Suneel Issues Over-the-Top Accusations at FBI, DOJ, and Everyone Else

By Suneel Chakravorty

Frank, in your recent post, once again it’s ad hominem ad infinitum.

Frank Parlato, as he looks into the distance and comes up with ad hominem attacks to delight his readership and distract from the real truths I am bringing out.

Sure, there are things I don’t know about Keith Raniere, and things you don’t know.

I am not sure that the photographs of Lauren Salzman and Daniela [may her name forever be hidden. ] purportedly from 2005 were taken as blackmail or if they were taken for prurient reasons, or other reasons altogether.

Maybe for studies that Raniere had in mind – and as the folder suggests – if it was indeed a folder created by him.

Lauren Salzman testified to having nude photographs taken of her by Raniere in her twenties, but the government scrupulously avoided showing them to her for positive identification.

If they were taken for blackmail, I would condemn that. If they were taken for prurient reasons, it’s not my business as long as the subjects are consenting adults. I doubt it was blackmail for when even women like Barbara Bouchey left, he never released any photos of them.

Of course, it is problematic if he took photos of an underage female, one whom by law cannot legally consented to having photos taken.

It may be true. He may have taken photos of Cami when she was underage, and it may not be true.

If it’s true, I condemn it.

Camila when she was 15- a painting by MK10ART. Camila alleges Raniere started grooming her when she was 13, and sexually abused her when she was 15.

However, what I am concerned in this debate with you  is not whether he took pictures of Cami when she was 15, but whether or not agents of the FBI and other officials in the government, such as federal prosecutors, proved he took contraband photos with true, unaltered photographs, or whether they planted, falsified, and tampered with the evidence as a last-ditch effort to ensure a conviction in a case that otherwise could have been well-argued, was comprised of victims who were really all consenting adults, however misguided or well-guided – or even women who changed their minds and sought to blame it on him.

I agree with you, Frank, that what I have presented so far is entirely circumstantial evidence or coincidences.

Here are a few more circumstances for you to consider.

Booth thinks unsealed evidence is okay

Lexar camera card similar to the one seized at the executive library of Keith Raniere.

FBI Examiner Brian Booth testified that the camera card, which was essential for linking the photographs to Raniere as the producer of them, was delivered to him by FBI Special Agent Michael Lever just 2 days before he took the stand and five weeks into the case.

FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth said EXIF data is hard to change, and it is very easy to change. Even Frank Parlato can do it.


Special Agent Lever at the FBI raid of Nancy Salzman’s home (photo credit: Albany Times Union)

If I were a prosecutor and I knew that my lead expert got one of the two critical pieces of evidence just days before trial, I would find that suspicious. Even more so because it arrived in an unsealed, cellophane bag.

They handled the evidence pretty sloppily at the FBI offices. Why it almost seems they kept evidence in their back pocket until they needed it.

Here is an amazing bit of Paul DerOhanessian’s cross-examination of Brian Booth:


Q And with respect to Government Exhibit 524, the LEXAR card, was that submitted to you in a bag of some sort?

A Yeah, it was a cellophane bag.

Q Was it a sealed cellophane bag?

A No, it was not.


It was not sealed?

What I have heard from an FBI expert is that unsealed evidence is a serious lapse in protocol, that it is paramount to seal and protect evidence, and that all employees of the Computer Analysis Response Team (CART), where Booth worked for over a decade, know that all evidence must be sealed, and whenever opened, evidence needs to be resealed afterwards with initials, to document the chain of custody.

From what I have been told, Booth’s statement is a revelation. Even minor evidence has to be sealed, let alone one of the most important pieces of evidence in the case.

Don’t believe me? Here is policy from the FBI manual, from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG):

“All FBI personnel, including agents, who handle digital evidence during the course of their duties must ensure that all digital evidence is handled, marked, and has a content review in accordance with relevant polices. Digital evidence ‘must be stored and secured and/or sealed to prevent data or evidentiary loss, cross-transfer contamination, or other deleterious change.’ Only certified digital evidence personnel, such as Computer Analysis Response Team members, may image digital evidence.”


The Office of the Inspector General is supposed to be a watchdog for the DOJ.

But Booth got the camera card after the trial started and in an unsealed baggie. That might be good to bring in your peanut butter sandwich for lunch, but to hand over critical evidence late and unsealed is suspicious.

Let’s not forget that this camera card was what FBI SA Lever and his case agents held onto for 11 months. It should have been turned into evidence within 10 days.

Why is it supposed to be turned in within 10 days?

Because agents can’t do much with this evidence. It needs to be preserved and analyzed without being destroyed or altered. That’s why you give it to the lab, because it’s vital evidence that shouldn’t be corrupted.

A conviction might rest on the sanctity of that evidence.

Here’s the policy from the same OIG report:


“According to the FBI’s Field Evidence Management Policy Guide, evidence must be documented into the FBI Central Recordkeeping System no later than 10 calendar days after receipt. Similarly, the Digital Evidence Policy Guide states that, ‘Undocumented, “off the record” searches or reviews of [digital evidence] are not permitted.”


In the Raniere case, we have critical evidence, the camera card, without any chain of custody being presented, and arriving in an unsealed bag. I think the defense should have objected, but this should have been suspicious to the prosecution as well.

How did Booth handle the fact that this critical evidence came in unsealed, and with a broken chain of custody, and with a clearly broken chain of custody?

No biggie. Just another day at sloppy central.

The camera card was accessed and altered, by Booth’s own admission, by some unknown person, on September 19, 2018.

Here’s what Booth said, in his cross-examination by DerOhanessian:


Q And do you usually receive electronic evidence in unsealed boxes or bags?

A Not always. Sometimes the case agents would have needed to look at the item beforehand, and they might have unsealed it. So it doesn’t always come to us sealed.

Q And when an agent unseals evidence, a record is made of that?

A Not always.

Q Should a record be made of when evidence is opened or unsealed?

A No, I don’t think so. It doesn’t necessarily need to be.

Q Is it fair to say you have no idea when the box with the camera was unsealed?

A No, I do not.


I wonder what Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, would think about Booth’s statement.

FBI Director Christopher Wray; hopefully he is not just as loose with evidence as the agents working on the Raniere case.

