Artist's vision: "Keith Raniere: I am so honest, it hurts" by Jacob Dos.

Reader: Anyone with Raniere should be outed; offers reward for proof of Raniere lies!

By William Wallace

What matters now is burning this all to the ground. It’s rotten to the core. Keith Raniere was always a sociopath. He just came up with a great scam.

This is how we burn it down:

a) These postings are working on this site. Anyone who has a negative story to offer or anything of value that shows that everything about ESP is wrong, come forward. Write a comment. Sometimes they become full articles. A lot of people know things. Write what you know. Write about unethical actions you’ve seen in the organization by people high up who are still in it.

b) I’ll put up $500 to anyone who can prove beyond any doubt that Keith doesn’t have the diplomas or degrees he says he has. Should be simple to disprove it. This should go a long way to proving to people that Keith is a liar and makes a strong case for fraud.

c) Go to the authorities. On this website Frank lists a lot of the places to go to with numbers and in some cases emails. There’s strength in numbers.

d) Consider suing ESP. How Nancy described Keith is fraudulent. How the entire organization describes Keith is fraudulent. I think that can be proven in court. Many of us got in because of what we thought Keith was. Let’s go after the funds. There are funds there.

e) If you know anyone in ESP, especially males who are still in it despite the evidence. Treat them as dead. They have either lost their consciences or they are too dumb to realize what’s going on. Most of the men still in it were losers coming into the course and are still losers as they have proven. Either way associating with them is in part saying what the organization is doing is morally right. Expunge them from your life. With females, try to talk sense into them. They probably still have a conscience but drank the Kool-aid.

f) If you know anyone still in the organization, post about it. While many feel that public shaming is wrong, consider that much has been proven to show this organization is highly corrupt, run by a sociopath, and doing arguably very illegal things. Anyone still in it should be named and outed as Frank has been doing. If you stand for the other side of what’s right, then you should be willing to have your name mentioned.

G) Contact the families of the Mexican women in Dos and let them know. Especially their fathers. For that matter contact everyone in Mexico and lead them to this site to make up their own minds. If Mexico falls so too does the organization.We must all act. This isn’t a one or two person thing. This entire company needs to be burned to the ground by legal means and through talking about it.

Act NOW. A bunch of us have been but we need more support.


jacob Dos
Artist’s vision: “Keith Raniere: I am so honest, it hurts” by Jacob Dos.




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  • I stand with William Wallace and his brave heart. This facade is over. Don’t confuse the “tools” aka stolen material with the MLM blackmail scam this always was. Keith never intended to “free” us. He intended to make us dependent on his business plan. His entire history is around business and how to use the system as a MLM scheme. The less he works, the more he gets to do what he’s been doing. Time to pay up, Keith. I never rejoice in a person’s demise, but this scam has run its course. The reason I now believe he will finally be brought to justice is that there are enough of us who have seen through the veil. And we’re not afraid of him anymore. A criminal can’t get away with a crime forever. They get sloppy. And the branding, which is a heinous act (these women being “at-cause” is BS! They were seduced/blackmailed) is the breadcrumb that will finally lead to his demise. These are simply consequences, Keith. Or as you would put it, your “master teacher” (stolen from other philosophies, of course).

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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