Guest View: It Is Sex Trafficking When Some Gross Dude Blackmails Women Into Blackmailing Other Women Into Sex Acts

"Sound is sacred. Some believe the universe was created with sound as its basis. Human sound is an expression of our essence through the vibration of our physical form – the motion of life. By experiencing human sound at its most profound levels, we enter the deepest expression of what it is to be alive and in the presence of each other." - Keith Raniere

By My Two Cents

This is in response to Did Judge Garaufis Change the Legal Definition of ‘Commercial Sex’ By His Jury Instruction in US v. Raniere?

I think sex trafficking totally makes sense in this case and I wish people would stop trying to downplay it just because it doesn’t seem as strictly commercial as what society has generally understood sex trafficking to be.

If a “master” tells his “slave” to order “their slave” to perform a “seduction assignment,” how is this anything but an organized effort where both of the so-called masters enjoy a kind of benefit from the sexual exploitation of the lowest level slave?

Keith Raniere ordered his slave Allison Mack to order her slave Nicole to seduce him.

It’s a good thing that legal definitions are always expanding to include new developments in society and I don’t believe the prosecution was wrong in applying this definition to these acts.

It absolutely should be considered sex trafficking if some gross dude thinks he can blackmail women into blackmailing other women into sex acts.

Maybe if everyone had just been honest with each other, Nicole could have made an informed choice and been spared the trauma of a sexual assault. It’s also incredibly wrong to minimize what happened to Nicole just because it was a woman attacker and oral sex.

These DOS women are always complaining that females are held to a different standard than men. I generally disagree with them and see this as an excellent case in point (Allison Mack was charged for her involvement) except for the fact that Camila was not charged with sexual assault.

In defense of Camila, however, I believe it’s important to remember that Keith controlled her life and the lives of her family members since she was a teen. Obviously, the prosecution was well aware of this and Camila was not held responsible for her role in the assault.

That’s also their prerogative. They can present the facts and request judgment in whatever way they believe makes the most sense. The defense could have argued that Camila was the one who performed the assault, not Keith. Except that the prosecution didn’t lay a charge of sexual assault. They more appropriately laid a charge of sex trafficking and I think it deserves to stay.

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  • Alec Baldwin Lawsuit

    Alec Baldwin, ‘Rust’ Producers, Armorer, First AD Sued Again Over Fatal Shooting Of Halyna Hutchins; “Mr. Baldwin Cannot Hide”, Says Script Supervisor

    Last week it was Rust gaffer Serge Svetnoy, and Wednesday the second of what will likely be many lawsuits over the fatal October 21 shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchinson the New Mexico set of the indie Western was filed by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell.

    “Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of the firearm,” reads Mitchell’s complaint on claims of assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress (read it here). “Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun without checking it and without having the armorer do so.”

    Mitchell is represented by Gloria Allred, who plans a press conference with her client this afternoon.

    The 29-page filing in Los Angeles Superior Court names star-producer Baldwin, Rust producers and production companies, armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, first assistant director David Halls, property master Sarah Zachry and others in another damning portrayal of a film playing fast and loose with safety and other regulations.

    “Alec Baldwin should have assumed that the gun in question was loaded unless and until it was demonstrated to him or checked by him that it was not loaded,” the filing asserts in language sure to be echoed at the presser Mitchell and Allred will be conducting this morning. “He had no right to rely upon some alleged statement by the Assistant Director that it was a ‘cold gun,’” the damages-seeking complaint goes on to say, adding Halls directly to the mix.

    “Mr. Baldwin cannot hide behind the Assistant Director to attempt to excuse the fact that he did not check the gun himself,” continues the complaint from Mitchell, who was in the church location on the Bonanza Creek Ranch when Baldwin’s “quick draw” rehearsal turned tragic.

    Mitchell, who became a client of Allred’s on October 26, was the one who made the frantic 911 call to Santa Fe police seeking assistance for the mortally wounded Hutchins after the shooting. Mitchell told 911 operators, “We need help immediately.” Allred said at the end of October that Mitchell “was standing very close to Halyna Hutchins and the director, Joel Souza, when both Halyna and Joel were shot.”

