Suneel Versus Judge Garaufis — ‘He Was Biased’ — But Will FR Publish Accusations?

Suneel Chakravorty wants to prove Judge Nicholas Garaufis was biased in the Keith Raniere case.

Suneel: I would like you to examine something significant. I have evidence that the judge was biased in the trial of Keith Raniere.

Frank: Evidence? I’m still waiting for the evidence of tampering.

That’s coming. But this is significant. I have more than 20 examples of plain, outrageous, egregious bias.

It’s not going to overturn the case, Suneel.

Not by itself, but with the tampering and other evidence—.

I’d rather see the tampering evidence.

Yes, I promise you, it’s coming soon. It isn’t very easy: Evidence tampering, executed by experts — at covering their tracks. But we have experts too. Meantime, unless you think I am really the Baron of Baloney, please publish an account of judicial bias that even the most biased anti-Raniere person will see; at least they would see it if it happened to them.


By Frank Parlato

So Suneel wants me to publish his, what I am sure is an attack on a US District Court judge, one of the most powerful positions in America. In this case, the judge who presided in the trial that put Keith Raniere, my adversary, away.

The Honorable Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis presided over USA v. Raniere. It was a six-week trial, and Raniere was convicted on all counts. Most people celebrated the conviction, but at least three people, Raniere, Suneel Chakravorty, and Eduardo Asunsolo, did not.

Eduardo Asunsolo and Suneel Chakravorty

They were convinced that Raniere was unfairly prosecuted, unfairly tried, and his 120-year sentence a travesty.

I have been waiting for the evidence of tampering, and I continue to wait. Time is running short. The deadline for Rule 33 is three years from the date of conviction  – June 19, 2022.

So why am I considering publishing Suneel’s various arguments – the non-tampering arguments, such as that the judge was biased and that is part, or most, of the reason Raniere was convicted?

As I thought about it, I determined that I think the right way to ask is, “Why not?”

Suppose the judge was biased against Raniere; why not discuss it? Suppose he was not biased. How can it hurt to discuss the topic? Why not hold the government to every manner of scrutiny? Whether you, who love authoritarianism, know it or not, the judge works for the people.

As such, he is subject to scrutiny.

A Greek, like Judge Garaufis, Aristotle had a lot to say about justice.

Aristotle said, “to go to the judge is to go to justice.” A judge should not be human when he is on the bench; he should shed the emotions of humans and their petty biases and desires; the judge should be great as the ocean – deep in one concept of his will — to be, as Aristotle said, “justice animate” — the embodiment of justice. The concept of justice.

Justice can move and speak and wear black robes. Still, It should have no preference, no prejudice, no opinion – except to be fair and impartial, to hear all, to referee the law – and to commend the jury to their duty without the jury having the slightest clue as to whether the judge thinks the defendant is innocent or guilty –  and, for a fact, the greatest of judges will not make that determination – not even in their minds.

They shall not judge, for the jury alone must consider the guilt or innocence of a defendant  The judge is impartial.

The judge then must never show emotion or favoritism if he strives to achieve what Aristotle said.

He cannot take sides; he must think in terms only of fairness. It is not his job, no, not at all, to judge the defendant. His job is to make sure the trial is fair, and the jury gets to hear all the evidence without bias.

Keith Alan Raniere:

Even the judge of a most hated man, such as Raniere was, should strive to achieve this standard.

I see no reason why we should not review the judge’s conduct – if, for nothing more than to judge for ourselves, we, the people, for whom he serves, if he has upheld the trust we placed in him.

We are not here to judge Nick Garaufis, the man. We are here to see if, while presiding over the trial of the most hated, where any decision he made in siding against this man will be applauded, if he still was not swayed.

I see no harm, and possibly some great good, in letting Suneel take a shot at proving something, or seeing if the judge held to this standard. I also see no harm in all manner of rebuttal either.

Suneel may be biased himself, maybe a lot, and only sees the judge through his own bias. So be it. That’s why the readers are, in a sense, the jury. We will judge Suneel as much as we will judge the judge.

