Sara Bronfman to Judge Garaufis: My Sister Should Have Been a Nun

This is our second in a series of letters to Judge Garaufis in support of Clare Bronfman.  The first was from Clare herself; the second is from her sister, Sara Bronfman, a Nxivm member who, like Clare, used her enormous wealth to fund Nxivm, enable Keith Raniere, their Vanguard, and destroy his enemies.   

Dear Judge Garaufis,

My name is Sara Bronfman and I am Clare Bronfman’s elder sister, the only full sibling she has, and possibly the closest person to her throughout her life. I write to give my solemn testimony of my sister’s character, and hopefully give some insight and perspective as to who she is and why she may have made the choices that led her to this point. Please forgive me in advance for the length of my letter, but I have known Clare her entire life and have a lot to share.

Clare and I grew up together with our mother, mostly between the UK and Africa. Despite the fact that our father was an incredibly wealthy and powerful man, we grew up in another world, far from any knowledge or understanding of this or what it meant. This was our mother’s intent. She wanted us to be raised as she had been: in the countryside, connected to the cycle of life, resilient, adaptive, responsible, sensible, independent, courageous and hard working.

We did not go on holidays to the Hamptons, or the many European equivalents. We went on working holidays and educational adventures, we did volunteer work, helped people in need, and spent time with our mother’s friends and people she thought we could learn from.

L-R Sara Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman, Clare Bronfman.

We dipped in and out of our father’s world. He sometimes picked us up in the corporate plane, or we were flown as unaccompanied minors or with a nanny to wherever he was so we could visit him – and while we certainly saw and experienced indications of wealth, we didn’t understand them and they weren’t the reality of our daily lives. In our daily lives we lived on a farm, took care of our animals before and after school, visited our grandparents and attended local pony club events on weekends, and on holidays we traveled with our mum, or to see our dad.

Georgia Rita Webb Bronfman and Edgar Bronfman 1974

Our childhood prepared us to be charity workers, small or medium entrepreneurs, equestrians or farmers like the rest of our mother’s family. We were not raised to be heiresses, nor did we understand we would be.

In the same vein, we did not grow up to be suspicious of other people, to protect ourselves, to assume people would steal from us or take advantage of us. We learned to trust people and take them at face value, to welcome strangers into our home – as our mother regularly did and as we had so often been welcomed into the homes of strangers around the world.

We did not understand that we were very different than anyone else, or that our lives would pan out any differently than our friends and peers. We were just like everyone else… but then we weren’t. Unbeknownst to us we had millions of dollars awaiting us on our 18th birthdays.

We didn’t have to do anything to earn it – not a college degree or even a high school diploma – let alone develop any financial, accounting, leadership or management skills. One day we were normal teenagers and the next, we had an enormous responsibility to manage, not just in terms of wealth but of the esteem and responsibility that comes with it, to which we were completely blind.

Edgar with little Clare

Our upbringing had not prepared us for this and there was no support, educational or otherwise, to help us bridge the enormous gap between the world we had grown up in and the one we entered into as adults: I think I could safely say that the situation Clare is in today is, in part, an accumulation of the effects of this ridiculous dilemma.

Besides being sweet, caring, a little clumsy and incredibly sensitive, Clare was also known in our family (by which I mean she, our mother, father and me) from an early age to be concerned with fairness: If we were making choices that she perceived were damaging to ourselves or each other, you could be sure Clare was on our case.

We often disliked the way she expressed it or brought it to our attention, as her interpersonal skills have not always been her strong point, but we could never fault her for her intent. Our father used to say she should be a lawyer or litigator because she had such a keen sense of justice and would not let an issue go until she felt it was truly resolved.

I know Clare holds herself to an even higher standard than she holds others – often unreasonably high – which has led her to be incredibly hard on herself and self-critical to the point of self-loathing and self-destructive behavioural choices.

Taking the long or hard road to maintain her personal integrity is another of Clare’s attributes, which she formed while she was still a child.

