Raniere Attorney Adrian, Brother of Camila and Daniela, a Victim of Raniere Entitled to $250,000 for Unpaid Work?

Adrian was nicknamed Fluffy.

In a previous post, Frank Report revealed the list of 25 alleged victims of Keith Raniere that the US Department of Justice for the Eastern District of NY has recommended receive restitution and the amounts they recommended for 24 of them. A 25th name was mentioned, whose recommended compensation was not yet determined.

We are not giving the last names of alleged victims who have not publicly identified themselves.

The trial judge, Nicholas G. Garaufis, will determine who gets what.

By law, only “victims” may receive restitution under the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act.

In this case, the government listed 117 individuals who requested restitution — and recommended that more than $6 million be awarded to these 25 victims. The $6 million was paid by Clare Bronfman as part of her plea deal. Only five of the 117 alleged victims testified at trial. All but three of the 25 recommended victims are female.

The Sutton family, which is represented by Joseph Sutton, will get the most if the government’s recommendations are accepted by the judge. Per the government’s recommendation, Sutton will receive about half of the victim’s fund, to reimburse his late father’s estate for legal bills expended in civil litigation with NXIVM.

The next six victims are females. Then comes Adrian, the brother of Camila and Daniela. Camila is the then-15-year-old girl Raniere allegedly had sex with and Daniela was the woman who remained confined in a room for almost two years.

A third sister, Mariana gave birth to Raniere’s son, Kemar, who is now 3-years-old. Adrian is an uncle to Raniere’s son.

The government has recommended that Adrian receive $253,204.61.

His victimization claims are for work he said he did for NXIVM for which he was not paid. He puts his 16,000 plus hours at wages at anywhere between $17 to almost $40 per hour, which Raniere’s attorneys argue is pretty high for a teenage boy.

Raniere’s lawyers also claim that Adrian is not a victim. He never testified at trial.

According to Adrian’s victim statement, he “came into the ESP community when [he] was 15 years old” and at the time had yet to “experience much of the world”, let alone have much, if any work experience.

Adrian refers to Raniere as his “mentor” and “friend”.  He played volleyball with Raniere “3 times a week”, and “looked up to him as someone [he] admired”.

Adrian explains that he cleaned Raniere’s pool, shopped for groceries, and “fixed things around the house”, and did it because he “didn’t want to be out of integrity” with him.

Adrian explains how he wanted to be a filmmaker. He never went to school, but as a teenager, he lived with Mark Vicente, a NXIVM member who is a successful filmmaker.

Raniere’s lawyers, arguing against paying the lad $250,000 write, “When people do work related things, there can be various motivators, such as to gain experience during an internship or apprenticeship, or to get paid. [Adrian] adds a new category, to not be ‘out of integrity’ with Raniere…

“He references how he was working on his ‘growth’, and how he was staying out of trouble, and that allowed him to be ‘accepted.’ There is nothing showing … that [Adrian] completed all this work out of his own need to be ‘accepted’, or that it was not part of his professional part and that an apprenticeship would allow him to be more employable in the future.”

So what work did Adrian do to claim that Raniere owed him a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid wages?

Though he did not testify at trial, his victim declaration and the Government’s victim recommendation list establish that:

$253,204.61 is the government recommended amount.

$485,488.29 is what Adrian requested.

$346,329.61 is the amount he lists on a worksheet [see below] that shows he worked more than 16,000 hours for which he was not paid and thinks he should have been paid. It averages more than $20 per hour.

His worksheet lists, for instance, that in 2008 he was uncompensated for the following:

  • Filming Simply Human: 5 hours a week for 52 weeks;
  • Filming Meetings and Forums: 4 hours a week for 52 weeks;
  • Filming voice coaching: 5 days a week for 3 weeks;
  • Filming Acapella Innovations: 12 hours a day for 10 days;
  • Editing footage of Acapella innovations: 12 hours a day for 10 days.

According to Raniere’s attorneys, “These five line items for 2008 raise a few questions. If the first and second items are for 52 weeks, which is every week of the year, then how can it be established that there was no double billing with the other three entries for the year 2008.”

