Guest View: Video Game Champion Billy Mitchell Compared to Another Great Gamer, Keith Raniere

The guest view below compares Keith Alan Raniere [born August 26, 1960] with William James Mitchell, Jr. (born July 16, 1965).

Readers unfamiliar with Mitchell or Raniere might want to know something about them and how their bios compare.

Mitchell is an American video game player who became a prominent restaurateur. Raniere was also an American video game player who rose to become the Vanguard of a life coaching group that achieved great fame.

In 1999, Mitchell became the first person to record a perfect score of 3,333,360 points on the arcade game, Pac-Man.

In 1983, Raniere told a TV news interviewer that he achieved a score of over 2 million on Pac-Man.

Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records recognized Mitchell as the holder of several records on classic video games including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

Keith Raniere when he was a college student and player of the game Pac Man.

Raniere was listed in the 1989 Australian edition of the Guinness Book of Records for his high score on an IQ test.

A 2007 documentary, “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”, follows Mitchell’s attempts to maintain the highest score on Donkey Kong after being challenged by newcomer Steve Wiebe.

Two 2020 docuseries, The Vow and Seduced, and a 2019 documentary, The Lost Women of Nxivm, follow Raniere as the Vanguard and the challenges he faced from defectors, former lovers and even women who died mysteriously.

Mitchell’s records in Guinness and Twin Galaxies were disputed. His detractors said he used emulation software to falsify his high score. Both Twin Galaxies and Guinness invalided all of Mitchell’s records.

Raniere’s high IQ record was deemed to be dubious by the Guinness publishers, and they retired the category of “Highest IQ” the same year they published his record [1989], in part because Raniere’s IQ test was a take home test.

Some of Raniere’s other accomplishments have been disputed, such as his being an East Coast Judo Champion at age 11, a concert-level pianist at age 12, tying the New York State record for the 100 yard dash, and his having a net worth of $50 million by age 32.  But those records still stand strong in the minds of his followers.

Mitchell successfully appealed to reverse the Guinness removals in June 2020. Twin Galaxies did not reverse their disqualifications, leading Mitchell to file defamation lawsuits against Twin Galaxies in 2020.

Raniere was involved in some 50 lawsuits against former followers, lovers, and business associates. Most of these were unsuccessful, but were often able to bankrupt the individual he was suing, which, his detractors say, was all he was trying to accomplish.

The US government successfully prosecuted Raniere on charges of sex trafficking, racketeering and other crimes in 2019. He was sentenced to 120 years in federal prison in October 2020.  Raniere is appealing the case to the US Appeals Court, seeking to reverse his conviction and get a new trial.

Mitchell’s family owns the Rickey’s restaurants in Hollywood, Florida, and Pembroke Pines, Florida, and he sells Rickey’s World Famous Hot Sauce.

Raniere still owns numerous patents, including one amazing patent that will show you if a person is a Luciferian.  He also used to sell word salad to anyone who would listen.

Now that readers know a little about the two men, here is the guest view:


This is in response to Key Questions for Raniere Supporter, Eduardo Asunsolo.

I think it’s a waste of time trying to convince a sycophant such as Eduardo Asunsolo.  He thinks he is not brainwashed but it is possible for certain types of people to be manipulated and not realize it.

Derren Brown did a psychological experiment to show this in one of his TV series. Asunsolo is likely not even a truth seeker – which means it will take him a long time to realize the truth (possibly many years).

To understand what goes on, you don’t need to know anything about cults, just about how people can be influenced, and how narcissists (even psychopathic narcissists) behave to make people think that they are ‘great’.

Example: I see a lot of parallels between the case of Raniere and Billy Mitchell, who got notoriety in the “King of Kong” (it is a docudrama, some stuff was edited to imply certain things that are not correct), which is about high scores of the classic arcade game “Donkey Kong”.

When I watched it, I felt “This guy is a psychopath”. On the other hand, people who knew him personally usually told how he was positive, friendly, did things for charity, etc. – and they said Mitchell was portrayed as the villain in the film, but I saw the unfriendly jokes and facial expression that shows what he is actually like.

Pac Man is a video game that both Billy Mitchell and Keith Raniere excelled in.

About two years ago, it was also suggested that Mitchell is a liar who created fake performances via an emulator, and his behavior towards people in interviews during and after this process to find the truth, shows exactly what he is like.

I believe the positive experiences that people have of Mitchell come from him being a narcissist who wants to be idolized and seen as ‘the greatest’ and thus he spends time and effort on making people think that.