At around 9 years old when Clare realized that the meat we ate was dead animals, she chose to be vegetarian. At around 16, she chose to omit all animal products from her diet and wardrobe where possible – long before such a choice was popular.

Our mother who, having grown up hunting and shooting with her father, couldn’t understand Clare’s choice. She feared she might not be providing the correct nutrition for her growing child and thus gave Clare a hard time and refused to cater to her chosen diet.

However, Clare loved animals and would not participate in something that was harming them, so she stuck to it regardless.

Similarly in her equestrian career, Clare refused to do any sort of illegal, unnatural or violent techniques to enhance her horse’s performance. At the level she was competing, while only some competitors were known to be using illegal techniques, there were few that used no artificial – or what Clare would have deemed cruel or violent means – to get the best performance out of their horses.

Clare eventually gave up riding, in large part because of this dilemma. She loved riding, but she found it hard to draw a line between what was natural and un-natural violence in her sport.

Clare’s sense of responsibility and personal integrity are also evident in how she has handled herself in this case. Clare, perhaps to an extreme as I have said before, doesn’t believe anyone else is responsible for her choices and refuses to blame anyone for her circumstances.

She has strictly adhered to every condition of her bail, and has done so with humility – looking for what she can learn and how she can better herself through the process. She has used her time in solitude to earn her high school equivalency and study law. This is not because she is trying to earn brownie points or escape some kind of consequence, this is because this is who she is – not just in this situation but always.

Clare has a personality and a set of beliefs that are hard to match with the esteem and position she holds in life. Clare is not interested in material things. She lives a rather ascetic life – she would probably be well suited to being a nun – in every sense of what that implies: Clare has always sought out a teacher or mentor, and been a dedicated and loyal student; she has always sought out a group or community to be a part of, and for beings (people or animals) to care for and protect; and she has always spent time in quiet reflection thinking about her choices, especially those that affect others.

As an example – Clare was asked by a family friend to be her daughter’s (and Clare’s name sake) god-mother. Clare reflected on it and responded that while she was flattered by the request, she did not feel it would be in integrity to accept because their lives were too far apart (physically they lived on different continents and she hadn’t seen the mother in over a decade) and she felt that given this she wouldn’t be able to fulfill the role adequately. As you may imagine, this was not a socially popular decision – but social popularity isn’t what drives Clare, and that is very hard for most people to understand.

I’d like to finish with a paragraph from an email correspondence I had with her in February of last year:

I wrote; “If your question was whether I trust you. Of course I do. I trust you to always do your best, to be as careful, mindful and responsible as possible and to try to please, care for and protect the people you love. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have blind spots and won’t make mistakes… you may even have blind spots and make mistakes because of your desire to be so good.”

Your Honor, I have known Clare Bronfman her entire life. The woman you are judging is not a criminal, she is a person who doesn’t fit the mold. If you met her on the street, you would think she were a very bright nurse or social worker – not a multi-million-dollar heiress and certainly not a criminal. Clare has made errors in judgement, yet rather than blame the people or circumstances she misjudged, seeks to learn from and correct her mistakes. Furthermore, knowing her as I do, she will likely go on to dedicate the rest of her life to helping others not make the same mistakes she has.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Bronfman

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  • Update: Not only a jewish nun, but a jewish nun married, and married to a radical muslim who tried to overthrow the Libyan government. LOL

    The judge will not be able to stop giggling during Bronfman’s sentencing hearing. LOL

  • Bahahahahahahahahaha Was this letter a JOKE?

    Sara, you think the Judge is going to buy your poor little rich girl story?
    We suddenly woke up at 18 and became RICH! We’re not idiots and you knew all along your grandfather had left you money because your older siblings had gotten their share at 18.

    We had no skill to know what to do with all this money. Lions, tigers and bears, Oh my.
    You were too lazy to go to college with all that money? It was in a trust being managed for you anyway. You didn’t need to do anything with it but go have fun.

    Your sister, Clare, had dreams of riding in the Olympics and you, well had one failed relationship after another and bought fun businesses until you became bored with them.

