Who to Speak With to Learn More About Allison Mack’s Role in Nxivm?

Allison Mack

Frank Report is hosting a debate on the role of Allison Mack in Nxivm as she awaits sentencing for her conviction on two felony counts – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. She faces up to 40 years in prison – and the judge has already shown that he might do anything when it comes to sentencing. He has, for example, already shown he will go way beyond federal sentencing guidelines with Clare Bronfman, whom he sentenced to 81 months when the guidelines called for 27 months.  If he does something similar to Mack, she will get as much as 15 years, when the guidelines call for 3-5 years. Mack is 38.

What she might have going for her, that Bronfman and Keith Raniere did not [he got a 120-year sentence], was that Allison is likely to repudiate Raniere and Nxivm, which may be the only ticket out of long term prison life for her and the remaining Nxivm defendants. Much will depend on the Pre-Sentencing Report, the victim impact statements, and how many victims will show up in court when she is sentenced to speak about how Allison abused them.

During our debate on Allison, four different views have emerged:

  1. She is mostly a perpetrator of crimes for Raniere.
  2. She is mostly a victim of Raniere, who committed crimes because she was forced or misled.
  3. She is a mixture of victim and perpetrator, in almost equal measure, more or less.
  4. She did nothing criminal in Nxivm and she is a victim of the government’s unfair prosecution and the media’s biased coverage.

An anonymous commenter has provided a list of former inner circle members or former friends of Allison’s who could be interviewed to help ascertain which one of the above she is.

By Anonymous

Mark Vicente leaves Brooklyn federal court where Keith Raniere was tried and convicted.

I believe you might want to contact Mark Vicente. He was on the Nxivm executive board, co-owned the Vancouver Center, and lived in Albany. From the footage in Seduced and The Vow, we know he was there filming everything.

Bonnie Piesse Nxivm
Bonnie Piesse

Also, his wife Bonnie Piesse would be a good source of information. She and Allison were in the group Simply Human – and she and Mark also lived with Allison in her townhome in Albany for at least a few years.

Since Bonnie reached out to Catherine Oxenberg, I believe she would have tried to save Allison too – and at least reached out to Allison’s parents to warn them about the danger that Allison was in before going public. Yes?

Susan Dones on October 27, outside Brooklyn federal court after Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in federal prison.

Susan Dones would also be a good person to give insight into Allison Mack. She is on Twitter @SusanDones and has written some interesting things about Allison and how unstable and shallow she was from the moment she started taking classes at her center.

Barbara Bouchey Nxivm
Barbara Bouchey kissed Raniere goodbye after speaking at his sentencing hearing.

Barbara Bouchey is another person you could contact. It has been reported that Allison worshipped Barbara and wanted to be like her and gave her all of her money to invest.

Kristin Keeffe knew Allison Mack and everyone else in Nxivm prior to 2014 when she left Albany, never to return.

From your ID documentary, you seem to have access to Kristin Keeffe and Karen Unterreiner. Since they were long time girlfriends of Raniere for some 20-40 years, they should also be able to provide you with some information about Allison.

Karen Unterreiner was with Keith Raniere the longest – for 40 years.


Sarah Edmondson may not have fully endorsed the Frank Report, but the record shows she came to Frank Report first to tell the story of DOS.

Also, Sarah Edmondson would be a great source as well. She co-owned the Vancouver Center with Mark Vicente. She has spoken and written some about Allison, but I believe she should know a lot more as she would have been there during Allison’s early cult indoctrination. Sarah and her husband said some not so nice things about you in The Vow, but we know that she did speak to you and gave you some information so I’m sure if you reached out to her, she would share whatever intel she has on Allison.

Tabby Chapman appeared in Seduced

Tabby Chapman is another person you can probably get information from. She has now gone public in Seduced. She joined the cult because of Allison and worked for her and was a huge fan of her. She said she moved to Vancouver and Albany because of Allison and was in the cult until 2014.

India Oxenberg was Allison’s slave in DOS.

