See Allison Mack Video and Photographs for First Time in Year – Out Shopping in Orange County

The Daily Mail and Lion’s Share News took a video and photographs of Allison Mack.

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According to the Daily Mail, Allison Mack was spotted last Saturday for the first time in more than a year and just days after filing for divorce.

Mack was arrested on April 20,  2018 on charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. She pleaded guilty to two racketeering charges in April 2019 – and has been on house arrest awaiting sentencing since then. Since each charge contains a maximum sentence of 20 years, she could be ordered to serve 40 years in prison.

She was seen in the photographs wearing her ankle monitoring bracelet.

Mack was filmed shopping, grabbing food, and laughing with a friend as they strolled down the street.

Mack was spotted for the first time in more than a year on Saturday during an outing in California.

Photos show Mack and her friend at Pietris Bakery in Long Beach, California. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they weren’t allowed to sit because indoor and outdoor dining was closed.

For about an hour, the women stood at a table near the bakery and ate before walking to nearby boutique, Luna Belmont Shore, where they spent about a half-hour before getting into their vehicle and leaving.

Allison Mack is seen wearing an ankle bracelet during the outing.

Alison Mack is seen exiting a vehicle in Long Beach, California, on Saturday

Mack emerged from the shop before her friend and was seen browsing at the trinkets in the window until the woman joined her outside.

They were seen talking and laughing as they strolled down the street wearing their masks and carrying shopping bags.

Mack and her friend were seen at Luna Belmont Shore boutique where they spent about a half-hour before getting into their vehicle and leaving

Mack is seen with her friend after they shopped for a half hour and grabbed a bite of food during the outing.


In its story on Allison Mack, the Daily Mail also reported on the Frank Report’s breaking news that Keith Raniere fears being murdered in prison, a grim reminder to the BOP that they should take pains not to assign him to a prison where his life will be in imminent danger.

The Daily Mail reported: “Raniere is currently serving time at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. But as the prospect of being moved in with the general population of a maximum-security prison looms, he explained to journalist Frank Parlato, of the Frank Report, that he fears for his life due to his ‘dangerous situation’.

“Last month Keith Raniere claimed that his life ‘may not be long’ and fears he will be killed in prison. Raniere is currently being held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center while the Bureau of Prisons arranges his permanent placement

“The Bureau of Prisons is in the process of arranging Raniere’s permanent placement where he will serve his sentence for a long list of offences, including sex trafficking of children and conspiracy to commit forced labor.

“Parlato, who is said to have played a crucial role in destroying the sex cult, shared a series of phone call transcripts in which Raniere details his concerns.

“In one of the recordings he claims a man who is ‘notorious for being vicious’ and said to be involved with the Latin Kings or MS-13 gangs, has told various people that he plans to have Raniere killed.

‘He’s been vicious to even his own family, vicious to anyone where he doesn’t get his way. In a way, he’s seen as a tyrant. He’s seen as someone who has so much money and so much power, he can always get whatever he wants.’

Speaking about the future, he predicts he will not live for long if he is put in with the general population in a maximum-security prison – something he claims he was warned about years ago.

‘Yeah, I’m looking, you know, I’ll be in here the rest of my life if we don’t do something.

‘The rest of my life may not be that long. Considering the way things are in here, you know, once I get to a destination point, I guess I’ll go to a pen.’

“While a judge has not handed Raniere a death penalty sentence, he suggests being sent to penitentiary is a death penalty.

“”Over the next month to two months is a real countdown for me, because once they designate me and either ship me off to the Supermax or ship me off to a pen, things become dangerous for me. And you guys may never get to speak to me again, for all I know.'”

View the film from the Daily Mail and Lion’s Share News—

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  • The other woman in the images makes me think of one or more pictures of Mack’s sister that I once saw, though that’s just a vague impression.

    And I thought Mack was confined to home, though it would also not be surprising if she had gained permission to go holiday shopping.