Does the FBI really want the American public to believe that unsealed evidence is normal, that it is to be expected?

I’ll try to give Mr. Wray a call. My question would be, “Is it true when FBI Examiner Brian Booth says that unsealed evidence is to be expected?”

Moira Kim Penza may be in her designer pajamas here, but she certainly wasn’t asleep when she was prosecuting Keith Raniere. Did it not strike her as strange in terms of  how the FBI mishandled evidence?

Prosecution and Judge Said Nothing

At this point, the prosecution should have stopped and asked the court, “Your Honor, may we approach? Our expert witness said something we believe is untrue because we’ve done many cases and we know that sealed evidence is important. This is one of the most critical pieces of evidence.  We want to make sure this was sealed evidence, an unbroken chain of custody, and all protocols were followed. After all, we are officers of the court, and the name of our agency is the Department of Justice.

Besides, we do not want any issue on appeal. Of course, it is preposterous what this silly man said, that evidence does not need to be sealed.  We all know, your honor you know it, as does everyone at the FBI that unsealed evidence is not protocol.”

But that’s not what they said, nor would I expect them to say it. They were silent, and in their closing arguments they extolled Booth for his knowledge of EXIF data, which we know is a bunch of baloney.

Don’t give me that baloney, I want Brian Booth.

It is understandable that the prosecution heard this and said nothing, for even though they should be interested in justice as their department’s name suggests, we all know were only interested in conviction stats and publicity.

Still, the judge should be interested in justice. He is supposed to be neutral. The judge, the Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis, said he has presided over 500 cases.

Judge Garaufis
Judge Nicholas G, Garaufis is a seasoned, respected judge.

I am sure he knows that chain of custody is paramount to the integrity of evidence, especially digital evidence that can easily be altered or botched, and that this camera card being unsealed is not common, not in the court of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis.

Judge Garaufis was an active, alert judge throughout this case. In Mark Vicente’s cross-examination by Marc Agnifilo, Raniere’s defense attorney, the judge interjected to ask how long flights to Fiji were:


THE COURT: Did you take this picture?

THE WITNESS: I did take this picture, yes.

Q Did you enjoy yourself in Fiji?

A Not particularly, I was shooting all the time.

THE COURT: How long did it take you to get to Fiji in hours?

THE WITNESS: I think maybe 18, maybe more. It’s like going to Australia, but there is more flights involved.


Recall that the judge intervened to help Daniela with the word “abdomen” and even had her stand up so she could show it on her body.

When Lauren Salzman, a woman in her forties, began to weep, Judge Garaufis took notice at once, and chivalrously dismissed her from enduring further cross examination.

Judge Garaufis explained to Agnifilo: “I may not get everything right up here, but I will tell you, as a human being, it was the right decision. Alright? And before I’m a judge, I’m a human being.”

This was a judge alert and on the lookout, yet when the moment came that critical evidence was revealed to be unsealed, the chains of custody not provided, when the FBI forensic examiner Booth says, “This unsealed evidence is just fine,” it did not alert this most active judge to leap up and say, “I don’t care how contemptible, how odious Raniere is, I know unsealed evidence is not common, what Booth is saying isn’t true. Stop the shenanigans. You have enough to win. I will ensure through my jury instructions that the jury will convict Raniere. But don’t allow something improper like this to go on the record”?

Summary & Cyber Experts

That’s the last circumstantial point I want to make. Now, let’s summarize the circumstantial things. See if enough coincidences equal a fact:

  1. The FBI agents “found” the bombshell Cami photos on a hard drive, but only after they had it for 11 months, when nobody was willing to take a plea deal and trial was right around the corner.
  2. The FBI agents held onto the devices for way longer than protocol, 11 months for the camera card and 4.5 months for the hard drive, instead of 10 days.
  3. Someone got into the camera card before it got to the lab, and it was altered on September 19, 2018.
  4. The FBI expert was unable to say who got into the camera card. Maybe it was elves.
  5. EXIF data was how they proved the dates of the Cami photos, their examiner Brian Booth said it is really reliable, and hard to change. We know that’s not true.
  6. No one who knew Cami was asked to identify the photos. Any reasonable person would say the prosecutors avoided having Daniela and Lauren identify the Cami photos, or even their own photos.
  7. The camera card arrived in an unsealed bag with a broken chain of custody.
  8. Booth said unsealed evidence is not extraordinary, which is not true.
  9. The prosecutors said nothing, the judge said nothing, and yes, the defense said nothing.

I agree with you, Frank. Those are all circumstantial, but peculiar. Maybe you’ll say it’s confirmation bias, but if you think this is meaningless, I think your confirmation bias might be greater than mine.

Circumstantial evidence isn’t enough. We should get independent forensics experts to look at the metadata, look at the file system data, and look at the government reports.

And that’s what we did. There are reputable experts who respect and support law enforcement and the rule of law.

You know their names. I stated them in my letter to Judge Eric Komitee on October 30, 2021, in response to the attempts of that Earl of Exaggeration, Neil Glazer, to involve me in a civil lawsuit to which I am not party.

Here’s what I wrote of our experts and their findings in that letter, publicly filed as Document no. 121 in the civil cases:


Dr, James Richard Kiper, FBI, retired.

Dr. James Richard Kiper, Ph.D., who served in the FBI for twenty years and retired in 2019, in good standing. He is a celebrated whistleblower and the “raison d’etre” of the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2016.

Cyber lawyer Steven Abrams has written a  comprehensive report on alleged tampering of evidence in the case of USA v Raniere by the FBI.

Mr. Steve Abrams, M.S., J.D., who has advised and trained federal, state and local law enforcement in cyber forensics for three decades, on over 1,200 cases.

Wayne Norris cyber expert.

Mr. Wayne Norris, who has been an expert witness in roughly 100 cases, holds several patents in nuclear instrumentation, and has a diverse technical background, from working on the Apollo project, to project managing for the US Navy, to digital forensics.

