Russia Wants the U.S. to Be Terrified of 5G

By AnonyMaker

Rather than wade into the weeds of details, let’s just do a basic reality check.

If the Russians are so safety-conscious, are they avoiding 5G themselves, or using their own somehow much safer equipment?

Nope – they’re busy trying to catch up on internal deployment of the same systems their external propaganda is trying to sew doubt about in the West:

russia lte megafon vimpelcom

As Russia plans for 5G, Russian propaganda outlet says 5G will kill you.

‘Given Putin’s prioritization of 5G, it may seem dissonant that RT America, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Russia Today, a state-owned “news outlet” widely regarded as the government’s propaganda apparatus, is apparently ramping up coverage around the unfounded health concerns associated with 5G.’

China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the 2019 St Petersburg International Economic ForumHuawei Just Launched 5G In Russia With Putin’s Support

‘Huawei 5G has gone live in Russia. This isn’t the first 5G pilot to launch in Moscow, but it is the most notable.’

Russia’s first 5G zone deployed in Moscow

Aug 8, 2019 – Ericsson and Tele2 have launched Russia’s first 5G zone in central Moscow on Tele2’s commercial network

So here’s another reality check – do the Russians then not use GSM on those supposedly dangerous weapons frequencies?

Nope – another fail:

“2G GSM services are provided over the 900 and 1800 MHz bands”


The’re also using the other band that is supposedly particularly dangerous, 450 MHz (which they’ve apparently used for other applications as well):

Tele2 launches Russia’s first LTE450 network”

I’m certain that the Russians will provide some nice-sounding talking points.

One of their longstanding modi operandi is to have laws and regulations for outward-facing propaganda purposes, which are not necessarily followed and often virtually meaningless. The most infamous example of that is of course their nominal justice system, which in practice is actually draconian (even compared to US over-prosecution) and often politically driven.

Things like the recent nuclear missile test explosion over a populated area, Chernobyl, the Sverdlovsk anthrax leak, their nuclear submarine accidents, the Aral Sea environmental disaster, higher cancer mortality rates, generally shortened life expectancy, and so on, are more typical of how their system actually works out.

Their higher rates of cancer deaths and shorter lifespan by themselves demonstrate that even if the Russians are more fastidious about a few things that might present some marginal risk, all in all its people are actually worse off.

I recently ran across this piece which, besides addressing 5G specifically, also explains succinctly what Russia’s aims are in its disinformation campaigns, in which they seek to weaken political and economic competitors, as a sort of holdover from the thinking and strategies of the Soviet Union and the Cold War:

Image result for 5g

Foreign disinformation: the plot to kill 5G

‘Why Russia wants the U.S. to be afraid of 5G

“Political scientists have made the compelling case that Russia is acting as a far more important geo-political actor than it really is. With a declining population and economic base, Russia is little more than a regional power, although one with global ambitions.

“The current Russian leadership came of age in the Soviet Era, when Russia was a global superpower. Those days are long gone, but both the memory and the ambition remain.

“Just as disinformation in the 2016 political campaign ignited massive tribalism in our country, and as the anti-vaccination movement has put millions of people’s health at risk, so too does the campaign against 5G endanger our progress and endangers lives.

“Russia compensates for its lack of real political power by using disinformation (particularly digitally) to exploit weaknesses in open societies. Putin’s goal is to weaken democracy — not through direct confrontation, but rather by causing internal division, lack of faith in social and political institutions, and by spreading lies and false information. This multifaceted campaign throws doubt on science and facts. It causes citizens to distrust news media, political leaders, common sense and each other.

“5G is an essential technology that will move the digital revolution into the next phase. Those countries that move quickly into 5G will gain an important advantage over those that lag behind.

“Even with Putin’s support, Russia is clearly, at best, in the second ranks of 5G development, far behind the U.S., China and South Korea.

“The easiest way for Russia to level the playing field with 5G is to cripple its deployment outside Russia. That is where RT comes in. Their report detailing the massive dangers of the effects of 5G technology was titled, “A Dangerous Experiment on Humanity.” Not even trying to be subtle or consider scientific evidence, RT — looking at 5G concerns — reported, “There is just a small one. It might kill you.”

It’s easy to see what is happening here. Through its disinformation tool, RT, Russia is trying to make Americans terrified of 5G. Using absolutely no science (because there is none), RT is stirring mistrust of facts, progress, and technology.’

Finally, I want to note once more that there are some safety issues with 5G and other broadcast technologies worth further researching, and responding to as actually appropriate. Overwrought sensationalism and dubious information doesn’t actually help.

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3 years ago

Let me understand this, RT does not represent even 1% of the audience in the US and Spain or Latin American countries, I certainly give you a point regarding that RT is a Russian propaganda medium as is THE VOICE OF AMERICA, but that does not It means that they are the cause of many people including several scientists and experts in microwave technology, who consider the use of this technology a health hazard, even 1G cell phones emit electromagnetic waves that can be harmful to the human body, the fact that this technoliga does not kill you immediately does NOT mean that the effect is not real, studies on its effects have been carried out for years and to my knowledge there is no one that can deny its harmful effects on the body, but this is just as if we talk about air pollution, or asbestos pollution, it is known that it is harmful to health but no one tells you why some people spend years in contact with it and do not know Ferman and others end up with cancer or another disease of the lungs, with microwave radiation it is even worse, since the mine canary is not something we are paying attention to, even if we see it we say “it was natural death”

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