India Oxenberg would be good too. She may have spoken a lot about what Allison did to her or made her do, but she mentions spending Thanksgiving with Allison and her parents after she became Allison’s slave and was not allowed to be with her own family in LA for the holiday so it would be great to hear more about what she knows about the Mack clan involvement.

Nicki Clyne, Allison’s spouse.

Finally Nicki Clyne. Now that you know Nicki intimately, I’m sure she will be happy to share with you all of the information that she knows about Allison and her family.





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  • “He has, for example, already shown he will go way beyond federal sentencing guidelines with Clare Bronfman, whom he sentenced to 81 months when the guidelines called for 27 months.” He not only went beyond the sentencing guidelines, he went beyond the five years the DOJ recommended – in fact, he essentially added the sentencing guidelines to the DOJ recommendation. LOL

  • In cults, it is hard to judge the people below the leader who is at fault and who is simply in the power of the leader, morally. However the judge is looking at the law and the offenses admitted, not anything else.

    I think 10 years is fair or 15 if that means 10 served. It means though she will never have a child, but she may not want one and is perhaps too thin to menstruate anyway. Some women facing jail get pregnant deliberately.

    • Nxivm is a criminal racket, so all its members are guilty simply by participating in this criminal organization.
      It is not necessary to assign every single crime to every single one.

    • The judge has lots of flexibility, from 0 to 40 years, so while technically he is “looking at the law and the offenses admitted, not anything else,” he is also looking at mitigating and aggravating factors within that massive range. LOL

      There is only minimal time that will not be served in a federal conviction, so if Mack is sentenced to 15 years, she will serve about 13-14 years assuming she has good behavior. LOL

      The first two sentenced had zero “star power,” so it will be interesting to see whether the judge is smitten by Mack and decides to give her a lighter sentence or decides she has even more influence and is an elevated danger to society and gives her a harsher one. LOL

  • I don’t want to see Allison behind bars. I feel bad for the suffering of everyone involved who suffered, but I don’t believe she had evil intent.

    For one thing, she clearly thought KR was the hottest man on the planet. She probably assumed any woman would be thrilled for the “assignment.” Did any one of her “slaves” make it clear that they were not at all into him beforehand?

    If so, the flip side to that is maybe Allison thought giving the assignment to women who weren’t attracted to KR meant that they wouldn’t bang him, which I’m sure she’d be happy about. I am not convinced that she knew women who weren’t willing would be forced into engaging in sexual acts with him. She wasn’t present when it happened, after all. If evidence comes out to prove me wrong, I’m willing to change my mind. But that is my impression from all I’ve read and seen so far.

    • –For one thing, she clearly thought KR was the hottest man on the planet.

      Incontrovertible proof that she was indeed brainwashed! Anyone who thinks this must be so. She should express this and remorse in front of the judge at her sentencing and he may very well be sympathetic.

      • There are people who are attracted by ugliness and find it attractive. And they are not brainwashed people, but people who have a strange taste. So for Allison Mack, there will be no extenuating circumstances for her.

    • I agree. She looks like she worshipped him. She was like a big drooling teenie bopper staring at her rock star and heart throb in that one video. Made a fool of herself.

    • Mark Vicente made those same statements about India Oxenberg. Essentially using the long-running misogynistic trope of happiness in slavery and submission. When she described her experience, she said the opposite, convincingly and logically, blackmail, coercion and fear of consequences are a motivator to give that impression. Consent through coercion isn’t consent. It’s a common excuse used by rapists and pedophiles, “You know you liked it”.

      We do know that India was specifically and with special care, groomed for the face of NXIVM. It stands to reason Allison was also specifically groomed for that purpose. We also know that she was hungry for attention and connection, mentally disordered in some way, vulnerable.

      We also know she made choices to inflict pain and suffering on others, removed consent to facilitate rape, was very aggressive about climbing the ranks, and holding more power over others.

      Did Allison love any and all attention focused on herself? Yes. Did she enjoy gaining power over those she felt jealousy towards? Seemingly, yes. Did she love any focused attention and perceived intimacy she could get from the person that held power over her? Yes.

