Former Business Associate to Raniere: Enjoy the Commissary. If You Write a Book, I Will Buy a Copy at a Used Book Store and Burn It

Nancy Durkin at the time she knew Keith Raniere [1990s] ]=

Nancy Durkin knew Keith Raniere in the 1990s when she worked for Purchase Power, Inc. and he ran Consumers’ Buyline. He managed to destroy the company she worked for. Before that happened, she was once an overnight guest at Raniere, Pam Cafrtiz and Karen’s house, though she never fell prey to the sex predator, she assures us.

By Nancy Durkin

In the grand scheme of things, it is undisputed that KAR did so much more than convince/coerce women to have sex with him, and “voluntarily” submit to cattle branding.

The Judge’s apt description of KAR’s efforts to threaten, harass, and intimidate detractors into submission is chilling.

KAR was and is still a very dangerous man. He has already started to run his game from behind bars. And he still has too many loyal followers to be considered neutralized, even if imprisoned for life.

Somewhere I read that KAR wanted to “absorb (Susan Dones’) business without paying for it.” That’s exactly when he, through his Austin, Texas minions, tried to do to Purchase Power, Inc., in the early ’90s.

I know some of you think that PPI was some kind of scam, but it was not. At that time, I was invited to a lunch with his Austin minions, to be nicely told they were going to “take” the company. Would I cooperate? I told them to f*** off, but the damage to the company was mostly already done.

It is all fascinating when you connect the dots.

BRAVO to those issuing victim impact statements. I view them as brave and responsible individuals.

I still fear KAR’s possible involvement in poisonings and “suicides”. I still fret over Rhiannon’s police report of multiple rapes while she was 12, though these topics are not at issue in the sentencing.

I truly applaud Judge G. for getting all the horrible, nasty evidence and facts into the court record, where they will remain accessible public information. Just like emails, his narrative regarding his decision will never disappear.

At the risk of being repetitive: Keith Raniere – you had:

  • A loving if imperfect family.
  • A good upbringing and good education.
  • Access to nearly unlimited wealth.
  • Scores of adoring and obedient followers.
  • Servants, so your every need was met and every chore was done for you.
  • Chauffeurs, so you never had to drive.
  • Sex on demand with a large group of females.
  • A loving heiress supporter who bought you most of an island in Fiji.
  • Midnight volleyball on demand.
  • The Dalai Lama endorsing your…whatever.

YET – that was not enough for you. You had to push the envelope and take things too far. Why? What will ever be enough for you?

Enjoy the commissary. If you write a book, I will buy a copy at a used book store and burn it.

Would love to see the $8M Pam left KAR vaporized through fines and restitution.

Would love to see Lauren write a book.

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  • As to “What will ever be enough for you?”: Most people will think “more is better”. There is an interesting but really flawed video on youtube about NXIVM from ‘Psychology in Seattle’ that I’ve half analysed (I had to stop because the stupidity annoyed me, note that psychologists generally do not properly understand people and are generally unable to properly analyse them and their motives; When I finish my analysis I will publish it on my site), in which the topic of gambling came across being related to self-help gurus, namely in offering something that some people are desperate for. The guy then said that rich people don’t do that because they don’t need the money. Well, those poorer people really don’t ‘need’ the money either (they ‘want’ it, they won’t die without it!), but in any case, rich people do gamble in lotteries, I know this for a fact, and it is not just lotteries, but, of course, they do it on a much larger scale by ‘investing’…

  • I remember Keith in his Micheal Milken more like Bernie Maddox “Wall Street” genius days. When he was strutting around like a Micheal Douglas or Charlie Sheen in the movie, talking takeover tricks and acquisitions and such things 🤮. But to my shock, CBI took off big time and, eventually, crashed in flames…albeit. And, with a little help, was soon playing the market with millions then hundreds of millions while girls like my sis and Kris Snyder were going mad and dropping dead around him and his grifter, sex partner pimpettes.

