Mindy Mack Pleads for Leniency for Her Daughter Allison in Heartfelt Letter

Melinda 'Mindy' Mack, mother of Allison Mack

Allison Mack’s mother has written a letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis. A portion is redacted. Curiously so is her name and the name of her husband, though their names are well known to Frank Report readers as Melinda and Jonathan Mack.

Allison has lived with her parents in their home in Los Alamitos California for the last three years following her arrest and a court ordered home detention.  Her is Mindy Mack’s letter to the judge, filed June 25, 2021, less than one week from her daughter’s scheduled sentencing.

By Melinda ‘Mindy’ Mack 

Dear Judge Garaufis,

As I stood before the judge at Allison’s bond hearing, Allison dressed in orange prison scrubs, handcuffed, I bowed my head and wondered, “How did we get here?”

I responded affirmatively when the judge asked me if I was willing to submit all our families assets to secure our daughter’s release. I could never have imagined such a scenario. I know that I, above all people, have the most comprehensive experience of Allison’s journey over the past three years and I feel the weight of responsibility to give you a whole and complete impression of who my daughter is. I am not a skilled writer but I assure you I speak from the heart.

First I would like to introduce myself and give you some background on our family and Allison’ s childhood. My name is [redacted by Mack’s attorneys].  I am Allison Mack’s mother. My husband [redacted] and I have been married for 46  years. [redacted].

Allison is the middle child in a family of 3 children.  [redacted but it is father, Jonathan] is a retired opera and concert singer and I am a retired Montessori teacher. When Allison was 9 and her brother was 11 their baby sister was born, completing the family. Allison, from infancy, was a people person.

Given her naturally charismatic personality, at the age of 4 years, I decided to see if she might have success as a model for print and commercial advertising. After a few months, she started booking jobs and was excited to be a part of the filming process. As she got older, she continued to grow as an actress, booking episodic spots on TV series and small parts in feature films.

Young Allison MackMembers of the film crews she worked with consistently told me that she was a delight to work with and that they hoped one day to have a little girl like Allison. When she started attending elementary school her teachers reported to me that she was a sweet child that showed kindness and a willingness to help other children in the classroom, including those the other children rejected.

Allison excelled academically and enjoyed participating in school theatrical  productions. She attended the  [redacted].

Allison liked bringing her school friends to our home. She always wanted to help the friends who were struggling in their relationships with their families. Her passion for pursuing opportunities in film and television intensified as she got older and her father and I remained committed to supporting her dream.

She booked a TV series for Disney when she was 15 and continued working throughout the rest of her high school years, graduating from an independent study program designed for children in show business. She booked a TV series that filmed in Los Angeles when she was 16 and lived with a friend of the family in order to be closer to the set. When Allison was 18 she booked a TV series that filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

On one of her visits home she shared  her excitement about a  personal  growth program she had heard about from a friend, Nxivm.

I later learned that even though she had plenty of money to support a very comfortable lifestyle, a career she was excited about and a network of interesting and varied friends, she felt empty, like something was missing.

Allison decided to enroll in the introductory Nxivm seminar being presented in Vancouver. She encouraged me to join her in her exploration of Nxivm. I recognized an opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Allison by attending the Nxivm seminar, so I too enrolled. Having never participated in any personal growth program, I found the information to be very thought-provoking and I could see how my life might be enriched. I returned to our home in Southern California with the hope that our connection through Nxivm would revive our close relationship.


“Allison Mack as Chloe in SMALLVILLE, on The CW Network.

Allison continued to attend a variety of Nxivm seminars offered in Vancouver and occasionally traveled to Albany, NY (the location of the headquarters for Nxivm) for additional courses. When Allison had completed her contract in Vancouver she made the decision to move to New York City to try and build a career in theater. She traveled frequently to Albany to participate in Nxivm classes and social gatherings.

Allison Mack met Keith Raniere

She  was encouraged to put her acting career on hold and focus on her personal growth. She moved to Albany to live there fulltime. I was concerned about the level of commitment the Nxivm community expected of her. They were all expected to report their activities, goals, weight and diet to select members of the community, including their successes and failures in these areas.

Punishments and rewards were given based on performance. The community’s expectations and demands caused Allison to be sleep deprived. She survived on 3-4 hours of sleep per night.

Allison was a significant member of the community. She was the member most capable of nurturing new members and welcoming them into the community. When new people came in and had questions about the curriculum, they were directed to Allison.

