Prison Report: Keith Goes Back to Burner Phones & Gets Burned

MK10ART-- Keith Alan Raniere.

I would have expected the “smartest man in the world” to have figured it out a long time ago.

But that’s not the way it worked for Keith Alan Raniere AKA The Vanguard NKA Federal Prisoner 57005-177.

/// MK10ART’s splendid portrait of Keith Alan Raniere.

It was only after federal prosecutors filed their “Sentencing Memorandum” in his case last month that he apparently figured out that his phone calls, his emails, and his snail-mail letters were all being monitored.


He’s been at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) for almost 30 months – and he just figured that out?

Mk10ART’s painting of the MDC

Most new inmates learn all about such things the first day they show up.

That’s because other prisoners usually take newbies under their wings to help them acclimate to prison life.

A plastic bowl, a cup, a spork, and some sweatpants are pretty much the standard “welcoming package” that other inmates put together, in advance, for new inmates. Sometimes, that package may also contain some food.


Along with those items comes a lot of free advice: which COs are easy to deal with – and which are ball-busters; which prisoners need to be avoided altogether; which guys are members of which gangs; which guys run the gambling; which guys are known to be snitches; etc.

Part of that free advice always includes a warning about the monitoring of phone calls, emails, and letters from and to people outside the prison.

Either no one ever explained all this to Keith – which, given his personality, is possible.

Or he just figured he could outsmart all the prison’s monitoring mechanisms – which, given his ego, is the more likely explanation.

In any event, he now has concrete proof that most – if not all – of his communications at MDC have been actively monitored since the day he arrived there back in March 2018.

So, what does Keith do now that he knows for certain he’s being monitored?

He buys more burner phones.

MK10ART’s portrayal of Raniere with a cell phone in his cell at MDC


Keith Is Either the Unluckiest Inmate at MDC or the Dumbest

Contraband of all types circulates throughout MDC – just like it does at every other prison in the U.S.

Cell phones, MP3 players, porn videos, liquor, K2 and other drugs – it’s all available, all the time.

For the most part, the COs don’t go out of their way to look for contraband unless it’s causing problems in the unit where they’ve been assigned.

Prison COs come in all varieties. Some are normal guys and others are sadists.

One of the reasons they don’t is because at least 90% of prison contraband is brought in by their fellow COs (Who wants to hurt a fellow officer’s side-hustle?).

Another reason is because busting an inmate for contraband can involve a shit-load of time to fill out paperwork, attend disciplinary hearings, etc.

So, if a prisoner who has acquired some contraband is discrete – and if he maybe even shares some of what he has with other inmates – he’s not likely going to get caught with it.

Even when there’s the occasional shakedown, many COs will intentionally overlook some of what they find if the prisoner in question is considered to be an OK guy.

That is obviously not the case with Keith.

Every time he’s acquired a cell phone, he’s been busted.

And the fact that many of these busts have occurred so soon after he got the phone strongly suggests that he’s been under constant surveillance. That, in turn, suggests that his monitoring at MDC has likely been done with court approval.

So, just as The Forgotten Ones have reported, Keith was, in fact, moved from his regular call.

Nicki Clyne and others dance in front of a sign seemingly directed to Keith Raniere.

But that wasn’t done because of their dancing and twerking.

It was done because Keith got caught with another cell phone.


Keith Has Tried to Maintain Contact With NXIVM Leaders

Knowing that his hold on people requires constant reinforcement, Keith has sought to stay in touch with as many of his remaining NXIVM followers as possible.

This has included at least one person in England – and another in Wales.

And just prior to the cancellation of all visits at MDC, he was able to meet with an emissary that Sara Bronfman had sent to meet with him.

Sara Bronfman looking for a sign from her Vanguard

Keith has no intention of abandoning the NXIVM empire that he built before his arrest in Mexico.

On the contrary, he plans to rebuild as much of that empire as possible – even if he has to do so from inside federal prison.

And he won’t be doing that alone.

Just looking through the 66 letters-of-support that were submitted on behalf of Clare Bronfman, we were able to identify 27 members of the NXIVM cult.

That’s not a bad start.

And that number doesn’t even include Clare Bronfman – who has made it perfectly clear that she is still 100% loyal to Keith and NXIVM.


Otherwise, Keith Has Been Very Moody & Withdrawn

For the past few weeks, Keith has hardly talked with any other inmates.

In fact, there have been several days in a row when he has neither talked to – or even looked at – any other inmates.

When he has talked, however, it’s almost always been part of his ongoing effort to convince other prisoners that he was set up by the Feds – and then abandoned by people that he trusted.

And for anyone who’s willing to listen, he’s been happy to explain exactly how and why his conviction is going to be overturned on appeal.

Mk10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere imprisoned by his own brand.