      She is both a victim and a perpetrator that crossed over many times. She has yet to tell her own nuanced story about what she liked, and what was under duress.

      This rationalization of others’ perceived interest in “banging” the hobgoblin of Clifton Park through blackmail and coercion is yet another example of the culture of Empowerment ™ through rape culture.

      You’re making the argument without realizing it, that the normalization of liberal feminism allowed for the confusion within the cult, as it centers on male pleasure and male needs. That submission is a fun game, except it’s entirely meant to accomplish just that.

      Another example is the starvation she has always lived with as a performer. Within Liberal Feminism it is lauded to suffer in pain to reach patriarchal Beaty standards, as a means to achieve empowerment through sexual appeal to men. Allison was trained as a child to perceive herself through the eyes of others and meet their expectations at any cost in order to gain the attention she craved. Imagine the relief of narrowing those expectations down to one person, only performing for an audience of one. She no longer had to alter herself for the judgment of everyone, just one. Instead of marketing and culture telling her there’s something wrong with her, in a never-ending circle of conformity of unreachable standards, she found just one man to tell her so, with reachable goals.

      Like all the discarded and debunked ideologies Keith borrowed from, this form of feminism is one of them. Tweaked to focus on himself and his needs, with established toxic framework that makes it invisible.

      That said, she should be incarcerated for 10 years, in a psych ward. I believe she walked in to this place in need of intensive psychiatric care, and should never been allowed membership. Think of the revelations child actors throughout the decades, she has a history before NXIVM that hasn’t been touched on at all. If the stories of other child actors are true, I’m guessing Allison has some of her own.

      What do you think, Alison, do you think those child actors loved the special attention they got from producers and directors?

      • @anonymous November 19, 2020 at 2:52 pm

        I’m still trying to grasp all the different facets of this Nxivm thing, so I appreciate your thoughtful response.

        —Consent through coercion isn’t consent.

        Agreed. But I think India said she went through with it in the bedroom with KR because she, at that time, believed that it would somehow help her growth, not because she was worried about her collateral.

        —[Allison Mack] has yet to tell her own nuanced story about what she liked, and what was under duress.


        —This rationalization of others’ perceived interest in “banging” the hobgoblin of Clifton Park

        Hobgoblin of Clifton Park! cracked me up!

        —You’re making the argument without realizing it, that the normalization of liberal feminism allowed for the confusion within the cult.

        Well, as you said, we really don’t know Allison’s intentions. I’m still leaning toward a hunch that she didn’t realize she was hurting anyone, but I really have no clue what was or is going on in her mind, and I could very well be wrong.

        —She has a history before NXIVM that hasn’t been touched on at all. If the stories of other child actors are true, I’m guessing Allison has some of her own.

        Could be!

        —What do you think, Alison, do you think those child actors loved the special attention they got from producers and directors?

        If you’re asking if I condone child abuse, statutory rape or any form of rape, no I do not.

  • I am surprised by the sudden outpouring of sympathy for Mack. Is this perhaps an organized effort by her supporters (read: friends of Raniere) to use this site on her behalf? Some of the comments in her favor have had that over-the-top, Pea Onyu (sp?) degree of overstatement, making them suspicious.

    Mack’s defense isn’t much better than that of any Nuremberg defendant: “I was only following orders.” No, she could have bailed at any time and joined the ranks of those dedicated to stopping Raniere. Instead, she remained loyal when the Albany Times Union ran its first stories, when Frank broke the DOS news (which was not news to her, of course), when questioned by the New York Times, and when faced by Federal prosecutors. She remained loyal right to the bitter end. She probably still is. You don’t have to be our friend Shadow to see how willingly deep she was in all this.

    • @John 1 : My opinion is that more people are speaking out for Allison lately because Frank has made it abundantly clear that expressing divergent opinions is tolerated and welcomed and that he won’t let commenters, long-time or not, personally attack commenters just because they have a different or potentially unpopular opinion. I still brace myself for attacks if I say something I know is against the grain, but at least I know I probably won’t end up at the bottom of a troll pileup thanks to Frank’s moderating, which seems like that wasn’t always the case back in ye olden days of this blog. I’m just sharing my honest impressions and I have zero personal connection to Nxivm or Allison Mack or anyone else connected to this.

