Tape of Sara Bronfman Phone Call to Steve Forbes on Saratoga News Flash Facebook Page; More Taped Phone Calls Promised

Sara Bronfman

The Facebook Page, Saratoga Flash News reports it has audio recordings of several of Sara Bronfman’s phone calls.

One audio has been published on Facebook already, a call made by Bronfman to Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine.

Flash News writes: “Sara Bronfman puts the squeeze on publisher Steve Forbes, in defense of her own reputation and that of NXIVM. A small example of a trove of audio/phone recordings that have suddenly emerged in advance of her upcoming civil trial.”

It is unclear which article she is complaining about, but it is clear it is not the first [and famous] story Forbes Magazine published in October 2003, Cult of Personality since she refers to an earlier story in her phone call with Forbes.

Steve Forbes

It may be Bronfmans and the Cult in 2006. Or the 2010 version of the story It might be the December 5, 2013 Forbes Magazine story, Can A Business Entrepreneur Save Libya? Or some other story.

Forbes published this cover story about Keith Raniere in October 2003.

It is amusing to hear Bronfman ask Forbes to confirm he is not recording the call, while she, in turn, secretly records him.

It is not known how Flash News got the Bronfman recordings. They were clearly not released by Bronfman. They may have been leaked by a former NXIVM member and/or employee of Bronfman. Here is a transcript of the phone call (My inserts are in brackets and highlighted).

How are you?

Well. How are you?

Fine. Thank you.

Good. So I apologize for my, for my having to call you on this matter. I guess that’s the best way to say it.

[Laughs] No problem.

And you know, I have to, you know. I got the things that I have to say while I’m talking to you, about asking, that this is off the record, and not for attribution.

Right, right.

On deep background and not to be reported. Can I get your agreement on that?

[Laughs] Sure.


So I don’t know, you know, what authority you have within your magazine or not, but I got a call from my attorney several days ago, the day that I actually sent you the email, the kind of information that the reporter, that your reporter had about me was the kind of information that the only person who could have given it to her, and really she could have gotten it from, was either me or my attorney. And the reason why I was concerned and I wanted to contact you was because I’m, I’m, at the moment, very seriously speaking to my attorney about litigation with respect to this issue. So I didn’t, I don’t know, I don’t know who had the motive, and I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But it’s a really very serious legal situation between me and my attorney’s office, so I don’t want your magazine to get in the middle of that. And I think that the magazine is being used for something that doesn’t concern you and I don’t think it would be good so I don’t know if that’s valuable to you or not, but that was my concern.

Right, right. Well, I appreciate the heads up on it and I’m sorry you have problems with your own attorney. That’s [laughs] a heck of a situation.

Yeah, it’s uh you know, I don’t know, what you do in these situations, or how you deal with them. And, you know, I was very moved by watching your panel when I came to the conference, and I thought it was very strange timing, you know, that. and, but I came to that [panel] I don’t know if you have done any research or any, you know, checked any background on me with respect to anything, but have you?

No. [laughs]

There was actually another article written about me, and an organization [NXIVM] that I work with, in Forbes about two, maybe three years ago. And it was, and that’s actually why I wanted to meet with you, because I found that the things that you claimed that the magazine stood for and upheld were not being upheld in the kind of articles that were being written [about NXIVM]. And it was a very, it was a very personal matter for me, and it [the article] involved my family. I know that kind of stuff happens all the time. But it was an organization that I work with, a company [NXIVM] that actually builds entrepreneurs, and upholds the kind of values that you were speaking of, you and your brothers were speaking about upholding, was actually labeled a cult in the magazine and it was very destructive and it didn’t seem like something that you would want going on. I didn’t know if you knew that, kind of, you know, I don’t know what kind of control you have, or what authority you have in the magazine, but it just, it just didn’t seem like you would want those kinds of things going on, given what you said at the conference. So–

Right. Right.

Do you have any thoughts on that? Or is that something that you think about or…?

