Allison Mack, Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Kristanna Loken & Ludwika Paleta – Where Have All the NXIVM Flowers Gone? – Part 2

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls have picked them, every one.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Pete Seeger (1955)


In Part 1 of this series, we took a look at five actresses from Vancouver who became involved with Keith Raniere and NXIVM/ESP – and reviewed what, if anything, they had done in terms of speaking out against the cult leader and his sycophantic followers.

In Part 2, we’ll be looking at several more of the NXIVM-related actresses – and checking to see what, if anything, each of them has done to help bring down the cult and its leaders.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg, Bonnie Piesse, Kristanna Loken, Ludwika Paleta and, of course, Allison Mack.


Catherine Oxenberg

Catherine Oxenberg has enjoyed a great deal of success in her career as an actress and model.

MK10 Catherine Oxenberg

Best known for her starring role on the Tv series “Dynasty”, the 58-year-old Catherine also appeared in several movies (“Ring of Scorpio”, “Acapulco H.E.A.T”, and “The Omega Code”) before returning to TV in 2005 in the “I Married a Princess” series.

Despite all her commercial success, Catherine was always looking for ways to improve herself – which is what led her to start taking NXIVM training sessions in L.A.

Shortly afterward, she invited her daughter, India, to join her because she thought the training would help India with her plans to become an entrepreneur.

Catherine & India Oxenberg

During the next few years, India was completely transformed from an enthusiastic young woman with dreams of her own to a slave who mindlessly followed the orders of her master, all the while never being allowed to eat enough or sleep enough to sustain herself.

When Catherine found out that India had been branded, she went into all-out “Mama Bear” mode.

She reached out to friends and professional contacts for help.

She spoke to federal and state investigators who promised to look into things but never did anything.

And then, finally, she contacted Frank Parlato – and told him about DOS and the “brandings”.

Frank Parlato headed up an investigation into “The Lost Women of Nxivm”.

Working together, they broke the story about the sex slave operation that Raniere had concocted – a story that eventually got the attention of federal prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York.

And together they celebrated the downfall of Keith Alan Raniere – and several of his cronies.

Viva Catherine Oxenberg!


India Oxenberg

Had she wanted to do so, India Oxenberg probably could have had a successful Hollywood career of her own.

As the oldest daughter of Catherine, she had contacts and resources in Hollywood that others only dream about.

India Oxenberg

But after starring in her “The Vector File” when she was just 9-years old, India opted to pursue other interests.

At some point, she decided that she wanted to run her own business – and, urged on by her mother, she signed up to take some NXIVM training sessions.

For whatever reason, India was entranced by the sessions – and quickly became a fervent devotee of NXIVM/ESP and its leader, Keith Raniere.

Eventually, India moved to the Albany, NY area so that she could become more involved with the cult.

That mistake set her on a course that nearly ended with her being prosecuted for sex trafficking and other crimes.

Fortunately, her mother’s hard work and dedication to taking down Raniere and NXIVM/ESP convinced the feds not to prosecute India – a decision that some still criticize as being unfair and biased.

Since she broke off all contact with NXIVM/ESP, India has been working hard to make up for lost time.

India Oxenberg

She is currently engaged to Patrick D’Ignazio, a New York City-based chef who works at the Double Zero restaurant.

Although she has not spoken out publicly about Raniere or the cult, the 28-year-old India is reportedly working on a memoir about her time in NXIVM/ESP.

Time will tell whether she becomes an open critic of the man – and the group – that almost ruined her life.


Bonnie Piesse

Bonnie Piesse got into the acting business in her native Australia at the tender age of 14 when she played a trapeze artist in “High Flyers”.

Bonnie Piesse

She went on to appear in several Australian TV shows while simultaneously pursuing a very successful songwriting and singing career.

She eventually moved to Los Angeles – where she met and married Mark Vicente.

