Guest View: Allison Mack Was the Same as Raniere — Selfish, Power-Hungry, Self-Centered and Cruel

Allison Mack

By Aristotle’s Sausage

She thought Raniere was the smartest man in the world.

Okay. That proves she was stupid, it does not prove she was a helpless victim.

According to Allison Mack’s boyfriend of the time, they both had the impression that Nxivm was “kind of culty”. Having a modicum of common sense, he stopped going. Mack dumped him. She joined the cult.

She joined despite ample warnings and her own misgivings.


Allison Mack with her mentor, Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard.

When people make stupid choices, they risk paying the consequences. This is known as “personal responsibility”.

I think the kids today call it “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Mack thought Keith Raniere was Mr. Wonderful? Okay. Why didn’t she wise up in the decade or so she was intimately involved with the boorish, mean, selfish inept clown? According to Mark Vicente, the mask dropped pretty quickly when one was alone with the bastard.

Keith Raniere amuses Allison Mack

Raniere, the great feminist and champion of women, striving to make the world a better place. Mack believed this (!) even after he told her and the other women that they were too fat? When he told them it was “natural” for a man (him) to screw every girl he took a fancy to while they were all expected to remain his exclusive property? She was “misled” into thinking that was female empowerment and the prescription for a better world?

“I was misled” was the excuse she gave in her allocution before Judge Garaufis. Misled?! The court heard her in an audio recording in conversation with Raniere planning the branding “ceremony”. A torture-porn ritual to be videoed and sent to Raniere. Women branded with a man’s initials, Raniere’s initials. And still, Mack told the women she recruited that DOS was a women-only feminist group aimed at empowering women.

She wasn’t misled. She knew exactly what was going on. She knew exactly what she was doing. She was a willing, nay enthusiastic partner of Raniere’s.

Why, I ask, did she never wise up?

Branding torture-porn ceremonies were conducted in her home.

Sarah Edmondson, Allison Mack, and Daniella Padilla — three DOS members – one whistleblower.

Sarah Edmondson, among others, was branded in Mack’s living room. The stench, reportedly, was unbelievable. (I knew a WWll vet who knew that stench, from a shot-up bomber crash landing. It’s an odor that persists), Mack had that stink in her home like some devilish potpourri. Why, I ask myself, did she remain loyal to Raniere after that experience?

Mack was, at least in part, the same as Raniere, selfish, power-hungry, self-centered and cruel.

Keith Raniere speaks with his DOS slave Allison Mack

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack discuss deep concepts

Mack bears responsibility for the crimes she committed.

Justice demands it. Forget for a moment her gender, or that she’s kinda cute, or that she used to play a sweet kid on that TV show. Just look at the facts of what she did in DOS. Her role as Raniere’s trusted lieutenant. The facts of what she knew about the operation and yet remained loyal and enthusiastic, lying to her slaves and blackmailing them and humiliating them in service to Raniere.

I say she bears responsibility for her crimes, for what she did alongside Raniere. Let’s say she’s just 15% as culpable as him. Consistent with Raniere’s sentencing that’s 18 years in prison for Mack.

Justice. Personal responsibility.


Below are a few of MK10Art’s paintings and sketches of Mack. See more of her work

MK10 ART presents a visual of the recommitment ceremony.

The original Nxivm defendants.



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  • “Selfish, Power-Hungry, Self-Centered and Cruel,” were the desired outcome of the NXIVM process.

    It was designed to make Narcissists more ‘successful’ Narcissists.

    This is obvious.

  • Not like we can’t see exactly what KK, MK10, Chicky and an assortment Anons on here are up to. Plain as the nose on Lauren’s face.

    Pity, I once admired the artist’s insight on GBD in particular. Little did I then know that “insight” came directly from an insider source.

    And the overhead protrait tracing projector with the paint set stashed in the basement closet.

    Can’t dupe a snoop. Come clean.

  • It’s a classic quandary as to what people who join cults are like when then come in, as versus what they become after years if not decades of being unduly influenced by psycopathic gurus and the organizations cast in their leaders’ pathological image. I’ve seen cases where I would say that people came in psychopathic to begin with; and others where I wonder if someone basically good, or at least malleable, may have just had the worst brought out in them.

    I don’t see enough clear evidence to say one way or another about Mack – and so I wouldn’t say that those who argue one side or another are necessarily wrong, and perhaps both sides have a piece of the truth. As far as her legal case, I don’t think the judicial system can try to tease out the nuances, and can only hold her accountable for the crimes she was involved in.

    • Another one desperately trying to align Allison with Keith – observe MK’s halfsy head – to the exclusion of all others who ever truly headed NXIVM.

  • Last note on MK10’s art. The black & white (negatives) remind me of Gina’s last “Samayatara Noir” film reel.

    I really do hope you’re OK.

