Is Coronavirus a Direct Consequence of the Rollout of 5G?

Editor’s Note: Frank Report neither endorses nor rejects the opinions expressed in this article, namely that there is a connection between 5G and the coronavirus pandemic. Since we do not really know how the coronavirus got started [unless we accept China’s word for it that it was started by the US Army] it seems reasonable to hear the author out on this topic. He is not promoting anything dangerous such as that people should not practice social distancing, but rather is discussing the possibility of a health danger that may be at the root of other health dangers, namely 5G. 

By Fred

I said on Frank Report that I was keeping an eye on a 5G testbed in Harlem, long before anyone said “coronavirus”, and now I see that this tent city is intended to handle the possible overflow from that 5G testbed.

A genuine synchronicity right here on FR.

First: there is now evidence from around the USA that this story of vans coming in to “sanitize” schools under lockdown, while really installing 5G and biometrics, seems indeed to be the case. See:

You’ll see videos of these vans and hear a phone call to a school, where the moment a question about 5G is asked, the school secretary hangs up the phone. Several of the trucks indicate that they provide sanitary services and are equipped with ladders; then there is a van belonging to a company specializing in installing security and identification systems.

You’ll also see various reports saying that the same kind of thing has been seen in schools around the USA from California to Florida. Also see this page for a very interesting compendium of links:

So the schools are apparently being weaponized. I’ve also seen reports from Seattle, for example, that entire malls are being closed down and fitted with 5G. People should keep their eyes open and report what they see, these eyewitness accounts are absolutely vital. Take care and take pictures if possible.

I’m not going to give lots of references here. But Donald Trump recently gave a speech in which he predicted waves of suicides, resulting from depression and hopelessness from the economic situation.

“So you’re going to have tremendous suicides … and people are going to be dying all over the place from drug addiction,” Trump said.

Especially when the kids eventually go back to school: with this mass rollout of 5G, you are indeed going to see “tremendous” waves of suicides. I’ve warned about this over and again. Apart from impaired immunity, teen suicide is the biggest issue Mr. Barrie Trower warns about wherever towers go up.

What Trump’s statement now tells me, for 100% certain, is that President Donald J. Trump is completely deliberately perpetrating open genocide on the American people with the accelerated rollout of 5G.

5G will be Trump’s 9/11.

I started this discussion on 5G way back with a comparison with the game of “chicken”, in which duelists race their cars towards a cliff edge. The last one to throw themselves out of the car is the winner, unless of course they go over the cliff.

I said: China has gone over the cliff, with this coronavirus epidemic, it’s a straight consequence of the rollout of 5G. It’s time to fling yourself out of the car, America.

If anyone wants to argue, here is proof that Wuhan was the very first testbed in the whole of China for full “edge cloud” 5G along a motorway for autonomous driving:

This report, dated February 2019, states unambiguously: “Chinese state-owned telecommunication company China Mobile is building a 5G smart highway project in Wuhan in Hubei province.

“The first 5G smart highway project in the country is currently under construction. Once it is complete, the telecommunications company plans to introduce 5G services on the highway, starting with ‘smart toll stations’ that could replace the present equipment and human operators.”

You’ll see here that the biggest single spike in Wuhan’s coronavirus cases occurred in the exact week that they switched this highway system on:

Italy, Spain, France, and Germany all leading in Europe’s 5G networks, with the the highest rates of COVID-19 in the EU … China sees a spike in cases right after it tests and launches one of the largest 5G bases in the world …Wuhan cases spike the day it launches a 5G Expressway Project for monitoring traffic … US sees a spike in coronavirus cases after T-Mobile launches its nationwide 5G network, with outbreaks occurring precisely in 5G hotspots … Hokkaido, Japan experiences the greatest pandemic outbreak in the country, after testing the world’s first 5G car connection test, while deploying 5G in roadway tunnels … the planned Event 201 coronavirus pandemic scenario before the outbreak hits Wuhan … the flaws of testing for COVID-19 and its relation to the common flu.

So: the first 5G motorway testbed in China coincides with the epicentre of the Chinese epidemic; and the first 5G “inside the building” testbed in the USA coincides with the epicentre of the American epidemic.

And if the term “edge cloud” means little to you, remember that Turin — epicentre of the disastrous Italian epidemic — was the first “edge cloud” 5G city in the whole of Europe.

Some edge.

I spent the other evening touring the suburb of Kirkland, Seattle, on Google Maps. I was trying to spot the building where the company Pivotal Commware did their 5G “inside the building” test in this largely residential area. I was going on the picture in Pivotal’s PR release:

The roof on the building outside is very distinctive, with at least seven triangular gables over what appear to be residential apartments. I found it comparatively easy to scan the buildings from above, looking for this feature.

After a couple of hours, I felt that I knew the landscape around the Pivotal Commware HQ fairly well, looking with a radio planner’s eye, and I was certain that this building was not in the area. My best find for the night was a restaurant called La Corona Mexican.

So I did a search just for the photograph, and quickly found that it was actually a stock image used on several building material suppliers’ websites in the U.K.:

You can see that Pivotal just added the image of their 5G Echo product to this stock picture.

Pivotal Commware and their PR agency, Global Results Communications are invested in persuading pregnant women that 5G presents no health threat.:

So I repeat to Pivotal Commware and their PR agency, Global Results Communications: in the interests of public health worldwide, come clean, and tell us exactly where you conducted your 5G “inside the building” trials. Your dead silence indicates to me that your testbed was indeed a few blocks northwards of your HQ, in the vicinity of the two health centres that were the epicentre of the early U.S. coronavirus outbreak.

Prove me wrong.

Since then, New York has become Ground Zero once again in its history. Does anyone remember me mentioning a major 5G testbed in Harlem, and how I was keeping an eye for problems in the area? Well: this Harlem 5G trial is being implemented by Columbia University, and the south boundary of this testbed is Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus:

NSF COSMOS graphic

Taking a look at the map, this is right next to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital, on the other side of Central Park to the main Mount Sinai site, for which I can find no patient numbers. Here’s a report from March 20:

“At Mount Sinai Health System’s Morningside hospital in New York City, the number of coronavirus patients at the 500-bed facility doubled in two days this week, to 20 patients needing hospitalization, another 18 who were being observed for potential infection and more than 50 being tested in the emergency room in one day…

“Morningside typically runs at more than 80% occupancy but is now repurposing beds normally used for elective surgery patients to create wards for treating coronavirus cases, setting up a tent outside its emergency room to expand capacity, and ramping up staffing by reassigning personnel and asking retired physicians to help pick up non-emergency care.”

So Mount Sinai Morningside has already set up its own overflow tent. And now this tent city in Central Park is apparently being constructed to take the overflow from Mount Sinai. That Harlem testbed I was checking out, is now at home in Ground Zero.

Wherever you look …

Check it out: Taiwan has an amazingly low infection rate, 339 cases and five deaths so far. They have not yet rolled out 5G; it’s planned for July of this year. A stark difference between the two Chinas.

This is an interesting review of Dr. Arthur Firstenberg’s book “The Invisible Rainbow”:

Philadelphia Threw a WWI Parade That Gave Thousands of Onlookers ...

I’m noting that the “Spanish flu” first appeared at the Naval Radio School in Cambridge, Mass., with 400 initial cases. Along with mass vaccinations of sailors, this episode was the first time that people were exposed en masse to powerful radio waves at close quarters.

Firstenberg also tracks many other cases of flu epidemics that coincided with wireless rollouts. I have tracked two such epidemics myself.

A couple of other really interesting points from this book: the first case of “colony collapse disorder” in bees occurred on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel in 1904. This coincided with Marconi powering up four transatlantic transmitters on the island. When they brought other colonies of bees to the Isle of Wight, they also died out. No one thought of looking at Marconi’s transmitters as a possible cause.

