THE RIGHT SIDE- Mark McCloskey – Go to St. Louis FBI and File Civil Rights Complaint Against Circuit Court DA Kim Gardner

By J. Gary DiLaura, FBI, retired


By so doing, they violated Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 USC.  If there were threats of violence, the penalty becomes a 10 year felony and if there are Civil Penalties awarded they can be t3 times damages. Also, any punitive damages, by law, cannot be paid by any municipality and must be paid by the Defendant… Ms. Gardner… I’ll bet she’s unaware of that detail… most attorneys are unaware of that detail!

Don’t forget to include the refusal by that same police department to “protect, preserve and defend, the Constitution” and protect the citizens of St Louis!

Don’t take NO for an answer. The FBI is charged with enforcing all Civil Rights violations … even when white folks are the victims! They will probably have to obtain authorization from DOJ to initiate an investigation…but they will!

It is unbelievable that this FBI and this DOJ didn’t self-start this investigations like Eric Holder/Barack Obama did in Ferguson, New Orleans and other cities when black victims were involved. Holder even sent his DOJ Civil Rights Attorneys to both. Those attorneys were famous for creating evidence and tampering with evidence when they couldn’t find anything against the police departments … they just made it up!

Retired FBI agent says St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner can be charged with federal crime for handling of McCloskey case.

Several of those DOJ Attorneys, under Holder/Obama, were held in “contempt of court” and some were even prohibited by a Texas federal judge, from practicing law in some 30+ districts because of their contemptuous actions. What was done to those DOJ attorneys? Nothing. The victims were either black or illegals!

This is President Trump’s DOJ and FBI and, if he hasn’t already, he should he directing both his Attorney General and FBI Director to take immediate action BEFORE this corrupt Kim Gardner does a “cover my ass” indictment against these victims.

In my opinion…there was no crime committed by the McCloskeys, by defending themselves on their property against a mob threatening violence. What would have happened, if they hadn’t shown force?  Do you believe this mob would have fixed their gate, mowed the lawn and left, or carried out their threats to burn the house and kill the occupants?

What do you think… Dorothy…land of Oz or REALITY?

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  • The property was stolen by government officials. It is that simple.

    This is America. Press charges.

    • Yes, let’s have another ChiCom distraction — a courtroom drama that’ll really rile up a race war?

      What if the you-know-WHO sneaks in through the 5G network, Gibson, ever consider that?

      Whip up that “Blacklash” the Rapture’s a-coming boys!


  • He should have changed out of his feminine pink shirt before he came out with a semi-automatic weapon. LOL

  • “A Man’s home is His Castle.”

    But when the Marxist Democrats rule a country, “a man’s home is his prison.”
    A convenient place to imprison a man or a woman on the whim of tyrannical government officials without judicial process.
    Without any legislation.
    Without rhyme or reason.

    And under the Iron Heel of the Marxist Democratic Party, woe to any man or woman who commits the “crime” of self-defense even against a rabid, rampaging mob stirred up by the thuggish leaders of the Marxist Democratic Party.

    As good docile sheep, your job is to surrender your freedoms and live in constant fear and panic.
    This first wave of Pandemic One will be followed by a second wave and a third wave and a fourth wave.
    And Pandemic One is followed by Pandemic Two and Pandemic Three and Pandemic Four.
    Welcome to the New Normal the Marxist Democrats have got planned for you.


    If the mob had set foot on the couple’s property, they would’ve had the right to shoot them under the Missouri Castle Doctrine. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

    I apologize for being a contrarian.

    Take care

    • You usually are [redacted]

      I read what you write and assume [redacted]

      It’s not about being a contrarian, it’s about [redacted] LOL

      Have a nice day, NiceGuy 666/RINO.

  • IDK what the FBI or DOJ or a black person ever did to you, Gary, but it must have been a doozy.

    • Heidi, Not to me…but to 2 fellow citizens. They blatantly violated their Rights to Equal Treatment (14th Amendment), Right to bear arms (2nd Amendment), Right against illegal search and seizure (4th Amendment), right to defend one’s self. I did investigate many Civil Rights cases, Heidi, but none were as blatant as these, or as well documented with video, phone calls, witnesses and the cases I investigated were in the late ’60s. That’s when the South was still fighting the Civil War in Charleston, SC…my first duty station. There were still 3 bathrooms at some gas stations, men, women, and n—–s, for real! All restaurant tables had “reserved” signs…can you guess why? There is no Oz…Dorothy…this is reality and your party “The Democratic Party” has turned into the “Democrap” Party and they are desperate to destroy your Constitution and this President as they realize you have no way to win the Presidency, House or Senate in this election…NONE! The Right Side

      • Mr DiLaura, with all due respect, I’m noticing a bit of racism in your last article and now in your comment to Miss Heidi. The only reason I’m pointing it out, is because I like to read your informative articles and would like to continue without being reminded of your personal sensitivites to other ethnicities.

        • Peaches, Maybe what I should have said is , ” Some gas stations still had signs on the rest rooms that stated, “Men, Women and Niggers”. Those weren’t my words. Fact is I attended the only naturally integrated school in my entire county, as a kid and my best friend all through school was Black. But you continue to be open minded!
          The Right Side

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