Bonnie Piesse Husband Mark Vicente

Through Mark, Bonnie Piesse became started taking NXIVM/ESP training sessions – both in Vancouver and in L.A.

Although it’s not known how committed Bonnie was to the cult’s way of life, she is the one who sought out Catherine Oxenberg – and warned her that she needed to get India out of NXIVM/ESP as soon as possible.

She also told Catherine about India being “branded” – which, in many respects, was the beginning of the end for Raniere and his “inner circle”.

To date, the 37-year-old Bonnie Piesse has not spoken out publicly against NXIVM/ESP or Raniere.

It is believed, however, that she cooperated fully with federal investigators once they finally started investigating the cult’s criminal activities.

Bonnie Piesse - Nxivm
Bonnie Piesse

So, no “Viva” for Bonnie – at least not for now – but a hearty “Thanks” for helping to bring down the cult.

And a reminder to Bonnie – and others – that it’s never too late to speak out about these matters.


Kristanna Loken

Kristanna Loken began her modeling career at the age of 15 – and quickly moved up the ranks.

Kristanna Loken posed on the second day of the 2007 Monte Carlo Television Festival held at Grimaldi Forum on June 12, 2007 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

After landing a modeling contract with Elite, Kristanna went on to make appearances on several TV shows – and eventually landed a role in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”.

Despite appearing in “Blood Rayne” and “Bounty Killer” – and in several TV series (“Painkiller Jayne”, “The L-word” and “Burn Notice”) –

Kristanna’s acting career seemed to stall out around the same time she started attending NXIVM/ESP training sessions.

Like so many other women who came before her, Kristanna became enmeshed in the NXIVM/ESP web – and was actually getting pulled in deeper and deeper at the very time when Raniere was kicked out of Mexico and arrested in the U.S. back in 2018 (As late as April 7, 2018, Kristanna was appearing in an online video endorsing Raniere’s teachings).

Although she was reportedly an ardent member of J’ness, it is not known whether Kristanna ever became a DOS slave.

What is known is that she ended up being a part of Raniere’s harem.

mk10 Keith Raniere sketch

What is also known that Kristanna gave birth to a son in May 2016 – and that she named the child “Thor”.

Thor is a nickname that some women used to refer to Raniere because they believed in his divinity.

Several NXIVM/ESP women have also been known to use the phrase “I don’t want Prince Charming, I want Thor”.

Although several people have alleged that Raniere is Thor’s father, that relationship has never been acknowledged by Kristanna or Raniere.

Kristanna has never spoken out against Raniere or NXIVM/ESP – and will likely never do so.


Ludwika Paleta

Ludwika Paleta also began her acting career at a very young – when, as an 11-year-old, she landed a role in the Mexican TV series “Carrusel”.

Ludwika Paleta

Almost overnight, she became a sex-symbol among Mexican pre-teen boys.

Her next role came when, at the ripe old age of 14, she appeared in another Mexican TV series “El Abuelo y yo”.

She was married to briefly to Plutarco Haza, a Mexican actor – and had a son with him, Nicolás, when she was 20.

Later, she met – and married – Emiliano Salinas, the son of Carlos Salinas, the former President of Mexico.

Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta married Emiliano Salinas in 2013.

Emiliano was, of course, one of the most famous and wealthy members of the NXIVM cult/criminal enterprise – and had all the sordid stories not become public, he may well have been a Presidential candidate himself.

Instead, Emi ended up being labeled as a “co-conspirator” by the lead prosecutor during the trial of Keith Raniere.

Ludwika actually bought a luxury estate in Waterford, NY – just a short distance away from Raniere’s home at 21 Oregon Trail – so that she and Emi could be close by to the man they called Vanguard.

It is not known if Raniere ever “mentored” Ludwika and/or whether she was ever branded with his initials.

What is known is that she told reporters who tracked her down as she was exiting the Milan Theater that she and Emi were not taking any blame when it came to Raniere.