For “Editing Acapella Innovations”, 2008, he set his wages at $30.05 an hour, totaling $10,818.

Adrian was around 17 at the time.

“At that young age, one usually does not have enough work experience to get $30.05 hourly range that the government submits he should get for his 2008 editing.,” Raniere’s attorneys contend.

His entries for “filming V week” for the years 2009-2015, required him to be on call “24/7 for 11 days”, [264 hours for each year] and his claim is for over $6,000 each year at wages of more than $20 per hour, paid round the clock.

Raniere’s attorneys argue that The Fair Labor Standards Act does not compensate people for having to be on call 24 hours a day for seven days a week.  Rather, one is compensated for the actual time they perform work.

In 2011, there is a $28,524 entry for “Logging footage for Clare’s server” at $24 per hour. In 2006, there is an entry for $22,953.84 entry for “Stable work for Clare’s Horses”, and a similar entry in 2007 for another $24,067.68.

Raniere’s attorneys argue that “None of these line items have any connection to the offenses in this case, and the offenses regarding Raniere.”

His attorneys also continued to dissect the claims:

“In the years 2009 and 2010, there are also entries that [Adrian] worked on ‘Filming Meetings and Forums’ every week of those years. There is no indication what hours during a week that he worked a particular project, so if he was working a project every week of the entire year, then there is the possibility of double billing for the years 2008-2010.

The lawyers also raise some thorny questions about how Adrian was paid, when he was paid, which is not a good optic for the defendants awaiting sentencing.

[Raniere’s Presentencing report] “indicates that ‘[Clare] Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, and [Kathy] Russell created false Sagitta LLC invoices and paystubs for Adrian and arranged for Adrian to be compensated through Sagitta LLC for work that he actually performed for Moving Pixels, Inc.”.

Adrian himself suggests that there were some peculiar methods of payment to him. He explained in his statement that “Clare and Nancy made it so that if I earned any money doing work it would be sent to my father’s company and then his company would pay me.”

Raniere’s attorneys argue that “Inconsistencies such as this call into question as to whether [Adrian] was promised money for these assignments, or he did them each for an alternative motivation,”

Such as the non-monetary benefits:

“[Adrian] highlights that at this young age he was working on his ‘growth’, and ‘staying out of trouble’….”, Raniere’s attorneys write. “He was ‘accepted’ into a community, where he then lived with Mark Vicente, who he described as ‘a successful filmmaker’…. [Adrian], himself wanted to be a filmmaker, and there is no indication if Mark Vicente had [Adrian] complete any of filming or editing tasks, or if [Adrian] did them to get experience or get a better job with Mark Vicente.”

Raniere’s attorneys also argue that the hourly wages for Adrian are “grossly inflated because he was not a candidate with a college education, and work experience, and certainly was not qualified to be paid the hourly wage in overwhelming majority of these entries” and that “the calculations in Adrian’s worksheet do not comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act and are unduly speculative. See 29 U.S.C. 201; 18 U.S.C. § 1593(b)(3);

Overall, there is over $100,000.00 in dispute over these entries.

The attorneys are demanding a hearing before Judge Garaufis to determine the proper amount or type of restitution, something which is to be resolved by the court.

In Adrian’s victim statement at the sentencing of Keith Raniere, which took place on October 27, 2020, he said in part, “From the beginning, Keith was sold to me as a teacher, a leader and basically was perceived as a flawless man by his community.  I looked to him as a mentor, someone who could help me achieve my goals…

“I was so young. If I had any doubts, questions or hesitations, he had a group of enablers, his inner circle, who helped him blur the lines between the truth and lies. The lies allowed him to portray this fake persona, one that pretended to be a genius, a scientist, a humanitarian that cared deeply about people. He lived in that blur.

“I supported him loyally, dedicated my life to his vision, defended his character. I worked countless hours filming him so that the world could see how good of a person he was. He seemed to be so misunderstood by the media and his perceived enemies.

