No Heidi — There Were Brave Women in the Nxivm Terror Story

Catherine and India Oxenberg

It started with a nasty comment on a story about Mark Vicente, Vicente on Raniere in 2008 Shows People Can and Do Change Their Opinion

The commenter wrote: “Mark Vicente does not deserve praise or sympathy. He is a self-righteous phony with a Gandhi complex. He is a filthy rat who jumped off the sinking ship and went to the press and authorities to save his well-pounded ass (by Keith Raniere). His wife, not sure about her, but his behaviour towards her shows what an immoral being he is.  Twelve fucking years!

“If you are reading this Mark, you suck.”

This prompted this defensive comment and reply on my part.

Frank Parlato

“If it had not been for Mark Vicente, Nxivm would probably be in full bloom today.”

[My comment was not meant to be a putdown of women, by praising a man, but it immediately drew fire from one of my favorite commenters, Mexican Lady.
Mexican Lady

She wrote, “Right, all of the brave women who spoke out also had nothing to do with taking Nxivm down. Women’s work is often ignored and males’ work overpraised. Sad!”

[I had certainly not intended to insult an entire gender by defending my friend, Mark Vicente – and giving him credit for his huge role in bringing Keith Raniere to trial and for his subsequent conviction. I replied to Mexican Lady:.

Frank Parlato

I wrote, “If Mark had not stepped up, I doubt one woman would have ever spoken up.  He and Catherine [Oxenberg] and Sarah [Edmondson] and I were the essentials.

“The brave women [except for Sarah and Catherine] were nowhere at first. It took a lot of effort to get them on board – and perhaps Mark was number one in doing that.”

Though my comment was somewhat immodest in calling myself essential, it is accurate to say that no women, except Sarah and Catherine, wanted to talk on the record at first. I don’t blame them.

Mark and Sarah had to encourage most of them. Catherine got some and I got others. This was long before there was any media publishing anything about DOS other than the Frank Report.

After Mexican Lady made her remark about the mistreatment of women, Heidi Hutchinson chimed in, to comment sarcastically and takes a shot at me.

Heidi H

There are no “brave” women, Mexican Lady. We’re all pussies. You haven’t learned that in all your years on Frank Report yet?


Rather than reply to Heidi in the comments section, I’ll respond here:

Heidi thinks I have not credited any woman with bravery in four years, something I dispute. But I’ll take a moment now to set the record straight on whether there were any brave women in this Nxivm story:


Yes, there were brave women.

They were frightened, but they rose to the occasion. That’s what gave them bravery as opposed to recklessness or mere daring. The cautious women, especially those without money to fight the Bronfman-funded litigation and criminal-perjury machine, who chose to speak up are courageous.

This is not a gender thing. But among the brave women who did not shirk were:

Barbara Bouchey

Barbara Bouchey, who fought back in repeated litigation against the Bronfman terrorist-style scorched-earth litigation and kept on revealing secrets about Keith Raniere, literally dropping minefields of damage to Raniere and Nxivm as part of her defense.

She spent years being frightened and not knowing what would happen next. She was even indicted on false computer trespassing charges. Yet, she continued to fight and not back down. When she believed something was true, she became adamant about telling it.

That’s brave.

Susan Dones outside the Brooklyn Courthouse after Keith Raniere was sentenced.

Susan Dones, who stubbornly and with great pluck decided to fight off a battery of Nxivm attorneys and represent herself and her partner pro se in their bankruptcy case. Susan was frightened lots of times, and she could have found a way to coward out of the fight by betraying others, but she did not. She was defiant. And that’s brave.

Heidi Hutchinson

Yourself, Heidi. It was a hugely brave act to expose the accusations of Raniere’s underage sex back in 2012 to the Albany Times Union. You worked on the story and waited for it to be published for years, while you were vulnerable to retaliation.

In the succeeding years, you’ve continued to be an outspoken voice for justice for your sister Gina, whose death in 2002 remains a mystery.

By your efforts, who knows how many women did not join or get close to Nxivm or Raniere? You are entitled to commendations for bravery and it seems I have done that numerous times these last four years.

Rhiannon was 12 years old when Keith Raniere began tutoring her.

Rhiannon. The little girl who said she was raped by Raniere some 60 times when she was 12. She spoke to the Times Union for their 2012 story. That took bravery. To come out and tell the worst secret of your life, the most traumatizing events and relive it in order, as she said, to help prevent it from happening to others.  And then after the story was published, the authorities did nothing. Still, yet again in 2018, Rhiannon offered to testify at the trial of Keith Raniere. This is brave, in my opinion.