  • “Mack was, at least in part, the same as Raniere, selfish, power-hungry, self-centered and cruel.”
    Aristotle’s Sausage

    That’s Allison Mack in a nutshell.

  • Last try today, Frank a[redacted] An analogy. Why didn’t Trump pardon any of his own family?

    I offer that it’s bc he’s that delusionally selfish and narcissistic that he believes there’ll be a next time and needs them to make that pathetic ego-fed delusion a reality that will never be.

    …Well, you know, not unless Democracy ends a lot sooner than expected.

    Don’t Trump yourselves, assholes.

  • This entire article visually (MK10’s overhead projector portraits) and in Aristotle’s copy, grossly misrepresents the facts.

    The text messages about sex toys were from Raniere to Camilla (the underage Mexican girl Lauren lured into the cult by manipulating, especially, her Dad, Hector). Not to Allison Mack. (As pictured.)

    Further, Danielle Roberts performed the branding – when did Mack ever wield the branding laser? – On the nudies, preceded by the yet unidentified purportedly male tattoo guy who first branded the first line slaves, including Mack and Lauren Salzman, while partially clad.

    The false message these two artists are sending is clear:

    “Allison is a compilation of all the female perpetrators, the be-all and end-all of NX.”

    I firmly believe that she was cast in this role from the get-go. I also believe MK10 is KK.

    Wasn’t that her paintbox in Frank’s guest room closet?

    (I’d be worried about my dick and balls getting stuffed in my mouth by an angry mafioso type protecting Keeffe if I had any but as it stands, I’m far more worried about my son’s private parts while being cared for by Nigerian would-be Isis recruits alternatively trained and transported out of Africa as caregivers for the U.S. by the Feds.)

    As you well know, Keeffe helped Raniere kill my sister, Frank, slowly, torturously, over decades. She’s nearly as good as Nancy in NLP and always specialized in the recruitment of certain personality types), elaborate lies, and gasighting or street theatre productions.

    Don’t take the fall for her, Stone or anyone is all I’m saying.

    The truth will set you free. Tell it like it is, not like it is on TV.

  • The big problem in this case is the image we have about Allison Mack.

    On the one hand, her work as an actress left an image of someone nice, cool, human. Her beauty and talent, and her supposedly brilliant future in Hollywood thrown away make her seen as a victim.

    But, on learning about this cult and her participation, that image is thrown out and she is seen as a monster.

    What would define whether she is a monster or a donkey who has been cheated is the answer to that question: did she regret it?

    • I’m more interested in, if she does regret it, why? Is it because she blew through her money, fame, goodwill, and years of her life or is it because she damaged others? I don’t think she will ever redeem herself from those horrid clips in the documentaries and articles. She has much to regret, but she did harm people. I think she is probably the clearest example of a victim and a victimizer simultaneously in the entire group. Having said that, she probably would be a lot better with some prison time – not 40 years, but something. She’ll need more than a fine to redeem herself in the eyes of the public. I’m sure she knows that by now.

      • We’ll never know if Allison Mack is really sorry for her mistakes

        Her repentance will not change the harm she has done to many people.

        However, this repentance will be decisive for her future.

        Pray she will spend a few years in prison willing to get out of there a better person, and enjoy the rest of her days to the full and within the rules; or she will have time in prison to sow even more hatred in her heart

    • I strongly suspect that she regrets it, but regret without reform isn’t worth much.

      One of the best ways of demonstrating reform is via service to others.

      In fact, it is an expected outcome of genuine reform.

      • “I strongly suspect that she regrets it, but regret…”

        Everyone is sorry, after they get caught.

        • When a person regrets (just) for getting caught, it is not regret.

          The person did not regret his mistakes, but for having left flaws that allowed him to be discovered.

          If that is the case with Mack, she will be eternally tormented at being found out, at having failed her master. And maybe this story will end in a much worse way than her arrest.

      • Agreed, Paul. Contrition and Reform are proven through service. However small or insignificant seeming that service might be.

        There is no other way. generating hot air, performing histrionics or forcing crocodile tears—butters absolutely NO effing parsnips.

  • My take on Allison Mack:

    You are courage, you are strength and you are dignity. The one who values herself and she fights for what she believes in. A woman who does not give up on fulfilling her dreams regardless of the obstacles she encounters in her path. You know your worth; deep down, you know the wonderful person you are; you are strong when you should be… you know all these things because you are a Woman.

    You can be a mother, daughter, sister, wife … You are a person.

    You are strong, smart and cunning. You are passionate, courageous and generous. You are action, emotion and devotion. You have hope, beauty and power, as well as a brain that you know exactly how to use. You give life, respect, love and gratitude. You believe in others and you nourish them with your presence, you fight for them and for yourself.


    • You offer a lot of compliments to Mack…but what evidence of these qualities can you offer to convince us?

      Answer: If you live in the real world…none.

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