New York Assembly Candidate Daby Carreras Banned by Twitter; No Reason Given

Daby Carreras (Republican) is running for election to the New York State Assembly to represent District 68. [East Harlem NYC] He is on the ballot in the general election on November 3, 2020. New York’s 68th state assembly district is represented by Robert Rodriguez [Democrat]. .Carreras is a private wealth manager by profession.

By Ken Gibson

Dear American citizen: Shut up~!

This seems to be the message that Twitter is sending a New Yorker named Daby Carreras, and to the New York Conservative Party. It has suspended their Twitter accounts without citing any specific reason or violation.

Daby is hardly a right wing inciter to violence. He is Hispanic. The offspring of immigrants, opposed to the death penalty, known for helping the impoverished in Spanish Harlem, where is he campaigning for assemblyman.

Last week I watched a film about Larry Flynt. I am not fan of this man. But I did agree with the Supreme Court decision – a unanimous one I might add – that he had a right to the First Amendment even if he was outrageous. Even if he wore the American flag as a diaper in court.

Which Daby Carreras does not. But Daby may be in court fighting for his rights if this madness continues. And I hope he wins a substantial settlement if he has to go that route.

What right does Twitter have to suspend his account? And in the last lap of a political campaign, when he is dependent on Twitter to reach the electorate?

This smacks of meddling in an election. And if I had to guess who might be behind any collusion, I would not say Putin.

But maybe, just maybe, as Daby is behind an initiative to bring jobs back to the US from China, and as Daby was talking to Falun Gong protesters last month outside the PR Chinese consulate, where Epoch Times filmed me protesting, could there be some unhappiness on the part of Pooh? For those not au courant with PRC affairs, Winnie the Pooh was code for Xi Jinping, the head of state, who has essentially suspended elections and declared himself dictator.

And since dictators don’t like dissent in any form, Pooh bears have been banned in PR China.

Xi Jinping is a Chinese politician who has served as General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission since 2012, and President of the People’s Republic of China since 2013. The People’s Republic of China is the largest slave state in the history of the world. In China, some dissidents thought that Xi looks ridiculously like the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh. Getting wind of this, Xi banned Winnie the Pooh dolls in China. A man in his position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous!

And possibly for the same reason, i.e. dictators don’t like dissent, Daby Carreras has been banned in the USA. At least on Twitter.

So far, his site is still up, – where I posted this story earlier

Twitter – if you’re listening – this is America. Don’t do the bidding of a foreign power and meddle in US elections.

BTW, I am told that there  is a new internet social media company called Parler – our next move may well be to get on –

One way or another, Daby and crew will be exercising their right to free speech, with or without Twitter.

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  • The electorate MUST seriously consider REPUBLICAN candidates. The Dems had their chance – and blew it !

  • I intend to keep fighting for Daby’s rights – and the rights of all other Americans with this. Twitter has an office in NYC at 249 W17th Street, so I am considering exercising my rights to free speech right under their noses.

    While Laura Loomer is described as ‘far-right’, Daby Carreras is moderate right – so I have no idea why they banned him except maybe they like to ban people who don’t support PR China. A Chinese American friend of mine told me that PR China has its agents working
    at Twitter. Zoom, where a Pelosi is head of marketing, is also under Chinese influence – Zoom can capture our faces in real-time and record every word we say and what our house looks like.

    Enough already. I will post more here and at

  • Ken,

    Twitter and all other internet social networking sites are private business, just like the media.

    There is no doubt that the Republican politician is being unfairly treated.

    However, the government has no right to dictate/order a privately owned organization how to conduct business.

    Look at liberal California and how the state government has ordered that all corporations have to have at least one or two female board members. The law is unconstitutional. You want more big government dictating to businesses?

    I am a Republican. I want less government not more.

  • America’s Big Brother Gangster Government does not need a reason to ban anyone.
    We are living in George Orwell’s “1984”.

    Far right candidate Laura Loomer, banned from most social media

    Congressional candidate Laura Loomer, the far right internet provocateur banned from most social media, ride sharing and money transfer platforms for hate speech, has relied on text messaging and emails to raise money.

    So, when a fundraising text message she planned to share with donors Monday about endorsements from Roger Stone and GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz was rejected by Comcast Xfinity for “dangerous content,” Loomer was stunned.

    “There is no reason I should be shut down,” said Loomer. “This is the primary way we get messages out, via text messages and email … they are now shutting down every way of communicating.”

    In spite of the ban Laura Loomer won her Congressional primary on August 18,2020
    Have Faith!
    Keep Fighting!

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