Israel Coronavirus Vaccine Is Being Fast-Tracked to Be Available to the Public in Just 90 Days (Summer 2020)

By Evgeni Von Pussy

Israeli Coronavirus Vaccine is being fast-tracked to be available to the PUBLIC in just 90 days (summer 2020).


Israeli scientists are on the cusp of developing the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus, according to Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis. If all goes as planned, the vaccine could be ready within a few weeks and available in 90 days, according to a release.

Akunis said he has instructed his ministry’s director-general to fast-track all approval processes with the goal of bringing the human vaccine to market as quickly as possible.

“Given the urgent global need for a human coronavirus vaccine, we are doing everything we can to accelerate development,” MIGAL CEO David Zigdon said. The vaccine could “achieve safety approval in 90 days,” he said.
It will be an oral vaccine, making it particularly accessible to the general public, Zigdon said.

As I said earlier, there WILL be vaccines available during 2020 which are fast-tracked by various countries.

The usual process of taking two years to slowly test vaccines for ‘efficacy’ isn’t gonna happen here.

The only testing that NEEDS to be done is ‘safety testing’ to make sure it can’t cause any harm to people.  Safety testing only takes 90 days.

The ‘efficacy’ testing (to see how effective it is) can take another 18 months because it’s a slow process — but the Israelis are gonna bypass that process and make it available FAST (after it’s tested for ‘safety’ only).

They’ll finish the vaccine by the first week of April —- and then it takes another 90 days for safety testing. After that it’ll depend on the Israeli government’s ability to fast-track it, but their government minister (Ofir Akunis) sounds like he’s ready to release it by summer 2020.

The US (and other countries) will likely have huge pressure to do the same —— since the pressure will be HUGE if other countries are already doing it.

Can you imagine a country saying “nope, we’re gonna wait another two years before releasing the vaccine” —- when other countries begin vaccinating their citizens by late summer 2020?

Again, once the ‘safety’ testing is done then we know it can’t cause any harm to people.

The media will freak out because they want this virus to last for years. The media can’t destroy Trump if a vaccine begins helping people too quickly. Very sad.

Based on what’s being reported, it seems likely that a vaccine is coming quite fast, folks.

There’s no guaranteed time frames of course, but it sounds like a vaccine may be available by late summer 2020.

I just don’t think we’re gonna be waiting another 18 months even though that’s the usual time frame.

Holy shit

Taiwan proves that WHO ignored COVID warnings in December.

…and these are the so-called ‘infallible experts’ that most libtards believe are incapable of mistakes?


Kung-flu’s death rate is NOT accurate

Just because the WHO and CDC have more ‘expertise’ than me does NOT change the fact that the death rate is not accurate because we haven’t tested enough people to know how many are actually infected.

Guess what?

You can have 1,000 graduates from Harvard medical school say that the death rate is 4.3% for Kung-flu —– but that doesn’t make it accurate, because UNTIL we test many more people we’ll never know the truth death rate.

Capiche? Dummy. 🙂

South Korea Maps | Printable Maps of South Korea for Download

South Korea’s death rate is the most accurate at 0.9% because they have done the MOST TESTING PER CAPITA —— but even they concede that there’s at least double the number of infections who haven’t yet been tested (due to mild symptoms). Which means their real death rate is around 0.45% (half of one percent).

It’s basic math.

Secondly, nobody can hold me ‘accountable’ for anything since we don’t live in a police state like China where people can be put in prison for speaking the wrong words.


I will continue to comment and if I ever see you in person I’ll sic my poodle on you and instruct him to piss on you and possibly to bite your balls.

Have a nice day. 🙂

They have lost the ability to think independently for themselves

Jimmy Kimmel Has the Cure for 'Trump Derangement Syndrome' | Time

It’s sad, but it’s also part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Logic flies out the window. Group-think overtakes them.