In 1901, when Marconi only had two transmitters there, Queen Victoria herself suffered an unexpected series of strokes while on that very island and died, to the great shock of the British nation.

Firstenberg also blames Sigmund Freud for completely missing the whole phenomenon of wireless-induced neurological problems, and blaming all the pathology of the age on the “subconscious” and its urges. Thus Freud’s fashionable, but unobservant theories allowed the electrification of society to proceed absolutely unchecked.

Talking about influenzas, this is Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, a top Pentagon wargamer in his day, writing in 1991 about the general effects of electrosmog: “Long-range detrimental effects from this smog are occurring now, such as extremely slow jamming of our immune systems, leading to a rise in arthritic diseases, immuno-suppressive opportunistic infections, etc. Also, such diseases as influenzas will slowly seem to become harsher and harsher. Indeed, new strains will appear, and they will be much harsher and more resistant to medical treatment.”

Along with all the lingering flus that Dr. Arthur Firstenberg tracked with the rollout of early cell phone networks, here then is another long-range prediction of ever-harsher and novel strains of influenza coinciding with rising EMR levels in the environment. This is so well known to those who know, we can only watch and wonder how long it can all be covered up among the general public. The storm of mainstream media reports debunking the “5G coronavirus link” tells me that the situation is getting genuinely hot.

I may as well tackle a particular issue here. A video by a Dr. Thomas Cowan linked the coronavirus epidemic with 5G, and quoted Rudolf Steiner’s comment on the 1918 Spanish flu, saying that viruses were not the cause, viruses were a product of the cell detoxifying itself. This video went viral, if you’ll excuse the pun, and has called down the wrath of the fact checkers.

I know any mention of Steiner is going to start people frothing at the mouth, but before you get going, please watch this video:

The first half is a YouTuber called Dana Ashlie warning about 5G, this is a very influential video, and she quite cleverly conceals her sources here, she’s extremely well informed. More on her below. However, from 24:38, there is a 2009 radio interview with one Aarjonus Vonderplanitz, a most entertaining and interesting speaker, famous for his efforts in promoting raw foods in the USA. I can’t hear any hint that he has the slightest connection with Steiner. Yet he gives an absolutely resolute and quite plausible argument that there is no such thing as a “bad virus”, that viruses are simply solvents and cleansing agents exuded by cells that are fighting illness and imbalance within themselves.

He argues extremely persuasively that viruses are NOT ALIVE in any sense of the word — the idea of viruses “surviving” on surfaces is just absurd. Aarjonus may be another nut case for you, but this guy knows a thing or two. If you would rather read his theories than listen, see here:

I don’t have time go further with this now, but once again, my instinct says that Rudolf Steiner is absolutely correct and knows exactly what he’s talking about. He says elsewhere that this belief in germs and viruses is just like the belief in ghosts of ages past: there’s actually some reality to what people are saying, there are germs, there are ghosts; but the overall truth is very different to people’s superstitions in each case.

Wisdom from Rudolh Steiner

Waldorf Schools are based on the teachings of Rudolph Steiner.

Listen to this statement from Steiner, and contrast what he’s saying with the way Italian victims are dying right now, completely separated from their families and from even the most basic human contact:

“Germs flourish most intensively when we take nothing but materialistic thoughts into sleep with us. There is no better way to encourage them to flourish than to enter sleep with only materialistic ideas …

“The only other method that is just as good is to live in the center of an epidemic or endemic illness and to think of nothing but the sickness all around, filled only with a fear of getting sick. That would be equally effective. If fear of the illness is the only thing created in such a place and one goes to sleep at night with that thought, it produces afterimages, Imaginations impregnated with fear. That is a good method of cultivating and nurturing germs.

“If this fear can be reduced even a little by, for example, active love and, while tending the sick, forgetting for a time that one might also be infected, the conditions are less favorable for the germs.”

In other words: all the fear and paranoia is actually fueling the epidemic, we truly have a vicious circle here. Materialism: people are desperate because they’ve lost their jobs and they fall asleep wracked with money worries; and fear: they are also full of dread of catching some dark disease, or passing it on to others. We have the perfect psychic storm for an epidemic. Steiner says these epidemics always originate in the astral plane, that of feelings, sensations and emotions, and we can see this reality at play here.

This Dr. Thomas Cowan (I’ve never heard of him before) also quotes Steiner saying that artificial electromagnetism in the environment makes it far, far more difficult simply to be human. Which includes showing active love while tending the ill.

I am self-isolating with the greatest of enthusiasm, it suits me just fine — you leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone. Make no mistake, I’m not rushing out to embrace anyone who’s ill.

But have you ever seen such a wave of fear and panic run over the whole planet, since the eras of world war? Coinciding with a massive microwave irradiation of the population, long shown in studies to be associated with depression, mood swings, concentration lapses, inner agitation, “rages” and suicidal ideation.

You take a look at the maps overlaying 5G rollouts with the coronavirus epidemic across the world. The correlations are truly astonishing. People tell me that Iran doesn’t have 5G yet. When — seriously, when — are you all going to understand that there is absolutely no distinction between military and civilian networks? What do YOU know of Iranian military telecoms infrastructure? Why is Huawei’s CFO being detained for breaking sanctions with Iran? What happened to the whistleblower allegations that MTN was supplying Iran with military equipment?

Just one comment about Dana Ashlie, who has been much derided by the “fact checkers” for her assertion that 60 GHz 5G will affect oxygen uptake in the lungs and blood. She references a scientific paper produced by the industry itself, “Fixed Wireless Communications at 60 GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties,” which describes exactly why this part of the spectrum is specifically being made freely available for mini 5G towers servicing small cells.

The frequency of 60 GHz is a “sweet spot” for engineers precisely BECAUSE this radiation is so strongly absorbed by oxygen, so that the signal does not propagate far and therefore frequencies can be reused in the next geographical “cell”. The paper shows a diagram with a clear “Frequency Reuse Range” at 60 GHz:

Now — as Dana Ashlie actually points out — the 5G in Wuhan is not yet (as far as we know) on 60 GHz, it’s in the 3.5 GHz range, which is widely being used for the initial 5G rollout, not least because it penetrates walls and can piggy-back on the existing cell phone tower network.

But ultimately, 60 GHz is where they’re going, by their own account, so that they can have dense networks of mini-towers, specifically because the radiation is so strongly absorbed by oxygen that the frequencies can be reused nearby. And not a single thought is given to health or environmental impacts, because we’re below FCC thermal limits. This is OXYGEN, yes? Saturation radiated at its resonant frequency at close range by millions of towers. Can anyone possibly imagine that there WON’T be problems?

Can you see how utterly insane it is, to leave this kind of implementation in the hands of engineers? The same people who designate the skin as a “limb”, designate the ears as “extremities”, and designate the head as “not part of the body”, so that all of these anatomical zones can be radiated more strongly?

There’s a story that’s worth telling here, one of the few times that the stealth war came to public attention. During the 1980s, something like 30 British scientists and engineers working in the field of electromagnetic warfare (many employed by the company Marconi) either “committed suicide” in the most bizarre ways imaginable, or died otherwise extremely strange deaths, to the point where questions were asked of Margaret Thatcher in Parliament:

I have the hard copy of a 1991 book called “Open Verdict” by Tony Collins, the title comes from the number of inquests in this saga that recorded open verdicts, i.e., the coroner could not reach a conclusion as to what had happened. The book goes into great detail about the dense interconnections between civilian and military networks, especially with regard to the death of Jonathan Wash, a British Telecom engineer who fell to his death from a hotel room in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Wash had worked on a BT project called System X, which Collins reveals was tightly integrated with military networks; it seems Wash knew too much, and grew completely paranoid in his last days, convinced that his life was in danger.

You think you can look at a map of commercial 5G rollouts, and tell me what’s going on? You’re not even seeing the hundredth part of it. There are vast military networks being deployed all over the Earth, hovering far above it, buried way below it, which they will never acknowledge.

