Pop Star Nick Jonas Mimics Keith Raniere at Volleyball on Saturday Night Live

Nick Jonas as Keith Raniere

There is increasing evidence that Keith Raniere is making his mark as a cultural icon in ways he probably never imagined. For instance, last night, on NBC’s Saturday Night Live,  there was a comedy sketch starring Nick Jonas called “The Murder Show.”

Jonas plays the dual role of host and Nxivm founder, Keith Raniere.

The skit is a lampoon of women relaxing by binge-watching documentaries about gruesome murders.

The skit also features Chloe Fineman, Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim, and Melissa Villaseñor.

The skit begins with Jonas asking Fineman about her plans for the evening. She tells Jonas that she’s just going to “finish up work and relax.”

Then we see three other women.

“I have the whole night to unwind and do a little self-care, the only way I know how,” Nwodim, Villaseñor, and McKinnon say as the screen shifts to them in their respective homes. McKinnon picks up her remote and turns on Netflix.

“I’m gonna watch a murder show,” the women sing together. “Netflix, Showtime, HBO and Dateline, YouTube, Hulu, that’s my favorite thing to do.”

As they sing, about murders they’re watching, Fineman folds her pajamas, Villaseñor curls up on the couch, eating a slice of pizza, and McKinnon texts her sister about her baby.

Nwodim sings, “They dig up some bodies and do an autopsy. Boring, wake me up when it’s Munchausen by proxy.”

“As soon as I’m done, I listen to a podcast about the same guy as the show I just watched because now I’m fully down the rabbit hole,” the women sing.

Jonas comes back in the scene to tell Fineman, “You do realize there’s a type of show that’s even better than murder shows, right?” Then he sings, “Have you heard about cult shows?”

Nick Jonas hosted and performed as the musical guest in last night's episode of "SNL."

Nick Jonas hosted and performed as the musical guest in last night’s episode of “SNL.”

Enter Nick Jonas as Keith Raniere

The music video then cuts to Jonas dancing as Keith Raniere in his volleyball attire. Readers of Frank Report have seen his photos for years and as seen on the HBO docuseries “The Vow.”

Here are some screenshots of Jonas as Raniere.

Nick Jonas as Keith Raniere Nxivm Twerking

Here is the original, the Vanguard himself:

Keith Alan Raniere in his volleyball attire. He has played little to no volleyball these last three years after being arrested, convicted, and sentenced for 120 years.

While they may mimic him on TV, volleyball may not figure much into Keith Raniere’s future.


At one time, Keith Raniere was in pretty good shape, Here he does a handstand on the volleyball court.


Here Keith Raniere holds himself up momentarily on one hand.

Keith Raniere used to play late-night volleyball weekly, on Friday nights – and usually pretty late – such as midnight and later. It was part of the Nxivm-Village culture.  Some were permitted to play with Keith, who several sources said, was a reasonably good player.

Others, women especially, were permitted to watch the games and in between the play and afterward, Raniere would mingle and oftentimes offer special words of wisdom to those who attended.

His women followers often strongly suggested that students, especially slender young female Nxivm students, attend and watch the volleyball as if it were a special privilege, if not almost a duty, to go to watch Keith.

Lauren Salzman and Keith Raniere on the volleyball court.

During the trial of Keith Raniere, volleyball was mentioned more than once. During the testimony of Lauren Salzman, she said that because she roughhoused with another man, actually touching him during a volleyball game, Raniere decided she had committed an ethical breach and that she was unfit to have a baby with him.

When Daniela finally decided to leave her solitary confinement at her home, she surprised Keith when they were playing volleyball by appearing there. She testified he immediately retreated and refused to see her.

Karen U once showed me the bathroom of hers and Keith’s townhouse on 3 Flintlock Lane where she said [and Daniela testified] Keith locked himself in to escape Daniela’s inquiries and accusations.

The half bathroom on the first floor of Keith Raniere’s townhouse on 3 Flintlock Lane.

A New High for Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas

Singer and actor, Nick Jonas, 28,  with a string of hit records, numerous TV and major film appearances, tens of millions of fans, an estimated net worth of $50 million, married to a beautiful actress, who was formerly Miss World, and with enough offers to have to turn down most of them, holding literally the spear of victory in his hands — what in life can hold anything to match that?

There are some who will argue that last night on Saturday Night Live, when he got to portray and even dance as the Vanguard, took Nick to brand new heights.

There is an apocryphal story told of Raniere that once, when he planned on suing one of his former lovers, he told his advisors who tried to dissuade him, reminding him that he used to dance with her, “Dancing, Women? And where do they get you? I don’t want no dancing. I’m figuring on making other people dance.”

And in all fairness, he really did.

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  • The current documentary “Framing Britney” points out that the early 2000s were filled with raunchy media coverage of teen girl celebs, and sexual fantasies about them were common fodder, not just for blogs but major media as well.

    While much of the focus was on Britney, Lohan, the “Full House” twins, etc, Smallville’s Mack and Kreuk also became sex objects. Maybe that pressure helped drawn them into ESP, trying to gain more self-confidence to deal with it.

    • “any young woman who wanted to make it in entertainment was practically required to appear nearly naked on at least one, and probably several, magazine covers. “In order to be considered hot [and] famous, you had to pose basically in lingerie.”

      Kreuk did Maxim and Mack did Vanguard.

  • Keith hired Frank to be his publicist. Frank‘s work got Keith on Saturday Night Live. Did Keith ever imagine being featured on SNL?

    Frank Parlato at work!

  • Thanks for the link, Frank. Hilarious, and seriously, Jonas does have some of Keith’s moves down pat.

    Jonas *could* portray Vanguard provided he can pull off Keith’s impressive one-second, one-hand stand and other feats of superior athletic prowess common to circus midgets.