On more than one occasion, while I was staying with her in Albany, someone would appear on her doorstep late in the evening, struggling to understand the concepts presented in that day’s lecture. She would stop whatever she was doing and focus on them and their struggle.

Allison during the DOS days with her mother Mindy

Her home became known as the “Womb.” When people in the community learned that I was her mother they would joyfully exclaim that they loved Allison! She had been there for them with kindness and patience in their moments of crisis and confusion.

I had concerns about Allison’s willingness to accommodate the community’s requirements of her but she appeared to be pursuing a path she thought would bring fulfillment. Allison told me that Keith had asked her if she would be interested in building a program to help performing artists succeed. She jumped at the chance to work with the man she identified as her “Guru.”   She worked tirelessly to build the program that became known as “The Source”.


Father Jonathan Mack

About three months before her arrest, while she was home on a visit, she shared with me that she had become involved in a secret sorority that was formed within the Nxivm community with the intention of empowering the women to be stronger and more independent.

She was very excited about her potential for growth and the relationships formed with sorority members. [redacted]  began to realize that the concerns I had about the Nxivm community were valid and that something very dark was unfolding. My daughter was involved in something that she was unable to reasonably evaluate.

She was being manipulated to obey Keith Raniere, believing it was essential for her own growth. I spoke to my son about my concerns and he gave me a book to read about the nature of cults. He had long suspected NXIVM fit the cult profile.


About five days later Allison was arrested.


In the beginning of her time with us she was very emotional and confused about how this could have happened to her, that she did nothing wrong. In her mind she was following Keith’s guidance in helping herself and other women to conquer their attachments and limitations. She was angry that she had been singled out for punishment, when many women were equally involved in the sorority. Some days she would stay in bed weeping and other days she would rage and then feel regret for losing control.


Because of her high profile as a TV-star she was hounded and publicly humiliated by the media. The shame she felt was crushing her soul. It was very emotional for me to watch her day after day process what had happened and try to reconcile how her actions had such negative consequences. Her intentions were always to help the people she considered friends and she was horrified at the prospect of having done the opposite. She refused to consider that she had been manipulated by Keith and believed his directions were always to encourage her enlightenment. She became angry when I suggested she had been brainwashed by Keith. She told me she had chosen all her actions and that she wasn’t “crazy.” She clearly did not know what brainwashing meant.

Allison Mack with her mother Mindy


When Allison was informed that she was allowed to attend school she immediately enrolled in classes   [redacted]  I was delighted! As proud of her as I was for the work she did on the TV show, I knew that she would flourish in college. She loves learning and exchanging ideas and has always had a curiosity about the world around her. She attended [redacted] graduating with honors in Spring 2020 with a 4.0 GPA. Allison made the Dean’s list every semester. She was invited to be one of the valedictorians at her graduation. I watched her dive into the philosophy and English curricula, establishing relationships with her professors and the students. She was invited to be a member of Phi Theta Kappa, (the academic honor society). The faculty advisor for the society asked Allison to take a more active role in leadership but she thought it best to decline, due to her circumstances.

While she was in school she got a job working for a catering company working an average 5 to 10 hours per week. The job was a marvelous experience for her.. Coming from a background in show business, Allison had always been the one being served. In her catering position she was now the one serving, giving her an entirely new perspective.

[redacted] She applied to the University of California at Berkely was accepted and received a scholarship. Due to the pandemic she has remained in our home attending classes online. She has consistently carried a full class load and is scheduled to graduate in Spring 2022 with a double major in Rhetoric and Psychology.

When Allison began her online education at Berkeley she anticipated that her experience would be similar to her time at [redacted]            She was enrolled in Zoom classes and participated in class lectures.

It was a sad moment for Allison to realize the limitations on her college experience but she has kept a positive attitude about school and is looking forward to future semesters. She finds the rigorous curriculum at Berkeley more challenging than community college and rises to the challenge. After Berkeley, Allison is interested in attending graduate school.

In addition to furthering her education, Allison wanted to be a part of a spiritual community, so she started attending a nondenominational Christian church near our home. Allison has always been a very spiritual young woman looking for enlightenment. She has found comfort in the community of church fellowship. [redacted]

Her friend has given her much needed support and reflection as Allison unpacks the events of her life leading to this moment. [redacted]. She is eager to enrich and inform her spiritual journey in preparation for her graduate studies.

Repairing the relationship with her brother has been of utmost importance to Allison. [redacted].

