Reports Show Evidence for Using Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Covid-19 Is Flimsy

By AnonyMaker

To begin with, even the National Review has to admit:

“It’s also possible that Trump is hopeful about hydroxychloroquine because he thinks it will help his reelection.”

Besides possibly being hyped for political purposes, kind of like the latest diet fad – how many of those have we seen come and go, or go wrong like the fen-phen combination that turned out to do heart damage? – the adults in the room are just pointing out that the evidence for it working is very mixed and its effectiveness limited at best, particularly when the very real side effects are taken into account:

‘“The data are really just, at best, suggestive,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CBS’s Face the Nation on April 5. “There have been cases that show there may be an effect, and there are others to show there’s no effect. So I think, in terms of science, I don’t think we could definitively say it works.”’

The evidence for using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 is flimsy:

Side Effects

Mayo Clinic cardiologist: ‘Inexcusable’ to ignore hydroxychloroquine side effects:

What Are the Results?

Reports I’m seeing from scientific and medical sources, give us a better idea of what is going on.

56 New York Hospitals Now Treat COVID-19 Patients with Anti-malaria Drug; New Evidence Shows It’s Ineffective:

There’s this new study in preprint from trials at NYU Langone, apparently the hub of hydroxychloroquine research in NYC, about the significant adverse effects of cardiac arrhythmia and the development of acute renal failure in COVID-19 patients. The severe arrhythmia rate for patients given hydroxychloroquine combination therapy was 11%:

Apparently foreign hospitals that have been trying the drugs longer, are running into those and other side effects, along with unimpressive results of effectiveness.


Swedish hospitals abandon trial of promising malaria drug chloroquine for coronavirus patients after it caused them blinding headaches, vision loss, and agonising cramps:

A Forbes article addresses the issue of whether single-case anecodotes, as in the headline of this piece, or small and ad-hoc studies, really tell us anything useful:

‘How has it worked, to date? With only a few small studies to guide treatment, or even identify those who might most benefit, hospitals have reported mixed results.

Even when COVID-19 patients recover, it’s difficult to know whether they would have done so without the medication.’

Hydroxychloroquine For COVID-19: Cure-All Or Flim-Flam?

There is No Ban on Chloroquinine

No, there wasn’t a “ban” like crank bloggers are claiming:

* Fact check: Trump-touted COVID treatment still available in Nevada, but only in hospitals

Even local Fox News understood there was nuance to what was going on:

‘Price gouging and hoarding is happening to more products than just masks and toilet paper. It’s why Sisolak put restrictions on two drugs that have been used to treat COVID-19: chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

“If you could give me a million doses or two million of hydroxychloroquine we could change things but we don’t have them. So that drug has to be used for people either on the malaria, lupus front or people that have it prescribed to them,” said Sisolak. ‘

Not Working as Promised

In Google News, the reports starting to come in don’t look so rosy:

Does hydroxychloroquine cure coronavirus? Trump and Cuomo have promoted hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus COVID-19 treatment. Does HCQ work for …


Anti-malaria drug shortage impacting Coloradans with auto-immune disorders


Doctors, as science-minded professionals, are open to experimentation, particularly in urgent or triage situations – that says nothing about “how effective they believe it is,” just that they think it might possibly be effective.

New Hampshire Gov. Limits Chloroquinine

In today’s news, New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu – son of John, White House Chief of Staff under President George H. W. Bush – has done largely the same thing that Nevada’s governor did:

Emergency Order in NH Limits Use of Hydroxychloroquine, Other Drugs

Chris Sununu limits hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and albuterol due to shortage concerns. The order has exceptions for COVID-19 patients who are high risk …


Colton Underwood Tried Chloroquine

Colton Underwood said in an interview that the hydroxychloroquine used to treat his coronavirus had negative side effects. While the former star of The Bachelor said taking the controversial drug did help him recover, he admitted it can be dangerous.

As far as anecdotal reports from public figures – for what they’re worth –

Bachelor: Colton Says Hydroxychloroquine To Treat Coronavirus Caused Negative Side Effects

Like the Michigan woman, he has no idea whether the drug really helped or not, or whether, as with use of a placebo like sugar pills, he just would have gotten better anyway.

