Parlato to Suneel: ‘Put up or Shut up!’

A Message for Suneel

Keith Raniere was convicted for abusing Camila and all your cries, Suneel, that there was evidence tampering win you no sympathy. For one, you have not presented any evidence. The Rule 33 motion that we have been waiting for since October 2020 has still not been filed.

For another, he did it. Yes, your Vanguard raped Camila, he raped Rhiannon, he raped Gina Hutchinson and Gina Melita and most likely others.

Rhiannon was 12 years old, and he terrified her, but she escaped. Camila was 13 years old when the rascal started grooming her. He raped her at age 15. But she could not escape, not until after he was arrested.

He raped Kristin Snyder and we never saw her again, a likely suicide or perhaps a murder by your blessed little man, now in Tucson Prison.

Kristin Snyder

I agree that if tampering went on, two wrongs don’t make it right.

I agree with Judge Nicholas Garaufis that when there is serious governmental misconduct, like tampering, the only remedy is vacatur.

Vacatur means no new trial. The verdict is set aside. Raniere walks free.

Only one problem, and I hope you do not find this rude, where is the evidence?

It is now one year and four months since you told me – as a journalist – that you had evidence of tampering with the Cami pictures. I have yet to see anything other than the fact that an FBI examiner said EXIF data is hard to change, when any fool knows that’s untrue.

That does not prove tampering. Just because EXIF data is easy to change and the FBI witness was clearly misleading the jury, that does not mean EXIF data was changed. He testified it was accurate.

We need proof. How were Cami’s pictures tampered with?

Were they not found on the hard drive?

Was the hard drive not found at 8 Hale?

Were the EXIF dates changed to backdate them to when she was 15?

Were they not pictures of Camila?

Did the FBI plant the images, after the fact, on the hard drive they found there?

I dare say, you can’t say.

Where’s the proof? All you have is wishful thinking, magical thinking, that your Vanguard who raped that girl, will be released, so you can grovel at his feet and follow his lordly commands.

He raped the girl. He took pictures of her in the very place where the pictures were stored.  He stole 13 years of her life and when she came of age, he made her live like a recluse in a shithole apartment. And this is karma, 13 years after he raped her and kept her in his thrall, the FBI found the evidence in his own place and now he is in prison for the rest of his life.

You have no sympathy for the girl, or woman.

Camila when she was 15- a painting by MK10ART.

Suneel, what do you say, my lad, to this? Why not care as much about the devastation he caused Camila, as you do about FBI tampering?

Suneel Chakravorty

Sure, I care about tampering. If these guys, FBI Agents Mike Winiger and Mike Lever, or anyone else, played with those photos, it is a crime and vacatur is the remedy for Raniere and criminal prosecution for the tampering fools.

Special Agent Lever [left] at the FBI raid of Nancy Salzman’s home (photo credit: Albany Times Union)
I don’t believe it. And I’ll tell you why. Not because I do not think the FBI could do corrupt things. We all know they do. And probably mostly get away with it. [Though I am guessing that Winiger and Lever did not and would not mess with evidence, risk their careers and deviate so far from their oaths, just to get your guilty Raniere. They had him anyway, I suspect.]

But the reason I can believe there was no tampering is because your confirmation bias is so astoundingly blinding that any evidence is contorted to your bias. You treat any evidence you have – even the most circumstantial – as dispositive proof that there was tampering.

Every little breeze seems to whisper Raniere. The birds in the trees twitter Raniere. Heads Raniere wins; tails his critics lose. If there are 100 explanations for something, all of them viable and worthy of investigation, and only one might point towards Raniere’s innocence, or FBI tampering. Those are the only options you see as viable.

Really, Suneel, for a well-educated guy this kind of willful blindness is immoral. We need objective evidence, Suneel. Make your case.

The asshole raped her. And they found pictures to prove he exploited her.

It is time now, Suneel, to put up or shut up. If you cannot deliver some evidence within the next 48 hours of tampering, I am shutting down this challenge for all it is doing is hurting victims.

Put up some proof, or at least admit Cami is a victim and then tell us what you think of a man who rapes a girl of 15 when he is 45.

I’m waiting.


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  • There is no controversy here. There is no “question” of Raniere’s guilt. That was decided by the jury, on the basis of overwhelming evidence.

    So why are we rehashing a settled conclusion?

  • Suneel and his self-delusions are not funny. He is demanding that everyone pretend that they government “cheated” because he did not like the outcome. There is no way Keith should have been convicted; therefore, the government must have lied. He just cannot accept reality. He keeps demanding that people believe him, and I suspect that he is willing to harass others to get what he wants.

    This is not funny, it is pathetic.

  • Suneel, Keith is in jail. Your fantasies that he was framed are not going to change that. You can continue to wallow in the deception that was NXIVM, or you can move on and build a life for yourself. The choice is yours.

  • Thank you, Frank! You have summed up the way I feel. Any thoughts on why KAR gave Suneel Power of Attorney instead of Nicki?