As Allison started to understand the depths of deception and betrayal she experienced at the hands of Keith, she began to take responsibility for her nefarious behavior.


Mindy Mack leaves court after a hearing for her daughter.

As my son observed, “We’ve had Hollywood Allison and NXIVM Allison and we finally have Our Allison back!”

The experience of observing Allison’s rehabilitation over the past 3 years has been a steady process of her becoming acquainted with who she is and where she is going in a life guided by her own internal compass. Allison is committed to learning from past mistakes and using those life experiences to inform future choices. She becomes more in tune with her inner­ voice every day.

Please be assured that Allison’s friends and family are prepared to move heaven and earth to support her throughout her rehabilitation process. She does not make the journey alone, rather she has the love and care of people dear to her to reflect back to her the beautiful human being we know her to be.



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  • Her mother and brother have spent far more effort building her up than the person who stripped her of her conscience and ended with her being arrested. She is lucky it is only three years; at least she has the chance to live on. Lucky girl, even she must realize that.

  • Can you post the letters from Nancy’s friends and family that were submitted to the court on her behalf?

  • My heart breaks for any parent/family that has to write a letter like this. There is NO way she is walking away w/ no prison time, imho.

    I also appreciate if she does not even approach the subject of her daughters innocence, that was not her crime. Her purpose is to love and support her daughter, possibly even from prison. The fact that she’s going to college like millions of other students is not unique at all. Obviously she has a “unique”personality, or else she would never have been involved with Keith Rainiere.

    Prayers to you and yours, Mack family. I hope you open a new chapter soon, I’m sure the latest one has been extremely draining, especially with Frank reports “reporting”.

    • Yup. This can’t be easy for the family and I’m thinking of them, too.I hope they are all hugging each other close tonight and find strength for the morning.

  • It seems the leaders of NXIVM are drawn to the food service industry.
    “Do you want fries with that”?

    Nicki Clyne was a restaurant hostess at a vegan restaurant in Brooklyn.
    Her friend Michelle worked in a nearby bakery.
    India O worked in a vegan restaurant in Manhattan.
    NXIVM member Lyvia Cohen works in a Toronto restaurant.

    For many people working in food service is a catalyst to study hard and move up.
    My mother started out working in a dime store lunch counter.
    It motivated her to go to a Big Ten college and earn Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Public Health.
    Eventually my mother became a teacher and administrator in a Nursing School.
    At no point did my mother brand women with hot irons or collect blackmail.

    I looked up Phi Theta Kappa.
    It is an Honor Society for community colleges.
    Community colleges are high schools with ash trays.
    My father was a Phi Beta Kappa member, something a tad different from Phi Theta Kappa.

    I am sorry Allison f***ed up her life.
    But nothing she has done in the past three years erases the fact that she sex trafficked women.

    Nicki Clyne champions the cause of Ross Ulricht.
    Ulricht is a smart guy.
    He has Bachelors and Masters degrees.
    Right now Ulricht is serving 120 years in prison for operating a drug trafficking ring.
    You can find Ulricht at the US Penitentiary in Tucson next to Keith Raniere.

    • Shadowstate, in mulling over a potential 17-year sentence for Mack, I thought of Michael Alig, the club promoter from the 1990s Manhattan nightclub scene known as the Club Kids. Are Mack’s crimes on a par with Alig’s, to warrant the same number of years in prison?

      From wiki for brevity: ‘In March 1996, Alig and his roommate, Robert D. “Freeze” Riggs, killed fellow Club Kid Andre “Angel” Melendez in a confrontation over a delinquent drug debt. In October 1997, Alig pled guilty to first-degree manslaughter. Both men were sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. Riggs was released on parole in 2010. Alig was released on May 5, 2014.’

      Alig murdered and dismembered his dealer Angel and dumped the body parts in a box in the Hudson River, a gruesome extremely violent depraved crime. The box floated back up on a beach somewhere around Staten Island where it was discovered by children. In Clinton Correctional Facility, a hardcore max security prison, he continued to take drugs and get into trouble which put him in solitary frequently. He was released after serving 17 years of the 10-20 year sentence he was given. He recently overdosed, Christmas Eve. In NY state, it seems someone can kill a child in an abuse rage and get a few years, or be caught with a handgun and get more time than the child abuser.