These experts stated that prior to this case they had never seen or claimed to have seen credible evidence of tampering on the part of any law enforcement. After examining the forensic evidence, they issued reports which may be used in a motion in the criminal case, and here are some of their findings:

  • FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth provided false testimony.
  • An unknown person improperly accessed and altered data on the camera card on 9/19/18.
  • Photos were added to the camera card while the device was in FBI custody, between 4/11/19 and 6/11/19.
  • Date and times of photos on the hard drive were manually altered.
  • Folder names were manually set to exact dates and times in 2005, to corroborate the fabricated photo dates.
  • The backup folder on the hard drive containing the photos was backdated and manually placed on the hard drive and efforts were made to conceal the forgery and make it look like a legitimate automatic computer backup.
  • Dr. Kiper writes in his technical report, “In my 20 years as an FBI agent, I have never observed or claimed that an FBI employee tampered with evidence, digital or otherwise. But in this case, I strongly believe the multiple, intentional alterations to the digital information I have discovered constitute evidence manipulation. And when so many human-generated alterations happen to align with the government’s narrative, I believe any reasonable person would conclude that evidence tampering had taken place. My analysis demonstrates that some of these alterations definitely took place while the devices were in the custody of the FBI. Therefore, in the absence of any other plausible explanation it is my expert opinion that the FBI must have been involved in this evidence tampering.”
  • Mr. Abrams writes, “[I]t saddens me to conclude that the most plausible explanation for these artifacts is manual alteration of the digital photographic and file system evidence and an unsuccessful attempt to cover that manual alteration, at least some of which had to have occurred while the evidence was in the custody of the FBI.”
  • Mr. Norris writes, “I believe based on what I have reviewed that Dr. Kiper is correct in his assessments that no plausible explanation exists for the anomalies in the Government’s exhibits other than intentional tampering on the part of the Government.”


Admittedly Frank, I have an advantage. I have seen the analysis. I know what’s coming, and you’ll just have to wait.

The forthcoming Rule 33 motion on FBI tampering will be devastating. I don’t know who will be implicated.

Certainly, the extraordinary Brian Booth, the zealous Michael Lever, and others are suspect.

As for Daniela, you mentioned her in your post. I don’t know Daniela. I’ve never met her. I saw her testify at trial, and in the trial, she admitted she is a hacker and admitted to other criminal conduct, for example:

  • Entering the United States illegally (See page 2436)
  • Attempting to hack into the email account of Joe O’Hara through the technique of key logging (See pages 2532 – 2538)
  • Hacking into James Loperfido’s emails account through key logging (See pages 2541 – 2544)
  • Hacking into Edgar Bronfman’s email through key logging (See pages 2547 – 2556)
  • Hacking into her sister Marianna’s Facebook account through key logging (See pages 2559 – 2564)
  • Stealing $6,000 from NXIVM (See page 3051)

Glazer says of her and her computer abilities, in his First Amended Complaint, that Daniela provided NXIVM “labor and services in: IT and cybersecurity.”

Yeah, that’s one way to put it.

Artist sketch of a woman who looks not unlike Daniela

Daniela testified she had access – effectively unfettered access – to 8 Hale Drive where the hard drive and camera card were found.

Keith Raniere at 8 Hale Drive, from where the hard drive with the Camila photos was seized.

She testified she took care of the backups.

Western Digital hard drive – the same model that the FBI seized from Keith Raniere’s library.

She may have taken backups to Mexico. I believe she was working with the prosecution very early on.

I don’t know if she provided the Cami photos that I and the experts believe were planted. I don’t know if she was involved at all.

If she was, I don’t know whether it was before or after she was involved in the civil lawsuit, or whether she decided to be in the civil lawsuit before or after the trial.

But I suspect the truth will come out soon.

Regardless, I would hope that even you, Frank, with your anti-Raniere confirmation bias, when you see the Rule 33 motion and the evidence, the undeniable, unassailable conclusions of experts, who have no love for Raniere or NXIVM, they’ve never met him, never spoken with him, never met Clare Bronfman or spoken with her, and have no connection to NXIVM, these experts who support law enforcement and are saddened by what they’ve seen, I hope it saddens you too.

Clare Bronfman and Frank Parlato have been enemies since a dispute about a business agreement.

Perhaps your readers think it’s okay if FBI agents cheat and lie to nail Raniere the Repugnant, and he ought to stay in prison no matter what.

Keith Raniere

Maybe they’ll want to dismiss me altogether as biased. Maybe I’m a bad messenger, the worst of them all because I bring a message that no one wants to hear.

It’s a small step from cheating to convict Raniere to cheating to convict the second most reviled person, then the third, then someone who is mildly disliked, to someone who is just in your way.

If this Rule 33 motion fails on its merits, so be it. But if it fails because the corruption that birthed and executed an elaborate plot to tamper, falsify, and lie has reared its ugly head once again, this is not good and it will not stand.

I think you are a reasonable man, Frank, and despite making an international career out of antagonizing NXIVM, its students, and its leadership, rightfully or wrongfully, I don’t believe you would look the other way and let this be swept like so much dirt we don’t want to see under the rug.

I don’t believe you are part of the cult of The-Government-Can-Do-No-Wrong or that we should believe everything FBI agents or federal prosecutors tell us.

Even if it’s true that Raniere abused Camila, and your position is well known [that you believe he did], if you see the facts show that FBI agents, possibly in collusion with the prosecution, possibly with the help of civilians, such as a Philadelphia lawyer and technically-minded civilians in the United States or in Mexico, conspired to falsify evidence over a period of months, you would not let your personal hatred of Raniere, Bronfman, and NXIVM, or your fondness for said lawyer, or Mexican señoritas, to stop you from exposing an even bigger bully than you believe Raniere to be.

Let the carping critics now speak.


Parlato’s Response

Phew, dude, you certainly went full tilt on this one. I was just relaxing a bit today having thought I heard the last from you for a while.  But here you go again. This is remarkable – for its accusatory vehemence – must be rebutted. I will do so. Stay tuned.

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  • I’m going with Suneel on this one.

    He listed out actual evidence for his claims, and all Frank has been able to do is run a straw man argument about Raniere being guilty of raping Camilla at 15 years old..

    Raniere’s guilt or innocence was never Suneel’s argument.

    Frank – 1
    Suneel – 1


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  • Last thing Sunalien(SUNEEL)-

    The IT experts you’ve hired are like the Three Stooges. One was fired from the FBI, the second wears a suit made from a potato sack, and the third has an office in a janitorial closet(visit his office).

