Former Nxivm/DOS Members See Allison Mack as Victimizer; Want Her Sentenced Harshly

Allison Mack and her then-slave India Oxenberg

Former Nxivm members are speaking out about Allison Mack’s upcoming sentencing, which is scheduled for June 30. Mack, who has been on house arrest since her guilty plea, could get up to 40 years (or however long the judge decides) for her role as ‘slave master’ in the so-called sex cult lead by Keith Raniere.

According to her Pre-Sentencing Report the federal sentencing guidelines in her case is between 14.5 – 17 years. The judge is not obligated to follow the guidelines.

The Daily Beast interviewed two ex-Nxivm members and a former federal prosecutor to get their reactions to the news. In other interviews, India Oxenberg has something to say on the subject of Mack, and so does Jessica Joan.

Ex-Nxian Ivy Nevares Is Against a Light Sentence for Allison Mack

Ivy Nevares with Keith Raniere

Former long-time Nxivm member Ivy Nevares appears to have little sympathy for Allison Mack or her female co-defendants, despite their efforts to assist the prosecution in the case against Raniere.

She told the Daily Beast, “It was natural for the women to do what they had to do to save their own skin once they realized Raniere was going down.”

She also feels that “…too light a sentence for Allison might somehow normalize or condone women abusing other women.” Nevares expressed a belief that any woman would feel the same way about a light sentence for Mack, whether that woman is a former Nxivm member or not.

Nevares joined Nxivm in its early days, throwing away a promising career in NYC as a writer and editor to do so. She spent 15 years with Raniere as a girlfriend and Nxivm member. She says she she left him in January of 2018, while he was hiding out in Mexico.

About the first six years of their relationship, Nevares writes on her blog that, “He lived with me, lavished me with gifts and attention, much to the displeasure of the other women. And one fine day, he began shunning me, while he flaunted other women in public and barred me from even walking on the same streets as them.”

In September of 2020, Nevares wrote, “I hope Raniere and his co-defendants get the sentences they deserve so they experience, first-hand, what it’s like to lose precious, irreplaceable time. Although in their case, it is well deserved.”

Anonymous Ex-Nxivm Hopes Mack Doesn’t ‘Get Away With It’

The Daily Beast reports that an anonymous ex-Nxian would find it “devastating” if Allison only gets a slap on the wrist. “Indirectly and directly, she made scores of women suffer. It would be really sad to see her get away with it because she saved her own skin,” the former member said.

Legal Commentator Neama Rahmani: Mack “Didn’t Go Out of the Way to Help”

Neama Rahmani
Neama Rahmani

Neama Rahmani, former federal prosecutor and sometime improv comedian, had this to say to the Daily Beast:

“To go down from 14 years to home confinement or probation would be a miscarriage of justice.”

“Allison Mack was involved in some pretty heinous activity, and the fact that she cooperated does not mitigate anything she did,” Rahman added.

“While she did not do the bare minimum in cooperating with prosecutors, she didn’t go out of her way to help either. She was a non-cooperating witness that prosecutors did not end up putting on the stand. She didn’t go out of the way to help make sure justice was served.”

Rahman went on to suggest that if prosecutors decided to “not give her a significant, multi-year prison sentence,” the other women involved in NXIVM’s nefarious activities may “see the rewards.”

India Oxenberg Panics at Thought of Mack’s Sentencing

Allison Mack and India Oxenberg

Allison Mack was India Oxenberg’s master in DOS, and from the sounds of it, Mack was pretty strict with her. In the victim impact statement read by Oxenberg at Raniere’s sentencing, she said, “I felt obligated to engage with you [Keith] because of the blackmail and saying no to your advances meant consequences and punishment from Allison Mack.” She accused Keith of “encouraging Allison to punish any of us who stood up against her, every action orchestrated by you.”

In a recent interview with AwardsWatch, Oxenberg says that when she was told about Allison’s upcoming sentencing, “It really kind of threw me a little bit, and I felt really nervous […] when the thought of her being released came to my mind, I started panicking again, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m really afraid of this.’ And I haven’t wanted to think about it. And so I began writing my statement for her.”

She says she discussed whether to go to Allison’s sentencing in person with a fellow former DOS member, and they agreed they don’t want to go because they don’t want to give her the attention “and that it would almost be better to have a statement read on our behalf.”