      And now, with the mass bail reform and the other prison reforms that came along with it, the general zeitgeist is one of progressive leniency and rehabilitation. In many if not most other states, Alig’s crimes would have been capital offenses, certainly, he would still be in prison today. Of course, Garaufis is not just some lower state court judge dealing with street crimes. He has federal guidelines but with discretionary leeway, and he has shown that he is a by-the-book kind of man. It will be very interesting to see what he does with this.

      (And yes, Ivermection for the planet and fire Fauci! I’m with you 100%, I am wearing at this very moment a t-shirt emblazoned with Roger Stone in a suit and his round sunglasses that says Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong! Yet they wanted to give him 3 years for quoting the Godfather in an email.)

  • I 1000000% agree this girlfriend needs to spend some time behind bars. But 14 to 17yrs? I’m way on the outside and don’t have any personal grievance so take my opinion as such but – being incarcerated for 5yrs seems like plenty of punishment time. I know she was a particular bully asshole to her slave pod but she pretty much fits into the text book brainwashed category.

    IMO Clare deserved her sentence more so. She was a brainwashed bully like Allie but with a limitless bank account that she happily used to destroy anyone that was defiant to Keith. Her style of bully was methodical and measurable – she walked and talked softly but she carried a big ass legal retainer and seemed to gleefully use it.

    I agree Allison needs to spend several years incarcerated – I’m just hedging on the 14 minimum part. I’d be curious if others in her slave pod agreed/disagreed.

    And completely unrelated – @Frank any word on how Clare is hanging in?

  • Well since you are likely the only person that would submit such a detail, and I would assume you did not submit a letter to the judge using “Shadow State1958” as your name, I gather we will know who you are? Or are you totally full of shit, like always? Did you also find a way, like you do here, to squeeze in your conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden, hydroxychloriquine, the election lie, the Clintons, big tech, and whatever the fuck else completely irrelevant and totally bullshit nonsense you think is we want to read?

    • That’s not gonna stop Shadow!

      I hope her mom does not read these comments.

      Hydroxychloroquine? LMAO
      Shadow doesn’t remember 😉

        • https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19

          “Ivermectin is often used in the U.S. to treat or prevent parasites in animals.”

          “Never use medications intended for animals on yourself. Ivermectin preparations for animals are very different from those approved for humans. ”

          “…animal drugs are often highly concentrated because they are used for large animals like horses and cows, which can weigh a lot more than we do—a ton or more. Such high doses can be highly toxic in humans. ”

          “You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death. ”

          Sounds like a hoot. Drugs designed for cows are a perfect experimental drug for you, Shadow, and you other right-wingers (you too Mexican Lady). Take all you want and let us know how it goes. Until then, I’ll just get vaccinated and not worry about it.

          (or wait, is the FDA part of the deep state too?)

          • Ice-Nine,
            Shadow is a real man, not science, nor the FDA , nor common sense — stand in his way.

        • Mr. Shadow’s Tuesday soup-de-jour is Ivermectin!

          Next Tuesday he’ll be serving up that old-fashioned elixir Castor Oil.

          “Castro Oil is the Jager Meister of medicine.”-Actaeon

    • I submitted it, wise guy.
      I have sent letters to judges before concerning sentencing.
      Once I sent a letter to a judge concerning the sentencing of a corrupt police chief who was taking 10K per month to protect a cocaine ring.

      • Shadow,

        I hope you reminded the judge about Raniere’s thinly veiled threat directed squarely at him, regarding the “need” to monitor his life. Raniere still lives in Disneyland fantasising about preaching to his pack of primates who were free to roam and commit crime after crime after crime, laughing all the way… to the prison cells this time! I hope you reminded the judge about Raniere’s delusions of blackmailing, stalking and threatening him.

        Madame Mindy gets chummy with a convicted child molester precisely in a letter asking for mercy, a criminal who had issued direct threats at the very judge she’s now cynically and contemptuously asking for some favours… as if Judge Garaufis has some obligation to do her favors. What a view of the world this Madame has! So ugly!

        I hope you reminded the judge about Alison Mack entering into a plea deal at the very last second. She’s so damn remorseful, isn’t she?

          • Attacks on judges and their families are on the rise.

            This is also an attack on the justice system. But the absolute wrong way to work to change our legal process

            New laws are being enacted to conceal the home addresses of judges. But nothing can stop a crazy, evil, person driven by revenge with nothing to lose.