Gina Melita

Gina Melita, who bravely came forward and told her story of statutory rape by Raniere for the Times Union. She used her full name and gave the story credibility because she told it well and put a name and a photo behind it – which means her name is easily found online as a victim of statutory rape. She did it to stop Raniere. She did not get paid. She got no gain whatsoever.

I think that’s brave.

Toni Natalie

Toni Natalie. Despite my disagreements with some of her narratives, there is no question she was out there first and defiant as hell. If not for her, a lot of things would not have been known in those early days when Nxivm was growing and with an unsullied reputation.

She started fighting when there was no Nxivm opposition. Wherever she could, she joined forces with new people fleeing Nxivm and helped them to fight back. I sometimes jokingly say that Toni is not a victim of Keith but Keith was a victim of Toni because she is a tough fighter.

She played a huge role in the early days of exposing Nxivm. Indeed, there is a chance that had Keith let her alone, he would not have had the early bad days of bad press that followed him like a dark shadow for years. Anyone who knew how to do an online search would find Raniere and Natalie. She was his first and chief critic. I suspect thousands did not join Nxivm because of her.

Catherine Oxenberg

Then there is Catherine Oxenberg. A lot has been written about her and it seems I did quite a bit of it during the last four years too. She showed persistent bravery to the point of recklessness at times. She got her daughter out and helped spare other women from being branded.  Calculating, charming, beautiful, and brave, she went after her goals to get her daughter out of DOS and sink the whole operation.

During the actual battle, I probably logged on more hours on the phone with her than any other fighter. She was in the fight of her life – and she never showed a tear or evinced a moment when she spoke of retreat and this was long before the New York Times story came out that corroborated our hard-to-believe tale of women being enslaved, blackmailed and branded.

Sarah Edmondson

Then there is Sarah Edmondson. She was brave when there was only Mark Vicente, her husband Antony Ames, and Bonnie Piesse willing to fight. She was my confirming source on the branding story that cratered the cult and ended DOS.

Later, Sarah did an enormously brave act by showing her brand to the New York Times. It takes a Sarah Edmondson, a one in a million, to go out and risk everything and show the whole world something that you would not want anyone to know  – that you were branded.

Believe me, we could get no one else. Not one woman would show her brand to help prove this was a true story. Even those women who wanted this stopped.  Most would not even talk on the record.

There might not even have been a New York Times story had Sarah not done what she did – show her brand. That was brave.

Bonnie Piesse

Bonnie Piesse. She started the ball rolling by persuading Mark to get out of Nxivm. And she was in the early fight every day. She exposed herself to attack and vitriol when she went on the record with the New York Times, using her full name. Before that, she and Mark were broke and up against the Bronfman terror-litigation machine. Yet she did not shy away from the fight. That’s brave.

Jessica Joan

The women who testified at trial are brave. Even though they kept their identities hidden, it took courage to come out and get grilled in cross-examination and expose their private embarrassment of joining a Master Slave group and giving naked pictures of themselves.

Testifying there before the jury, with them, and the judge, the prosecutors and the defense lawyers all seeing your naked photos – while sitting right across from them was Raniere. With media swirling around trying to interview you, and with none of them bound to not reveal your name. That takes courage.

Sylvie, Nicole, and Jaye [now self-revealed as Jessica Joan] were brave. No doubt about it. And it was brave for Jessica to come out in public and reveal herself and offer to help others who have endured trauma or abuse. That’s a fine act of bravery.

MK10ART’s Portrait of Dani.

And there was Daniela who was willing to tell everyone in the world that she was confined to a room for two years. Most people will agree that she is a victim, but it is not the kind of victimization anyone wants to be famous for: “I was confined in an unlocked room for two years because my cult leader boyfriend, whose harem I was in, found out I kissed another man and my family helped enforce my confinement.”

She has, I am told, an important job in Mexico and the last thing she wants is to have anybody in Mexico know her true name, yet several Mexican media outlets have published her full name.  She was brave to tell her story knowing the risk.

The story of Nxivm and Raniere has become extremely high-profile. Names may all leak out one day. Consider, the DOS victims have stories that are embarrassing. To the outsider, who has no vested interest in the story, or much sympathy, the tales are ostensibly ridiculous. I recall when the first New York Times story came out about the branding, most of the literally hundreds of comments were mocking the women who would submit to being branded and giving collateral.

It went something like this: “You gave naked, up close, vagina shots, and you wrote false confessions of crimes or immoral deeds, in order to join a master-slave cult that required a lifetime vow of obedience and secrecy? And you want us to feel sorry for you for being a victim? Yeah, you’re a victim alright – of your own stupidity.”