They remind me of the Trump-haters who claim he should have acted sooner ——- but they quickly forget that every liberal news outlet (and even Joe Biden himself) claimed that Trump was WRONG to ban all flights from China back in January. LOL.


They also remind me of the morons claiming that Hillary would not have allowed this virus to spread in the USA, lol.

…But they quickly forget that when Hillary was Secretary of State she couldn’t even protect her own employees from being massacred in her Benghazi office —– due to LACK OF SECURITY that she refused to provide. lol.

If Hillary can’t even give a single office (in a dangerous city) more security when they requested it, how could she manage a global crisis? 🙂

I’m sorry to humiliate libtard morons by using FACTS and BASIC MATH, but hey, somebody’s gotta be the ADULT in the room.

Have a nice day. 🙂

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  • Alex Jones Is Told to Stop Selling Sham Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste
    Mr. Jones, who has used his radio show and website to promote conspiracy theories, is falsely claiming his products can fight the virus.

  • If this didn’t actually involve Bangkok/Pussy or other juvenile-minded FR denizens, it at least represents the dangers that can result from trying to downplay the seriousness of the situation, and prematurely talking up “cures”:

    Kentucky ‘coronavirus party’ attendee tests positive for COVID-19

    ‘A person in Kentucky attended a “coronavirus party” that defiantly flouted social-distancing warnings — and then tested positive for COVID-19, the state’s governor said Tuesday.

    A group of adults in their 20s intentionally got together “thinking they were invincible,” blatantly ignoring Kentucky’s guidance to practice social distancing, Gov. Andy Beshear said at a press conference.’

    • “We Have Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt

      Great Leaders try to calm and reassure the people.
      Bad Leaders try to stir up Fear and Panic in order to divide people.

  • I might as well at this point, admit that I did contract the Coronavirus, become ill and recover. I was unwell for 2 and a half weeks and felt absolutely ghastly for 10 days. I spent 2 weeks in bed. I had the high fever, an antibiotic-unresponsive painful and non-productive cough that went on around the clock; together with a constant severe headache. I was in isolation at home for one month. I have had Influenza, and this was much worse in my experience.

    I am in my 40’s with no significant underlying health conditions.

    Treatment was symptomatic only.

    I am now perfectly well.

    I will make no further posts about the Coronavirus after this, but I strongly advise you to practice social – distancing

    • Staying home too long also destroys economies. Destroying economies results in bankruptcies, suicides, violence, murders, a much lower standard of living, diseases, more deaths, etc. There must be a balance, because either path results in negative consequences. How many old people are you willing to cause to die vs. younger people dying from staying at home indefinitely and causing the economy to crater? Old people are going to die soon anyway, and they’re not going to cause the economy to recover. We need young people to do that. I love how Libtards, take a position and don’t recognize there is a price for that position. We are blessed that Trump is in office and not Barry or Sleepy Joe.

      • There was actually a time in this country when there would have been a serious ethical, moral and religious conversation about whether it was indeed better to endure a decline of material wealth, than to let anyone die unnecessarily. It’s a “traditional value” to at least consider that question faithfully, if not even to come down on the side of life.

  • UK coronavirus mass home testing to be made available ‘within days’

    Test to be validated this week, then made available to healthcare workers and general public.

    Prof Sharon Peacock, the director of the national infection service at PHE, told MPs on the science and technology committee that mass testing in the UK would be possible by next week.

    The test, which looks like a pregnancy test and involves pricking the finger to produce a drop of blood, which is then analysed by the device, will first be validated in Oxford to ensure it works as well as scientists hope. That will happen this week, Peacock said, and it will then be available to test healthcare workers and also the general public.

    “Several million tests have ben purchased for use. These are brand new products. We have to be clear they work as they are claimed to do,” she said. “Once they have been tested this week and the bulk of tests arrive, they will be distributed into the community.”
    Amazon has agreed to carry out the distribution but they will also go on sale in chemist shops.