Mixed Reviews on Choloroquine

In the news, it turns out doctors actually working with patients in the field were half as optimistic about hydroxychloroquine:

‘This new survey completed by Sermo on March 27, 2020, reported 6,227 physicians in 30 countries found that 37 percent of those treating COVID-19 patients rated hydroxychloroquine as the “most effective therapy” from a list of 15 options.’

Meanwhile, those working most closely with the treatment are apparently realizing the drug’s downsides and limits:

* ‘No miraculous recovery’: Some ICU doctors say hydroxychloroquine isn’t helping sickest patients

And in hospitals in Europe where they’ve been using it longer, those problems are causing outright abandonment of the drug treatment:

* Side Effects Halt Use of Chloroquine Vs. COVID-19

As for that French study:

* Publisher of hydroxychloroquine study touted by Trump says the research didn’t meet its standards



A new French trial yielded different results:

* Small Trial Suggests Antimalarial Drugs Not Effective For Treating Coronavirus

From the author of the article:

‘I am a medicinal chemist who has specialized in discovery and development of antiviral drugs for the past 30 years, and I have been actively working on coronaviruses for the past seven.

I am among a number of researchers who are concerned that this drug has been given too much of a high priority before there is enough evidence to show it is indeed effective.

There are already other clinical studies that showed it is not effective against COVID-19 as well as several other viruses. And, more importantly, it can have dangerous side effects, as well as giving people false hope.

The latter has led to widespread shortages of hydroxychloroquine for patients who need it to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the indications for which it was originally approved.’


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    The fun has not begun !

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  • Just to update the topic, more studies are coming in with at least preliminary evidence that hydroxychloroquine is ineffective or even harmful, at least as far as treating many COVID-19 patients given the nature of the disease and the demographics most affected:

    Study of malaria drug on VA virus patients shows no benefit, more deaths

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  • People would give you more credence if you used your true name…but anyways on hydroxy chlororquine, it has been used since 1934 and has been well documented to be a “safe” medicine…period. Safe generally means “pretty” safe and probably won’t kill you…but there is “probably” a small percent of people like say 1%, who have an adverse reaction to every single drug or even food products, but to discredit Hydroxy chloroquine as a cure to covid 19 is a disservice and harmful to those who are dying and need something…besides aspirin to take that could actually save their lives as it has actually done for MANY thousands. Speaking about you realize there is about 1 % of those who want to take Baby aspirin .81 mg that have “adverse” reactions and can’t? Vomiting, diarrhea, and the usual bad side effects, that some have…but it definitely CAN”T cure covid 19! So don’t discourage people from using the product. Did you know that “the all wonderful and knowing” NY Governor Andrea Cuomo redirected all of the Hydroxy chloroquine that was heading to “other than” New York City, to be directed to HIM that the almighty Gov could direct who HE feels should be entitled to this life saving drug…besides him and his family, first,my opinion! The Right Side, JG DiLaura

    • I’d rather just let my comments and posts stand on evidence – which includes frequent citation of research and authoritative sources – and solid reasoning, rather than trying to trade on superficial impressions.

      Given that you supposedly have an investigative background, I’d have thought you would have done some legwork before just throwing out a hyphothesized ‘“probably” a small percent of people like say 1%’. A fact-check turns up much higher numbers:

      ‘AEs [adverse effects] associated with HCQ were reported for over 50% of patients and were responsible for permanent HCQ discontinuation in one-third of cases.’

      [Prevalence of hydroxychloroquine-induced side-effects in dermatology patients: A retrospective survey of 102 patients].

      In a fresh post, I’ll note the latest of a series of trials reporting that, particularly for treatment of COVID-19 given the nature of the disease, other medications in use, and the demographics of patients, it may actually do more harm than good.

  • Two new small-scale trials are in. Both show lots of side effects and few benefits; in at least one, patients fared worse overall:

    * The Latest Hydroxychloroquine Data, As of April 11

    As experts predicted, the two-drug combination has increased risks, because both have some of the same potential adverse reactions or side effects, thus compounding the downsides:

    ‘However, when azithromycin was added to hydroxychloroquine, we observed an increased risk of 30-day cardiovascular mortality’

    Also, the French are encountering more problems with side effects as trials and experiments there continue on:

    * French officials report heart incidents in experimental coronavirus treatments with hydroxychloroquine

    Today, I heard second-hand through some of my ecumenical sources, that at least some evangelical and fundamentalist churches, are concerned about parishioners not taking the threat of infection and illness seriously, in part because they have been lead to believe that cures or treatments are right around the corner. Some churches that had planned to have small Easter services with social distancing precautions, are now considering last-minute cancellations because they feel that they may not be able to trust foolish souls in their midst, who think there’s no threat or that they know better, not to violate protective measures and endanger people.