“I saw him as a friend. With the help of his never-ending and highly expensive trainings, he knew everything about me. He knew my fears. He knew my mistakes. He knew my desire to be a businessman. He knew my family is everything to me.  He knew I trusted him.  But most importantly, he knew how naïve I was.

“He used my truth against me in a way that I can only describe as cruel and just plain messed up. He played me for 16 years.  The whole time, abusing my sisters and other community members right under my nose… Keith Raniere has negatively impacted my life in so many ways…  He destroyed my family… I’ve gone into debt taking his intensives; a lot of my work was either underpaid or never paid.”

Below is the work Adrian has claimed he was not compensated for:



Filming Simply Human

Time Period





5/week * 52 weeks = 260

Hourly Wage1


Monetary Claim


Filming voice coaching 2008 5/day * 3 weeks = 105 $22.94 $2,408.70
Filming Acapella innovations 2008 12/day * 10 days = 120 $22.94 $2,752.80
Editing footage of Acapella 2008 12/day * 30 days = 360 $30.053 $10,818.00
Filming Dalai Lama event 2009 12/day * 10 days = 120 $23.84 $2,860.80
Editing footage of Dalai Lama 2009 8/day * 30 days = 240 $30.62 $7,348.80
Filming V week 2009 24/7 *11 days = 264 $23.84 $6,293.76
Filming V week 2010 24/7 *11 days = 264 $23.29 $6,148.56
Filming V week 2011 24/7 *11 days = 264 $23.77 $6,275.28
Filming V week 2012 24/7 *11 days = 264 $23.56 $6,219.84
Filming V week 2013 15/day *13 days = 195 $25.26 $4,925.70
Filming V week 2014 15/day *13 days = 195 $27.17 $5,298.15
Filming V week 2015 15/day *13 days = 195 $28.54 $5,565.30
Filming V week 2016 15/day *13 days = 195 $30.38 $5,924.10
Editing v week footage 2014 10 /day * 15 days = 150 $36.10 $5,415.00
Editing v week footage 2015 10 /day * 15 days = 150 $38.61 $5,791.50
Editing v week footage 2016 10 /day * 15 days = 150 $39.52 $5,928.00
Filming runners club 2012 2/week *52 = 104 $23.56 $2,450.24
Filming Meetings and Forums 2008 4/week * 52 =208 $23.56 $4,900.48
Filming Meetings and Forums 2009 4/week * 52 =208 $25.26 $5,254.08
Filming Meetings and Forums 2010 4/week * 52 =208 $27.17 $5,651.36
Logging footage for Clare’s 2011 10/day * 120 days = 1200 $24.11 $28,524.00
Filming Ultima development 2014 12/day * 7 = 84 $27.17 $2,282.28
T shirt printing 2012 20/week * 52 = 1040 $23.435 $24,367.20
T shirt printing 2013 15/week * 52 = 780 $23.85 $18,603.00
T shirt printing 2014 15/week * 40 = 600 $24.36 $14,616.00
T shirt printing 2015 12/day * 30 days = 360 $24.83 $8,938.80
TOTAL 8,283 hours $211,934.13

1 All hourly wages based on mean wages for comparable occupations as reflected in Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment Statistics tables for each corresponding year. All tables can be found at https://www.bls.gov/oes/tables.htm

2 Hourly wages for Filming work based on BLS 27-4031 Camera Operator. 3 Hourly wages for Editing work based on BLS 27-4032 Film/Video Editor. 4 Hourly wages for logging footage work based on BLS 25-4011, Archivists

