Joe Biden Might Be Wise to Choose Kamala Harris as VP – Here’s Why

Kamala Harris might wake up Sleepy Joe's campaign.

Warning: This story, despite the headline, does not support Joe Biden or condemn Donald Trump and, therefore ,does not qualify for high visibility on Google searches. Read at your own risk.

Pick Kamala, Sleepy Joe

By Dr. Nicholas Waddy

Dr. Nicholas Waddy

There is a persistent myth in American politics that a superb running mate can push a presidential candidate over the top, either in terms of the popular vote or in the electoral college. There is precious little evidence from history to indicate that this is so. Vice-Presidents simply aren’t that consequential in our system of government, and the strengths and weaknesses of the presidential candidate himself (or herself) therefore determine the outcome, along with external factors like the state of the economy, war versus peace, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.

What a running mate can do, however, is to become a drag on the ticket. Sarah Palin is the most famous example of a potential vice-president whose missteps — and whose unfair vilification by the media — proved to be a distraction from the messaging of, in her case, John McCain. And that is the scenario that Joe Biden must avoid at all costs: a running mate who adds to the long list of headaches, liabilities, and burdens which his campaign already shoulders.

Presumably, Biden and his key advisors feel that, because of the historically high disapproval ratings of President Trump, what they need to do to win in 2020 is avoid making horrendous mistakes. That may be slightly optimistic, but no one can say for sure that this low-risk strategy will not work. Step One, therefore, is to choose a running mate who doesn’t stink.

To that end, I would like to suggest that Sleepy Joe shake himself awake long enough to consider the attractions of California Senator Kamala Harris at a potential vice-presidential nominee.

First, Kamala Harris has the experience, intelligence, and gravitas to be a credible President of the United States, if Sleepy Joe should someday soon opt for eternal rest. This is key, because a selection like Stacey Abrams, although exciting to some progressives, would leave Biden open to the charge that he is thrusting a neophyte onto the national stage and possibly even into the Oval Office. Voters would perceive the obvious risk. Harris, by contrast, as a former California Attorney General and as a sitting Senator, is ready to roll.

Second, Harris can plausibly claim to be both moderate and progressive. Her record is long enough that it includes areas of vulnerability, yes, but it is also multifaceted enough that Democrats and liberals will be able to see in it what they want to see, which will vary from voter to voter. Harris is also smart and wily enough to pivot from the center to the left, and back again, as circumstances demand.

Third, Harris has proven that she can admirably fulfill one of the most important roles that a running mate has: that of attack dog. Harris excels in this regard. She made her only real splash as a presidential candidate by viciously attacking the record of Joe Biden himself on the issue of busing. Harris, however, had the good sense not to press those attacks, because she (rightly) foresaw that Biden could emerge as the nominee, and she did not want to jeopardize her political future. As Biden’s running mate, Harris would not be similarly demure. She would be unleashed to savage Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the whole GOP over and over, while Biden smiled politely (some would say vacantly) and played the role of unifier and Mr. Nice Guy.

Fourth, Harris is black(ish), which means a lot in today’s Democratic Party. To mollify feminists, Biden already had to concede that his running mate will be a woman (for some strange reason, he didn’t specify a non-man, which would have been more “woke”, but I digress). The truth is that, if he chose a white woman like Elizabeth Warren, he would still be seen as an agent of white privilege by many leftist firebrands. A considerable portion of the Democratic Party is, to be blunt, done with white people in general. By picking Kamala Harris, Biden would demonstrate that, although in the short term the party’s standard-bearer is a tired old white guy, in the medium term the Democrats are ready to turn the page in terms of race and gender.

It should go without saying that elevating Harris, a woman of color, to the role of president-in-waiting will also provide the Democrats with the opportunity to brand any and all attacks that Republicans make against her as VILE RACISM! We know from past experience that, the more nervous Democrats become about the viability (including the mental capacity) of their candidates, the more likely they are to fall back on charges of racism and sexism in order to motivate their base. Given the glaring vulnerabilities of Joe Biden, we can expect that the 2020 campaign will be the most grievance-laden and “intersectional” of all time. Harris is ready to play her part.

Frisky Joe may not be as sluggish as his opponents think.

So, Sleepy Joe, as you can see, the merits of Senator Kamala Harris as a potential running mate are legion. If you want to win in 2020, first do no harm, and choose a vice-president who will refrain from tanking your campaign — that, after all, is your job. If possible, choose a running mate who can add some dynamism and a little soaring (or searing) rhetoric to your yammerings, but don’t expect to win because of the woman standing next to you. That just never happens.

If, then, you want to win, Sleepy Joe, choose Kamala. She’ll give you a fighting chance.

