Take the Quiz: Raniere vs. Bullshit Generator: Can You Identify Which Quote Is Which?

The following test – which successful test-takers can put on their online bio to establish that they are ‘noted as among the top bullshit detectors in the world’ – is a series of quotes.

Some are Keith Raniere quotes, others are from the ‘Bullshit Generator’ from the website http://sebpearce.com/bullshit.

It is up to you, dear readers, to use your superior IQ to determine which is the real spiritual truth expounded by the Vanguard, Keith Raniere – and what is the utter nonsense bullshit from the Bullshit Generator.

  1. Wisdom is a constant. Love is the driver of insight.
  2. You may be ruled by yearning without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the healing of your story. Without growth, one cannot vibrate. We can no longer afford to live with yearning.
  3. When we smile, the world smiles with us: each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for human kind.
  4. Humankind has nothing to lose. Reality has always been overflowing with warriors whose chakras are baptized in divinity. Our conversations with other messengers have led to an ennobling of ultra-spiritual consciousness.
  5. Humans can be noble. The question is: Will we put forth what is necessary?
  6. Learning requires exploration.
  7. Knowing what to do is useless without the emotional strength to do what you know.
  8. He who has the most joy wins!
  9. It can be difficult to know where to begin. If you have never experienced this harmonizing through non-local interactions, it can be difficult to reflect. Have you found your myth?
  10. Sound is sacred. Some believe the universe was created with sound as its basis. Human sound is an expression of our essence through the vibration of our physical form – the motion of life. By experiencing human sound at its most profound levels, we enter the deepest expression of what it is to be alive and in the presence of each other.
  11. Without aspiration, one cannot grow. We can no longer afford to live with bondage. Where there is ego, rebirth cannot thrive.
  12. We are in the midst of a higher flowering of complexity that will open up the infinite itself. Reality has always been radiating pilgrims whose hearts are transformed into stardust. Who are we? Where on the great myth will we be aligned?
  13. To go along the journey is to become one with it. By redefining, we believe.
  14. Nothing is impossible.
  15. During times of intellectual intensity, I find it best to step back and deal with first principles.
  16. Materialism is born in the gap where inseparability has been excluded.
  17. You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it eradicate the growth of your story. You must take a stand against ego. Dogma is the antithesis of being.
  18. At times we can trace the roots of our human thinking to fiction: after all, any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized.
  19. Where there is delusion, faith cannot thrive. Without inseparability, one cannot reflect. We can no longer afford to live with turbulence.
  20. Poetry is very important in matters of how technology relates to humanity.
  21. We heal, we live, we are reborn. Energy is the truth of inspiration, and of us.
  22. Any ideology or thoughts of a better world are just fiction until they are actualized.
  23. This life is nothing short of an awakening wellspring of higher life-force. Power requires exploration.
  24. It is time to take transformation to the next level. Soon there will be an evolving of peace the likes of which the biosphere has never seen. The multiverse is approaching a tipping point.
  25. We stand at the beginnings of the foundation of the rest of human history. How we think about and build this foundation will affect humankind forevermore. This foundation is our data. This foundation is our words. Most importantly, this foundation is the meaning we create by our words.
  26. You must take a stand against turbulence. Desire is the antithesis of non-locality. Where there is greed, truth cannot thrive.
  27. Data enclaves, on the one hand, preserved humanity’s ability to ultimately find truth through independent accounts of data later to become history. On the other hand, they limited potentially important data from affecting the rest of the world.
  28. We are at a crossroads of passion and illusion. Who are we? Where on the great mission will we be aligned? We are in the midst of a mythic deepening of empathy that will let us access the quantum matrix itself.
  29. The effects of our lives will emanate from now until the end of human time upholding noble values recorded in light, readable as words and pictures.
  30. This life is nothing short of a redefining paradigm shift of amazing purpose. To engage with the myth is to become one with it. Learning requires exploration.
  31. Karma is the driver of growth. The universe is bursting with superpositions of possibilities. We believe, we heal, we are reborn.
  32. Although you may not realize it, you are authentic.
  33. Humankind has nothing to lose.
  34. Responsibility entrusted to us by a thousand, thousand future generations-our messages will persist, with their effects, long after we are gone.
  35. We are being called to explore the solar system itself as an interface between intuition and power. We must enlighten ourselves and beckon others. The future will be an ever-present unfolding of rejuvenation.
  36. This life is nothing short of a deepening unifying of conscious sharing.