    You own prime real estate in Brooklyn and Florida and these are the buffoons you have hired?

    You’ve got the cash to hire some experts with good standing……

    Then again, maybe you don’t truly want Keith released, because he’ll take his lady back. Am I right?

  • To clarify.

    The premise is that the FBI tampered with evidence but then they drew the line at lying on the witness stand?

    You are stating that the FBI planted child pornography.

    But then the FBI agents were also completely transparent about chain of custody and transport of evidence?

    So, they are totally honest FBI when it serves your ridiculous defense of child pornographer Keith Raniere.

    But an absolute lying FBI when it does not serve your concocted defense of child rapist Keith Raniere?

    Talk about believing what you want to believe.

    That is some very specific cherry-picking to serve a fabricated narrative post conviction.

    How exhausting it must be to live in lies and denial as these loyalists do every single moment of every day.

    • I mentioned this exact same thing at least a year ago.

      All I heard was crickets in response. Of course, I never expected a change of mind from any of them due to this obvious contradiction even if they realized it.

      Such behavior is a sure sign of exactly what Aristotle’s Sausage has posted a number of times now about the denial of reality by cult believers.

      These particular believers have been fed the delusion that they are the most ethical of ethical people and the most critical of critical thinkers. They can’t be wrong in their cognitive dissonance, so they deny reality.

  • Let it be known herefore and therein that we have kept silent for many months because we have been working on a double-super-secret motion before the World Court inter alia International Court of Justice filed under our appearance before the Bar here in Latvia.

    By the principle of quod odor est de quo we have become aware that so-called supporters of Truth, Justice, Data and The American Way have proffered testimonies of innocence to the Latvian embassy located in Sarasota, Florida. They have also assented to the support of the writings of one esteemed Mr. Suneel Chakravorty (AKA Sri Vishnu Shiva Ganesha Krishna) here on the renowned Frank Report.

    The writings of Suneel have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the FBI and federal prosecutors of one Mr. Keith Raniere are tribal ninnies and subject to writs of habeas corpus delicti and also bills of attainder within the jurisdictions of the United State of (God Bless) America, Mexico and Latvia.

    Let it be resolved that henceforth we are certain to a degree of 99.9242395824% that Keith Raniere will be release from prison thereby and compensation paid in the magnitude yet to be determined by the relevant authority located in Den Haag, Nederlands.

    One Mr. Nice Guy is hereby informed that we have determined he isn’t very nice and if he keeps up his harassment of a certain champion of unbiased, objective anti-anti-cultism, we will have no choice but to file motions for ajoinder with prejudice in all relevant and irrelevant jurisdictions. Moreover, if he continues to use the name of Ring Dings® in vain, we will have no choice but to report him to the legal authorities representing McKee Foods.

    Let it also be know henceforth our pronouns are they/them/theirs.

    • “One Mr. Nice Guy is hereby informed that we have determined he isn’t very nice and if he keeps up his harassment of a certain champion of unbiased, objective anti-anti-cultism, we will have no choice but to file motions for ajoinder with prejudice in all relevant and irrelevant jurisdictions.”


      Someone gets it.


  • Don’t you think it was worth it? I mean if the FBI had to plant evidence it’s what was needed to stop him.

    That’s how they got Capone.

    The evidence was true too. It’s not like he didn’t take the pictures and rape little Cami.

    The evidence the FBI planted was valid. Where I would draw the line is if the photos were fake or photoshopped.

    But as long as the evidence is real, what difference does it make how it got onto his hard drive?

  • None of this can be trusted, Suneel Chakravorty

    None of it’s under oath, as you have so many times pointed out when the shoe is on the other foot

    If your experts were correct, Raniere’s attorney, Tully, would have filed your Rule 33 already. Where is it and why have we had to wait so long for it to be filed?

    Why are you selling it on the Frank Report instead of a legit legal motion if this is all factual evidence?

    If it’s not new information, it’s moot at this point isn’t it for Raniere’s criminal case?

    What you’re taking on the civil case, the Judge in this matter has already said he wanted this handled in a court of law not in the media.

    It’s OK, there can be more stories done about Nicki Clyne, Brandon Porter, and the Ex-Dr. Danielle Roberts.
    All have pasts that have been fully explored on the Frank Report nor has their NXIVM history been talked about recently.

    Maybe it’s time for Ms. White to do a picture of Suneel Chakravorty with his nose up Raniere’s ass. The new male DOS of NXIVM

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    Let’s see how you all like your lives opened up and shared via a deep dive on Frank Report.

  • This is some paltry amateur hour support [Gerard87 down to Sullivan77] Chakravorty has drummed up to give the impression he has anything worthwhile to say. Highly unconvincing shillery —as if they had been set a Rhet.101 excercise task — and failed.

    You zombies rally for egregious lies. Your total lack of integrity sucks the life out of any words you write.

    • Lockheart 100%.

      One of them spelled their fake name wrong.

      Another one used the same exact canned lines posing as a different fake commenter.

      The whole a “fight for Keith is a fight for America” spiel = Nxivm loyalists’ tactics.

      You can always tell cult supporters trying to pass as normies when they give an unnecessary origin story as to how they came to the Frank Report.

      There are more glaring “tells” but I can’t give them all the answers. That spoils the fun.

      Look how long it took dead-enders to finally drop using the word “data” compulsively.

      It’s laughable. At least put some effort in.

  • Suneel-

    I read this article in its entirety. You are not offering anything new here…

    …As usual your articulate writing is on point, alas, your facts are the same facts you always produce — which have become laborious to read.

    I can’t read anymore “English lit essays” by you. It’s too depressing and ridiculing you has lost its appeal.
    Perhaps, one day, the appellate court will rule in Keith’s favor and you’ll have the last laugh.

  • Keith Raniere is a liar. He fathered a child and lied to almost the entire Nxivm community about his paternity. For years.

    Keith certainly did not list “father” on his bullshit resume. Not a proud papa.

    The child was living right there in the cult epicenter. But he was denied his birthright.