      • —I still brace myself for attacks

        Trolls behind keyboards are quite scary. Danger lurks around every corner. Carry a big stick. You will be okay. 😉

        • —Trolls behind keyboards are quite scary. Danger lurks around every corner. Carry a big stick. You will be okay.

          I personally don’t enjoy engaging in pointless, low-blow, off-topic back-and-forth exchanges in blog comments.

          However, I understand that some consenting adults do enjoy trolling each other into perpetuity. It’s just not my thing, and too much of it could put me off revisiting or commenting on a blog.

          Sometimes I find it hard to resist taking the bait—like a former drug addict walking through Washington Square Park—I have to brace myself to resist responding to the passive-aggressive, poorly veiled insults and intentional misinterpretations of what I’ve written. Sometimes I lapse in my resolve. I can only take it day by day. 😉

          AND I’ll be doing my best to stay on topic going forward. Sorry, Frank.

    • I don’t think it’s sudden at all. It’s been fairly consistent since she was arrested, and maybe even before.

      Do you realize you’re like the 80th person to compare this to Nuremberg, and every time it’s just as incompatible? KAR had blackmail on her just like all of the other women. He had enormous power over her life, just like all the other women. And no, she could not have just “bailed at any time”, hence the last year of testimonies and multiple documentaries and victim statements explaining why people could not simply just bail on this group when they felt like it.

      Go read the article published literally an hour ago, to hear Susan Dones explain what it’s like to just “bail” on Keith.

      • Nuremberg — Q: So, why didn’t you turn away from this? A: They would have sent me to a concentration camp. I would have been killed.

        NXIVM — Q. So, why didn’t you turn away from this? A: They would have published my collateral. I would have been embarrassed.

        I guess you’re right. The consequences for Allison were so much greater.

        • @John 1 : Do you really believe her collaterals were just nude pics ? It’s not just the fear to be slut-shamed that kept her from “turning away” ! There was an escalation in collaterals : Raniere used the slut-shaming fear to convince his victims to provide more damaging collaterals, and more damaging collaterals to provide even more damaging collaterals. It wasn’t just about consequences to themselves but also to beloved ones… So « she would had been embarrassed » was just the first collaterals. Remember that she produced confession letters that could have sent her, and maybe beloved ones, to jail…

    • If you are going to compare the situation of this cult with the acts committed by the Nazis, I have to ask, how is it that everything revolves around Allison and we do not name and demand justice against the other leaders? Why is it not talked about the slaves of Nicki, Lauren, Loreta, Daniela, Rosa Laura, and the other two? No one is talking about these slaves or Sarah Edmonson’s, nor because Nancy does not seem to receive much punishment, in reality there is no point of comparison here with your example.

      As for loyalty, ask Brandon Porter if I need to sleep with Keith?

  • One interesting person to hear from would be Kristin Kreuk.

    Why? Because they were best friends on Smallville for years, Kreuk brought in Mack, they were both Nxivm celebs, both became coaches…..then they took very different paths. Why?

    It’s been reported that they didn’t communicate in recent years. What caused this rift between old friends? Kreuk refused to turn over her wealth to Keith (which Mack did) and did not give up her acting career (which Mack did) and Kreuk kinda-sorta-slowly “escaped” from Keith (while Mack went deeper)…were these things what damaged their relationship?

    What did Kreuk experience or suspect that made her sour on Nxivm that Mack ignored or embraced? What conversations did Kreuk and Mack have as their paths diverged? Did Kreuk try to convince Mack to leave with her, or did Mack try to convince Kreuk to stay and join DOS?

    Of course, Kreuk won’t talk about her relationship with Mack and Nxivm (maybe wisely) hoping this stain on her reputation will fade from her public’s mind. But it would be interesting to hear from Kreuk why these two young friends who joined Nxivm for similar reasons, ended up in very different places.