    Not the only time I’ve seen him walk out unscathed from his wrath of destruction.

    You’re right to say that he’s, THEY’RE, DANGEROUS and I appreciate your saying so, Nancy, It goes without saying for me and I don’t get why that’s so hard for anyone in view of the facts and hard evidence. To this day,

    • Heidi – As always, your insights are invaluable. You are brave to post here in the face of constant derision. Seems like K was trying on many hats: Business mogul, judo champion, Svengali, guru, teacher, mentor, humanitarian, and now, poor little boy lost; a victim of tragic loss. Perhaps he does not know who he is. Perhaps he is nobody – just a creature impersonating a human.

    • LOL-BOY

      I would love to see a pic of you. You have managed to keep those pics of the internet even from your podcast. I wonder why. My guess is it’s not because you are good looking.

      Rumor has it women enter menopause after seeing your unclothed body.

      • Seriously, what is with these people? Why would you take time out of your life to leave a$$hole comments about women you don’t know on the Frank Report?

  • “I know some of you think that PPI was some kind of scam, but it was not.” Since you denied it with absolutely no explanation, it must be true. LOL

    “BRAVO to those issuing victim impact statements. I view them as brave and responsible individuals.” Yes, they were “only” up to a couple of decades late to the party. LOL

    “I still fear KAR’s possible involvement in poisonings and “suicides”.” Why do you fear this, Raniere is in jail and will probably be in prison for the remainder of his life. LOL

    “I still fret over Rhiannon’s police report of multiple rapes while she was 12, though these topics are not at issue in the sentencing.” If Natalie could show up for Bronfman’s hearing there is no reason why Rhiannon can’t show up for Raniere’s hearing. LOL

    • Rhiannon was willing to testify in the Raniere trial but the defense objected and the judge sustained their objection. She probably will show up at his sentencing.

        • Uhhhhh…

          Scott, we have both been following this story for over 1 1/2 years……

          How do you not remember Raniere was never charged for raping Rhiannon.

          I’m truly worried you might be having memory issues. Talk to your wife. Seriously!

  • Wakaya: “The island is partially owned by Canadian businessman David Gilmour – the founder of Fiji Water, who bought the island in 1973.”

    Clare Bronfman spent $47 million to buy an 80 per cent interest in Wakaya. Only back in 2016, if I recall. And I think it can become obvious why she bought interest in what is one of now 21 islands being examined as being havens for many different forms of “clandestine” criminality. Many have been studying this geographic elitism, its hows, wherefores and whys. There is a thick web of trickery to penetrate, too.

    Sorry, the small quoted bit above is from my own notes, uncited. Probably Daily Mail, who have offered the best photos of Wakaya, consistently. Except for Frank, who is my favorite favorite.

    The list of who owns (or leases) the 21 islands of particular concern is a long study, in and of itself, including Epstein and Branson, of course. And Naomi Campbell, etc., etc.

    The “wealthy, prominent, humanitarian” masks haven’t ever worked, and the trails of human suffering are just about unbearable, as are the trafficking ploys being supervised in the name of beneficence and “conservation.”

    Nxivm/DOS has had somewhat, and only somewhat, of a stopper put onto it. That is like plugging one little dike in an international disaster. It is good, but this mess is part of an entirety not to be ignored. People like Epstein, Raniere and Weinstein seem to be pawns on a much bigger chess board.

  • He doesn’t believe he went too far. He genuinely believes in his mental superiority, therefore any rationalization he’s made for his behavior must be right.

  • Lauren write a book! What for ?? So she can memorialize the evil that was Nxivm and the fact the she and her mother Nancy were a large part of the pain and suffering of so many so they could have power and money!
    Throw them in prison for a long time.
    If anyone of these monsters writes a book, the judge should direct all proceeds go to victims.

    • Agreed…no need for Lauren to detail her abuse and that she inflicted on others.She made plenty of money while she was disturbing it would be to have her profiting from her misdeads again !

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