  • Hi Frank — when will you be posting about the Clyne / Mack fake/not fake marriage? Also any updates on your reports that Trump will be commuting Raniere’s sentence and commuting or pardoning Clare’s as part of his pay for pardon fundraiser that even Bill Barr doesn’t want to stick around for?

    • I will be reporting on marriage soon. As for a pardon from Trump, I would rate his chances as one in a billion. To which, when I told Keith’s supporters the odds, the reacted with gladness, “So he has a chance!”

      • I don’t think even Trump would be stupid enough to pardon Raniere out right, but if he’s as desperate and greedy for cash as has been reported, I could see someone offering Trump enough cash to get him to commute Raniere’s sentence, just as he did for your but Roger Stone. How much do you think it would take for Trump to commute Raniere’s sentence from 120 years down to 20-25? $50 million? $100 million. According to Forbes magazine, Trump will have $900 million in loans coming due over the next four years

        Is Sara Bronfman still loyal enough to fork over that amount of dough? What about one of the wealthy Mexican loyalists? Maybe it wouldn’t even take any money. Maybe Nicki offering to let Trump grab her by her p$$$y would be all it would take. Seeing as Nicki was willing to marry Allison at the behest of her master and participate in a group blow job, and recruit sex slaves for him, she might view it as an honor. If she could twerk for the inmates,why not for Trump?

        • I agree that Trump will not pardon Raniere or commute his sentence except possibly for a substantial sum, which is not unknown in the world of presidential pardons.

          As far as the Clyne marriage, I have done substantial research on this, and will soon be reporting on this.

          • If someone as low as Trump’s butt boy Bill Barr is fleeing Trump as fast as his lard-filled body can waddle away, what heinous act(s) is Trump planning in the waning hours of his presidency that’s too vile even for Barr.

            Assuming you wouldn’t agree with commuting Raniere’s sentence by 100 years or so, what sort of article would you write if Trump indeed did follow through and commute Raniere’s sentence?

          • It won’t happen of course, so I can’t get too enthused about writing an article. I would have to wait and see what the reason for the commutation was if any.

            Based on the crimes of conviction, I am not convinced that a 20-year sentence would be entirely unjust. All it would mean is that Raniere would get out when he is 76 or so. He would then be on supervised release for five years – or until he was past 80. So, I do not think I would be too worked up if Trump commuted his sentence from 120 years to 20 years.

            I mean what’s the difference? The 120-year sentence is really likely a 25 or 30-year sentence A 60-year old non-smoking male in good health is expected to live to age 84. But prison is less healthy than the outside. If Raniere will, on average, live for 24 years, a 25-30 year sentence is a life sentence. The 20-year sentence would allow him a few years outside prison, with probation watching him closely.

            Of course, Trump is not going to commute his sentence.


    • Trump is pardoning Ghislaine Maxwell!!!

      I know this for FACT!!!!!

      The prep-school grapevine is almost never wrong.

      REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT first boys and girls.

      Mr. [redacted] I will be looking forward to you explaining this one. I’d bequeath all the whiskey in Ireland if you can explain it when the time comes.

      • Do tell, NiceGuy. Figures he might due to Katie Johnson’s claim that Maxwell & Epstein recruited her for sex with Trump at age 13. Maxwell might get a sweeter pardon or plea deal than Epstein did on that count.

        • It’s been spoken about by some Dalton School people. It’s most likely true. I’d wager some money on it being true if I could.

          Will find out in less than 3 weeks.

  • Looks like she’s put on weight, and toughened up a bit, which is a good sign. I suspect that she’s in therapy and trying to make sense out of her life.

    If she wants it, she’s got a chance of turning her life around.

    I hope she does.

  • If Allison Mack is trying to garner pity and seem more humane ahead of sentencing….

    Hanging with [redacted] is the way to do it. Very subtle.

    I would’ve went too over-the-top and taken an autistic blind man to lunch or Bangkok.

      • Frank-
        “Homely albino” is redacted now…Used in a satirical humor sense and not directed at anyone particular.