    Keith Raniere refused to claim his own son and told everyone that the child was an orphan. Whom he and the boy’s real mother adopted. Brutal. That poor kid.

    No one found it strange? No one asked any questions? Like, how did two unmarried people come to adopt a baby together? And why? Where did this baby come from?

    Just like when Daniela (a consistent presence in the community) disappeared. Really, no questions?! Daniela’s parents are still there. Her sisters are still there. Her brother is in Albany too. But where is Daniela?

    And then Daniela suddenly reappears. At a volleyball game. Nobody’s curious? About this person that you once saw everyday? Where did she go for 2 years? Why is she back?

    Camila. No one knows where she lives in Albany. Why was it a secret? No one asks? Her place is right there. Where they all have homes. But her residence somehow remains a mystery? No one sees it?

    Keith is clearly fucking 20 – 25 different people. Including 3 sisters from the same family. But everyone believes he’s a celibate renunciate?

    The list of (alleged) obliviousness goes on and on. The Nxivm community was not the best at investigation. Or even observation! And based on the loyalists, they still are not.

    They have tunnel vision and disturbingly low natural curiosity. They all seem willfully blind as well. Detectives they are not.

    Suneel is not a reliable narrator and lacks much firsthand knowledge of all the inner circle and its dynamics.

    The major players and their experience are mostly only known to Suneel thru other people. And many of those people are notoriously untrustworthy liars. Like Keith Raniere.

    Who lied about his own baby son.


  • This is all so very so very absurd and nothing more than rehashed psycho babble. The only reason Suneel is even involved is because he’s finally getting to take a dip in the lady pond on the regular with Nicki Clyne.

    Raniere will walk out free because of this stupidity and corrupt prosecution/FBI collusion. Suneel, you really earned my respect on this one, I don’t know what Frank FARCELATO will reply to this. Time for him to put his head down and admit defeat. If he has the guts and he actually cares for justice, he will help expose this tampering and set his archrival free.

  • Hahahahahaha. You always know the dead-ender loyalists from their flooding of the comments section with the same “Great post! Awesome write up! What’s the harm in questioning? Travesty of justice! Chain of evidence! Corrupt prosecution!” and other like Yada Yada Yada posts.

    Always trying to play people for fools.

    Newsflash, guys and gals. None of this inflating of fake public support on a small-time blog will move you anywhere closer to be even remotely close to a new trial for your leader, let alone his release from prison. That lightning striking once ship has sailed and is what put your boss in prison.

  • It is an insult to every single living and breathing American for an FBI agent to testify under oath that it is not FBI protocol for evidence (especially evidence for the MOST CRIMINAL DISGUSTING crime of all time possession and creation of child porn) to have a record of the chain of custody.

    That it is protocol for evidence to arrive in an unsealed bag. That this happens all the time. This is certifiably false! Also are you all comfortable with that protocol if it were true???

    Evidence that can shame a human being for life and put them In jail for more years than they have left to live can be accessed by an unknown person and still be considered admissible????? Can not have a documented chain of custody???? Do you really think that’s OK????

    • True enough and protocols need to be tightened up. However, it is a separate issue to what Suneel is going on about: even if the protocol might be/is somewhat sloppy, it does not mean the evidence was tampered with (unless you can prove it forensically: when, who had the opportunity, why, exactly how it was done and provable ‘traces’; in other words ‘proof’.)

      • Thank you, Anonymous @ 8:08 am

        It’s not like it was a blood sample.

        It might make people feel better to have all evidence in a sealed bag. But that’s mostly a psychological issue.

        A bag can be unsealed. Resealed. It means virtually nothing with regard to non-biological evidence.

        A lot of physical evidence goes into a cardboard box. Or a brown paper bag. It’s not transported in a locked vault inside of an armored car with guards. Sometimes, it just goes into a car trunk.

        It is ludicrous to state that the FBI planted or tampered with child pornography evidence, but also refused to lie on the witness stand about chain of custody or transport protocols.

        • Exactly! Evidence arrives also from outside sources comes from financial institutions in boxes.

          It can also arrive at later dates after an indictment even if the site has been sealed.

  • It would be a sad day for all of us if the very institutions meant to protect us use corrupt actions to destroy the fabric of justice in our society. I sincerely hope what your are pretty clearly showing here is true Suneel.

    I want very much to dismiss you and I find it pretty easy to do. Even with your Harvard degree. But Kiper putting his name and career on the line has me questioning .. did the FBI really tamper with evidence? That would be insane and if you really can prove it with evidence good on you for exposing it you brave brave soul.

    I hope they don’t retaliate to shut you up.

  • Suneel, can you prove the lies of Sarah Edmondson next? There are things she has said on her podcast that don’t line up with the timeline in her book and also don’t match things she has posted on her Instagram. Any insights on these things?

  • Moira KP is going to get eaten alive if she goes to jail. Oh, wait; she won’t because the government prosecutors have a get out of jail free card. Cute Jammies tho.

  • I’m pretty new to this blog (got stuck in a NXIVM rabbit hole) and don’t really understand all the negative comments. The article seemed to make sense to me. If what he’s saying is true, it’s pretty concerning.

    • He has his experts. Period. End of Suneel’s case. Suneel had already presented this on Frank Report, and it was much discussed. He challenged Frank and promised new information. He wrote 3 LLLOOONNNGGG and boring articles that offered up no new info.

      He has no intention of looking at two sides of the story or looking at two sides of his glorious Vanguard.

  • I think it’s important to hear this side of the story, and it kind of scares me that people don’t even want to hear it.

    I believe Raniere likely did statutorily rape Camila. Maybe he really does deserve 120 years in prison for all he has been convicted of doing (I admit I don’t quite grasp the correlation of 120 years to the crimes he was convicted of, but what the hell do I know?)

    But child porn photos are extremely prejudicial and if there is a chance they could have been tampered with or planted, why not examine it to find out if that is the case or not? I don’t see the harm in making sure the FBI operates above board. ?

    Or is there some harm in checking into it that I just don’t understand? If so, can someone explain it to me?

    • Rape is rape.

      Qualifiers do not make it less rape-y

      There’s blood & pain when a child is raped

      It’s violent.

      Whether it’s a 45-year-old man who is known to you or a stranger, it is abhorrent.