    The problem with creating unrealistic expectations or false hopes is that people will act on them in ways that endanger themselves and others. No one, however, is against proper scientific research proceeding not only prudently, but even agressively given the nature of the threat faced.

  • This must be one of the adults anonyfaker is in love with The demonic marxists are making a big move

    No return to ‘normality’ until coronavirus vaccine is available, Trudeau says

    Canadians won’t be able to return to life as they knew it before the novel coronavirus pandemic until a vaccine is available, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.

    “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this… That will be a very long way off,” the prime minister said during his daily news conference on Canada’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
    “We will have to remain vigilant for at least a year,” he added in French.

    Trudeau’s comments came just after the release of modelling data that federal health officials have been using to inform Canada’s response to the pandemic.

    The models suggested the first wave of the virus could end roughly sometime in the summer, but that further “wavelets” are possible in the following months.

    • This whole Virus scam looks more and more like a blatant power grab to change the election laws through”ballot harvesting.”
      Democratic Party workers will be allowed to collect huge numbers of ballots and deliver them en masse to polling stations ro be tabulated by Democratic Party apparatchiks.
      Not only the dead will vote but so will illegal aliens and even aborted fetuses and fictional persons.
      America will never again have free and fair elections and the Marxist Democratic Party will only allow private property when it serves the interests of the increasingly Marxist State.
      In 2016 California legalized Ballot Harvesting and the Democratic party vote went up 5 to 10 per cent over night.



      • Yeah, there’s an evil conspiracy at hand
        to use the coronavirus pandemic to obfuscate the election rigging and vote harvesting. OMG if the citizens of the United States only understood what Shadowstate understands……

        The Democrats and Allison Mack started the Coronavirus clandestinely in mainland China. Then the two women spread the virus all over the world…..

        All to cover their tracks. Their true purpose is too rig the election and steal it from Trump.

        Shadowstate, there’s more holes in your conspiracy theory, than the Flat Earth conspiracy.

        The biggest hole being the space between your ears.


        Shadowstate do you remember when the Chinese bought that giant building, that was worthless from Jared Kushner and his dad family, saving the Kushner family from going belly-up ?

    • There’s nuance there – it’s not black-and-white, on-or-off. And politics don’t necessarily have anything to do with it.

      And that’s exactly the problem we face, there may be those “wavelets,” or even a whole other wave – in the pandemic of 1918, it was the second wave in the second flu season, that killed far more people.

      We’ve been trying to figure out what to do with our church services, for instance – which we’ve now put online. At some point we’ll go back to having something like regular services, though maybe with some level of precautions – possibly with extreme social distancing at first, and then getting closer to normal as conditions and guidance evolve. But some of our older members at high risk may not be able to attend in person again, until there’s a vaccine to protect them fully, probably a year or more out. What we’re planning, by the way, is to continue to broadcast online services, and have at least partly online social hours, even when we can resume some use of sanctuaries.

  • Democrat Plan Could Mail Ballots to 24 Million Ineligible Voters

    Government Accountability Insititute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election, says the Democrats’ plan for nationwide mail-in voting would send ballots to 24 million inaccurate and flawed voter registrations.

  • Thanks to China’s reckless and deadly behavior the Global economy faces the Greatest Depression since the 1930s.
    People will die because of China’s dangerous disease and then they will die because of the poverty imposed on the world by China’s irresponsible behavior.
    And China’s mouthpieces in the Democratic party– Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Joe Biden will try to blame it all on Donald Trump.

  • Was the “vaping death” epidemic actually round 1 of Covid-19 in the US?

    Most of the vaping products of course were imported from Communist Chi….na

    Patients who have come down with the mystery lung injury started to experience symptoms anywhere from a few days to several weeks after using e-cigarettes. So far, the patients have a few things in common, according to the CDC. They suffered from respiratory symptoms, including coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, abdominal pain, fever, and weight loss were also common symptoms

    • You’re kidding right?

