Part 2: Government: The Many [Uncharged] Crimes of Clare Bronfman — Immigration Fraud

Clare Webb Bronfman

In recommending that Clare Webb Bronfman be sentenced to five years in prison – and not the 21-27 months her plea deal originally suggested – the government has cataloged a host of crimes she did not plead guilty to, but very likely committed.

While it does not seem like due process to sentence a woman to crimes she did not confess to or was tried and convicted of, this is the new federal criminal justice system. You can be sentenced to extra years in prison for crimes people allege but do not have to prove.

Nonetheless, Clare most likely did do these alleged crimes – and had she been charged and convicted of all of them, she would be facing a lot longer than 5 years in prison.

We looked at one ghastly episode of how the parsimonious and vengeful heiress treated one illegal immigrant:

Clare Bronfman’s Brutal, Ugly, Illegal and Penny Pinching Treatment of Mexican Woman

Today, we will look at the government’s take on how Clare treated a number of other illegal immigrants which will pretty much show her modus operendi, as the idiot heiress, a woman with a net worth of at least $200 million, cheated, swindled and tricked poor women into coming to this country and then shortchanged them – and, in so doing, broke federal laws.

The total gain from swindling these women was perhaps a million or two – and it set her up for years in prison by filing false federal forms for immigration.

Lest one think it was all about money, stop to consider that she spent some $50 million on insane litigation meant to destroy enemies and that she and her sister blew $66 million on stupid commodities investments directed by their Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, and lost every dime.

Keith Alan Raniere, the Vanguard – he was Clare’s leader and to her credit, the ghastly heiress is following her lord right into prison – claiming she will never disavow him.

She didn’t care.  This was not about money. It was about controlling people and making them slaves. Getting attractive women into the country and making them available for Raniere.

Raniere got his gratification from sex and control and destroying lives. Bronfman got her gratification from pleasing Raniere and lording over these poor women.

Let’s hear directly from the government and AUSA Tanya Hajjar. [my comments in brackets and bold]

Tanya Hajjar details the crimes of the ruthless, sinister heiress, Clare Webb Bronfman

Marianna and Adrian

Clare Bronfman participated in efforts to maintain siblings Marianna and Adrian in the United States.

[There were two other siblings, Daniella and Camilla. Marianna is still loyal to Keith today as is Camilla. Marianna had Keith’s son, the baby Kemar, in 2017. They are from Mexico. The father Hector and mother Adriana were also devotees of the unclean one. Hector remains a devotee of the Vanguard. The family is perfectly split: Mother, Daniella, and Adrian are out of Nxivm.]


Although Bronfman was aware that Marianna and Adrian had long overstayed their tourist visas and were not lawfully in the United States, Bronfman sought to obtain visas or some nother immigration status for them based on false or fraudulent representations, including that they were employees of their father’s rock-drilling company in Mexico, or Sagitta LLC, a purported U.S.-affiliate of the same company.

In fact, “Sagitta LLC” served solely as a vehicle to attempt to gain lawful status in the United States…

Bronfman participated in a scheme to obtain an L1 visa for Adrian on the false claim that he was employed by Sagitta LLC.

Sagitta LLC, a company based in Clifton Park, New York, purported to be an affiliate of Adrian’s father’s rock-drilling
company in Mexico, but, in fact, existed solely as a vehicle for obtaining Adrian’s visa.

Adrian actually worked in film production for Moving Pixels, Inc., a company owned by Bronfman – and paid rent to Nancy Salzman.

As part of the scheme, Bronfman, Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell arranged for Adrian to be compensated through Sagitta LLC for work that he actually performed for Moving Pixels, Inc.

Adrian was provided with false Sagitta LLC invoices and pay stubs as part of the scheme.

Adrian was granted an L-1 visa in 2012, 2013, and 2015.

Bronfman also made significant efforts to assist Marianna, a Mexican national and Raniere’s sexual partner, in entering and remaining in the United States.