  • I just read her mom letter I feel bad for her mom but wht should alison get probation and not the others woykd that be justice we will soon ffind out Wednesday the judge will do the right thing he seems to be a a smart man

  • To the readers of the Frank Report

    Serious Questions

    Would you go to a restaurant where the food was prepared by Allison Mack and/or Nicki Clyne?
    Would you take along a food taster?
    Royal Taster – Saturday Night Live

  • To the readers of the Frank Report:

    Would you go to a restaurant where the food was prepared by Allison Mack and/or Nicki Clyne?
    Would you take along a food taster?

  • Mrs. Mack

    Criminal cases are about vindicating the rights of the aggrieved and injured.
    Where is the concern for injured women like Sarah Edmondson and the other one hundred women of NXIVM DOS?

  • Mrs. Mack:

    I noticed you mentioning Allison taking college courses.
    But you failed to mention that her classmates objected to having a sex trafficker in their classes and Allison was compelled to withdraw.
    It must have skipped your mind.

    Not to worry…In my letter to the Judge, I made sure to mention how the female students did not like having a sex trafficker in the class with them.

    Shadow State

  • Question for Clav –

    They’ve had three years awaiting sentencing. So how does a judge see Allison, Nancy, Clare, Lauren, and Kathy’s involvement as defendants in a civil suit, for which they have not settled, when considering the sentencing for the crimes? When they say how sorry they are and how much regret they have for what they have done, wouldn’t it go a lot further if they agree with plaintiffs and settle, to show they are doing whatever possible to compensate the victims for their crimes? And by continuing to argue against the plaintiffs, doesn’t it show a contradiction about the sincerity of their remorse in their statements?

  • With all due respect, Mrs. Mack, why do you call Raniere ‘Keith’?

    I call him Raniere or “The Vanguard” because the title Vanguard is pompous and hysterical.

    The Vanguard sounds Fascistic like Der Fuehrer or Il Duce.

    Did you fail to notice the Fascism inherent in NXIVM?

    Shadow State

  • “Her is Mindy Mack’s letter to the judge, filed June 25, 2021, less than one week from her daughter’s scheduled sentencing.”


  • Your Honor Nicholas G. Garaufis
    Why should we forgive Allison Mack?

    Forgiveness and mercy

    Forgiveness is not taking guilt into account. Clemency is also forgiving grief, and all this out of benevolence, that is, for the love of the one who forgives.

    When someone offends me, they are guilty and it is a shame. If the guilt is serious, the penalty is applied by the designated authority to exercise justice. If the guilt is slight, the penalty is usually that I no longer speak to that person, that I erase them from my friends list and that I never benefit them again. But if I proceed to do him evil, then we speak of revenge which is usually more unjust than the original offense.
    The opposite of love is hatred and it is this feeling that leads us to hold endless grudges and plan revenge that makes us more unworthy than the one that offended us. Hatred is born from an exaggerated love for ourselves, that is, from our selfishness. It is said that the hater suffers more than the hated and it is very true.

    Why forgive?

    Forgiveness stems from the natural goodness of the person or the natural love that one has for the guilty party. Parents very easily forgive their children’s faults because they love them.
    When a great guilt is forgiven, then it is said that the one who forgives has magnanimity. If in addition the punishment deserved by guilt is forgiven, then it is lenient.
    Christians also forgive for our evangelical principles.
    On the lapel of a Catholic I saw a small shield that said 70X7 and, suddenly, I did not understand the meaning. I asked him and he told me full of pride in his biblical knowledge: “Jesus told Peter to forgive seventy times seven.” (Mt 18, 21)
    Those of us who follow Jesus always forgive. We forgive as the Father God forgives us (Mt 6:12).

    Forgiveness and punishment

    If we teach our children to ask for forgiveness, let us also teach them to forgive.
    Forgiveness is closely related to justice. The lazy child can apologize for not taking advantage of school. The parents certainly forgive him, but, in fairness, they must correct the son and even apply a corrective punishment that teaches him to be responsible for his obligations. The guilt is forgiven, but the son is asked not to leave the house, not to go with friends, not to watch television, so that he can make up for the time lost in his studies. It is not revenge, it is a just punishment that the son must fulfill even with joy because his parents forgave him. Careful! If punishment denigrates, it is revenge.

  • I personally believe all the females were brainwashed. That aside, I would not have said this:

    “She told me she had chosen all her actions and that she wasn’t “crazy.”

  • While I feel for her mom, Allison needs to pay for her crimes. Taking some classes doesn’t undo all of the trauma that she caused for many women. She enjoyed being a master and relished in hurting and degrading these women. Sorry, she’s gotta go.

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