    “We are conducting our own investigation of what happened because there are many unanswered questions,” Allred said at the time. “Mamie has been interviewed by the Sheriff’s Department. She has information and evidence which she believes will be helpful in this investigation.”

    As has been detailed by Gutierrez Reed and others before, Mitchell in the lawsuit said there were two previous weapons discharge accidents on the Rust set before October 21. “Prior to the incident, guns had been misfired on set, including, without limitation, by Defendant Baldwin’s stunt double and a prop master who accidentally shot herself in the foot,” the filing alleges.

    As Baldwin, Gutierrez Reed, Halls and others, including injured director Souza, have been repeatedly questioned by police, a series of search warrants executed by the Santa Fe sheriff have found a cache of weapons and, according to Sheriff Adan Mendoza, “500 rounds of ammunition … a mix of blanks, dummy rounds and what we are suspecting are live rounds.”

    Both Halls, who was fired from a previous film over gun safety issues, and Gutierrez Reed have lawyered up, as did Mitchell. The armorer’s lawyer has been floating a “sabotage” theory in the media to explain the tragedy that took DoP Hutchins’ life.

    That theory hangs on the premise that something was underhanded because mere hours before the killing of Hutchins, several members of that team resigned from the $7 million Western, citing safety and financial reasons.

    Additionally, Halls admitted to police not long after the shooting that he did not properly check the 1880s-era gun before declaring it a “cold gun” and handing it over to Baldwin for the rehearsal that went so horribly wrong.

    As the Santa Fe Sheriffs Office’s probe into Rust continues, the production itself has hired law firm Jenner Block to conduct an internal investigation into the events of that day; we hear that is still ongoing.

    Jenner and Block is a big Chicago law firm.
    Albert Jenner was a long time pillar in the Illinois Republican Party.

    I’ll wager Alec Baldwin has some Sweddy Balls right now!
    Shadow State

  • Agree!

    It is so ridiculous to make this into a “but she wasn’t raped as hard as this woman over here was raped” defense.

    No raping – and no sex trafficking is okay.

    There’s no sex abuse “light”. It’s sex abuse.

    Imagine if a man were blindfolded and unaware that another man was performing oral sex on him. Oh, and it was videotaped.

    You dudes would all be cool with that?

    Cult die-hards always want to play those Nxivm switch the genders and it’s fine game…

    • —Imagine if a man were blindfolded and unaware that another man was performing oral sex on him. Oh, and it was videotaped.
      You dudes would all be cool with that?

      That kinda of question doesn’t work on Alanzo. He’s gotta bi-as.

    • Unaware Man,

      —Imagine if a man were blindfolded and unaware that another man was performing oral sex on him. Oh, and it was videotaped.
      You dudes would all be cool with that?

      You are such a homophobe. Why does it matter whether it was a man or not? A mouth is a mouth. What if ‘he’ wasn’t cisgendered, is that okay with you? People like you spread hate and misinformation about sexuality.

      “Unaware Man” is a great name for you because you unaware about gender identity and thus equality. Bet you love Trump and Nazis. Get a life dude!

        • Anonymous 12:25 (Unaware Man)

          Love your flippant response, comparing bestiality to human sexual identity.
          Typical heterosexual tribalism at its best. Turns out Alonzo is to right about something, you tribal assholes.

      • It’s not okay to force a gay man to have straight sex through blackmail and coercion either.

        It’s all about fully informed consent.

        Tying a lesbian down and having her blindfolded while a male performs oral sex on her is also not cool without consent.

        Especially if you are a gold star lesbian.

        Total violation.

        It is illegal in some countries and states to lie about using a condom even when sexual consent has been given.

        “Stealthing” look it up and join 2021.

        You really do not understand consent.

  • What more obvious example of biased, subjective tribalism can you get than convicting a man, essentially taking away his life and preventing him from helping make the world a better place, because mainstream society considers him “gross”?

    Pure pettiness.

    • Drink another gallon of that Kool Aid. You are intoxicated on the BS Keith philosophy. The philosophy taught by this cult is laughable.

