5G Alert: Evidence of Serious Cell Phone Danger to Pregnant Women, Children and Industry Workers Silenced by ‘Captured’ FCC

By Fred

Have you read Robert C, Kane’s book, Cellular Telephone Russian Roulette?

He had a doctorate in electrical engineering; he was by all accounts an extremely brilliant man. His book is very roughly edited. When he wrote it he was busy dying of a brain tumor contracted while testing mobile antennas for Motorola, but it is an extremely powerful historical perspective on what the industry knew, when they knew it, and how they covered up the risks:


Let me tell you one conversation I had a with a real microwave engineer, the guy in charge of all the base stations for a major network.

I was walking past one of their huge towers, when I saw a pigeon sitting on one of them. I thought immediately: that is a first; I’ve NEVER seen a small bird anywhere near one of these towers. That tower must be off.

And sure enough, as I got past, I saw a car parked in front of the tower, and the base station’s door was open.

So just to check, I phoned the operator. I said I wanted to confirm that this tower was actually off, because this was the first time I’d ever seen a bird on one. It’s a claim I often made, and I was quite perturbed to see it being broken.

The guy told me to phone back in a week. He told me, no, that base station was supposed to be on the whole time, it was a “fireable” offense (sic) to turn it off while working on it. I said, “well, I don’t want to get your guy fired, but I honestly think that tower was off.”

The engineer then said to me: “you know, I’ve been looking, and you’re absolutely right, you don’t see birds sitting in these towers.”

They are disguised as trees, of course, for “aesthetic” reasons; but no birds are fooled.

This is just one conversation of many I’ve had with professionals in the business. Quietly, they’ve admitted to me that I was right, and that there were real problems with the technology. One said their company kept a “black book” of radiation incidents, in workers as well as the public, which was kept in deep secret.

Image result for cell phone radiation danger

Another told me that “sunburn” from working on towers was common, and that their hair would stand on end as they got close to a tower. Working on towers is now the most dangerous job in the whole of America:



Just about the stupidest thing I ever read in my life, was the New York Times’s William Broad alleging that information on 5G hazards was a “treacherous fog” being spread by the Russians:


Broad quotes experts in Russian propaganda:

—> The Kremlin “would really enjoy getting democratic governments tied up in fights over 5G’s environmental and health hazards,” said Molly McKew, head of Fianna Strategies, a consulting firm in Washington, D.C., that seeks to counter Russian disinformation. <—

It’s a fact that the Russians have, for decades, had the best radiation protection guidelines of any major country, at least 100 times better than the FCC guidelines, which are the worst in the entire world from a protective viewpoint.

The Americans long derided the Russians for their research into “non-thermal” effects of microwave radiation. A 1976 US Defense Intelligence Agency document summarized the Soviet-bloc research and their more stringent protections for the public, and concluded that such protection was not feasible for Americans:

Image result for cell phone radiation danger

“If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military function.”

You can read the whole document here:


The quote comes from p. vii.

Mr Barrie Trower, the UK government’s former expert on microwave warfare, has stated repeatedly that the doctrine contained in that one sentence will ultimately be responsible for killing far more people than WW1 and WW2 combined. It’s a real death sentence.

Under the most patronizing supervision possible, the WHO got the Russians to replicate their experiments from the 1970s and ’80s. To their surprise, the Russian findings checked out. For example, in one experiment, rats were irradiated with microwaves, and then blood serum was taken from them and injected into pregnant rats. You can see the results on p. 18 of the following document:


Of the cage controls, 4.3% had spontaneous abortions; of sham-exposed rats, 11.7% had spontaneous abortions; of EMR-exposed rats, 55.6% had spontaneous abortions. The Russians regarded this quite elegant experiment just as a pilot study.

In case you think this issue of spontaneous abortions in rats has no relevance to humans, listen to the evidence of Prof. John Goldsmith, doyen of research in this field for many years, holding many professorships around the world, hired by the US government to write the definitive report on the microwaving of the US Embassy in Moscow over several decades.

Goldsmith produced a paper in 1997, in which he reported a study of female physiotherapists who were using microwave equipment, on exactly the same frequencies as mobile phones, 915 MHz and 2450 MHz. The findings:

“Of the microwave-exposed women, 47.7% had miscarriages prior to the 7th week of pregnancy compared to 14.5% of nonexposed women.”

Image result for cell phone radiation danger

The reported results are frighteningly in line with what the Russians found with rats, 40 years ago.