  • “Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine have potentially severe and even deadly side effects if used inappropriately, including heart failure and toxicity. Some Australian media outlets have wrongly reported the drug as a “cure” for the virus even though trials have been either inconclusive or too small to be useful, have only been conducted in test tubes, are not yet complete, or have not even received ethics approval.

    Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration said it was concerned about shortages of the drug for people who need it following increased off-label prescribing as a result of the Covid-19 reports. As well as heart attacks the drug can lead to irreversible eye damage and severe depletion of blood sugar potentially leading to coma, the TGA warned.

    “New South Wales Health said it was aware of people self-medicating to treat or prevent Covid-19 and issued a statement warning of the dangers.”

  • Bangkok, when are you going to stop being such a pu$$y and come on my show? You DEMANDED I answer 11 questions and others you’ve asked me since, but you turn tail as fast as NiceGuy. Even your poodle isn’t such a coward. LOL

    • “…a pu$$y and come on my…”
      -Scott Johnson

      FYI: Bangkok is not a transgendered streetwalker in New Orleans, Louisiana…..
      …..Bangkok is a teenager and he does not want to “come” on anything you own Scott.

      Scott, you are a grown man for God’s sake!
      You are so disgusting. Perve!!!!

      Do you belong to NAMBLA?

    • 1. Not all doctors will be infected;
      2. Not all doctors who are infected will be infected simultaneously; and
      3. When doctors who get infected recover, they can go back to practicing medicine.

      • Just like in Italy? Hows the volunteering going Scott? as ex service you’ve obviously signed up for your local support group right? Big strong man like you? My dad, retired paramedic, begins his voluntary work tomorrow. My roster begins friday.
        Because we’ve done the statutory social isolation, shown no evidence of symptoms, and have strongly felt desires to help out, we find there is a lot of organisation already occurring, it wasn’t difficult to find stuff to do. I expect you’re one of those can-do types whose organised the care of all the vulnerable in your neighbourhood already. No? You certainly talk the talk.

      • 4. The pool of medical professionals available to treat cases will be reduced by the number of medical personnel who die. The largest distribution of U.S. physicians is between the ages of 55 and 65 years old, a demographic with increased risk of mortality.

        There’s also the problem of having a lot of healthcare workers who will recover, out of action at the peak of when they’re needed:

        Virus Knocks Thousands of Health Workers Out of Action in Europe

        “The thinning ranks of doctors and nurses, particularly in Spain, are hampering the ability to fight the epidemic, straining hospitals and raising fears that health workers are spreading the coronavirus.”

        • 5. People most at risk are OVER 65 years old AND have a serious pre-existing health condition.

          This isn’t Spain. They have a government-run health care system with a severe professional doctor shortage and inadequate infection control practices.

      • Scott,

        You have such a logical mind!!!!

        BTW: You forgot number 4….

        …..TexTex the retard in Plano, Texas will never become infected…..

        ……Because his fat ass is unemployed and he has no friends.

  • Problem-reaction-solution.

    If you think I’m allowing those who genetically modified an existing virus to inject into me some vaccine they created for it, I have a bridge to sell you.

  • I agree that the aggressive push for a vaccine by many parties and on many fronts, will likely result in something sooner rather than later. But there is also some risk that efforts will encounter unforseen problems, falter and drag out. And even relatively sooner, still isn’t going to save us from the near-term realities and consequences.

    But there’s also a danger that if too many people don’t take the very real threats seriously, and assume for instance that a cure will be available so soon that it will protect them from the consequences of cavalier or reckless behavior, that it will actually make the situation worse and lead to increased harm. We see that sort of unfortunate phenomenon, for example, in the case of the Arizona couple (and reportedly others in Nigeria) who poisoned themselves, one fatally, with a chloroquine compound, after hearing that chloroquine was practically a “cure” and “safe” and that “it’s not going to kill anybody” (POTUS).*

    The basic math from your number is that if before a vaccine is widely available, if it gets into 50% of our population of 331 million – the number that the Israeli cited offers in the full article – and the death rate is the .9% , that’s still about a million and a half Americans dead, triple the toll of the 1918 Spanish Flue.