      Pulling a child into a car or exploiting a family’s trust to get close to the girl – either way – it’s a premeditated sexual crime.

      It may make the adult male predator feel better about his act to “know” the child victim

      But it does not comfort the sexually assaulted and abused child rape victim.

      Rape is rape.

  • So many holes in the prosecution’s case but tampering?? That is another level. I really hope that’s not true but according to these top shelf experts, it is.

  • I think I have figured this whole Suneel loyalty thing out — CASH FLOW! Clyne, Roberts, Porter, Salzmans, and Bronfman claim to no longer have money or no longer have access to money (funny how that happens when you are in the slammer!). But here is naive Suneel. He wasn’t really involved in NXIVM all that long before the bottom fell out. But when it did, he became KR’s mouthpiece, power of attorney, and all-around BFF. Why? Suneel has his own business and must have some money available to him for KR’s use.

    Suneel — do you restock his commissary fund for him as well?

    How do you run a business, yet spend untold amount of time on KR’s wannabe-appeal and writing extensive articles for this site?

    Do you just repeat the same thing over and over and over again hoping that someone from the court or the EDNY will read this and wake up one day and say, “Wow! Sherlock Suneel figured it out! Release Raniere…pronto!”

    • Haha! Clifton Parker (quite a nickname btw), can you actually comment on what Suneel has exposed? Seriously attacking Suneel at this point is pure hate combined with stupidity.

      • Anthony.

        Don’t forget; Media. Bias. Data. America.

        Have you learned nothing from the two lawyers at your office?

  • The evidence arrived in an open bag with no chain of custody and the dude was trying to say this is normal protocol???. Even I, a staunch Raniere hater, was like wtf when I read that in the transcripts.

    • What further damage can be done if it’s in a sealed bag vs, a sandwich bag? It’s not a blood sample for God’s sake.

      Do you honestly believe that someone could not unseal and reseal a bag if they wanted to tamper? Or put it in a new bag?

      Dear Lord. These Nxivm cult people.

    • But it’s not DNA evidence.

      What difference do you think it made?

      If you put a tennis ball in a bag and carry it someplace it’s still a tennis ball when you open the bag at your destination.

  • No doubt a dirty prosecution convicted a dirty Raniere. You’d think they would have had plenty of evidence on the dude. I’m definitely suspicious and interested in hearing from these forensic experts. Frank, have you considered interviewing the experts on your blog. That would be a page turner!

      • You talked to them already? Then what´s up with your responses to Suneel? Haha Pretending you don’t know there is proof? Great journalist amping up readership FARCELATO. Cut the bs and expose this craziness.

  • Well done, Suneel. Thanks for backing up your claims. Must say some of these points are pretty convincing and if there’s more proof I’d be interested in seeing it. I agree with the experts that this would be sad if it’s really what happened.

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right. I believe Suneel that the prosecution was corrupt AF in this case and things were allowed in this courtroom that I’ve never seen fly before. Also DEFINITELY a red flag that Booth said EXIF data is reliable and that the FBI doesn’t require a documented chain of custody. I mean c’mon! I disagree with Suneel in that I don’t think Raniere is innocent so I say both Raniere and Booth, Leever, Penza all belong in jail together.

  • Damn this doe-eyed Harvard boy may just be onto something. If even some of these points are true Penza and crew are going to have a big problem on their hands. Although I’m sure they would use the same corruption that they used to get the scoundrel to hide whatever backhand dealings took place. No way they are going to be held accountable for this even if it’s true.

    • Hahaha!!!! Out of the blue – all these Suneel supporters showed up in force, today.

      I have never seen any outside supporters of Suneel, on the Frank Report, save the chubby, cult, groupie.

      Geez, guys took you 2 years to come out in support of Suneel.

      LMAO @ you tools!

      • Love how they think they are emulating the Frank house style.

        Shills, the key here, is integrity. If you don’t have it, no amount of rhetoric will disguise that fact!

  • Frank can you verify if it’s true that these esteemed experts Kiper, Abrams and Norris actually certified these findings and made the statements Suneel is proposing here??? If that’s true then I have to hand it to Suneel… you have my attention buddy. These are decorated experts, Kiper especially. I don’t think they would publicly put their careers on the line if these weren’t true findings. And if these findings are true what a damn shame that the prosecution allowed this to take place and would risk Raniere getting a mistrial. Jesus. Can’t wait for your response Frank.

    • Kiper and the other two did make reports. They said tampering was the most likely reason for certain inconsistencies. I have seen the reports but I do not possess them.

        • I don’t know. I must say that there is a lot of strange circumstantial evidence. On the other hand there is the presumption of honesty and integrity in the FBI.

  • You know what they say- when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras. I think Suneel sees flying unicorns!

    And it’s kinda messed up that he admits that he doesn’t care that a 15 year old was raped. Why should we listen to anyone so fucked up? Suneel, stop trying to complicate it. What you’re presenting is an insult to logic and morality– absolutely disgusting.

    • Where does he say that he doesn’t care about that? Can you be specific and show exactly where he says that? Comments like this are incredibly damaging. Try harder.

      • Comments accusing FBI agents of lying and tampering and planting evidence are damaging. To their careers. Their reputations. To their safety.To the court system in this case. But you don’t seem concerned about that at all.

        You all just make unfounded claims. All over social media. On blogs.

        There is no evidence of FBI malfeasance. If there was, then you all would be pursuing it legally.

        Instead this is a failing PR campaign.

      • Dear Sondra: I hope you survive the incredibly damaging experience of having your shillery exposed here on the Frank Report — try to be brave, it’s not like you’re having to hide in basement while cruise missiles blast your town, is it?

        Although I’m sure Chakravorty could PROVE that locking up your deranged kiddy-fiddling cult leader is just as harrowing as surviving a war for you cult-dregs. Have you thought of approaching the UN?

  • “ If this Rule 33 motion fails on its merits, so be it. But if it fails because the corruption that birthed and executed an elaborate plot to tamper, falsify, and lie has reared its ugly head once again, this is not good and it will not stand.”

    I kind of know the answer to this “dilemma”: if Keith loses the rule 33 motion (if it ever will be submitted that is) it won’t be on the merits: it will just be more proof of corruption by the authorities! At least that is what Suneel, DosDumbos and other leftovers will proclaim.