Now: I have corresponded directly with Prof Yury Grigoviev, the chairman of the Russian government radiation protection agency, author of that review of the Russian research. He confirmed for me that the official Russian government guidelines stresses NO MOBILE PHONE USE WHATSOEVER BY PREGNANT WOMEN.

This is a warning that should be given in the West; but, the governments would far, far rather kill your baby, than, heaven forfend, “alarm” you.

Prof. Grigoriev also confirmed, to my amazement, that the official Russian guidelines is absolutely NO mobile phone use by anyone under the age of 18 years, because their immune, nervous and hormonal systems are still developing.

I am told that Russian kids are quite nihilistic, and I’m sure that many if not most use mobile phones. I know that many of them also drink vodka for breakfast, against government guidelines. The fact remains that the government has at least issued precautionary warnings to its population.

Do any of you think you could get a response on this issue from the FCC? Let alone its chairman, Ajit Pai?

Here’s a letter signed by 13 US lawmakers in May 2018, asking Ajit Pai why his agency refuses to answer their questions:


Here’s a letter from February 2019 from Congress’s Committee on Energy and Commerce, asking Pai again why “you have also repeatedly denied or delayed responding to legitimate information requests from the public about agency operations”:


Even your lawmakers can’t get a response from the FCC. It’s been described as the most captured government agency in Washington, DC, by a Harvard study:


So, just to show how the FCC DOES respond to these charges of industry capture, here is a video of Ajit Pai making jokes about it at an “insider” dinner in 2017:


Here is a transcript of Ajit Pai’s extremely unfunny little skit:

Image result for ajit pai
Ajit Pai

Ajit Pai: “In collusion, I mean conclusion… sorry, Freudian slip, my bad. Many people are still shell-shocked that I’m up here tonight [as chairman]. They ask themselves, ‘How on Earth did this happen?’ Well, moments before tonight’s dinner, somebody leaked a 14-year-old video that helps answer that question, and in all candor I can no longer hide from the truth.”

The video then shows him talking with Verizon Senior Vice President Kathy Grillo:

Kathy Grillo: “As you know, the FCC is captured by industry. But we think it’s NOT CAPTURED ENOUGH. We want to brainwash and groom a Verizon puppet to install as FCC chairman. Think Manchurian Candidate.”

Ajit Pai: “That sounds awesome!”

Kathy Grillo: “I know, right?! There are only two problems. First, this is going to take 14 years to incubate. We need to find someone smart, young, ambitious, but dorky enough to throw the scent off.”

Ajit Pai: “Hello!”

Kathy Grillo: “So you will do it?”

Ajit Pai: “Absolutely! But you said there was another issue?”

Kathy Grillo: “We need to find a Republican who can win the presidency in 2016 to appoint you FCC chairman. I think our best bet is an outsider, but I have no idea who that would be. If only somebody can give us a sign…”

At this point in the video, a picture of Donald Trump appears, to music from The Apprentice. Hilarity from all the insiders at this dinner.

Ajit Pai, Verizon lawyer turned regulator, does not have time to answer questions from lawmakers; but he has plenty of time to make little videos in which he insults all of us.

Remember: Bill Clinton’s 1996 Telecoms Act specifically forbids any local authority from making one move to regulate the placement of a tower, even if there’s a huge cancer cluster around it, so long as that tower is radiating under FCC guidelines. If a local authority even SAYS one word about it, they are in violation of federal law and can be sued by the operators.

A radiation guideline set by engineers, intended only to provide short-term protection from heating, based on military guidelines intended to protect a large Marine over six feet tall, trumps your rights to free speech, a healthy environment, protection for your kids, protection from surveillance within your own house.

And then they make big jokes about it.

Ajit Pai was appointed by Donald Trump. This is draining the swamp? Ajit Pai is the most vile and disgusting swamp monster I’ve ever seen in Washington, DC. Even worse than his predecessor Tom Wheeler, who famously said “We won’t wait for the standards,” in rolling out 5G:


In the past, it was Motorola driving the tech through without any proper health testing or evaluation. Now it’s the regulator, the FCC itself, saying, we won’t wait for the standards, on issues like health.

So, yeah, these are Russian talking points, please, don’t make me laugh, it only hurts when I laugh. You Americans need to wake up, and wake up pronto.

I have to go offline for a while now, a huge thunderstorm is brewing and I must unplug my ADSL line. Anyone who thinks I’m taking you back to the dark ages, remember: 5G won’t work in the rain either, your self-driving cars will grind to a halt the moment there’s a serious downpour.