And I am 100% certain that this is what is happening in Iran: a very shaky regime is propping itself up with massive surveillance of the population, aided and abetted by the Chinese since 2009. And again, I will bet everything I own that the Iranians have got extensive 5G-type surveillance networks live, up and running, ready to lock the population down. And it is this radiation that is primarily making them so ill. Remember, I’ve even tracked special installations of MTN LTE towers in the middle of the holy city of Qom, epicentre of the Iranian outbreak.

Wherever you look, you find a connection.

So here’s a very definite prediction, for an imminent major spike in illnesses in the U.S. and all kinds of funny health happenings, people fainting, birds falling from the sky, etc. A spike like that one in Wuhan when they activated the 5G motorway.

On April 8, 2020, the US military along with SpaceX will be holding a major “live fire” exercise, including shooting down drones and cruise missiles:

This will use the Starlink swarm of satellites. So we can see that Starlink is basically a military network.

Incidentally, Elon Musk has just been given an FCC licence for a million ground-based antennas in America for uplinks to these satellites; so the radiation just compounds and compounds without limit.

Take a look at that Air Force Times article and see how much testing they’ve been doing — massive radiation exercises. But they’ll be setting the dial to eleven and a half on April 8, and all systems will be firing at once. This will be predominantly across Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. Something weird will happen during or shortly after this radiation storm, even if they manage to cover it up for a while. Just you watch.

Now: there’s great significance in this term “live fire exercise”. There was a recent press conference with President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, with the latter saying that China needed to come clean and give the world all the information it had. This is not about retribution, he said — this is a “live exercise” and we need access to all the information the Chinese Communist Party has.

At this point, Trump leans in and says what some people have interpreted as — “You should have let us know”, i.e., implying that Pompeo is the one who started this “live exercise” and he should have told the President. However, if you watch the body language and read Trump’s lips, he’s clearly saying: “THEY shoulda let us know”, i.e., the Chinese should have told us. In other words, this is a Chinese “live exercise”.

Exercise in what? Do you really have to ask?

This is the full 5G super-surveillance state they are deploying in a “live fire” exercise, and it comes with a cost, in the form of massive waves of illness sweeping across populations. Donald Trump is bravely declaring that America must brace itself for a wave of fatalities, including mass suicides. This is just the price his military overlords have told him is necessary, for the United States to achieve 5G supremacy.

And this spectrum supremacy HAS to be achieved at literally any cost. So under the cover of the coronavirus scare, you are watching 5G being rolled out almost overnight across the nation. And when it’s all switched on, those who must die to Keep America Great, must just die quietly, including committing suicide quietly and neatly.

SpaceX Just Launched a Fleet of Starlink Satellites. Here's How to ...

I really hoped and indeed prayed that Donald Trump could be awoken to the dangers of his generals and their stealth warfare plans on the civilian population. Instead, we’re going to have 42,000 Elon Musk satellites overhead, your Space Force on parade, safely out of the range of any social vandals who might want to start destroying the 5G towers they find.

The QAnons are convinced that some day soon, Hillary Clinton will swing at the end of a rope at Gitmo. I’m now convinced that the whole QAnon phenomenon is just a blind to distract “patriots” while the military-industrial complex rolls out 5G.

Why am I here?

The Nxivm cult went right to the very top of Mexican politics, right to the top of U.S. politics, with Nancy Salzman and the Bronfman sisters on the Clinton Global Initiative pay-to-play bandwagon.

Frank Report has done more to bust the villains and put them behind bars than all of Q’s promises put together. In a post on March 28, Q talks about overcoming “Those who cull you.” This is very, very cynical in light of Trump’s fast-tracking of 5G. So much for the Great Awakening. So much for draining the swamp: the FCC has never been more captured.

Mexican politics: Carlos Slim, one of the world’s richest man, owns a big hunk of the New York Times. The NYT’s propaganda about Russia and 5G is some of the most offensive journalism since the NYT lied to cover up six million Ukrainians being starved to death by Stalin.

The current NYT lies are going to kill far more people than Stalin ever dreamed of. Killed by Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecoms Act. Killed by Carlos Slim’s industry, while the NYT covers it up. “All the news that’s fit to print”, they say. It’s really “All the lies that fit our agenda.”

I can very happily self-isolate. If they come to forcibly vaccinate me, I’ll offer just to stay very quietly in my house and never leave, I’d be more than happy to do that for a decade, I’ve got a lot of writing to do.

Otherwise, if they come with their needles and try to inject me, they’ll have to hold me down first, and then seriously put me in jail, because I won’t shut up about it. Remember when the “liberals” came up with the slogan: it’s my body, it’s my choice? Such fine words to kill babies. And now they’re trying to foist compulsory vaccinations with digital tattoo certification, per Bill Gates.

The world as we know it will change forever in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bill Gates who declared that we will soon have “digital certificates” to display our health and vaccination status and can also be used for Identification purposes rendering paper documents obsolete and permitting government to turn on or off an individual’s access to various opportunities..

My body, my choice? Do you think I can try that argument with them? Oh, no, you don’t understand, comrade. It’s all about herd immunity; and you are all part of our herd. So roll up your sleeve and get with the program.

Seriously, I’m not young, but I would take my chances with the coronavirus any day, rather than have a WHO-approved vaccine injected into me. You inoculate yourself your way, I will inoculate myself my way. I am doing everything I can to keep my immune system strong. One thing is showing up in the research: this epidemic is killing older people who have had lots of medication in their lives:

Again, I will bet you everything I own that if they kept HONEST statistics, they could easily prove that it is the most vaccinated people who are the most vulnerable to COVID-19.

Any takers?

A final point. I have edited manuscripts on demographics in Japan and Korea, including papers prepared by the Japanese Cabinet Office and the Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. Those graphs of the aging society are probably the most terrifying graphics I’ve ever seen. These papers all concluded that the “pay as you go” social security system had failed outright, due mainly to completely unforeseen drops in the fertility rate (a long-known consequence of microwave irradiation that is, of course, never mentioned).

A virus that selectively kills those over 70 is EXACTLY what those graphics demand, especially if you can kill senior citizens with histories of lots of expensive medical treatment. I’m sure that any really honest Japanese or Chinese or Korean (or indeed American) politician will tell you quietly that if such a virus were to become available, NOT to deploy it would be socially irresponsible. These countries are wholly unsustainable with their present demographics.

Virus, bacteria or yeast. What's the difference? (Microbiology #1 ...

Now, Mr. Barrie Trower has gone public about viruses and bacteria that are combined with yeasts, which can be scattered around the environment in a dormant state and activated whenever required by cell phone towers. He told me that this seeding of the environment had already been extensively carried out, and named Japan as a particular offender. I queried him three times to make sure he really did mean that Japan had deployed biological weapons ready to be activated by microwaves, and he was adamant that this was the case, from his wide range of intelligence sources. I only mention this now because he’s now repeated the same thing in public videos. You can add one plus one for yourselves.

I hope you will take advantage of your freedom of speech, but this is my last word for now on what some people are calling the CCP virus, the Chinese Communist Party virus.

Fred out.

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  • Very interesting analysis. The correlations seem far too many to simply dismiss this theory as easily as many seem to have done.
    Thank you for this!

  • Thank you, as always, for your well researched, thoughtful, articulate, and inspiring wirtting. I know the comments will invariably be filled by sheep who buy into all of the propaganda and could never even grasp Steiner if they did try to read him, but the world needs people like you so keep up the good work.

  • Lololololol. As someone who works in tech – connectivity and semi conductor tech no less – this complete pile of conspiracy theory bullshit about 5G is embarrassing to read. Did the author come up with something similar when 4G started rolling out cuz they were scared of that too?

    Tech is going to advance whether you like it or not. In order to do so, you have to build or improve upon an existing infrastructure to make it work. Period. Full stop.