The whole story is very long and only interesting if you’re interested in old-style computer games and the technology involved in the evolution of computers and emulators, but I will point to a segment of a video with four people, 3 of whom initially supported Mitchell and thought the issues brought up were fake and that it was a witch hunt by people going after Mitchell because they didn’t like him:

One of them was simply interested in analyzing the facts and from knowing Mitchell’s friends tried to defend him, two others didn’t believe the accusations of fake performances or had a conspiracy theory to explain the criticism, but in the end, they all found out the truth. One of them took a long time to realize the truth, almost two years, still believing up to then that someone may have altered evidence until there was evidence that showed that to be impossible.

One of the persons who was a friend of Mitchell says at ca. 1:45:00:

“It’s unbelievable, I don’t get it, how there are certain people, now, a few people, who are so loyal to Bill. It’s like, I know they are smart enough to understand what the facts and the truth are of this situation. I don’t get it. They must think they are getting something out of it.”

Well, a combination of factors (including that many people disregard negative stories about their friends) may lead them to disregard evidence in both cases – both Mitchell and Raniere.


Editor’s note: While our guest view writer seems pretty convinced that Mitchell cheated to get his video game records, Frank Report neither endorses or rejects his view.  Without reviewing the body of evidence concerning Mitchell’s disputed records, Frank Report is in no position to even attempt to judge the veracity of any claims.

Guinness restored Mitchell’s records, after removing them and Guinness may be the world’s leading judge of records.

The mere fact of the dispute however places a dark cloud on Mitchell’s reputation. He may always live under this shadow.

If Mitchell did indeed break the records, he has had a terrible injustice done to him. On the other hand, if he cheated to get his name in the record books, no amount of vindication or restoration will ever quiet his conscience and bring him the joy of honor and glory one gets from deserving success.





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  • RE Billy Mitchell & Keith Raniere Oddity:

    Is it me, or does Billy Mitchell look more like what you would expect a Vanguard to look like, and Keith Raniere looks more like a restaurant wunderkind?

    God screwed that one up totally!

  • I guess nerds of a feather flock together. Bill Mitchell used emulater software. He just had to reprogram the bios type
    software, which can be found all over the internet or he paid a techie to do the hack.

    My last Vanguard Limerick. Here it is….

    “God’s *Official Raniere”
    Once a chap played God of his kingdom
    Now, the chap’s ass is another’s fiefdom
    All night the chap weeps
    Staring at his square-feet
    Play god, then life ends down a maelstrom

    *Official is Raniere

      • Of course—Official is on purpose. My usage of “official” is in the same vein as the Keith “Thor” Raniere *homophone.

        Keith is God’s new official fish-hole.

        “I will see you next Tuesday.”

        *Double entendre or double homophone…..
        ….I can’t decide. 😉

        P.S. Frank, homophone is an actual word. Please, no more censoring.

        • You can get involved with Mark Vincente, but as a woman, let’s hear it back and forth, he’s taken the step of detecting what few of his male companions have taken. I’m on the same line as Frank. And let’s add that Mark didn’t give that opinion for nothing. Unfortunately. Let’s be honest.

  • We are no longer interested in the fake Keith Raniere accomplishments, which have been proven to be untrue.

    We are interested in why and how Nancy Salzman and others continued to promote the lie when it became clear that Keith was a fraud and, moreover, how this worked with the old school gang and the new women in DOS.

    Clearly, there is a thing with the oldest tier women, the middles, and the latest Nx 5 Dossiers. Quite the MLM right there.

    I am all about a conversation among Keith’s women.

      • —Money and power – any other questions?

        Money equals power is the correct expression.

        I do have a question.

        How many boxes of detergent can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck boxes of detergent into a garage?

        • I had a good response, but I am not NiceGuy or Scott. My comment will not be published. NiceGuy and Scott you have a privilege that others do not have when they write something similar but it is not published. Therefore I will not comment anything about NiceGuy or Scott.

  • There’s an old Yorkshire saying:
    ‘If you think it’s hard to change a smart man’s mind, try changing a stupid man’s mind’.

    These Nxiam loyalists are stupid. They wouldn’t have joined the cult otherwise.

    Psychology has some fancy terminology to explain this truism – cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, etc. some Yorkshire farmer had it figured ca.1740.

    • —These Nxiam loyalists are stupid. They wouldn’t have joined the cult otherwise.

      I agree completely with what your saying.