    • Someone posted on Frank Report something about Kreuk in 2014 posting a picture of Mack and two other women in Mongolia saying she missed them. Then in 2015, something about Mack at a NerdCon event saying she no longer talks to Kreuk.

      But Kreuk was thanked in May 2015 for her “encouragement” on someone’s five-day intensive and was still a paying student of Nxivm in 2016, possibly into 2017 according to Frank Parlato. She did not “escape” as she clearly still was a supporter of Nxivm. She lied about leaving in 2013. She retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s lie about 2013, yet Edmondson “liked” the post thanking Kreuk in 2015.

      These people are all selfish cockroaches.

      • The point of my post was that Kreuk uniquely could tell us about her old friend Mack’s involvement in Nx (the subject of Frank’s post) not rehashing yet again when or if Kreuk left or “escaped” Nx.

        Beating a dead horse won’t make it run again.

      • —it would be interesting to hear from Kreuk why these two young friends who joined Nxivm for similar reasons, ended up in very different places.

        Simple: Mack had the hots for Raniere. Kreuk did not.

        Just a wild guess.

      • Not according to Frank. Only according to the word of two alleged sources who were supposedly proctors, but no tangible evidence (especially of any payments or any other financial transactions) beside such words were provided.

        • [redacted] Frank Parlato knows who Kreuk’s coach was in 2016. He knows she was doing courses in 2016. He knows who the proctors are. And he could find out more as he has insider contacts [redacted]. it is impossible for a c/d list actress who kisses lots of men on television for dollars, could possibly lie to protect her kissing/acting/virtue signalling/race baiting career. [redacted]

          • I’m sorry, are you Frank? Are you now his designated spokesperson? Where did he reveal who this coach and who these proctors are?

            Although if I remember correctly, I believe he referenced Kreuk as a coach but didn’t mention anything in particular about her coach. But I could be wrong.

            Surely, this coach and these proctors can come forth and namingly speak towards this information. I also recall some distinction made about Kristin leaving her “public role” in NXIVM which presupposes its opposite, i.e., a private one, except there is no such positional distinction.

            Regardless, are they in the witness protection program? Are they scared of a petite, “smell the fart”, virtue signalling actress that they have to hide behind anonymity like you and repeat unsubstantiated claims because they apparently hold some sort of grudge? Surely, they can put their money where their mouth is. Anyone can lie. The difference is one already put their money where their mouth is (reputation on the line by making a statement). The others either: don’t actually exist; are MIA; or just whine in the comments here.

          • I published the comment above in full merely to explain why I will redact portions of comments like this in the future.

            Actually the comment is a very good one except for two lines:

            “I’m sorry, are you Frank? Are you now his designated spokesperson?” You know the commenter is not me.

            “Are they scared of a petite, ‘smell the fart’, virtue signalling actress that they have to hide behind anonymity like you and repeat unsubstantiated claims because they apparently hold some sort of grudge?”

            Did you need to add “like you”?

          • “You know the commenter is not me.”

            Well, as much as I can “know” with a particular probability that is dependent upon my subjective trust in you when it comes the notion that you would feel no need to write such a thing.

            Nevertheless, those particular questions were meant to be rhetorical, a way to express credulity at the implicit authority behind what was written, as they presupposed a certainty of knowledge that the said commenter knows exactly what you specifically know, almost as if he has received explicit permission from you to speak on your behalf. I’ve pointed out in the past when remarking on this particular subject that you are just relaying what these particular sources have told you and have provided some additional commentary on the situation that is dependent upon simply presuming that what those sources say is actually true. It doesn’t necessitate that you actually have to believe what they say is true.

            My usage of “you” in the previous comment and bringing up your name was never intended to imply you specifically are the said commenter. Thus, my flipping between “you” and “he” in the first three questions. “You” in a comment always refers to either a general group of people or the particular person that is being responded to.

          • “The difference is one already put their money where their mouth is (reputation on the line by making a statement)”.

            You are actually saying she put her “reputation on the line” by making a statement forced out of her by the press…. to protect her reputation.


