Corrupt CT Family Court Judge Adelman Favors Affluent Father, Smashes Mother, Kids Be Damned

This generous [witha parent's money] CT Family Court Judge Gerard Adelman will appoint a GAL and help her bill more hours - even ordering that the GAL attend every minute of a trial - despite the customary procedure s that GALs only appear when they are called to testify.

Connecticut Family Court Judge Gerard I. Adelman, one of the most corrupt judges to sit on the bench anywhere, and a surefire, future federal convict for RICO and child trafficking, did what he does best, at the most recent court hearing regarding the case of Ambrose v. Riordan: He handed all decisions to the wealthy father, pleasing his coconspirators, lawyer Nancy Aldrich, and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Jocelyn Hurwitz.

As I cover this case, I realize it is a textbook case of corruption by sinister actors. If the FBI does not investigate, and the DOJ does not impanel a grand jury to indict, and a jury to convict for their RICO enterprise, it will be a shocking result. It’s coming.

On Wednesday, February 16, corrupt and biased Judge Adelman resumed the trial of Ambrose v. Riordan. It was a wild and wicked roller coaster ride that got us here after a three-month hiatus, where the too-cute-by-half Adelman played a wild and corrupt game of conspiracy with that most sinister judge, Thomas Moukwasher.

Judge Thomas ‘Crooked Tom’ Moukawsher,

The game was ugly, devious, and but for the Frank Report watching these scoundrels – brilliant. Except for the Frank Report, these racketeers might have got away with it,

On November 9, 2021, Adelman issued an order, sua sponte, that another judge [his co-conspirator Moukawsher] should hold a hearing on whether he should be recused for bias in the Ambrose v. Riordan case.

Of course, Adelman was biased. Everyone knew that. But the hearing was not to recuse Adelman for bias. It was a perjury trap to take out Riordan’s attorney Nickola Cunha.

Yes, the hearing resulted in corrupt Judge Moukawsher, as sinister a reprobate as one could find in the worst of characters of a Dickens novel, an unfeeling, heartless monster, who does not give a fig about the children he traffics, not recusing Adelman, but disbarring Cunha.

Nickola Cunha

Now you think about this: Nine times out of 10, an attorney is disbarred for stealing heir tclient’s money. The rest of the time it is from drug addiction or some felony crime committed by the errant lawyer.

The lying sack of bias Adelman was not disbarred [though he will be soon I predict} but attorney Cunha, the mother’s attorney, was disbarred for life [allegedly] for lying to Judge Moukawsher at the hearing to determine if Adelman was biased.

For her pointing out the obvious – that there was a conspiracy among Adelman, Judge Jane Grossman, Hurwitz, Aldrich, Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly, Dr. Robert Horwitz, Dr. Deborah Gruen, Dr. Bill Horn, and the sellout lawyer, Edward Nusbaum, and others – a filthy conspiracy to hand custody of three children to the wealthy father, as each of these pigs, trough-enriched, helped themselves to the family assets.

Nancy Aldrich works closely with the GAL, Hurwitz in numerous cases and enjoys high conflict cases that drag on for years.


Edward Nusbaum – he works for the wealthy parent no matter who he represents. Beware!

Here is where these sinister hogs may rot in hell for eternity for doing: They do not care at all about the children, three of them ages 15, 15 and 11 – who are languishing under the malevolent influence of their father, the plagiarizing, unemployable coward Chris Ambrose – and deprived of all contact with their mother – just so these hogs can get fatter.

Now comes their slaughter.

Still the kids were damned and Cunha disbarred, while Ambrose, the thief, was allowed to steal all the marital assets from their mother as she was kept from her children – for no honest reason under the sun.

Judge Adelman knows all this but profit trumps children every time in his court.  He did the bias hearing with his coconspirator to give him cover to steal the rest of the mother’s share of the marital assets and traffic the kids to the affluent father – this is the CT Family Court game.

In our next post, I will describe the evil orders Gerard Adelman issued on February 16th.  They will prove his bias – now that he has been cleared of bias. For now, let it be said that attorney Cunha was disbarred for something no lawyer was ever disbarred for before – supposedly lying to a judge.


But I shall prove she did not lie – not one word she said was untrue. But Moukawsher lied and began his journey on a bridge too far – one where he will sink by the weight of his own fat and ugly lying arse.

He and Adelman will find their niche in the halls of infamy – the criminal section of that hall – a den of infamy where men who are supposed to uphold integrity end up selling out for money.

We will leave no stone unturned to prove our case.

Cunha will get her law license back once justice comes to observe what happened.  And the children will be reunited with their mother as they deserve and desire.

The devious and piglike lying scoundrel of a father – a man so vile he does not care if his children weep daily to see their mother – the heartless criminal – he will get his karma paid up to date – like the sins he committed two by two, he shall pay for one by one.