Image result for cell phone radiation danger


The storm seems to have passed, but I’m typing very quietly. If the weather devas around here hear you even think the word “modem”, there’s usually a rumble of thunder.

I’m busy listening to (and audio recording) a presentation by Mr Barrie Trower on the dangers of wifi and 5G, uploaded on March 5, from a conference in Exeter. He waved that DIA document I mentioned above, and said it’s the second-most infamous document in history, in the damage it will do to the human race.

The top infamy is a WHO document, from a major conference decades ago, listing all the illnesses to be expected from microwave radiation. It’s been stamped TOP SECRET. Mr Trower says the WHO to this day refuses to acknowledge the existence of this document. He’s 47 minutes in and going strong, this is a tour de force. He says the estimate is that 2 billion people will be killed by this radiation, that’s one in three users. He’s about to start on trees and nature in general. Must watch.


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3 years ago

I recently ran across this piece which, besides addressing 5G specifically, also explains succinctly what Russia’s aims are in its disinformation campaigns, in which they seek to weaken political and economic competitors, as a sort of holdover from the thinking and strategies of the Soviet Union and the Cold War:

Foreign disinformation: the plot to kill 5G

‘Why Russia wants the U.S. to be afraid of 5G

Political scientists have made the compelling case that Russia is acting as a far more important geo-political actor than it really is. With a declining population and economic base, Russia is little more than a regional power, although one with global ambitions.

The current Russian leadership came of age in the Soviet Era, when Russia was a global superpower. Those days are long gone, but both the memory and the ambition remain.

Just as disinformation in the 2016 political campaign ignited massive tribalism in our country, and as the anti-vaccination movement has put millions of people’s health at risk, so too does the campaign against 5G endanger our progress and endangers lives.

Russia compensates for its lack of real political power by using disinformation (particularly digitally) to exploit weaknesses in open societies. Putin’s goal is to weaken democracy — not through direct confrontation, but rather by causing internal division, lack of faith in social and political institutions, and by spreading lies and false information. This multifaceted campaign throws doubt on science and facts. It causes citizens to distrust news media, political leaders, common sense and each other.

5G is an essential technology that will move the digital revolution into the next phase. Those countries that move quickly into 5G will gain an important advantage over those that lag behind.

Even with Putin’s support, Russia is clearly, at best, in the second ranks of 5G development, far behind the U.S., China and South Korea.

The easiest way for Russia to level the playing field with 5G is to cripple its deployment outside Russia. That is where RT comes in. Their report detailing the massive dangers of the effects of 5G technology was titled, “A Dangerous Experiment on Humanity.” Not even trying to be subtle or consider scientific evidence, RT — looking at 5G concerns — reported, “There is just a small one. It might kill you.”

It’s easy to see what is happening here. Through its disinformation tool, RT, Russia is trying to make Americans terrified of 5G. Using absolutely no science (because there is none), RT is stirring mistrust of facts, progress, and technology.’


Finally, I want to note once more that there are some safety issues with 5G and other broadcast technologies worth further researching, and responding to as actually appropriate. Overwrought sensationalism and dubious information (some of Fred’s sources are good, but others are questionable if not outright pseudo-science.) doesn’t actually help.

3 years ago

I can’t take this anymore. These articles from Fred are making me lose brain cells.

I’d rather read 1,000 ShadowState articles (about Allie Mack) than see another article by Fred.

I have reached my mental limit here.

Help me stay sane, Frank. Stop publishing this shit.

If Frank publishes one more article from Fred, I am likely to OFF MYSELF just to get away from this insane shit.

No, I don’t actually read Fred’s articles. However, just seeing them on the main page is enough to make me want to OFF MYSELF cuz that mother fucker is literally a man with the mind of a small child.

He’s somebody that grew up with a short-circuited brain.

Somehow the wires in his brain got crossed.

Maybe his mom dropped him on his head.

Or maybe his mom just grew tired of him and routinely beat the shit out of him as a child, knocking his brain wires loose, which I’m sure he deserved since no mother deserves to have a kid like Fred.

But either way, Fred is a person with a few screws loose upstairs.

I’m guessing that he’s a personal friend of Frank’s —— since there’s no other reason for Frank to publish such wacky shit.

Maybe Fred grew up with Frank and they both played baseball together back in Sicily.

Stop torturing us Frank. Stop this shit NOW please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Pablo

Don’t off yourself until after you come on my show, you little chicken sh!t. LOL

po' lil' Pablo
po' lil' Pablo
3 years ago
Reply to  Pablo

Yes, Pablo has reached his mental limit quite a long time ago. He’s suicidal but that comes mostly from the cleaning fluids he inhales at his janitor job. Fuck the censorship that Pablo and his meek-minded ilk represent. The truth hurts, you fuck.