“It has been a difficult process. Fortunately, this situation has already been resolved in the United States courts. It has been clarified. Emiliano was not called to testify and he was not mentioned. We are calm and happy that this has already been settled. There is an ongoing legal process where there are still things to resolve but we think it will work out quite well for us.

“It has been a hard and bitter time for us, for everyone. I think the most important thing is to make it clear that both Emiliano and I are against and repudiate any act of violence and any act of denigrating any human being”.

Don’t expect to hear any more comments from Ludwika about Raniere or NXIVM/ESP.


Allison Mack

And last, but certainly not least, we have the now infamous Allison Mack, the Hollywood actress who has lost everything she had because of her association with Raniere and NXIVM/ESP.

Allison Mack

The onetime star of Smallville who began her acting career at the tender age of 4 pleaded guilty to two felony counts back in April of last year – one for Racketeering and one for Racketeering Conspiracy – and is still on home confinement awaiting sentencing.

During her allocution, Allison indicated that she had “…come to the conclusion that I must take full responsibility for my conduct. And that is why I am pleading guilty today.

“I am very sorry for the victims of this case. I am also very sorry for the harm that I caused to my family. They are good people who I have hurt through my misguided adherence to Keith Raniere’s teachings. I apologize to them from the bottom of my heart, and I am truly very sorry for what I have done. Through this plea and the help of others, I have begun the process of healing and repairing the relationships in my life”.

Not exactly a denunciation of Raniere – but still quite a bit more than we got from some of her co-defendants in the case.

Allison is supposedly still cooperating with the feds in an effort to reduce the amount of time she will spend in federal prison.

Allison Mack will be heading off to federal prison soon.

But regardless of how much time that turns out to be, it is unlikely that Allison will ever attain the sort of Hollywood glamor she once had.

Viva Executive Success!


So, that’s it, folks. At least that’s all the NXIVM/ESP-related actresses that I know about. If you know of any others, please feel free to share.


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K.R. Claviger


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  • A fact-check readily turns up that the father of her son is “her boyfriend Jonathan Bates, a managing director at JP Morgan” – who sure sounds like a better catch than the grungy guru from the FLDS on the Hudson.

    Sure looks like it:



  • Does the famous Chinese virus even exist?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly warned in recent decades of possible pandemics that could infect hundreds of millions of people and end the lives of large numbers of them, inoculating in society such terror at the possibility that most Huge amounts of money were lent to governments of the developed world in the face of popular pressure to prevent it with vaccines or to provide themselves with the means to treat the sick if this was not achieved.

    They terrorized society with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) -which is blamed on AIDS-, with malignant practically undetectable prions -which led to the sacrifice of millions of cows-, with the Aphthovirus -which is attributed to foot-and-mouth disease – with SARS-CoV -coronavirus that is blamed for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-, with the H5N1 virus – allegedly responsible for a curious “avian flu” capable of infecting humans-, with the H1N1 virus -supposed cause of swine flu (later Influenza A), which they say can also infect us-, with the MERS-CoV –coronavirus attributed to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-, with the almost indestructible Ebola virus -which does not resist simple hydrogen peroxide-, with the Zika virus – transmitted by mosquitoes – and now with a new coronavirus that appeared in China, which they have decided to call 2019-nCoV.

    And the only thing that is clear from all these global alerts is that there were never the millions of infected or the hundreds of thousands of deaths that were predicted. What yes there must have been sonorous laughter between those who have already received billions of euros that have been given to them without anyone checking afterwards how they have been spent.

    Because who controls the WHO? No one. In the magazine we have denounced all this since it appeared in 1999 and there are our articles to demonstrate it. Complaints that were arrogantly ignored but that time has proven true as in many other matters. Fortunately, the strategy has been squeezed so much that today there are many more people who have realized the truth and have stopped believing in WHO. Yet so much money is made simply by fearing society that those behind it are so greedy that they decided to continue their blackmail, although this time they have had to credibly stage it. And it must be recognized that the staging has been almost insurmountable.