        Normally I don’t body shame women. This is an exception to my rule because I am attempting to [empathize] my point that
        Allison Mack is using a ruse; to make herself seem more human and kind.


        —Nice Guy, I never knew you to body shame before.

        Frank your new Twitter or SJC persona is pure balderdash. Spare me, your balderdash, my sanctimonious woke friend.

        On a side note, I know you, like myself, like older arcane/archaic vocabulary words. I picked up ‘balderdash’ recently when I was rereading one of Edgar Allen Poe’s less known short stories.

        • Re “Homely albino”.
          She is a civilian with white hair or do we say with gray hair? In any case, it is not blond. Young and gray, what a sad state. Maybe an accident while dyeing her hair? In any case, she is not an albino.

          • What’s with the “civilian” thing everyone keeps saying. We at war? Tone it down.

            I love u guyz!

          • She is not an albino. Because of COVID, many salons have been closed and/or very limited appointments. I suspect that this individual attempted to color or highlight her own hair and went white blond by accident. It happens. Heck, there are many covid hair color stories out there including a coworker of mine who went from natural blond to magenta red. YouTube also has many tutorials on cutting/coloring/styling hair.

          • Albino? task task. Allison’s friend actually looks good. Shame on you Niceguy. [redacted.]

        • Ally Wack used to shop with Ms. Kristin Kreuk back in their BFF days. Even if they weren’t “estranged” these days, Mack might not be allowed to be with an ex(?) Nx-er like Kreuk.
          I wonder if these two friends (while taking a break from painting Keith’s bedroom) ever discussed how their Executive Success “training” might change their lives.


          • It’s not surprising that two, only high school educated actresses, raised without any traditional religious structure or culture and with a lot of time and money on their hands, fell for a cult. Although, it is strange–or at least interesting enough to find out why–that one of them did not fall in as deep as the other, both being really close friends at one point in time until their paths diverged.

          • —interesting that one of them did not fall in as deep as the other—-

            Here’s a theory.
            Mack grew up more outgoing, while Kreuk was innately shy. Maybe Mack’s personality let her more easily embrace Vanguard’s teachings, while Kreuk maybe never overcame her innate shyness which kept her from fully surrendering her mind and body to the cult.

      • Frank-

        I did NOT say Allison Mack’s friend is fat!!!!!!!

        Can you point that out to the Frank Report crew.

        Albino is not like making fun of someone’s weight.

        • I mean Nice Guy, she’s a civilian. All she did was accompany Allison on an outing. And she is not an Albino. Actually she seems like an attractive woman with a pleasant appearance. Other than Scott, people tell me you have a fine appearance too.

          • Parloto at ur age anyone under 40 is hot. A 20 something could have a goat’s head and you’d be sweat-en-uhm.
            I know, cuz—I’m at the point.

          • I’d like to add my own sentiments to yours: Nice Guy is a very amiable person who has brought cheer to this site. He took on one rather incorrigible gentlemen and another whose gender identity is unknown. In so doing, Nice Guy helped make the site a little more cheerful while we were evaluating how to balance freedom of speech with rules of civility. He has earned the Frank Report Triple Cross for (1) meritorious conduct [against LOL]; (2) extraordinary valor [against misogynists]; and (3) conspicuous bravery [against Bangkok].

          • Thanks, Frank. We should have a Xmas party with eggnog and Xmas cookies all of Frank Report participants singing: ‘Joy to the world, the witch is locked up”

          • My cup runneth over and my head has swelled.

            “…It’s not for the accolades, awards, rewards, recompense or even reciprocity. I fight the good fight because I’m a crank with too much free time. ”-NiceGuy

            Thank you Mexican Lady and Frank!

    • Ah, you have it backwards. It is the (. ) that is teaching her to eat and give 0 fucks about it. Allison is deficit handicapped in that function.

      Say what you will, Nice Guy, I can testify that many men like a girl that likes food and owns the skin they’re in.

      • Thank you.

