Guest View: Clare Bronfman Chose to Forgo a Life of Privilege and Leisure to Spread Keith Raniere’s Teachings and the NXIVM 5 Abandoned Her!

Clare Bronfman with Keith Raniere

Suneel and company, what do you have to say to this guest view?

By Penn Station 195

Since the legal criminal proceedings, none of the NXIVM 5, thus far, have defended Clare Bronfman post-sentencing.

Clare has remained loyal to NXIVM to her own detriment. So far, Clare hasn’t received the slightest amount of support. No one is coming to her defense or protesting her incarceration. Clare Bronfman has not been mentioned once, since her imprisonment, by Raniere’s supporters.

Clare is not even a footnote, she’s a non-existent entity in the minds of NXIVM adherents.

Sara Bronfman and Clare Bronfman present a $20,000,000 check to Keith Raniere at Vanguard Week 2004.

Clare paid for the legal defense of Keith Raniere and all of the other defendants.

Clare suffered the greatest legal injustice, of all the defendants; she cut a deal with the DOJ that the trial judge chose not to honor. She was given more than a 6-year sentence for crimes that normally would have resulted in a sentence of around 2 years. She was railroaded and double-crossed by the Federal Government.

Clare Bronfman arrived at the front door of the Brooklyn courthouse for sentencing. She was not to go out the front door but exited in the paddy wagon to custody.

During the sentencing, Clare, against her attorneys’ wishes, defended Kieth and NXIVM. She never renounced or denounced Keith Raniere or NXIVM. None of the other defendants were as loyal as Clare to Keith Raniere.

During Clare’s stewardship, NXIVM blossomed. She helped manage and finance NXIVM. Her largesse to NXIVM were beyond benevolent, they were selfless acts of charity for an organization that could barely pay for itself.

“Quite a few members of NXIVM amount to ne’er-do-wells.”

Clare Bronfman with the Dalai Lama

• Clare paid for the Dalai Lama and purchased a luxury jet to bring prestige to NXIVM and elevate the organization’s status amongst celebrities and the public.

Clare went so far as to try to recruit her own billionaire father. At Keith’s request, Clare even spied on her father. In addition, she introduced the NXIVM organization to the rich and powerful such as the famous billionaire Richard Branson.

Edgar Bronfman with his daughter Clare Bronfman

Clare hired and paid for all of the attorneys and law firms used to prosecute and attack Keith’s perceived enemies’

• The NXIVM 5 have remained silent and deaf as to the plight of Clare Bronfman throughout the trial, sentencing, and so far thereafter.

In the closing days of NXIVM, Clare paid for NXIVM to stay afloat. In its last death-throws, she kept fighting.

In conclusion, Clare easily could have sold out Keith, renounced NXIVM, and received a light sentence. Instead, she bit the bullet, stood her ground, and suffered the consequences. Her reward for her unflinching loyalty? Complete abandonment!

The Nxivm 5, L-R Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clune, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette, and Marc Elliot speak out for the injustices done to Keith Raniere.

The NXIVM 5 have ONLY supported and defended Keith Raniere.

I have a grudging respect for Clare Bronfman. Clare chose to forgo a life of privilege and leisure to serve a higher purpose, serving Keith Raniere and spreading his teachings. And, when the time came, she chose to stand by her beliefs, stalwart, resolute, bite the bullet, and sacrifice herself for her convictions. She is a brave and strong woman. Clare Bronfman deserves better from her fellow NXIVM peers and friends.

Keith Raniere with Clare Bronfman

I hope Clare and her sister, Sarah, see my words and wake up to the fact that the NXIVM 5 and other so-called friends are nowhere to be found. Clare rots in prison alone and forgotten; I find it curious that one of NXIVM’s greatest champions has been cast away like garbage.

Clare and Sara Bronfman

To the NXIVM 5,
You all claim to be ethical – but how ethical is it to ignore the plight of one of NXIVM’s most loyal members and a one-time friend?!?!?

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  • Clare Bronfman devoted her life to suing Nxivm opponents and making their life hell. Why would ANYONE want to take any chance on her besides lawyers and other money suckers?

  • FYI Suneel was ordered not to speak of Clare Bronfman by one of Nexter 5 females and, no, it’s not Eduardo.

    • That’s a red alert violation of the natural order of male domination Keith ordained! Break out the jock strap props for whatever uppity, errant cunt thinks she’s in charge now!

      (Even if he is flaming, Suneel still has a cock, doesn’t he?).

  • Well, maybe she should continue to treat her “friends” the way she used to. They would probably come around.