Answers: Genuine Raniere quotes are #3, 5,7,8,10,15,18,20,22,25,27,29, 34.

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Heidi Hutchinson
Heidi Hutchinson
3 years ago

Completely stumped and stupefied. Really couldn’t tell the difference and retained not a single bit of any of it. ..What fun!

Thor Raniere
Thor Raniere
3 years ago

This a trick question. Anything that comes out of the fat pedo’s mouth is bullshit.

Yolanda Cortez
Yolanda Cortez
3 years ago

It’s pretty obvious which is which. Stupid post.

3 years ago
Reply to  Yolanda Cortez

So Yolanda Cortez, aka Nicki Clyne:

Allison Mack, your wife, knew who Rhiannon was. Right?

And Allison knew damned well that her boyfriend Raniere had raped Rhiannon numerous times. Right?

And Allison Mack did not give a damn that Raniere is a pedophile, Right?

Fool me Not
Fool me Not
3 years ago

Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle. I have read tons more here and elsewhere, some bs about true freedom not being able to do what you want etc. The conversation in the interview with AM was packed with zingers.


Scott Johnson
3 years ago

I think I’ll pass, but thanks for the opportunity. I need some time to get the toe cheese out of my feet. LOL

3 years ago

Dang it, Frank, I was actually trying to find the real spiritual ones but then I seen the answers 😅

Kim Snyder
Kim Snyder
3 years ago

Kim Snyder
All of this stuff is crap- obsession on NXIVM is wrong. These criminals are worms- and the writer should be focusing on the VICTIMS of NXIVM- NOT the worms.
The articles are to get attention on Keith- and his minions- and not remember the victims that he left in his destruction. Kris, Barbara, Pam, Gina and others- have been completely forgotten. On this blog- they have been left behind- and in the dirt- so the journalist can obsess over Keith and his worms.
Kris’ investigation never has been completed- and part 2 of the “Lost Women”- has never even come out. Kris, my ONLY sister, my parents daughter- my son’s Aunt- has never received justice- because the only thing the writer focuses on- is Keith and his minions!!!!!!
Kris was just a story to the writer- he never intended to finish Kris’ case. It is totally sad to us.
Our family has been torn apart- with false promises- none of which have happened. We are heart ❤️ broken and sad 😢.
One day there will be justice for Kris- in Heaven!
We love ❤️ and miss you 😘 Kris!
Love ❤️ mom, Kim and Andy

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Snyder

WOW, just WOW…hey Frank although your busy fighting for your own freedom against corruption in NY, please consider working pro bono for Kim. She is why the sun rises and the stars shine. Please consider only writing about Kristin Snyder. Maybe change your website’s name to the Kim Snyder report.
Thanks have a nice day 😊

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Snyder

Kim Snyder
“All of this stuff is crap- obsession on NXIVM is wrong. ”

Don’t judge us, Miss Kim, we can’t help we’re obsessed with Frank Report. Seriously, no offense but I see Kristin’s case like an iceberg that has been formed for the past 17 years. Have you ever tried to chip away at an iceberg? Alone? Besides what’s relatively new to us regarding your sister, you’ve had for 17 years. Why are you picking on Mr. Parlato? He can only type so fast. He’s an investigative journalist, hence the word journalist. Honestly, I didn’t find FR via your sister, I found it via https://youtu.be/wsoUjimrglE

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Snyder

Frank has a tad bit on his plate. Frank Report and Frank Parlato are the best hope of finding justice for Raniere’s victims. I’m sure Frank would gladly share this responsibility if somebody else would step up to the plate. For Frank to keep making progress, he needs eyes on Frank Report and he needs assistance. Assistance from law enforcement. Assistance from Investigation Discovery. Assistance from readers of FR. Assistance from anyone and everyone. I find your current attitude/approach towards Frank to be admirable and quite bold. Maybe Frank has something up his sleeve that will be flushed out. IMO, Frank getting us to focus on Keith, Keith’s evil actions, Keith’s pattern ofl lying, and Keith’s minions, can only help in your quest for justice.