It took a lot of courage to be willing to tell your story in court knowing that attitude was out there. To testify, to try to show that it’s not just you being stupid, but that you were a victim of true manipulation, of predatory behavior, of a lot of things – and take the risk that the jury will believe you. You’re up against one of the sharpest lawyers in the country, Marc Agnifilo, and you don’t know what he is going to do. Almost everyone has skeletons in their closet. You don’t know the legal game. What will the defense come up with to embarrass you? And there is Raniere staring at you. And again, there is your collateral out there, hanging fire, and you not knowing if it will be released vindictively – then or now or years from now.

It took guts to testify.

Kristin Keeffe was in a harrowing place for a long time.

Then there is Kristin Keeffe. She gets credit, maybe number one, for bravery. She was running for her life and defending a child. That counts too. She could never quite fight free and in the open because she had a child to protect.  She did her part to expose things that helped the prosecution immensely.

As I recall, I believe the first phone call after the verdict came in on Raniere that Moira Kim Penza, the lead prosecutor, made was to Kristin to thank her.

Consider, this woman went into hiding, and was hunted by detectives that chased her down to the Florida Keys – to my property – and that then terrorized her with gruesome texts. At the same time, covert agents of Raniere were sent to befriend her and spy on her and who knows what else. She narrowly escaped whatever their plan was for her.

So what’s brave about that? A lot. She was protecting her son, Keith’s son, and she ran again and again, homeless, penniless, fighting to find food and shelter and then, even during this scary time, she gave me information and then Vicente and then the feds.

And knowing that if this thing failed, she would have the massive resources of the Bronfmans leveled against her.

For four long years, she was without a job or a permanent place to stay, raising her child, trying to educate him, being paranoid, trembling at noises. And still, she came out with bombshell after bombshell evidence to help sink the man who terrorized her, the father of her child.

That’s pretty brave.

India Oxenberg

I’ll give credit to one more brave woman, India Oxenberg.  Sure, she did not bring down Nxivm or Keith. Her mother did. And India stubbornly, defiantly, stayed in the group until the moment of truth came – either save yourself and denounce Keith or stick with him and go to prison.

There was nothing terribly brave about denouncing him under those circumstances. But I think her bravery came into play after  – when she boldly chose to do a docuseries. She had the courage to try to make a comeback, something that is almost impossible to do – go from a sex slave in a cult to a warrior for justice and growth and self-forgiveness.

Instead of sulking in the shadows, she told her story. And she told it well enough that she won respect for daring to tell the story in which she is not a pure hero. I do not think there are many persons who, after seeing Seduced, do not respect India Oxenberg.

Of course, it helps that she is beautiful and has a famous mother. But as an example of courage, India did not hide in the shadows and try to get the world to forget. She did not even try to make the world say “Poor little India, you poor victim.”

She came out and boldly said, look at my blunders, my foolishness, and my role in my own victimization, but I have learned and I am growing.

Who can’t respect the bravery it takes to do that?


So, Heidi, I  agree with you and Mexican Lady: there was definitely a great deal of bravery exhibited by the women in the Nxivm story.






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    • It is fascinating that people think “You don’t know me!” is an effective or convincing response to criticism.

      It is fascinating that so many people (especially those taken in by New Age twaddle) think there’s something insightful or powerful about accusing those they disagree with of “making judgements.”

  • To GreenTeaSippingAlison,12/25/2020 at 10:22 am

    “Besides the fact that I would never drop thousands on a course when I could just go to the bookstore and pick up a book on the same subject for $10, …”

    The advice for grabbing from the bookshelf of a library or bookstore as a low-cost alternative for advice-seeking people with problems instead of seeking problem treatment from sex-crazed, ugly, dwarf con artists who create more and new problems than they solve, we already know. This advice has been in the Frank Report by the dozen.

    • This whole thing is “wash, rinse, repeat”. As much as I’ve perused this dumpster fire the past few weeks, I certainly shouldn’t be pointing my finger and shaking my head. Still, I’m gonna anyway. It feels like this mule was loaded and served its purpose. Now let’s put a piano on the damn thing’s back and take it back up the mountain. This is not news; this is some weird mixture of catharsis/entertainment. Perhaps I am wrong. Certainly would not be the first time. Still, I think at some point that this well will run dry and I really have to wonder will some ask themselves why they invested so much of their time, angst, and ire into this quagmire? For anyone hurting and can find some comfort in any of this, I wish you all the solace that you seek.
      Unrelated, “brainsoil” (different article)? What kind of pompous dreg is that?

