Two More Jane Does Drop Out & Other NXIVM News

Two additional anonymous plaintiffs – Jane Doe 28 and Jane Doe 56 have dropped out of the civil lawsuit – Edmondson, et al against Keith Raniere, et al.Here are the docket entries:

02/15/2022 148 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Jane Does(Nos. 28-32, 34-39) Jane Doe 28 (Glazer, Neil) (Entered: 02/15/2022)
02/16/2022 149 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Jane Does(Nos. 50, 52-54, 56-63) Jane Doe 56 (Glazer, Neil) (Entered: 02/16/2022)

This brings the total of plaintiffs, if I err not, to 69.

Did these Does drop out because of threats of being named by Michele Hatchette? It’s hard to say.

Jane Does 28 and 56 are not significant plaintiffs. Both are Does who merely took one of more NXIVM courses, felt ripped off by it – at least after Keith Raniere was exposed as a scoundrel – and allegedly did some work for NXIVM for which they were not paid.

Keith Raniere is the founder of NXIVM and lead defendant.

Here is how Doe 28 is referred to in the lawsuit:

Jane Doe 28 is a resident of Canada. Jane Doe 28 enrolled in and paid for NXIVM curriculum.

Jane Doe 28 enrolled in NXIVM curriculum based upon Defendants’ false, material representations that Rational Inquiry provided a scientific, patent-pending technology that would lead to a successful career and self-fulfillment.

Contrary to Defendants’ representations, Rational Inquiry was neither scientific nor patentable. Defendants also failed to disclose a material fact—that Rational Inquiry was actually a pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods which, when practiced by unlicensed and unqualified lay-people, subjected its participants to an unreasonable risk of serious psychological injury and emotional distress.

As a result of Defendants’ scheme, criminal acts, and misrepresentations and omissions, Jane Doe 28 was emotionally and financially harmed.

Also, as part of Defendants’ scheme, Jane Doe 28 performed uncompensated labor, working for many hours without compensation for the benefit of the Defendants.


Neil Glazer

I agree with what plaintiff’s attorney Neil Glazer alleges here. But if Jane Doe 28 was from Canada, she likely was from Vancouver and, therefore, most likely enrolled by the lead plaintiff, Sarah Edmondson, and not the defendants.

It was probably Edmondson who praised NXIVM and its founder, Keith Raniere.

It means that Edmondson, the lead plaintiff and a victim, inadvertently victimized other victims based on the consumer fraud NXIVM was engaged in. Edmondson bought into the Raniere/Salzman deception, was deceived herself, but significantly did not deceive others intentionally. She sold it to hundreds, maybe thousands, who spent money because she endorsed it. But she believed in it.

To date, we have seen the following drop out:

Ana Cecilia dropped out of the civil lawsuit. She alleged she was emotionally abused by NXIVM after taking the course.

   – Nov. 5, 2021: Ana Ceclia, Jane Doe 51

   – Dec. 15, 2021: Jane Does 13, 23, 26, 28, 33, 55, and 56 – and John Does 2, 16, and 17

   – Feb. 15, 2022: Jane Doe 28

   – Feb. 16, 2022; Jane Doe 56


Rob Gavin reported for the Times Union in his story Raniere loyalists ordered to court for allegedly threatening NXIVM victims.

Gavin always very nicely sums up things with brevity and clarity:

He writes, “On Tuesday, [Judge Eric] Komitee issued an order forbidding Clyne, Porter, Roberts or any of the defendants from identifying any of the anonymous plaintiffs in the suit. Neil Glazer, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, had filed a motion asking the judge for such an order after NXIVM loyalist Michele Hatchette threatened to identify a dozen plaintiffs identified with pseudonyms or as ‘Jane Doe’ in the suit. Victims were allowed to testify at Raniere’s criminal trial under such pseudonyms.
Screenshot from Michele Hatchette’s Instagram video.

Hatchette made the threat in a video on the website for The Dossier Project, a group of eight women who admitted belonging to DOS, including Hatchette, Clyne and Roberts, all of whom once lived in Halfmoon. Clyne and Roberts had both posted messages on social media supporting the threat.

“For those of you who are Jane and John Does watching this, this is your last opportunity to come forward and put your name to your claims,” Hatchette said in a video posted on Instagram. “If you don’t, it is my moral obligation to name every single one of you. The clock starts now.”

In the Facebook comment, Porter asked Edmondson why she was suing him and told her that when he applied for a medical license a state prosecutor was in the room.

“It looks like a joke, but this is very serious,” Porter told Edmondson….

