaps, this has more to do with Judge Adelman’s dislike of her attorney’s vile anti-semitism? Or Riordan’s. Personally, I don’t think a parent that espouses such hatred is a fit parent.

    Also, It seems like that anti-Semitic POS who keeps spewing anti-semitism in the comments on any blog about this case may perhaps be Cunha? Or is it Riordan? Or you Frank?

    If Riordan is not anti-Semitic, Cunha’s disgusting claims undermined her entire claim about the courts alleged failings in custody cases.

    Frank, if these claims about the court’s abuse in custody cases is true, surely you can find a case that is truly representative of the courts’ purported bias toward wealthy parents, and not a smokescreen for anti-semitism.

    • This is a story that impacts the whole CT Family Court conspiracy. It is not a Jewish conspiracy. Riordan, I do not believe, is anti-Semitic.

      I am planning on addressing this issue.

      • I think Cunha is an example of the biggest problems in the CT Court. If Riordan isn’t anti-Semitic, then why would she allow her lawyer to bring it up? At some point, maybe you have to admit that most of the people you’e attacking are Jewish out of ALL the CT court judges. Cunha is now being charged with theft from her clients’ account. How come we don’t see any FR articles on Family lawyers stealing from their clients? Why are you protecting her?

          • Here is the quote about Cunha stealing from her clients:

            Additionally, in Paragraph 4 of said Order, the Court ordered that “Nickola Cunha shall not deposit to, disburse any funds from, withdraw any funds from, or transfer any funds from, any clients’ funds, IOLTA, or fiduciary accounts.” Upon information and belief, the Respondent withdrew the sum of $30,000.00 from her KeyBank IOLTA account ending in #2048 on February 2, 2022.


            Isn’t she also part of the problem when it comes to lawyers profiting off their clients? Oh, wait, she isn’t Jewish…. So, she must not be a part of the conspiracy you’re investigating.

        • I know Karen, she is NOT anti-semitic. Cunha was freelancing…on her own…and she later apologized…

  • My wife is a divorce attorney and she’s never heard of a GAL billing more than 30k.

    Is this GAL a “trustee”?

  • This is a very convoluted case and I appreciate that you are able to “chunk” it down.

    The kicker is that Mr. Ambrose was able to control the Family Court like a puppet master, all the players he lined up were just puppets on a string – Horwitz, Hurwitz, Adelman, Grossman, Caverly.

    Of course, the children are the ones who suffer in this maniacal charade.

    Question: who do we go to besides you, Frank, to make this right???

    • There has to be someone, someone in law enforcement who can comprehend the incredible evil, the criminal conspiracy that is going on here.

      Share the stories. Someone will pick it up and have the courage to pursue it. That day will come.

      • I find it interesting that I shared the story with a lawyer friend who reached out to a family court Judge friend…and now she is radio silent.

        This corruption goes deep.

        And in the meantime, our children continue to suffer in the name of “justice.”

  • than ‘first rimming’ (albeit I just threw up a little bit at the thought of such a horrifying act) ? True the whole Ambrose case is disturbing and disgusting

    • Don-

      That’s true, however, men are almost solely responsible for sexual abuse of children.

      In case this case that’s are concern.

      • False allegations of abuse are common in custody situations. People in the judicial industry hear untrue claims of wrongdoing daily. If they would punish ‘the boy who cried wolf’ more often, more focus could be given to children of divorce.

  • As a mom who is going through something extremely similar, it disgusts me the amount of horrible acts these abusive men get away with. Everything from hiding money, using money to buy an outcome, abusing their children and alienating the mother from the children when they “claim” that’s what’s been done to them.
    (Vice versa when it’s the abusive mom who’s stolen money and pre paid for a verdict)

  • It’s far past the time to hold these people accountable. Where’s Dateline or 20/20 when we need them? CT investigators needs to start reading a few of these blogs.

  • I’m not opposed to adult porn… until it mimicks and resembles a little too closely the fetishes of an accused abusive father. There absolutely needs to be more in depth of an IMPARTIAL investigation immediately!

  • Chris Ambrose is truly sick and disgusting. The more I read about him, the more I wish we had a better, non-corrupt court system. (Insert high level of sarcasm..) Of course, he should have sole custody of his three children who have claimed abuse by him.