On top of that, before anyone gets too biased, none of this judge-bias talk is going to set Raniere free. If it should be true, only the FBI tampering, something I have yet to see evidence of, might set him free. Even then, it is a long shot.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere, where he presently resides.
The only chance I see of Keith Raniere being seen anywhere outside of prison is as a wax figure in Tussauds Chamber of Horrors, alongside Charlie Manson, Rasputin, Blue Beard, and Jack the Ripper.

Now, of course, there are some rascals out there, naïve souls, who will say I am only doing this for clicks. Of course, I am doing it for clicks. That’s what every publisher does – goes for readers. What should I do? Go for bland, boring stories that no one reads?

Sure, it might make you mad, but I don’t care. Anger is better them apathy. Come here and be angry and write your anger in the comments section, attack Suneel, or me, or anyone. Even the judge.

Nick Garaufis doesn’t tremble at noises.

Nick Garaufis

Do it anonymously if you like.

You might say I am mad — many people have said it, but, as Diogenes said of himself, “I am not mad; I just have a head different than yours.”

A Greek, Diogenes went searching for a man who was not biased and brutal, not savage – an honest man.

Sure, I think government can always stand scrutiny, and I believe that Suneel has a tall order to prove Raniere is a victim, But let the man try.

We have to be a little tough like Garaufis. He can’t possibly be afraid of a lowly citizen fighting an unpopular cause – or tilting at windmills.

Maybe the judge was biased. Perhaps he was not. I know I was biased against Raniere and probably still am, and I call myself an investigative journalist, but, for one thing, I am a pretty good one, for I don’t mind hearing the opposite side. I love it.

Go for it, Suneel. Let’s see your list of purported biases, but be prepared for rebuttal.





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Frank Parlato


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  • Keith’s one-sided battle with Robbie over who had better tasting sperm and a longer penis had more drama than this fake and total fantasy show down between Suneel and a judge.

    BTW How/ why did Keith Raniere know EVERYTHING about Robbie’s penis?

    • —BTW How/ why did Keith Raniere know EVERYTHING about Robbie’s penis?

      Robbie is the son of Raniere devotee and high ranking Nxivm leader Esther Chiappone Carlson.]

      It was arranged that Nicole would run into Robbie “accidentally on purpose” and strike up a conversation. She would use a fake name. She created a fake Facebook page, fake email, and separate phone number for him.

      Keith said they needed to keep track of Robbie “for his and the community’s welfare.”

      Raniere told everybody inside NXVIM that Robbie was a sociopath and that he should be under scrutiny.

      • Nicole leaked the penis info about Robbie to Keith….

        Read between the lines….

        Keith ordered her to bang the kid to get dirt.

        That’s the guy, Keith, that Damon thinks is so swell.

      • Robbie made the mistake of going after one of Keith’s ladies. Keith is sick and dangerous. The world is much safer without him around.

  • Suneel- I truly hope you and the rest of the NXIVM 5 do not show up to the Judge’s place of work, as you did to Penza. You keep pulling these stunts and Raniere will be put into the SuperMax. I always remind you of this possibility and you never heed my warnings. Attack the system, but don’t single out individuals.

  • I think its beautiful to live in a world where two lovely, successful and accomplished young men (one of them being a Harvard grad) decide to dedicate so much time and so much effort to effectively fight for the rights of a man that was so unjustly tried.

    Mother Theresa would not have done this. Pope Francis didn’t bother sending a note to the judge. Even the Dalai Lama who at some point seemed friendly with the cause could get on a plane to stand up for Keith’s rights!


    Why are we crucifying these two who are doing all this for free. Just for the love of justice!

    Have mercy!

  • “…Will FR Publish Accusations?”

    Of course, it will!

    FR will publish anything the Raniere bootlickers write or say. What would this website be without their demented rambling?

    Frank knows how to yank everyone’s chain.

    I love watching the monkeys dance when he turns the crank on the organ.