      “Scam-way Cowboy”
      Once there was a dude from Scam-way
      This unlucky cowboy rode a shit pony
      He played hero,
      but was a zero
      A fake shit hero is fool with no money

        • Yes NiceGuy 666, Frank is only going to give you 1,000,000,000,000 more warnings before he totally bans your [redacted] comments. LOL

          • Scott-

            Look who is talking….

            Can you please explain the 666 thing?

            I am fascinated by your image of me.

          • NiceGuy 666-

            Look who is talking…. ===> It’s not you, because you won’t even pick up a phone. LOL

            Can you please explain the 666 thing? ===> If I have to explain it to you, it merely confirms how abjectly STUPID you are. LOL

            I am fascinated by your image of me. ===> I’m not fascinated by anything about you, except perhaps with your terrifying fear of me. LOL

          • Ok, Scott, I promised you and Nice Guy you could have one more snipe at each other — you got it. From now on when you and Nice Guy comment about each other, unless it is friendly, I won’t publish it. I know it was presumptuous but I did invite Nice Guy on your podcast. I hope when he accepts, you will allow him to appear.

        • Frank-

          Sorry I posted another Cowboy poem. I did
          not see this most recent comment.

          PS I didn’t use Scott’s name. 😉

          • No worries. Mutombo send it into the fifth row. On that thread, I gave you some ideas on how get your Scott limericks past the rim protector.

  • With enough therapy – particularly group therapy – people with personality disorders can make real progress. This is not commonly known, but I have seen it.

    It’s a wonderful thing to witness.

  • The guest contributor is commenting on micro expressions, the gift nobody intends on giving to their audience. If you’ve experienced a person like the above mentioned people, you hopefully learn what the red flags are. That love bombing and show of a charming charismatic face to people, while the other face engages in toxicity.

    Characters like these pass through our every day lives, not all of them commit crimes, but rather leave a trail of emotionally damaged people.

    I can think of one person in particular that passed through my life that was a Keith Raniere wannabe. Right down to the aspiration to start a sex cult for rich people and the group blowjob. Dating sites are full of low grade Keiths.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this fellow and others that now have a notable person in which to cite in comparison. The coverage of Weinstein caused the dam to burst, why not Raniere.

  • You don’t have publish this, it’s a heads up on a misspelling.

    “ Mitchell’s records in Guinness and Twin Galaxies were disputed. His detractors said he used emulation software to falsify his high score. Both Twin Galaxies and Guinness invalided all of Mitchell’s records.”

      • You have

        past tense: invalided; past participle: invalided
        remove (someone) from active service in the armed forces because of injury or illness.
        “he was badly wounded and invalided out of the infantry”

        I assumed you meant

        Learn to pronounce
        past tense: invalidated; past participle: invalidated
        make (an argument, statement, or theory) unsound or erroneous.
        show/prove to be false
        give the lie to
        knock the bottom out of
        shoot full of holes
        shoot down (in flames)
        deprive (an official document or procedure) of legal efficacy because of contravention of a regulation or law.
        “a technical flaw in her papers invalidated her nomination”

        You don’t have to publish this either. This isn’t a “gotcha”.

        • It was right before my eyes. You’re right It should be “Invalidated” not “invalided.” And I read it three times. I think it is valuable to have copy editors among my readers Thanks.

          • It happens to me all the time when I post on my phone. Autocorrect often makes a word I never intended. Thumbs aren’t a good replacement for a full keyboard.

          • Just don’t let me correct others’ errors, that becomes “negative” and “petty.” LOL

        • Linguists experts who notice the tiniest of misses. Frank’s doing everything for us. For the readers. What you have to say overrides everything. I’m sorry that some people focus on the negative and don’t pay attention to the point.

    • I really do. Can you tell me the mistakes, please? To understand. . . the person in the story is not familiar to me. By the way, He doesn’t have a fault.

  • Comparisons between Raniere and Mitchell are shallow and ridiculous.

    The accusations of cheating with Billy Mitchell come down to 2 things: the unavailability of VHS cassettes from years ago and the use of an emulator. On the one hand, these items do not compare in severity to Raniere’s actions – no one was manipulated, exploited, robbed, threatened with endless legal action, or the like. He’s accused of simple fraud, not operating a complex international criminal syndicate for his own sexual gratification.

    On the other hand: VHS tapes from the 90s do get lost and using an emulator does not give a performance boost that allows someone to earn high scores on a game. Even taking these accusations in the most charitable fashion, Mitchell has done nothing criminal. At worst, he overstated his accomplishments, which is hardly damning.