  • I’m conveying a message from a male colleague to you. He has a female boss in the police department, and he doesn’t think it’s a spiritually damaged woman who humiliates every person every day, no matter if it’s a man or a woman. That’s what I’m experiencing. I’ve drawn the impulsion that there are power-obsessed leaders who abuse their power. It is also certain that there are typically female and male professions, due to gender differences. Due to differences, both sexes have the opportunity to and complement each other according to whom, knowledge and abilities.

  • I don’t think we need to turn any of this into a gender issue other than that as in most (but not all) cults a man is in charge and he wants a lot of sex with women followers. I think there was one ( a cult) with a gay leader who seduced the young men but that is relatively rare.

    In nexivm women members seem to have lost more than men but also as in cults like the sannyasins in their day some women were pretty senior.

    As for who is “responsible” in a cult, it is never easy for those lower down or worried about being shunned or losing everything, family, money, lives, friends.

  • Can we just stop all the poor me, look what Keith and Nxivm did to me? Coming from Mark and the list of women you posted Frank, it’s funny that no one, not one of them, is standing up taking responsibility for their own actions. I’d like to ask why is that? I guess they are all too busy playing the victim. I would be willing to bet the house not one of them is opposed to cashing the checks they are getting for the mini-series, books, interviews, or turned down the cash or better yet donated that money to U.S. Vets or their local homeless shelter. And now, they’re looking for sympathy and a big fat payday because they made the wrong choice. Like Mark said, “No one joins a cult”. Also, no one drops thousands and thousands of dollars on a class that alone should have sent up a red flag.


  • One thing came to mind as I began reading this piece. So often in our society, women are told to “find their voice” when what really needs to happen is for people to actually listen to them. Perhaps heralding a man, who was instrumental in that the authorities actually listened to him (and colleagues), triggered the deep frustration with that general way of things.

    • True that, CB. Far too often females are not taken seriously as males among law enforcement officials — even within their own ranks women are not listened to and must defer.

        • All of them did very little to speak up, why didn’t they, and many others, work together and start a website similar to this one?

          • Likely because they didn’t have the legal wherewithal like Frank did, nor a $1 million dollar amount in an escrow account to use as leverage, to fight back with against the Seagram heiress, multimillion dollar funded, litigation machine that NXIVM was at the time.

          • Again, there was a blog, “Saratoga In Decline,” that covered NXIVM, as did the Albany Times Union until the reporters and contributors were harassed, nearly murdered in the case of John Tighe, framed for crimes they did not perpetrate, etc.

            It’s blame the victims over and over again instead of examining the role of law enforcement and corrupt officials in the coverups that continue to this day.

      • Heidi, I’m going to have to refute you. Yesterday, I was asked to be head of a sub-center in the police department, even though I’m a woman, small, soft-ned. A woman also can get to be treated as a man as equals if she exhibit behaviours.

        • You pretend that the rare exception is the rule. But so far it has not been. A quantum leap has just happened for you.

        • What behaviors? …Maybe it’s more accurate to say “the feminine” than women or females, per se?

          Especially when my ex and I were in production on “In the Line of Fire,” I spent some time with female agents. Rene’ Russo’s character was based on one in particular. I’ve also know some female cops and get along fantastically with them, I’ve heard their stories. From the military, to intelligence, to all aspects of law enforcement, the feminine is shunned, boxed, shelved, ridiculed, mocked and definitely not promoted.

          Look at what goes on with rape, hate crime cover-ups to the death in the military.

          • I’m truly sorry, Heidi, that you have. We don’t discriminate between a man and a woman. One thing’s for sure. Both sexes are equally sleeted and humiliated. And then they want to highlight how we do this to other people. Back… I don’t know which is the better situation, I really don’t. I suppose that varies from continent to continent and culture.

  • Can we just give anyone who was in NXIVM or who was ever associated with anyone who was associated with NXIVM or Raniere a gold star? Or better yet, one of those necklaces with a heart on it that the Wizard of Oz lion got? NONE of these people went after Raniere in a timely manner, but ONLY as a counter attack to protect their own butts and many of them did a lot of nasty stuff and/or waited a very long time before they “earned” their gold star and/or heart necklace for their “bravery.” Too little, too late to get the bravery award in my book.

  • When I first read Heidi’s comment, I immediately thought that she seemed to suggest Frank thinks less of a woman than a man, which he doesn’t. Frank gives respect to all women, just like any man.