Oxenberg Doesn’t See Mack in the Same Way as Raniere

Oxenberg  says, “Keith really is ultimately responsible for everything unfortunately, even though Allison is going to be sentenced and she has done and committed crimes, I don’t see her in exactly the same way as I see Keith. I see Keith as ultimately responsible for everything. And so there’s a lot of mixed feelings of what she “deserves” and I do that in air quotes because that is not my place to pass that judgement. I just think that if she hasn’t been able to have any kind of recognition of the wrongdoings, then she is an unsafe person, period. If you can’t see that you’ve hurt people, then you can’t really be in society, you can’t play in the playground, in simplest terms.”

Oxenberg adds that she doesn’t want to appear in person at Allison’s sentencing because it’s not imperative for her healing and she doesn’t want to spend any more time or money on Allison, who has already taken up so much of her time. You can see the full interview HERE

India Oxenberg was involved in Nxivm for seven years. When she first joined in 2011, she was blown away and inspired, as she told Elle magazine. She joined the sub-group DOS in 2015, which she now says she realizes was a bait-and-switch scheme “that ended up with me being enslaved and branded.”

Jessica Joan: Mack Is a Victimizer

Jessica Joan, AKA Jaye

Jessica Joan, a Los Angeles model and actress, is a former DOS member who escaped before her branding ceremony. She says Allison Mack is a victimizer who needs to be held accountable for her role in the manipulative secret society. About DOS, Joan tells Fox News, “Oh, it was basically my worst nightmare come to life.” Joan fled the group upon receiving a “special assignment” from Allison Mack; her mission was to seduce Keith Raniere.

“It was horrifying in that moment. It was a very serious level of betrayal because I trusted Allison. We built a friendship. The assignment was to help remove any of my issues that had to do with being sexually abused in the past. She was going to put me in a situation to then create harm on harm that I already had at the time,” she states.

Joan hopes that justice is served to Allison Mack. But until her sentencing date, “…it feels like being in limbo. I don’t know one person that thinks being in limbo is fun. That’s the best way to describe it. I’m definitely looking forward to that day happening and having another door of this closing and really being able to put it behind me.”


Nicole has not revealed her last name to the public. .

There is at least one more victim to be heard from — Nicole – who testified at the trial of Raniere.  Whether she will make a public statement or appear in person or have her statement read remains to be seen.

During the trial Nicole described Mack as having manipulated her into a sexual relationship with Raniere which led to her being tied blindfolded on a bed and having oral sex performed on her by an unknown person while Raniere chatted with her. The jury found this incident to be sex trafficking and was the most serious charge sustained against Raniere.



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    • Exactly. In particular India Oxenberg.
      Recruited multiple women in DOS? Check.
      Extracted collateral from them? Check.
      Concealed Keith’s involvement? Check.
      Tried to traffic one woman to Keith? Check.

      India is both a victim and a victimizer, just like Allison. India walks free. Allison is headed for years in prison.

      • I forgot one on India:
        Scheduling her slaves to be branded? Check.

        The coming-out of Sarah Edmondson and Frank Report’s subsequent publication prevented this branding. A close call indeed…

  • Hey,

    There may already be a comment about this—I haven’t read them all– but does anyone have any insight on whether or not Nicki should worry now that Allison has admitted to their immigration scheme? Not sure if there will likely be any legal action now that it’s been confessed.


    • On a related note:

      Frank Parlato, 6/23/21: “[Immigration fraud] has not been proven and based on evidence I have seen, I do not think it will be proven.”

      Sentencing Memorandum, 6/26/21: “[Mack married Clyne] at Raniere’s request in order to obtain a favorable immigration status for Ms. Clyne. [PSR ,r 210.]”

      Frank Parlato, 6/26/21: “Frank Report reached out to Nicki Clyne and Keith Raniere requesting comment on the allegations and are awaiting a response.”

      How’s that coming along, Frank?

  • She will be sentenced harshly, no matter how long it is. All women in California prisons, and every prison in the US. is now subject to new laws that require the DOC to implement Biden signature legislation that states any inmate who identifies as the opposite sex, must be considered for transfer to womens prisons, or risk supposed civil rights lawsuits. The men simply have to say they are transgender, there are no tests to take because none exist. It’s only their word that attests to their “true identity”. Only one woman has so far been transferred to mens prison.