    331M x 50% = 165.5M infections
    165.5M x .9% = 1.49M deaths

    On top of that there’s the problem of COVID-19’s high hospitalization rate. In South Korea, the optimistic case but also the one for which we have the best data, there were 5 hospitalizations for every death. So working back from the above numbers:

    1.49M x 5 = 7.45M hospitalizations

    Number of hospital beds in US: 924,107

    Using your and your preferred expert’s numbers like that, could still be on the high side – there’s reason to think from the extrapolation of Korean data that the death rate could turn out to be more like .5 (note that I’m willing not just to entertain, but to offer, a range of estimates) or possibly even a bit lower. But even if the deaths and hospitalizations are only a half or a third, it’s still catastrophic, and possibly would by itself result in as much economic dislocation (direct costs, diverted resources, work days lost, reduced productivity, lost expertise of older workers, etc.) as be as severely damaging to the economy as drastic containment measures.

    • AnonyMaker,

      RE The Trial Vaccines:

      You left out the possibility of the “vaccine enhancement” effect could end up making vaccine volunteers more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Additionally people who have received the vaccine may engage in reckless behavior and end up spreading the virus further.


      Scientists have still not discovered a vaccine for SARS or MERS. The first SARS epidemic was in 2002 and the MERS outbreak was 2012….

      ….Scientists had 18 years to work on a SARS vaccine…
      ….And now ironically enough scientists are claiming in as little as 18 months there will be a vaccine.
      Where are those autonomous cars scientists claimed were right around the corner a few years ago? Rhetorical off-base question or in-other-words…

      ….The idea of a vaccine coming in the next 2 years that will save millions of lives is wishful thinking at best.


      “Studies have suggested that coronavirus vaccines carry the risk of what is known as vaccine enhancement, where instead of protecting against infection, the vaccine can actually make the disease worse when a vaccinated person is infected with the virus.”-Reuters

      Reuter’s Link below:

  • Three academic articles point to Genetic Engineering by scientists from Wuhan China in the creation of the Kung Flu Virus.


    • That is as much a mess of muddled thinking and baseless conclusions as one of Raniere’s videos – though maybe that’s what appeals to you.

      And the Chinese, Russians, and Iranians have conspiracy theories that it was created by Americans. Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Qanon followers have a couple of different ones, too. Welcome to the recesses of the internet, where everyone has a conspiracy, so many of them and so mutually contradictory that the chances of any particular one being true approach zero.

      What 3 academic articles? Can you cite them? Was one of them the one whose authors promptly took it down, conceding that it could appear misleading and might be mis-interpreted by those not used to reading scientific publications?

      As a reality check, we can go back to the dawn of history and see that pandemics arise from natural circumstances including mutations – unless you want to claims something like that they’ve been the work of advanced technology aliens (shape-shifting reptilian humanoids are my favorites) all along.


      COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin

      Expert opinion:

      No, COVID-19 Coronavirus Was Not Bioengineered. Here’s The Research That Debunks That Idea – Forbes

      • Professor Boyle is actually a Liberal.
        He is very Liberal, almost like Oliver Stone.
        And he is pro-Palestinian.

        Unlike you AnonyMaker, I actually read and listen to Liberals and Conservatives.
        When Boyle says evidence points to China weaponizing a virus , it is a significant statement.

  • What will the Doom Sayers, Fear Mongers and Panic Peddlers do?

    Will they apologize for trying to destroy the American economy?
    Will they apologize for trying to rig the 2020 election with Ballot Harvesting on a National basis?
    Ballot harvesting is Ballot Box stuffing and it is legal in Pelosi’s California.?

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