    Once you entered NXIVM, it was clear neither of you had any self-esteem and were ripe for the pickings for Keith and Nancy to strip as much of your money away from you as you would allow. You did it for their attention, to buy your way up the leadership chain, and to be NXIVM Super Stars.

    People attempted to tell you – like your family and close friends of your family – but you ignored them were angry at them and shoved your belief that Keith was the world’s smartest man up their ass.

    So, anyone who knows two cents about you and Clare is not buying any part of your story.
    Clare and you gave Keith and Nancy money to destroy those who spoke the truth about what was happening “inside the cult of NXIVM”. There was no justice in what Clare did in this except for Keith and Nancy and she not only financially backed up their lie, she lied under oath several times. How is that noble – or is that what your father meant about being a good lawyer?

    I remember a conversation in which you once told me where you were staying at a hotel and were not being treated as a Bronfman should be. You called your father and he said to buy it and fire everyone. You didn’t do it in the end, but that hardly seems like good business management and poor coping skills, and total entitlement.

    Your sister was never nice, soft-spoken, and kind. Clare was mean down to her DNA strands and still is. She ruined a lot of people’s lives and for that, she deserves to spend time in prison for her criminal actions. We could care less about her upbringing and what she has done since she has been under house arrest. That has not healed the damage she has caused any of us.

    If Clare was the kind of person who wanted to take full responsibility for her actions, Clare would stop being a crying whiny bratty poor me rich girl who was a victim of “ALL THAT MONEY” – and take full responsibility for her criminal actions like the honest mature woman you say she is. Maybe some time in one of the toughest women’s prisons is just what she needs to grow up and give her time to really reflect on what she did to people during the time she supported Keith and Nancy.

    I’m sure you won’t be coming to her sentencing in person to support your only full-blooded sibling, Sara. Why is that? I’m sure it has nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with the fact your afraid you will be arrested for some of the very same criminal charges.

    That is another reason the Judge isn’t going to listen to your stupid letter. He knows more than you might think he knows about the sweeping players in this case. You didn’t help your sister by writing such lies about who she is. He knows who you are also.

  • Re The Letter:

    After reading Sarah’s letter, I have come to the conclusion she is more out to lunch than Clare.

  • This was so well written the judge should demand Sara read it in person during her sentencing hearing – it would save a lot of time and money from forcing her to return from overseas to face charges. LOL

    One criminal speaking highly of another, it doesn’t get any better than that. LOL

    I do agree that Clare would have been a great nun, should could have been the designated
    “hitter,” with the knuckle rapping ruler on the kids’ knuckles, although I’m sure that would be the mere warm-up routine. LOL

  • It’s a good letter. It implies Mr. Raniere had spotted and harnessed the “justice seeking quality” in Clare’s personality.

    Mr Raniere’s choice of the name “Legatus” for Clare was probably a method to imprint or initiate a behavioural archetype on her nature. (Legatus: diplomat, protector, one who expresses the law.) Social acceptance of bestowed authority is the whole point of initiation.

    It makes a subtle point that in order to assign the job of justice maker/seeker to a disciple, he would need to create a “perfect world” understanding of right and wrong, which he would share with Clare.

    Then, Clare would be compliant to basic social engineering methods, by simply presenting an offender in a basic logic trap. ie. Person “A” did “X”; we agreed doing “X” is unethical and a threat to the organization; ethical people have a responsibility to defend the organization against unethical people; it is therefore unethical NOT to defend against “X”. ( or something to that effect) It is “permissioning” on several levels at once and could well explain the pursuit of detractors.

    He would need to be absolutely secret about his own secret activities involving sexual coercion, sex trafficking, conspiracy, and any other actions that did not conform to the ethical ideal of the universe he pretended to share with Clare. (Lauren’s testimony indicated precisely that)

    As such, I believe Clare new absolutely nothing about the exploitation of the women in DOS, because branding women, and sexual coercion are unethical and criminal. She would never have accepted it if she knew.

