Timeline Shows Trump, and Not Democrats, Was on Top of Coronavirus Response

By Peronneau Vandehey

I was tired of hearing how Trump called the virus a hoax and “did nothing” until March….

So I did research.

Here’s the real timeline of what happened (all of this BEFORE we had even one death in the US):



CDC issues travel advisory for Wuhan.


CDC tweets about corona related “pneumonia outbreak in China”


WHO tweets that there is no evidence of human to human transmission.


CDC started doing health screenings at 3 airports of travelers from China.


first case in US for someone who traveled directly from Wuhan.


WHO again says no human to human transmission outside of China.


WHO raises alert level but is still saying China has it contained.


CDC states “While CDC considers covid a serious situation and is taking preparedness measures, the immediate risk in the US is considered low.”


White House announces Coronavirus Task Force created. Note – this is despite the WHO downplaying the threat!


Trump bans travel from China.

Media and multiple Democrats slam his decision calling it racist/xenophobic.

Why this moment is perfectly suited to Joe Biden's bid for president.
“This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia — and fearmongering,” said Democrat Joe Biden the day after the travel restrictions were imposed.
CNN Has Most-Watched Quarter Since 2009
CNN ran a story warning that “the US coronavirus travel ban could backfire” and have the effect of “stigmatizing countries and ethnicities.”
People's Daily, China (@PDChina) | Twitter
The Chinese Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, called the ban “racist.”


World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned thr travel ban it would increase “fear and stigma, with little public health benefit.”



Trump acquitted (impeachment).


White House’s Coronavirus Task Force gives press briefing.


White House Coronavirus Task Force meets with all governors regarding virus.


CDC waiting for approval from Chinese for CDC team to travel to China.


HHS announces partnership to develop vaccine.


Italy identifies its very first case in their country.


CDC tweets that it is working with States for preparedness.


Trump sent letter to Congress asking for $25 billion for virus effort.

Nancy Pelosi made a stop in Chinatown and encouraged people to “please come and visit and enjoy Chinatown.”



There is still no reported community spread in the US!!! (Per CDC tweet.)


First community transmission in US.


Trump appoints Pence to coordinate efforts.


FIRST reported Covid19 death in US.


As late as March 24, Democrat NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was recommending everyone ignore the coronavirus threat.

It is helpful to look at the actual timeline. All of this happened BEFORE the 1st death in US.

I got most of this info from CDC tweets so anyone can look it up to check for accuracy.

There were many more actions in between, I just took some highlights.

Trump announces there are two medicines that could really help battle this virus.

Democrats and their lapdogs in the media immediately attack him calling him irresponsible. Accusing him of giving people false hope and started to claim nothing has been approved to treat the virus.

Fast forward six days and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, says the same thing.

Says there’s two drugs they will start trying to treat this virus. Suddenly the Democrats and media all start saying about Cuomo this is what great leadership looks like.


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  • It is interesting that the NYC Dem mayor encouraged people to see a movie called
    “The Traitor.”

  • President Trump’s travel ban was an important step in trying to contain the virus.
    If China had issued a quarantine in late November thousands of lives would have been saved.
    Instead many Chinese Muslims made pilgrimages to the Holy City of Qom making Iran an epicenter of the disease.
    Other Chinese traveled to Chinatowns all over the world to celebrate the Lunar New Year,
    NYC has several Chinatowns and about 600,000 people of Chinese heritage.
    Now NYC is an epicenter.
    And in Italy where many Chinese work in the clothing industry people were encouraged to Hug a Chinese.
    Now Italy is an epicenter.

    • Trump is running rings around the Dumbocrats, so even if that’s true, what does that make them? LOL

    • How could a fool build a multi-billion $ empire, with buildings that are safe useful, the one on 5th Ave
      for instance has a large public access space on two floors – how could a fool boost the US economy –
      the fools are the ones arguing against his travel ban.
      Who cares about his style – he has lots of substance.

      • He didn’t build it, his father did. Now there was a man! Donald is just a large, spoiled brat that was born into wealth that he didn’t create, that y’all have put in charge of yourselves.

        • He inherited a bundle from his Dad, no question, but went on from there to build a real estate empire. Most kids who inherit from their rich Dads blow the money in five years or less. *Those* are the spoiled brats. The Donald was on track to become one of them but as soon as his Dad noticed that he threw him into a military school. The Donald went on to become a leader in that school by the time he graduated. It was that military school training that transformed Donald Trump, not his inheritance.

  • Frank, you sly dog. DId the judge approve the trial delay until November or later? You’re causing the DOJ to have hissy fits over the jury nullification issue. LOL

    • It’s quite common for people, particularly those with many business interests, to have multiple accounts.
      Multiple accounts prove nothing.
      And in an age where hackers from all over the world hack into accounts it is a matter of security not to put all one’s eggs into one basket.

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