    • As the existing structure is fine, why do we need more?
      And why not slow down and check out the facts about 5G – such as it tends to be around coronavirus outbreaks?
      What about bee colony collapse disorder?
      We got on fine without any techno gadgets.
      My niece spent a lot of time on an Instagram page and it did not generate a single sale.
      People need to be with people, man to man, face to face.
      Enough tech and enough of people telling us they know it is safe.
      How do you know? And if you’re wrong, people die.
      I doubt you care about that though.

  • Scrolling though article, another thing jumped out at me to fact-check.

    Once again, digging into the data, besides getting basic facts wrong, Fred’s approach of sloppily inferring causation from correlation, would actually point to 5G/radio and vaccinations as PREVENTING and CURING pandemics

    Fred: ‘I’m noting that the “Spanish flu” first appeared at the Naval Radio School in Cambridge, Mass., with 400 initial cases. Along with mass vaccinations of sailors, this episode was the first time that people were exposed en masse to powerful radio waves at close quarters.’

    History/Reality: ‘Naval records indicate that the first epidemic among their personnel broke out on board the U.S.S. Minneapolis at the Philadelphia navy yard in January. There were twenty-two cases in all, and the disease subsided within two w e e k s . In February, a few large epidemics occurred among naval officers and men along the Atlantic coast:

    U.S.S. Dubuque at the navy yard, New York………. 11
    U.S.S. Madawaska, Cruiser and Transport Service 37
    U.S.S. New Jersey, Atlantic coast………………. 220
    U.S.S. Salem at the navy yard, Boston…………… 30
    United States Naval Radio School, Cambridge, Mass… 350-400

    The large epidemic at the Radio School in Cambridge, Mass., correlated with the sudden rise in the excess monthly mortality rate in the city of Cambridge in February. In the same month, several cases of influenza, complicated by pneumonia, occurred among the crew of the U.S.S. South Dakota at the navy yard in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A few men on the U.S.S. Leonidas at the same navy yard also had attacks 35 of uncomplicated influenza.’


    So the Radio School outbreak was not actually the first, as claimed. And it was not as bad as in surrounding areas – almost as if the School was conferred some sort of protection:

    History/Reality: ‘In Sep. 1918, a worldwide outbreak of Spanish Influenza occurred — only 258 sailors and students were impacted, a very low rate compared to thousands of civilian cases in Cambridge and Boston, and 18 million worldwide deaths’

    ‘The Navy established a radio school at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in early 1917. With the entry of the United States into World War I, the student body grew exponentially, necessitating the move to a more suitable location. Later that year, the US Naval Radio School was launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where for the remainder of the war it occupied Harvard campus buildings for classrooms and, somewhat controversially, erected a temporary barracks nearby on Cambridge Common. Training focused on raising the student’s Morse Code operating ability, measured at the rate of words per minute.’

    Note that in that second section, there’s nothing to suggest that the radio work in Cambridge was either particularly early, or involved especially powerful equipment, either.

  • Bye Frank, Shadowsate and Bangcock. Disasters of this kind really bring out the abiding qualities in people. What a sad little circle-jerk you guys have shown yourselves to be, in a time like this. Stay safe.

  • Breaking News: 4.9 Earthquake 23 miles South of Palm Springs, CA at 6:50 PM Pacific time. Several after shocks. Felt within a 50 mile radius.

    Pray there’s enough medical supplies in the area to handle both future Covid-19 cases and seismic disasters!


    Chinese Doctor Ai Fen who exposed Chinese government lies about the Wuhan virus has been DISAPPEARED by the EVIL CHINESE GOVERNMENT.


    • Shadow, the issue is not that you’re attacking the Communist Chinese Dictatorship, it’s that you are threatening and insulting the Chinese people — who can no more help where and when they were born than you seem able to control your obsession with Allison Mack.

  • Frank has been slow to write articles and slow to approve simple posts these past few days.

    So I’m wondering if Frank is sick?

    Does Frank have COVID?

    I think it’s certainly possible that he’s been infected but is too chickenshit to admit it to us.

    Have a nice day.

      • Scott,

        Stop trying to encourage a kid to call you and be your friend. Bangkok does not need a g*y cowboy who drinks tea to be his friend……Bangkok likes women with big schnozes and gigantic purple labia.

        ……Scott, Bang is not one your New Orleans trany friends.

    • Frank may have some lung damage from his recent travels to Alaska during the fires on the “Lost Women” shoot. He still had a bad cough last time I saw him. That would mean if he’s contracted Covid-19 he’s at high-risk for life threatening cardio-pulmonary complications.

      I certainly hope that’s not the case and, if so, that he seeks prompt medical attention!

      Frank works very hard and tends to ignore his health and comfort so whomever is with him had better see to it that he’s diagnosed, treated and follows Dr.’s orders, especially with regards to R & R.

      I’d help out with some posts but mostly thanks to you, Bangcuck — along with a few other apeshit posters Frank allows on here (even if he is only trying to catch you in the act) — I don’t really want to be viewed as being associated with FR in any decision-making or decision-influencing capacity.

      I’m sure if anything happens to Frank — who is much admired and respected — many readers would be deeply saddened and we would all understand if he needs to take some time off to heal himself.

      I’d be happy to do my best to contribute some worthy posts if you would kindly get the fuck off this blog, take Schlock with you and put Shadow on notice as to his fuzzy facts concerning Allison Mack.

      Oh boy — we just had an earthquake where I am in California. My stomach flipped at at least a 3.5er.

      • Heidi – I am perfectly well as of today. The cough I had from the fires in Alaska went away months ago. But thanks for your kind thoughts.

  • How did a site that started off with such good intentions turn into this cesspool of lunacy? Really sad. I guess once Sexy Keith was in jail, the page hits have to come from something else. Hopefully, the great work Frank Parlato once did will be remembered, while the rest of this dumbass bullshit at least will provoke a few giggles.

  • Broadband engineers threatened due to 5G coronavirus conspiracies

    “Telecoms engineers are facing verbal and physical threats during the lockdown, as baseless conspiracy theories linking coronavirus to the roll-out of 5G technology spread by celebrities such as Amanda Holden prompt members of the public to abuse those maintaining vital mobile phone and broadband networks.

    The problem has become so bad that engineers working for BT Openreach, which provides home broadband services, have also taken to posting public pleas on anti-5G Facebook groups asking to be spared the on-street abuse as they are not involved in maintaining mobile networks.

    A spokesperson for the company said it does not use 5G anywhere in its network and praised the calm response of its staff.”

    Well done Fred.

  • For a very well-explained analysis, for those who want to listen: “Does 5G Cause Coronavirus?” with Dr. Robert O. Young, at YouTube, Shaun Attwood’s podcast. Shaun Attwood’s reporting about the Coronavirus is superb and very wide in range. ( I listen everyday.) At least put in some honest effort to understand and to really relate to what Fred is offering here at the Frank Report.
    Fred, thank you, as always. If only individuals would start with “I don’t know,” and then sincerely strive to find out, to educate the self. Unfortunately, some would rather bay loudly at the moon, caught up from the start in “I know.” love

    • Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise

      Meanwhile, as Russian external propaganda outlets like RT work to create doubt in Western and East Asian countries that have an economic advantage due to being further along in 5G deployments, and generally sew distrust and dissent in democratic civil society, internally:

      Russia presses ahead with developing 5G

      • So anyone asking for research into 5G is a Russian agent?
        Arrest anyone asking questions and we ought to all listen to
        what’s his name – AnonyMaker?
        Russia has how much 5G and how much coronabvirus?
        And Taiwan – no 5G – and only 5 deaths from the virus, much less
        than for the common cold in the same time period?
        I think EVERY AMERICAN has the right to know more about 5G-
        AND the right to know who the hell you are AnonyMaker.
        Again, I use my real name, my real photo appears on my posts here,
        it is time you start showing your face and using a real name.