    • Nomin, I’m not talking about respect. I’m talking about prejudice.

      Prejudgement in the sense that I may have respect for a black person’s love of watermelon — I may be so respectful that I order extra watermelon for any party with black guests — but I remain completely unaware in my respectfulness that it is prejudicial to assume all black people love watermelon.

      • Right? Every time my mate W used to enter a particular cafe, the owner would whack on the Bob Marley.

        W doesn’t vibe with music that isn’t avant-garde classical he’s a snob that way – for years he nodded and smiled at this, gave the thumbs up and we all just enjoyed the joke. Easier than explaining what it was that made him, and all of us, feel a type of way about it.

  • All these brave and good women. Let’s balance out the this article with a mention of the other side:

    Interesting tidbit from the article:

    “The disciplinary board said Roberts also failed to report a flu-like communicable disease outbreak that severely infected attendees at a 2016 event at the YMCA Silver Bay resort on Lake George. The conference, which drew 438 people including 76 children, was at the site where NXIVM for years held “V-Week,” an annual week-long celebration of Raniere’s birthday.”

    Sounds like the good doctor not only branded willing women who, like men in a fraternity, wanted to be branded; she also failed to act as Dr. Brandon Porter observed the effects and affects of poisoning on Nxivm members. Did she help out?

    Someone please explain how she is not an evil disgusting individual.

    • “Someone please explain how she is not an evil disgusting individual.”

      By her dedication and loyalty to her Master. She’s not a fat ugly retard but rather an attractive, educated woman with an ass I’d like to eat my morning breakfast off of.

  • Nobody can get comfortable trying to adapt to anybody else’s conceptualizations about perfection or wrongness. Such is the eye of any beholder, as perception is quite subjective and theoretical. Vicente has gone through some changes, and somewhat publicly. Don’t we all? Here where everyone is at least a slightly bruised apple?

    Not everyone is an investigative journalist like Frank Parlato is, either. Editors, etc. are (inherently by trade) called upon to maintain a status quo of equilibrium. Opinions are sought and are necessary, even. Or else Frank would be having a monologue instead of a conversation. Like Snaggletooth, exit, stage left. Or else, ready or not. Heat and the kitchen.

    Yet somehow, Frank has still managed to be provocative. He could get a rise out of a hermit crab. Applause from the audience.

    • Girl Scout Cookies,

      Exactly! What happened to Gina Hutchinson?
      Keith Raniere wants a fair trial. Maybe he can tell us how Gina was doing when he saw her last. Perhaps he could shed some light on the kind of mental torture Gina Hutchinson endured at his hands and the wretched-scum hands of his inner harem.

      Will the ‘diffident’ Karen U. talk once Raniere exhausts his appeals. I wonder.
      RE The Tragic Case of Dr. Roberts:

      A few people have stated she shouldn’t lose her medical license. Why? Because she branded women who consented to being branded. I actually agree in part 😉

      Sadly, I cannot reconcile the fact Dr. Roberts did not report the mass poisoning of attendees at the Nxivm hotel event. Hundreds of people were poisoned. She is a female Doctor Mengele.

      Branding consenting adults is one thing, but being a party to the mass poisoning of families where innocent children are present is another.

      Children were poisoned and suffered. Doctor Roberts did not lift a fucking finger to contact the authorities or health professionals at a hospital.

      If anyone wants to defend Doctor Roberts, I hope they rot in hell.

      Michelle Roberts, I hope you get what you deserve.

      Your mom is wrong about you. You are not her sad sad cult member daughter. You are the embodiment of evil.

      • Are you getting the program with the actual names of the villainesses all lost & and confused? If you are going to castigated a grotesque anti-healer like Dr DANIELLE Fisticuffs, the needle worker,, at least get the schweinehund(e)’s name right.

        Michelle is that Salzman bimbo whom you thought was so good-looking that your wife might’ve had you spend a few nights out in the dippy, drippy doghouse until you learned your lesson. Do not think that you can befuddled mah memory, Nice Guy. Remember. Save any future “bustings” from occurring in a dance from now on.

        We have 3 of us with birthdays in our house today, or else I’d try giving you hell longer. Reluctantly, even.

      • Daniella Roberts, NiceGuy. “Michelle” is a Salzman, er, Mrs. Ben Myers, now.

        I just wanted to thank you and GSC, and NFW, for remembering Gina. I was hoping Frank would respond with an update on his and his producers “Lost Women of NXIVM” investigation.

        All I know is that a second, very revealing “Lost Women” episode is “in the can” — already shot, if you will — but has not been produced yet pending an FBI investigation, per the President of Investigation Discovery network.