    They have successfully quarantined several large cities and thousands of towns and villages by one government, closed institutions, businesses and schools, imposed a curfew, mobilized tens of thousands of police, soldiers and health professionals and successfully that millions of people put on masks that in the event that the virus existed do not prevent contagion. And since they still did not find them infected and dead enough to provoke real terror, they decided to replace the diagnostic tests that were used to “detect” those infected by the new virus – which are not really specific and therefore unreliable – by simple chest scans. Thus, it was possible to artificially increase the number of suspected infected and dead because those due to other causes came to be considered victims of the new coronavirus at a stroke.

    Is it now understood why 85-90% of those infected do not even have symptoms of pneumonia? Can you understand why, even with so much manipulation, they have managed to make the deaths exceed 2.5% of those suspected of being infected? Because there are numerous diseases in which the percentage of deceased is much higher. In fact, it is admitted that 75% of those infected were sick or had their immune system previously compromised and that 80% of the dead in Wuhan were over 60 years old. In short, once again we are sailing against the current but we must denounce – again – that the existence of the “new coronavirus” has not even been proven – despite the fact that it is claimed that China has provided its DNA – that even if it existed it is not so Dangerous as you might be led to believe, that the diagnostic tests used are not reliable at all and that no treatment has been shown to be effective. So, how are the WHO provost to explain that in the end the supposed epidemic disappears by itself?

    Because our readers will see how as soon as the WHO gets its hundreds of millions of euros everything is resolved. Mind you, only until your next blackmail!

    • I hope no one would seriously consider paying attention to nonsense like this. Overall, it’s sort of the equivalent of saying that because the US wasn’t invaded in World War II, no real threat existed and all the spending was wasted (and of course there is predictably a fringe who do actually make such a claim).

      But just as a quick fact-check, we could look at all the diseases which have plagued mankind for ages, that the WHO has been involved in successfully reducing or even eradicating – and given these successes, its reasonable to presume that in the cases of other disease like HIV/AIDS and Zika virus transmission would in fact have been much more widespread without the intervention efforts made.

      1 Eradicated diseases
      1.1 Smallpox
      1.2 Rinderpest

      2 Global eradication underway
      2.1 Poliomyelitis (polio)
      2.2 Dracunculiasis
      2.3 Yaws
      2.4 Malaria

      3 Regional elimination established or underway
      3.1 Hookworm
      3.2 Lymphatic filariasis
      3.3 Measles
      3.4 Rubella
      3.5 Onchocerciasis
      3.6 Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) and new variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (vCJD)
      3.7 Syphilis
      3.8 African trypanosomiasis
      3.9 Rabies

  • —L.A. County confirms 61 new coronavirus cases, says median age among ALL patients is 47—

    BTW, if you don’t know, “median” means half of the patients are older than 47, and half are younger than 47.

  • Frank/Claviger,

    I wanna see a link to the video of Kristanna that you claim exists, where she’s allegedly praising Keith.

    If you don’t have a copy of this video then how the fuck do you know it exists? Do you have a screenshot of it?

    Also, I wanna know how credible your sources are when they allege that Thor is Raniere’s child.

    Do you have reliable sources who can place Thor’s mom inside Keith’s bed approximately 9 months before he was born?

    • Everyone who does not live in total quarantine has a risk of infection, even those who are not prison inmates. Those who are now to be released from prison are not safe from infection because they can also become infected outside the prisons and there are no longer risk-free zones.

  • Governor Gavin Newsom of California just put all 40 million people in California under house arrest!


    • It’s not house arrest – no need to panic hysterically.

      But it looks like shelter-in-place coming to many other cities and states including, now, Illinois. Are you going to have internet access after the libraries close?