    • Normally I oppose branding or marking people as if they are cattle, but whenever I see that perverted asshole Bill Gates, the friend of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, talk about marking people with digital computer chips I want to heat up an iron and brand him on the ass.

    • AnonyMaker knows everything. He has top sources, like China.
      So that’s why he is against chloroquine and just about everything I say.
      Not sure why the Queen of England, Trump, the FDA, the US military and all the doctors in America don’t just consult him first.
      Such a genius.

  • Here’s a reminder that “entertaining” such nuttery, particularly in the irresponsible, dramatic terms designed to get people riled up and encourage them to somehow “decide for themselves” in the absence of actual evidence:

    Idiots ‘BURNING 5G masts’ after conspiracy that ‘radiation sparked coronavirus’ is spread by Amanda Holden & celebs

    This is also related to how, in the old days, our country ended up with mobs were instigated to to act on rumor and bad information, and lynch people – including Italians and Sicilians, then-hated (often “illegal”) immigrant minorities considered non-white like blacks and Chinese – and even burning neighborhoods.

    This also ends up being at work, as well – and, again, is also a typical dynamic of actual cults:

    Dunning–Kruger effect – Wikipedia

    In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their own ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.

    • Funny how the people asking questions about 5G and pointing out the danger of it use real names and you just pop up like Jack in the Box refuting them.

      How much do the 5G companies pay you to run interference on US citizens who don’t want to die for corporate profits?

  • Excellent article, Fred. Every American has a right to know this stuff, and thank you for mentioning those tents in Central Park which may leak and cause more infections. The sensible solution for 5G would be to put it on hold for more studies, and for the tents, to allow them as CLINICS but not for coronavirus patients.

    I’m not sure Trump is the villain though, could be just that he does not have time to catch everything that is being done. Both the virus and those stupid impeachment hearings, which Humpty Dumpty congressman Schiff wants to repeat, are a drain on anyone’s time.

  • Wait until we get 6G!

    I received a telepathic message from my source located under Easter Island that in the mid 1980’s, the old Soviet Union stumbled across a crashed alien spaceship. The Soviets, using reverse engineering, tried to duplicate a certain radio that was found at the crash site. When they turned it on, disaster struck! This took place near Chernobyl. The “nuclear disaster” at Chernobyl is actually a cover-up involving 6G technology.

    Upon further investigation, this space ship had just visited Vladimir Putin and an attorney representing a future US President. Yes, I am talking about Donald Trump. Clearly, this shows coercion at the highest levels. Furthermore, another source (a respected psychic) has revealed that a Clinton Foundation representative was also present.

    Go take your meds, Fred.

    • Fred’s article is excellent. We are under a bio/economic/psyops attack.
      Are you part of this ‘Jarhead’ – ?

      • You can detach entirely from the comments of this person by observing the inherent contents of the comments themselves. You can see quite the “autobiographic” display. The main motivation for his comments appears to be that of a devious and compulsive attention-seeker and, probably unbeknownst to himself, a histrionic personality.

        These beset personalities can be quite noisy, but in this commenter’s case, his “thought processes” are chronically numbed by cynicism and by egotistical, completely unfounded arrogance. How futile. Bombastic, semi-articulate and packed with scorn and ill wishes casually thrown out upon others, poor Sasquatch has thundering superficiality down to a junk “science.” God only knows what it is that he allows to drive him, to permit himself to spew. Cowardice? This commenter hasn’t even found the inner wherewithal to see how he embarrasses himself, so self-destructively.

        Again, what I see is a delusionary trap of histrionic narcissism as being the poor fellow’s driving expressive force. He can influence and harm those who are naive, though, with his voluble content, which is the equivalent of mental (and emotional) junkfood. His noisiness is very likely based upon his own illusions and his own stridently unacknowledged fears.

        Sasquatch has learned the alphabet. Perhaps in the coming decades he will learn how to think. It’s up to him. Courage, however, comes from the heart. The mind is really a humble servant of the human spirit, not the governor. Those who get off upon displaying the cynicism of heartlessness have not even begun to explore this.

          • “Jarhead”: You wonder what radio frequency has to do with viruses.

            Within the world of electromagnetic warfare, one name is still spoken of in hushed tones, true awe. This is Vlail Kaznacheyev, the late doyen of Akademgorodok, the elite academic city in Siberia that fostered many of the Soviet Union’s greatest scientific advances, not least in biological experimentation.

            You either know about Akademgorodok or you don’t – it was a kind of free-thought bubble in the middle of total Communist totalitarianism, where avant-garde Western movies were shown, international string quartets performed, and top foreign scientists were entertained and had their brains picked.

            Kaznacheyev actually instituted the civilian branch of the biological academy there, according to his CV. Soviet science was militarized from top to bottom. I’ve researched him for decades now, and much information has disappeared from the Internet. In his later years, he was involved in a big international campaign to deweaponize wireless technology and ban “psychotronic” weapons, he said they could cause “the destruction of the planet, the death of humanity”:


            Nonetheless: in at least 15,000 meticulous experiments, Vlail Kaznacheyev documented how cell cultures infected with various diseases, including many types of viral infections, were able to transmit these diseases and induce them in neighbouring cultures, purely by electromagnetic radiation. The frequencies emitted by the cells were in the near ultraviolet region.

            If the cultures were separated by glass, no effect was seen – glass was able to block these photons. However, quartz windows allowed the radiation to pass through, although these cultures were otherwise completely physically separated from one another. And viral infections were routinely seen to be induced in neighboring cultures.

            In particular, as cells died, they emitted what Kaznacheyev described as “death photons” which induced resonances in neighbouring cells, which themselves then became infected and died.

            These purely electromagnetically induced cultures are also able to go on and infect other cell cultures. In every respect, they act as though they’ve been invaded by a virus, producing more viruses of their own; but the trigger is just radiation.

            Experiments showed this could also be achieved with highly tuned infrared radiation, through harmonic effects. This is getting very close to the millimetre waves of 5G.

            All of this is in perfect accord with the theory of biophotons, developed especially by the German researcher Fritz-Albert Popp from the 1970s to the present day.

            Using a unique photomultiplier – he says it just gets better the longer he uses it – Popp showed without question that DNA emits and absorbs highly tuned light in the near ultraviolet. This has since been confirmed and extended in thousands of papers from Russia, China and Japan. The last world biophoton congress was held in Beijing in 2009. American researchers routinely photograph biophoton emissions from plants, using sensitive cameras in ultra-dark settings.

            If you want to see a really spectacular demonstration of “biofluorescence”, take a look at the images of radiation from plant photosynthesis around the world captured by NASA’s GOME satellite:


            The last I heard of Popp, he was developing an infallible test of produce freshness through the level of biophoton emissions. None of this seems to penetrate the general Western scientific consciousness. It’s “fringe” research.

            The late Dr Martin Blank of Columbia U showed that DNA is a fractal antenna, emitting and absorbing electromagnetic radiation. All that “junk” DNA with its “meaningless” repeated sequences is actually a highly tuned, highly sophisticated optical laser system. It uses the quantum effect of stimulated emission, exactly like a laser, to amplify single photons to create tuned cascades that are able to influence the entire cellular network in real time, and then radiate out into the environment:


            This is how rats in a laboratory are able to sense and get highly distressed when their compatriots are being “harvested” – the groups marked for life or death always have to be kept very far apart.

            Incidentally, Dr Martin Blank led a major appeal by 250 top scientists to the United Nations and WHO, giving particular evidence of severe genetic damage from wireless technology, and insisting that WHO acknowledge and amplify the precautionary warning given in 2011 by its own top cancer doctors, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, against all forms of radiofrequency exposure.

            This appeal was made in 2015. Martin Blank died in 2018 without even receiving an acknowledgement of receipt from the UN or WHO, beyond the signatures obtained by their courier service at the reception desks in New York and Geneva. I checked this.