    I suspect she was dumbfounded by Mr. Raniere’s apparent betrayal of the ethics he espoused and the harm his actions are said to have caused the community she supported and protected. Had she fully comprehended what Keith had been doing before he was arrested, I doubt she would have stood with him before the trial.

    Last it suggests that Mr. Raniere’s real talent was compartmentalizing and isolating his followers into individual bubbles of their own viewpoint which he kept scrupulously separate from each other, which could be why he was able to function successfully in secret for so long.

    • Even if she didn’t know how unethical and criminal her demiurge KR was, and that is very unlikely, she knows now. She’s been in possession of the full facts for over a year, so her petition is bogus. Oh, and not VERY BRIGHT.

  • Sara’s entire letter is what I call blah-blah, and I took notes on the outstanding chunks of her doled out and sticky blah-blah, just as an analytic exercise and can tear her letter into tacky shreds. But why bother? Let her eat cake made from maggots if she so chooses.

    Sara appears to specialize in lying to herself, and as superficially as possible. As sticky and full of shit that Sara’s missive is, I can, at least, compliment Sara for being so frightfully transparent.

    And clueless. Her flowery prevarications about Clare are like cake frosting, smattered on an old rotten boot, haphazardly and vaguely, but with such noblesse oblige.

    Evidently, Sara is as interested in what she calls “esteem” as a raptor. But it is doubtful that Sara Bronfman Igtet has any authentic thoughts at all about what she, herself, blabs out so callously. The poor thang is hereditarily trapped, you see, on that nasty Wheel of Fortune.

    “Esteem” comes with wealth, Sara spews. “Our childhood prepared us to be charity workers.” What the actual HELL!

    Yet wealth is “a ridiculous dilemma.” Oh really? Only for the simpleminded is wealth a “dilemma.” But Sara seems to need her hallucinations as badly as she requires oodles of “esteem.”

    It took Clare until she was NINE frigging years old (and supposedly living a bucolic life) to figure out that meat was really dead animals. Christ on a crutch, Sara. Come off it.

    Sara wants Judge Garaufis to hear it from her, the unprosecuted sister, that Sara can string empty words together. She and Clare were raised “connected to the cycle of life.” Translation: the two of them have inhaled and exhaled as well as most woodchucks do, or almost. A grain of sand is “connected to the cycle of life.”

    The “cycle of life” is followed by a comma in Sara’s “Dear Abby” composition, and then Sara offers up some supercilious descriptives of how that Bronfman wheelchair should roll. “Resilient, adaptive, responsible, sensible, independent, courageous and hard working.” Hahaha.

    “Clare has a personality and a set of beliefs that are hard to match with the esteem and position she holds in life.”

    What position is that? I cannot locate it in the Kama Sutra. But let us not forget that fucking esteem, either of Clare’s or of Sara’s. How IS Lama Dama Ding Dong, by the way?

      • The traditional press is now only a shadow of its earlier and better days. Anyone can now write and publish something on the Internet. Nobody has to wait anymore for what a newspaper writes or if the newspaper wants to print something about a topic/event. That is why it is so difficult for the press to be the first to publish something exclusively. Newspapers are no longer the first to uncover, report and publish something. Press is everybody today, and everybody can be a journalist, you just have to write and publish something. A news blog is already press for me. The topic NXIVM and its actors are still on the agenda of the Frank Report. And Frank Report is press.

  • What’s troubling here is that Keith wasn’t mentioned once in this letter. She made mistakes? What mistakes? No specifics are given. Sara implies Clare is naive, which is believable, but nothing about how manipulative Keith is? The judge will consider public safety first, and punishment second, and this letter gives no indication that Clare won’t go running back to serve Keith when she is free.