        Also, I understand there’s another project related to Seth Rich’s possible murder starring Frank that has not been released, as well, that I was told has something to do with the overall production hold up on “Frank’s” projects.

        • Heidi, I declined to participate in a Seth Rich documentary project because I do not have time and quite frankly no one may ever be able to prove what happened to him one way of the other. Based on what Julian Assange has said, I think he was assassinated.

          As for the second Lost Women – by my choice, it has been expanded into a much bigger production with another platform. I will be announcing it on national network news in January.

          While Investigation Discovery is a wonderful platform for murder investigations, Nxivm is not the right fit for them.

          So, your facts are like half-wrong or a little more than half-wrong. My projects are not on hold. They are moving full ahead.

          BTW, I did try to prompt an FBI investigation into the possible murder of your sister and Kristin Snyder. I understand it had some impetus for a moment but is now inactive.

          • May I know why the investigation is inactive? The police can’t find any evidence? Or is the investigation stalled? Or are witnesses afraid to comment? Or you can’t talk about it…

          • Frank, perhaps when you are once again called upon by Keith for an interview, why not ask him about the strange circumstances involved in the deaths of Gina, Kristin, Pam and the others. Ask him. Since you chose to single out Heidi in this instance, as you have many times before, why waste your precious time on such irrelevant commentary and focus on the larger picture. The families and friends who lost loved ones need your help too. Do it for them. Yet, you want to devote your time investigating the severity of Keith’s sentence and other matters surrounding his trial. Shame on you.

        • Heidi-

          —Daniella Roberts, NiceGuy. “Michelle” is a Salzman, er, Mrs. Ben Myers, now.

          It was mistake I was tired.

          My apologies to Michelle Salzman. She is the almost innocent one in the family.

          Thank you for correcting me.

  • First off, Mexican Lady hasn’t been on here “all these years”. Secondly, Miss Heidi Hutchison, not to be confused with Heidi Clifford, I’m curious as to how you really feel about these women and can you support your claim that you and all the female survivors are actually “pussies”? (Hutchinson’s words, not mine). Let’s explore your thoughts so that we can better understand the difference between pussies and bravery.


    • As I understand Heidi Hutchinson, she wants to use the word pussy to express the antonym of the word bravery. But not because she believes in it herself, but because the misogynistic attitude of many in society denies women to be particularly or at all brave. And women or girls are rather assumed to be cowardly or fearful.

      Antonyms for bravery:






    • Peaches, please come over to Florida for a visit. We have the bravest pussies in the southeast, all trying to make some mashed potatoes, right in our kitchen, here and now.

      And we all love to entertain. Plus there’s a tremendous love for peaches around here, especially ones who look marvelous in bikinis. (That is crucial.) You are a natural! It shows, too. No doubt about it. ♡♡♡ The only real excuse for your absence is if you happen to be allergic to tigresses. We’ll probably be fine, tigress. I am silly at least until after New Year. I promised!

      • Thank you for the invitation. I’m definitely not allergic to my own likeness. Who’s to say I’m not already in Florida sands bikini?

    • I was being facetious in support of Mexican Lady and Jessica Joan, too. The ladies just get a lot more pushback on here whenever anyone dares refer to their bravery or any attribute that doesn’t fit the stereotype.

      • Heidi, you seem obsessed over gender. As a man, I would handle it differently. If I thought men were being treated unfairly, I’d leave Frank Report. Or I’d advocate persuasively, intelligently for my vision. It’s getting old, kid.

        • When experiencing disadvantage, one can and may become obsessed with gender roles. And it is right to point out every time stereotypes are used that disadvantage women because it often goes unnoticed because it is so naturally ingrained in people’s minds.

        • When was the last time you looked in the mirror, Frank? YOU are obsessed with gender. Why are you writing under a female pseudonym, “Elenor,” now? Why are you or one of your staff you call your “minions” apparently hinting that Marie White (who has transcribed some audio for you) is “Alison” and “Bangkok” — since someone noted a copy cat or similar writing style betwixt the two?

          Why was Bangkok calling me your “sidekick” when the only side I’m kicking is whichever one stands between me and the truth about my sister whom YOU propose was murdered, negating any other possible scenario and facts that may oppose YOUR conclusion down to trying to make me the originator of that proposition when I was not.

          All this gender bender clutter and distraction going on here is coming from the stereotypes that live in your head not mine, nor my allegedly sex-obsessed neighbor per NiceGuy — who remains confused and unaware that Bangkok’s VPN is from Irvine, CA as you informed me months ago.