            Because Western science labels most of this fractal DNA as “junk”, it can interfere with it, insert foreign genes, and cut and splice gene sequences, without regard to how this will affect the overall crystal structure. This “science” is all overtly based on ignorance: we don’t know what this DNA does, so therefore we can mess around with it at will. An insane logic.

            If orthodox science were merely acknowledge the existence of biophotons emitted by DNA, that is the immediate end of your entire GMO industry. This is one main reason why it’s all ignored, despite having been in the hard literature for nearly a century now. Kaznacheyev was largely building on the work of A. G. Gurwitch, a pioneering researcher in the 1920s who first discovered this weak ultraviolet radiation. He noted that it was prominent during cell division, so he he called it “mitochondrial rays”.

            Gurwitch also noted health problems with microwave radiation – in fact, Hertz’s original electromagnetic radiation experiments in the 19th century were in the microwave range, because of the centimetre lengths of the sparks, and health issues were noted even then. So we have well over a century of evidence that this radiation affects the body. This is the other reason why biophotons are never mentioned in orthodox science, although “radiation-induced bystander effects” or RIBEs in cells have been confirmed by researchers such as Carmel Mothersill:


            Getting back to Kaznacheyev: what is beyond doubt is that his experiments were all co-opted and weaponized to the very full by the KGB. I’ve already talked about the vast amount of human experimentation the Soviets did in pulsed microwave irradiation of political and psychiatric inmates. This effort was their real Manhattan Project.

            If you measure the exact frequencies and characteristics of these “death photons”, you can infold them in ordinary radio waves and transmit them wirelessly. You can also used these pulsed modulations to affect brainwaves and other biological functions.

            But please note for now, first and foremost: scientists tell you that viruses “hijack” the reproductive capacity of cells, the machinery that DNA uses to replicate itself, to manufacture more virus material.

            What’s actually happening is this: radiation or toxins pathologically affect the cell, which tries to detox by releasing what we call viruses. These can be pathogenic in themselves, like any toxic waste, but they’re basically a cleansing of the cell. If the detox fails, and a cell dies, it emits death photons that trigger the further production of these pathogens in neighboring cells, and a deadly cascade can be initiated.

            The real vector is the radiation; once you know that, you can start shielding yourself, not so much with goggles and gloves, but with glass and tinfoil. Just put these coronavirus patients in radiation-proof tents for one night to sleep, and I’ll bet you they improve.

            What do you do, if the pathological signal is infolded in powerful radio waves that penetrate into your home, that blanket your entire environment? What do you do, if the pathological signals are infolded in the microwave radiation from the mobile phone you hold to your head? If your landscape is covered with 5G towers radiating you at these carefully designed frequencies from every other lamp post?

            Take a look at one of the truly vast old Soviet Woodpecker transmitters, which caused a colossal racket on the shortwaves from 1976. I well remember hearing this din all over the dial, there were huge protests against this Soviet radio interference. Those were biologically active frequencies they were using, around 10 Hz was the dominant frequency. The researcher Tom Bearden has described various outbreaks of disease that happened right across the USA within a very short time, which he attributes to the Woodpecker.


            Look at the weird spread of the coronavirus across the world, and it just doesn’t make sense, unless there’s some other vector involved. Overlay the maps showing the distribution of 5G and microwave infrastructure generally, and the light goes on.

            Remember: this can all be turned off at the flick of a switch, this whole nightmare, if I and many other researchers are correct and this is primarily electromagnetic warfare on civilian populations. Yes, there are pathogens, which themselves may be affected by the radiation and may mutate; but the radiation alone will force cells to defend themselves and start releasing toxins, initiating the whole epidemic.

            The military scientists have many other pathogens lying dormant in the environment, waiting to be triggered by microwaves, showing this synergy between toxins and radiation. I have this direct from Mr Barrie Trower.

            Does the idea of “death photons” being weaponized by the KGB give you a chill? Then you’ll know why Kaznacheyev is spoken of in hushed tones.

            I tried to get hold of him, back around 2005/06. His work has largely been inherited by Drs Alexey Dmitriev and Alexander Trofimov. You can read a fascinating interview with Trofimov here:


            This gives you a small flavour of what research is done, and what conversations are held, in Akademgorodok. Trofimov mentions in passing that carbonaceous life forms are a stage in the evolution of future stars.

            This interview talks about Kozyrev’s Mirrors – this is a chamber in which you can time-travel to 1,000 years in the future, to examine the human mind in that era. This is achieved by reducing the magnetic field, so that cosmic influences are more able to affect the personality. According to Trofimov, the effects of this mind expansion are irreversible, so you have to be careful as to how you use this chamber.

            One of the most extraordinary experiences in Kozyrev’s Mirrors was recounted by a Russian psychiatrist, Olga Kharatidi, in her book “Entering the Circle”. In the chamber, she experiences a meeting with another stream of the human race, far more advanced than ours in certain respects. She is told that this integration of the different streams of humanity is accelerating and that more people on Earth will experience this cosmic contact in the near future.

            Dmitriev also published a very influential paper in 1998, arguing essentially that climate change was affecting the entire solar system, and that turbulence in the interstellar medium was causing changes in the Sun that were affecting all the planets. It’s a fact that Mars seems to be exhibiting global warming, with anomalous phenomena on many planets:


            I was working as a subeditor for an agricultural magazine, and got the editor to let me try contact Dmitriev to question him about climate change. I even contacted the Russian embassy to get help. The “second secretary” who dealt with my query happened to be in the vicinity of our offices one day, so we met up. He said he couldn’t help me with Dmitriev, so I asked him about Kaznacheyev, and showed him the latter’s title in the Siberian Academy of Sciences.

            He was very intrigued by the name “Vlail”, saying it was not a normal Russian name. Then he said ah, he got it, it stood for “Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”. So we can be sure that Kaznacheyev’s parents were either hardcore Communists, or just wanted their kid to get ahead in the Soviet system. This detail about him has never been revealed before, to my knowledge.

            It’s a long story, and I never got near Kaznacheyev and his Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk; but: for decades now, not only has it been known and fully documented in the hard scientific literature, in thousands of experiments, that “viral infections” can be transmitted by radiation; but this knowledge has also been extensively weaponized.

            These are facts from the stealth war. Welcome to our invisible world.

            I corresponded once with a person who had been in Kozyrev’s Mirrors, the Scottish musician and initiated Siberian shaman Ken Hyder. He has a band called K-Space, where “K” stands for Kozyrev. He wouldn’t tell me what he experienced in the mirrors, just that it was really weird. If I have one item on my bucket list, it would be to visit Novosibirsk and have a go in the Total Perspective Vortex.

            Just out of interest: I found a manuscript that Kaznacheyev himself wrote of an experience inside the mirrors. It was in Russian, so I ran it through a translation engine. I’ll just give you the first paragraph, it’s quite fascinating.

            Rudolf Steiner says something interesting about the Russian language, he says it’s always pointing to the future, following on the tracks of its own being, it hasn’t found itself yet. Take a look at this:

            ‘Today I visited the “Kozyrev mirrors” located at our Institute. Thought
            about the state in which we are, about our problems. The sensing influence of this spiral
            a prominent structure capturing uneven near-earth ether, I want to say that
            that we all humans, in our intellect, are only part of the infinite cosmophysical mind-
            world. This world moves in waves: it is dying, it is rising again, and at different
            levels of outer space (N.A. Kozyrev et al. wrote about this) “materializes”
            its flows, when, as in this “mirror” world, the mind becomes the power of creation, possessing
            power that is physically difficult to measure. Every person from infancy carries
            cosmic-spatial orientation, the evolutionary path along which
            the first sign of intelligence on our planet arose not in one head, but in the “spot” of birth
            communities, when billions of neurons united in their fields into giant fractals,
            reflecting, in essence, the evolution of cosmophysical intelligence. The essence of intelligence is to apparently, one — he is immortal. It does not have that space and time, concepts of which
            We use the Earth on the strength of its features, determined by solar flows
            plasma and relic cosmic radiation. It remains a mystery to us.’