        Sheesh, it’s pretty clear that the purpose of this outing was not some elaborate ruse but some form of therapeutic lesson, specifically addressing Allison’s eating disorder. Even India, in her documentary, spoke to having to learn how to eat again and her chef boyfriend helping her as her ideas of meals had been completely disordered. I suspect that this individual is some form of trained peer specialist or someone acting in that role.

        Been there, done that.

        • I wondered that myself, wintergirl. Seems like she is getting some sort of advice or instruction and doubt she’d be left entirely unguarded or to her own devices on an outing before sentencing. Maybe a probation officer?

          • Well, I could be wrong but this situation really screams ‘eating disorder therapeutic intervention’ activity and not some elaborate ruse or even a probation outing (probation officers don’t dress like that). This is a structured outing with a trained individual, most likely a peer specialist, and the activity is to eat something and to learn to manage the physical and mental discomfort and distress associated with eating (hence the peer being upbeat and providing distractions etc).

            I nearly died of anorexia nervosa and I was really, really sick for way too long. I could not see it, either, which is typical of this condition, despite my immediate family, extended family and friends trying to intervene repeatedly. I had a later than usual onset, which complicated the situation.

            I mention this only to say that I do not believe that this was some sort of staged elaborate ruse. I had to do similar activities’ in my treatment.

            Although I had heard of Nxivm in the news, I was not familiar with the specifics and I never watched any of the shows that featured some of the Nxivm members, including Allison.

            I started watching The Vow (and then Seduced) and I was completely surprised at the weight/calorie control/weight loss part of the cult. To say watching the episodes and seeing those aspects of the story was unsettling and unnerving to me would be an understatement. I have more to say about that but perhaps I have said enough for now.

      • — I can testify that many men like a girl that likes food and owns the skin they’re in.

        And the men also happen to be Black.

        I ❤️ P.A.W.G.S

  • If I were a member of the Nxivm 5, I would state that this whole post is ” fake news”. Long Beach is not in Orange County. Therefore, that is not Allison Mack. She is not wearing an ankle bracelet. All the victims are liars! There is no divorce filing.

    The ” tech” really, really works! We are building a better world! The justice system is corrupt. We are not a cult. Straight Women want graphic pornographic pictures of other women. Particularly their friends. Totally normal.

    Also, women want to disfigure their bodies in a really painful way with a lied-about symbol and starve. And, most importantly of all things on earth, Keith Raniere is innocent! Is that how this disputing the media thing works? Did I get it right?

  • My, my. It’s obvious Allison seeks attention from the press, and who better than good ol’ FR to capitalize on the pics in trying to make her seem more humane.

    • Yes, good point.
      It could be a scheme to give her spotlight before her sentencing so people pity her: she just got divorced and does look sad in those photos. Boohoo! Give that star a chance!

      I thought it was interesting how the photographer was just waiting for them in the parking lot and at some point, she does look straight at the camera. I also found her selection of clothes interesting She used to wear tighter clothes in general. Those loose clothes and blue can help her for people to have pity on her and believe she is depressed:

      I mean she could be depressed but it is weird we are getting news about her divorce and now a public outing!

      • She used to wear tighter clothes in general.

        That was when she cared about her personal appearance, or her acting career, or having a boyfriend and getting married or keeping her fans. As for the coincidence, in fact, it is not, since Raniere was convicted there is more interest in getting news about her

        • Wouldn’t that be at the heat of the trial? How come in the middle of the trial there were no news about her going out? Getting divorced? It has been 2 months almost since Rainere was sentenced. I am not sure it is obvious why now and not before. It seems more related to her sentence

  • Great balls of fire. I feel sorry for my dear Pellegrino, but at least the once and former ingenue is gone if not dead on arrival, and also, Mack is looking rather burly. Meow.

    Or is that how ladies in Long Beach dress, while divorcing inconvenient “partners” in crime? What is left of Mack is an unkempt and a bigger female, out on the streets of Long Beach, standing on a sidewalk and stuffing her face with pastry.

    This would be a fine moment to have a cigar, if only cigars were tasty enough.