Yeah, I’ll have to dig the thing [the article] out and see who did the piece, and that kind of thing. But uh, how long have you been working with the organization?

Since 2002?

Forbes: Wow.


It seems that Bronfman was threatening Forbes with litigation. At times she appears to be appealing to him to live up to the high ethical standards she herself has and that which she heard him espouse at a panel at a conference she attended. She does not think it ethical that Forbes magazine refers to NXIVM as a cult.

During her inarticulate call, she does not get Forbes to agree to anything.

One of the dumbest comments she makes is, “I think that the magazine is being used for something that doesn’t concern you.”

Forbes Magazine is in the business of reporting matters that interest or concern their readers. A dispute between lawyer and client – and whatever else Forbes sees fit to publish — when the topic is a Seagram’s heir who is in a cult – would concern them.

I am not convinced the call was to relate that her lawyer might be leaking information, although it appears she believes it.  The point might be captured in her: ” I’m…  seriously speaking to my attorney about litigation with respect to this issue… It’s a … very serious legal situation between me and my attorney’s office, so I don’t want your magazine to get in the middle of that.”

She lets him know that she will put Forbes Magazine right into the middle of it via litigation.

Forbes thanks her for the heads up, declines to say much or commit to anything. As for the article, he merely says he would “dig it up” without promising to call her back. Then he spins and asks how long she has been with the “organization”.

She answers, since 2002.

He says, “Wow”

Calling NXIVM an organization his magazine repeatedly called a cult – and quoted her father Edgar Bronfman calling it a cult – was good manners. The “Wow”, I think was a genuine surprise.

Forbes Magazine reports on wealth, wealthy people, old and new wealth, and growing more wealth. They estimate annually the net worth of the wealthiest people in the USA and in the world and publish it as a list.

To see the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the world caught up in a cult instead of following conservative, tried and true methods of preserving, and growing wealth, and comporting oneself as interested in such when you have it, might have occasioned the “Wow” as in “How stupid this little girl is, and how sad for Edgar.”

Flash News promises further audios: “Next up. Sara calls that lawyer and accuses him of the leak and in that process, we learned some things we didn’t need to learn.”

I’m sure Bronfman is not pleased that she carelessly left what promises to be embarrassing recordings in others’ hands and they are now in the hands of the media.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Forbes and his family, and some of the smarter Bronfmans, share an elite college connection (I’ve run across some of them at graduation ceremonies), which I’m guessing is why he even took Sara’s call. Ditsy rich heiresses are a dime a dozen otherwise, and even at that he treats her patronizingly and keeps the call very brief.

    I suspect her remark “that the magazine is being used for something that doesn’t concern you” refers to conspiracy theories about supposed opponents like the Illuminati that Raniere promoted, and used as a way to blame his and the organization’s troubles on nefarious outside forces. It’s a tactic and rationalization that, for instance, Scientology, from which Raniere took a good bit including the concept of “suppressives”, uses extensively and even as a matter of dogma.

    • It was taken down by the owner of the Saratoga Flash – and will likely not be put back up anytime soon.

  • They posted this. Could it be about the recordings?

    ‘Now it’s getting fun. Just like we knew it would’

  • Saratoga Flash News
    14. June ·
    NXIVM Bombshell:
    Secret Tapes Emerge (and Flash has them)

    New and secret recordings from the inner sanctums of the NXIVM sex cult have emerged.

    Most of them center around Seagrams heiress Sara Bronfman in her managerial and representation efforts in support of the controversial group.

    Ms Bronfman is currently parked in Europe, which conveniently and likely keeps her at arms reach from legal prosecution here in the US. After all, her sister Clare sits in federal prison for her role in the Clifton Park based organization that is now world infamous.

    Meanwhile, a class action lawsuit is in motion against Ms Sara, whose hubby is still planning on somehow becoming the ruler of Libya. Key to that suit is her level of involvement in the strategic and managerial decision-making in NXIVM. The more involved; the greater her civil exposure.

    These recordings might shed some light there… Not to mention the comfort of hearing the sage wisdom of you know who.

