Damon Brink: ‘Frank Has Brought a Lot of Hatred Into the World’

Damon Brink


Happy Ides of March.

A pro-NXIVM website, Let’s Not Be Frank, is available to those who’d like a different perspective on NXIVM.

I reported yesterday that Damon Brink started the website.

I deduced then that the name is not about not being forthright or frank or candid, but instead, it is about not being like the Frank Report and its publisher.

Brink does not care for the Frank Report and has the nerve to say it in his name.

If you can take it, you ought to be able to dish it out.  I am flattered, of course, by him making an anti-Frank Report website and not being an anonymous coward.

SOP men Anthony “Nippy” Ames and Jim Del Negro

My late friend, Jim Del Negro, had an Instagram account when I was criticizing NXIVM pretty heavily.  He called it the “The Hank Report.” He named it after his rabbit, Hank, who I suppose was creating “havoc in the world,” just like me.

He meant it tongue in cheek, and I was amused.

I wrote then, “While Frank Report writes about…  a skunk named Keith Alan Raniere, the Hank Report focuses largely on Hank, his pet rabbit.”

My late and lamentably departed friend, Jim, was once head of the High Council of the Society of Protectors.

Damon Brink, who does not want us to be at all like Frank, was also a high-ranking member.

Damon Brink

Today, Damon explained why he doesn’t like the Frank Report. [My comments are in bold and bracketed]

He writes on his website:

The Frank Report to me is like a vicious car crash. I’m revolted, but I can’t look away. I kind of look at junk food like that…

I think the reason for its existence, in part, was because there was so much secrecy and siloism and so much hypocrisy in our organization…[NXIVM].

I remember the first time I was “featured” [on Frank Report]. Jesus fuck, it sucked. Brutal. I think it might have been about the video I shot for friends and members of SOP trying to recruit them up to Albany for an SOP weekend.

I made a poor choice making that video for sure, and it will stay with me forever. Now I’m good with it. I wrote thoroughly about it a few years ago and may publish that here at some point.

But the bottom line was, from the moment I first appeared [on Frank Report in 2017] until just yesterday in my latest appearance, I’ve been experiencing the effects of Frank’s pixels, and they have not been good.

No need to get into my responsibility; I know that’s where the noobs go with it. They type out, what about you? what about your responsibility? didn’t you cause your life, didn’t you cause it… ? trying their best to use ESP speak as a weapon.

Rookies… I know my responsibility, and it’s because I know it that I can say the Frank has brought a lot of hatred into the world. He’s no devil, but as far as I’m concerned, his website is not an example I want to interact with or promote.

I don’t think it’s good in the world. I don’t care that some call it the price of free speech; I don’t care that some laugh and joke and marinate their cruelty with sarcasm. I don’t care.

Well, actually, I do care. It hurts a lot. But I’m not going to let that stop me. At least not yet.

So I read [the Frank Report story about Damon’s new website]. Awful as usual. Tired. Waa, Waa, Waa. I did see and appreciate some positive comments, and I read some valuable questions some. But overall, I’m not going to interact.

Frank can promote this site all he wants. I don’t care. This stands separate…




The face of hate -according to Damon Brink – Frank Parlato


By Frank: I will write more about this, of Damon, and my blog and share some insights, I think I have gathered over the years and perhaps put them in a message to Damon, which I will happily share with his and my readers.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • To Everyone!!!!!

    Meet the Real Damon Brink in Two Parts:

    1. Let me introduce Damon Brink the liar. The same guy, today defending NXIVM claimed in an interview over a year ago the following.

    “Damon Brink said. “There’s this tremendous reach and power of this narrative of this evil thing that I was a part of, and I supported….”

    “Asked if he is brainwashed, Brink said, “I mean, yeah. It’s possible. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, and it’s a rabbit hole…”

    In hindsight, Damon was clearly hiding his devotion to Vanguard. Damon was completely lying Damon definitely should do PR work.

    2. Who’s the real Damon Brink?
    He’s the guy who would let his wife die because his Vanguard deemed it ethical. It was the right thing to do. And in Damon’s twisted mind still is…

    Don’t believe me…Here is what his wife said,
    “I just can’t imagine sticking it out for years with a spouse that wouldn’t leave a community that thinks I gave myself the disease to get my husband’s attention and should do the “ethical thing” and die without treatment.”

    Yep, that’s Damon for you, a real gem of a husband. He’s such a great guy working with kids — for money.

    The icing on the cake is Damon and his Twitter buddies, Alonzo and Michelle Hatchett, taking turns harassing Susan Dones. Damon is a real man and a nice guy. 😉


    • Damon-

      I believe my comment at 8:11pm is accurate.