    There’s reasons Twin Galaxies tracks original equipment and emulator scores separately, there is a difference in how a game operates on different hardware setups. But nothing about using an emulator allows someone to come close to a high score without actual talent. Mitchell has demonstrated his ability to do this multiple times over the years and his talent should not be in question – just whether or not he actually has the high score.

    Mitchell’s detractors strike me as suspicious. They seem very, very determined to invest massive amounts of time and effort in “exposing” him in a very public way. They call for extreme and severe punishments for what they see as his crimes. The punishment seems out of proportion to the crime.

    This kind of comparison is consistent with their overzealous approach. I give Mitchell my sympathies by default, no one deserves to be treated like this.

  • This is going to be a little longer. I quote from the article of Dr. László Kopácsi, Hungarian doctor, about narcissistic sociopaths.

    “The sociopath constantly terrorizes his environment, but he does so in a way that is not easily visible and perceptible, in fact.

    Pretending, faking, stalking is just as much part of this pathology as outright harassment, extortion, assault. One in 30 people, male or female, is a sociopath.

    Do any of your contacts fit the following?

    • A persuasive, experienced liar who, when asked to account for something, immediately invents a story suitable for him.
    • Excellent ability for anyone deceived. He “masterly” manipulates others.
    • Speaks exceptionally well, defeats most people verbally in conflict situations.
    • Often characterized by the following words: smooth-mannered, slippery, flattering, licking, humbly, too willing.
    • Great for adapting, pretending, changing from chameleon to chameleon if necessary.
    • Jekyll and Hyde nature – evil in private or personal affairs, but innocent and delightful in the presence of witnesses. Only his current victim can see both sides.
    • Unusually and inappropriately relates to sexual issues, behaviours and bodily functions, under the delightful surface you can often discover signs of sexual discrimination, harassment, sexual dysfunction, perversion, violence or abuse.
    • Unable to initiate or maintain intimacy in a relationship.
    • You have profound prejudices (e.g. with the opposite sex, with people of other sexual orientations, with other cultures and religions, with stranger.
    • Thinks you’re arrogant, arrogant, cocky, inviolable.
    • You despy your colleagues, subordinates, clients.
    • He wants to control everything and everyone.
    • He feels com pressured to judge everything, but at the same time he is unable to appreciate, praise, acknowledge others.
    • Unable to think in context.
    • Never give a straight answer, say specifics.
    • As a Houdini, he snuggles away from liability and accountability.
    • You do your best to destroy someone you think is an enemy, an enemy.
    • Discredits and discredits anyone who speaks of antisocial or sociopathic behaviour in their presence.
    • Vindictive.
    • Despises, destroys, denies, discredits anyone who wants or wants to account for it.
    • They are happy to deny others what is right for them.
    • Impatient, irritated, aggressive.
    • Arrogant, cocky, gives the appearance of all-around knowledge.
    • You often feel a narcissistic need to make yourself look excellent.
    • He is dead in spiritual terms, although he can be may also voice its convictions.
    • Down-to-earth, narrow-minded.
    • Petty but unreliable in financial matters.
    • Greedy, greedy, selfish, preying, emotional vampire.
    • Takes, but never gives.
    • You are convinced of your leadership skills, but you cannot distinguish between a leader’s qualities (maturity, decision-making, cooperation skills, trust, integrated personality) and pathological personality ities (immaturity, improvisation, aggression, manipulation, mistrust, deceit).
    • He doesn’t always understand the meaning of words, and he immediately takes on humorous, satirical or ironic comments.
    • Imposes its own distorted, false reality on others.
    • Sometimes you have seemingly limitless demonic energies, especially if you need to draw attention to yourself, you can often be a work alcoholic.”

    • That’s a good list. A lot of people check off some of those boxes, but the context of that behavior sometimes cancels out the applicable label.

      • Can you elaborate? I’ve read a lot about this, and I’m interested in your vision, see if there’s any new information on this.

    • The Diagnosis of Sociopathy is gradually falling into disuse, being replaced by the more meaningful and useful diagnosis of Antisocial Personality Disorder.

      • Paul,


        Shakespearian philosophy 101:
        “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet”

        • The point is that it is now defined in the DSM as a Cluster B Personality Disorder, which is much more useful than earlier labels. Understanding it as a Cluster B Disorder opens more pathways for research and treatment.

          When it comes to diagnostics, names do matter.

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