      Gov. J.B. Pritzker to issue order requiring residents ‘shelter in place’ starting Saturday, sources say

      It may be that places that don’t do this now, will regret their leaders’ unwillingness to take action in another week or two, just as we now look back and wish our leaders had been more proactive in other ways. We’ll get to find out the hard way, now.

      • no one should be scared of Covid 19, just listen to Trump’s Happy Talk and relax, and if things get worse, don’t blame the Administration’s inaction, blame the Chinese and Obama.

          • Is China also responsible for what Trump has NOT done since he first learned of the virus MONTHS ago?

          • For the last three years, the DemonRats and the courts have obstructed ALL of Trump’s efforts to Control the Border.
            And now that Trump has defeated the asinine impeachment efforts, the DemonRats want to crater the economy even if millions of people are hurt in the process.

        • President Trump banned travel from infected countries on Jan 31 and Democrats called him racist. Now, the daily talking points say he didn’t act fast enough.

          The Chinese govt is now trying to blame US military for spreading the Wuhan Virus there.

          It’s time to stop the anti-American rhetoric of the left and support what our President is doing for ALL Americans.

      • Every year a flu outbreak happens and people die.
        In 1969 people talked about the Hong Kong flu.
        About one million people died world wide.
        And schools did not close.
        Nor did stores close.
        America did not shut down.
        But today’s Americans are pansies who think with every cough and sneeze that they are dying.

        The Hong Kong Flu (also known as 1968 flu pandemic[1]) was a category 2 flu pandemic whose outbreak in 1968 and 1969 killed an estimated one million people all over the world.
        The same virus returned the following years: a year later, in late 1969 and early 1970, and in 1972. The CDC currently estimates that, in total, the virus killed 1 million people worldwide and around 100,000 people in the U.S

        As for J. B. Pritzker he is a fat slob who profits from the dealing of marijuana.

        • It’s already been pointed out time and again, that COVID-19 is not comparable to any early pandemic, except perhaps the 1918 Spanish Flu.

          1 to 2.2 million deaths in the US alone, are predicted in the report by renowned international experts that finally got the White House’s attention and result in the spurring them to action as evidenced on Monday:

          US, UK coronavirus strategies shifted following UK epidemiologists’ ominous report

          “A study by UK epidemiologists predicts that attempts to slow, or mitigate — rather than actively halt, or suppress — the novel coronavirus could overwhelm the number of intensive care hospital beds and lead to about 250,000 deaths in the UK and more than a million in the United States during the course of the current pandemic.”

          A report that helped convince Trump to take coronavirus seriously projected that 2.2 million people could die in the US if we don’t act

          If you’re having trouble coping with the reality of what’s unfolding around us, a better resource might be family, your cleric or pastor, a therapist or psychologist, or your case or social worker.

    • Yes, finally people should start listening to you….

      You’ve been socially distanced for most of your life

  • “Had she wanted to do so, India Oxenberg probably could have had a successful Hollywood career of her own.”
    Based on what? You have seen her play? Not to be mean but it’s hardly accessible for many but for her…Probably is still an overstatement

    “That mistake set her on a course that nearly ended with her being prosecuted for sex trafficking and other crimes”
    Stop with the sex trafficking, it’s inappropriate for this case…The other crimes ok but sex trafficking…Call it Rape (not by her but Raniere), Call it sexual aggression (same as previous) but sex trafficking is an operation that involve prostitution…

    “Fortunately, her mother’s hard work and dedication to taking down Raniere and NXIVM/ESP convinced the feds not to prosecute India – a decision that some still criticize as being unfair and biased”
    Who said that, it’s not unfair or biased…what is unfair and biased is her behavior against Allison…
    She choosed to reject HER responsability on a young girl who isn’t ,in the end, responsible for what happened to India!

    And despite the facts, she defend the position of her daughter,explaining it’s due to the abuse and it’s a perfect excuse for it.
    Allison was more abused than India but for Cat, she is the big bad wolf…That is what is biased and unfair!