Marianna arrived in the United States in or about 2003, shortly after completing high school, in order to study the Nxivm curriculum with Raniere. In 2004, Marianna began a sexual relationship with Raniere and Pamela Cafritz. Sometime thereafter, Marianna’s status in the United States on a visitor’s visa expired.

Keith Raniere and the late Pam Cafritz lived together with Marianna.

On January 5, 2016, Marianna was denied entry into the United States. Shortly thereafter, Bronfman engaged a private consulting company (the “Consulting Company”)

In early 2016, Marianna sought to obtain admission into the United States through a humanitarian parole for the purposes of taking care of Pamela Cafritz, who was ill.

The parole request was denied. Several days later, Marianna was granted Significant Public Benefit Parole (SPBP) from a United States Department of Homeland Security office in San Antonio, Texas in support of “intelligence gathering for an ongoing investigation.”

“Parole” allows an individual who is otherwise ineligible for admission to enter the United States for a temporary period for “urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.”

For humanitarian parole, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has discretion to authorize entry to the United States due to a compelling emergency, such as critical medical treatment or the need to assist a family member who is at an end of life stage of an illness. Significant public benefit parole – or “SPBP” – is a mechanism by which individuals may enter the United States for a “significant public benefit,” which can include assistance in law enforcement investigations, prosecutions, or for testimony as a witness in a legal proceeding…

Marianna did not work as a “sales and marketing executive” for a rock-drilling company; Marianna did not have “close ties” with her mother and sister who live close to her home; and Marianna had, for a significant period of time, been noncompliant with United States immigration laws.

By December 2016, Bronfman and Raniere engaged in efforts to have Marianna qualify as an EB-5 investor. As Marianna was not in a financial position to invest in a commercial enterprise, Bronfman and Raniere discussed giving the funds to Marianna to “invest.” Ultimately, in May 2017, Bronfman gave Marianna a gift in the amount of $500,000.

On May 17, 2017, a Consulting Company attorney submitted a petition for entry into the United States on behalf of Marianna under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program on the basis of a $500,000 investment in the Steiner Brooklyn Navy Yard Redevelopment Project.

[Obviously one fraud after another. Certainly, Marianna was not involved in any undercover law enforcement effort. And her so-called $500,000 investment was just moving Clare Bronfman’s money around. Clare knowingly took part in it all.]

Rainbow Cultural Garden, LLC

[Rainbow Cultural Garden was a children’s experiment created by Raniere. In the program, the children were experimented on by exposing them to up to seven nannies per week all speaking different languages to the child, one per day. It was supposed to make children linguistic geniuses. In reality, it did not work at all. Ironically, its inventor Raniere speaks only one language.]

Bronfman used a nonprofit foundation she controlled called Ethical Science Foundation (“ESF”) to sponsor visas for certain non-citizens who were recruited into the Nxivm community.

ESF was a favorable vehicle for sponsoring H1-B visa applications because ESF, as a nonprofit, was not subject to the annual H1-B visa caps applicable to for-profit organizations.

H-1B regulations require the sponsored worker to demonstrate, among other things, that the nature of the specific duties to be performed is “so specialized and complex that the knowledge required to perform the duties is usually associated with the attainment of a bachelor’s or higher degree” and that the United States employer will offer a wage at or higher than the prevailing wage.

The individuals sponsored by ESF did no actual nonprofit work—or any work that qualified as a “specialty occupation” associated with a bachelor’s or higher degree—but in fact worked as childcare workers for a separate for-profit Nxivm entity, Rainbow Cultural Garden, LLC (“RCG”).

RCG employed caretakers of children that were fluent in other languages. Although RCG used the title “Multi-cultural Development Specialist” or “MDS” to describe its employees, MDSs were not certified or qualified to teach children and there was little, if any, screening process to select them.