Stay tuned.

I know I have made some strong predictions here. Now, it is up to me to substantiate every jot and tittle.

I shall expose such corruption in the corrupt Connecticut Family Court it will make NXIVM seem like a love story.

Look out, all ye corrupt scoundrels. This is for all the mothers [and fathers who had not the money] who have been robbed of their children by this demonic enterprise called the Connecticut Family Court.

And especially for the children who yearn to go home to the arms of mother, or father, the lost children sold for money by CT Family Court and its profit-driven system.

Money shall no longer rule. Justice will.

Ye corrupt ones, your day is coming.

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  • No other words more accurately describe this mess, Aldelman and Crooked Tom are not above the law or Constitution and MUST be held to account.

    • Adelman is the devil himself. A ruthless sadist. History teacher turned judge. He was reappointed in 2017. It was horrific. So many parents Terrorized by this monster, and he was reappointed.

      Are the claims of a pedophile ring in CT true? Or purely money within the system.

      One story should have been enough to remove him.

      Today he’s brutalizing more children – ripping them from good, loving parents.

      He needs to get off the bench. No laws followed – blatantly violates rights and liberties.

      • Obviously, we need to look at those who reappointed him. Dots are going to continue to be connected until this ends. Fuck everyone who is allowing this to occur.

    • Anyone terrorized by Adelman please contact Frank Report. He’s an animal and needs to be stopped and held accountable.

  • Senator Winfield stood up and rightly voted against Adelman. We need him to speak out for our children!!

    Rep Minnie Gonzales spoke boldly at the reappointment hearing. She was dry-mouthed when speaking the truth, and voted against Adelman.

    Rep Edwin Vargas referenced Diane Hart who was left homeless- saying how can this possibly be good?

    And Adelman lied under oath- denying he knew Susan Skipp – when he was directly involved- signed order which threatened Susan Skipp and used children as weapons.

    The abuse of power and violation of all laws is well- known to our legislature.

    NOTHING has changed since 2017. Look the the orders Adelman is visiting upon Riordan- after seeing her attorney was disbarred.

    And there is no regard for the children.

    Please contact those who stood up for our children! They don’t want to be involved, and CT press won’t report on any of it- unless it is to protect the cabal- the money-making operation that rules CT courts.

    Once you enter, there is no way out— not until you are penniless, homeless, childless, traumatized, defamed, and the life you once loved is destroyed.

    Contact Senator Winfield
    Capitol Office
    Legislative Office Building
    Room 2500
    Hartford, CT 06106-1591

    Legislative Aide
    Aminah Marshall

    Press Aide
    Kevin Coughlin

  • Good for you, sir. We tried to expose these dirty bastards also within the criminal and predatory Probate Court. Please get ahold of me!!

  • Oh boy!

    Here’s more of Ginzo’s “windy”, “repetitive”, “boring”, “drivel” while he has the audacity to project all his deficiencies onto me!

    A fucked-up family and court that’s been fucked up by Jews, that Frank is too stupid to acknowledge?! What an inept joke of a journalist you are! 😆😅😂🤣😭

    A fucked-up family?! WOW! WELCOME TO OUR FALLEN AMERICA, GINZO! How fucking original! Maybe you should just go jack off soap operas instead!

    Somebody ought to “edit” out this stupid, boring, and worthless fucking piece of shit of a falsely called “article”! How would you like that, huh, Ginzo?!

    You fucking piece of shit asshole!

    • Yes that’s right, my Lord! 😍😍😍😍😍

      Here’s Frank’s hypocrisy manifested before all! What a waste of time, effort, and words! Meanwhile, he dodged pure journalist gold and something that’s actually important like Michele Hatchette blaming all whites for the fall of NXIVM!

      Ginzo sucks dick at being a journalist! What a joke!



      #IF WE BELIEVE! ✊🏻


      • I like this comment – it is much shorter and almost readable. Keep making these kind of on point [and short] comments.

        • Oh my fucking God, Frank!

          You’re so fucking stupid! Who dropped you on your head when you were a baby?! Why don’t you apply what you bitch at him for on everybody else?!

          He’s inquired you about this over and over and you’re so mentally retarded that you don’t listen and say stupid shit like this!

          Are you going to be consistent or are you going to just keep being a hypocrite in everything you say?!

          Patriot God, I’d suggest you hit him where he’s going actually learn…….. HIS WALLET!

          There’s enough of a gold mine of evidence on this website to fuck him hard! It’s very obvious he’s very selective on who he gives free speech to and implies these complete ridiculous subjective standards to and there’s no way he can actually quantify this! The courts will also see it this way also!

          Just sue the fucking shit of him! There’s no way he could survive what’s he’s doing in front of a jury in a court room!