Since, however, I don’t want you to win, please don’t choose Kamala. Instead, I recommend dusting off the reanimated corpse of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton (whichever one agrees to undergo “gender reassignment” surgery first gets the prize).

What could go wrong?

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  • Kamala blew it in the debates with canned one liners.

    And since Joe may be a puppet with Alzheimers, I suspect he’ll step down after a year anyway

    • Harris blew it when she blew Willy Brown’s willy. LOL

      And since Joe definitely doesn’t know where he is at any given time and can’t string together more than a single sentence, it doesn’t matter what aging condition he has, he probably won’t make it to the November election.

  • I think this is worthy of a separate post:

    Trump, in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late Friday, said he no longer had confidence in the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick’s ability to serve. The letter did not specify a reason for the latest in a string of government watchdogs to be removed in recent weeks under the Republican president.

    “Trump is methodically eliminating anyone who would bring wrongdoing to light,” Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat on the Foreign Relations panel, tweeted.

    In April, Trump removed a top coronavirus watchdog, Glenn Fine, who was to oversee the government’s COVID-19 financial relief response. He also notified Congress that he was firing the inspector general of the U.S. intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, who was involved in the triggering the impeachment investigation.

    Earlier in May, Trump ousted Christi Grimm, who led the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG) after accusing her of having produced a “fake dossier” on American hospitals suffering shortages on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

    That makes four times in just two months Trump has fired inspectors who are *legally mandated* to investigate his administration for incompetence or malfeasance. Nothing suspicious here…..

    • Why don’t you mention the Proxy Voting shoved through the House by Comrade Nancy Pelosi?
      Proxy Voting allows Nancy Pelosi to cast votes on behalf of Congressmen and women while they on the beach in Hawaii engaging in orgies with their lovers.
      Proxy Voting is unconstitutional and illegal.
      Proxy Voting is the mark of a dictatorship.

      • —allowing Congress to continue functioning by allowing BOTH parties to safely vote remotely?
        —firing impartial inspectors whose job is to investigate the Administration then replacing them with those “loyal” to POTUS?

        • Throughout the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War 2, the US Congress stayed in Washington and performed their jobs.

          Today’s preening pansy Democrats are so frightened of a virus, in a WORLD FILLED WITH VIRUSES, that they crap their pants in fear.
          And note the Republicans voted overwhelmingly to obey the Constitution and stay at the helm.

          • Anyone notice Shadow never said one word in defense of Trump firing the four people investigating him, and instead changed the subject with an unrelated attack on a Dem?
            That’s what Trump does too.

  • I nominate Ivanka Trump for President and Jared as first lady. I’m sure there is always room for Roger Stone and Keith. LOL

    • The way Trump is flaunting rules and law, he might dump the aging Melania and make Ivanka his own first lady.

  • A request for Frank. Since you are Italian, you must have contacts in Italy that could confirm or deny the story that I have seen in a couple of videos that I found on Facebook, about Italian doctors had done about 500 autopsies and discovered that the virus It does not cause extreme pneumonia as the WHO indicated and based on which the care protocols were designed by inclining the respirators, apparently what really happens is that a series of small thrombi in different parts of the lungs and the most affected areas are those that appear on the radiographs and are misdiagnosed as acute pneumonia, then a new treatment was developed according to the new information, said treatment included anticoagulants, strong anti-inflammatories and nebulizations and antibiotics, I was struck that one of the videos was a video fragment of an interview by telephone to a doctor who appears with the name of Vicente de La Torre, alleged pulmonologist and epidemiologist, the interview is done on a TV program, apparently from Peru

    • Since Frank is Italian, we should also know his favorite pizza place. LOL

      The beer virus never caused extreme pneumonia, it caused an overreaction of the immune system, which caused the lungs to not be able to absorb enough oxygen, thus the need for the respirators to literally pump air into the lungs. Your “story” is a non-story. LOL

      • In fact, it is, since what I asked Frank to investigate is the story that Italy changed the care protocols due to the discoveries made in the autopsies, which allowed a better recovery of the patients in the ICU, in addition to apply a more effective treatment, but also what interested me was the possibility of Frank obtaining testimonies from Italian doctors, since the story I found on S networks is that this discovery helped Italian and Spanish doctors reverse the crisis and confirm that the WHO and the Chinese government had lied or given inefficient information that led to inappropriate treatment of covid patients

  • A few weeks ago Creepy Joe Biden appointed Emperor Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles,
    to his VP search committee.
    Just 2 days ago Emperor Eric proclaimed that all Angelinos who go outside, even to sit in their back yards MUST WEAR FACE MASKS AT ALL TIMES!
    Los Angeles can get real hot in the summer but the Sheeple of Los Angeles must still wear face masks.
    And violators will have their water and electricity shut off.
    LA controls both the water and power utilities of its residents.