3 years ago
3 years ago

When the first “horseless carriages” first appeared in the early 1900s, many people sounded the alarm due to the higher speeds of cars over horses. They also advocated that a person may not be as intelligent as a horse in the ability to focus on road hazards. Just sayin…

3 years ago

Rather than wade into the weeds of details, let’s just do a basic reality check.

If the Russians are so safety-conscious, are they avoiding 5G themselves, or using their own somehow much safer equipment?

Nope – they’re busy trying to catch up on internal deployment of the same systems their external propaganda is trying to sew doubt about in the West:

As Russia plans for 5G, Russian propaganda outlet says 5G will kill you

‘Given Putin’s prioritization of 5G, it may seem dissonant that RT America, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Russia Today, a state-owned “news outlet” widely regarded as the government’s propaganda apparatus, is apparently ramping up coverage around the unfounded health concerns associated with 5G.’


Huawei Just Launched 5G In Russia With Putin’s Support

‘Huawei 5G has gone live in Russia. This isn’t the first 5G pilot to launch in Moscow, but it is the most notable.’


Russia’s first 5G zone deployed in Moscow

Aug 8, 2019 – Ericsson and Tele2 have launched Russia’s first 5G zone in central Moscow on Tele2’s commercial network

3 years ago
Reply to  AnonyMaker

I’m certain that 5G in Russia will be operating under more stringent radiation regulations than the West, but I’ll check it out.

The new 5G-friendly regulations from ICNIRP — the guidelines used by WHO — have literally just dropped, I just got an alert from Microwave News. You can find ICNIRP’s press release here:

As far as I know, these basic guidelines will remain as they have been since 1998, there were no indications at recent ICNIRP meetings of any major changes, but I’ll check these out as well.

ICNIRP is the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, an industry-dominated body that sets standards purely for the convenience of engineers. The ICNIRP standards are only applicable for short-term exposures, the measurement time is six minutes. They have always said they have no scientific basis for setting long-term exposure guidelines. Yet their short-term guidelines are taken as completely safe for 24/7 exposures by governments and the WHO.

3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

I’m certain that the Russians will provide some nice-sounding talking points.

One of their longstanding modi operandi is to have laws and regulations for outward-facing propaganda purposes, which are not necessarily followed and often virtually meaningless. The most infamous example of that is of course their nominal justice system, which in practice is actually draconian (even compared to US over-prosecution) and often politically driven – or are you going to defend that as superior to the US approach, too?

Things like the recent nuclear missile test explosion over a populated area, Chernobyl, the Sverdlovsk anthrax leak, their nuclear submarine accidents, the Aral Sea environmental disaster, higher cancer mortality rates, generally shortened life expectancies, and so on, are more typical of how their system actually works out. Their higher rates of cancer deaths and shorter lifespan by themselves demonstrate that even if the Russians are more fastidious about a few things that might present some marginal risk, all in all its people are actually worse off.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The Russians care more about the welfare of their citizens than the U.S. LOL Things sure have flip-flopped since the good ‘ole Chernobyl days. LOL

Scott Johnson
3 years ago

The Russians care more about the welfare of their citizens than the U.S. LOL Things have really flip-flopped since the good ‘ole Chernobyl days. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

That is the simple truth, it’s the one thing the Russians did right: they looked after their own population in terms of EM radiation.

Because they had weaponized this radiation, testing all the frequencies on thousands of political and psychiatric prisoners — Barrie Trower has stressed this aspect of the Soviet research, the sheer amount of deliberate torture involved, especially with the mood-altering frequencies — because they’d perfected microwaves as a weapon, the Russians knew just how damn dangerous this stuff was.

Here’s an interesting fact. The carrier frequencies the KGB weaponized were 450 MHz; 800 – 900 MHz; and 1800 MHz. They found these carriers were the best for influencing the body and brain. Pulsed modulations were then added to these carrier waves.

Now, 450 MHz — is the “open” unlicensed frequency for all security applications, car remotes, etc. Very ubiquitous. Also found in some smart meters.

900 MHz — basic frequency of all the first GSM cell phones. This is also the basic frequency for medical diathermy, like burning brain lesions and tumors out with a focused microwave beam. Robert C Kane says that one reason they chose 900 MHz for cell phones was that there was a lot of existing engineering expertise at this frequency from medical diathermy, i.e. burning and heating tissue. I suspect this is why those physiotherapists were using equipment at this frequency.