    • I can only guess the reason but I would say Suneel is very good at research, good at details, knows business, and excellent at follow through, plus he was not tied to the Raniere case. Nicki is also talented but is linked to the NXIVM story. That would be my guess:

      Suneel, whatever else we may think about his belief in Vanguard, is definitely competent.

      • Re “Suneel, whatever else we may think about his belief in Vanguard is definitely competent.”

        Suneel is competent only in his field of expertise. Suneel is definitely not competent in legal matters. He is only competent when he takes advice from lawyers. And he seems to have enough financial resources for that. Moreover, he does not have criminological knowledge to successfully conduct independent investigations with whatever results.

  • Thank goodness.

    Frank, this is the battle that has truly defined you to the world at large. It pulled the international spotlight to your doorstep. It brought you well-deserved accolades.

    Was really starting to wonder, “What the bleep happened”?! Ha ha

    And to question if this blog was just some sort of Keith Raniere long-con.

    Sure hope that it’s not.

    Dance with the one who brung ya, Frank.

  • I’m tired of people insulting Suneel.

    Suneel was captain of the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team. That is a very prestigious position to hold.

    IMO, it’s nearly equivalent to being the captain of a major NCAA sports team.

    IMO, it’s nearly equivalent to being an All-American athlete.

    I even heard that Harvard might have beaten the BIG10 and ACC dance team champions!

    How many others here can say they were the captain of a major sporting team at a major university?

    Oh, wait. Oops…My bad.

    I apologize. Apparently, I was wrong.

    Therefore, I’d be remiss not to mention that the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team is not really a sporting team at all.

    It’s not a part of the NCAA.

    It’s actually just an INFORMAL gathering of people – many of whom don’t even know how to dance yet – who wish to socialize while learning to ‘ballroom dance’.

    Based on Harvard’s own web site info, their dance team is open to all members of the public regardless of whether they’re students or not.

    According to its web site…

    *It’s mostly a SOCIAL CLUB, not any kind of ‘official’ athletic program.

    *It’s open to novices who know nothing about ballroom dancing.

    *Nobody can be refused a spot on the team, since ‘cutting’ people isn’t allowed. Everybody gets a spot on the team, lol.

    *Anybody who doesn’t attend Harvard may still join the team. It’s open to all Boston-area residents.

    *There’s only a few competitions per year.

    *Competitions are not ‘formal’ NCAA collegiate events.

    *Competitions are basically just agreements between nerdy dance teams to compete against each other (for nothing more than bragging rights).

    *It’s basically a way for nerdy people & non-athletes to feel as though they are collegiate sporting heroes.

    If Suneel was captain of THAT kind of a team, I wouldn’t exactly be bragging about it on his list of achievements.

  • Ahhhhh. Finally, Frank is telling Suneel what (almost) everybody is thinking. In a near poetic fashion. What a joy to read this post.

  • “…said EXIF data is hard to change”

    Correction: Booth did not say that, the dead-enders did.

    He said it was “not easy” for the regular/normal/average consumer to change. There’s a difference. So even this is not one fact the dead-enders have on their side.

    • Romeo Delight is absolutely correct. FBI agent Booth did not mislead the jury and he certainly didn’t lie on the witness stand.

      This is just more misrepresentation and baseless calumny on the part of the Nxivm dead-enders.

  • Suneel isn’t responding to Frank. Cowards like Suneel run and hide when they know they’ve been bested.

    I’d venture to guess the impetus for Suneel’s latest flurry of articles is the wanton Nicki Clyne. Perhaps Suneel showed Nicki his ‘true colors’…

    …..Alien green.

  • I suspect we won’t hear much from Bobblehead. He can’t put up because he has nothing, so his only option is to shut up. Part of me feels sorry for Bobblehead: first, because he is a Bobblehead — and second, because he’ll have the stench of Keith following him for the rest of his life due to him taking the bonehead Bobblehead position of stinky’s innocence.

  • Frank ??? Umh !!!

    An intellectual ass whooping.

    Of a Harvard Boy ?

    Hope he can write why he is going to “Cancel You”.

    Maybe Nicki & the Doctor can join him in a dance off and shed their cloths in Times Square.

    KAR would like that show of support to demonstrate their commitment and dedication.

    Yeeh! Yeeh!

  • This post is like music to my ears. Beautiful music. One would expect that since Suneel is a data scientist, he would have better reasoning capabilities. Alas, his reasoning begins and stops with his job.

  • Well said, Frank. Maybe SC might also consider telling your readers how he had access to the actual drive in order to have it privately investigated to show ‘proof’ of tampering? that is a ‘detail’ that has never been revealed. If it was the lawyers who commissioned the investigation (and even they would not have had free access to a crucial piece of evidence without the court’s knowledge) and any report proves beyond doubt foul play did take place, why are they not taking this to court? The court, the FBI etc may all be liars, and the lawyers incompetent (as per SC’s usual pat response when faced with questions he doesn’t like), but not to the extent of allowing hard, physical evidence to leave their custody to be handled by all and sundry. Crucial detail, Suneel.

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