5 Hourly wages for T-shirt printing work based on BLS 27-1024 Graphic Designer.


Job Time


Hours Hourly




Stable work for Clare’s 2006 56/week * 39 = 2184 $10.516 $22,953.84
Stable work for Clare’s 2007 56/week * 39 = 2184 $11.02 $24,067.68
Filming Inlaketch 2012 10/day * 30 days=300 $23.56 $7,068.00
Filming Jness tracks 1-8 2014 12/day * 9 days/track * 8 tracks = $27.17 $23,474.88
Filming SOP weekends 1-8 2014 12/day * 4 days * 8 weekends = $27.17 $10,433.28
Filming level 2 intensives 2015 Mobius and Characterization $28.54 $6,164.64
12/Day*9 *2 =216
Filming SOP Complete 1-3 2015 12/day * 9 days * 3 tracks = 324 $28.54 $9,246.96
Editing Jness tracks 1-7 2014 12/day * 7 days * 7 =588 $36.10 $21,226.80
Editing SOP Complete 2014 12/day * 3 days * 3 = 108 $36.10 $3,898.80
Editing level 2 intensives 2015 Mobius and Characterization $38.61 $6,486.48
12/Day *7 days *2 =168
Editing SOP Weekends 1-8 2015 12/day * 5 days *8 = 480 $38.61 $18,532.80
TOTAL 7,800 hours $153,554.16


Total for all work:                                          16,083 hours                                                                          $365,488.29























6 Hourly wages for Horse/Stable work based on BLS 45-2093, Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals.



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  • Being on call 24 hours a day. No regulated breaks, etc. These are things that should be introduced.

    What are the child labor laws where the work took place? They can be pretty strict.

    Did this child go to school? How was that managed within his work schedule?

  • Didn’t Adrian tape his and surveil his sisters? How much is Daniela receiving? Is Daniela similar to Frank in that she doesn’t consider herself a victim and is not asking for money?

    I bet Daniela is a Scorpio. Frank is a Taurus. They are some tough people. But come on, get your well-deserved money.

  • Ghislaine Maxwell’s first photo from prison shows unexplained black eye — See it

    The first photo of Ghislaine Maxwell from prison was revealed in court papers released Thursday.

    In a filing from Thursday afternoon, Maxwell’s attorney Bobbi Sternheim said the defendant noticed a black eye last night and was then confronted by Metropolitan Detention Center officers who demanded to know how she got it.

    Maxwell claims she does not know the cause of the black eye. However, Sternheim stated in the court filing that Maxwell “has grown increasingly reluctant to report information to the guards for fear of retaliation, discipline and punitive chores.”

    Sternheim has asked the court to direct the MDC to stop the wellness checks, which occur every 15 minutes to ensure that Maxwell is “still breathing.” He speculated that the bruise may be related to these checks, claiming that Maxwell needs to shield her eyes from the flashlights used during the check.



    • Video detailing the BOP’s mistreatment of Ghislaine Maxwell

      This commenter “Rodeslav” is not pro-Maxwell but even he is outraged by her mistreatment,

      Judges Orders Prison To Answer Direct Questions On Maxwell Treatment || #Rodeslav​

      23.5K subscribers

      Ghislaine Maxwell Pictured Behind Bars for the First Time Since Her Arrest — with a Black Eye. Ghislaine Maxwell’s attorney shared a photograph of her client with a “black eye” behind bars on Thursday in an effort to improve the conditions of her pre-trial lockup. Maxwell claims not to know how she got the shiner, and her lawyer asserts that she did not want to report it to correction officials for fear the jail would intensify its restrictive watch over her. “Last night, she was confronted by MDC staff due a visible bruise over her left eye,” Maxwell’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim wrote in a two-page letter, abbreviating Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center and calling the mark a “black eye.”

      • Shadowstate-

        I watched the first 15 seconds.

        Definitely seems like something you’d watch. I love the lighting!

      • DOJ and BOP might be screwing up the Ghislaine Maxwell case

        MDC Actions Are Helping Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case? || #Rodeslav​

        MDC Actions Are Helping Ghislaine Maxwell’s Case?
        Maxwell has claimed that the MDC guards confiscated her confidential files. I explain the situation.

      • This reminds me of the time Ghislaine posted a fake pic of herself at an LA burger joint.

        While I’m not without sympathy for her light blinding, nightly visits, it could be far worse for her if she isn’t well guarded considering Epstein’s fate.

        There’s clearly no gender discrimination, babying of the female offender, going on in that case for the NX Leftovers, anyone, to carp about.