            Sorry—I’m NOT a Russian troll, really I’m not, but I’ve always been fascinated by the Russians. There’s something very profound going on there, and they don’t entirely understand it themselves. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

        • This makes any complaint you might have had about jarhead, fade to nothing. Superiority complex much? and with your education and literary skills you offer up, what? snotty supercilious vindictive over the top attack on his character?

          Work on your own excessive cynicism and heartlessness. Oh, and take care in these times.

  • It is interesting to see, since the stay at home order, which regular commenters are going wild, which have turned into even bigger psychos and which have disappeared.

    To my two faves, Niceguy and Nutjob, I hope you are well!!!!!

    • You’ve, surely unintentionally, left off a few categories of FR regulars, Comrade Natashka (JK.)

      Some of us are in a category that still hopes a few legitimate clues will (and have) appeared — in whatever ‘psychotic’ form they may take — to resolve certain unsolved mysteries surrounding NXIVM, the lives that continue to be impacted by it and that justice might be meted out more fairly than it has been, thus far.

      In fact, some of us have been promised that certain investigations — namely into the NX-related deaths — are on-going despite some obvious obstructions to real information sharing on FR.

      I’ve always held fast to the epithet that “the truth is the thing most buried in lies” — which is mostly why I persevere despite the flak.

      • I did leave out a lot Heidi. I miss the pre-corona articles/comments, which gave food for serious thought and also a little bit of light heartedness. Glad you are still around and fighting for the cause. The interesting comments are lost amongst a lot of craziness right now and it’s hard to keep interested but I guess the world has changed and people are adapting in whatever way. I will persevere and read on!

  • The China Virus is more likely to be the result of Chinese experiments in the genetic engineering of viruses.
    The technical name of the China Virus is SARS Covid 2

    Naming the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and the virus that causes it
    Official names have been announced for the virus responsible for COVID-19 (previously known as “2019 novel coronavirus”) and the disease it causes. The official names are:
    coronavirus disease
    severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2

    It turns out that the recent wae of new infectious diseases oer the past few years all started in China


    All originated in China.

    There is reason to believe that the Chinese government is engaging in experiments with Chimera viruses.
    Combing two existing viruses to create new more deadly viruses.

    Chimera (virus)
    A chimera virus is defined by the Center for Veterinary Biologics (part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) as a “new hybrid microorganism created by joining nucleic acid fragments from two or more different microorganism
    As a bioweapon
    Combining two pathogenic viruses increases the lethality of the new virus[3] which is why there have been cases where chimeric viruses have been considered for use as a bioweapon. For example, the Soviet Union’s Chimera Project attempted to combine DNA from Venezuelan equine encephalitis, smallpox and Ebola virus in the late 1980s[4]. A combination smallpox and monkeypox virus has also been studied

    And Wuhan China has the only Level 4 Bio Lab in China.
    Wuhan is the most logical place for China to experiment with Chimera viruses.

    Last Summer the Canadian Mounties saw fit to evict all Chinese nationals from Canada’s Level 4 Bio Lab in Winnipeg.
    Suspected espionage is the major concern.
    Chinese researcher removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab

    • As a follow up to my last comment, the FBI has just arrested a treasonous Harvard Chemistry Professor named Charles Lieber for covertly conducting research for an institute in Wuhan China.

  • COVID 19 IS NOT FROM THE 5G… CHINA lunch the 5G midle January 2020.. They know that the radio activity of 60htz must be 6mile away fro any human.. They choose the city of wuhan because they are eating live animals in wuhan.. Peoples started to fall down in streets kill by the 5G radio activity. When raise in chinna peoples to report and protest again the radio activity. The use the virus for camouflage.. A source reported that Each nation leader who acpet and spread the virus in he’s country had a reward…. Researching I detect that there’s a up coming program to implement chips like bar code to human… Te me who’s trying to control the world?

    • The concern that the Trump Administration has with 5G is that the Chinese telecom company Huawei will use its 5G technology to spy on America and other countries.

      The traitor Charles Lieber of the Harvard Chemistry Department hid a multi-million dollar contract with Wuhan University.
      The Trump White House Office of Science and Technology Policy is coordinating over ONE THOUSAND FBI INVESTIGATIONS OF CHINESE ESPIONAGE INVOLVING SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH.

      • Harvard Chemistry Professor Charles Lieber, who is a spy working for China, is as EVIL and WICKED and IMMORAL as the Nazi Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun.
        “Und I’m Learning Chinese says Werrner von Braun.”

    • Mark of the beast. Keep an eye on Digital Angel, which got the copyright from IBM
      for such a thing.
      Interesting that churches are closed & Cuomo
      refuses to let people use chloroquine.
      The Central Park tent is a recipe for disaster.
      Which is what someone wants.

  • Fred your info about 5g is compelling, but as what you point out is a correlation between two events, rather than a cause and effect, it becomes difficult for a punter like me to either prove or disprove your hypothesis.

    What about information concerning the very low levels of selenium in the soil of areas greatly affected by this novel virus? The low levels of glutathione in victims of this novel virus? Interesting factors? grounds for research? possibly. But strict causation? possibly not.

    One things for sure, some people have a deep emotional need to be right. To be the one and only possessor of the right truth. This ego driven desire should probably not be confused with truth itself.

    • Good point. See my comment about confusing correlation with causation that ended up below; it turns out that the half-baked anecodatal evidence would tend more towards showing that 5G prevents or cures COVID-19, than causes it.

      It’s actually typical of cultists and culty-minded thinker, that they seek absolute, simplistic certainty, and express it when they explain or promote their beliefs. They’re completely sure that their guru or leader is all but omniscient god incarnate, or that they have it all figured out that the shape shifting reptilian humanoids really control the world (or whatever).

      • AnonyMaker, go away. Fred has written an EXCELLENT article and even if it does not PROVE 100% the thesis, there is enough evidence presented to warrant sensible meausures to be taken. At the very least put 5G on hold till more studies are made.

        Maybe, AnonyMaker, you want to use your real name?

        You seem to attack real data, with long-winded comments.

        Again, you might be some kind of Chinese agent.

  • Frank, IDK if you want to run this comment but another factoid you might consider overall — circa 1999 – 2000, 2001 (don’t remember the exact year) the New York Times ran a feature story spread about my ex-brother-in-law, Larry Apple’s then grade schooler son, Marcel Apple. His wife’s name is Esther Apple, she was also featured. The story was supposedly about bilingual kids. It was very weird bc their household wasn’t all that bilingual — Esther is of 2nd (not first) generation Cuban-American decent and Larry is all-American. Plenty of better examples of true bi-lingual families throughout the U.S. They lived in Miami, Florida and, as you know, Larry owned AAA photography and both he and my ex were doing business with Carlos Slim Helu’ (through Telmex and our company with Alvin Toffler, ANTICIPA) who, as Fred mentions, owns a major chunk of the NYT.

    In any case, when I started asking about how in the world the NYT found or selected Marcel Apple as the bilingual kid for the story, Jeff offered to talk to “them” about doing a story on our son, too, thinking I was jealous or something. [OK, maybe I was. Dylan, in fact, knew more Spanish from the see-it-and-say-it DVD we learned it together from when he was a toddler.]

    In short, as Fred puts it, I think there’s a possibility the top went to NXIVM as much as “NXIVM went to the top.”

    I don’t know when the keylogger wound up on our home computers but I know Keith had reams of “collateral” on us he used to help break up our marriage by 2000-2001, when some of the Mexican elites, including then President Vicente Fox’s daughter started taking NXIVM courses in Albany, NY. Another very strange coincidence.