    Mack has been doing her best to mitigate her criminal circumstances, though. She apologized at the conclusion of her plea bargaining session, for believing in Raniere and for blindly seeking glory beneath him. Pardon the pun. She has filed for divorce from her attention-seeking, dildo-brained, cultie wifey, Nookie AntiClimax. Veddy good.

    Evidently though, she has also forgotten what season it is ir could be, attired in a black summer dress, a wintery scarf and other oddly matched, rather schizophrenic accessories, and she has abandoned the hair bleach and looks absolutely pilgrim-icky. Again, meow. And zing!

    If she is willing to accompany a little black summer dress with that sloppy shirt and that wooly winter scarf, one might wonder where her BOOTS are, really. Are her boots on the ground or not?

    This sighting of Mack reminds me of Johnny Carson’s early gameshow, Who Do You Trust?

    To Mack or to Mock? Thank God for Groucho Marx, who could be so endearing and ball-busting, both in the same phrases. How is Mack designing herself now? Will the real Allison Mack ever become acquainted with herself?

    Who can guess? Clare Bronfman has been more stupid, and so far, that’s about all, folks. That pastry trip might have been Mack being a test pilot having an outing, sick and tired of playing a sex-trafficking ding-dong at last. What we worry?

    Instead, cumgratulations are in order. I do love cumgratulations a whole lot particularly when it comes to saluting unnecessary relationshit. Sincerely, it can be highly enjoyable. Have some hedonism! Yum yum yum to just desserts.

    Let’s dance. Hit it!

    Maybe more importantly, I want to send love to our dearest Nice Guy, okay Frank?

    Sincere best wishes to our wonderful Nice Guy and to his marvelous Sicilian wife, who is an attorney, if I recall correctly. Thanks to Nice Guy for what he has said, so the prayers can come right to you and your wife both, and much more directly.

    The candles never go out at our house, for those who are enduring so much unsought trouble. Never. I and my family are sending light and love to you. All the way. It is inexhaustible, don’t worry, this love of life – and so are the best of wishes to you for the recovery of your health.

    • However hilarious, your fashion critique on Allie’s get up is a bit harsh, Shivani.

      Maybe Allie was in a dowdy disguise trying to avoid, not attract, attention. She actually blends in with SoCal beach Moms who dress in layers to combat what’s called the “inversion layer” of fog that hovers over the coast and can cause 20 degree temp drops within blocks near the ocean. From jacket & scarf, down to sun dress layering is not uncommon and practical.

      Not to dwell on these photographic impressions you make but she looks a tad self-conscious to me. Doubt she was expecting paparazzi. Plus, if she were genuinely depressed and it showed in her dress could you blame her?

      The kid’s looking at 40 years in prison after falling for a pack of vampire grifters who nearly sucked the life out of her…

  • In watching the video of Mack climbing in the vehicle while refusing to answer questions I realized I have seen that video many times before.
    Every time I see a Chicago politician convicted of extortion and leaving the Chicago Federal Court House they act the exact same way as Mack did.

    In fact Mack has responded on her NXIVM101 Instagram page.
    Posted just 20 hours ago:

    Eff the man Power to the people

    What does “eff the man” mean?
    Fuck ‘The Man’
    1. To defy authority; usually a government entity or employer. However, any person, organization, group, etc. that oppresses someone may be considered “The Man.”

    Who is the man in this case?
    The FBI
    The media, especially the reporter asking questions.
    Anyone criticizing Ms. Mack and her activities.

  • Allison Mack is a gullible victim who committed a crime in the spirit of love. She was so blinded by Keith’s identity that she went into a state of insanity for years. That’s why she’s being punished. I’m not saying she’s innocent, but she’s really deluded, which, of course, doesn’t exempt her from her actions. That’s how I see it. But I’m happy to take other, interesting, different views from mine.

    • What is love, Nomin? Does love include any elements whatsoever of thoughtfulness, alertness, awareness? Or is love just a guinea pig? Is the guinea pig named Projection? Ooh, how nice.

      • Most of the time, love isn’t thoughtful, it’s not rational, and it’s addictive to someone who loves the other person more.