        (Btw, Where’s Kenyon Gibbson, Gibs ? – the Kung Flu warrior who knew Epstein’s brother – hanging out these days? That was some good, potential prize-winning journalism there on FR’s part. Along with the cop cellmate story I’m surprised no one’s followed up on. ?).

        Nancy Salzman had just better pray nothing fatal happens to Keith in Tuscon sex prison before she’s sentenced.

        Any updates, Clav? Frank gonna visit his old boss behind bars or what? Bring Gina’s chart, please.

  • Fair play to the kid for asking to be compensated at an audacious rate per hour. Knowing what people paid for intensives who were trained by staff — who in reality, had nowhere near the level of qualifications required to do their job — why shouldn’t he ask for it? He has some cajones 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing the link!

      There’s nothing new for long-time Frank Report followers, but I think new people will enjoy the read.

    • Thanks for the excerpt. We needed that reminder of how slick pulled it over on his whiz kid captive. Dani is the me-too heroine of the highest magnitude in my books!

      Btw, Frank and JT or Joe (if you’re onboard), remember I once caught Keith scouring the High IQ, Mensa message boards looking for a genius, sexually subservient girl. He had a posted conversation with a snarky, autistic lass apparently thrilled to be talking to THE Keith Raniere! (Yes, coulda all been booty bait with some actress role playing the young genius like they were doing with GBD.

      Wish I had my old puter that was seized when Solomon took over my son’s household – and if it’s been tampered with there’ll be hell to pay. LOL. Think I posted it to JT’s blog we know has been butchered.

      Any case, Keith was always on the prowl for smart, pretty youngins to replace my sis. Keeffe must have been heart broken she alone just didn’t do it ALL for him. Like Gina was. Maybe they all were but the [redacted] fam altogether had it all for the making and taking and his voracious lusts still weren’t satisfied.

      I pray for the [redacted]z family in Mexico often.. If anyone wanted to improve relations and block illegal criminal activities from the border why not extradite and protect them FIRST (along with Tony Zattorini, the ‘little guys,’ from the real retaliation dangers they live under there?

  • Vice has a new excerpt from Sarah Berman’s book up. It details how Daniela was an idealistic, innocent teenager when first exposed to Nxivm.

    • Apparently all the DOS girls had, ” I’m with stupid” t-shirts.

      But it would be interesting to see the other designs.

  • Raniere should consider himself lucky that Adrian did not include for payment the videos Raniere made him take of him having sex with women/girls and Adrian’s own sisters.

    I am sure Raniere treated Adrian like a slave. I would say he deserves even more money than what was recommended by the government.

    Question: I thought the money was coming from Pam’s estate. Wasn’t Clare’s restitution separate from Raniere’s?

    • Took the words right out of my mouth, Sherrizy. As usual.

      What does a teen porn apprentice forced to film his sisters in the act make per hour these days? Or maybe I should ask what does an apprentice porn film “fluffer” get?

      The abuse these children suffered at the hands of everyone who knowingly or neglectfully corrupted and used them while redirecting and preventing law enforcement from investigating is incalcuable.

      Whatever amount they settle for may well last them a lifetime, however, so long as the full truth remains buried and the truly guilty remain at large.

      Question: What is the life expectancy of someone living in Mexico who has been bought off so certain Elites can get off on potential kiddie porn charges in the US or Mexico?

  • Maybe the fluffy guy ought to consider billing both of his parents, the two too culty chowderheads who dragged four of their children into all of this insane crap in the first place.
    Butt sue away. Sooey! Sooey! Oinka oinka. Ya know? Wtf

  • The point of “unpaid labor” could also apply to Kristin Kook.

    Like all members, she actively recruited. However, as a popular actress, her fame also was used by Nxivm to lure others. Celebrities are protected by law from having their name or image used for profit by others without compensation.

    And as a rumored member of Vanguard’s harem, she might have a case for unpaid sex work, but I don’t know if or how often such work was performed, or if Kook’s sexual services were worth enough to file a claim.

    • Ms. Kook will have to show video proof of her unpaid harem sex work, then demonstrate her sex skills in court to establish their monetary value.