      Please give your input if I’m wrong is some way.-

      BTW: Your statement to SUSAN Dones:
      “maybe you think you are the supreme judge of all people and can select who deserves to have hatred stoked around them.”
      Sums up how I feel, you, scumbag. I’m the zoo keeper 👨🏻‍🌾 and you are the zoo animal🐁. Get back to your hole 🕳!
      P.S. If Frank allows it, I’m going to do a write up about how you are aggressively harassing Susan Dones along with your new Alonzo.

      • If Damon is harassing Susan, go for it. But two things: Susan is quite capable of taking care of herself – and I find it hard to believe that a kind and gentle soul like Damon Brink would harass anyone.

  • No- Frank has brought Truth! A love for Justice! And a wonderful story of overcoming adversity, bullies, criminals, and all-around creeps who deserve to be where they are today 🙂 Frank Report forever! To hell with the haters

  • Mr. Damon Brink,

    Later today, you are going to feel the power of words! If words have power as your Vanguard says, then my words are measured in ‘megatons’ — I’m gonna drop a thermonuclear device on your fathead via words. I take pleasure in the fact you’re currently reading my words and you’re now cognizant the end is nigh, metaphorically speaking of course. 😉 I’m LMAO @ u, you old crybaby! A can of whoop-ass is on its way!

    You’re a zoo animal and I’m the zoo-keeper and it’s time you go back into the cage. 😉

    I hereby put you on notice!

  • 1. Why is NX so obsessed with gender as the root of all disintegrations? Women’s groups, men’s groups (Jness/SOP). It honestly feels like a way to compartmentalize and control people. I understand it’s easier to put people in buckets as a way of understanding behavior but totally friggin lazy on the brilliant Vanguard front. Lazy AF.

    2. Why is every contrary or philosophical disagreement automatically labeled “hate”?

      • Nutjob,

        Very perceptive observation!

        No more, “our data”, “the data”, “real data”, “data shows”, “Keith’s data” and my favorite of all time, “NXIVM tech data.

        Now, everyone is a hater.

        • Abusers always make excuses/justifications to tell themselves their actions are all right. He fed them that and they allow it by continuing to believe it’s okay. I don’t believe at all for those who have left, like Mark and Nippy, they now see, feel and understand how very
          misogynistic the whole thing was and that someone trying to explain every aspect of the world to you can be horribly tainted by their issues, which in this case was specifically women. It starts with Keith, but it trickles down through enablers who are sadly, buying the false narrative and all its fallacies.

  • Frank brings the truth out from people who want to believe it’s innocent and fine to live a life of delusion. Hurting others for personal gain or self satisfaction is not okay, but telling the truth about those who do is not a “perspective”; it’s having the balls enough to make it public to make an actual difference in the world.

  • Hatred, no. Righteous indignation, probably. I sometimes cringe a little by what is said but not so much as opposing commentators and The DOS Project. Pure ridiculousness.

    You, sir, I respect your balanced comments. You are specific about what you can affirm and what you detest and take full ownership. Maybe you can effect the tenor and tone of these reports as Frank has managed to squash the litigation against himself probably to the tune of a million dollars.

    I think that has warranted any vitriol you perceive as hatred.

    I am glad you so honored Jim with expression of missing him. You and he valued your involvement in SOP. I respect that.

  • When you call somebody “hateful” or “full of hate,” you are cutting them off at the knee. Are they also a dumb blonde? A stupid jock? Just because somebody says something negative – or even says something flat out wrong – it isn’t right to cut them off at the knee. (Check your notes, DB.)

    I hate (pun intended) to ruin the entire premise of Damon’s website, but rather than using “hate” as a way to cut knees, why not discuss the point(s) the person is making?

  • I had engaged with Brink via Twitter and his previous website in September/October last year. I asked him a simple question “Explain what you learnt from NXIVM” which was based on my understanding of a similar group Frank has written about (namely EDUCO). There were then 2 posts to his previous website; the second descending into a word-salad of what learning is blah blah blah and justifying his inability to recall any “lessons learnt”.

    Additionally, on the NXIVM subreddit, I was continually accosted by a couple of “accounts” with claims I had paid Frank for an article on EDUCO and mocking me for posting about them. The subreddit, whenever Frank was mentioned, would see a small-swarm of Anti-Frank users accost anyone who mentioned him. Recently there has been an admission there that the subreddit had been infiltrated by Brink last summer.

    At first I did get caught up. Mea Culpa. For an instant I worried. But one must always remember the Cult play-book; Deceive and deflect. Frank has been consistent throughout all of this. Yes, there are some who have come to me to promote this dissent, but I remember the scene from The Vow where Frank is not convinced by them. As someone who was never an inner-circle member of a cultic-group I recognise this stance.

    Brink clearly sees Frank as an bad-object in his internal-representation (there’s a mix of Object-relations and Neurolinguistic-programming for you).

    I would NOT be surprised that this small-swarm of Anti-Frank users on Reddit are in fact Brink himself.

    I apologise to you Frank for being turned for a moment. What brought me back was your consistency. Good on you Frank.

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