    You can see this coming from miles away.

  • An FBI agent testifying that evidence often arrives in unsealed bags without record of who accessed it… is this guy trying to end his career??? I looked this up in the transcripts and can’t believe it but this really happened.. under oath! Jesus.

  • Suneel is just a shill and proxy for Raniere. He’s just taking what he says and replaying it here. Are you receiving financial compensation as a result of this Frank?

    That’s perfectly fine, but at least be honest about humoring these dead-enders and Raniere as you eventually destroy their silly claims after the fact.

      • Frank,
        Your point has been made. This is now such a waste of time and space. If Suneel had concrete evidence, then he would be presenting it. And not just on your blog. I literally just wrote on “his blog” and had to go back to delete and correct that error. Honest. That just happened.

        Ha ha. Firmly agree that it seems like a paid situation for a Raniere defense. And what a waste of Clare’s money if it is such a travesty.

        No one would ever blow the opportunity to properly defend their most important person using op-ed and conjecture if they had actual proof. There’s got to be an end to this nonsense at some point.

        I would rather read about what was your favorite ever Christmas gift to both give and receive. Or your favorite fiction book. How about your favorite meal and photos of the deer? (No Suneel in the pictures) or do you listen to music? What kind? Do you have a favorite film? Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?

        This Suneel stuff is just so dreadfully boring.

        • There’s actual evidence and FBI experts supporting the tampering. You find it boring that’s ok, but it’s happening and Raniere will walk out free. Maybe you’d benefit from joining one of his new courses when he’s out, you know to work on your boredom…

          • There’s no evidence.

            It would be used in a legal filing if it existed.

            No one let’s their pedophile cult leader rot in sex offender prison IF they actually have “evidence” to free the convicted felon.

            Is that your “rational inquiry” at work?

            Thousands of dollars well spent on your part. Those courses have well and truly fucked your brain up. You believe fiction.

            “I have absolute evidence to free an “innocent” child predator. But instead of his lawyers filing a legal action, I will just post about it on a blog. For years.’

            Does that actually make sense to you? If so, please seek help. You’re mentally impaired.

  • Frank-

    The bottom pic should be the pic that you use for your book. That’s your best one.

    The top pic, second best, is the intrepid and hard-nosed reporter pic. You look like you a bucket of nails for breakfast.

  • Good Lord! That looks like a lot of repetitive hot air blowing. Cannot read another one of these from Suneel. I attempted…but just couldn’t do it. It is getting way old now….
    I kept getting pop-ups that said
    It was good advice.

  • Suneel, it appears you are having difficulty believing the lies you have been telling yourself. If so, this is a good sign.

  • Suneel for a Harvard Boy you miss a lot. Sealed generally means to protect the content and retain source identification.

    The “bits” are “sealed” into a formatted and sealed into section of bytes. The bytes are are laid and sealed into tracks. A index track is the first track and is permanently etched into that track. Without the first track the bits and bytes can not be read. The bytes are sealed in the tracks and formatted into the tracks as directed by the first track. The first track seals other tracks and order of tracks and the bytes contained within them. These tracks are sealed in silicon. The writable bytes are magnetic and can be changed by magnetism. The etched first instruction track can not change as all bytes will be lost. These bytes, tracks are then sealed in more layers of silicone and comprise of a chip. The chip is then sealed into another silicone case. This is packaged sealed chip is then labeled by laser etching the silicone which identifies specification of the chips. This is also a type of seal. The chip is then placed into a card. A card also acts as a seal. But unlike the label seal if any of the other seals are broken the chip is useless and contains no readable data. If the card is broken you have to repair the card, but this will not change or alter the sealed files or tracks.

    You have to apply electricity to the chip to see if it is trash or contains a functional memory of files recorded the track.

    This is a bunch of seals before the law steps in. At some point this memory card containing the file was recognized as functional and had merit and just not old trash.

    That is what computer forensic technicians do. Once recognized as functional, containing criminal evidence a chain of custody would have been started. And prior to the recognition it was just a trash search.

    A good example of this is blood evidence. If an investigation is started as a missing person, you are not going to pick up used tampons. But if the investigation changes to a homicide then a tampon in the trash may become relevant. But if you already have the tampon seized as a bag of trash when do you extract it and seal it, and recognize it for additional forensics. It will be in the chain of custody. First of the trash bag contents. Then on the tampons merit to the arguments developed by investigation of criminal activity discovered.

    Confusing others of the word “sealed” and when a “chain of custody” begins is disingenuous.

    To accept your delusion you also have to believe all the investigators are in collusion. That they collectively can reproduce electronics chips produced 20 years ago, and manipulate the data to the historic industry and company standards.

    Anyone can destroy a chip. But reproducing one or even manipulating it would extremely difficult. And not leaving a blatant trail that the bytes were changed or edited a impossible task.

  • Frank, this is all your fault. Once again he has no hard evidence. He is wasting your reader’s time. You need to get him to pay your readers for reading his posts, unless he can present some real evidence. He also needs to accept that he lost the challenge he had placed.

  • J’accuse: the BIG difference between Emile Zola and Suneel C is that the former is a good writer while the latter rambles ad infinitum and ad nauseam. Zola also had a case, SC is grasping at straws.

    • For a small insect, a few straws are huge rafts. Never underestimate the importance of small things for small creatures, they are significant.

  • IF all of this is actually going to be revealed legally…

    Why write and post it at all?

    The only thing that it accomplishes is revealing a legal strategy/argument which is very ill-advised.

    Remember when Keith fathered a child and the boy was being raised right in the Nxium community as an “orphan”?

    And Keith lied to almost everyone about being the child’s father?

    That’s your guy? And we are supposed to believe anything that Keith says?

    • The message that you have problems. And you are correct, I do not want to hear that. I would prefer you healthy.

  • One big problem after a quick skim of Suneel Chakravorty blah blah rinse and repeat story.

    None of it is real evidence under oath as he likes to point the finger at others.

    None of it has gotten anyone arrested like the said FBI agent Chakravorty has been raging on for a year now.