    Pay them.

  • NXIAN’s are conditioned to hate and oppose, dominate and subdue ‘the feminine’ – without and within.

    All the females (along with whatever feminine attributes they possess) are seen and treated as objects – used as sex toys, weapons, “brand” promoters, etc.

    In the true NXIVM worldview untamed women who have not been mind-conditioned to embrace its misogynistic teachings – to “unsex” themselves – are beneath animals unless you count scapegoats, sheople, and large piggy banks, like Clare, as human.

    Real female, and personal empowerment, is not about becoming more like men to oppose their domination, it’s about discovering and giving full freedom of expression to one’s individuality.

    How can that happen in the state of self-loathing, servitude and objectification that NXIVM permanently inflicted on, especially, its female acolytes?

    These leftovers struggling to regain themselves, their individual identity, are mostly to be pitied not scorned or gobbled up by self-serving rescuers seeking to use them in the same manner Keith, Nancy and the core group of grifters did and, in some cases, continue to. No matter whose ‘brand’ they are promoting.

    I know our justice system is broken and not geared toward reform but punishment – the negation of “feminine” principles in a society that worships war and apparent “victors” is part of that – but these girls, anyone exposed to and used by NX, are all in dire need of advanced, specialized psychological treatment.

    Particularly in the case of NXIVM – where, I believe, factions of or individuals within the justice system here and in Mexico not only ignored but protected and may have propagated some of the criminal activities and usury that went on for their own advancement – the victims are owed at least that much.

    Provided, of course, they are willing to accept whatever genuine help might be offered or afforded to them. But it seems there are other plans for the largesses of the wealthier ex-NXIANS and their families.

    HIStory just keeps repeating itself.

  • It’s an accurate observation but not a surprising one. They flocked to NXIVM because of the promise and whatever charisma that Raniere had. By his own design (being a cult and all), that meant the arguably most important person of the cult, the money aka Clare, would not get the attention or accolades of the followers. It’s a classic (wo)man behind the throne problem. The benefit of being close to power without the ability to directly wield it or take credit for it.

    Ultimately, what the NXIVM 5 and pro-DOS folks are doing is trying to desperately make their 10 or so years of sacrifice worth something. An example is Mack and Clyne. In their physical and acting prime, they flocked to NXIVM and effectively sacrificed their careers and potential of family for it. What do they have to show for it? One is selling autographs and about to head to jail after losing all her Smallville millions that would have led to other acting jobs.

    The other, best I can tell, is working customer-service-type jobs with no career prospects of any kind. Clyne still has time to recover some (but not all) lost ground but her focus on “justice” (aka focus on finding examples that remind her of Raniere’s legal situation that she might benefit his case) means that is unlikely to happen. By the time she finally wakes up enough to realize her current course is still digging a deeper NXIVM hole, it’s going to be way too deep to climb out of. No telling what others gave up but all of them have arrested careers and family lives in some form or fashion that were significantly damaged with significant chunks of time they will never be able to recover.

    So, yeah, I would say Clare and others are low priority in light of all that.

    • Erasend,

      You make excellent points!

      —By the time she finally wakes up enough to realize her current course is still digging a deeper NXIVM hole, it’s going to be way too deep to climb out of

      That fact is incredibly sad.

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    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 42
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Philadelphia FDC
    Release Date: 06/29/2026

    • Totally agree with anonymous at “1.16 pm”. Clare was taken big time and rather badly used. I hope she is able to realize exactly what Raniere did to her. It would go a long way to maybe get the women like B Bouchey and others to tell her what went on behind the scenes and how badly she was misled.
      Either way, I hope she can overturn the sentence and have a more appropriate sentence for what she was convicted of.

  • Frank Parlato is a hero. He’s been following all this for years – while mainstream media ignored it. Why? That is as big of a question as the questions about the cult members reasons for destroying their lives for nothing.

    I thank Frank Parlato – the investigative journalist who exposed this evil, vicious, diabolical cult. He declared war on Keith Raniere and Nxivm long before Leah Remini exposed evil Scientology and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. These cults destroy thousands of people and families.

    I thank Frank Parlato for all of America and the world! You kicked frickin’ ass. You’ll likely be honored by readers, critics and writer’s associations for your work. But the greatest honor for a journalist – is when the bad guys are held responsible for their deeds. Yes, my friend, you kicked frickin’ ass. There is no higher honor for a journalist.

  • Frank, what do your page views look like when there’s no actual case news? Is that why you publish crap stories to rile up your same 5 commenters?