    Dance, monkeys! Dance!



  • OMG, I feel like I’m watching the movie Airplane.

    Maybe it’s a good day to give up The Frank Report.

    It’s the same shit over and over with the Suneel Show.

    I’ve grown tired of this, Frank.

    Instead of coming here once a week, I am now going to visit once every 3-4 weeks.

    • Oh, it gets like Airplane!

      Here’s Alonzo’s latest Tweet:

      “I’m thinking of writing a post called “Cult Leaders Are People Too”.
      It’ll be about the Hero’s Journey!

      OMFG is that hilarious or what?

        • Alanzo-

          You are lying!

          Here’s the full quote:

          “I’ve had a major epiphany! I’m writing a book, called “Cult Leader are People.”
          It’ll be about the Hero’s Journey!
          I’ll be famous!” -Alonzo
          You deleted the second Twitter post!

          • It’s still there you lying dumbass. Here’s the text:

            I’m thinking of writing a post called “Cult Leaders Are People Too”.

            It’ll be about the Hero’s Journey, a character’s moral arc, transference and counter-transference.

            People are going to love it.



            And here’s the 2nd tweet in the thread:

            “Here’s another good article on counter transference.

            If you want to understand “cults”, or rather “human groups”, this is a good concept to grasp.

            And the link:


            People here on the Frank Report don’t really see how much of a liar you are unless they’ve been targeted by you.

            So I’ll say again: You are a cruel, piece of shit, lying troll.

            And guess what?

            It’s true.


        • —Scumbag dipshit troll who has to lie and misrepresent his targets to keep trolling

          So whom am I most like?
          A) Suneel
          B) Michelle Hatchett
          C) You
          D) Damon Brink
          E) All of the above

          The self-delusion, with you cult-junkies, is absolutely nothing short of incredible.

          • Funny thing about these cult followers…they don’t know their followers until they’re knee deep into the sh*t.

  • Suneel,

    Time and time again, K.R. Claviger refutes every legal argument you make regarding Keith’s criminal case; Claviger does this by stating the law and the legal merits or lack therefore of your arguments.

    He literally is citing the criminal law and procedural law at play in Keith’s case. Claviger is not making anything up. You may feel there is bias, but the law is the law.

    Suneel you’re highly intelligent man, a genius from day one, before attending Harvard.

    There is no doubt, you understand the legal issues at hand and how they pertain to Keith, without Claviger’s help. Why do you keep making frivolous and superfluous legal arguments ad-nauseam?

    I honestly am in disbelief about how you are so blind to what you can clearly see. I do believe you are genuine in your cause.

    Best Regards

  • Of course, the judge was biased: Garaufis, the defender of weak women.

    Raniere offended the judge’s morals and did not apologize for his misdeeds, his lying, his reign of terror carried out by the Bronfmans, his symbolic branding which signified that Raniere was more powerful than Garaufis.

    There was plenty not to like about Raniere. And, Garaufis simply proved he was more powerful. It was a power play, The sentence was final proof of it. Not even mass murderers get 120 years.

  • The judge isn’t on trial. Whether he was biased or not doesn’t prove Keith innocent. The judge also did not find the defendant guilty — a jury of Keith’s peers did. The judge was merely tasked with maintaining a fair and impartial judicial proceeding according to the law. If he failed in that task, it may be grounds for an appeal but that is it.

    Therefore, proving the judge to be biased has to entail delineating how he failed to follow and/or violated procedure. Just like K R Claviger has stated numerous times. I’m not even a lawyer and I know this because it is logical.

    What is not proof? “OMG. ThE jUdgE Is OLd-fAshIOnEd And thInks wOmEn ArE LIttLE prIncEssEs whO nEEd tO bE prOtEctEd!”.

    Even if that is his personal opinion, it has no bearing here unless it caused him to fail to follow and/or violate procedure. And even if it did, it is still irrelevant because the grounds for appeal process don’t care about establishing the drive/motivation in a failure to follow and/or violate procedure — only that there is evidence that it was done. The former is only relevant if you want to judge the judge’s competency, and then you need proof for BOTH. In other words, Suneel is making it more difficult for himself when he only has to do one thing.