    If starvation,sleep deprivation and mental manipulation are enough to excuse her daughter’s action, it’s should be the same for Allison who was in a worst position (as she was drugged).

    “Not exactly a denunciation of Raniere – but still quite a bit more than we got from some of her co-defendants in the case.”
    Excuse me? she denunciate as much as one could in this situation…it’s a plea deal allocution!
    She was collaborating with authorities at the level of her knowledge…It’s clear from the trial that she never close the door to help…

    You also choosed to ignore many fact as you go full into defending India and pointing the starvation, manipulation and sleep deprivation but willingly ignore those facts for Allison!

    Technically, India did exactly what Allison did but under lighter circumstances.

    Allison was abused FOR YEARS and likely drugged !

    For India, it’s a good excuse but not for Allison !?

    “During the next few years, India was completely transformed from an enthusiastic young woman with dreams of her own to a slave who mindlessly followed the orders of her master, all the while never being allowed to eat enough or sleep enough to sustain herself.”
    This is in the Cat’s part…I can attest (and it’s also extremely visible to public) that the same happened to Allison…
    But you only talk about India like she is the sole victim of those abuse…

    BTW , while India was thin and close to dangerous thin, Allison was even thinner…On some pics, you can see how dugged is her skin!

    So to do the same as the previous ridiculous article about this, let’s compare the both case:

    India was semi-starved (Since 2015), Allison was semi-starved (Since 2013).
    India was sleep deprivated (Since 2015) , Allison was too since the same time
    India was mentally abused through E.M. (Since 2012 , probably), Allison was mentally abused through E.M. (since 2007-8 probably)
    India was under coercion (Since 2015) and Allison was under coercion too (Since 2013-2014)
    India was maybe drugged (not known) and Allison was surely drugged (Since 2014)

    India and Allison committed the SAME crimes, under the SAME circumstances but one is definately seen as a “victim” while the other became the center of the hatred.

    Once again, either all the “victims” are culprit OR Allison is considered at the same level as them…because in the end, the only action Allison did (directly) is to collect the collaterals and it was (like India and a few others) under coercion.

    Allison had no decision power, it’s clearly known from the trial and it’s also witnessed by many (including the victims).
    She never did anything unless Raniere told her and for many victims, that is enough to be considered as coercion from Raniere!

    Like it or not, Allison is no different than any of the victim (because she is a victim herself).
    You also never speak about the great person she used to be Pre-Nxivm which shows that you ignore the facts and abuses that pushed her in that corner.

    Either talk properly about the case or just stop plainly because this isn’t journalism at all…
    Journalist would try to get both side of the story!

    No one tried to know the story behind Allison’s fall , they just prefer to think she was always a monster…
    First, even in DOS she wasn’t a monster (enough things show that she was coerced to do things and when she wasn’t texted by Raniere, People said she was a “loving” , a “caring” person…
    Second, Before DOS and especially before Nxivm, Allison was an awesome girl, adorable, loving and beloved by her friends…Generous (in every sane way) and smart.
    This is what is tragic for Allison…She ended being seen as a monster while she was a victim of the same cult who made a “monster” out of India and a few others (not Lauren, she was willingly following Raniere, no hypnosis , no coercion and she committed to him by love…Allison was coerced and abused when she “participate” the crimes (and had a “love” story with the hairy monster).

    I know you’ll ignore the facts again so you can continue to target her…but that will never make you look fair , journalistic nor professionnal.
    At best your are a self acclaimed idiot who ignore the facts.

  • Kristanna Loken attended the 2007 Monte Carlo Television Festival. Four years earlier, Kristin Kreuk attended that festival..

    Both were photographed with then “ladies man” and accused rapist Prince Albert.

    Both actresses later moved up from Monte Carlo and Prince Albert to Albany and Vanguard.

    • PARIS (AP) — The palace of Monaco says its ruler, Prince Albert II, has tested positive for the new coronavirus but his health is not worrying. Albert, 62, appeared to be the first head of state who has publicly said he contracted the virus.