    • Ha ha! He wasn’t convicted for being gross; he chose not to follow the laws of his country of residence, and while I doubt his IQ is as high as he likes to claim, he was certainly capable of standing trial for his illegal choices/actions.

      And how exactly did he make the world a better place? Personally, I think the cashier at my local grocery store who is unfailing with a smile or a joke or an assist has brought as much joy to people’s lives as KR ever did. Or my son’s music director, who has taught thousands of children the benefits of teamwork and discipline in pursuit of excellence and has brought the joy of making music into their lives. And had either of them made choices to commit illegal acts, they would face consequences as well.

      Tant pis or tantrum – it won’t change the choices he made.

    • Ya. I guess I could have just called him a few other things but gross seemed good enough.

      You don’t blackmail, brand and bully people without deserving this type of description.

      Keith earned it. He’s not just gross. He’s a bad guy. Very destructive. Wreaked havoc on so many lives. Glad if he brought some nice moments to a few. He’s a human being after, all. They say Ted Bundy had some fine qualities, too.

      Unfair comparison? Maybe. Except for the missing women of nxivm.

    • —Mainstream society considers him “gross”? Pure pettiness.

      I agree the human race is so petty. We should all be like gerbils and just do ‘it’ with anyone. I imagine you’re equally as gross, otherwise you wouldn’t be bitchin’. You’re so ugly, the women, ask for roofies, before they bang you. 😉

  • Good clear argument, My2cents.

    Lots of good arguments are being articulated around here lately.

    I agree with very few of them. But I enjoy seeing people challenging and thinking and questioning and writing out their views.

    It’s great that Frank is highlighting them.

    Great critical thinking!


    • Hello Alonzo’s Sausage, a good friend of mine was raped and molested as a child. This led her into a dark world of drug addiction. She at one time was held captive by a big black pimp in the back of a white van. He kept her drugged up while driving her around selling her body to strangers. Her self-esteem was so low she tried killing herself many times. My friend found no help when she finally escaped.
      With that said, I don’t agree with Nicole being sex trafficked. It’s complete bullshit. Keith got fucked so hard on this charge.

    • Thank you, Alonzo. I’m unreasonably proud that Frank posted my comment for discussion, lol! And appreciate your totally neutral comment.

      I hope one day Frank earns an award for his hard work and commitment to the craft of journalism. He’s so unique.

    • Yes. Even though most people won’t admit it, your consistently insightful comments and posts have forced a higher level of logic and objectivity.

  • This Raniere look features his most Tommy Chong-like attributes.

    Never ‘rasta at times’. (What a) pothead fuck-brain he is/was.

    A line of bullshit 9 miles long and all the riches a JR Bob Dobbs grad could ever hope for.

    How bad did he mess up and get greedy? He had the world by the short-hairs and he blew it.

    East-Coast Judo champion? One of the top-scorers on an IQ test?

    All the fluff a $75 resume writer could provide…and IT LANDED!

    Dude maximized his potential and was somehow wicked and foolish in the same brushstroke.

    Only the modern parlance of, “My bad” could encompass just how effing bad and far off course he ran. (or walked)

    Life sentence. Ouch! What a log way to (The) Fall.

  • Based on the facts that have thus far been revealed, I don’t think that the EDNY had/has any jurisdictional basis to bring any charges against Camila with respect to the sexual assault of Nicole. And since the NDNY has never had any interest in prosecuting NXIVM/ESP-related crimes, there is zero chance that it will ever bring such charges.

  • Ginzo!

    What the fuck is wrong with you, boy?!

    Who dropped you on your head when you were a baby?!

    Why the hell have you still not posted all my comments?!

    You’re seriously making me want to beat the shit out of you!

    Read my fucking lips!












    • This is the last of your angry comments I am going to post. It was funny at first but now it is just annoying. When you stop using racist language, I will consider publishing your comments again.

      • All right then, Ginzo! If you’re going to play this marxist game and keep saying a word that doesn’t exist like “racist”, then you’ve left me no choice but to get the Colonel involved!

