Stimulus for Illegals? Court Rules Montgomery County, MD, Program to Provide Cash to Illegal Aliens Likely Violates Federal Law

Montgomery County Maryland is adjacent to Washington DC.

You probably won’t read this in the mainstream, left leaning media…. and perhaps we may yet see riots protesting the lack of US taxpayer payments to illegally present aliens….

A federal court ruled a Montgomery County, MD, program that provides $10 million in cash payments to illegal aliens likely violates federal law and irreparably harms county taxpayers.

The court ordered the county to hold back 25% of any unspent funds until the court can fully consider the merits of Judicial Watch’s taxpayer lawsuit (Bauer, et al, v. Elrich, et al. (No. 20-cv-01212)). The court denied Judicial Watch’s request for a temporary restraining order.

This action comes in a lawsuit on behalf of Montgomery County taxpayers Sharon Bauer and Richard Jurgena, originally filed on May 13 in Montgomery County Circuit Court, which Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and Raymond Crowel, director of the county’s Department of Health and Human Services, subsequently removed to federal court.

The lawsuit seeks to permanently enjoin Elrich and Crowel from expending taxpayer money on the cash-benefits program known as the “Emergency Assistance Relief Payment Program” (EARP).

Payments under EARP would amount to $500 per single adult, $1,000 per family with one child and $150 per additional child, up to a maximum of $1,450 per family.

Under federal law, certain categories of aliens, including unlawfully present aliens, are ineligible for state or local public benefits. Such benefits include direct, cash payments. If a state chooses to provide such benefits to unlawfully present aliens, it must enact a state law affirmatively providing for such eligibility.

Judicial Watch argues EARP violates federal law because the Maryland State Legislature has not authorized Montgomery County to provide these benefits to unlawfully present aliens. Therefore, Elrich and the County Council overstepped their authority when they created the program. The Montgomery County DHHS has stated that “unlawfully present aliens are eligible to apply for and receive cash payments.”

The court agreed with Judicial Watch, ruling that:

Based on an analysis of the federal statute alone, the Court concludes that Plaintiffs have demonstrated a strong likelihood of success on the merits.

Although the court denied a request for a temporary restraining order it ordered that that county retain at least 25% of any unspent funds until the court could fully consider the merits of the case.

“This court ruling pushes back on the abuse by county officials who want to send taxpayer coronavirus money to illegal aliens in violation of federal law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The coronavirus challenge doesn’t give politicians a pass to violate the law. If politicians want to use tax money from law-abiding taxpayers and send cash payments to illegal aliens, they must be accountable and transparent, and, as federal law requires, pass a state law to do so.”

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  • Judges Help Free Over 230 Illegal Aliens in Last Month, Including Rapists, Murderers, Sex Offenders

    In the last month, federal judges have ordered the release of more than 230 illegal aliens in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody — over 65 percent of which have either criminal convictions or are accused of crimes.

    Since the beginning of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, federal judges have ordered the release of 429 illegal aliens — 327 of which have been convicted or accused of crimes.

    Over the last month, even as states have started lifting their lockdown orders, federal judges continued to help free from ICE custody a total of 237 illegal aliens since May 6. About 156 of those illegal aliens freed from custody have been convicted or accused of crimes.

    San Francisco, California, officials have released 89 illegal aliens. Eighty-seven of those illegal aliens have been accused or convicted of attempted murder, burglary, domestic violence, drunk driving, homicide, kidnapping, lewd acts with a minor, and robbery.

    In San Diego, California, 91 illegal aliens have been released. Twelve of those illegal aliens have been accused or convicted of aggravated assault, burglary, drug possession, and drunk driving.

    Other cities seeing mass release include:

    56 illegal aliens released in Los Angeles, California — 47 of which have been accused or convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, child cruelty, homicide, and juvenile sex offenses.

    57 illegal aliens released in Boston, Massachusetts — 54 of which have been accused or convicted of assault, child abuse, domestic violence, drug trafficking, and rape.

    53 illegal aliens released in New York City, New York — 51 of which have been accused or convicted of assault, cruelty toward a child, drug possession, drunk driving, sexual assault, and rape.

    29 illegal aliens released in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — 28 of which have been accused or convicted of assault, drug trafficking, and voluntary manslaughter.

    25 illegal aliens released in Detroit, Michigan — 23 of which have been accused or convicted of assault, domestic violence, homicide, and drunk driving.

    10 illegal aliens released in Chicago, Illinois — eight of which have been accused or convicted of homicide, possession of a controlled substance, and theft.

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  • Black Lives Matter Demands Boston Spend $15M on Summer Jobs for Illegal Aliens

    The Boston, Massachusetts, chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM) is asking that $15 million in American taxpayer money be spent on providing summer jobs to illegal aliens.

    In a list of demands posted by the BLM Boston, the organization demands the city spend millions on creating thousands of summer jobs — some of which would be given to 14 to 22-year-old illegal aliens:

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