Harvey Weinstein Moves Back to Buffalo Where He Spent His Youth

Harvey Weinstein has left Rikers Island and has been assigned to Wende Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Alden, New York just east of Buffalo.

The jail houses more than 950 inmates, including Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon.

The Wende Correctional Facility is in the rural town of Alden New York, 33 miles east of Buffalo.
About 950 inmates will be Harvey’s hale and well-met companions and, according to our intel, they are happy to learn that the illustrious former movie mogul will be sharing meals with them, if he gets out of solitary and the coronavirus does not force them all to practice social distancing and eat in their cells.
Weinstein is not expected to stay long at Wende. He is there for evaluation to determine which state prison best meets his “security, medical, mental health and other needs,” according to a Department of Corrections and Community Supervision release.
Harvey has been severely depressed and some fear he could be suicidal.
New York State prisoners with more than six years in their sentences are required to be housed at maximum-security facilities.  Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree and rape in the third degree.
Following his sentencing last week, Weinstein was immediately cuffed and transferred to Bellevue Hospital after experiencing chest pains. After having a medical procedure to implant a stent, he was immediately transferred to Rikers Island.
Weinstein’s name will be listed alongside some other notables in the facility which has housed:

This gives us a hint that Harvey is among some pretty rugged characters.

However, all is not bleak for Harvey. He may have access to programs such as:

  • Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
  • Anger Management Programs
  • Educational/Vocational Programs
  • Family Development Programs
  • Guidance and Counseling Services
  • Library and Law Library Services
  • Recreational Programs
  • Religious Services
  • Sex Offender Treatment Programs
  • Volunteer Services and Programs

Coming to Wende marks a return home for Harvey who last lived here in the Buffalo area in the 1970s. Back then, Harvey was well known as a concert promoter. He partnered with a man named Corky Burger and they booked concerts of well known national acts under the name “Harvey and Corky Present”.

They dominated the Buffalo concert market for perhaps a decade before Harvey left for greener pastures in the movie industry.

Corky Burger, Frank Sinatra and Harvey Weinstein in Buffalo in the 1970s. Weinstein, a two-bit punk even then, tried to use his so-called Mafia connections to intimidate and impress rivals and women.

As I understand it, Harvey and Corky broke up their partnership when Harvey, alone with Corky’s wife, tried to sexually assault her.  She successfully stopped him and told her husband and the partnership was dissolved.

In Buffalo, Harvey was well known for his fawning association with the Italian Mafia. He liked to flaunt his contacts with them and name drop to try to intimidate rivals and impress women.

Harvey was known to the mafia – then under the control of Stephano Maggadino and his able top lieutenant Sam Pieri – as kind of a classless punk.  He was not a man of respect.

Salvatore Sam Pieri [1911-1981] was the soul of good manners. Still, he had a high turnover in friends. One day he would meet a guy and then he would never see him again. Sam considered Weinstein a punk and the Buffalo mob was aware of Harvey’s filthy sex habits which were pronounced and notorious even then.
Harvey liked to brag that he knew Joe ‘The Wolf’ DiCarlo, but Joe never bragged about knowing Harvey.

If Harvey was a man of respect for a time in Hollywood, he is not one now as he shuffles from one prison to another. Presumably, he will head off to California sometime soon – where he’ll be housed in some Los Angeles jail in order to attend his second sex offense criminal trial.

If he is convicted in California, the two states may have to fight over who gets to house old Harvey.

I doubt they will leave the choice up to him.


Harvey’s cell is anything but luxurious, but he will call it home for the time being.


While Frank Report was unable to obtain an actual picture of the cell Harvey will occupy, we are told that this cell is quite similar in size and comfort.







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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Who knew there were so many ’Stronzo’s’ from Buffalo?

Wasn’t that where Samuel Bronfman made his bloody billions just across the lake during prohibition?

3 years ago

Chicago’s own Sam Carlisis had a brother Roy who was in Stefano Magadino’s Buffalo Organization.