So, for engineering convenience, you take the best frequency for burning brain tissue, and use it in devices which children are going to put against their heads. Very, very smart.

1800 MHz — basic frequency of all the GSM broadband phones.

These frequencies are disclosed in declassified US military documents, and in Peter Wright’s infamous book Spycatcher, which Margaret Thatcher tried to ban — Wright investigated the microwave irradiation of the US Embassy in Moscow, he was the guy who worked out how The Thing worked (a device found in the National Crest that hung directly above the ambassador’s desk).

The main frequency radiating the embassy was 1800 MHz, while The Thing worked on a secondary beam on 800 MHz.

The Thing was an entirely passive reflector, but had a paper-thin metal diaphragm that would vibrate with the ambassador’s voice and modulate the constant beam of radiation washing over the embassy, in ways that could be detected remotely.

Later, Wright tracked down the captured German microwave engineer who had been forced to develop The Thing, who had finally been repatriated to Germany by the Soviets, and confirmed every last detail of its construction — Wright’s frequency calculations were correct.

The British researcher Alisdair Phillips measured the microwaves used to irradiate the Greenham Common women in the UK in the 1980s, protesting against a US nuclear air base. Many women were made very sick, had miscarriages, contracted cancer. Phillips measured the carrier frequency at 1800 MHz. He testified about this to a House of Commons inquiry

And I personally confirmed from Barrie Trower that 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, the cell phone frequencies, were used as carrier frequencies by Soviet microwave weapons. There are other sources saying the same thing.

So, the exact frequencies that the KGB weaponized, found were the very best for penetrating the body and brain and having biological effects … are the exact frequencies of all the GSM phones all over the world. Quite a coincidence, yes? And I suppose for pointing this out, I’ll be called a conspiracy “theorist”.

And there’s more: as Robert C Kane points out in the beginning of his book, the best frequency for burning brain tissue, in the 900 MHz spectrum, was not given to the surgeons — it was given to the mobile phone manufacturers.

Even more bizarrely, the frequency of microwave ovens, around 2.4 GHz, which resonates with water, is the range also given to wifi and other broadband wireless. I suspect this is why this was the other frequency those female physiotherapists were exposed to with their equipment, they must have been doing diathermy.

There’s a famous nematode worm, every single gene of which has been mapped, it’s a favourite for research. Around the year 2000, some Scottish researchers exposed these worms to low-level microwaves. Their scientific finding was couched in two words: “Slightly cooked.”

Not so surprising.

3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

So here’s another reality check – do the Russians then not use GSM on those supposedly dangerous weapons frequencies?

Nope – another fail:

“2G GSM services are provided over the 900 and 1800 MHz bands”


The’re also using the other band you cite as supposedly particularly dangerous, 450 MHz (which they’ve apparently used for other applications as well):

“Tele2 launches Russia’s first LTE450 network”


Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

WRONG. 450 MHz is the UHF licensed radio band. There may some parts of the 450 MHz spectrum that is used for other purposes, but to say the 450 MHz spectrum is unlicensed is a lie. YOU are a liar, Fred.

The primary reason why 900 MHz is used for phones is because the lower bands were already being used, from lowband through the lower 900 MHz. They even cleared TV channels off of certain channels so it could be used for 700 MHz Public Safety radio users, because all of the other available channels above and below were already assigned/licensed for other purposes.

Regarding medical uses of 900 MHz, do you understand the difference between nuclear power and nuclear weapons? They use many of the same isotopes, but you can’t use a nuclear reactor as a bomb and you can’t make power from a nuclear bomb. Another analogy is standing in the sun compared to standing at the focal point of an array of mirrors to boil water and make steam to turn a turbine and make electricity. You are so clueless it’s laughable. In fact, the sun is even higher in the same electromagnetic frequency spectrum than any communications systems, do you stay out of the sunshine as well? LOL Of course, too much sun causes cancer, but it is the main source of vitamin D and regulates many other bodily/hormonal functions, so like most things, moderation is the key. Without vitamin D, your bones can break more easily and I’m sure Mr. Shadow can find a reference for all of the other benefits of vitamin D for your reading pleasure.

Fred, you’re just a kook of the worst kind. You know just enough to be dangerous. LOL

3 years ago
Reply to  Scott Johnson

Around here, just about all the security devices operate in the 450 MHz range, and they don’t pay licence fees for this spectrum use. It may be different where you are, but I doubt it.