    But just like there has been no evidence provided for FBI evidence tampering in over a year (the Rule 33 motion), I’m sure there will be no such evidence for this either.

  • Wow. This realllllly repetitive

    There’s letting “both sides be heard” and then there is this avalanche of weightless posts.

    Maybe Frank is an evil genius?

    Because whatever tiny audience Suneel would have had access to thru this blog has mostly tuned the guy out. Awhile ago.

    That’s what happens when you consistently oversell and under deliver, Suneel.

    Been reading just the comments on Suneel’s blathering for awhile now.
    Because (spoiler alert) there is no concrete proof. Just a sycophant’s flimsy opinion.

    The dead-enders must be getting their PR fight plan from Keith Raniere because it’s a massive, laughable failure like everything vanguard the impotent has tried to pull off.

  • “I see no reason why we should not review the judge’s conduct – if, for nothing more than to judge for ourselves, we, the people, for whom he serves, if he has upheld the trust we placed in him.

    Individuals in positions of power must be scrutinized and questioned.


    • “Individuals in positions of power must be scrutinized and questioned.”

      OMG, you are so deep and wise, Damllen!

      Did you read that on a box of round devils food cakes loaded with rich, vanilla-flavored creme, drenched in thick, rich frosting?!

      Viva Ring Dings®!!!!!



    • —Individuals in positions of power must be scrutinized and questioned.

      Anything you say Socrates. 👌🏻

      You certainly do, come up with the most thought-provoking insights. Genius!

    • A’loser-

      Oh my goodness, you’ve made so many friends this last year. Suneel, Damon, Michelle H. and Nicki! Have you tried to meet up with any of them, only to be rebuffed? 😉 Damon is your best shot at making a true friend; he’s the biggest loser in the bunch. The two of you would make a splendid anti-anti-cult power couple. So magical! Who’d be on the bottom, mmh?

  • “Suneel versus Judge Garaufis” as if these two are equally credible 😆🤣😆

    So the Frank Report is going to publish more unsubstantiated nonsense from Chakravorty. This time attacking a Federal judge.

    Just consider the source:

    —I’d rather see the tampering evidence

    —Yes I promise you, it’s coming soon

    Soon?! SOON?!! It’s been a year and a half!

    At what point do we stop believing this guy? He’s full of shit. And now you’re giving him the chance to spread shit about a Federal judge.

    “I see no harm, and possibly some great good, in letting Suneel take a shot at [Judge Garaufis]

    Yeah, well I see the exact reverse.

    • “—I’d rather see the tampering evidence

      —Yes I promise you, it’s coming soon

      Soon?! SOON?!! It’s been a year and a half!

      And you are completely blind to what has been presented to you, what has been revealed to you that you did not know before. This evidence that has been presented to you zooms right over your head.

      I don’t think you are pretending. I think you are sincere.

      And that’s even worse.


  • The Judge is biased, KR’s lawyers (at least 6 of them so far – the best money can buy) are incompetent, the gods are against KR (because they couldn’t get him wet and have a shower when the heavens opened on him?…

    Suneel, if you have ‘undisputable’ evidence, there’s nothing ‘difficult’ about it: a Rule 33 Motion would have been filed already – and you wouldn’t feel the need to try and discredit the Judge, the Prosecution and the lawyers.

    The question still remains unanswered: who are you trying to convince? Or are you trying to get Frank on board because you think he may be willing to do your work for you in ‘the court of public opinion’ and somehow put pressure on the Justice system?

  • Most of us have been waiting for the Rule 33 motion to be filed and the FBI agent to be arrested but so far Suneel Chakravorty has been a bag of hot air.

    Now he comes crawling to TFR saying he has even more evidence of unfairness.