In fact, a document titled “MDS Approval Guidelines,” sent by Nicki Clyne to Loreta Garza and Clare Bronfman, stated that prospective RCG employees who had previously worked as “baby-sitters, teachers, tutors, psychologists, children’s book writers, child development experts, etc.” posed a potential “conflict of interest” to the company.

(The testimony of Mark Vicente that an “MDS” was a “fancy word for nanny” and that the “idea [of RCG] was . . . to have people of multiple nationalities that speak multiple languages spend time with the kids”); (duties of an MDS include “plan adventure with child” and “speak their native language ONLY at all times when they are present with each child they work with”)(email from Loreta Garza to
Raniere regarding potential MDS candidates).

[Name redacted], a citizen of India, began working for RCG after she entered the United States on a visitor’s visa. [redacted] was paid $10 an hour in cash as an MDS. Eventually, Bronfman sponsored her for an H-1B visa through ESF, although, as Bronfman knew, she continued to work as an MDS for RCG.

…A spreadsheet emailed by Loreta Garza to, among others, Clare Bronfman in 2009 listed eight MDSs in Albany, including [name redacted] and Camila. [name redacted] was listed as a “Type A” MDS, which meant, as Garza put it, that when they arrived in the United States, “I normally give them between $300 to 500 for their expenses before they begin making money.”

Garza also noted that “[n]ow that [redacted] has a visa I don’t pay her anything but her salary.”

[Named redacted], a citizen of South Africa, began working for RCG after she entered the United States as an au pair on a J1 work visa. In order to facilitate staying in the United States and continuing to work for RCG, Bronfman purported to have her receive a “scholarship” from ESF.

She received a salary from ESF, but since generally only worked for 20 hours a week at RCG, Bronfman required that she find additional work to “make up” an additional 20 hours or to pay Bronfman back.

Bronfman was aware, however, that [name redacted] would continue to work as a caretaker of children at RCG.

Bronfman’s assistant emailed her about ESF scholarship documents and Bronfman responded: “OK – she is single, a citizen of South Africa and she is an awarded scholar (relationship to me). All else looks good. Yes, the letter – not supposed to have RCG on there[.]”

Email correspondence demonstrates that ESF was little more than a vehicle to employ MDSs.

In 2013, an MDS who was fluent in Korean sought an employment letter from Loreta Garza that states that she would be hired “for an average of 15 hours per week.” Loreta forwarded the email to Bronfman’s assistant and asked her:
“Could ESF write the employment Letter for [MDS]? She does Korean w/ [Raniere’s son].”

[Raniere’s first son, Gaylen, who was the first child experimented on in Rainbow, does not speak Korean or any language but English despite having years of nannies pounding him with different languages.]

Bronfman’s assistant forwarded the email to Bronfman for Bronfman’s approval and noted that “I believe we had a similar letter written for Sahajo [a DOS slave and Rainbow MDS] by Jonathon [Ware, Esq.]. Can I ask him to create one?”

Sahajo Haertel-Kozak is a fusion tribal belly dancer, a DOS slave, and a Rainbow MDS [nanny]
Sylvie was a DOS slave who was a victim that Clare Bronfman actually confessed to cheating out of her salary as an illegal immigrant.


In 2005, Sylvie, a citizen of the United Kingdom, entered the United States on a tourist visa in order to work for and train with Clare Bronfman in order to become an equestrian show jumper.

Although Sylvie was prohibited from working in the United States, Bronfman paid Sylvie for her work. Bronfman also paid for Sylvie to take Nxivm classes. Sylvie eventually returned to the United Kingdom. Bronfman encouraged Sylvie to apply for an investor’s visa.

Because Sylvie was only twenty and not in a financial position to invest in any commercial enterprise as required by the investor’s visa program, Bronfman came up with a scheme to “pretend to buy” Sylvie’s horse by wiring funds into Sylvie’s bank account, which Sylvie would then “invest” into Ethletics LLC, a defunct Nxivm-affiliated company, in an effort to make it seem as though Sylvie were, in fact, a foreign investor eligible for a visa.