Clyne, Porter and Roberts all filed motions asking the judge to allow them to appear virtually at Thursday’s hearing. Their remarks to the judge were far less brazen than their comments on social media. For instance, Clyne had publicly stated on Twitter: “Women in the NXIVM case have hidden behind their anonymity long enough. With equal privilege comes equal responsibility. Time’s up!”


As readers know, Saratoga Flash News took down Sara Bronfman’s audio recording of her phone call after the heiress threaten to sue. I thought it would be good to post it on Frank Report so it is not lost to the world.

The audio is her phone call to presumably Steve Forbes about her unhappiness about a story published in Forbes Magazine. In the call she asks Forbes to commit to not record her, while she secretly records him.

Here is the recording. I imagine I will hear from her lawyers threatening to sue me. I will argue “fair use.”


Book a Tarot Reading

Bonnie Piesse, 38, is more than a beautiful actress and person. Her husband Mark Vicente credits her with waking him up to the nefarious schemes of Keith Raniere and in effect rescuing him from the clutches of NXIVM.
She and Vicente left NXIVM in 2017 and became whistle blowers. Their departure is documented in The Vow, a documentary series for HBO directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer.
An Australian actress and singer/songwriter, Bonnie played the role of a Beru Lars in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in 2002, and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, in 2005.
On March 29, 2021, it was announced that Piesse would return to her role as Beru Lars in the Disney+ series Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Bonnie offers guidance to people who want to explore the possibility of mystical revelations coming from insights divined by a mystic from the selection of random cards chosen from a Tarot deck.
The tarot is a pack of playing cards, also used for divination. Aleister Crowley said, “Tarot is… an admirable symbolic picture of the Universe, based on the data of the Holy Qabalah.”

No, that is not Keith Raniere but The Fool of the Tarot deck of cards.

Bonnie is a second generation Tarot Reader.

“Using her intuitive gifts, including Clairaudience, she channels messages from Spirit to help you find clarity in any area of life, so you can move forward in a way that feels empowered and aligned with your soul. As a sensitive empath, Bonnie has a unique way of helping you feel cared for and supported… while she helps you connect to what you already know.”

Clairaudience is not the same things as Clare-audience – which is getting a chance to be in the presence of Clare Bronfman.

Bonnie offers 50 minute (online) Intuitive Tarot Readings for the sum of $225.

According to her website, “Bonnie is currently only taking a very limited number of new clients. If you’re a returning client (if you’ve had at least one reading with Bonnie in the past), or if you have a valid gift card, please email to schedule.

“For all other bookings, please fill out the form below to apply/join the waitlist. Thank you so much!”


NXIVM and Baseball?

This question was posed: Bases are loaded. None out and there are three clean singles in a row and not a man scores. How?

The answer is that it was DOS women’s baseball game and the only man was the head coach.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their worshipful master in the middle. He was to be kept a secret from all recruits – until the time they were to seduce him.

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  • Maybe Bonnie was just hearing the voices in her paranoid delusional head when she told Mark that everything they had experienced and loved and sold to hundreds of others and taught was suddenly bad. Sounds like she can’t tell the difference from real and not real if she thinks she can see the future and talks to dead people. And Mark V shared very clearly In the Vow that he was paranoid long before he even knew of NXIVM or Keith’s existence. And then some great acting and directing began! Bravo to all the actors and actresses who literally brought the house down with their “reenactments” who are now trying to steal the Bronfmans’ fortune and have gone against the very people they invited to join NXIAN and made tons of money off of too. Bravo indeed. And our justice system is corrupt enough to help them do it is the most tragic part of their charade.

    • Tarot Card readings should just be a sort of harmless game, like Pokémon for adults. But in Bonnie’s case, she is corruptly selling her BS…unless she believes in it, then it is very sad for her and her customers.

      This reminds me of another silly belief that became dangerous. First Lady Nancy Reagan used an Astrologer extensively while in the White House. Nancy had great influence over her husband so passed on these reading to him and they affected presidential policy. They even dictated the exact time Air Force One would take off and land.

    • Oooo. You so jealous of Bonnie.

      She’s got her husband. She’s got Star Wars. She’s got her music. She’s beautiful.

      Most importantly, Bonnie saw through Keith’s bullshit. Never got near vanguard’s HPV penis. No branded vagina. No starving herself and growing out her pubes for her slave master. No porn on demand. No slave chain.

      Tarot is cool entertainment. Big whoop. Over half of Americans believe in ghosts. And angels. And horoscopes. So what?