“Sam Carlisi’s brother Roy was a caporegime in the Buffalo crime family, otherwise known as the Magaddino crime family. Roy was close to legendary Buffalo Mafia boss Stefano Magaddino, which gave Sam direct access to various east coast crime families that were aligned with the Buffalo Mafia such as those based in Rochester and Utica, New York and in Northeastern Pennsylvania

3 years ago

What’s the saying, behind every great family is a great crime.

Horacio Steamer
Horacio Steamer
3 years ago

I’m still wondering WHY he was given a 23 year (virtual life) sentence.

All he did was bone some whores who voluntarily gave up their poontang in exchange for the ‘hope’ of getting some career/financial benefits.

Yeah, I’m sure that Harvey ‘hinted’ at various career/financial incentives if they agreed to bang him, but EVERY person in Hollywood does that.

Every ‘player’ strings women along using ‘hints’ of things that may or may not be true.

That’s just playing the game like a true PLAYA.

Just like many women use men for their own purposes for less than honorable reasons.

How can we send a man to prison for LIFE just for being a ‘player’?

I think we need to have a conversation about where our society is going.


Horacio Steamer
Horacio Steamer
3 years ago

I think it’s ironic that Claviger isn’t condemning this article.

This article was written to pour salt into the mental wounds of Harvey and his supporters.

It was written to celebrate a 23 year prison sentence.

Yet Claviger doesn’t believe in giving a LIFE sentence to a guy for merely being a ‘player.

Where is Claviger’s outrage?

K.R. Claviger
3 years ago

My attitude towards the way in which Weinstein was prosecuted and the sentence he received is very similar to my attitude towards’s Raniere’s trial and his likely sentence. Both guys were treated unfairly before and during their trials – and both will end up with excessive sentences.

And I’m just fine with both of those outcomes.

Although I believe that the judicial process in our country has become extremely unbalanced in favor of the prosecution, I think both of these dirtbags deserved to be put away for long periods of time. And if they die before completing their sentences, I won’t shed any tears.

Every once in a while, our judicial process produces a correct result for the wrong reason.

Weinstein and Raniere are two examples of that phenomenon.

3 years ago


3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

There are probably men who think this way because they are rich, famous and powerful, and have multiple connections and influence. These people think that no woman can refuse not to have intercourse with them and every woman has to be grateful that she has been chosen. A special honor and a compliment that cannot be refused, and these women should be grateful because they could have any other woman.

3 years ago

That is pretty sick. I think you must be a bad person.

Balls of Fire
Balls of Fire
3 years ago

Federal prison workers say conflicting orders on corona virus response is putting lives at risk

Federal prison employees say their lives are in danger after a series of bungled instructions and widespread supply shortages amid the corona virus outbreak. The Bureau of Prisons on Thursday reported that two staff members were presumed positive for COVID-19, marking the first possible cases in the federal prison system.

Balls of Fire
Balls of Fire
3 years ago

So what about Harvey? It was made clear in court that he was given a long sentence for crimes he had never been prosecuted for. For what he did to other women in the past.

Frank has said that Clare should not get extra time for crimes she was never prosecuted for.

Crimes that have evidently come to light in regards to victims of hers coming forward, mentioned in her pre-sentencing report.

3 years ago

Look how thin Weinstein looks in that picture with Frank Sinatra and Corky Burger!
Now Weinstein is so fat it looks like he ate both Corky and Frank.
And maybe Corky’s wife to boot.
Assuming Weinstein is not a cannibal maybe Harvey visited the buffets in Las Vegas too many times.
It’s a small miracle that a man with Weinstein’s outrageous sexual habits never got whacked.

In honor of Harvey’s trip to Buffalo here is a song from the musical 42nd Street.
“Shuffle Off to Buffalo.”
I don’t suppose Harvey will be having a Honeymoon in Buffalo.

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