    • Another tidbit — since you published this one and my life of constant worry in exile from my cherished, unprotected (without me) son is miserable anyway — Jeff Apple had two part-time housekeepers from Mexico (both illegals) make false (later disproved) accusations against me. They were his only witnesses in a 4 year custody battle compared to dozens I brought who rightly contradicted everything they, Jeff and his attorney had to say.

      One housekeeper/witness’ husband was caught smuggling a huge amount of U.S, currency FROM Mexico into the U.S. that was seized. Jeff intervened, however, and the money was returned.

      I found out about it through a Mexican attorney who’d discovered the second housekeeper/witness Jeff promoted to Dylan’s full-time caregiver while in Jeff’s care was under investigation for murder in Mexico.

      We went into court at hearing before then Commissioner Lee Smalley Edmund and presented this and other evidence that Jeff was bribing his only witnesses.

      That was a turning point in the custody matter but, at the time, I didn’t think much about any other implications to the money smuggling from Mexico.

      This all took place at the same time Carlos Slim Helu’ made a payment of $8M to Jeff allegedly for a Telmex/ANTICIPA project that never came to fruition. My accountants also discovered Jeff and his brother, Larry, had traveled to Mexico together extensively though Larry was never involved in our entertainment endeavors.

      [Btw, I eschewed my attorney’s advise and did not seek to deport either Mexican housekeeper witness before, during or after they testified falsely against me. They had young children here and, I believed, were being used by Jeff and his attorney. They told me they were threatened with deportation by Jeff in addition to being bribed. I was sympathetic to them and, mostly, their innocent children.]

      I strongly believe drug money laundering is at the Nexus of NXIVM’s Mexican operations.

      • Heidi , I think your last statement: “I strongly believe drug money laundering is at the Nexus of NXIVM’s Mexican operations” is entirely correct. I am not an authority on NXIVM but looking at it I see connections to people who
        I do investigate. Research into this could prove very valuable.
        Speaking of Mexican drug $ laundering, I was working undercover for years infiltrating a neo nazi group in the EU
        that was working at top levels. One of the leaders introduced me to Michael Bagley, former aide to Dem Senator
        Patty Murray, a top intel chief, head of Jellyfish, with experience at Operations Intelligenve and Blackwater.
        I met his at Penn Station ca. 2014 and let him talk. He showed me secret docs relating to Syria, and
        then talked about getting US gov contracts for Mexico.
        I knew then he was not really fighting drug dealers. I told a top person at the DHS about it, an FBI investigation
        was started, they stung Bagley who bragged that he was working for El Chapo’s replacement.
        A Daily Beast article came out last year, but the DB and the NYT are now failing to cover the story, or even mention
        the arrest/trial any further – I guess given his Dem links.
        His partner in London claimed that he met with Trump and Flynn a # of times, and involved an Iranian dissident here in NYC – Jason Jorgani – who later backed out of their game.
        That was before Bagley’s arrest and after I outed Bagley on Tony Gosling radio show in the UK.
        Bagley’s UK partner was heavily into SM, possibly with underage girls, and I always wondered if he
        had some ties to Raniere. I was told they did have ties to Clinton, whom they believed would win the election.
        I have lots more names that I gleaned while infiltrating them over a decade.
        And added to that are the Humpty Dumpty Congressmen – with their ties to China, the Epsteins and Maxwells;
        all of whom are refusing to answer my questions. 32 of them, including Schiff, Lee, Waters, Maoloney, Meeks,

  • Very compelling. Thank you again, Fred.

    Anyone else catch Pelosi’s emphatic broadband pitch in her weekly briefing on C-SPAN this A.M.? …Seems it’s not a partisan thing if Trump’s also endorsing.

    How can Silicon Valley
    VIP’s — how can anyone in the know — hope to escape the deleterious global effects on themselves and, ultimately, their own progeny?

    Have they been so overexposed already they’re genuinely suicidal? Are they ignorant? Blinded by greed? Or is there a secret antidote?

    What’s the cure for the economic fallout? What will happen when few can afford 5G cell service and we’re all on the free “Obama phone” plan. …Maybe Android is behind this, after all.

  • It’s interesting to see Fred’s nuttery advance from the bit of Steiner worship that he expressed at first, to full on paranoid ‘vans coming in to “sanitize” schools under lockdown, while really installing 5G and biometrics’. One almost has to wonder if he’s just naturally opening up to us, or following a deliberate agenda of slowly drawing us in deeper. Are aliens next – and which kind, can we have reptilian humanoid shape-shifters, my favorite?

    Like Steiner, and Scientology’s L. Ron Hubbard, NXIVM’s Raniere, and so many others, he serves up enough word salad garnished with anecdotes and pseudo-science that it might even take some people in. Typical additional elements also include supposed authoritative sources who did such sooper-seekrit work that all trace of it has been expunged from their records, leaving them to masquerade as mere high school teachers (Trower) or science fiction writers (Hubbard); and claims to “research” that turns out to be little more than casting about for anecdotes, and cherry-picking, to fit the theory or narrative being advanced.

    If you want to confuse correlation with causation, and engage in other sloppy thinking, a la Fred, here’s something to mull over:

    What’s the model we look to for having gotten control of the coronavirus, saving their people and their economy?

    South Korea. And what’s the country with the most advance and densest 5G network? South Korea.

    Other model countries that have coronavirus contained include Hong Kong, Singapore and West Germany – all among the leaders in 5G deployment.

    And what did the Chinese do to beat the coronavirus in Wuhan? They built hospitals from scratch – fully wired for 5G.

    Thus 5G is obviously actually the CURE for COVID-19, building on the (il)logic of this piece.

    Why are you trying to hide that easily deduced truth from us, Fred? 🙂

    p.s. And I’ll take you up on your bet, Fred. I can at least prove that South Korea has among the world’s highest vaccination rates – maybe along with 5G, that’s the other key ingredient of the cocktail to beat coronavirus, that THEY don’t want us to know about but which I have now figured out.

    • AnonyMaker – your long-winded diatribe is STUPID. There is no Steiner worship, just a quote that any Christian could agree with.

      Fred’s article is brilliant. You are possibly envious of his writing skills and his research.

      Well done, Fred!

      I think every American has both a right to know your 5G research – AND who the hell this AnonyMaker really is.

      I use my real name.

      • I dont see how a personal vendetta against a poster here helps your cause Ken. Especially when you are having a tantrum about AM’s anon status, yet, Im having as much difficulty identifying ‘Fred’. Doesn’t make sense and detracts from your points. Isn’t it possible for you to just honour your facts and the intelligence you put here without getting personal about someone you dont know? I dont ‘know’ anyone on here and those with traceable addresses do not necessarily have more valid info than those without. I come here for info, intelligence, – not to check my status against other kids in a virtual playground. How do you make such claims for being christian, yet stir such sh*t in personal attack? Stay safe.

        • I have no vendetta. AnonyMaker appears to be a dangerous pundit endangering Americans with his
          attempts to stifle facts. Christ did take a whip to the $changers in the temple.
          Being a Christian does not mean always being nice and accepting stupidity.
          My challenges to AnonyMaker remain ignored, and remain on the site for people to see.
          If he/she is some kind of foreign agent trying to undermine investigations into Chinese/criminal\
          activities, he/she is committing a crime and the US has a right to arrest him/her.

  • No, it isn’t. It would be lovely if it was that simple, but it isn’t.

    Coronaviruses have been around a lot longer than 5g.

    The currently problematic Coronavirus has been expected since long before 5g.

    5g didn’t cause SARS or MERS either.

    Theories can be interesting, but they’re no substitute for verifiable and repeatable science.

    Your theories can neither be proved nor disproved, and that’s why they are nothing more than theories.

    But they make for entertaining reading.

  • Yes, Fred, the virus is a result of 5G.

    That’s why Joe O’hara is wearing his tin foil hat at this very moment.

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