          This guy is a fucking bully that needs to be stood up too! The is your best solution on how to deal with him where he can’t hide and refuse to answer during a cross examination! There’s mountains of evidence on this website cave alone, to lock him away for years and earn e very shinny penny for all of your stress and troubles!

          Just think about that what I said, dude! Somebody has stand up to him and put him into his place! I know how frustrating this is that he acts like this and a good lawsuit would fix his uppity guido’s qass good!

          Just take this all into consideration, bro! Think!

  • There are many mothers deprived of their children in CT Family Court – it’s not one isolated case. Money equals custody.

    It works subtly. It’s a one-off conspiracy. Wink and nod. Judge appoints GAL – GAL appoints custody evaluator – wealthy father is recommended to get custody – mother no contact – she fights – grateful father opens checkbook pays GAL, custody evaluator, and lawyer.

    The lawyer for mother sells her out and sticks only till she runs out of money

    • Now is the time to speak out. We all need to expose this and stop living in fear. It will only end when we unite and put everything out to the public. People have no idea courts are literally snatching children from the targeted parent – never to see them again. The trauma inflicted on the children is sadistic.

      Our CT family judges, attorneys, and the cabal of unwarranted “specialists” are killing parents.

      They isolate the children from the primary parent and the lives they’ve known and loved to force dependency on one parent.

      Therapists are hired to support the false narrative that one parent is alienating, suddenly mentally ill, dangerous, and threatening.

      If the parent files a complaint against one of these abusers, then they are combative and have borderline personality disorder, or are bipolar. The defamation of the targeted parent is punishing.

      The medical profession would never endorse such abuse.

      That’s why custody evaluations are sealed, GALs have immunity, and medical records are delayed, and denied to the targeted parent.

      Stay-at-home mothers who gave up careers to raise children – the primary physical and psychological parent – are then the ones to lose custody. They have no children, no home, no money, and no support to fight the trafficking.

      Judges then order them to return to work and pay the abuser child support and alimony.

      They control the money and the narrative to deliver children.

      These parents have not been deemed to be unfit parents — they are good, healthy, loving parents.

      Speak out. Call Frank Report, give your evidence and let it be exposed. They have taken our children!

      • Call everyone and everyone who has a voice and show them what Frank is exposing. Let’s get this picked up by other outlets and build momentum.

      • Please tell me how to contact Frank and give him the details on what happened to me. I lost my two daughters, my home, and everything I owned due to that Horrible Judge Alderman. I would love to give my statement from 2014 – 2016. Reading some of these statements made me feel like I was going thru the heartache again. I can’t believe he was reappointed. He must be stopped, and they must know what he has done to mothers. Please get back to me.

  • “I shall expose such corruption in the corrupt Connecticut Family Court; it will make NXIVM seem like a love story”

    I hope it’s soon. And to the dope who said recording hearings is against the law: recordings are recorded! Cite the law, ya dumbfucklberry

    • Judge Adelman and CT court judges make the no recording policy clear.

      Yes, they record it and you have to pay the court $20 per audio and hundreds for written transcript. Money-making machines. And they control the narrative.

      At times you cannot sit in the family court without giving your name! Straight from the bench, a family court judge, who STOLE twin 7-year old girls from a good, loving mom, demanded the names of those observing. They work diligently to conceal the truth from the public.

    • Here you go:

      © State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, 2021. No part of the materials available on any State of Connecticut Judicial Branch YouTube channel may be reproduced, photographed, recorded, distributed, published or rebroadcast in any medium, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, and in accordance with the YouTube Terms of Service.

      Other than the official recording prepared by the Judicial Branch, the recording of livestreamed proceedings is strictly prohibited. This prohibition is consistent with the rules currently in place regarding members of the public physically present in a courtroom. This includes audio recording, video recording through a cellphone, screen capture, screen shot, print screen, or any other recording types. Members of the public may order a transcript of the remote hearing.

      (Nice name calling, BTW.)

  • You attended the hearings (in person or by Zoom invitation) yourself, Frank, or are you getting your information second-hand and, therefore, biased? Alternatively, is a participant in the hearing providing you with recordings of the proceedings in violation of state law?

    I think you need to take a step back and consider the possibility that the mother is unfit to parent her children. I appreciate your passion but perhaps it has clouded your judgment. You may be wrong and, in fact, the players you identify may have been working in good faith to do what’s in the children’s best interest. You may not agree with their determinations but that doesn’t make them corrupt, etc.

    • Jesus Chris! The fact that anyone including Hollywood, ever bought your bullshit is really too hard to believe. You need to just sit with the coming reality that things are about to get way, way worse for you and determine whether or not you can withstand the further, more disgusting exposure that you know is inevitable. The window to fix this is closing.

      • I’m not that familiar with family court, so maybe I am missing the obvious. What exactly did the judge decide on the 16th? Like, no custody ever for Mom, or what? Also, did the mother show up in court? If not, did she provide proof of having Covid?

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