          • [redacted] Her income (hence the usage of the previously mentioned idiom) is dependent upon a number of significant factors, one of which is her reputation as she is a public figure. She made a statement expressing a set of propositions, all of which she holds to be objectively truthful. It is her word, whether someone else wrote it or not, whether her hand was forced to write one or not, each previous conditional moot and irrelevant to the point at hand, because she took ownership of it by releasing it on her verified Twitter and Instagram social media accounts. Anonymous sources don’t take ownership of anything. What they report may or may not be true, but unless they put an actual name behind their claim for credibility assessment, and/or provide hard and tangible evidence that can be independently verified, then their word will always hold significantly less weight than someone who publicly stands behind their word or belief, especially a public figure.


          • It seems that more people are more interested in rehashing when Kreuk “left” than the more intriguing question of why two friends joined Nx and followed the same path for years….then their paths diverged.

            Did something happen to one and not the other, or did one reject some experience while the other embraced it?

            I guess I’ll have to wait for the CW’s Nxivm documentary.

          • –two friends followed the same path for years….then their paths diverged.–

            Reminds me of those 1930/40’s movies with two boys growing up, where one becomes a gangster and the other a priest.

          • “why two friends joined Nx and followed the same path for years….then their paths diverged.”

            I’m not sure why you think they followed the same path. Both joined for different reasons. Each seem to have different personalities: Kristin is more introverted; Allison is more extroverted. By her own admission, Kristin joined to become less shy and more open. Kristin’s family was never involved, whereas Allison’s was. Kristin was raised more traditionally/conservatively due to her Asian roots. Allison and her family appear to be more liberal. Allison was a child actress, whereas Kristin was not.

            NXIVM purported to be a program that was for personal growth, which means individuals who had different goals, wants and needs had services specifically designed and catered for them. Just because they were co-workers on Smallville, friends for a while, and entered around the same time, doesn’t imply that they joined for the same or even similar reasons or walked a similar or the same path, and so there doesn’t necessarily have to be a point of divergence.

          • They both joined about the same time, took classes and EMs, and both recruited so that they both became coaches within a few years: i.e., the same path.

            So maybe their different upbringings and different personalities are what caused these two long-time friends to go in different directions after a few years in Nxivm,

            Or just compare their similarities when they joined contrasted with their differences now.

  • Great article, Frank. What I’d also be really interested in seeing is more of the communications between Allison and KAR. We haven’t see so many of their messages up until now, but I would think a lot more comes out in pre-sentencing.

    When I suggested that Nicole might not have known that Allison had given Raniere collateral that could destroy her own life, I didn’t mean to imply in any way that Nicole was a liar, only that she may not have had a complete picture. We have had over a year of hearing about all the different ways that having this blackmail material hanging over one’s head changes behavior. The ways it kept these women afraid, prevented them from leaving DOS or disobeying orders, and even going and recruiting their own slaves.

    It is clear to me that being in this situation is terrifying, or at least a constant source of stress and worry. It is also clear that it caused the women to behave in ways they never would have. We’ve heard this over and over again from different victims. For this reason, it is inconceivable to me that Allison’s own behavior wasn’t impacted by the collateral she gave KAR.

  • Regarding the Maligned Allison Mack & Marquis de Sade


    Allison Mack had an affinity for Marquis de Sade.

    Marquis de Sade sexually abused and tortured women and children. She posted on Instagram and spoke fondly of the Marquis. What normal person likes a famous pedophile?

    How do her defenders explain her macabre fascination?

    She was a misogynist DOS master like the Marquis.



    Maybe the Author should ask Nicole the victim.

    “Nicole, who is the real Allison Mack?”

    • I guess anyone who’s read a book about Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy has an affinity for them too. ? And btw, what kind of closet sickos watch films like Texas Chainsaw murder and Friday the 13th?

      I posit that it’s only unfeeling Narcissist sociopaths who are sadistic murderers in their hearts. Anyone who’s read about Ghengis Khan or Vlad the Impaler is similarly sick. (For the tone deaf: I’m being sarcastic)

      • Caffeinated Allison,

        Point well made!

        LMAO!!!! 😉

        Thank you for dispensing your wisdom with wit and humor.