  • It’s really interesting the titanic differences that cross my mind when I picture the life of the Bronfmans and these letter. I mean lawyers know that you have to put a pathethic face of a victim, to get anywhere. Let’s remember that she supposed to fight who had India like a slave with Mack, the collaterals made from women’s pain, litigations, sex with Raniere… Also, the Bronfmans are supposed to have an extortion story, even with kids some day. Plus the pedophilia part of Nxivm that’s really interesting especially after the declaration of Emiliano when he told that there was a woman that trafficked kids, and Raniere and Mack original accusations. Clare got really fast the change and separation of accusations so she didn’t have to face pedophilia. But the interesting part is that pedophilia many times is a multigenerational thing. Fathers abusing kids, mothers participating, etc . Like a patrón, like a trauma that you pass to the next generation. Also the violence is a heritage thing, most of the times. So it’s interesting. The fight that they had with her father, the sumision or thirst to sumision, the horrible crimes…. Yeah its totally diff renta how i picture her childhood, full of luxurys, violence , pain. I mean they’re supposed to tell how Edgar was part of the Illuminati, her own daughters … Let’s remember that the Bronfmans had relationships with the Rothschilds, a family that always seems to appear next topedos. Even next to Ghislaine Maxwell right?

  • “Email correspondence from February of last year” between Clare and Sara.

    Hmmmm… Feb 2019. I thought Clare’s bail conditions included not communicating with current or past members of NXIVM.

    So, doesn’t this mean that Clare violated her bail conditions???

  • Heartfelt letters. But she sued people into bankruptcy and sued them again. What’s the connection between “nun” and destructive behavior?

  • It’s always when you’re so, so sure that you’re only trying to do good, when your intentions are so noble, that the worst crimes get committed. There’s an old saying, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    This is not the only high-minded Bronfman who sponsored a sociopathic killer. You’ll only find a single obscure mention of this on Frank Report, but there was another new-age guru called Robert Einhorn, who claimed to have started the whole Earth Day phenomenon. He taught at Harvard University and was a protege of the highly mysterious Andrija Puharich, who handled the whole Uri Geller story and was deeply involved in mind control and hallucinogenic drug experimentation for the US government. You won’t find mention of Puharich on Einhorn’s Wikipedia page, you can read a bit here:

    Puharich ran a “space kids” academy in Ossining in New York State, which tried to develop their ESP and contact extraterrestrials:

    Einhorn, who called himself The Unicorn, died in prison in April of this very year, after he was finally caught in France and returned to justice in the USA for the murder of his girlfriend Holly Maddux, whose decomposing body was found in 1979 in a trunk in Einhorn’s house. Famously, when a policeman reportedly told Einhorn “It looks like we found Holly”, he replied “You found what you found.” Very deep.

    Now, who supported Einhorn through most of this, including his illegal flight from America to France, where he hid secretly for years, was one Barbara Bronfman, who married into the Bronfman clan. She met Einhorn through a shared interest in the paranormal. He could never have evaded the police for so long without her extensive financial support.

    If you’re convinced that you’re saving the Earth, if you’re convinced that your guy is a persecuted genius, then it’s all too easy for all your high-mindedness, all your good intentions to be twisted and used for serious evil. All you need is confirmation bias. Kurt Vonnegut said that the strongest force in the Universe wasn’t gravity, it was peer pressure. He almost got it right, peer pressure is a manifestation of confirmation bias, which is actually the very strongest force in any galaxy. People will murder their families, start world wars, drive themselves penniless, close down whole world economies, just in order to prove that their beliefs are correct.

    Why did Bill Gates meet several times with Jeffrey Epstein, even after he had been convicted of sex crimes against children? Because Gates needed Epstein’s advice on setting up a PHILANTHROPIC trust. This is the kind of person Bill Gates turns to, when he wants to learn how to act “philanthropically”. It’s really time this whole global-wide charade of “philanthropy”, oh but we mean so well, is torn down once and for all. I hope the judge makes Clare Bronfman responsible for her actual actions and their actual consequences. Acting criminally because deep down, you really really mean well, must be exterminated as a legal argument.

    • “Philanthropists” when referring to billionaires is one of the most self-aggrandizing and falsely humble descriptions I’ve ever heard used, especially when the foundations they work through are effectively tax shelter/havens for their wealth. Hello? The intrinsically unjust system that enabled you to become billionaires in the first place is one of the main reasons that such “philanthropy” is necessary.