  • I wonder is this a sign that the Judge may go a little lighter than expected on Allison at sentencing?

    She looks good, healthy. Somehow gives me some comfort. If anyone got a raw deal in trial by media, with no opportunity to rebut, it was she.

    I also believe, witnessed as we all did, how she was manipulated by Bronfman paid defense, with a conflict of interest she had to waive to get representation.

    But I’m repeating myself in prior posts.

  • Ah yes, smiling in public. The surest sign of a deceitful, villainous person. Lest we forget when the jury acquitted Michael Jackson after his young victim smirked at them.

  • I don’t feel so sorry as I did for Allison back when she was being unfairly skewered on here and I had far fewer details about her role —but even now I see Allison as more of a victim —a fleeced, flocked, fucked sheep — than a perp.

    Especially relative to Nancy, Lauren and certain uncharged perpetrators…whose luck may be running out.

    Especially if the whole US justice system maybe isn’t as “corrupt” as they portray it – they better HOPE it is bc that’s far more in NXIVM’s favor than not so much.

    Very strange, isn’t it, that so few of them support Allie, too, when she really only did (or not) exactly as they claim Keith did not do.

    Haven’t heard of any Allie supporters since GBD Jane vanished.

    • Completely agree about Nancy and Lauren. With Allison, did anyone consider HER safety on Campus?

      I only hope she hasn’t been further derailed from facing the full effects of her allegiance to and her actions within nx, by say, a really savvy postgrad met on a Gender Studies zoom call, someone with a slick solution for every doubt, someone tuned in to the greedy need for approbation and belonging.

      Someone with a vested interest in keeping Allison famous, turned up, twisted and edgy, to like, F*ck that man. If she was vulnerable in nxivm a minute ago, she’s still vulnerable now. You have over time convinced me to a more lenient position on Allison Mack but I still feel she has earned her corrections. Hard community service for years would be good I think – quick training as an auxiliary something, ill-fitting but hella gonzo uniform and Bob’s your uncle – providing very very valuable and karma healing service, after which she would be able to look anyone in the eye.

      • ” With Allison, did anyone consider HER safety on Campus?”

        She has been on Zoom, a video service, and not on campus.

  • This is my prophecy: Raniere will not serve the entire sentence. He’ll be out on parole sooner. Joe Biden will grant you clemency.

  • So much nail biting, very telling. Allison is still a mess and appears unchanged. So sad. Enjoy that shopping spree girl. Cheap nick nacks will seem like treasures in prison.

  • “Is this closure for you?”

    Is Allison’s friend branded?

    Frank, why all of the tears and torment for a sadistic sex trafficker who did not give a shit about other people?
    If you feel that way about this Hollyweird punk, maybe you should not have published the sex trafficking story four years ago.
    Once you pull the trigger, you can’t recall the bullet.
    As that great Hollyweird philosopher Lady Gaga said, “Once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger.”

    What a joke!
    The fun is just beginning.
    For starters, she can expect at least as much time as Clare Bronfman, 6 years and nine months.
    And a civil RICO lawsuit is in her future with at least 80 plaintiffs.
    Whatever assets she has will vaporize in that meat grinder.

    Her name is literally mud.
    Who in the media would hire her?
    As it is now, the media is losing money because of the China Flu and the acting profession is filled with talented people who are not Racketeers and Gangsters.
    Allison Mack can not even audit a Zoom class without being correctly called out as a sex trafficker.

    Here is a typical public reaction to Mack galivanting about:

    You forced women to be raped, assaulted, abused, permanently branded… that is what YOU practiced. You belong behind bars.
    1w6 likesReply

    You belong in jail.
    1w2 likesReply

    Do you have the courage to publish what people really think about Allison Mack?

    • Here is what I really think:

      —”Allison Mack can not even audit a Zoom class without being correctly called out as a sex trafficker.”

      I think that is cruel, wrong, and witch-hunt like. She was convicted of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges.