        You forgot to include the movie Jigsaw and the world’s most famous clown, John Wayne Gacey.

      • I posit psychopath. There are subtle differences between narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, IMHO the worst of the bunch.

        Side note: it is a great pleasure to see and hear so many new, intelligent posters here.

          • Scott, do you have to heckle everyone? But why? I think our new policy of trying to prevent commenters from attacking and bullying other commenters is attracting new commenters and the quality of thoughtful responses is encouraging.

            Because we are very soon going to be delving into some contentious material, it is important that we remain civil.

            You are a longtime commenter and, of course, I like you. Would you please join in the spirit of this – or if it would spoil your fun, would you kindly enjoy the sport of heckling elsewhere?

          • I posit that comments like these might be the reason we have lost thoughtful posters like ionpoetry and Darth VanDouche. But then again they might have had their own, unrelated reasons.

    • She just liked quoting famous people lol. Half her instagram is quotes. Ghandi appears several times. Unless she indicated that she was ok with misogyny or pedophilia, (which we already know she didn’t), it doesn’t really give us much insight into her character. She’s got plenty of quotes about female empowerment as well.

  • Well, if she is sentenced to 40 years, it would be really tragic. I hope she is in therapy, she obviously has a lot of issues that need to be taken care of.

    • For this, the 40 years she will probably get are just enough, minus maybe the 15% she will get credit for good behavior. No problem with her super participatory attitude.

  • Cults attract damaged people, and Allison was probably the most damaged of the NXIVM women. Little sense of self, no idea of what to do with her life, feelings of inferiority due to lack of education, etc. She was the ideal cult recruitment target. She was looking for something, found it, and dove in all the way. They gave her a new identity, a purpose, and a function.

    I believe that Allison was a special project for Raniere; the project of seeing just how deeply he could brainwash someone who was more willing to be brainwashed than anyone else available.

    Allison: When you get out of prison, enjoy a walk in the woods, but don’t go into any Gingerbread Houses. Not again. There is never anything good in there.

    Instead, learn what it means to be an adult, and become one.

    Because of your inbuilt vulnerabilities, you made some disastrously bad decisions, and then committed some serious crimes, but you are still young enough to learn and grow. Do that.

    Good luck.

    • Paul, your point about Allison Mack feeling inflerior due to her lack of formal education is on point and a driving force in her behavior *in her own word*.

      I do want to know more about what hapoened after Mack was publicaly “cancelled” out of the university class she she was allowed to take. Has she stopped her formal education? I, for one, would have loved to be in that class, asking her all the questions, which is, of course, what education needs to be.

      • —Cults attract damaged people

        If you read into cult psychology a little, the consensus among experts seems to be that while cults might attract all kinds of people, including damaged ones–assuming damaged=unstable, they usually only choose to retain people who are mentally/emotionally stable because, perhaps ironically, they are easier to manipulate. It’s easier to predict that “action A” will produce “result B” in a person who is stable and rational. Whereas someone with serious mental health issues would have less predictable reactions. Stable people also represent the so-called cult better and make it easier to bring in new members.

  • It is almost beyond comprehension to .see Nancy is getting a pass here, and again, this is getting tedious. Along with Karen Unterreiner. Are they writing books?

    NANCY in her bigger house outside of Knox Woods (Rome), cashmere atheleisure, sitting in Uncommon Grounds and that place in Vischer Ferry.

    • So far. it looks like Nancy has got off lightly. I am convinced that she knows where a substantial quantity of money is sitting, given her love of it…

    • Anonymous 2:58am-

      —NANCY in her bigger house outside of Knox Woods (Rome), cashmere atheleisure, sitting in Uncommon Grounds and that place in Vischer Ferry.

      You have wet my appetite for more intel. and anyone else who reads your comment.

      Why is the diligent Claviger not on top of this? And yes, Claviger, I understand you have a full time job.

      • Prefect is now living in a humble abode (much like her Vanguard), loves her wine, and has even been sighted shopping at Marshall’s. For optics. She must keep a low profile for obvious reasons.