    The owner of these tapes has selected SARATOGA FLASH NEWS as the exclusive media outlet for publishing select excerpts from this cache.

    Stay tuned for these eavesdrops…. This week .

  • Very glad you did that transcript, since they must have been pressured to delete the story/audio. I am guessing we won’t see that second part.

    • I am certain the Bronfmans have a team who monitors this blog and other information outlets in real-time and are prepared to handle situations like this 24/7.

      • Yes. There are programs that scan all internet searches in real time looking for headline keywords. When someone emerges with dirt from a celebrity’s past history, they can be confronted in real time with litigation and backroom negotiations. Standard fare.

  • What I love about this conversation is that Forbes just laughs at her threats.

    But so many needy idiots took this NXIVM crap to be wise.

  • Sarah has/had everything going for her except a decent hairstyle. And that’s easy to remedy.

    Whywhywhywhyhywhy lose your money, life, youth, dignity, father, and time over this junk?

    • Ghislaine used Epstein as a money/power/access conduit.

      Trafficking girls/young women to him and participating in rape satiated her sadism.

      She was having a great time until the house came crashing down on her.

    • Typically, the BBC failed to mention that Dershowitz was Epstein’s lawyer and has also been accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

    • You need to working on your reading comprehension skills. I didn’t say you would be surprised, I said you are disappointed.

      You think the real perpetrators here are the Lizard People controlling Joe Biden, or whatever Q told you.

      • Guilty Jizzlane

        You think the real perpetrators here are the Lizard People controlling Joe Biden,’

        Sky News Australia
        2.17M subscribers
        The New York Post’s Miranda Devine says the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan has made people “think twice” about President Joe Biden.

        It comes after the latest Zogby poll revealed 20 per cent of US people who voted for Joe Biden regret their vote.

        Ms Devine told Sky News host Paul Murray this is a case of “buyer’s remorse”.

        Buyer’s remorse’: Poll shows 20 per cent of Biden voters regret their vote

  • The audio has disappeared.
    Somebody check the newspapers?
    Maybe this guy will be showing up in the Obits?

  • Sara Bronfman has very chalice at redemption. Keith forgives. It’s his nature. He loves us all and we live through him and his love.

  • julie k. brown
    Maxwell did not look at the jury as it filed in the court at 5 pm. As the verdict was read, Maxwell struggled to stand but said nothing.
    · 29. Dez. 2021·Twitter for iPhone


    julie k. brown
    Maxwell, 60, appeared shaken, she sipped a cup of water then slumped back in her chair. She did not shed a tear.
    · 29. Dez. 2021·Twitter for iPhone


    • The people who cried over this verdict were the assorted NXIVM bitter-enders like Nicki & Suneel, plus their beta-boy hanger-on who will soon share his angry, sexually frustrated, New Age ,wannabe-Buddhist philosophicalizationalism.

  • I guessing FB isn’t going to let those tapes see the light of day.
    Sara Bronfman has too much pull and will get them taken down every time they are put up
    Maybe you can get them on your site Frank

  • Fox News

    Ghislaine Maxwell trial: late Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime lover found guilty on 5 of 6 counts

    A jury found Ghislaine Maxwell, the longtime lover of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, guilty on five of six counts

    British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell faces up to 65 years in prison after a Manhattan jury found her guilty of five of six counts against her for trafficking teens to be abused by her and late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

    “A unanimous jury has found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of one of the worst crimes imaginable – facilitating and participating in the sexual abuse of children,” said U.S. Attorney for the Southern District Damian Williams. “Crimes that she committed with her long-time partner and co-conspirator, Jeffrey Epstein. The road to justice has been far too long. But, today, justice has been done.”

    He added: “I want to commend the bravery of the girls – now grown women – who stepped out of the shadows and into the courtroom. Their courage and willingness to face their abuser made this case, and today’s result, possible.”

    The jury acquitted on a single count, enticement of an individual under the age of 17 to travel with intent to engage in illegal sexual activity.