The big, big difference between microwaves and nuclear radiation — and solar radiation for that matter — is that it’s COHERENT radiation, it’s on a fixed frequency. And then it’s modulated with very precise bursts of digital pulses, often on biologically active frequencies.

For example, many authorities — including the UK government’s Stewart Commission — warn that microwave communications systems should not be pulsed at 16 Hz, the frequency of the calcium gate in cells:

This is one problem with the TETRA system, as it’s pulsed at 17 Hz. Barrie Trower first came to public attention when a confidential report he prepared for a police union on safety issues with TETRA were leaked to the public (not by Mr Trower, who never himself uses a computer). This calcium gate frequency was one issue he raised.

The TETRA system is also pulsed around frequencies known to cause epileptic fits and uncontrollable aggression. Many officers have reported mood swings when using this system, and Mr Trower gave evidence in a case where a British police officer attacked a passerby at a G20 protest and pushed him to the ground. The man, an ill alcoholic, died as a result. The officer had been sitting for two days in a radio van saturated with TETRA radiation. He felt that the radiation had affected his judgment.

Mr Trower testified in camera that this TETRA radiation exposure might well have induced aggression in the officer. This was not mentioned in any court coverage of this case. However, the officer was very controversially found not guilty of manslaughter, and I think Mr Trower’s evidence may have helped convince the judge that the officer was not to blame. But this could not emerge in an open court.

Now, GSM phones are pulsed just above 8 Hz. I asked Mr Trower what seemed an obvious question: the first harmonic of 8 Hz is 16 Hz, so surely this pulsed radiation will certainly resonate with the calcium gate at 16 Hz, only hitting it every other pulse, instead of every pulse? And Mr Trower said yes, you’re absolutely right, and he hadn’t thought about that.

In fact, I’ve never seen anyone worry about it, except me. But the influence of microwaves on the calcium gate was one of the first really thoroughly researched mechanisms as to how low-level microwaves are able to affect the body. This issue of pulsed frequencies simply doesn’t arise with nuclear power or sunlight, it’s a big jumble of frequencies. This is how we’re able to split sunlight up into a rainbow of different colors.

This 8 Hz pulsed frequency has also been reported in dozens of brainwave studies. As I’ve pointed out before, this is in the low alpha range, and indicates that the brain is falling into sleep. To find brainwave anomalies around 8 Hz is a disturbing finding, it means we are inducing a semi-zombie state in people’s brains.

You don’t need any specialized knowledge of microwave spying to see this. You just see: mobile phone radiation causes an anomaly at this frequency, not a surprise, as it’s pulsed at this frequency; and it’s going to put people’s brains to sleep. I’ll find a WHO review that shows 26 studies reporting these brainwave anomalies with ordinary cell phone radiation. But no one thinks this is a problem.

However, the first harmonic of this, 16 Hz, will have direct physical effects on calcium efflux from the cell. The more you research cell biology and see what actually holds a cell wall together, the more you realise the importance of calcium. Calcification in the body is a major source of artifacts in X-rays. To an extent, aging is just calcification. You cannot overestimate the importance of the calcium gate.

So, here we have one precise digitally tuned frequency having two drastic, but completely different effects on two entirely different physical systems. One is the meta-functioning of the brain. The other is the meta-functioning of every cell in your body. This kind of resonance effect simply DOES NOT HAPPEN with nuclear or solar radiation. You have to think in different ways. You have to think, period. You have to think like Barrie Trower.

When I’ve got time, I’ll put together three reviews of the situation, which all argue that “non-ionizing” radiation is actually more of a hazard than nuclear radiation. One of the witnesses is Barrie Trower again. He went through several full nuclear alerts in the 1960s, like the Cuban missile crisis, as a specialist in radiation warfare. He knows exactly what the hazards of nuclear weapons are.

In an interview with a German medical doctor, Mr Trower described the genetic damage being done to all living organisms through pulsed microwaves. The interviewer said that this sounded worst than nuclear warfare. Mr Trower’s response was immediate and emphatic: “It’s much, much worse,” he said. You think he’s kidding. He is not.

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

Each country has different assignments for the various frequencies. It’s related to the harmonics of each nationality and controling their minds. That’s why the U.S. uses so many different frequencies, we’ve got people from all over the world and we want to control all of them. LOL

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Fred

Fred, just imagine the collusions and conspiracy theories you can make up with this: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c7/United_States_Frequency_Allocations_Chart_2016_-_The_Radio_Spectrum.pdf LOL

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