      The vaping thing was from garbage THC pods that people were selling. It had absolutely nothing to do with China. It was entirely underground (or black market I guess) pods people were selling and packaging in look a like boxes of well known vape brands. It had nothing to do with JUUL or legit vape brands….and nothing the government did in response fixed the problem.

    • The Fox article doesn’t use the word “failed”. Do you even read what you spam/troll?

      And so what, now we’re supposed to think your armchair guru with an even less science-y degree than Raniere had, has one of the world’s highest IQs and is one of the world’s top problem solvers when it comes to virology and public health? He’s saying what a particular audience wants to hear at the moment, but Raniere was good at that trick, too.

      Even the article linked has to note his baseless crank Reefer Madness type theories about marijuana:

      ‘Berenson argued that the evidence instead shows a link between the drug and serious mental illness and an epidemic of violence’

      Further explained, including even his attempt to tie that theory into the current pandemic, in a way almost as whacky as Fred:

      * Discredited Author Says Maybe We Should Blame Weed For COVID-19

      And actually, what has occurred with the COVID-19 epidemic in this country, has fallen in the range of the models – just at the low end, which is still a relative success by the standards of modeling. It’s obvious you don’t understand the fundamentals of math and science, but does your guru even, either – or is that the sort of thing that lead to his laughable “killer weed” theory?

    • No, it’s just that the adults in the room – regardless of ideological affiliation – don’t want to see people dying from poorly-informed actions like taking pond chemicals, and overdosing and being harmed due to hapless attempts at self treatment, for example:

      Hydroxychloroquine Abuse Up Since Trump First Mentioned Drug, U.S. Poison Centers Say

      Or else endangering themselves and others, thinking the situation doesn’t have to be taken seriously or that there is a sure cure around the corner, and doing everything from failing to take proper precautions for themselves and others, to the crazy stuff we unfortunately see like licking, coughing and spitting on groceries.

      And aren’t you the one bloodthirsty for a war with China, that would probably make the Korean conflict look like a mere skirmish? It seems like you project a lot onto others – another thing typical of the culty mindset.

      • Yea, slick, the fuckin democrats are the adults in the room. You are so divorced from reality. Every time Pelosi farts, you breathe deeply. You are the one who needs to grow up.

  • Why Quercetin and Zinc Ought Be Your Go-To Supplements To Prevent Coronavirus (GreatAwakening)

    Spike S-protein binding

    Quercetin actually works in 2 ways against coronavirus. As a zinc carrier, and also an entry inhibitor, according to the study that used IBM SUMMIT supercomputer to find the substances that bind to the spike S-protein of the virus inhibiting interaction with ACE2 receptors on cells, which coronavirus uniquely targets

    Early research on existing drug compounds via supercomputing could combat coronavirus

    They found the following natural substances: in addition to Quercetin

    Quercetin, Luteolin, Eriodictyol, and Coclaurine // Yerba Santa and Sacred LotusImgur Album

    Zinc Ionophore

    I wish they’d start talking about Quercetin, EGCG and Zinc. These work in exactly the same way as Hydroxychloroquine–they are zinc ionophores, carriers of zinc into the cytoplasm of cells to inhibit the rdrp enzyme the virus uses to replicate itself. Here this is explained in detail with NIH citations regarding quercetin

    How Zinc ionophores (like Hydroxy|chloroquine, Quercetin) Inhibit the The Human Coronavirus from Replicating (and fight Cancer cells)

    Numerous NIH citations in the link above

    • Thank you for the names of other drugs that work or could work. I welcome any information on drugs that kill COVID 19.

      But I think AnonyMaker will have a fit if you plug anything that does. He seems insane.

      The sane people want chloroquine and anything else that works. Please continue to post.

  • A nasty problem exists here: the word “anecdotal” carries a negative connotation. It implies that people recovering from the Wuhan virus with unexpected frequency after having received H&A treatment is mere perception and is, therefore, not science. This is wrong. Anecdotal evidence is not hearsay evidence; it is evidence from direct observation. Anecdotal evidence compiled by somebody with an agenda other than saving lives might be readily dismissed, but doctors who are in the business of treating Wuhan virus patients are motivated to find what works best.