          Perhaps you could set him straight on that at least so I can see my son without fear of another “Bangkok” siege on our home and persons by someone attempting to actualize this long debunked theory that NiceGuy still holds as fact.

          Also, as I’ve stated previously, Marie White’s portrait of “Bangkok” aka “The Retard” appeared twice in my travels, hobbling around on my sprained ankle while homeless from “flea bag” (quoting Bangkok) hotel to hotel until you, Frank, finally showed up for filming on “Lost Women of NXIVM,” which included a very specifically arranged long shot of me walking on the ankle on serious pain killers.

          You got some splainin’ to do, my friend. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

          • Heidi I will respond to the rest of this later but 1. I am not Eleanor Christie. 2 Marie White is not Alison. 3 I don’t know who Bangkok is. 4 I looked in the mirror today and liked what I saw.

      • I didn’t say Marie White was Alison. I said someone is INDICATING that by commenting under “Alison’s” moniker about doing “translations” as if she or he also performs that task for FR. Could also be INDICATING that he or she is bi-lingual, translating (not transcribing) for FR.

        My belief — at this point until I know otherwise — is that YOU, Frank, are Bangkok and Alison despite your repeated denials thereto. (Why DIDN’T you share the VPN info with NiceGuy — and I know you’ve talked.)

        Only you, Frank, my ex-husband possibly and/or the gaslighter/stalkers on my tail from the moment I left my home under police escort until YOU arrived at the hotel (where I was in the process of being framed for — among other apparent, sexist suspicions such as “solicitation” — letting a “teenage” runaway take a shower in my room at the urging of another guest who could not accommodate the poor kid — when the 3 cops showed up at MY door) knew where I was and announced that on FR.

        Please prove me wrong.

        • I do not know what you are talking about, Heidi. Although I can promise you I am not Allison or Bangkok. I have spoken to Alison. I have never, at least not to my knowledge, ever spoken to Bangkok.

  • India Oxenberg is NOT, repeat, NOT brave, in any manner.

    That is as obvious to anyone as an erection in tight jeans.

    Also, just to trigger the easily triggered, the actress [redacted] was in NXIVM.

      • Well…. what did you find? She really was involved with nxivm. Nothing wrong with pointing it out. They are all privileged people. Do they need more privilege, having their prior cult history exposed?

        • I asked a long-time Nxivm insider who knew everyone and she did not know the actress in question. At most, she might have taken a course. But there seems to be a new source who has something to say about a woman who has been known to be a Sultan’s dream.

          • Assure you, the actress as an absolute minimum, had been a student. Granted, she is not very well known.

            Also, the woman you speak of, who is a “sultan’s dream” and the actress knew/know of each other.

            “But there seems to be a new source who has something to say about a woman who has been known to be a Sultan’s dream woman”

            Fascinating. What did the source tell you about a “sultan’s dream” woman? Is it something that might cause a particular sultan to have a rage?

        • I got this message today. Do not know if it is authentic or true:

          I worked on set with Culty and heard her and Pimp Mack openly discussing the formation of DOS and the branding of women. That part I and alot of other cast and crew members know is real and true. But did she really coach,encourage and teach other people’s 8 to 12 year old girls that it was alright to have sex with their biological parents even at their age?
          I don’t want a Nexeum bible to study up on it of coarse,but I am curious to know how sick in the head this one got?
          Obviously,we know just how sick Allison Mack got! How off of the deep end did Culty one got? Anyone know? The truth?

          • Yes and it does not sound accurate to me. I really doubt Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack were talking about branding back in 2010 or 2011 on the set of Smallville. Branding started in 2015.

          • Am I wrong, or did you now refer to Allison Mack as Pimp Mack for the first time in a comment of your own? As far I know, you have not done that before.

            You used to have a different attitude toward Mack.

          • You are wrong. I was quoting a comment of another. I should have put quotation marks on it. I will do so now.

          • “Branding started in 2015”.

            I knew DOS was created in 2015, but is that really when the first branding happened? Who was the first to be branded? Not sure if this was previously published on Frank Report.

    • Frank,

      Mr. erection in tight jeans is not me.

      I don’t wear tight jeans I have a big [redacted]. It’s one of my best assets out of the two assets I posses.

  • Keith Raniere is innocent and gender ideology is a set of pseudoscientific and subversive ideas created for political and social engineering purposes.

    • “Hello. I am a modernized gender robot. Gender, gender, gender. Gennnn duh. Hear me snivel in syllables confusing solely to my self.”