    My eyes are tired from rolling them with Suneel’s constantly coming up with ways of why Raniere’s cry baby life is unfair. LMFAO

    Face it, Raniere is a narcissist criminal who finally got caught with his pants down.

    After decades of breaking the law and taking advantage of people, the long arm of the law caught up with him.

    It wasn’t a big surprise to Raniere. He knew sooner or later he would get caught. He was paranoid for years he’d get caught.

    He didn’t leave bread crumbs of evidence, he left an entire bread factory of evidence for the FBI to prove he was guilty.

    Was Judge Garaufis tough on him? Of course, he was. It was because Raniere throughout his trial continued to play his games through his legal team.

    Just as Raniere plays his games to this day through Suneel and his loyalists.

    Bottom line, Judge Garaufis followed the law in his courtroom, and this was proven when Raniere’s appeal was turned down.

    Frank plays along with Suneel because it brings people to his blog to see what the peanut gallery loyalists are up to.

    People like me come for a good laugh.

    Some say 120 years was too much. It’s all about perspective. If it was 60 years, chances are Raniere wouldn’t live to see the end of his sentence due to his age.

    • “It wasn’t a big surprise to Raniere. He knew sooner or later he would get caught. He was paranoid for years he’d get caught.”

      Literally, one of the first things he taught everyone at the very beginning of ESP, was this. “They will try to stop me as I/we try to save the world.” He tried to lay the groundwork so that when he was arrested, we’d know he was really innocent.

      Poor victim keith as he had such noble plans and the bad guys in the world would be out to put a stop to him… (Back then, the world was supposed to end within 10 years if “the mission” wasn’t successful.)

      • “(Back then, the world was supposed to end within 10 years if “the mission” wasn’t successful.)”

        Raniere had a “beat deadline Earth” thing like Hubbard where he’d get everyone whipped up because ESP was actually saving the planet?


          • Luckily, he was a dumbass and did stupid things like this. It gave people enough red flags to make it an easy decision to eject.

            IMO, the problem came when he was protected enough by his female inner circle members, that most NXIVM members didn’t see enough of him to catch red flags. New recruits would buy into the BS lies about his brilliance, and his harem shielded him from exposing himself. His “story” (which we all now know was lies) became reality.

          • Maybe the reason Keith kept denying any link to Scientology was because he knew they go after “squirrels” – people who steal Scientology tech to make money off it without paying them. Hubbard even called for a group of squirrels to be murdered back in the 60’s.


          • I’m sure that’s a part of it. But he also didn’t admit that his great ideas were really just pilfered from other places. The only reason we know NXIVM used NLP and Ericsonian Hypnosis is because Nancy came to the table with it.

          • “IMO, the problem came when he was protected enough by his female inner circle members, that most NXIVM members didn’t see enough of him to catch red flags. New recruits would buy into the BS lies about his brilliance, and his harem shielded him from exposing himself. His “story” (which we all now know was lies) became reality.”

            That’s why Hubbard created the Sea Org – to have a layer of fanatics around him who would fight to the death to save him from his enemies.

            Who were his enemies?

            Those who might find out he was full of shit.


          • For the males, it was simple. If you asked too many questions and/or the wrong questions, he’d assume you were on to him, and he’d run you away. This is where it became dangerous for the person. Getting run out was lucky if you quietly left. Being labeled an enemy of his was costly.

        • Alanzo-
          “A layer of fanatics around him who would fight to the death to save him from his enemies. Who were his enemies?
          Those who might find out he was full of shit.”

          How is it you understand Hubbard’s methodology, but you don’t see Raniere’s use of Hubbard’s scorched earth policy? Please help me understand.

  • Baron of Baloney needs to clean out the fridge – that baloney molded over a long time ago. Occasionally, the fridge must be bleached clean and restocked with fresh ideas. Otherwise, no one wants to share in any of feast that Baron presents.

  • Frank, you might risk turning bland and boring if you publish more of this and cause a yawn fest extravaganza, which won’t end well for me.