    As I stated in another thread
    The bullshit con artist anonyfaker likes to pass himself off as basically an expert on about everything. As much time as the fraud spends here, he could actually be more productive doing something useful for his Brooklyn community. He loves to constantly use terms like “factcheck”….”debunked”…”Science” while only citing sources that he AGREES with and disregard for mounting evidence and other sources that challenge his belief. Now his new buzz word “anecdotal” is in many of his platitudinous comments.

  • Great News!!!!!

    Boris Johnson is OUT OF INTENSIVE CARE UNIT already. 🙂

    Boris Johnson has been improving by the hour and was moved out of intensive care and back to the normal hospital ward — without ever developing pneumonia or needing any ventilator.

    The liberals (like AnonyFaker) are FUMING at this news cuz they were hoping that Boris would die —– so they could make the world more afraid of COVID.

    It’s really pathetic that human beings could be so hateful and despicable.

    It’s really amazing that human beings could put their own political agenda ahead of the LIFE of a great man.

    But oh well, Boris is doing just fine now. That’s the most important thing. 🙂

    Sorry AnonyFaker, this just isn’t your day.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Fauci is not saying it does not work. He may be cautious.
    BTW, what are his ties to Gates and Gates’ ties to Wuhan?

  • As usual this person who does not dare give his real name puts up lots of URLs – but when we click on them, they do NOT
    say what he assumes they will.
    Yes, there are side effects. So what? Would Colton Underwood be alive if he did not take chloroquine? Maybe not. And he is not really
    A lot of this author’s work is inuendo – someone suggesting that Trump is doing this to help his reelection.
    Trump would not use it for any reason if he did not think it worked.
    AnonyMaker has at tiems quoted Chinese sources. China sometimes does not tell the truth. A lot of the time in fact.
    The French trial is a SMALL trial, while other French trials are optimistic about CQ.
    AnonyMaker is being as selective as a dishonest, murderous CCP official trying to kill Americans.
    Which I think is exactly what he is trying to do.

  • Frank, thanks for putting together that compendium of news items I’ve posted.

    Let me be clear about one thing: I am all for fast-tracked, properly-run trials of hydroxychloroquine, by itself and in conjunction with other medications – just as is in fact going on at moment across this country, and in other places around the world. And as far as I can tell, everyone else who is questioning information coming from non-professionals and non-experts is only advocating for prudence, not opposing trials and research; it’s a typical canard, and strawman fallacy, to try to claim that questioning, is somehow opposition.

    As noted, NYU Langone seems to be the hub of research in New York, and I laud their professional efforts. I’m going to donate to them, and anyone who wants to put their money where their mouth is can do the same, here:

    * Support COVID-19 Care and Relief

    They have news, including links to information on coronavirus and studies, here:

    * NewsHub

    The point made by professionals in relevant fields like virology and public health, is to avoid rushing to judgment, or worse yet cultivating false expectations, which has proven to be dangerous. We’ve seen people die from attempts to replicated supposed cures, reports are starting to pile up of overdoses and severe side effects from attempts at self-medication, and false hopes can cause people to engage in risky behaviors when in fact there isn’t something that’s going to save them.

    And, critical issues like this shouldn’t be politicized. Who here knows the famous old motto “United we stand, divided we fall”?


  • The United States economy is tanking, and rapidly due to Covid-19. We don’t have the time for long clinical trials. The search for a vaccine is one thing, that will stop future infections. We need a treatment NOW for those afflicted with the virus.

    From the reports being made, it’s clear that this old drug, decades-old and inexpensive, is both safe and effective against those who suffer from COVID-19. Put it into widespread use, and do it yesterday. That’s a reason also for the delay, is that there is no big money in Hydroxychloroquine for Big Pharma, so they soft-pedal it as they won’t make large profits from it, like they milk the American public with insulin costs.

    The only people that want to prolong this crisis are those who want Trump to fail. If the United States economy recovers before summer, it is likely to be reflected in the election results. That’s the only reason for this delay.

  • LOL. Not another AnonyFaker Hydroxychloroquine post. 🙂

    Rather than make repeated arguments on the same topic, I’ll just say that 65% of all US doctors said they would prescribe it to their own family and kids.

    Their own KIDS. Their own FAMILY. 🙂

    If it was ‘useless’ or ‘harmful’ I don’t think they’d say that since doctors are not stupid.