      • Hardly Bangkok!

        Kristen doesn’t need to sell herself. On a few occasions, I’ve found her tax returns, in the garbage. She’s rich.

        So haha to you Bangkok!

        “Restraining orders are merely a test of devotion.”
        -Pakistani Proverb-

      • Hardly Bangkok!

        Kristen doesn’t need to sell herself. On a few occasions, I’ve stumbled upon her tax returns, in the garbage. She’s rich. So haha on you, Bangkok.

        “Restraining orders are merely a test of one’s devotion.”
        -Pakistani Proverb-

      • Hardly Bangkok!

        Kristen doesn’t need to sell herself. On a few occasions, I’ve stumbled upon her tax returns, in her garbage. She’s rich. So haha on you, Bangkok. Toodeloo!

        “Restraining orders are merely a test of one’s devotion.”
        -Hindu Proverb-

  • There’s something odd about this whole situation…

    Why are Keith’s attorneys fighting so hard about the way in which Clare’s money is going to get split up among those who claim to be victims?

    Or are Keith’s attorneys really raising all these arguments on behalf of Clare — which would make sense, especially if she’s the one who is paying their fees (As far as I know, Clare’s attorneys have not filed any objections to the restitution amounts recommended by the government)?

    Maybe the rumor that the IRS has frozen all the money that Keith supposedly inherited from Pam Cafritz is incorrect.

    Or maybe Keith has other funds in his name in an offshore account — or hidden under the mattress of one of his ultra-loyalists.

    Help me out here, Frank Report readers…

    • Because Claviger, you have forgotten just who keith is. keith is an asshole. Everything keith does is designed to torment, humiliate, and destroy. Everything. And he particularly loves destroying this family and all of their children. So my guess is he told the attorneys to make whatever case they could to reduce his award as much as possible. This is for nothing more than his own enjoyment.

    • —There’s something odd about this whole situation…

      You mean besides— Joey Sutton gettin a cut of the restitution— from a criminal case he’s not involved in?

      • Yeah, besides the Suttons potentially getting a massive payday — which I think is totally inappropriate — there are several aspects of the restitution process in this case that don’t make sense to me.

        First, it seems to me that the government should have begun the process by clearly defining how much money will be available for restitution. Is it just the $6 million that Clare paid in — or will the government be able to get some additional funds from Keith, Allison, Nancy, Lauren and/or Kathy?

        Second, I think the government should have set aside a pool of funds that would be made available to any woman who wanted to have her brand covered over with a tattoo or repaired to the extent it could be repaired.

        Third, I think the government should have set aside a pool of funds that would be available to any woman or man who needs counseling/therapy as a result of their involvement with NXIVM/ESP (Some of these people may not even know they need such counseling/therapy for quite some time into the future).

        After those things were covered, then I would look to the various claims that were submitted by the 117 individuals who self-identified themselves as victims. And in considering those claims, I would give the highest priority to those whose harm was directly related to the crimes of which Keith was convicted — and the crimes to which his five co-defendants pleaded guilty.

        Judge Garaufis still has the power to fix all of this — and I am hopeful that he will ignore everything that has been submitted to him and do something similar to what I’ve suggested.

        • I’m rooting for Gaurufis. Excellent post, Clav. Agree.

          So did this restraining order chatter have anything to do with Bangkok’s Covid?

        • KR,

          I believe there is a good chance Judge Gaurfis will make things more equitable for the victims who truly were damaged.

          Already the judge has bucked the prosecutors’ recommendations. Hopefully, this pattern will continue.

          Great summary! There should be well-established restitution rules and guidelines. I am surprised such guidelines don’t exist.

          • While they did a great job in taking Raniere down, I think the prosecutors totally whiffed on the issue of restitution. My recommendations are not especially creative — in fact, they’re all pretty basic.

            But they sure as hell make a lot more sense than giving the Sutton family $2.9 million they really don’t need.

            C’mon, Judge Garaufis, fix this mess!

  • These alleged victims are becoming total JOKES.