Keith is back to eating everything that’s put in front of him – but he still refuses to shower more than once a week.

More and more, Keith is starting to sound like a doddering old man who is increasingly losing touch with reality.

Although such a development would normally be cause for concern, losing touch with reality may actually be the perfect response to the fate that awaits him.

Having to deal with the reality of being sentenced to life in federal prison – or even with a de facto life sentence of 25-30 years – would be an incredibly hard thing to do for just about anyone.

But it has to be that much harder for a man who had it all: ardent supporters, numerous lovers, unlimited financial backing, no need to work, etc., etc.

It is one thing to fall from the sidewalk to the street.

It is an entirely different thing to fall from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the canyon.

Hang in there, Vanguard, the worst is yet to come!

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  • He surely can’t be so stupid. Am I giving him too much credit by saying that he could be setting himself up to play the martyr and triggering some psychotic plan into action? Like The Following. He first starts small and orders them to dance…

  • Thanks, Clav. Great update from the inside!

    One thing I might add is that in typical Keith style he is not harming himself so much as everyone he’s in contact with and everyone who continues to sustain his on-going, illegal antics — from little Nicki throwing her illegal immigrant twat in the faces of cops and crooks alike, to Dr. Roberts doing the same despite her medical license and freedom also on the line, to both Bronfman girls still “harboring illegal aliens” for Keith…

    Keith knows his goose is cooked, that he’s in for life UNLESS he can use everyone, anyone possible to pull off some kinda psycho move AGAINST even their own much less anyone else’s interests except Keith’s.

    That’s what he does and is STILL doing to some of his faithful followers and lost sheep.

    Very sad to see them go so willingly, now knowingly to the slaughter.

    Having the phone is a calculated risk that can only go in Keith’s favor and destroy everyone who abets has. Don’t underestimate him.

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    None of the drafts reviewed by Politico mentioned any threat from antifa. As for threats from elsewhere, Russia reportedly tops the list of DHS concerns.

    • As if one can believe the Huffington Puffington news. LOL

      All this Libtard rag is doing is trying to take attention away from antifa, but we see the BLM/antifa violence in front of our eyes every day, NOT the white supremacists. LOL

  • The SMALLVILLE STALLION does not have to worry. Everything will go well for him in prison. They will wear skates, dress in skirts, and distribute tobacco around the yard to all black inmates looking for some good company.

  • Perhaps Raniere is using the same approach Trump did with the Black vote in 2016, “what do you have to lose?” LOL

    If Raniere believes that he will spend the remainder of his life in prison, what does he have to lose with obtaining burner phones? LOL

    • Such behavior is often taken into account when the BOP is deciding where to assign prisoners. The way things are going, Keith now has a reasonable shot at being sent to the underground supermax prison in Colorado.

      • I doubt the smartest man in the world is aware of that, what it means, and whether he even cares, because he is, in his own mind, becoming more famous than he ever imagined, unaware the proverbial door is about to slam his into the back of his a$$. LOL

      • Anyplace where people are imprisoned, there’s a black market moving whatever you can’t get and still want. Raniere hasn’t encountered his final location yet as a federal prisoner, but still, after a couple of years inside, “It” hasn’t managed to adapt or to get anybody to hit a like button and to help him with little things like burner phones. So far, so screwed.

        Why is the Vanguard forgetting how to be a charmer? Maybe it’s because inside of the Brooklyn jailhouse, the audience is more discerning than were his collection of gigilos and Stepford wives. The jailside audience has seen him bawling like a woebegone piggie and sloshing around facedown in his overflowing toilet’s eruptions.

        He needs to get more creative about how to influence people. Even though Pam Cafritz went on the fritz and can’t do It’s makeup and hair anymore, even though Toni Natalie won’t visit and feminize him in a personal way any longer, (or shorter.)

        He has genitalia and doesn’t need much more. Sixty is the new thirty. Grow out the hair which was shaved for infestation. Find a scrap of a feather boa somewhere, and any fool can make an okay lipstick from ketchup mixed with hemorrhoid balm, for a swollen and romantic puckery effect.

        Why save the best ’til last when already, this is a good as it gets? Be the gurl you have always wanted.

  • “Hang in there, Vanguard, the worst is yet to come!”

    Now it should still be called, everything not so badly.

    • As I mentioned in the post, 90% of the contraband that is found in U.S. prisons is brought in by Correctional Officers (COs). Several years ago, MDC stopped requiring their COs to go through an electronic screener when they reported to work, thereby making it much easier for them to smuggle in just about anything. I don’t know if that’s still the case but even when they used such machines, the screeners were being monitored by other COs – many of whom were getting a cut from the profits of the contraband.

      • Re Contraband:

        Considering you can get steroids and estrogen blockers to stop the side effects of steroid use, I’m quite sure that everything under the sun is available in federal prisons.

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