  • The world is in crisis and you piece of shits are still obsessed with those who used to be in NXIVM…. you guys really need to get yourself admitted in a mental hospital.

  • Clav wrote: “Shortly afterward, she invited her daughter, India, to join her because she thought the training would help India with her plans to become an entrepreneur.”

    That’s not the version Cat O told to the public

    Clav wrote: “So, that’s it, folks. At least that’s all the NXIVM/ESP-related actresses that I know about.”

    To which everyone thought:
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt,”

    • Anonymous: In her book, Catherine Oxenberg was very forthright about her own early involvement in NXIVM. She also wrote that she persuaded India to take the trainings to help her become an entrepreneur. India had had a couple of career disappointments and at the time, Catherine thought NXIVM could help her.

      • Who recruited Catherine Oxenberg and when?

        She claims a ‘friend’ recruited her in 2011, she did a course then stopped.

        But in spring 2010, her then husband Casper Van Dien was on Necker Island during the secret NXIVM cult summit.

        Explanation, thoughts…

        • I don’t have the book in front of me, but I believe Catherine was in NXIVM for way more than just one course. She was in long enough to have EM’s and she was in long enough to be exposed to the misogynistic teachings, She was in long enough to travel to Albany and stay in an upper floor of Clare’s house. She froze because the heiress provided no heat on that floor during the frigid Albany winter.
          As for Casper, the only evidence I can find online for his being at Necker Island is an anonymous comment on Frank Parlato’s publication ArtVoice. I would be interested to know if he was at the Necker Island gathering, so please provide a link.

          • Catherine Oxenberg did an interview, (you can probably find it on YouTube) where she said a friend recruited her in 2011, she thought it was crazy and didn’t carry on, but India did. She presented herself that way. She certainly was in NXIVM longer then a single intensive.

            As for a Casper Van Dien, check out the Necker Island articles by John Tigue on Saratoga In Decline on the Wayback machine. He is in one of the photographs in one of the articles. That was the spring 2010 secret summit and it is definitely him.

      • No, according to her book, Catherine and India attended their ESP introductory meeting, lead by Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson, together in LA sometime in early 2011. In her interviews, Catherine has said that one of her friends (some say Vany Huber) had been promoting it to her. So while it’s true that she did recruit her own daughter, Catherine’s public story has been that she and India started at the same time. If what Claver writes here is correct, then Catherine has been lying. Frank should clarify this.

        While Frank is at it, maybe he can ask Catherine why she thought it was a good idea to recruit her teenage step-children, especially 15 year old Grace Van Dien. Hopefully, Catherine never let Keith get near Grace, because if you google Grace, I imagine for someone like Raniere, it would have been India, Allison who?

        What’s also bad about Catherine is that she knew about Keith’s rape and pedophilia but still left India in the cult when she fled. If she had spoken out back then, as Frank has repeatedly noted, DOS could have been prevented, and she could have saved India from being branded. Instead she stayed silent, even when she knew that India was working with the babies and underage children in Rainbow. And as Frank has highlighted, as a devoted student of pervert Raniere and a high ranking coach living in Albany, India would have learned and taught Raniere’s twisted views on rape and pedophilia and was grooming the kids and maybe even practicing Raniere’s sick techniques on the babies. As Claver points out, India has never bothered to speak out publicly but instead is going to try and cash in by writing a memoir and through the lawsuit. But should India be worried about what Allison may be sharing with the Feds?

  • Perhaps one day Americans will come to realize that most Hollywood celebrities are overpaid dolts.
    Certainly the motley crew of NXIVM celebrities have shown themselves unable to find their way out of a paper bag.
    Let’s see what Allison Pimp Mack’s alter ego Charger 426hemi1 thinks of Allison:

    ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #caring #gentlesoul #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

    Boy, that must be some pretty strong weed!

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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