    Allison will feel the weight of California State Bill SB 132, authored by Scott Wiener and signed into law by Gavin Newsom, which allows any man to identify his way into womens prisons. No type of pharmaceutical or medical enhancement or exclusion is required. Any man.

    “The controversial bill that allows inmates to choose a male or female prison based not on anatomy but rather on “individual’s preference” concerns over 1,100 California prisoners identifying as transgender, intersex or non-binary. The number makes up just over one percent of all inmates in the state, which has one of the largest US prison systems. To implement the law, several million dollars was requested from the budget, according to CDCR. Connecticut and Massachusetts have similar legislation.”

    This statistic is true of the UK, which amount to the fact that more trans identified men have committed murder, than have been murdered. The top paraphilia for serial killers is cross dressing, and they will be considered if they apply, as they have in Washington State.

    This is in the UK, this information is barely tracked, let alone cataloged for public dissemination here.

    “In 2018 the MOJ released statistics showing half of the people in prison who declare themselves transgender have been sentenced with one or more sexual offences. We have now obtained new data which is the clearest and most recent evidence confirming the vast majority of these trans sex offenders were born male. These MOJ statistics show that transgender women exhibit a male-type pattern of criminality. We conclude that transwomen in prison exhibit a propensity to sexual crime that matches their birth sex and not their gender identity. This is relevant and necessary information when making legislation and policies designed to keep women safe.

    High numbers of transgender prisoners have been convicted of sex offending.
    We first revealed this in 2017 based on our own analysis of prison inspection reports that allowed us to estimate how many transgender prisoners were being housed in prisons reserved for sex offenders. Our findings were then confirmed by prison statistics obtained from the MOJ through Freedom of Information requests revealing 60 out of the 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales in 2017 had at least one conviction for a sexual offence.

    A new Freedom of Information request submitted by Fair Play For Women now reveals the same pattern is observed in data from 2019. This time 81 out of the 163 transgender prisoners in England and Wales had at least one conviction for a sexual offence.”

    There must be a solution to keep vulnerable people safe from violence, including men with body dissociative disorders. The answer to male violence in mens prisons is not to divert that violence into womens prisons, and place the burden on already abused women. Women have been raped in Washington State prison, by a new trans identified male inmate. It’s happening in Canada and the UK. It’s a UN human rights violation to house opposite sex prisoners together, and yet this suspension of disbelief is being legalized, removing consent for women prisoners and all women.

    There’s a reason that the media is hushing it up…. it wrecks their image of little boys in pig tails and bows, just trying to be happy. Grown predators are capitalizing on this in every single facet of womens lives.

    Allison deserves to serve her time, but not this cruel and unusual punishment. No one does.

  • Frank, when you attempted to change WordPress themes a few days ago, your Zoom Tan image banner got fucked up (it’s missing; showing a big empty space now). Tell your webmaster to fix it, else your sponsor ain’t gonna get many clicks.

    I’m just glad you didn’t go with that ugly blue theme with that shitty new logo I saw —– which looked like it was created by a high school kid.

  • Re The Photo of Allison and India up Top:

    Did Frank ever figure out why the DOS women stick out their tongues in photos?

  • Why doesn’t the DOSsier Project release a Nicki Clyne led recorded zombie zoom propaganda piece about the “truth” behind the procurement of a new virgin for Keith?

    It has come up yet AGAIN. This time in Allison’s legal documents.

    Please explain this for us, Keith’s slaves.

    Would the virgin live in the sex dungeon outfitted with the cages, butt paddles and dog leashes y’all picked out and ordered?

    How old was the target age for said virgin?

    Lots to unpack about the virgin successor.

  • I wonder how the fall of Smallville’s girl next door would be covered if The CW had a news department. And if the CW still had Smallville reruns would they promote it? I think they would on reruns of Beauty and the Beast and Burden of Truth.

    • “I wonder how the fall of Smallville’s girl next door would be covered if The CW had a news department.
      (This is what the CW News would look like)
      News Flash from the CW:News desk

  • With regards to Allison – a point that has been brushed aside, is that nobody is going to convince me that those weren’t her initials in that brand along with KR. I think she got lucky and is totally dodging that bullet every chance she gets. I’d bet the women that have the brand feel the same way.