      That’s all ya got? Go dance for a pedophile

      You SO jelly.

      I’m sure when Bonnie is walking the red carpet, she gives no fucks what you losers think of anything.

      Have fun selling MLM crapola.

      Ha ha ha. SO JEALOUS.

      • Jealous of what? Bonnie getting $225 for 50-minute bullshit session?

        “If you are a Tarot Card reader with less than 5 years of experience, you should be charging around $30/hour. Readers with 5 to 20 years of experience average around $80/hour and those with over 20 years of experience can be around $120/hour.”

        All the Tarot card readers in America should be jealous of her getting twice what a 20-year pro charges. Must be the Executive Success training that ups her price.

        • If you’re not jealous, then assume it wasn’t directed at you. Bonnie works. Mark works. They aren’t getting by on tarot card readings. She enjoys doing readings. Who cares? If that’s the worst that can be said about a person, they are doing okay imho.

          People have all sorts of little side hustles. I think a lot of them are dumb. So what?

        • Question 1: Which DOS slave or NXIVM woman would you pay $225 to have sex with?

          Question 2: Would you have sex with Clare if she paid you $225?

    • Just because Mark is a cult hopper and Bonnie is into Tarot card fantasy readings, doesn’t mean Raniere isn’t a racketeering conman, blackmailer, and sex predator.

      Mark testified — why did the defense fail to attack his credibility? Was Bonnie even called to the stand by the defense to question her sanity because she likes Tarot?

      But plenty of testimony and evidence was presented that got the statutory rapist convicted.

      You guys can complain all you want now, but the time to defend your master was in court, not on social media and blog comments. But you chickened out.

  • Frank, of all the Jane Doe’s who have dropped out, are there any “names”?

    Anything “juicy”?

    If so, what were they suing for and do you think they had the right, legal or moral to do so?

  • “It means that Edmondson, the lead plaintiff and a victim, inadvertently victimized other victims based on the consumer fraud NXIVM was engaged in. Edmondson bought into the Raniere/Salzman deception, was deceived herself, but significantly did not deceive others intentionally. She sold it to hundreds, maybe thousands, who spent money because she endorsed it. But she believed in it.”

    This hints at the absolute mess that is Pilly Neil’s BigPayDay® lawsuit.

    You speculated earlier, Frank, that Jane Doe 28 dropped out “because of threats”.

    Could it be because this lawsuit makes no sense? And because it is itself a miscarriage of justice?

    Why wasn’t Jane Doe 28 a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Sarah Edmonson – the person who probably sold and delivered these supposedly harmful services, and possibly one of the biggest money-makers in NXIVM overall?

    As Nicki Clyne pointed out, most of the top money makers are suing those who spent money on NXIVM.

    The sole difference between plaintiff and most of the defendants in this suit is present-day loyalty.

    They have not renounced NXIVM like Sarah, her husband, and the Retired Ice Dancer have. But Sarah, her husband and the Retired Ice Dancer gained some of the highest amounts from NXIVM and actively sold and delivered these allegedly harmful services to the other plaintiffs in this suit.

    These top money makers and promulgaters of this supposed harmful practice (which has yet to be proven) are all hiding behind their renouncement of loyalty to NXIVM, that is all.

    If NXIVM was so harmful, when will these top money makers on it see justice?

    What a freaking mess.

    If I was a so-called plaintiff in this joke, I’d bail too.


        • You are the one who voluntarily wrote that statement about your “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer.

          You constantly demand “proof” and answers from.other commenters.

          I am politely asking you a relevant follow-up question.

          Please answer. Thank you.

        • He may have been sued. But he publicized his “personal interactions” with Neil Glazer.

          It was written in one of his MANY comments about Neil Glazer. But after making the claim, he refuses to answer a simple, polite follow-up question.

          This is the same commenter who asks almost everyone on this blog a hundred questions. The same guy who thinks it’s cute to divulge personal information and the given name of at least one commenter.

          Yet he will not answer a simple question that he prompted.

  • Jane Doe #28 claimed Rational Inquiry “was neither scientific nor patentable…a pseudo-scientific hodgepodge of psychotherapeutic methods…practiced by unlicensed and unqualified lay-people”

    Is that so different from the Tarot Card readings Bonnie Piesse is selling? Explore “mystical revelations” as Bonnie uses her “intuitive gifts, including Clairaudience, channeling messages from Spirit…so you feel empowered and aligned with your soul.”

    Just add sex and branding and this is a cheaper verison of ESP.

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