        Still has largeish gatherings and what appear to be “meetings” from time to time.

  • Let’s not discuss Nancy and Lauren Salzman?

    This is becoming ridiculous.

    It is interesting to think that mother and daughter Salzman were compartmentalized in their ways, but come on. Really?

    Let’s hear about how Dani was hidden away and Nancy, the “all knowing” had “no idea” where her little sheep had gone ([redacted] fam).

    Freaking Lauren. A liar who would still support her mother. We get it–the horror of getting a gun to the head, Lauren.

    Mostly President Nan, the EM and Jness Queen.

    Iz this where we are with Nancy Salzman? As if she was an innocent? I see that she is left out of the discussion mostly.

    • The Salzman story is really intriguing. I would love to know more about the early years. One thing I find amazing is that Lauren, at the direction of her mother, forced tranquilising drugs into someone’s mouth and the prescription was written out by her father. I am open to correction of this but this is what I read and I find that whole family interesting. The father must be mortified. I’d like to know if Lauren and Michelle are still estranged from their father. I am very nosy.

      • I can only say that the Halfmoon empire has gone rather quiet as of late.

        Last year, the Salzmans were still hosting their remaining followers-of-the tech, albeit in a very lowkey way.

        You have to remember that ever after Vanguard’s,arrest, dear Nancy was still offering her incredible insights, as she did think the Brofman money and MexNx was going to save her

      • Frank reported that the father and daughters are speaking again.

        Mom and daughters slept with the same man. They were a normal family.

  • Bonnie Piesse has never gone public. As far as I know, Bonnie Piesse informed Catherine Oxenberg.
    Something that interests me is since when Bonnie Piesse knew about DOS and the branding. From whom did she find out, and when? Who else did she talk to about it and when? Who else was in on it? Could more have been prevented if Bonnie Piesse had informed Catherine Oxenberg or others earlier?

  • Anyone who lies about the crimes of Keith Raniere is also lying about other facts. Therefore I assume that Nicki Clyne is lying for Allison as fervently as Nicki did for Raniere. Nicki Clyne is not a suitable witness for anything. This will probably not change until the Sentencing!

    • I have formed an impression of Nicki since interviewing her at length and I will be reporting on this in detail. I think my report will be very informative and shed some light on Allison Mack. I would suspend judgment until you hear her story. It may surprise you. If anything, the remaining supporters of Keith Raniere are sincere. They think he is a good man who was railroaded, first by me, then by the media and then by an unfair and biased prosecution and judge.

      They may be wrong about everything, they may be blind to Raniere, but they are not, in my opinion, wicked people and should not be viewed from that lens.

      • Their “blindness” is in their view the reality, which in our eyes is only a collection of untruths and distortions. But this cannot be the standard by which we orientate ourselves.

      • Yes, Frank, do. We do love where these people are falling.

        Until you point your investigative gun on Nancy, though, there is a major problem with the narrative.

        As an aside, I am sorry for Nancy’s health issues, yet the story needs honesty.

      • Who cares if they aren’t wicked? Most people aren’t. They are too willfully blind to see that Keith’s underlying shtick was tricking others into consent which he thought could free him from any responsibility. It was always about Keith no matter what, even when he was “helping” you. Keith was ever an agent of bad intent.

      • Frank-

        You are taking a fairly unique and novel tack. Giving a voice to cult members who are still active and are willing to speak about the state of their lives and the reasons why they feel unfairly persecuted by society at large.

        I am curious to know where you feel this is headed. I’m sure the answer is “Wait and see”.

        I am confident that quite a few of Frank Report readers share my apprehension

        • How else may we learn the truth without hearing the participants perception of it? Our own perception is simply limited to being on the outside looking in. While I still call this website a “Blog” rather than real journalism, who else has claimed to publish insider (either named or not) statements?

  • When Alison gets sentenced, and if she will get imprisoned immediately, where will she be held until being assigned a permanent prison? Will she go to the MDC?

  • Debates are very civilized. Don’t any of these people have husbands brothers and fathers who aren’t [redacted]

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