    As for Ivy – I think Ivy is not being completely honest with the situation. Ivy was sleeping with keith and spreading the lie, or at minimum allowing it to persist, that keith was a renunciate celibate. Ivy is responsible for her own demise and complicit in the harm done to others. She could have told Allison and others about this lie, but chose not to. Now Allison is in deep trouble. She lied about keith deliberately and did so for her own personal gain. While I do feel very badly for her, I think she is a good person and got sucked in due to others lying to her also, she must consider the weight of her own actions and her own levels of dishonesty.

    For this, Ivy needs accountability and should not be casting such heavy stones to the victims she helped create.

    • I agree that the brand represents both KR and AM.

      We never got the full story on who designed the brand. Mack was eager to take credit for the idea and she collaborated at minimum.

      The design reeks of two lovers’ initials intertwined and the idea of branding other women with those initials is deeply perverted.

      As for Ivy being a good person at heart… I struggle to find any good people in this cult. It ranges from bad to worst. From foolish to cruel to criminal. Good people steer clear of cults and con games.

      • I am not convinced that Keith would have shared the brand with Allison. It doesn’t fit with his delusions of grandeur. Only if Keith wanted to later blame Allison for the brand. Maybe? No way Nicki, Cami and Lauren etc. Knowingly Agree to wear Allison’s initials in the brand. Maybe Allison snuck it in there… But then Keith designed the brand.. Inconclusive.

  • US Courts are cracking down on corporations that profit from all forms of sex trafficking.
    What does this trend portend for NXIVM and its leaders including Ms. Mack?

    Texas Supreme Court Rules Facebook Can Be Held Liable for Child Sex Trafficking Recruitment

    Underage victims were reportedly exploited through the social media platform’s message system, with Facebook not only letting sex traffickers prosper and proliferate on its website, but also allegedly profiting from their illegal activities.

    The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Friday that if sex traffickers use Facebook to prey on children, the company can be held accountable, noting that the platform is not a “lawless no-man’s-land.”

  • It’s interesting that Mack’s lawyers’ sentencing memorandum admits that her cooperation with prosecutors “proceeded in fits and starts” as she was working through “some of [her] psychological traumas”. This after having held out until just a get weeks before the trial began before she finally pleaded guilty.

    For nearly a year after her arrest, Mack fought prosecution. She still believed in Raniere and his cause. So is her “remorse” sincere? Or self-serving?

    • “So is her “remorse” sincere? Or self-serving?” Aristotle’s Sausage

      Self-serving of course.
      After the next few years, she will have more psychological traumas to deal with.
      There is a chance that Allison Mack will be cell mates with the attractive scam artist Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos.
      Holmes is approaching trial in San Francisco for defrauding investors out of 800 million dollars.

      Elizabeth Holmes has a resemblance to Nicki Clyne so Allison and Liz should have fun together at “Lights Out”.

      Elizabeth Holmes

  • if Allison has had a rude awakening; I wonder if she throws up in her mouth every time she recalls the vile Raniere touching her?

    Because Allison’s victims surely do.

    Could Allison ever comprehend the terror of the women who never chose Raniere sexually for themselves? But instead were raped by Keith through the use of pornographic and other blackmail?

    “The unbearable shame” of these assaults that India has detailed?

    The constant anxiety of never knowing when you will be ordered to let yourself be sexually assaulted or asked for close up vagina photos. Again. Don’t forget to smile! Middle of the night readiness drill. Again. Answer immediately or be punished! Put disgusting, damaging lies about your family into the drop box. Again.

    How many women got an STD or several from Keith? An abortion? That’s added rape trauma and misery. How many women did Keith kick when they were already on the ground naked like Dani Padilla?

    Imagine the horror of finding out that you have your rapist’s initials burned into the flesh near your violated genitals.

    Nicki proudly calls Keith “her partner of ten years”. Why can’t she comprehend that some of these women barely knew Keith and were physically repulsed by him?

    And not all women morally want to fu×k an old disgusting man randomly just because their “friend” (and by friend – I mean slave master) blackmails them into it and insists that it will help them “grow”.