    (And a merry Monday to you, Keith, btw! … I was wondering, do they peel the intestinal casing off the bologna slice on your sandwich for you there in sex prison? Or do you have to do that by yourself?)

    • Holy shit. I’d like to double-down on what Heidi said.

      Not to devalue FR or that bag, Keith – but that skit used a philosophy near and dear to my heart. It doesn’t matter if only one person gets your joke – if they get it, it’s worth it.

      And to those who don’t get my jokes – trust me, they’re funny. That’s why it annoys me when Shivani rants on and on about shit I’m not remotely getting. I’m sure it’s always funny, but I don’t always get it.

  • Keith Raniere is a fashion icon. He has always known it. Raniere is one of the world’s top fashion trendsetters and designers.

  • Vanguard Nicki Clyne helps a commenter with Vocabulary Nicki Clyne (The correct word is “wench” not “winch”)
    What’s a winch?
    Quote Tweet
    · Feb 28
    Replying to @nickiclyne
    Explain women being branded you nasty lying wretched winch of a women!!!!

  • Quotations from Vanguard Nicki Clyne Nicki Clyne
    If I thought someone needed mental help, pretty sure this wouldn’t be my move.
    Quote Tweet
    Jen H.
    · Feb 27
    Replying to @nickiclyne
    You are one ugly, moon-faced, stupid woman. Get some mental help.

  • A popular new Tweet from Vanguard Nicki Clyne Nicki Clyne
    Calling me “brainwashed” just tells me you’re too lazy to try and understand why I make decisions that make you uncomfortable.

    The more logical explanation is that you’re missing essential information or we have different values.

    • Words of Wisdom from Vanguard Nicki Clyne Nicki Clyne
      I also lost a year of my life in diapers and drinking from a bottle, not to mention the years I lost attending educational institutions, only to become an adult. Tragic, really. Thank you for the prayers.
      Quote Tweet
      teresa busick
      · Feb 27
      Replying to @elizableu and @nickiclyne
      So sorry you lost 10 years of your life. Sorry for 10 years of your free will just was diminished by the mind games prayers

    • That Nicki! Always claiming to have a cache of game-changing info. But she hasn’t divulged it for years. And we “the public” are stupid because we don’t know the secret information that she won’t share with us.

      We can only form opinions, conclusions, etc. from what is available to us. It is hardly a snap judgment on our (“the public’s”) part. It has been years. Literally years.

      A trial came and went. Sentencing. Many postponements due to covid-19.

      2 TV docu-series came and went. At least three books were written and published. That is how long it has been! A lifetime movie was written. Cast. Pre-production. Filmed. Aired already.

      Wait! At least 4 books! 2 or 3 more on the way.

      Multiple podcasts.

      When? Oh, when? When do we finally get Nicki’s game-changing facts?

  • Perfect! Well, Queef finally made it to the pinnacle of television production in New York – 30 Rockefeller, 8th Floor, Studio 8H, aka Saturday Night Live.

    And Queefo was portrayed by a Jonas brother. Yes, a JONAS BROTHER.

    Queef is definitely world famous now. Just not the way he thought. Basically, like an old skool Twilight Zone episode. Where you wish for something and get it. Except it’s not quite what you expected.

  • All eyes on Nicki and Danielle as they pretend to be all bad-ass while they are ass-covering. Pretend they aren’t in the same coven as India and Catherine and like Toni (hi! 👋🏻) isn’t boiling the kettle.

    Just sucking up the limelight on the TV payday while the real victim, Keith, doesn’t get justice! Did they say one word about the fake letters posted here (anyone who knows him even a little knows isn’t Keith writing!)? One word on their website about this fraud?! Just kept reciting their spiel about being strong and girl power and whatever script Toni gave them to read. Cryyyyyyy about how they were fooled by Dateline. You witches aren’t fooling me or anyone who really is dedicated to data and the tech. 🙄

    Nicki and Danielle hanging out drinking lattes on Toni’s payroll. Working? Nicki has never worked a day since she joined the coven. Unless you call it working reading a boring script on a TV set with your pupils big as saucers from whatever. Anxiety or depression pills? I don’t know and I don’t care. Not so happy now that you’ve betrayed your vow to Keith? Pills won’t solve that problem. Try EMs on coven and witches kettle. Sipping lattes in Brooklyn because you are afraid of sweating in Arizona won’t too. When the going gets tough, the spoiled brats suck up to sugar momma Toni.

    Suneel with his whining about numbers and BS and what does that have anything to do with Keith’s freedom? Where are all the facts you promised? And people just make fun of it while Toni cackles in the background. Not a word from him about the fake Keith “letters” that proves he’s in on it in case there was any doubt.

    Is Jim Del Negro the only man left who has the balls to stand up and be counted true to Keith?

  • Frank, your new slogan”The truth is always fair”, is wonderful. I like it better. My question is can I see this Nick Jonas skit? Do you have the clip? I went through youtube and didn’t see it.

  • As much as I like to laugh at Keith, Nick Jonas has some nerve. He is the type that will have a sketch made of him soon enough, if there’s hasn’t been one already. That said 😂.

    We’ve discussed who we think should play Keith in a blockbuster about this NXIVM mess but I want to know who Frank would like to play him.

  • It is so bizarre that Keith dressed and looked exactly like that, and he ran a sex cult.

  • RE The Saturday Night Live Episode:

    The fact Saturday Night Live did not mention Keith Raniere by name, but instead simply lampooned the Raniere “volleyball look” blew me away.

    The Saturday Night Live writers assumed the audience would know, who it is.

    Vanguard is the laughing stock of America.

  • Hahaha this was hilarious. Thanks Frank ! You really can’t have a cult without some volleyball 🏐 and a lame sweaty middle aged man

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