  • I honestly didn’t think that this case could get any worse, yet here we are. Of course Caverly would be ok with “childlike” porn from an abusive father, she’s steeped in a life of believing sex offenders are poor, misunderstood souls who need compassion and saving, then returned to their life where they have a high rate of being a repeat sex offender. Grossman is out to make the most money from the most lawyer “friends”. It doesn’t matter what the father did or how awful he is, if he has control of the money (usually through illegally acquired ways) he automatically gets custody. It’s a disgusting practice that is devastating these children and mothers. (In certain circumstances, when the tables are turned and the wife has the money and power, it’s the father that suffers. To the court, GAL and Caverly, it really doesn’t matter the gender. It doesn’t matter what’s been stolen, who’s been abused or what the long term psychological effects are. It only matters who’s going to pay the most.

  • I get a pit in my stomach every time I read these articles. The thought that professional, educated adults that take an Oath would do this to children is horrifying. For what? Greed? What they do to these mothers and at times fathers is unconscionable!

    I have no words for Jessica Biren Caverly. What she does to families, especially children, is unfathomable!

    All the judges and GALs in these cases need to be held accountable for their actions.

    In Karen Riordan’s case, it’s time to reunite these children with their mother. Give this family a chance to heal. Get the children the help they need away from the swamp of attorneys that only care about the money.

    • The judges and ruling elite cannot be held accountable as the legislature enables and protects the rape of childhood. It is all a rigged system where human decency does not apply. The sheeple of Connecticut are responsible for these tragic stories. Stop with the whining…. the sovereign people of Connecticut cannot govern themselves. They are mere four-legged animals under the control of the chosen in a communist ideology where children are bought and sold like calves at a cattle auction.

  • Leave Chris Ambrose alone. He is a struggling father whose kids hate him because they blame him for taking the mother away

    The mother is out of their lives. Give them time to forget her. Every time you write something, they are reminded.

    The court decided the mother is out. Not Chris. Let the children forget their mother. And get behind their father.

    • What nonsense. You think writings here in the FR are the only thing reminding these kids of their mother?

      the maternal home?

      the village of aunts, uncles, cousins, friends that they were happily being raised in?

      Chris Ambrose, imo, is a seriously damaged individual, as are the gang of corrupt and greedy functionaries who have hijacked this family court provision and usurped its legal procedures for personal gain.

      Usurpation like plagiarism is the hallmark of corrupt exploitation — you won’t find one without the other.

      Chris is basically failing to plagiarize the maternal narrative: excellent care and love of the kids by a great mom — but he clearly has usurped Karen’s maternal position in a legal sense, fully aided and abetted by the aforementioned racket.

    • The court doesn’t decide. Parents do. Ambrose could end this at any time. The state holds no public interest in this case or any of these cases!

      No one was found to be abusive. The mother has no allegations of abuse or harm to her children or any child.

      Caverly is a mandated reporter of potential abuse but no one reports the mother to dcf because there’s nothing to. report.

      Caverly is criminal. The father paid for it yo eliminate the mother so kids can’t speak.

    • “struggling father?” BUZZ.. I believe the term you are looking for “sociopathic asshole.” …but thank you for playing. You’ll receive a year supply of Rice-a-Roni as our departing contestant.

  • I honestly am going through this exact thing in Union County, PA right now. I’ve been begging for help assistance guidance someone to listen and believe me. Someone to help my innocent little baby boy.

  • Mothers are blamed either way: they are blamed for the abuse of the children by the father and blamed for trying to protect the children and trying to interact safety from their father.

    The problem is that no one is balking or holding these evil men accountable.

    • It is the will of the sovereign people to allow the family court to operate like vultures, dehumanizing mothers. Connecticut has no love for mothers, the judges of the family court invoke the will of their masters.

      • You are correct, I am one of the mothers that lost everything in Court. I was left with
        nothing after a 20 year marriage. I lost my daughters, my house, and no alimony.
        It is horrible and disgusting that this is still going on. I hope there is a stop to treatment.

    • I don’t think you can make a blanket statement that “these men” are evil. Yes, Christopher Ambrose is about as evil as they come…keeping the children away from their mother and all other family and friends who care about them.

      Don’t forget that he employed plenty of evil women to do his bidding…Caverly, Adelman, the GAL, Grossman….they are all in it for the money and have no thought or care for “family” in Family Court.

      Beyond disgusting.

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