    It is not something that these women even remotely wanted for themselves even if their slave master Allison says, “You have my permission to enjoy it”.

    I just threw up in MY mouth.

    Yes DOS slaves, please do, “enjoy your rape, sisters”. Some of you repeatedly.

    But wait!

    To quote Keith Raniere, the most ethical, smartest man in the world:

    “Is it rape if the woman enjoys it?”

    Ohhh…okay. Allison! I see what you did there.

    • i think you are right. In Allison’s apology letter, she does not touch on these points at all. It does feel like she does not get the depth of it.

  • In the Albany Times Union podcast there is an interview with Allison Mack’s assistant Tracy Chapman.
    Juicy Peaches was an Allison Mackproject in NXIVM.
    What does Juicy Peaches mean in slang?

    Urban or Freudian allusion to a vulva. The juiciness, soft hair, and shape of the fruit obviously resemble the female vulva. Biting into a peach, with the consequent explosion of juices, is often invoked as a Freudian exposition of male (or female) libido.

  • Allison Mack made Alex Jones’ Infowars!
    Let’s read the comments
    Occult & Globalists
    Biggest Mistake and Regret of My Life’: NXIVM Acolyte Allison Mack Speaks Out

    “No jail time…”??? Because “She’s sorry.”!!??? One “inalienable” endowment we may be neglecting there is her FREE WILL. As nefarious as the mentor SHE CHOSE may have been, she’s very culpable. Acknowledging guilt here should be taken as gratuitously as her treatment of the welfare of the children she corrupted. THROW AWAY THE KEY

    She’s just crying because she got caught. Hoping for a lenient sentencing.

    She still hasn’t accepted responsibility for her own behavior. She’s blaming the “evil man” for victimizing her. Psychos always pretend to be the victim.

    These Leftist morons aren’t sorry for anything until they get nailed.

    That’s it. Not a coming to terms with their sins, but regretting it came to an end and they look foolish having to answer for their crimes.

    She’s not upset about what happened. She’s just upset she got caught.

    So now she’s a freelance whore, big deal.

    So she used to be and maybe still is a nymphomaniac that’s why she joined a sex cult

    That and she is a Satanist.

    So I guess Infowars readers are not Smallville fans. Shadow State

    • Shadowstate-

      Regarding the evidence, that’s what I told you last week Shadow!
      Where’s my credit? 😉

      It amazes me that anyone would point to the ridiculous fact Mack turned over evidence that had already been turned over — as to why she should be let free.

      What kind of morons buy into that argument.

      Ivy, you, and I are in agreement on Mack deserving prison time. What a motley-crew we make. 😉

    • According to the prosecution report, she presented evidence against the other co-defendants as well.

      • At the time that Allison took a plea deal, Nancy and Lauren had already pleaded guilty. So, the only people that Allison provided any evidence against — besides Keith — were Clare and Kathy.

  • Didn’t Keith Raniere claim of the Nxium programs; “The main emphasis is to have people experience more joy in their lives”?

    Who among the top Nxium adherents is experiencing this increased joy?



    IN COURT Published 1 hour ago

    By Sasha Savitsky | Fox News

    Allison Mack calls NXIVM leader Keith Raniere ‘twisted’ in apology letter ahead of sentencing
    The former ‘Smallville’ star is expected to be sentenced on June 30

    [Excerpt at the end of the text]
    At the time Mack’s sentencing date was released, sources told Fox News they are “relieved” she will “finally” get time behind bars.

    • In her sentencing statement Mack’s lawyers claim she has denounced Raniere in the strongest possible terms.
      She called him “twisted”.

      I can think of lots of other things to call him that are stronger than twisted…

  • I see in this attack on Allison a campaign of hatred. Not because of Frank, but because of the content of the article. Envy, hatred and resentment are our worst enemies. Allison has every right to get her life back. She has repented from the heart and I as a Catholic have a duty to forgive her.

    • Mack aided a man who sexually assault women.

      don’t you get?

      And yes, I don’t like women who help men sexually assault other women — do you?

      • Anonymous, i think you are right. An issue I have is more about India attacking Alisson when she was doing the exact same thing as Alisson.

        • I agree, on a certain level, that India is a huge sanctimonious hypocrite.

