Kim Snyder Wants Nancy Salzman to Finally Reveal What Happened to Her Sister, Kristin Snyder, at Nancy’s Sentencing

Kristin Snyder with her little sister Kim Snyder.

By Kim Snyder

Nancy Salzman is going to be sentenced for some of her crimes on September 8.  I believe she is guilty of more than what she pleaded guilty to.

For 20 years, she ran NXIVM/Executive Success Programs. During that time my sister Kristin took courses and disappeared.

Maybe they “brainwashed” her but I wonder if she was “drugged”.

We heard that Nancy was a nurse and was in “psychiatry” and could reverse effects of what happened to people when they were young with therapies she and Raniere invented. I learned later that she did not have the degrees she claimed.  I learned she was nothing but a liar and con artist.

Manipulation, lying, scamming, this is Nancy Salzman. But for my family, it was worse. I lost my sister. She disappeared while taking a NXIVM class in Anchorage Alaska.

Kristin Snyder standing by the Tacoma that was later found at Resurrection Bay with a purported suicide note.


Kristin supposedly left a NXIVM class and went out in a kayak and committed suicide in Resurrection Bay.


The location where Kristin Snyder supposedly launched a stolen kayak to go out in frigid waters and commit suicide, a story that the family does not believe.

Kris was conned into believing all the things Nancy and Keith put out.  When she was crying and upset because she realized Raniere had gotten her pregnant, instead of helping her, Nancy Salzman gaslighted her to make her think she was insane.

They told her Keith could not have made her pregnant.  He is like a monk.

The truth is he seduced Kristin, and may have got her pregnant and when she tried to tell this to the class, she was gaslighted.

Did Keith Raniere get Kristin Snyder pregnant? He later seems to have admitted he did when he hired private detectives to find her and his child.

Lauren Salzman’s confessed that she slipped drugs to another troubled student to calm her down and shut her up,

Under Nancy, the nurse’s orders, Kim’s sudden instability may have been caused by gaslighting and slipping her drugs.

Kristin cried out again and again in class that Keith got her pregnant and the NXIVM people in Alaska got Nancy on the phone and Nancy spoke with them and gave directions on how to “cure” my sister.

Instead of getting help, which might have led to the discovery that she was pregnant with Keith’s child, they told her she was crazy.

The reason why Nancy did not want Kris to get help is because the doctors might have found out she was pregnant and Keith would have been exposed.

How far they went to silence her is impossible to know. Did she commit suicide or was she murdered because she refused to get an abortion?

Nancy Salzman: what does she know about Kristin Snyder’s disappearance?

Nancy knows what she did to my sister.

Now she goes before Judge Garaufis.  He can sentence her to up to 20 years. Because she has been ill, maybe he will treat her leniently but I understand he could place her under oath and require her to answer questions.

Perhaps he could ask her, for the sake of my mother and my family, what she knows about the disappearance of my sister.

Nancy will tell the judge how she was fooled by Keith Raniere and blame it all on him. Well, I blame my sister’s death not only on Keith but on her. She not only did nothing to help Kristin when she called out for help but helped gaslight her to protect Keith.

She medically neglected Kris and she did not at any time step forward to tell what she knew or what she had done.

She needs to spend the next 20 years, in prison, thinking about what she has done to our family and many families.

Who tells people – “to ignore someone” and to NOT get them “medical help?” Who in their right mind does that?

Kris was a bright, loving, beautiful, intelligent young woman who did NOT deserve what happened to her.

The Snyder family in happier times

Nancy needs to answer any questions about what she knows about Kris Snyder’s death, and give the Snyder family peace of mind. The victims deserve to know what happened to their loved ones – and they deserve it NOW – not later. That would be justice.

The Snyders need to know what happened to Kris and are there any remains to lay her to rest, and to have some solace in our lives. Not knowing is very hard on us.!  If you know something, speak up – say something- do something. Please!

