Don’t Blame Kristin Kreuk for Choosing Not to Become Public Fodder Over Her Former Role in Nxivm

Kristin Kreuk at Necker Island - 2010 - at a Nxivm retreat.

By ShivaniLast night I ran across a long conversation between Laura Vandervoort and Kristin Kreuk on YouTube.

It is very recent, as they discuss how it has been staying home due to the virus.

Not a word was said about Nxivm or Allison Mack.

Recent YouTube video with Kristin Kreuk

Having never heard of either Mack or Kreuk before the Nxivm stories became public, I watched this rather casual, easygoing podcast to get more of an impression of what Kristin is like.

Frank, no doubt you understand that some people make the decision to close the door firmly on circumstances that have gone seriously awry, to leave it closed and to move on without further involvement or commentary.

Kristin made one public statement about Nxivm and herself.

Kristin Kreuk statement about NXIVM

This could very well have been the end of the matter for her, decisively so. I blame no one for choosing not to become public fodder.

Kristin seems to be a reserved person who consciously chooses what she will or will not discuss. Although acting has been her profession, I don’t think that Kristin is a born actress or has a well-developed theatrical persona. My impression is that she is really rather a shy person, somewhat aloof (perhaps to shield a tender heart) and guarded.

Her great interests seem to be reading and learning how to produce and direct. It seems that for many years, she has been studying and wanting to be able to move behind the cameras, working to expand her abilities to keep working in theater, but less visibly so.

I don’t think that she wants to display who she is personally and wants to keep some distance, to maintain her sense of self in privacy. That sense of privacy appears to be essential to her nature.

Kristin Kreuk doesn’t appear to be an extrovert. Instead, she seems to turn on and off whatever is called upon publicly, as part her work persona, which she seems to have defined for herself appropriately, by allowing herself to be a reserved individual who wants and needs to keep some distance.

It is a kind of crisp but friendly “cut them off at the pass” approach Kristin uses. She defines her boundaries and tries to do so diplomatically. She is much more analytical than Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk isn’t driven by a bottomless hungry pit of “I wanna be LOVED by you and you and you. Adore me, me, me, me.”

In fact, Kristin seems to be rather a workhorse, with genuine, ongoing interests of her own. She has a right not to let her past Nxivm association either to define her, to haunt her or to limit her.

Who knows how Kristin feels about Allison Mack, now in 2020?

Who can even ascertain how Kreuk feels about her own time in Nxivm?

She could have had to stop beating herself up about her own mistaken faith in the whole mess. We have no idea how toughly Kristin might have been going through blaming herself for being a gullible sucker who took guidance from a pedophile/psycho and his mercenary cohorts.

The Raniere candy turned out to be rotten, infectious snot. For all anyone knows, Kristin Kreuk might have felt very used, deceived and exploited, due to her modicum of fame, by the Nxivm dynamics. She might have faced awful personal disappointment in herself and in her “belief” or trust in Raniere’s ridiculously false and entirely hypocritical indoctrinations.

Keith Raniere charmed the pants right off of Allison Mack

Also, Kristin might have felt absolutely disgusted by Allison Mack’s behavior(s.) Kristin did not take the same path that Allison chose, in terms of deep involvement with Raniere’s agendas, not according to what is observable.

Kristin didn’t drop out of her entire life or stop working. She wasn’t swallowed whole by the predator/hag-cult. She wasn’t one of Flabturd’s hardcore lost, unshaven, undeodorized bushy bitches.

Maybe Kristin doesn’t want to criticize, to castigate or even to publicly “forgive” anyone.

Maybe she is still dealing with blaming herself and examining her own involvement with the cult, in a way which is deeply personal and that she does not want to “share.”

Say you’re divorced, from a rotten marriage that ended quite a few years ago. Perhaps you think about it now and then, but mostly you’re just glad it’s over. Now imagine that some people keep bringing up your rotten marriage, as a main topic of interest, as though it was still a big deal, and that there is some kind of a demand to reopen the goddamned subject and to talk about it, ad naseum. Maybe you’re done talking.

Keith Raniere with one of his sex slaves Loreta Garza.

Is it more noble to be a shallow, hogtied trooper, a frigging Toni Natalie, pretend-writing some apeshit book as a senior groupie, still drooling to make some cash and some more noise as a professional fish hawker/hooker?

A hardset mouth and balls of steel? Well, fuck Viva Executive Success.

And as a cautionary note, if one happens to be Kreuk-like, also use some common sense and tell Botox to screw off, too. Good Gawd almighty. Do not turn into a pugface.

Toni Natalie speaking to TV reporters outside the Brooklyn courthouse during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere.
Marie White’s painting of Toni Natalie

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  • Wow!!!! Great article!!!!

    Incredible insightful!!!!

    “It is a kind of crisp but friendly ‘cut them off at the pass’ approach Kristin uses. She defines her boundaries and tries to do so diplomatically….. She is much more analytical than Allison Mack, and Kristin Kreuk isn’t driven by a bottomless hungry pit of ‘wanna be LOVED’ by you and you and you.”

    Shivani’s latest article establishes 4 things:

    1. Shivani reads People magazine.
    2. She watches the Wendy William’s show.
    3. Shivani goes to clairvoyants.
    4. Shivani is bored out of her mind from sheltering in place during the pandemic.

  • You just made Sultan’s day. That long video of Kristin Crook(ed) will be on permanent loop on all of his devices. If you thought there was a toilet paper shortage before, just wait for Sultan to get enough to sperminate into. LOL

  • Kristin was one of us. That’s all I am going to say and that oshe left without really leaving. Others stayed. I think she left because V did not really like her. He was not attracted to her and she got fed up waiting for him to make her #1.
    Allison got there for a minute taking the place of a far more worthy woman.
    Long story. But Kristin was there and she lost it all.

    • Pea, didn’t you once write that Vanguard “enjoyed her lavishly?”
      Maybe it was Kristin who didn’t really like V and was not attracted him.

  • Kristin Crook(ed) could have helped out publicly and/or behind the scenes. She didn’t, even when asked. That is the sign of a very weak person, much like the commenters on this website who have refused to help Scott educate others about Amway and other MLM scams. Therefore, the world is full of weak people. LOL

  • Frank worked for NXIVM mostly in PR about the same time Kreuk joined Nx. Frank worked with the top Nx-ians and was an experienced professional even then but did not suspect anything evil or nefarious about Nx—so how could a naive 23 year old TV actress do better?
    Frank left about a year later. Kreuk stayed in for many years while more nefarious things were exposed about Nx and Raniere so she had to know this, right? But over those years she also was slow-frog-boiled by flying monkeys, by see-no-evil groupthink, and by other forms of mindfucking, so maybe not.
    It seems most likely the Kreuk joined Nx thinking it was a legit self-help group, then like thousands of others (and even hundreds of coaches) was groomed for years to never view the truth about Nx with a clear mind.
    However, whether or not she was part of or even knew about the evil of Nx–the internet will always connect Kristin Kreuk with Sex Cult.

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