          However, the DOJ agreed not to prosecute India and it was India who initially handed over the recordings to the FBI.

          Luckily, India was not as good at manipulating people as Allison Mack was.

    • Who do you imagine is envious of Allison? Some people have a reasonable entitlement to hate her, particularly her victims. Unless you were victimized by her, your forgiveness is irrelevant in the context of justice, it isn’t transferable.

  • Ivy Nevares
    @ivynevares [Twitter]
    How exactly does going to school and behaving like a normal person earn you a get-out-of-jail card? If anything, your request shows you’ve not changed at all. What an insult to your victims. #NXIVM #DOS #cult #Criminal

  • lovejessjoan [ Jessica Joan] Instagram

    So we did a thing…

    “The Untouchable Jessica Joan” made the @amazon #1 Best Sellers List !

    Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, especially my incredible team 🙏🏽

    Beyond grateful for my All Stars: @bjthedreamer @embraceyourcape @hgprinc

    Wouldn’t be here without you and all my loved ones always supporting me, having my back and inspiring me to push on forward.

    I love you all ❤️

  • Allison Mack does not want jail time as someone who is innocent and acquitted. What idea does Allison Mack have for her own personal guilt for her crimes, many of which were not even charged because of the plea deal. Allison Mack has learned nothing from this, showing her lack of consciousness of guilt.
    My conclusion is that she deserves an especially harsh punishment so that she has to think about her behavior and crimes long enough, instead of just passing over it as if nothing simply happened and it was all just a tiny little forgivable mistake that didn’t amount to enough to have to go to jail for. It’s about time that she is punished for her crimes appropriately, and that means severely, and really atones.

  • I read in the Daily Mail she wants NO jail time! what planet is she living on?!? Personally, I wouldn’t care if everyone at the top of nxivm was burned at the stake like in the good old days after what they did. haha

  • Hello Frank, Where is your letter for Allison you promised to share. I wait all day for this? Did you not turn it in on time? Was it so poor it was not used. Please, please please share. Or will you deliver it in person, before the cameras? Yes

    • wow frank. i think appearing in alissons sentencing would be great. you connect the dots very good and i think you could show how alison was more a follower. it would be very interesting to see you use your force for good and not to destroy enemies. I found it very interesting that u decided not to talk at keith’s sentencing. i do think you are right that it is annonying to be forced to be labeled a “victim”

      Thanks frank. i admire your work.

  • She is currently under house arrest and cannot leave.

    Her parents home located at [address redacted] Los Alamitos.

    • Hopefully, this is a made up address and Frank isn’t condoning doxxing or simply missed it while approving comments. Last I checked, the parents are not the ones that were convicted or are going to jail and should not have to worry about random internet turds.

    • Frank, recommend removing the comment with her home address. To Ydnim’s point, it’s super creepy. It also has implications for your own liability. (Note that I am not pro-NXIVM or someone who knows Allison.)

  • i read Ivy’s blog where she discusses how she hated Mariana. Keith made women hate each other. Here they are again hating on Alisson. India saying that Alisson is an unsafe person is so hypocritical. Didn’t India do a lot of the same that Alisson did? India was just lucky to have a tough mom. Otherwise she would have likely had the same fate as Alisson.

    India saying that she does not want to give Alisson attention also shows how much she hates Alisson and still loves Keith. Keith did deserve to have her in person statement. But Alisson does not because she is not worthy of attention.

    India and Ivy still hate women. They are misogynists and don’t even see it.

    India: you should not even write a victim impact statement for Alison. Have some solidarity. It could have been you if not for your mom. Leave Alisson alone. She does not need your additional bullying.

      • So you feel that India and Ivy have every right to judge and speak out against Allison?

        Wasn’t india doing similar things as Alisson? How ethical is it for India to speak out against Alison when she was doing the same things? Why is it wrong to question this?

        • I think because Allison knew Keith was the leader of DOS and knew the brand was his initials and knew all the spread leg up close vagina shots, masturbation videos, starvation diets, celibacy, growing out their pubic hair, blackmail etc. were really for Keith’s gratification. And intentionally concealed this fact. it is totally different.

          Allison told these women they were her dearest friends. Her “sisters”. Swore it to them.

