Dones Depo. Part #3 NXIVM ‘rips away at self esteem’

While many readers have read Susan Dones’s 2010 deposition in her bankruptcy case, there is much information for potential candidates for NXIVM classes to learn from Ms. Dones about the Vanguard, Keith Raniere and his Cult of NXIVM.

Here are some excerpts which have been edited slightly for simple clarification.


The questioner is NXVIM attorney Robert Crockett. Susan Dones provides the answers.

Marriage based on inner deficiency?

Q:    What other teaching method has NXIVM employed that involves a twisted view of ethics?

A;  …. they teach … that if somebody is in a marriage that that is just a place of fulfilling your inner deficiencies. And so I believe that NXIVM teaches that a marriage, a primary relationship, is not a good thing to have.

Q:  Have you ever seen any written course materials from NXIVM saying that a marriage is not a good thing to have?

A:  …. In their relationship module …. they talk about relationships coming from a place of inner deficiency.

Q:  …What other conduct did you think was inconsistent with what NXIVM taught in terms of ethics?

A:  I think that lying to people about people’s character is a twisted form of ethics. I was told several times that Barbara Bouchey was a full suppressive and that she was crazy…. I was told by Nancy Salzman that her and Keith hypothesized that I was a full suppressive.…. I think that there’s a lot of behavior that goes on within

Are these two capable of ascertaining who is a suppressive? Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman are Vanguard and Prefect of a new movement of ethics.

another. …. if you’re asking somebody to come in and pay $6,000 for a course …  that the founder and the president of the company don’t even follow, then to me, that’s — that’s consumer fraud…..

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  • Of course Raniere teaches marriage is based on inner deficiency. He doesn’t want the women he stalks to think about marriage so they can be hypnotized to join his inner circle of puppet sex women. What a loser.



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