    I will never get angry but might stab out my own eyeballs out of the sheer boredom caused by the blandness, nothingness and then I will run down the street, banging into parked cars, eyeless and scream “FRANK, I’M BORED NOW” before being flattened by a truck. No, please no, no, no. Just no. Rise up and say no to boredom and blandness.

    • I can’t wait to read 10,000 words from Suneel that are going to boil down to, “He mean. Me love my Vanguard. 120 too much.”

    • Nataska-

      Excellent points delivered in a poetic style.

      Currently my eyes are bleeding.

      I’m starting to miss Scott’s Amway articles. At least those were sane albeit dry.

  • A list of alleged prejudices is not enough, one must present provable arguments and evidence to support the accusation, otherwise the accusation of prejudice against a person is itself an unproven prejudice. And this would only prove one’s own prejudices, rather than those of the other person who is accused of this behavior.

  • Agree – better to know the truth even if it knocks the wind out of you. However, that’s mighty easy for me to say not being a victim on either side.

    But in a lot of cases – truth/authenticity is the antidote to move forward and heal an infection.

    When can everyone move on?

  • Suneel is a dumbass. You know how much a judge cares about his opinion? Not one iota. He barely cares about what the lawyers in front of him think. It’s one of the perks of being a judge. As for bias, only the plaintiffs’ lawyers (or I guess Clyne if representing herself), can bring up such an accusation and guess who they bring it up to first – yep, the same judge accusing of it. Mostly do it so on the record for appeal but otherwise it goes nowhere unless you have some rock-solid evidence which Suneel, as always, does not have.

    Net result is like all things involving Suneel, this is like yelling at the sun demanding it not rise tomorrow. But like all things Suneel, I guess he imagines his hero gives a crap about these efforts (Keith doesn’t). At this point, this stuff has well and truly entered the realm of the pathetic.

    • @Erasend:

      You’re such a mind reader.

      But do you know how I know you are deluding yourself when you think you are reading other peoples’ minds?

      Their thoughts and intentions and experience, when coming out of you, are always reductive and simplistic. Per you, everyone is motivated – always – by sex and money. You reduce everything down to that.

      I guess you think you’re being “wise”.

      But you’re just projecting, aren’t you?

      Human beings are more complex than your simplistic “wisdom” can grasp. They are motivated by much more than sex and money. You have a reductive naiveté about you where you think you understand the world and everyone in it. But after reading your comments for over a year now, I need to tell you:

      You don’t.


      • But don’t you consistently write that the victims of Keith Raniere and other Nxivm members in the civil case are only motivated by money?

        Yours is one of the most reductive and simple minded takes about the victims on the Frank Report.

        And you post it very, very frequently.

        • “But don’t you consistently write that the victims of Keith Raniere and other Nxivm members in the civil case are only motivated by money?

          No, I don’t.

          I’ve said, repeatedly, that Sarah Edmonson, for just one example, was told her brand was something other than Keith’s initials and that is an absolute legit lawsuit right there.

          You only see what you want to see. You blind yourself to the rest.


          • All of the DOS slave women past the frontline were lied to about the brand. And Keith’s role as grand slave master.

            Every DOS woman past the first line was intentionally deceived.

            Many of the civil complainants have legitimate claims. For multiple abuses.

            You do obsessively make comments about the civil case being a money grab.

          • —You only see what you want to see. You blind yourself to the rest.

            No, I don’t. You are a weird looking fellow who looks like Ted Kaczynski and wears a blue sweater paired with pink crocs all of the time.

  • I applaud you, Frank, for being the bigger man and allowing him his 15 min of fame via defending Raniere, although I am sure when you tell them the truth of what you think and yet they will still say you’re against everyone.

    I (and many other good people) will remember though and know how you’re a good man who is doing the right thing by telling the truth out loud and not shying away from doing it so publicly.

    Abusers and their enablers only have power when you allow it and I’m glad to see you didn’t let his (KR) mistreatment of you to shut you down and shut you up like so many others who have fallen along the way. Stay strong ✊🏻

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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