          But Allison had deceived them in order to enslave them to Allison’s male master. To use however HE wanted.

          Allison pumped out India to Keith in order to paid. She trafficked Nicole. Attempted to traffic Jaye.

          It is betrayal at the deepest level. More importantly, It was criminal. And Allison herself has admitted it.

          • Dear Anonymous,
            You are right. Thank you for helping me see. I wrote another comment above. Perhaps to you. But I had not read this. You are right. Alisson and India are in very different positions because Alisson was AWARE and had better context than India. That is a key difference I was not thinking about.

            Thanks for taking the time to help us see.

          • Technically, this was done by all the front-line teachers, including Nicki, Camilla and her older sister, Mariana. Now how all the hatred will feel Allison but Nicki barely pays attention and she was also famous — she even defends Keith publicly and her experience in DOS and for all women, Camilla talked about recruiting a virgin for Keith, her older sister, Mariana, agreed that her little sister had sex with Keith and that they imprisoned her other sister, Daniela, in a room for 2 years, while she watched her family being manipulated by Keith without saying anything. Meanwhile they want to stone Allison.

  • Oxenberg says Mack is a frustrated ferret whose Satanic deviations should be somewhat overlooked in a nod of compassion for being really short on I.Q. points and devoid of empathy.

    It is obvious Mack would be back in Raniere’s lap if all this stopped at ANY STAGE.

    • “Satanic deviations”

      Interesting phrase. Very Christian/Catholic phrase. Always amuses me to see the religious not even notice themselves practicing their own contradictions. Part of a “faith” that advocates compassion and forgiveness while its members are usually one of the last willing to do either. At least consistent.

      • Satanic deviation exists in other religions as well.
        Here is an example:

        Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
        12. Februar 2017 ·
        Satanic Deviation

        According to the Quran, Satan deviates people through beautification. That is, he presents evil as beautiful. The Prophet once said: ‘One who adopts modesty will be raised in rank by God.’ If an incident happens where a person decides to be modest, Satan deviates him by making him feel that other people may exploit him if he adopts humility. As a result, this person may become arrogant and stubborn instead of being modest.

        Satan tries to put wrong ideas in people’s minds to prevent them from doing good works. God has said that patience is a very important virtue, but Satan would tell one that if you be patient you would lose everything, so you should fight for your rights. Satan beautifies evils to make a person choose the wrong path. The way of saving yourself is that you should have the ability to analyze the beautification of Satan. For example, once a person said to me that he would kill another person, as he had wrongly taken his money. I explained to him that before taking revenge, you must know that revenge would be followed with revenge.

        That is, the relatives of the person you kill will try to kill you too. Thus one has to be intellectually awakened to be able to analyze Satan’s evils. Satan also creates animosity between husband and wife. Here both should analyze that there are always differences between two persons. These differences should be managed rather than be made a cause for separation. When Satan puts wrong thoughts in the mind, one should be so awakened as to instantly recognize it as satanic promptings.

        Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

      • “Satanic” deviation is just a way of encapsulating the concept of an inclination to do wrong or evil — according to a particular standard — urged upon by the self or others and to act upon it. Within the context of religions that are rooted on the most commonly adhered to conceptions of one God, this means to engage in acts that are outside of both the natural order of things and what is considered wrong by authentic Divine revelation.

      • I am an atheist, Erasend. I like how you involuntarily reveal your preconceived ideas propelled by your personal ignorance.

        • You atheists are so sophisticated, so clever — it must be such a tedious chore dealing with the gaucheness of the godly.

        • Really? That makes your word choice even more interesting. Definitely religion in your background, likely in childhood and guessing parents are still strongly connected to that religion.

  • Isn’t sentencing really about protecting and vindicating the rights of the victims?

    About nine months ago when Allison was taking a Zoom class in Gender Studies at UC Berkeley, a class she chose to leave at the request of her classmates, an Instagram page appeared.
    It was called nxivm 101, like a class in NXIVM.


    30 posts
    61 following
    Sally Satire builds a harem 🎀
    Forgiveness and understanding helps us grow. 1st do no harm.

    Let’s look at the pictures in some detail.

    The first post gives Vancouver contact info for Mack and her NXIVM rank.