  • You know, if you put a better beard on Clare, she would look strikingly like a late stage Jerry Garcia. Except Jerry had better cleavage.

  • Clare was never liked inside the community. She was a cold fish (turned predator). So this is not shocking by any means. Not to mention, she’s a woman. The Leftovers are only defending men now. Women? Never.

    • —Clare was never liked inside the community.

      And that justifies abandoning Clare Bronfman?

      Clare Bronfman sacrificed more of herself than anyone in NXIVM. Maybe she was cold and antisocial. We are all not made perfect. The NXIVM 5 and Clare were all supposed to be on the same team. Remember?

      I am shocked Suneel has remained silent. I expected more from him.

      So much for the Ethical 5!

      • What did she sacrifice?? Money? She put out millions of dollars to destroy innocent people’s lives. She’s a predator with zero remorse. Even the batshit crazy NXIVM 5 don’t give a damn. “Same team” be gone. It’s all about KR. Always has been.

    • Pea,
      Tell Nicki and “We Are As You” to visit Philly and dance for Claire.
      Here is a song for you to use
      Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom ( Live at the Royal Opera House – 2002) HD

  • 100% Clare is the true vanguard.

    First, she would never behave as Keith did and truly could live as a renunciate. Clare did not want a slave harem. She just wanted to change the world and… Falsely accuse people of crimes and ruin their lives with litigation.

    She is the woman behind the screen of pervy putz the great and powerfully odious leader of munchkin mind-land.

    Nowhere is the deep misogyny of Nxivm more evident than in the treatment by their -ehrm, community – of the female defendants and now convicted criminal Clare Bear.

    Frank, are you aware of Clare’s phone calls while at MDC? Any recordings with Nxivm 5? Did Suneel et al get her burner phones too? We know they did not prostrate themselves in public on her behalf in scanty clothing. Or tweet constantly about her. Or write really tedious essays defending her virtue.

    All they seem to do is burn through that Bronfman money. No love for Clare.

    Or Allison. Or Nancy. Or Katrina Ballerina.

    Do you know it is a statistical fact that almost no one visits women in prison? Comparatively. It’s all visits for the men. And I only ever see Nicki defending men. Total strangers. But not Clare. Not Allison. Or any of the women that she knows personally. Keith. Of course. A man. And other random men.

    So much for sisterhood & sorority.

    It’s shocking to realize thrice-weekly close-up vagina photos didn’t really end up empowering women after all.

    Shocking, I tell you. Shocking.

  • dude, totally. they even danced outside the MDC while she was there and completely ignored her, focusing only vanguard, despite her being in the same fucking building lol.

    you did however fail to mention suneel wiping her ass for her and carrying her to and from the toilet. so there’s that.

    • Ice-nine’s comment might or might not be intended to be comical. Imagine if this were the first comment ever read by someone new to the Frank Report. Ye gods and little fishes.

      Why was a boy named Su carting this homely middle-aged spinster creature, Clare Bronfman, on and off of the toilet?

      Why could Clare Bronfman not handle her own hind end and/or her other nether regions independently? How cum?

      This is just one of those things. So far I haven’t quite stopped tittering, just feeling so FLUSHED with awkwardly cartoonish visions, perhaps with way too much impolite, unseemly and juvenile amusement and yes, delight.

      Lordy, kindly excuse this reprobate, who has fallen once again, for potty humor.

      The most splendid ass-pect of this whole Clare “Terlet” Story is that none of us would ever have even HEARD it at all, if it were not for Suneel Chakravorthy, who has given some new shading to an old descriptive: mealy-mouthed.

      Tell me, Su, did Clare Bronfman, with a rebel yell, cry “more! more! more!” from her place on the throne?

      This is art. Art Lockers. Never mind. That is part of an older joke than Clare.

  • Ms. Broffman was so vulnerable, so malleable to a master manipulator. I read she didn’t finish high school, she was sheltered and sensitive… Easy prey. I pray she finds a purpose while incarcerated: and maybe some decent, real friends. It can happen🙏🏼

    • Assuming good behavior, when will she get out of the big house. Do you know if she has any objective friends that could talk sense to her, her attorneys perhaps? She is definitely a lost soul, she no doubt will be hounded by every shaman, wingnut, cult to join them, once she gets out. It really pains me to say this after the destruction she caused so many people, but I do feel sorry for her, just a little bit.

    • I hope she finds some of her brain and a lot of common sense . Oh and maybe a prison hairdresser… dear god all that money and she looks .. well old and dowdy. She always did, even before prison.
      P.S. I am a long time hairdresser !

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