3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Snyder


Your shifting loyalties are way over the top, since you’re now condemning Frank Parlato after he alone has taken the time to investigate the details surrounding Kristin’s death more than any other law enforcement agency has ever done.

You seem to be mad at Frank for getting every possible answer that was possible, 17 years later.

What else do you want him to do?

Do you want him to wave a magic wand and make everybody confess?

Nobody’s gonna confess 17 years later to a death that still remains classified as an official ‘suicide’, especially when there’s no physical evidence to convict anybody of anything. Frank has done everything possible and then some.


I find your personality rather interesting…


Cuz when this investigation first began, you were good friends with both Frank Parlato and Heidi Hutchinson. You praised both of them as heroes.

Then a few weeks later Heidi began prodding you to forgive Heidi Clifford, which prompted you to throw a tantrum and lash out at Heidi Hutchinson. You told Heidi to “stay out of your life”. You also claimed that Heidi was ‘blocking’ your phone calls —- probably because you were harassing her with abusive phone calls, LOL.

You had suddenly labeled Heidi as your “enemy” the moment she stopped doing your bidding.

Then just a few days ago, you had somebody else (using your account) ask Heidi to phone you again —– so that you can become buddies again, LOL.

How did Heidi respond to that request?

Well, she made a pleasant sounding ‘excuse’ why she couldn’t phone you just yet, which sounded like a polite way to reject your offer (probably because she views you as abusive, unhinged and unstable).

Then just a few days later, you are now condemning Frank as your enemy —— after ALL he’s done for you.

You kinda remind me of Keith in a certain sense, Kimmy.


Because you constantly label people as “enemies” (and swap your friendships) anytime somebody doesn’t obey your wishes and do your bidding.

You have a “friend or enemy” mentality —- very similar to the mentality that Clare Bronfman was accused of having.

Frank is not a dog at your beck and call. You can’t use your abusiveness to force Frank to jump thru your hoops.

IMO it sounds like you’re mentally unstable since you keep switching from liking certain people to hating them, and sometimes liking them again (like Heidi).

I’m now beginning to think that Toni Natalie’s original assessment of you (as being a difficult ‘source’ to speak with) might have some bits of truth to it.

It’s clear to me that you’re an abusive person who seems to use ‘friendship’ as a tool to get what you want. When you don’t get what you want, you switch from ‘friendship’ to ‘enemies’.

That’s what Keith does.

That’s what small children do when they don’t get what they want.

I never thought I’d see the day when I actually agree with Toni Natalie’s assessment of anybody, LOL.

Please stop being abusive, Kimmy, since you’re not helping your cause.

PS — My own history of vitriolic comments is not relevant to this conversation, since I don’t pretend to be friends with anybody here. I’m open and honest about my intentions about hating everybody here and wishing them the absolute worst in life. 🙂

Yes, Frank too is an asshole and a bastard IMO. He’s a pussy who deletes any comment too critical of Heidi, Joe or “L”. …And I hope he gets ASS CANCER one day, as penance for his biased protection of these people.

But when it comes to his investigation of Kristin’s death, he’s done more than anybody else has done. You must give credit where credit is due, Kimmy.

Have a nice day. 🙂

Pablo has a point 🧐
Pablo has a point 🧐
3 years ago
Reply to  Pablo

Pablo, thank you for saying what I dare not say, even though it is true. In Kim’s recent comments, there does seem to be a tone of ungratefulness with a hint of criticism towards Frank’s personal work and us the diehards. In Kim’s recent comments, I was taken aback by the lack of consideration for Frank’s case. It’s as if she only cares about Investigation Discovery and being on TV. Frank hasn’t even told us of any such production.
17 years and one fine man comes along to help Kim and this is the thanks Mr. Parlato gets.
Golden Rules for lasting friendships Kim
1. Don’t Lie
2. Don’t Back Bite
3. Don’t Steal

Scott Johnson
3 years ago
Reply to  Kim Snyder

Too long ago, too little evidence. You’re on your own, Kim. You should be thankful to Frank for what he did, now go figure it out yourself.

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