Raniere May Have Pre-Diabetes; Should Embrace Keto Diet

"He who has the most joy, wins," says Keith Raniere.

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Keith Raniere’s attorneys in their recent filing – as detailed in the article Raniere Deemed ‘High Risk’ for ‘Serious Illness From Coronavirus – Attorneys Will Seek to Have Him Released or Moved  – are surely referring to higher than normal blood sugar, which is a problem for most people who are even slightly overweight (a person doesn’t need to be obese to have higher than normal blood sugar).

Keith Raniere

This causes a higher probability of ‘complications’ from any infection, including Kung-flu.

Just because you don’t have diabetes doesn’t mean that your blood sugar is healthy. Keith surely has higher than normal blood sugar.

Plenty of people have ‘pre-diabetes’ – which isn’t diabetes yet, but it still represents unhealthy blood sugar levels which slow down your immune system from peak performance.

When there’s too much ‘sugar’ (glucose) in your bloodstream, then your immune system can’t mobilize as many cells to fight off the infection. This is true for regular flu or Kung-flu.

Hyperglycemia-high-blood-sugar - County EM

Thus, you’re less likely to fight off any infection when your blood sugar is higher than normal – because the cells which fight off infection do not like a ‘high sugar environment’.

A high sugar environment is like ‘kryptonite’ to your immune system.

That’s why people who don’t follow the Keto Diet are more likely to get WORSE infections from all types of things, including Kung-flu and regular flu.

Virtually every carbohydrate that you eat is broken down into sugar (glucose) and is then released into your bloodstream after each meal (with a few exceptions such as fiber, etc).

When you eat too many carbs then your blood sugar goes way too high. When that happens, your body must release way too much insulin to carry that excess sugar out of your bloodstream and into your muscle cells.

However, as you get older and fatter, your bodies begin getting ‘resistant’ to insulin – which means that your muscle cells cannot access all of that sugar for energy. This will prompt your body to begin releasing even more insulin, to try and fix the issue.

But as long as you’re eating too many carbs, then your body can’t really fix the issue 100% —- it slowly just gets worse and worse over time.

The end result is that your blood sugar climbs higher and higher over the years.

Then your immune system is FUCKED and you’ll probably fucken die from an infection. 🙂

The good news is that you can lower your blood sugar any time by simply following a low carb diet like the Keto Diet. 🙂

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

Your immune system will be MUCH stronger when you do.

I implore you ASSHOLES to follow a low carb diet so you can save yourselves from the coming Coronavirus. 🙂

Keith needs to go low carb too. He doesn’t need to be released. He just needs to stop stuffing his face.

What is Insulin Resistance | Pre-diabetes - Nutrients, diet ...
Prediabetes means your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. Prediabetes usually occurs in people who already have some insulin resistance or whose beta cells in the pancreas aren’t making enough insulin to keep blood glucose in the normal range.

Meantime, Keith is most likely suffering from higher than normal blood sugar levels. That’s most likely what his attorney is referring to when he talks about Keith’s elevated risk for complications from COVID. It’s just a guess, but it’s probably accurate.

If Keith doesn’t yet have Type 2 diabetes, he’s probably got pre-diabetes – which still represents ‘insulin resistance’ and an impaired immune system.

Here’s an article that explains how pre-diabetes (‘insulin resistance’) can affect the immune system’s ability to fight off infections.




“The healthy folks went through what we saw as a pretty normal immune response,” said Snyder. “But the insulin-resistant folks — not so much. Their immune systems seemed to be somewhat deficient in launching a proper immune response to infection.”


Here’s another article to explain “insulin resistance”.


The hormonal effects of sugar and the immune system are complex, but insulin is a major player. When you eat large amounts of sugar, your blood sugar increases. Insulin helps normalize those blood sugar levels, but over time, your cells become overwhelmed and resistant to the signals of this hormone.

We call this condition insulin resistance, which leads to type 2 diabetes and all of its related ‘complications’ including impairing the immune system.



Basically…. A person’s white blood cells (your immune system’s workhorse cells) cannot function optimally when the sugar concentration in your bloodstream is too high.

That’s why people with Type 2 diabetes have a higher chance of dying from ‘complications’ when they get various infections or ailments.

But even if your blood sugar doesn’t rise to the level of Type 2 diabetes yet (125 mg/dL in a fasting state) – you may still have pre-diabetes if your blood sugar measures over 100 mg/dL, which still impairs your immune system (though not as badly as Type 2 diabetes).

People who are older and fatter (older and gaining weight) almost always have rising blood sugar levels or pre-diabetes.

Thus, if you’re not using a low carb diet (and you’re getting older or fatter, like Keith Raniere) then your immune system is not gonna be as healthy as it otherwise would be if your blood sugar concentration was lower.

I, therefore, implore everybody to use the Keto diet. 🙂

Have a nice day. 🙂

Ketogenic Diet - How To Go Keto, Side Effects & Suitability
It remains unclear how Keith Raniere will be able to obtain the food necessary to adhere to the keto diet at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and forms the basis of another fine argument to permit his release immediately. His health may depend upon it.


Jail Food FAQ's
Keith Raniere’s current diet is anything but keto. However, he does not have much choice over what he is served at the MDC.

New York just introduced Meatless Monday in jails | New Food Economy

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