    Where the heck is the Rule 33 motion?
    ***Chakravorty should shit it out in court or shit the frick up about it, Frank.
    He worse than a really bad weatherman promising a nice weekend after a cold winter. Oh, that’s gonna happen next weekend.

    Chakravorty goes on and on about the same old crap that he just can’t prove, or it doesn’t matter to Raniere’s case.

    This is the main reason you’ve lost so many readers, Frank. You’ve sunk to the bottom dwellers and it’s pretty much all you post about except the family custody case.

    My bi-monthly visit is another waste of time.

  • Frank tried to poison the well with a biased and inaccurate title for Suneel’s published argument:

    “Suneel Issues Over-the-Top Accusations at FBI, DOJ, and Everyone Else

    Definition of “Over The Top”: so unconventional, exaggerated, or excessive as to be considered outrageous, unbelievable, ridiculous, etc.

    Suneel did not present over the top accusations at anyone in this piece.

    Why are you trying to poison the well here, Frank?

    Why can’t Suneel be allowed to present his argument, and his underlying facts and reasoning – as well as the reasoning of computer experts who have examined the evidence – without your biased editorializing?

    What are you afraid of?


    • What are you afraid of? Boasting about, “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer but refusing to answer a follow-up question.

      Why did you have, “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer?

    • I am afraid of you, O’ great Alanzo. My body trembles at reading your accusations. I am shivering with fear. I have sinned and called the wrap of Alanzo the great. Now only God can have mercy on me. Everyone please pray for me.

      • You call Alonzo God? Rather ironically Alonzo’s nickname on one of the anti-Scientology websites was Vishnu, because he destroyed the atmosphere of the site’s forum.

          • Son of a bitch! I got my deities messed up again. 😉

            Frank, in all seriousness, thanks for pointing out my mistake. I looked up my error.


            “Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” I suppose we all thought that one way or another.”

            I imagine many people have misinterpreted who ‘Vishnu’ is because of Oppenheimer’s famous words. Including the moderator at one Scientology website, he was castigating Alonzo.

          • I called myself “Alanzo: Destroyer of Worlds” because the Church of Scientology had declared me a Suppressive Person – which is an entity that can destroy even the mightiest of Operating Scientology.

            It is said that even L Ron Hubbard himself was affected by, and eventually succumbed to, SPs.

            So you’d better watch out, Anonymous Fucktard.

            I’m a certified SP.


    • I called myself “Alanzo: Destroyer of Worlds” because “Alanzo: Sabotager of Self” didn’t have the same ring to it.

  • Yes, Suneel, the chain of custody for evidence is crucial. So how were YOU, who officially had nothing to do with the case, able to examine/commission experts to give their opinion? If KR is 100% sure evidence was tampered with, surely the World’s Smartest Man would have at least objected to its use at trial? Come on, Suneel, the WSM, judo expert, concert pianist extraordinaire, etc. didn’t figure it out, yet SC is able to see it so clearly. What hubris. An EM on ‘pride’ is long overdue.

    As for the ‘charges’ he makes about Daniela, Suneel again conveniently forgets the all-important WHY: it is perfectly possible Daniela did all these things and she has admitted some of it, but why would a young woman hack Joe O’Hara’s computer/attempt to install keylogging bugs, etc. unless asked to do so by KR or Nxivm management? Did Daniela hold a personal grudge against Mr. O’Hara/Mr. Bronfman – and why? Did she even know them? Did Suneel commission another report to show Daniela is prone to do totally random and irrational things?

    Suneel could do with researching how narcissists manipulate and get their coterie/flying monkeys to do their dirty work while trying to keep their hands clean and maintaining ‘plausible deniability’. In fact, Suneel needs to be careful whatever he does in defense of KR is on the right side of the law, as it may come back to bite him on his fundament. If that were to happen, KR’s response would be, as always: ‘It’s my fault, I didn’t test his trust enough, I didn’t predict he would be going half-cocked …”

  • Frank, on Feb 26 you gave this hamster 48 hours to put up [some facts] or shut up. It’s now March 4, four days past the deadline, so why are you still publishing his little brown verbal hamster turds?

    He’s kinda making it look like he’s in charge of the Frank Report, not you.

    • “He’s kinda making it look like he’s in charge of the Frank Report, not you.

      Yes, AT.

      Suneel is a caporegime in the Alanzo Mafia.

      We run this.


      • But why did you have “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer as you have previously commented?

      • The Alonzo Mafia is composed of a cascading cadré of characters, that come pouring out of Alonzo’s mind, like a waterfall every time he forgets his MEDS.

        Don’t forget Alonzo 2 x 💊💊

  • Again, Suneel. What is your endgame? What do you want the result to be? Do you want Reniere released? Please explain what you are pursuing this, specifically how it affects KR.

  • Suneel-“ The forthcoming Rule 33 motion on FBI tampering will be devastating. I don’t know who will be implicated.”

    Wishful thinking? 🤣

  • Suneel Chakravorty presents Grand Unified Theory of everything — Global Scientific community prostrate since dawn!

    • I have worked in a prosecutor’s office compiling evidence for trial. In some cases, the volume of evidence can take many months and sometimes more than a year to examine, catalogue, and organize for a case. It is not uncommon for one piece of evidence to lead to another crime weeks or months after receiving the documents, photos, etc.

      As I recall, the volume of data in the KR case was said to fill multiple floors of a library. Case in point: evidence regarding the Trump mortgage/tax fraud case is currently being examined in New York State and NYC.
      Your 10-day rule does not hold here!

      If you think every piece of this evidence was sealed as the case was being worked, let me tell you a story….

      Suneel, you may have a degree from Harvard, but it does not prove your ability to think and put together a logical argument. Study some real philosophy not KR jumbo jumble and learn to see truth not the world according to KR.
      I knew KR a long time ago and quickly saw the fraudster and his lies.
      Suneel, you are very naive or not very intelligent where it counts in the world of seeing the truth.
      Suneel, you are a gullible fool!

      Cut ties with this case, move on and live your best life. Put your energy into some good therapy.

  • Suneel has taken the place of Kristin Keefe, who was Keith’s legal liaison in the many suits he filed — except for the part involving Keith’s secret baby, which he lied about to everyone.

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