    It’s embarrassing to see grown human beings BEGGING the judge for money like this.

    Even former DOS members, who helped to recruit more slaves, are now part of these ‘victims’ begging for compensation.

    The worst part is that Frank and Claviger are supporting these greedy CRETINS and low-life HEATHENS.

    I must give proper credit to Empress Heidi, since she has not asked for compensation even though she could have.

    At least she had the integrity NOT to behave like her old pal “Tones” who is seeking a ton of money —- but, who will thankfully only get table scraps.

    My message to Toni is: Ha ha ha.

    Toni, please use that money to get some new plastic surgery. Cuz your current face has looked rather funny and unnatural since about 2019 (not sure if it’s from bad plastic surgery or if you’re just aging badly). But I can assure you that no man will be able to get ample ‘wood’ by looking at your current face.

    Fuck the rest of you ‘victims’. You’re pathetic.

    And Fuck Nutjob, for his support of these cretins (victims).

    And Fuck Niceguy, for his support of these victims.

    I am a noble person. A fair person. A person who serves as a model of true integrity. And I say FUCK YOU to these greedy cretins.

    Hopefully, if my Lord and Savior hears my prayers, these cretins will develop new lumps in their butt which will turn out to be malignant. Then they can die of ass cancer, and possibly make the world a less greedy place.

    Stop craving free money.

    Kindly get off your lazy asses and work for it.

    Jesus doesn’t like LAZY ASSHOLES who crave free money.

    Too many lazy deadbeats in this world.

    IMO, the Suttons deserve their cut of the pie cuz they lost REAL money.

    Other than that, nobody else deserves JACK SHIT and the judge should donate the rest of that money to a worthy charity to help feed starving kids.

    If I were the judge, I’d give this Adrian guy about $12. Just enough to buy a sandwich somewhere, with fries and a coke.

    • The Judge wasn’t born yesterday. He can slice out the witches and the gremlins as he sees fit. And their little dogs, too. Slice and dice. It will be happening. Free entertainment for one and for all, too. You’ve got ants in your pants about nuttin.’ Ass usual. Fuck the auto-correct imbecile. Ass usual works 4 me. So does weeknd over weekend. Get hip, Oddo.

      So. What else is new. Not a fucking lot, eh, Charlie. You got any gum?

      Oh, and Frank, please let me take a moment to thank the great publication, Mad Magazine. About that gum and so so much more.

    • Someone else wishes ass lumps to people he does not tolerate easily too. What a coincidence.

      Why not give all the money to the Suttons? Or to the NRA’s PR team to start campaigning for the sale of rocket launchers throughout the US? That way, the odds of all these cretins begging for restitution, getting killed increases massively and, the NRA can further solidify its role of making America free!

      • Now we need never ask about how come humans experience sexual intensities and desires so damn much again. It is either make war or make love. Who gets blown up first?
        Oh dear. Back to the drawing board. So many blow-ups to contemplate it’s just about overwhelming. Who gnu.

        This has been one of my favorite comments ever, Alex. There’s nothing like a great ka-boom with Charlton Heston rising up from the grave to fix it all.

    • Friend of Bangkok, such a keyboard warrior you are! Who in the literal Fuxk do you think you are?!

      Clearly you’re some mental midget by your comment above. Perhaps you’re Keith’s new cell mate and he convinced you to write this nonsense after you finished servicing him.

      But seriously, your comments above are Fuxking way outta line.

      • How can you say such a thing about such a (self-described) noble person?

  • The hourly wages that Adrian demands are assumed in the amount as if they had been provided in this case by a qualified and trained professional, which unfortunately is not the case. Adrian’s qualification is that he was at best semi-skilled for these activities, but not trained. Therefore, I assume that regardless of the number of hours he claims to have worked, it is more like minimum wage hourly at best. But that is not what he is asking for.

    • Anonymous-

      You are correct. I will add Clare’s attorneys can hire an expert to discredit and disqualify Adrian’s claim.

      I believe Dani and Cami deserve the largest share of the money.

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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