    Truth is… There are several anecdotal ‘studies’ which show that it works and a couple studies that show it doesn’t work — just like there are studies that show smoking is addictive and some that show it’s not addictive, LOL.

    Every courtroom trial has ‘experts’ (doctors, etc) which say opposite things for the defense and prosecution —- and they all claim to be right.

    I’m gonna go with the opinion of 65% of all medical doctors in the US.

    **On a MORE IMPORTANT note…

    Great news!!

    Trump’s Task Force has said that within a few weeks the USA will roll out tens of MILLIONS of serology tests (antibody tests) which can be done with a simple finger prick —- which will allow the economy to reopen on a faster scale.

    This testing will detect everybody who has had the virus and recovered from it (and is now immune from it).

    This will allow millions of people to go back to work (to be certified as “immune”).

    Also… It will allow all future sick people (recovering from COVID) to get certified as immune within 2 weeks after recovering —- and to go back to work.

    So from now on (beginning in May) if you get sick then you’re only a few weeks from being certified as immune and returning to work. 🙂

    This is what’s needed to get the economy moving again. 🙂

    It’s finally gonna be rolled out on a massive scale.

    I hate to make the liberals angry, but hey, it’s happening. LOL.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • April 9, 2020
    Chloroquine may never get the perfect study proving it’s good. Use it anyway
    By Steve Bigler

    Most folks have read tantalizing reports of patients who have received a combination drug cocktail of chloroquine (or hydroxychloroquine), azithromycin (commonly known as a Z-pack), and sometimes zinc for treatment of COVID-19. These reports have been mostly anecdotal and have involved small numbers of patients. But there have been a decent number of such reports — enough to spark President Trump’s interest and endorsement.

    And if you personally know and speak to any physicians — particularly hospitalists, pulmonologists, intensivists, E.D. physicians, or primary care physicians — you’ll soon find someone who has quietly prescribed this drug cocktail to one or many patients. The reports I’ve received from physician colleagues have invariably been positive. In addition, virtually all physicians I know would not hesitate to treat their own family members with the CZZ cocktail.

    The FDA has been quite hesitant to approve such treatment — even though it’s a long known and approved practice for physicians to prescribe drugs “off label” — in other words, to use drugs for a purpose other than their specific FDA-approved use. Docs aren’t jailed for doing that! The exercise of physician judgment is a recognized and accepted principle and practice.

    The reason for the FDA foot-dragging is generally understandable under most circumstances: there is no current Level I clinical data that supports the use of these drugs to treat COVID-19. As mentioned above, the reports have all involved a small number of patients and are simply anecdotal in nature. And there is always valid concern about risks and side-effects of drugs.

    Level I clinical data generally — not always, but generally — involves a randomized, prospective, double-blind study. Such studies are carefully planned, organized, and conducted. There is typically a treatment group — the patients who receive the treatment — and a control group — a well matched group of patients who receive a placebo, not the actual treatment. Such studies take time. That’s the first problem.

    In a pandemic, we don’t have the luxury of a lot of time to conduct an exquisite study. Lives are immediately at stake.

    A second potential problem is the risk of side-effects from the use of any drug. However, both drugs in question have been in use for many years and have a well known and reasonable risk profile. It’s not as if we’re testing brand new drugs.

    There is a third problem. To do a really strong Level I clinical study, the study population would ideally need to consist of the high-risk population group — older patients with one or more significant co-morbidities. In a younger healthy population, COVID-19 is more likely to be a benign disease process even if not treated. So there is a reasonable chance that investigators wouldn’t be able to demonstrate a clear and persuasive drug treatment advantage even if there is one. To do so would require an immense study population.

    Finally, there’s a fourth problem with a Level I clinical study that I haven’t heard discussed. At the current point in time, it is this:

    By raise of hand, who among you who are in the high-risk population group wants to contract COVID-19, agree to participate in a study, then volunteer to take your 50/50 chance of being assigned to the control group? Anyone?

    I know there are studies underway to evaluate this drug combination. But I would hope the FDA would consider loosening its otherwise tight control — perhaps if even on a temporary basis — to allow treatment that can be evaluated on a real time ongoing basis. It’s not Level I clinical data, but for the reasons listed above, we may never achieve Level I clinical data — at least not in the necessary time frame. And sometimes emergent need trumps standard procedure

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