      Redacted. Horse piss.

      Real vaginas are a lucky privilege to have been given, just like penises are. Or so I have seen. And I was never alone whilst seeing any of this. Keep the faith, I say. What else is there to “do” for free and have so much fun?

      Vaginas and penises. Steam engines! Not for the faint of heart. Keep your parts well oiled by enthusiasm. Just ask me. At this point I am a (modest and humble) expert. My snatch and everything else turns 70 today, and it has been a wonderful, mysterious, unceasing ride. There is nothing like magnetism. Who needs manufactured problems? The manufacturers must be thrilled, though. Ho fucking hum.

        • Men and woman are different.

          Men and women evolved to be different.

          Male/female dynamics are natural.

          Men and women have to be held to different standards, based on their natural roles and responsibilities.

          And we all know YOU would never, ever, respect a weak little man you could walk all over.

          You might hate a man’s guts for being alpha, but you will respect him.

          You couldn’t possible think a weak cuckold type, like [redacted] is deserving of respect. You wouldn’t want a “man” like that.

          Now, onto other things… This yoga break you speak of. Were you wearing yoga pants? Women wear yoga pants to show off their asses.

    • You don’t believe in non-binary, gender fluid individual or cisgender?

      Christ! You are suffering from common sense.

      I myself am heterosexual. Heterosexual 20 years ago meant normal. Now I am told it’s an insult to trans people.

      Cisgender is for sissy men, who sit around campfires Indian style with sock puppets on their dicks.

  • Wow, Frank Report is the most entertaining site ever!! I am super-addicted to these articles!
    I will read this one in detail. But just wanted to say, this is so addictive and interesting!!

    Will Frank Report create the astrology section also? I am 100% hooked on FR.

      • I was taken aback that you had an interest in astrology from the comment a while ago. I fell for it and found your column 😂 . It would not be pleasing to astrology enthusiasts. Perhaps you could do a one-off special to ring in the New Year. Give us hope, Frank!

        • I’d love to read a critical astrological entry on my constellation. It would be a nice break, and I think I’d have fun with myself.

      • Please me. Really, Frank. Platonically and astrologically. I will please you right back. Ready, willing and able. Astrologically!

        Photos not enclosed. You are not the only investigator. Tee hee. I studied for decades,, learned every possible angle, but there’s so much more. No wonder I am so fond of you.

        • Shivani; I will consult what is written in the stars and provide guidance for each of the 12 signs of the tropical zodiac. However, the stars suggest that when I publish it, Heidi will not like it because she will feel that it is sexist, especially a man writing about the constellation Virgo with its stereotypical association with a virgin.

          It also happens to be Keith Raniere’s sign.

          • I’m not punishing Heidi. She is my dear friend. But, I have fought pretty hard for women and fought for her too. I went right after ‘Puto,” a Mexican thug who was sent to extort and scare her into silence in Malibu in July 2018. And she will recall I went after him threatening to take his gun away from him. He wasn’t expecting to hear from a man [I know that’s sexist to say. But if he threatened to hurt her again, I told him I was going to hunt him and kill him. Period.]

            And then I recall another time, when a certain policeman was trying to cheat her. I recall taking him to the woodshed and making him pay her another $20,000. Does that make me a sexist because I took control of the situation? Of course it does. But she got the money.

            So when Heidi says I, and this entire website is misogynistic, I find it a bit amusing, so I tease her a little.

          • Well, that clinches it. I keep asking myself whether I would have joined this cult aka dangerous group had I known it existed. Some aspects of it appeal to me, I’ll admit. Others…meh.

            Besides the fact that I would never drop thousands on a course when I could just go to the bookstore and pick up a book on the same subject for $10, I like my alone time and would prob get sick of hanging around with sister-wives all the time.

            But the final blow to the possibility that I would’ve signed up for this cult is that I don’t relate well to Virgos, except for at arm’s length. A little bit like oil and water.

            Deep thoughts.

          • I reckon Heidi loves and respects you very much Frank, Over the years, all the help and encouragement you’ve given her has been plain to see – as has her gratitude for that. I think she might have been ribbing you, which is not to diminish Heidi’s plain-spoken feminism, just as I am by suggesting you punish her. Happy Christmas, Frank, may the road continue to rise with you, and the good lord keep you safe in the palm of [his/her/their/its] hand.

        • Why can’t Shivani do the astrology column? I’d give my right, um, something, for a reading, I asked before, can you have one if you dont know your birth time? I know the day, I’m a Saggi, but no times.. and no way of knowing –

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