Bronfman also authorized payments from Ethletics LLC to Grow Sport to “pay” Sylvie during this time. Initial paperwork was submitted in support of the investor visa, but the plan was eventually abandoned when the government requested additional documentation.

Subsequent email communications make clear that Sylvie understood that she “owed money” to Bronfman for “income unearned” from Grow Sport and for her visa.

Sylvie was eventually recruited into DOS and served as Raniere’s DOS “slave.”


[There is a lot more to come on the many crimes of Clare Bronfman as she comes within two weeks of her sentencing. Stay tuned.] 

The silly goose also known as Clare Bronfman. Painting by MK10ART.


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Mexican lady
Mexican lady
3 years ago

H1B visas are expensive. Most non-profits, startups can’t afford them.
It is surprising Clare invested in this. It seems actually like a human trafficking scheme, which is scary.
She was bringing in fresh meat for Raniere. She paid the expensive visas so this fresh meat could continuously satisfy Raniere. It does not make sense to pay for those visas to have baby sitters.

She paid the visas to get women in vulnerable positions and traffic them. These women depended on Clare. She liked the power and she liked trafficking them for Raniere.

Non-Ethical Non-Science Non-Foundation
Non-Ethical Non-Science Non-Foundation
3 years ago

There are a lot of disappointing aspects of these facts, but one of the most glaring pieces of data is Clare’s handling of her Ethical Science Foundation non-profit. This non-profit was widely positioned as an entity set up to make key investments in research and development of certain areas of science that might benefit from Rational Inquiry as applied to different areas of math, prediction, and summarizing data about all sorts of medical and earth science contexts. People donated to this foundation thinking they were donating toward these things — now, with the data coming out about Clare, this money was used toward illegal alien schemes.

How can people write letters in support for Clare when she so blatantly abused the trust put into her as the steward of this money toward the Ethical Science Foundation? I feel like Clare has several scarlet letters draped around her neck for the actions she has taken, but none of her supporters can (or want to) see them.

"Dozens of Canadians included in lawsuit over alleged abuse by NXIVM sex-cult leadership"
"Dozens of Canadians included in lawsuit over alleged abuse by NXIVM sex-cult leadership"
3 years ago

“Edmondson and her husband are among a handful of named plaintiffs in a lawsuit together with 80 anonymous claimants — including 28 Canadian women and 13 Canadian men. The lawsuit, filed at the end of January in the Eastern District of New York, claims Rainiere and others created and led a “Ponzi scheme and coercive community” designed to financially and emotionally abuse followers.”

Erm, no shit. This has been public knowledge for years. Who are these people doing the suing?


“According to the lawsuit, another Canadian woman — Jane Doe 28 — was selected to lead One Asian, a group for women of “East Asian heritage” tailored to produce “perfect humans” secretly considered by Raniere as “potentially suitable sexual partners.” Jane Doe 28 claims she was frequently summoned to NXIVM headquarters in Albany, N.Y., to wait for Raniere, who “would greet her with kisses on the lips and would try to hold her hand during business meetings.””

This has to be Olivia Cheng. She headed One Asian. You knew what you were a part of. You chose to be there and now you sue?

Is the cowardly Kristin Kreuk part of this lawsuit? She was literally named in a anti-NXIVM lawsuit in February 2012 as a likely future defendant (as was Sarah Edmondson’s husband Anthony “Nippy” Ames). Her name helped build up the cult and fight off the allegations that are in this new lawsuit and what her name was already linked to. If she now is part of this new anti-NXIVM lawsuit like she is some kind of naive victim who knew nothing, that would be really arrogant.

This is like a member of the Taliban, who knew about the bombings and beheadings, leaving the Taliban and suing them because of bombings and beheadings.

There are a ton of people in a position to sue NXIVM. How many on this new lawsuit are right to?

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