    [ … ]

  • Moira Penza, the former federal prosecutor who helped ensure Raniere will never leave prison, is getting quoted all over the place now that Maxwell was found guilty, but none of the news outlets are interviewing Alazno.

    Why are they ignoring his legal and philosophical genius?

    That must make him so sad.

        • The law regarding the recording of phone calls varies by state. Some states require that all parties to a phone call must consent to it being recorded while others require that only one party to a phone call consent to it being recorded. So, whether what Sara did in recording her phone call with Steve Forbes was legal or illegal would depend on where she was when she called him.

          • You’re right, turns out the law on this is more complicated than I thought. I did some poking around online, and it seems like there are other legal issues involving privacy that might make it legally hazardous to publish the contents of another person’s private phone conversation.

          • Agreed…There are lots of legal issues regarding the tape that was posted on Saratoga Flash – which might explain why it was taken down after one day. Will be surprised to see any more of them anytime soon.

  • A recent item on Crazy Days and Nights has a Blind Item about Sara B and Basit Igtet.
    It was posted on Sept. 24, 2021.
    Here is the link

    The Blind Items Revealed #5
    September 5, 2018
    The controversial gossip website, Crazy Days and Nights – which does blind item reveals – has strongly suggested that Sara Bronfman has been involved in sex trafficking.
    It may not be true, but the item suggests that someone was communicating with her directly when the topic came up. Maybe Sara was referring to Rainbow Cultural Garden and the poor children subjected to the infamous child experimentation where they are separated from their parents and forced to speak six or seven languages – with the result that some of them merely babble and most if not all of them have separation anxiety.
    Here is the complete item from Crazy Days and Nights:
    “I have written about this this very rich somewhat infamous celebrity who has to this point somehow avoided being arrested. I wrote how she was in the middle of a sex trafficking ring smuggling children from other countries who were used for sex and house sex slaves. In a recent communique while I was pressing her for details on what she is most infamous for, she let slip that she has three of these underage females under her own roof and is molding them in the way her leader would appreciate. I took that to mean she and her significant other are using them for sex.”
    It was revealed that this is:
    Sara Bronfman/Nxivm/Keith Raniere

    Sara Bronfman named in Crazy Days and Nights Blind Item about forced sex with Allison Mack, India Oxenberg and Keith Raniere
    January 1, 2019Frank Parlato
    Blind Items Revealed #33
    Today, January 1, 2019, the popular website, Crazy Days and Nights’ Blind Items Revealed #33, lists three names:

    Allison Mack, India Oxenberg and Sara Bronfman.

    Frankly I am puzzled by the mention of Bronfman but perhaps readers can figure it out.

    Here is the blind item post, which from Nov. 20 until today was anonymous, [or blind item] and today was revealed as Mack, Oxenberg and Sara Bronfman:

    November 20, 2018

    Over the last couple months, what seems like the last remaining insider in the NXIVM scandal has basically shut down communication with everyone including me. What were fairly frequent emails has turned into infrequent screeds and links to positive thinking news articles and message boards. Then, two nights ago, that changed when the insider was ticked off. Lies, lies lies was the subject line and for two paragraphs, the insider described multiple times that the former almost network actress forced women to have sex with her and then would hold them while the leader had sex with the woman. Other times, the leader would force our actress to have sex with another woman in front of him an would give instructions. If the instructions were not carried out, the actress would make the other woman do as she was told. On multiple occasions, the other woman was the celebrity offspring of this actress. In addition, our insider said that if the actress thought someone was not doing a good enough job of pleasing her or the leader she would subject the woman to hours of instruction which was confinement and isolation and denial of food until they became more compliant. If there was a woman that the leader really wanted to have sex with but was not being compliant, the actress would force feed her drugs, often addictive drugs to get them hooked. If the addiction would get out of control, the subject would be put an isolation and forced to go cold turkey for days. This cycle would often play out multiple times.

    And here is the answer:

    Sara Bronfman/Allison Mack/India Oxenberg


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