  • 🤣. I’d nominate the author as Biden’s chief campaign strategist…if Bernie Sanders were still running!

    (One question, Waddy? What makes you think your MAGA maggoteers are going to get your humor and not lynch you?)

  • One news site I glance at from time to time is “The People’s Republic of California” blog.
    This blog describes in excruciating detail how California descended from a Golden Paradise to a chaotic Shit Hole.
    And Kamala Harris’ old, and I do mean old, boyfriend Willie Brown flushed the Golden State down the tubes.
    Kamala Harris’ motto appears to be, “It’s not what you know but who you blow.”
    In other words like Eva Peron she rose to power on her knees.

    Here is a story from 2015 that describes Kamala Harris’ meteoric rise in California politics.
    Saturday, February 21, 2015
    Ex-Lovers Kamala Harris and Willie Brown
    Meet The Ex-Lovers
    Harris met Brown in 1994 when he was speaker of
    the state Assembly. She was 29, he was 60.

    (Note Willie Brown was Mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the California State Assembly. As Speaker Brown was often more powerful than the Governor.)

    (From The San Francisco Weekly News in 2003) – Willie Brown, Harris’ spurned ex-lover and unsolicited political backer.
    Hallinan and Fazio aren’t attacking Harris’ platform (which they both profess to generally share) or professionalism (each admits that Harris is a competent prosecutor). Rather, they are knifing her with innuendo, saying her ties to the outgoing mayor would cause her, as district attorney, to look the other way should her former beau or his political minions ever be credibly accused of committing crimes in office.

    The charge that she is Brown’s puppet — that she’s guilty by association with a mayor who has not been found guilty of anything — infuriates Harris. Though in third place in recent polls, she’s a political comer. She’s whip-smart, hard-working, and well-credentialed to be San Francisco’s top criminal prosecutor. She’s hauling in campaign cash like there’s no tomorrow. And topping it all off, she’s a beautiful blend of East Indian mother and African-American father who may draw votes particularly well among women and minorities.

    If she can just get out from under this damn Willie Brown thing.
    Harris routinely tries to distance herself from her ex-squeeze, whom she hates even talking about. The mere mention of their former liaison makes her shoulders tense, her hands clench, and her eyes narrow.

    “I refuse,” she says vehemently, “to design my campaign around criticizing Willie Brown for the sake of appearing to be independent when I have no doubt that I am independent of him — and that he would probablyright now express some fright about the fact that he cannot control me.
    “His career is over; I will be alive and kicking for the next 40 years. I do not owe him a thing.”

    She acknowledges that Brown is an “albatross hanging around my neck” and fears that voters who dislike him will ignore her candidacy — even as she dismisses such an act as irrational. “Would it make sense if you are a Martian coming to Earth that the litmus test for public office is where a candidate is in their relationship to Willie Brown?” Harris asks. “Willie Brown is not going to be around. He’s gone — hello people, move on. If there is corruption, it will be prosecuted. It’s a no-brainer, but let’s please move on.”
    Would that politics were so simple.

    San Francisco voters tend to have long memories, and Brown himself is complicating Harris’ attempts to shed him politically. He personally gave $500 to her campaign, and a political consultant who worked on both of his mayoral runs is raising money for Harris — without her consent — using a pitch letter signed by Brown. Harris denies asking the mayor for fund-raising help and knows it gives her antagonists even more ammunition.

    She also knows there’s not much she can do about it, except to keep saying that the affair is ancient history and that she is a good candidate with good ideas. But as Harris well understands, the more she tries to explain away the Willie factor, the bigger a factor he becomes.

    D.A. Kamala Harris Wins Fewer Felony Trials Than Any Big-City Prosecutor in California
    Recent weeks have brought plenty of headaches for San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, including a scandal at the SFPD crime lab and questions over her office’s failure to disclose police officers’ criminal pasts. In this week’s cover story, SF Weekly reports on a longer-brewing problem: an alarming decline in felony trial convictions — including homicide cases — under the most recent two years on Harris’ watch.

  • Yeah, because using your vagina with a married man to sleep your way into a political career is feminism at its most powerful, man, and everybody, like, totally respects it. /s

  • I doubt this is a real person, regardless of the photo which is probably computer generated. Why is this blog attracting
    agent provocateurs? It’s not the first, there probably always were a few in VGs circle serving different purposes, but a perfectly good blog is now being undermined. Started to notice it a few weeks ago. It’s a shame.

    Expect to see more posts that start pushing conflict buttons, like the ones in this article.

  • Mr. Nice Guy? Any relation to NiceGuy 666? LOL

    Both are inept. LOL

    Both stumble with their thoughts. LOL

    Both…I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there. LOL

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