      • She has not done time in prison. In the past, she has used classes to recruit women into sex trafficking so it is valid to question her participation and high participation in gender study classes.
        This defense reminds me of the 2008 gaslighting used by NXIVM, laughing at people for calling Keith dangerous. He is very dangerous.

      • To SippingGreenTeaAlison, December 14, 2020 at 2:34 pm

        That’s just because of the plea deal and the jurisdictions for the crimes. More charges could have been brought if the case had been charged in the NDNY.

        • —”More charges could have been brought if the case had been charged in the NDNY.”

          But they weren’t brought before the NDNY, so I guess we’ll never know what they ‘coulda’ been or if she ‘woulda’ been convicted.

          So despite that, it’s all good to ignore that she wasn’t convicted of those other crimes and treat her as though they WERE brought before the NDNY and as if she were convicted of everything and anything, even though she hasn’t been?

          That sounds like a wonderful society to be a part of [note sarcasm for the tone deaf]. It actually makes DOS and SOP sounds better in comparison.

      • She’s a good candidate for a new name and identity upon release, and might be able to live a more authentic and productive life.

    • Most people’s thinking may not be right. There is the principle of “many goose pigs win”, but it is disputed to say that the mindset of the majority overrides that of the individual. Frank has not formally taken a position in favour of any party, merely allowing positive and negative effects to collide. And that’s good, because it makes you inclusive and thought-provoking. The truth will make its way.

  • Michael Rosenbaum related a story to Sarah Edmondson on his podcast when he interviewed her about Allison, which is a first-hand account of the latter and how he witnessed the cult’s negative influence on her behavior in his own home when she was deep in its mental and emotional clutches here:

  • The once so loquacious Allison, who was out in the world promoting Keith Raniere, NXIVM, Jness, DOS, etc., in person, in print, on video, in public or in secret, is suddenly so quiet, like a little mouse when someone seeks a comment about her situation from her.

      • Yeah, but if she really changed she could’ve said, “I’m sorry but I can’t speak to anyone right now due to legal issues surrounding my sentencing,” or something like that.

        The guy was actually quite kind in the way he directed his questions. But I’m beginning to suspect the real Allison is the one who was fawning over Raniere in that clip from the volleyball game from the series “The Vow”. Talking about “popping her cherry” in front of a guy she had just met.

        She had millions of dollars and a chance with plenty of decent looking guys around her age associated with her industry, but she chose the Bronfman name and wealth and some grubby, smelly, bullshit artist, humble bragging, conman from the middle of nowhere who could talk a good game and was nearly twice her age. The irony is she bought the whole inner deficiency dependency con and became deficient of her senses and dependent on the group.

        • I didn’t realize there was a video. Will have to take a look.

          I don’t understand the whole house arrest. I thought you could only get out for worship, education or exercise. I guess walking into a shop would burn minimal calories. Maybe classified as therapy of the retail kind?

        • —“But I’m beginning to suspect the real Allison is the one who was fawning over Raniere in that clip from the volleyball game…Talking about “popping her cherry” in front of a guy she had just met.”

          You could be right. The psych term for this personality disorder has not yet made it into the DSM, but the definition below pretty much nails it;

          Minx: noun
          an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman. Such as: “You saucy little minx!”

          Allison appears to me to be an unrepentant, incorrigible little minx. For shame!!

          • While we typically like to keep our shenanigans on the QT, by unanimous vote we’re coming forward to acknowledge that our society has a secret annual celebration to mark the day that Allison Mack met Keith Raniere, the top male figure in the Nxivm org.

            We gave and will continue to give her mad props for the impressive ease with which she flipped the script from puddle of tears, “oh dear little confused me. You, smartest man in the world, have made me question why I even love art in the first place” to asking him if he’ll pop her cherry, making the older man blush and scamper away while giggling like a little girl.

            For details on the time and place of our next upcoming secret celebration, please contact us at…HAHA! Dream on. 😉

  • Seeing those pics reminds me of a quote I saw on facebook just lately: “Evil never looks the way you think it will!”

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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