      • Wow! Leave it to Frank the self-proclaimed champion of “free speech” to ban somebody for being “annoying” and using “racist language”. Roger Stone would be so proud! It’s interesting how somebody who laments losing free speech so much in this country, can simultaneously hold it in contempt enough to not practice what he preaches on his own website when given the opportunity to do so! I really liked this guy, Frank. I didn’t find him “annoying” or “racist”. I found him to be one of the best commentators on your now boring website thus far.

        You’re absolutely pathetic, Frank! For real! Just don’t ever talk about free speech again, Frank! It’s very obvious you only do it for attention and don’t really care about it!

      • Frank, why don’t you just come out of the closet and admit that you’re a libtard? You sound like one more and more every day, bro. Somebody doesn’t like free speech.

        • You must’ve never been here before. Frank has never truly supported free speech. He only does it to make himself look good for publicity.

      • Uh oh! Looks like we all have to get out our “I ❤️ BLM” T-shirts out or Ol’ Frankie is going to start throwing left wing temper tantrums and putting people in virtual gulags and virtual re-education camps like he’s done to this guy.

        Do you know something called the 1st Amendment there, buddy? You do understand that you’re on American soil where our soldiers shed their blood for it, right? This is pretty low, Frank, even for the likes of you and your website and that’s pretty damn low! Like a million below zero low!

        I wonder if Frank will do this to me like he did to this poor guy? 🤔

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        You’ve really fucked yourself in the lawsuit I’m setting up against you right now! You’ll get to see how many other “hateful comments” you’ve posted from others and including articles about mocking Keith Raniere’s potential to be anally raped in prison in the discovery phase! Let’s see how long you last in court with the mountains of hypocrisy that will be demonstrated against you, dumbo! You’re just a sitting duck for defeat!

    • Patriot King-

      I hope you’re living the dream in SoCal. Why so incoherently angry these days? My guess is you’ve been sniffing glue again. Haven’t you?

      I hope you had a great time in Europe this summer and took advantage of the lax drinking laws. I bet, while you were over there, you got, “stank on your hang low.”

      Chill out a little, and Frank will start posting your comments again. You were a funny man at one time and one of the best ATF agents.

      Take care, agent Denis Burke (Bangkok)!

      • I shouldn’t have to “chill out”. I have freedom of speech. Frank doesn’t know the definition of that. So I’ve had no choice but to contact the Colonel and he will be dealing with Frank hopefully very soon. He’s outraged at a paper “American” taking away the free speech of a true patriot and he’s rounding up the other patriots in his army to come on here and deal with him as we speak.

        I’m sure he won’t post his comments either like the free speech hating coward that he is, but it doesn’t matter. Frank will get the message regardless when the Colonel shows him who’s he’s messing with!

        ✊🏻WE STILL BELIEVE!✊🏻

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          • No! The Colonel is the Colonel of the Patriot Army!

          • “Patriot king –

            You couldn’t be any gayer, than if you had 3 dicks in your mouth”

            Really?! Says the on trolling my posts about saving America, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX whether gay or not, and yapping about homosexual acts and fantasizing about “3 dicks in [my] mouth”! Projection much?!

          • You know what’s really interesting, Frank you’ll try to ban my comments for being a marxist term that you use: “racist”, but by your stupid logic this guy can post “homophobic” comments at me and you’ll let him post it! This type of shit in a lawsuit will really screw you, dumbass!

            I’m seriously thinking about suing the living shit out of you right now! There’s a lot of shit that that you’ve done that could destroy you in the discovery phase!

          • He’s already here! Frank is blocking his comments and pissing him off! Boy! Ginzo has done it now! He’s got 24 hours to post all the comments or he’s going to command the Patriots to send an overwhelming flood to this website of never-ending comments until he relents!

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        The Colonel is still coming, Frank! You better have a repentant attitude or things will get ugly! He already doesn’t like you as it is! Don’t dig your hole deeper with him!

        ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY! ✊🏻

        • Mr. Patriot-

          A few things:

          1. Your first name ‘King’ is incredibly unpatriotic.

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          ……So which shit hole did you go to?

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