    These numbers no longer work, nor is this my address. Allison never fucking sex trafficked anyone!!! Leave Ally Alone!!!

    she held them down and burned her initials into their skin. also smallville is a terrible show.
    33w1 likeReply

    Photo #2
    The second page is a picture of a beaver.

    With this comment

    A clean beaver is a happy beaver. Don’t litter!

    Raniere liked long-haired beavers.

    Third post quotes Raniere.

    Words can be measured by how deep the vibration moves the soul through infinite love and forgiveness.

    The fourth picture is a smiling picture of Ms. Mack.

    With a negative comment by Sookie.
    There was a member of NXIVM named Sookie.

    Alison Mack is a predator.
    37w1 likeReply

    The fifth picture is a red tinted tarot card with these comments to the side:

    Lets talk about how Allison never actually trafficked anyone. Or NOT snapped this hot picture from a room of the Jameniz family

    sookiemylov’s profile picture
    Allison Mack is a predator.

    punky__brewski’s profile picture
    are you in the cult because you sure act like it

    The sixth picture is vague but the comments are of interest.

    Vanguard will be free. It isn’t illegal to brand people who ask for it. The truth will be heard. #FreedomforVanguard

    @Kim W: What do you think of the UC Berkeley coeds who did not want to take a Zoom Gender Studies class with Allison Mack?

    nxivm101’s profile picture
    @granttakesrichmond I think it’s their loss.

    Photo #7
    Calls India Oxenberg “The Untouchable” with this comment on Witness Joan:

    What do you think? Is Jessica aka Jane doe aka Jayne now known as Joan…🙄 an untouchable? She says her world spun at the thought of the seduction assignment…and quit. What if her naked picture was just one of many and this was just another naked picture? No biggie, right?

    Photo #8
    Photo of an almost empty coffee cup with this statement at the bottom
    “You’ve been poisoned”

    akdnfbdjfjffnfnf’s profile picture
    It’s so weird looking at your page and knowing for a fact that you’d be one of the corpses they discovered at Jonestown if you had been born just a few decades earlier.

    nxivm101’s profile picture
    @akdnfbdjfjffnfnf I highly recommend that people don’t drink Kool aid. It’s an unnatural chemical mixed with sugar. Sugar is horrible and is easily replaced with honey. Have a nice day 😊

    akdnfbdjfjffnfnf’s profile picture
    If a guy you think is sexy and enigmatic asks you to do something you’ll just do it no question and that’s why you’re probably going to end up in another two or three more cults before you die at the hands of one

    nxivm101’s profile picture
    Your assumption is incorrect and I disagree that I would have been a corpes at Jones town.

    Photo #9 with this comment
    Picture of an albino squirrel

    🤔 symptoms of reading The Frank Report…

    Photo #10
    There are no victims

    There are no victims was taught in nxivm classes. Save the drama for your momma.

    “There are no victims”? So you’re saying victims of rape and sex trafficking just don’t exist? And convicted sex trafficker Keith raniere taught you that?
    17w2 likesReply

    Photo #11
    Picture of the full moon with a palm tree in the shadows

    Happy new year. The moon was amazing last night.

    Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight? Dancing in the Moonlight (King Harvest
    25w1 likeReply

    Thanks for asking. The answer is yes I have. Have you? Haven’t most of us?

    Photo #12
    Dossier Project Statement

    You stand against evidence and reason and against the idea of female boldly autonomy

    Are your parents, like, just devastated at what a miserable idiot you turned out to be? Or are they just as mentally damaged as you are? Did your mom drink while she was pregnant?
    17w1 likeReply

    slebaron is Samant ha LeBaron

    Picture of Allison Mack with an endorsement by Keith Raniere


    Photo #14
    NXIVM Group Photo

    with Raniere, Mack, Clyne, Claire, Betancourt, Salinas, Cafritz

    Photo #15

    Photo of Raniere and a disguised Salinas

    My conclusions

    Whoever nxivm101 is is a high ranking member of the cult.
    If nxivm 101 is Allison Mack she still has emotional ties NXIVM and Raniere.

  • But Allison so much wants to ‘help them heal’ and feel better. Have you considered the fact Allison, that they don’t need or want you to ‘help them heal?’

    Leave them alone.

    Heal yourself.

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