    • There is a photo to be seen of Bill Gates carrying an infant, not his own, in the sea, during a sickening ritual. There are other adults with him, who share his secretive appetite. Quotes from his own mouth are accompanying this photo. It has been on the worldwide web for several years, but deny, deny, deny.

      Studying Gates, Wexner, the Bronfmans, even the nouveau Elon Musk, we are watching empowered, intransigient servants of their very own demons. These sick bastards EXPECT the whole world to acquiesce to their vomitous madnesses. All of us are supposed to be thunderingly stupid and obedient, as these fools try to depopulate every single location upon earth and to implant the human race with remotely controllable microchips. These powermongers are really a small group, contrasted with the quantity of people whom they have been ordered to commandeer, to control and soon enough, to eliminate. People, the masses, are seen as recyclable slaves and/or merchandise. The suffering of others seems to be the pinnacle of pleasure to these nematodes, greedy, clutching and lethally delusionary. None has heard of invincibility, as such ones have never found any.

      I will be watching as these naked faced degenerates march themselves into a very, very long good night.

  • —Our upbringing had not prepared us for this and there was no support, educational or otherwise, to help us bridge the enormous gap between the world we had grown up in and the one we entered into as adults: I think I could safely say that the situation Clare is in today is, in part, an accumulation of the effects of this ridiculous dilemma.

    In other words: “poor, little rich girls.”

      • You’d think that Clare was a VERY BRIGHT nurse or a social worker. Most nurses, as Sara would have you know, are not very bright, but for this piece of fiction, poor old Clare looks like a very bright nurse, whatever the hell that is, as viewed through the swamp of Sara’s slanted, misshapen subjectivity.

        Welcome to Sara Bronfman Itget’s freshly stale but urgently released issue of Mad Magazine.

        This is probably Sara’s way of using diplomacy to describe her homely and socially handicapped sister in adorably and saintly terms. It was a dirty job, but some scumbuddy had to do it.

  • If you saw me in the street, you’d never guess I was a nurse, cos I look like a very bright heiress. Really, you’d be like, why is that very bright heiress going about in a nurse’s uniform? Uncanny it is.

    But, ok Sarah, as your sister’s development was obviously arrested at around 7, when we tend to be very concerned with issues of ‘fairness,’ one can only hope for a just outcome for your own soeur sourire as a result of her criminal arrest. hmmm.

  • “A very bright nurse”???? ‘A social worker”????? For S. Bronfman, all public service careers seem to exist in some sort of fantasy realm. Is that why she spent so long herself pretending she was what? a very bright teacher???? Talk about damning with faint praise.

    Clare Bronfman is guilty of criminal and cruel behaviour, never mind which outfit she pulled out of the dressing-up box to make it appear otherwise. Dear girl, dressing your sister up in a nuns outfit will not fool the judge. These two have the weakest grasp of facts imaginable. OMG.

    • Maybe she meant Catholic priest…lipstick on a pig is still a pig, Sar-Rah. We never knew we were rich because mum made us live with the African mud dwellers and spear chuckers. Pity me it’s not my fault I’m drowning in blood money. Nun, my ass. Marie I’m requesting you paint the Clare nun image so I can die laughing.

  • Sara B, You should have been a nun.
    Indeed, all of the top women of NXIVM should have been nuns.

    Up In Kenosha (“My Little Armalite” parody)

    Up In Kenosha (“My Little Armalite” parody)

    Up In Kenosha (“My Little Armalite” parody)

  • Just click your ruby red shoes three times and say, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home….

    Um isn’t this a special treat from a terrorist wife?
    “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Their mad simply mad..Tea! Clean cup moooove down!

  • Omg, I can’t even. This is about money and agency. Who made a better transaction. Audacity! Of course, we will leave this piece of too many details to count missing…to investigative journalism. Sweet summer child? Seems facile.

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