I would like for Judge Garaufis to ask Nancy the following questions under oath.
  1.  What happened to Kris in those last hours?
  2.  Why were you telling people that you were a psychiatric nurse- when you were NOT?
  3. Where are Kris Snyder’s remains?
  4. Why have you NOT told the Snyder’s what happened to their daughter?
  5. What else happened to my sister that YOU and your goon followers have NOT told us about?
  6. Did YOU or any of your NXIVM goons “drug” my sister ?
  7. If so, why?
  8. What right did you have?
  9. Why did YOU tell people to “ignore” my sister and NOT get her “medical care?”
  10. Why did YOU lie about NOT knowing Kris Snyder?
  11. Why did YOU gaslight my family and me about the “real truth” of what happened to my sister in 2003?
  12. Why did YOU keep telling people Kris “owed” YOU money and forced Heidi – her partner to sell Kris’ truck and give YOU the money from it?
  13. Why will YOU NOT tell the truth?
  14. Why have YOU lied and hurt my family and me SO much – for NO reason?
  15. Where are Kris’ remains?
  16. Why have YOU NOT allowed us to bring her home and do a proper service for her?
  17. Why did YOU lie about the “Resurrection Bay” story? No one else told your “LIE”
  18. Who wrote the “supposed” suicide note? YOU or Pam Cafrtiz or someone else?
I don’t think anyone outside of this family realizes or will ever understand our anger, our rage, our hurt and our devastation, over the loss of a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, etc.
Sentencing Nancy will NOT bring Kris back and I don’t have remains to bury – to prove to the world how much I do LOVE my ONLY sister.
She took someone from the world that no one can replace.  You can’t possibly understand what mom and I feel or will ever feel.
I have held on for 18 1/2 years and have walked this journey with dignity and grace but always with uncertainty.
With Nancy’s sentencing, perhaps we can finally get some answers.

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  • “Under Nancy, the nurse’s orders, Kim’s sudden instability may have been caused by gaslighting and slipping her drugs.”

    Correction, Kim should be Kristen. There’s no proof of pregnancy. I thought Heidi had something to do with her wife’s body disappearing, not Nancy. Has anyone found the fuzzy purple slippers Kris was last seen in? And where is Elaine Smilof these days? Always questions and assumptions, barely facts and little truth.

  • The only saving grace in any of this is, Nancy has to meet her final Judge, GOD.

    She can’t get past that final judgment.

    When she gets there she will have to explain what did happen to your sister and a lot of other things Nancy did and let happen.

    She can lie all she wants and pretend she doesn’t remember now. It is eating her up inside everyday anyway. That is why she looks like shit, can’t get a good night’s sleep and is sick all the time.

    Nancy will never be truly happy again, how can she? The guilt is difficult to live with.

    Nothing in the external world can make up for what she knows she has done to thousands of people.

    Nancy isn’t fooling anyone. Not even herself anymore. The DOJ recommending prison time broke her camels back.

    The question is now, will she even show up for September 8th?

  • This is rather amusing. This woman is delusional. She actually believes Keith or Nancy had something to do with her sister’s death? Ridiculous. Frank, you are feeding this woman’s delusion by giving her a platform.

    • Technically, yes. According to friends, spouse, and family members, she was apparently fine prior to taking any NXIVM course, and it was only during participating in one of them that she suffered a psychological break that soon after led to her disappearance and possible death. Instead of taking her to see an accredited medical professional after this happened in the middle of one of their courses, NXIVM officials took her out of class and left her to fend for herself in such a condition because they were afraid of legal and other ramifications to the organization.

      Her disappearance was preceded by a note wherein which she blamed NXIVM for effectively frying her brain. It is known that a number of participants can suffer such detrimental psychological effects in LGAT-like programs which NXIVM offers.

      Since Vanguard and Nancy are the #1 and #2 leadership in the organization, they are ultimately responsible for how any of its services affect its customers.

      Therefore, they did have something to do with her death.

  • I doubt that Judge Garaufis will ask Nancy any of Kim’s suggested questions. That’s because she would likely just invoke her Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination since all those questions concern potential criminal activities.

    • Interesting twist if she’s talking about this with prosecutors right now, hence the lack of a sentencing memorandum…

      Just a thought…

  • Kim: you are a very brave woman. I am sure your sister is very proud of who you have become.
    You are a true warrior.
    I will keep your family and you in my prayers. God is with you.

    • Shadow, my friend, you have a better chance of parting the sea or getting blood out of stone.

      Nancy tried to convince women not to seek medical treatment for cancer….

      ….Need I a say more.

  • Why not get someone in the prison Keith Raniere is at to beat the fuck out of him and reveal the truth about the missing woman.

    There are prisoners willing to commit serious violence for a few packs of cigarettes and some cookies.

  • My heart breaks for you and for your family. I doubt Nancy will ever answer your questions. Her and Keith are sociopaths, they never think about or consider what effect their actions have on others, nor do they care. They only ever have cared about themselves and their gratification.

    I pray that someday you and your family get the answers you deserve.

    • Great comment. I agree with this. It is important to understand that you will NEVER receive closure from psychopaths. They will string you along for fuel, promising to give you closure. Promising to explain what will happen. They never do. It is more a weapon to manipulate you to gain fuel. Do not fall for it. Do not expect closure.

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